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Читы для Silver

Чит-файл для Silver


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 марта 1999 года
Жанры:Action / RPG / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
Silver Boss Walkthrough (Version 1.0)

By Odge (djgaunt86@hotmail.com)

This FAQ might be up at www.satsumaonline.com, for whom I also write, but I
doubt it...

1) Introduction
2) Bosses
c)Ice Monster
d)Fire Demon
g)Swamp Monster
i)Giant Rat
j)Lizard Man
l)Earth Monster
m)Goddess of Light
3) Legal Stuff

1) Introduction

I was a bit sceptical about Silver when I first played it, but on further
inspection, it turned out to be a well-structured, fine game. It really goes
back to the roots of the RPG, with the customary swords, and various types
of magic.
Each boss in Silver requires a special technique to kill, and if you don’t
know the technique, they can be really tough cookies. So I have produced
this guide to help you out. Enjoy.

2) Bosses

a) Slink – Library at Gno

This first boss is optional, and is accessed by letting the Gold Imp live in
the room where he begs for you to let him live. He will lead you into his
hideout, saying that he will give you his treasure, a magic potion, but when
you enter, he drinks the potion and soon transforms into a huge imp, with
devastating ground-pounding abilities! This first boss isn’t really very
hard at all, mainly because you haven’t really got any special equipment
yet, and so all you can do is just lay into him with your sword. Use the web
of death SP (in case you haven’t read the manual (like me) select the web of
death SP from the menu ring, then click and hold CTRL + left mouse button),
and use the thrusting movement (CTRL + left mouse button dragged upwards) to
polish him off. You may need to munch on a cheese to keep your health up.
N.B. You can kill Slink just on the room just before his hideout, which has
guards in, using the catapult. However, when you enter his hideout, he is
strangely re-animated, which is annoying, so you’ll have to battle him

b) Demon – Caves under Gno

Predictably, you can’t reach this guy with your sword and so will have to
take him out using the projectiles from the Ice Wand. Hide behind the small
rock wall, killing the imps he summons, while carefully ensuring you don’t
accidentally fire off any ice bolts as you do so (so try not to use normal
slashes, use thrusts, sideways slashes, and backwards slashes.) If you
haven’t already noticed, the Ice Wand does not have infinite ammo and so
will have to recharge every few shots. When the icy glow returns to the
sword, wait until the demon is either charging up (and has orange sparks
around him) or is summoning minions, and then quickly move out from behind
the wall, fire off a few shots, and duck back again. Repeat this cycle,
until he dies.

c) Ice Monster – Caves in Winter

Before entering Winter (which you can get to, by the way, by going downwards
from the Oracle, which is not immediately obvious,) you should make sure you
get three characters. If you go to David’s house, then you can go right and
find Vivienne (however, to get to her, you’ll need to fight some tough earth
creatures – Fire Magic works well, as does the Reaper and Web of Death SPs)
and also find the Mayor, who drops his key. You can use this to open the
door in Rain, and proceed to the tavern, in which you can find Jug, a
powerful ally, as well as several other goodies, all of which are rather
costly. Buy the Fire Sword from Randalph. You’ll need it very soon.
Form a party with Jug, David and Vivienne, and proceed to the cavern in
Winter, in which lies the Ice Monster. Before opening the large double
doors, equip the Fire Sword on Vivienne, the Fire Magic on David, and the
Battle Axe on Jug. As soon as the door open and the monster comes out, blast
him with both the Fire Sword and the Fire Magic, while using the sideways
swing with Jug, this will knock off an easy 50% of his health in about 5
seconds. Then switch to Vivienne as your main character, and hack him apart
with your fire sword. She may die, simply switch to Jug, give him the Fire
Sword, and finish the monster off. Kill off the minions to get MP refills
for David, and use food as required. After a few slashes, the monster should
collapse into a hunk of melting ice.

d) Fire Demon – Burning Woodland in Verdante

This boss is a doddle. Equip the Ice Magic on David, and the Ice Wand on
Jug. Vivienne can just stand by and watch. As soon as the Fire monster
appears, blast him with the magic and the projectiles from the wand. When
the magic and projectiles have run out, select Jug, and move him towards
where the Demon is about to appear, but don’t get too near, or you’ll get
hit by the blast when he appears. Usually, if you get near enough, he’ll get
confused and start blasting fireballs in a completely random direction, and
then you can just slash him to pieces. If he disappears, then just run up to
him when he reappears, and finish him off.

e) Werewolf – Street in Rain

After getting the sequence of bell-ringing from Albert in the tavern, open
the gate by ringing the bells in the right sequence, and proceed through it.
Kill the various pirates, but don’t go through the entrance on the left (in
the middle)! You want to go through the entrance on the bottom-left. You’ll
meet Albert again, and this time he’s trying to flog some silver. Purchase
it, it’ll come in useful for the werewolf. Now equip hand-to-hand weapons on
each character, and proceed through the right entrance. You’ll meet the
wolf. Select Jug as your main character, and keep slashing the wolf until
he’s in a corner. Now use everybody’s SPs to defeat him. Easy.

f) Dragon – Spires

Now this guy is a toughie. The best way to damage him is to run underneath
him, and blast his underbelly with magic. You’ll probably only have two
magic spells so far though, so equip fire magic on David, Ice Magic on
Vivienne, and the Fire Sword on Jug/Sekune. When you enter the room, run
underneath him and blast his underbelly as he vomits his projectiles.
Trying to follow him is not always a good idea. It is sometimes better to
wait in the middle, dodging his green muck, and then move when he starts
moving to another point in the room. You’ll probably lose a man or two,
because the dragon’s magic poisons characters, and the effect of the poison
is only healed using the Healing Magic. You have no time, however, to pick
it up, and use it. Just use food as and when it is needed. Watch out for the
dragon’s body slam, you can try and avoid it, but I just saw it as an
opportunity to get some more hits in, and used food afterwards. Soon, he’ll
fall to the ground, lifeless, and you can pick up the orb, and be on your

g) Swamp Monster – Swamp in Verdante

This is another boss where tactics are not needed, just slashing and SPs.
Equip your most powerful weapons, and just use all the SPs you have to beat
him down. The only thing you should concentrate on is removing your party
from the fray when she charges up (and has orange sparks around him) – his
fire shower is very damaging. Heal as necessary, and just keep hacking away
until he collapses back into the muddy undergrowth from whence he came.

h) Draco – Throne Room in Glass’ Palace

Another dragon, this time an icy master. You’ll only have David for this
battle, as the other characters have been frozen. Equip him with the Fire
This fiend uses all three levels of magic. First he’ll fire three blasts of
level one magic (medium size ice bolts) – run horizontally across the screen
to avoid them. Next he’ll spray shot some smaller bolts across the room –
these will only cause 3 damage if one hits you, but stand right at the back
of the screen, and move into a gap between the bolts, to avoid them. Now
he’ll charge up (orange sparkles again) and you can blast him with a fire
ball. Now he’ll fly into the air, and use the last level magic (large spiky
balls) against you. Run across the screen to avoid them. Shoot a fire ball
at him once he starts to charge, and quickly run towards the magic orb that
has appeared. Icicles will start falling from the ceiling, but keep running
upwards once you’ve picked up the orb, and you should avoid the chunks of
ice. If you get hit by any, use magic or food to recover. Once this has
happened, the dragon will land, and the cycle will happen again. Keep
blasting him with the fire magic, or even the fire sword if necessary, until
he concedes defeat.

i) Giant Rat – Sewer in Rain

This is another boss who just requires a lot of bludgeoning, and no
particular tactics. Send in one character at a time – one or two may die,
but they’ll be resurrected at the end. Use all that character’s SPs, and
then just slash away, using food to heal. You may want to use another
character waiting in the wings to use magic to heal the character currently
battling the rodent. The rat’s acid attacks damage you, and also poison you,
so they are especially dangerous. After a lot of battering, he’ll finally be
sent to that great stinking sewer in the sky.

j) Lizard Man – Jeremiah’s Torture Chamber in Chains

When you first enter the chamber, leave one of your party members – the best
magic user in your party - on the upper level, and equip him with some magic
– anything will do. Use the catapult to lower the lever, and send the other
two party members down the stairs. At once a load of little green imps will
appear out of the bottom door, while a longbowman will appear in the upper
door. Use your magic user to blast the longbowman, while your other party
members take out the imps with their weapons. When you have done this, the
big lizard who stole the gold key earlier will appear. He’s not too tough,
but then, he’s not really a boss. Just a big enemy really. Use your Falcon
and Scythe SPs, and blast him using the character standing up above, and you
can soon be picking up that key and going on your way.

k) Fuge – The Great Chain in Chains

This is one of the toughest bosses in the game, so you might be seeing a few
game overs. The first thing you need to do before this boss battle is go to
Gno, and open the door using the Gold Key, to get the Hurricane SP and a
Summon Golem scroll (there is another one in Glass’ Palace – go right in the
Throne Room to find a chest. Pick up the jewelled key there and go back to
the door which needed that key (it’s a big double door a few rooms away from
the throne room. You can’t miss it.) Open it, go in, and retrieve the Ice
Key. The door for that is in the entrance hall, and the summon golem scroll
is in a chest there.
Once you’ve done this, you can go and fight Fuge. You’re on your own again
for this battle. David should have the Bastard Sword and the Dragon Shield
equipped. As it commences, I recommend you drink a strength potion. This is
one of the battles where you’ll need it most.  An enchanted armour potion
wouldn’t go amiss either. Summon a golem, and go into battle with Fuge.
While Fuge is distracted by the Golem, you can get in a few hits. If you get
in close enough, you can use SPs, the Falcon and Hurricane in particular.
Once the golem dies I suggest you use the Ring of Invisibilty to disappear.
In this position you can use all your SPs without Fuge attacking you.
At some point Fuge will probably disappear and reappear at another point in
the room. Since he will probably just stand far away from you, waiting for
you to do something, you can take advantage of your situation to heal using
magic and food, wait for your SPs and Ring of Invisibility to recharge, and
even perhaps send out a golem or two. Watch out for Fuge’s lightning magic,
though, it is very damaging. If he starts using this I suggest you run
towards him to make him get his swords out, and battle him with your
If you’re unlucky, Fuge will use an SP called the Berserker, in which he
spins around, flailing his swords and firing off small projectiles, which
will most likely just kill you in one hit, if you haven’t got your shield
up. If you do survive, drink a health potion, and quickly.
Keep going invisible, using SPs, drinking strength potions, and summoning
golems, to defeat Fuge. After the battle use the Amulet of Seeing to uncover
a secret chest which you can use to replenish some of your potion supplies,
and pick up the Dual Knightly Swords, which are the most powerful, and most
satisfying, weapons in the game.

l) Earth Monster – Rocky outcrop in Haven

After getting the scroll of revelation, proceed along the path until you
come to a split, where one path leads downwards, another to the right, where
you should proceed downwards. At The Dig, take the rusted key (and
everything else) from the treasure chest, and go to the Sewers, where you
can open a door that requires the key. Now you can pick up the ultimate SP,
Armageddon from the chest, after beating the few weak rats and spiders in
the room.
Now head back to The Dig, and head upwards, until you reach the area with
the earth creature with the catapult knocking apples off the tree. Wait
until he’s knocked all the apples off the tree, and then kill all the
enemies in the room, upon which the blue earth monster will appear. Don’t
immediately run towards him, as he’ll just disappear, leaving some minions
to deal with, and reappear elsewhere in the area. If he ever summons
minions, use the Armageddon SP to finish them all off plus do some damage to
the boss.
What you should do, to prevent him from disappearing, is equip David with
the Dual Knightly Swords, use the Ring of Invisibility to disappear, and
then go up to the monster. He shouldn’t disappear, and you can use your SPs,
especially Berserker, Hurricane, and the Falcon. Don’t use Armageddon in
close range – it’s better used to wipe out enemies, and from a large
distance. When the Ring of Invisibility wears out, the monster will probably
have given up on disappearing, and will try to attack you using physical
blows, and an earth shower. Use the Ring of Resist Magic on David to protect
yourself from the earth shower. (You can get the ring by bringing the teddy
bear which you get in Rain off Edith, after beating some soldiers, to Moss,
in the prison at Chains. Later, at the Rebel Camp, Edith will give you the
ring.) Now slash away at the monster, and bring in the other characters to
do SPs. If he warps again, you can always use the Lightning Magic and the
Armageddon SP to do some long-range damage, and get close in when he stops
disappearing. He’ll leave a key which you can use to enter the walled-off
enclosure, and open the chest. You’ll get the bone key, the last summon
golem scroll, and some other stuff.

m) Goddess of Light – Chamber in Atro

After getting the bone key, you can open the door in the Boneyard, and enter
Atro. Use the lightning magic and the Armageddon SP, and after a while
you’ll get to the boss’ room. Again, sending in one character is a good
idea. Choose your most powerful physical character, have him drink a
strength potion, and then equip him with the Ring of Resist Magic. Now send
him up towards the woman. She should fire some light spells at you, which
will be absorbed by the protective shell. Attack him with all your SPs from
Berserker downwards, and then just hack away at her. She’ll use physical
attacks on you, but they’re not too damaging. You could use another
character to heal the currently attacking character, or heal using food.
You’ll probably kill her without even one character dying, and you can go
and collect the light orb.

n) Robot – Teleportation Pad in Metalon

Again, in this battle, the best idea is to send in one character at a time.
Equip your most powerful physical character with the Dual Knightly Swords,
and have him drink a strength potion, and an enchanted armour or absolute
protection potion would also be useful. Then send him towards the boss and
have him use all his SPs from Berserker downwards, after which you should
just hack away at the boss, using the thrusting motion as often as possible.
You may also want to equip your most powerful magic user with the light
magic, and have him do some damage from a distance. Heal the character
currently attacking using healing magic from a standing by party member, or
using food/potions. If one character dies, equip another with the Dual
Knightly Swords, drug him up with potions, and send him into the fray to use
all his SPs. That will probably be enough to knock Silver’s robot out.

o) Silver – Throne Room in Metalon

Before this battle, equip your most powerful magic user with the fire magic,
the second most powerful magic user with the health magic, and the most
physical member of your party with the Dual Knightly Swords.
You may notice, in the battle, a spiked ball hovering on the ceiling,
currently looking red and fiery. This is the source of Silver’s powers which
Oberius mentioned earlier. You’ll need to blast this with each of the eight
orbs, using the order which they’re placed in the menu ring (fire, ice,
health, lightning, earth, acid, time, and lastly light), so you need to
first attack the spiked ball with fire. Note you need to keep using the same
magic until he dies – he’ll regenerate, his health bar will go back to being
full again, and then you can use the next magic in the list.
Of course Silver will try to stop you doing this, by summoning huge robots
every so often. You should use your SPs to kill each one. Anything from
Berserker to Cleaver just kills the robots in one hit, and they’ll leave two
magic orbs to replenish the magic user who is attacking the spiked ball’s
MP. However, note that Berserker’s projectiles will usually all be wasted on
the spiked ball, and so you’ll have to be close to the robot to kill him
using this move. Whenever the character disposing of the robot’s HP become
low, use the healer to heal him, but note that this is the last chance to
use your potions, so feel free to use all your potions, especially the magic
potion to recover the MP of your magic user.
After you’ve killed Silver all eight times with each type of magic, Nemesis
will appear and finish him off. Without a chance to save, you’re now
teleported to Apocalypse to do battle.

p) Apocalypse – Chamber of Fiery Hell

This guy appears tough, and he is if you just choose to lay into him with
your weapons. The key to defeating him is in the Falcon SP, which, by the
way, is all you have apart from an enormous sword and shield. Your potions,
food, other weapons and SPs, have been taken away. So your health is
precious. You can’t afford to waste it on brawls with Apocalypse – he has
much more devastating attacks than you. He has a powerful swipe, and an
attack where he flies up in the air and pounds the ground, causing huge
amounts of damage to you. If he flies upwards in the air and roars, get away
from him, and fast.
When he lands, use the Falcon SP, and tack on a couple of slashes. If he
doesn’t fly upwards, then run off. You should run in a rectangular path,
which has the lava craters as each of the corners, and since you are just
faster than Apocalypse, you should avoid him. When the Falcon has charged up
again, turn round, let him have it, and he should fly off. When he is in the
air, you should expect some dangerous attacks. First he’ll try to zap you
using some lightning bolts, simply run across the screen, not doubling back,
and you should avoid them. Now he’ll fly into the middle of the screen and
fire two fireballs at you – face him and put up your shield to bounce the
fireballs back into him for some extra damage. He’ll now use his most
powerful attack – making some lava spew out of one of the four craters on
the screen. To avoid them, first stand just underneath and to the left of
the top-right crater. When he summons the lava out of the crater, run
upwards and to the right, so that you just pass under the lava hole, and end
up a little above and to the right of the crater. When he summons another
burst, run back the way you just came, and when he summons another, run back
upwards and to the right, like you did before the first burst. You should
avoid all the lava.
Now he’ll usually land. Run in the rectangular path described above, until
your Falcon has charged up, then double back and hit him with the Falcon,
tacking on a few hits before he flies up into the air.
Repeat this process until he’s on his last legs. He’ll fly up into the air
and repeatedly blast fireballs at you. You can either reflect them onto him,
or walk onto the pier that extends out to him, and use the Falcon SP (I’m
not sure if this works, but I used this the first time I completed the game,
and it seemed to work), to make him explode.
You can now sit back, and watch the party making their way out of Metalon,
and sailing into the sunset…

3) Legal Stuff

All material © 2001 Odge

If you want to use these hints on your website, ask me first, and don’t
change anything! I spent hours writing this thing, so I want some credit.

Any further tips or boss queries would be greatly appreciated.

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