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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 марта 1999 года
Жанры:Action / RPG / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Strategy on Crucial Points
by Al Thor SBuddha@rocketmail.com


I love this game! However there are some pretty bad moments when I could have
just taken a hammer and smashed the computer to pieces. But I eventually I
finished it and boy was I satisfied. So here's help for some areas of the game
where I got stuck and a lot of other people too :) Also look closely at the
screenshots to see the exit cursor if youre stuck and need to find an exit


To find Glass's Palace

You have to go to south from the oracle and then west. Eventually you will
find a tower-like structure that needs to be opened with one of your keys.
This was my first major stumbling block that had me going crazy just to find
the path that led to the palace.

How to Ring the Damn Bell!!!

First remember the code that the old man taught you in the tavern. Ring it 3
times in succession. Then pause for a second. Next ring it twice then pause
again. Finally ring it once more and the gates will open. Okay, the trick here
is when after you ring the bell and start to pause, look at David's and see
whether he nods his head. If he nods then youre on the right track. If not
then adjust your timing on the ringing part and you will succeed eventually.

How to kill the Green Dragon

If you don't have the lightning orb then you can't just hit it directly and
damage it. At least that's what I got from other people. The way to kill it
without using lightning is to wait for it to stop then shoot at it from
underneath. You can usually get 2 shots at it this way before it comes
crashing down on you. The trick to get out of the way is to defend or
backout(ctrl-right click).

To find the Lighning Orb

You have to talk to the wiseman in the monastery. The way to find him is
through the left exit in the main building which I thought was extremely well
hidden. Incidently this was my 2nd stumbling block that prevented me from
finishing the game.

To open the Sluice Gates

There are a lot of people asking how to open the sewer gates and there are
some that just can't open the gates just by ringing the bell. I managed to
open them on my first try :). To those that don't know how to open them, you
need to shoot at the bell with some sort of weapon eg slingshot, magic etc. To
those that just can't open the gates even after shooting them well.........
here are my saved games. I've checked them out and they all work to open the
gates. 13.sav is the one where I haven't got the lightning orb and have not
open the gates yet! Just go to the rebel camp and talk to Ben and Fat Bob then
go to the tavern and talk to inkeeper then proceed down to the sewers and open
the gates by shooting at it. 14.sav is the one where I have done all of the
above and have even opened the gates. That's all that I can do at the moment
on this problem. Hope it helps. Without further ado

13.sav.zip 14.sav.zip

To find the acid orb

The acid orb can be found in the sewers. It is guarded by the "Rat King" or
some other monster :). Follow the screens below to get to him.


To find the Enemy Barracks

The enemy barracks can be only after you have drained away the flood to the
sewers. Go back to the place where you saw the boatman. Then scroll the screen
rightwards and you should come upon 2 exits with one leading to the barracks.

How to find the "little boy" that needs the teddy

First you need to defeat Fuge. After deafeating him follow the screens below
and you will get to him. Now equip the T.Bear and he will take it from you.
After giving him the T.Bear then go back to the rebel camp to collect your
reward which is quite useful by the way. (Note that you do not need to
complete this quest to win the game)

To defeat the final boss

This is the toughest challenge yet. However I was to fed-up at having to
defeat the wizard time and time again just to set-up another match with the
end boss. So I've posted some of the battle tactics that should help you
defeat him. Have fun and enjoy the ending.

You need to use the falcon magic on it as it is going to land. This will do
some major damage. Then hack'n'slash. As he flies away to shoot fireballs at
you face him and hit defend (ctrl-rightclick). One of the fireballs will
eventually be deflected and hit him for some damage. Repeat until "it" dies.

I think that I have covered most of the problems that you will face in the
game cept the bell not opening the sluice gates when you ring it. I have
totally no clue as to why some of you can't open it sorry :(

Any questions or comments please send e-mail to me! SBuddha@rocketmail.com

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