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Читы для SimAnt

Чит-файл для SimAnt


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Top-down / Educational

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.


Информация актуальна для
By Ed the Moogle
Version 1.0
Copyright 1999 Ed the Moogle

Don't copy without permission. I'm not responsible for any damage done
with this file or it's contents. The latest version is available at

Version info
1.0- 10:55 AM 11/5/99
Initial release.

This game was written using the Windows version but should be applicable
to all versions.

This was actually the first "war sim" I played. I thought it was really
fun, except that I could beat the whole game in about 15 minutes.

General information
Black Ants- They'll help you gather food and fight off the red ants.
There are three varieties.

Workers- The basic ants. They are moderately skilled at fighting and also
harvest food regularly. Keep the behavior ratio somewhere in the middle,
because all of its activities are important.

Army Ant- The fighters of the group. They are stronger than workers, but
don't count on them to help harvest food. They have a higher chance of
winning a battle than a Worker ant. Create lots of these (set the ratio
to about 66% Army ants and about 33% workers) when you are ready to

Winged Ant- The breeders of the group. They are not good fighters at all,
and often won't help carry food. The only thing they are good for is
starting new colonies. Only breed these when you are ready to start new

Yellow Ant- This is you. The yellow ant is pretty much the commander of
the operation. You can decide to be any type of ant you want. You can
even be the queen, if you like (being the queen is very boring, though).
To switch between ants, simply choose "Exchange" (or press 'X'). I
usually choose to be an army ant. You have the ability to hire 5 or 10
ants at a time (press the 1 and 2 keys respectively). You can also
release 1/2 your hired ants (press 3) or release them all (press 4). If
the yellow ant is killed, all hired ants will instantly retreat, and
you'll be reborn shortly back at the nest.

Queen- The queen lays eggs, which may hatch into workers, army ants, or
winged ants, depending on how you set the Caste ratio. Be sure to protect
the nest at all cost. You're pretty much screwed if the red ants destroy
your queen. The same goes for the red ants, so build up your forces and

Red Ants- These are your enemies. Your objective in any scenario is to
destroy the queen. The Red Ants also have Workers, Army Ants, and Winged
Ants. They even have an "Avenger," the red nest's version of a Yellow
Ant. Like the Yellow ant, it commands its ants to attack. If it dies, all
the red ants will retreat.

Spider- Watch out for these beasties early in the game. If you have a
small group of ants, it can easily mow them down. Wait until you get a
large group of ants (hire about 30 or so) before trying to take them on.
It's sort of fun to become the spider with Exchange and munch on the Red
ants, though. Just be careful they don't surround you and kill you.

Ant Lion- These critters burrow into the ground and savagely rip apart
any ants foolish enough to wander into their hole. Steer clear of these,
as your ants tend to wander into them foolishly. They can be killed, but
it is extremely difficult and I wouldn't reccomend doing it.

Electric Socket- Very similar to the Ant Lion, except this one only
appears inside the house. Just stay clear. Unlike ant lions, these are

The Lawnmower- Your deadliest opponent outside the house. When it passes
over your square, it is capable of destroying huge numbers of your ants
(I went from 300 some to about 20!) Get underground when you see it
coming, and order all your ants to follow you. The perfect time to strike
may follow if you successfully get your ants underground. Also, you can
wait for a red square (meaning there are only red ants, no black ones) to
get hit by the lawnmower, then send in a Flying ant to start a new
colony, and this will ensure that you have a chance at making a base
there. Keep an eye on the human at all times.

The Human- This is quite possibly your worst foe inside the house. You'll
be safe from the lawnmower, but any squares he walks over will be sprayed
with insecticide, which can be just as dangerous. Outside the house,
there is a chance that he'll step on you. Keep an eye on him at all
times. Once you successfully conquer about 70% of the squares, the human
will flee the house, thus you will be free from the lawnmower and the
insecticide, and only have to concentrate on the red ants.


At the beginning, when you assume the role of the soon-to-be-queen ant,
find a location that's near some food and build your nest there. Just
watch out for the spider. It usually hangs out near the food. Change to
the spider and lure it away if you need to.

If the square on the grid is red, that means that there are only red ants
there. If it is gray, that means there are both black and reds there. If
it is black, the blacks have completely dominated. If it is green, it
means there are no ants on that square.

Try to cover as many squares as you possibly can to get rid of the human
early. This will eliminate the lawnmower and insecticide threats. Then go
wipe out the reds from there.

Lure a bunch of worker ants to a big patch of food, then release all of
them. They'll all grab a piece of food and carry it back to the nest.

If the red nest manages to destroy your queen, gather up all your
remaining troops and try to strike at their nest. There is a chance you
may be able to take out their nest, too.

If a red colony is struck by the lawn mower, send in a flying ant ASAP.
You may be able to build up a small colony before the reds detect you.

Build walls with rocks to hold off the red ants for a little while. That
way, if your nest falls under attack, you'll have a little more time to
get over there and fight off the reds.

When you're going for the final siege on the red nest, plug up all the
holes with rocks. This will prevent any counterstrikes on your nest.

Try to keep the red ants away from the food. If you keep it up long
enough, their queen will die or their numbers will be significantly

Your actions take up valuable stamina. Set the warning level to about 1/2
of your bar, and go get some food when your stamina runs low. If you have
some other ants with you, they will also give you food if your stamina
runs low.

If you get complaints like "Not enough room", just expand your nest
(double-click into the dirt to dig to that location). Don't dig too deep,
though, because the rising water may flush out your ants when it rains.

In experiment mode, you can set pesticide, make the nest deeper, add more
ants, more food, etc. Then when you're done, you'll become the yellow
ant. Try starting off with a bunch of red ants, very little food, and
pesticide everywhere! You'll prove yourself a Simant master if you can
win that scenario.

Windows version cheats (I think the Mac ones are the same)

erad- Your yellow ant's health drops significantly. This code is pretty
useless, unless you're feeling brave.

fred- Shows the ending.

hole- A lot of holes appear that lead into your nest. This makes it
easier to gather food, but also makes it easier for the reds to strike.

jeff- A colony starts in every patch. Ideal for getting rid of that pesky

jenn- The black colony has unlimited health.

joke- Tells you a joke (Maxis seems to have a fetish for llamas).

just- You gain 10 queen ants. Crush the red rebel scum!

mick- The spider walks backwards. Pretty useless, but funny nonetheless.

rand- Yellow ant's health is fully restored.

Qeen- The Red ants get another queen. Think you're really good? Try
taking on 3 or 4 at a time! Trust me, it is not easy!

qeen- The black ants get another queen. If you're queen is destroyed,
just send in another one.

susi- Yellow ant's health is always at 100%.

will- The black ants will never lose a fight with a red ant. They can
still be killed other things, though (ant lions, spiders, etc.)

FUND- You get $10000! But since money is useless in this game, you're out
of luck.

Questions/comments/corrections? Drop me a line!
brunerp@juno.com or edmoogle@hotmail.com

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