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Читы для SimAnt

Чит-файл для SimAnt


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Top-down / Educational

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.


Информация актуальна для
v. 1.0  3/16/99
FunkyLizard (flizard64@yahoo.com)

Table of Contents

   1. Introduction
   2. How to Play
   3. Tips / Strategies
       a. The spider, our friend
       b. Mass shipment of green stuff
       c. Beam me up, Scotty!
       d. They're attacking- alot of 'em, too
   4. Codes
   5. End


    An old Sim-game... and even funner than the last! Unlike the others,
you don't build citis or anything, you build ant colonies.
     The object is (if you are on the full game) to destroy all Red ant
colonies and drive the humans out of the house. On a quick game, all you
do is kill all the black ants in your colony. Obviously, the full game
is long and more challenging, but not if you read on. In fact (or
opinion), the quick game is so easy that it won't be included in the
"How to Play" section.
     Oh yeah, this game is mostly based on the Windows version, so some
of stuff here may not be accurate for Macintosh or SNES.
     So anyway, its a pretty freakin' fun game! So let's read on and get
done with the Sim Ant training!

How to Play

   This is about the Full Game, because Quick Game is too easy.

   You start as a single queen ant. Now check around and find the food.
Double-Click around the food to dig a nest. Now dig down and then click
on yourself and press start brood. Now you are a worker ant. Now go and
click on that green stuff. It is food. Pick it up and bring back to your
nest. Set it right in front of that lazy queens face. Repeat until about
8 black ants are there (check the top-right corner).

    Now this is when you try to either thin down the red population or
just get more black ants than red. For an easy way to do this see "The
Spider, our friend." Also get some food for your nest.

    Right here you can do one of two things: 1. Go ahead to the next
paragraph or 2. Kill the red queen in that colony. This will kill off
all the red ants eventually. Now go back and do step #1.

    After you get about 20 ants, lowered the rate of red ants, and
gotten food for your nest, go to caste contol. It is in the bottom left
of the control panel thingy. Now move the dot until you get about 30%
breeders and 40% workers. Wait a while (see "Beam me up, Scotty!") and
then click on yard in the control panel. Now press strategic. You are in
the grey square, meaning that both red and black ants are in it. Click
on mate a few times on the control panel. Later, it will say a number
under queens. Press place and pick a spot around your square. It will be
black, meaning you are dominant over that square.

   Now you have more than one colony. To move to another one, place a
queen there and double-click on that space! Kill off as many of the red
colonies as you can, or kill the red ants inside the grey colonies.
Repeat the mating/placing, then killing/dominating process and you
(along with time) will win!

  P.S.- It is EASY to run the humans out of the house. Don't let that be
your main goal. Your main goal should be mating/ placing, and killing/

Tips / Strategies

     "The spider, our friend"
           For once, you can be something other than an ant! First find
the spider. Now press X on the keyboard and click on him. Now you can
eat ants! If you go over to the red colony and then click on yourself
and press "Hunt", you will go on a red ant eating rampage! This is GREAT
for thinning out the red population.

     "Mass shipment of green stuff"
           Sometimes, you just want to stock up on food. To do this,
wait until you have at least 30 black ants. The more, the better. Press
2 on the keyboard a few times. Ants should be totally surrounding you.
Now walk over to the food on the surface. Get beside the pile and press
four. All the ants should go back to the nest, but on their way they
will pick up a piece of food. Considering how you usually get one piece
at a time, that is mass shipment!

     "Beam me up, Scotty"
            If you have a slow computer, this is a lifesaver. If you
have a fast one, it still is good if you are low on time. Turn the speed
on fast or ultra (control bar) and you can do many things faster.

     "They're attacking- alot of 'em, too"
             The best way to defeat a red ant colony is to do it in
groups. First call some ants and then go to the red ant nest. They act
as a protection squad on the way. You could fight the queen yourself,
but is'nt that why you called your friend ants?

    These codes were taken from Gamesages.com

**********SNES Codes**********

Easier Fighting
   When you get into a fight with a red ant, keep pressing A. Every time
you press it your chances of winning increase by 1%.

Scaredy Cat
   In the Full Game, select the Graph Icon and press A. Select the House
option and press A.  If the cat appears on the fence while you are on
the House screen, point the cursor at it, then press A to watch the cat
freak out and fall off the fence.

Scenario Select
   This code requires an SNES Mouse. When you start the game, place the
SNES Mouse into Controller Port 2. With Controller 1, select the
Scenario Mode and press the Start Button. Click the Mouse button, then
select any scenario with controller 1.

**********Windows Codes**********

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while playing (they are case sensitive):

erad    Starve yourself
fred    View ending
hole    Dig lots of holes
jeff    Start a colony in every patch
jenn    Unlimited health for black colony
joke    Read a joke
just    Get 10 Queen ants
mick    Puts spider in reverse
rand    Restores yellow ants health to 100%
Qeen    Add another red queen
qeen    Add another black queen
susi    Unlimited health for yellow ant
will    Never loose a fight
FUND    10,000 dollars!

**********Macintosh Codes**********

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while playing (they are case sensitive):

erad    Starve yourself
fred    View ending
hole    Dig lots of holes
jeff    Start a colony in every patch
jenn    Unlimited health for black colony
joke    Read a joke
just    Get 10 Queen ants
mick    Puts spider in reverse
rand    Restores yellow ants health to 100%
Qeen    Add another red queen
qeen    Add another black queen
susi    Unlimited health for yellow ant
will    Never loose a fight
FUND    10,000 dollars!

Copy Food
    To do this trick you need to control the
yellow ant. Pickup food or a small rock in
your mouth, then drop it while holding
SHIFT and OPTION. You should still have
the item in your mouth and can repeat this
as often as desired.

Duplicate Ants
    Press X to exchange bodies then click on
the spider. Press X again and select the
spider again. You can repeat this again and
again to have lots of ants!

  A relatively small FAQ, but it IS a cool game. Oh yeah, people, Funky
Lizard is getting a web page! It might be on my Contributer Page later
this year. Look for it!

 ___                              _     _                       _
|  _|   N            _  _        | |   |_| ____   __    ___    | |
|  _| _ 6 _  _____  | |/ / _  _  | |    _ |_   / /_ \| |  _| __| |
| |  | |4| ||  _  | |   / \ \/ / | |__ | |  / / ||_| | | |  | 0  |
|_|  |_____||_| |_| |_|\_\ |__|  |____||_| /___| \___| |_|  |____|
Funky Lizard

  This faq is copyright Tony Emerson, 1999
  SimAnt is c Maxis, a long time ago
  "Beam me up, Scotty" is a phrase from Star Trek

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