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Читы для SimCity 2000

Чит-файл для SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric

Даты выхода игры

вышла в декабре 1993 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Not only is the placement of new zones the major part of city design in
SimCity 2000, it also has the single biggest effect on the success (or
failure) of your community. Correct zoning takes a great deal of thought and
foresight, so bear these points in mind... Getting Around:
Sims (the inhabitants of your city) will only walk three tiles to reach
another form of transportation. Thus, the maximum width of any zone is six
tiles. You can build long strips six tiles wide, but they must have roads on
either side.

Low-density zones have higher land values than high-density zones, but contain
less people. As tax income is based on both population and value, the tax
gained is largely the same, whatever zone type you opt for. ItТs largely a
matter of taste.

The exception is industry. Certain industries prefer one density or another -
generally the preference is obvious, with heavy industries preferring
high-density zones and vice versa. Remember that dense industrial zones create
more pollution than light ones, though.

The NIMBY Syndrome:
Be careful when placing residential zones, because they suffer strongly from
the Not In My Back Yard syndrome. While sims want and need lots of different
things from a city, rarely do they want to live right next door to them. Then
again, they donТt like travelling very far to get what they want either. You
should always separate industrial zones from residential areas by at least a
couple of tiles, and preferably a bit more. Creating Сbuffer zonesТ of parks,
water or trees is a good way of doing this.

As a rule of thumb, the number of tiles zoned for residential use should equal
the total number of tiles zoned for industrial and commercial use. Once you
have gained the City Hall reward, getting info on it will tell you exactly
what percentage of your city is given over to each type of zone, and keeping
track of the situation is made much simpler. In addition, the ideal ratio of
industrial to commercial zones varies with your cityТs population:

Population Ratio
20,000 or less 3:1
60,000 2:1
100,000 1:1
150,000 1:2
200,000 and above 1:3
Thus, when starting your city you need more industrial than commercial zones,
but as the city grows commerce becomes more important.

Along with zoning, providing adequate transport ranks as one of your most
important tasks. SimCity 2000Тs transport model is based on the idea that sims
in a given zone must be able to travel to each of the other two types of zone.
People in an industrial zone, for instance, must be able to reach a commercial
zone and a residential zone. If they canТt, the zone simply wonТt develop. As
explained earlier (See Zones - Getting Around), sims only walk three tiles to
look for transport, so any zoned tile more than three tiles away from a road
(or other means of transport) will not grow. And another thing, sims wonТt
walk from zone to zone - even if the two zones are right next to each other.
They have to use some other mode of transportation.

To find out if a zone is near enough to other zones, SimCity 2000 uses a
routine called the trip generator. The computer simulates a simТs journey from
his zone of origin, giving him a limited amount of СstepsТ to find another
type of zone. If the sim can reach both other types of zone without running
out of steps, then his zone of origin will develop. For travel by road (either
in a car or a bus), the maximum distance you can count on a sim travelling in
search of another type of zone is about 24 tiles.

Roads Or Rail (Or Subways)?:
Roads are the cheapest form of transport to build and maintain.ThereТs also a
built-in weighting factor towards using them - sims like to drive. Whenever a
sim on a trip comes across another form of transport, thereТs only a 50/50
chance heТll take it. Otherwise heТll continue to drive. On top of all this,
any sim within three tiles of a road can use it, whereas he can only use rail
and subway transport by using stations or depots. Of course, roads create
their own problems - traffic and pollution. Too many sims trying to use the
same road leads to heavy traffic and eventually a gridlock. Likewise, too many
cars chuck out a lot of pollution.

Buses A Go-Go:
The solution is the bus. Bus stations are cheap to build, use the existing
road network and sims can get off buses wherever they want. Even better,
traffic is reduced around them for about a ten tile radius, with the effect
decreasing the further away you get from the station. Although the other
methods of public transport may be more appealing aesthetically (at least in
the short run), buses are by far the most effective means of getting from A to
B for your cityТs populous.

Off Map Links:
Transportation links to the cities surrounding yours have a neat side-effect -
the trip generator assumes that all types of zone exist just off of the map,
which means that any zone near to an off-map link almost develops
automatically. You can use this to your advantage by placing all your heavy
(and therefore horribly dirty and environmentally unfriendly) industry at the
edges of the city, near to off-map links, and then creating a few light zones
near the centre so that your commercial and residential zones can still reach
some industry (and no-one has to go about town wearing a face mask and rubber

City Services:
The third part of your job as a mayor is to provide your sims with city
services, of which there are a considerable number to choose from. Although
some are relatively simple, a few are often neglected, and many are more
complex than first meet the eye. This month, weТre just going to deal with one
of the least understood areas: education.

Making The Grade:
Education in SimCity 2000 is measured as an EQ rating, with 90 being high
school equivalency, 140 being a college graduate and 100 being the SimNation
average. Providing your sims with a good quality education is often the most
underestimated area of the game, but has many important benefits. Not only do
sims like to move to a city that offers good education for their children, but
sims already living there take great pride in their Сintelligence,Т and are
less likely to emigrate. In addition to this, the more advanced industries
(i.e: the ones that become important in the later years of the game - such as
the media, finance, automotive, petrochemical, electronics and aerospace
industries...) all prosper in a city with a high average EQ. A simТs EQ is
determined at birth, and is 20% of the parentsТ average EQ. Going to school
adds 70 to this figure, and attending college multiplies this total by 1.5 to
reach that simТs maximum EQ.

To increase your average EQ is therefore a long and slow job, best initiated
early on in the game, so that you can reap the benefits later. DonТt forget,
though, that a simТs EQ gradually falls as he or she grows older. Libraries
and museums serve to offset this loss, so itТs a good idea to build a few of
these. You can check the efficiency of your education system by using the
inquiry tool on schools, colleges and libraries.

The grade given in the info box is a function of the number of teachers (or
whatever) compared to the number of students. As such, itТs not actually the
average grade of the students, but it might as well be. The simple way to
improve your grades is to build more of a specific type of building, thus
providing more facilities. By the way, SimCity 2000 doesnТt check where your
education facilities are, just that they exist, so youТre free to place them
virtually where you like.

Luxury Homes
First go to the bulldozer icon and hold. Go to raise land.Find an empty area
and click two times on one tile. You should have a little mountain or hill.
Then go to the house icon and hold.Next go down to dense. Then go to the top
of your hill you made and build a dense house on the very top of it. Put power
lines going up one side of the hill to were it touches the house tileou made.
Then wait for a house to build and it should be a huge house.

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