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Читы для Sims, The

Чит-файл для Sims, The

Sims, The

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 2 февраля 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric / Virtual pets
Похожие игры:Creatures, Creatures 2

Даты выхода игры

вышла в феврале 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
Career Guide
Version 1.0


[1] Introduction
[2] Skills
[3] Career Tracks
[4] Chance Cards
[5] Credits
[6] Legal Stuff


Hi, and welcome to The Sims Career Guide. In the guide you will find
everything you need to know about jobs. Any email regarding this FAQ or any
other one I've written can be sent to mewtwo150@yahoo.com


An aptitude for preparing meals and other kitchen skills. Cooking also has
applications in certain career track levels. (We considered applying "cooking"
to lab skills in the Science track, but though that was too much of a
stretch.) Has some application in Military and X-Treme Careers.

This skill is useful both in the home and workplace. More than simply an
aptitude for fixing things, Repair also covers using and maintaining tools,
equipment, and so on that are specific to career tracks such as Law
Enforcement, Life of Crime, Military, and Science. In Medicine, the skill
refers to the Player's ability to "repair" patients.

Charisma indicates a character's effectiveness at and building relationships,
persuading others, mediating quarrels, and successfully presenting one's ideas
or "vision". Also effects leadership capability and the manipulation of
others. Charisma setting has more weight in certain career tracks, such as
Entertainment, Politics, and Life of Crime, and possibly Law Enforcement.

This skill covers strength and dexterity. Sexuality is also part of the
equation, and would effect romantic relationships. Could also include physical
speed, and regulate the ability to ward off or recover from illness, fatigue,
hunger and injury. This skill would be especially important in the Pro
Athlete, Military, Law Enforcement, and X-treme Career tracks.

Logic includes reasoning abilities and organizational skill, which are
effective in the home as well as the workplace. This skill would have a more
weighted effect in the career tracks of Medicine, Business, and Science.

Creativity is the ability to generate ideas and concepts. The skill also
considers artistic ability and potential for invention or "new thinking". Has
an effect on nearly all career tracks.

[3]Career Tracks

Minimum wage, but you're on the ground floor of one of Sim City's mega-corps.
Keep the copier and coffee machine in working order. Be organized, prompt, and
friendly when you push that cart through the halls-- maybe some sharp-eyed
company officer will consider you for a kick upstairs. Skills used to advance
to next level, in order of importance: Body, Charisma, Repair.
Executive Assistant:
Long hours, but an opportunity to work the phones, increase people skills, and
keep the Boss happy. A little more pay and a lot more ass kissing. Skills:
Charisma, Logic. Junior Executive:
Now you have your own grunt to boot around, a personal cubicle, and a nice
salary but it's still a long walk down that hall to the washrooms. Skills:
Charisma, Logic, Creativity.
The corner office is yours. Pay takes another leap. However, competition is
rougher on this floor. Need to watch mood indicators, and get enough rest to
keep the sharks at bay. Skills: Logic, Creativity, Charisma.
The company sends a town car to pick you up in the morning. You get the top
floor suite and a hefty paycheck. But there's a downside as well. More stress,
and some of your neighbors may resent your success. (Nothing a barbecue at
your place wouldn't fix.) Skills: Logic, Creativity.
Top of the heap. But can a powerful, wealthy tycoon balance the
responsibilities of the office with the needs of mate, children, and upkeep of
the largest house in the neighborhood? Skills enhanced to maximum value by
reaching the top level: Charisma, Logic.

You're available for auditions, but can still make your tips at night. Good
people skills could get your picture and resume served along with the salad.
Skills: Charisma, Body, Cooking. It seems that the previous skills of "logical
reasoning " and "organization" are similar enough to roll into a single
Bit Player:
You're able to support yourself in your chosen career barely. You've actually
got a few lines to speak ironically, they often seem to be, "May I take your
order, sir?" . Charisma counts big time, and building relationships is
important. Skills: Charisma, Body, Creativity.
B-Movie Star:
Cheap sci-fi, lowbrow horror and teen hormone comedies  you're the
star although your best work seems to go "straight to video". Your fans have
even set up a website or two, but your dry cleaner still doesn't know who you
are. Skills: Body, Charisma.
TV Star:
Your talent is acknowledged at last, and you're referred to as "Sim City's
home-grown star". It's never been easier to throw a party at your place. You
can afford a bigger house now, but the killer hours assure that you're not
home as much as you'd like. Job demands a careful balance of stress factors
and physical well-being. Skills: Charisma, Creativity, Body
Movie Star:
You made it to the big screen. You're now making more money for fewer hours,
but you may suddenly have to leave town for a distant location shoot. Everyone
wants to be your friend but is that always a good thing? Skills: Creativity,
You're an icon, with a high quote and a piece of the gross. A book of memoirs
could earn you additional millions. You can afford that mansion overlooking
the town but maintaining your legend status means a lot of attention to your
physical and emotional needs. Skills enhanced: Charisma, Creativity.

Law Enforcement
You're going to the Police Academy, with a starting salary from the City
burning a hole in your blues. Like a combination of Boot Camp and College, the
experience can be physically and mentally draining. You'll need to become
familiar with your equipment, keeping it clean and in repair. Skills: Body,
Logic, Repair.
You're riding the mean streets of Sim City in a squad car. Dangerous work
without a lot of pay. Keep yourself in top physical condition and study hard,
and you can be considered for a shield. Skills: Body, Logic, Charisma.
You get your shield and go plainclothes. Logic needs to be sharp and network
skills are important. Charisma also comes into play, if suspects and
informants are to help you close cases and step up the Department's ladder.
Skills: Logic, Charisma, Body.
Cases have higher profile, meaning they could involve important Sim City
citizens perhaps causing trouble in your own backyard with less than law-
abiding neighbors? Skills: Logic, Charisma, Creativity.
More responsibility, but better pay. Less time down on the streets. If
friendships with the right people are cultivated, and charisma is tended to,
the highest rung on the ladder might be achieved. Skills: Charisma, Logic.
Police Chief:
You're finally "top cop". A substantial house on the hill and a position as
one of the most influential people in Sim City. It's been a long career.
You've made a lot of friends--and a lot of enemies... Skills enhanced:
Charisma, Logic.

Life of Crime
Entry-level two-bit thief but you are your own boss. Dexterity and physical
speed are obviously important but a certain amount of charisma is helpful,
too, if you are going to charm enough marks before you dip into their coats.
Skills: Body, Charisma, Creativity.
Getaway driver:
>From two bit crook to three bit crook. Personal relationships will help you
get referrals for bigger, better jobs. To succeed as a driver you'll need some
strong physical skills, and be a good mechanic. Skills: Body, Repair, Charisma.
Bank robber:
Instead of just driving the money away, now you're inside the Sim City First
National when it goes down which cuts you in for a bigger slice. You're
building a good crew now but you'll need charisma, a strong will, and
"leadership potential" to hold these volatile personalities together. Skills:
Creativity, Logic, Charisma.
Cat burglar:
Higher scores, but more risk involved, and you cannot afford to let physical
energy flag, or you'll botch a job. Repair skills are handy to keep your tools
in good order. Suddenly you're on the night shift, all night. Caution: Does
your wealthy neighbor wonder where that diamond watch left on the dressing
table disappeared to ? Skills: Body, Creativity, Repair.
You're getting more sophisticated. Why steal money when you and your gang can
print your own? Better be good with machinery those printing presses break
down a lot. Skills: Repair, Creativity.
Criminal mastermind:
Most men fear you. You run your own mob of thieves and hijackers, and can buy
any house on the block. Your front is respectable Sim City business, and you
feel almost above the law. Skills enhanced: Charisma, Creativity.

You're completing medical school and working part time as a paramedic. You'll
need to avoid fatigue while allowing time for study at home and riding in an
ambulance on the night shift. Keep your vehicle and equipment maintained.
Skills: Body, Repair.
You made it through Med School, and secured a job at Sim General Hospital.
There's an "M.D." after your name, but it seems you spend more time doing
paperwork and changing bandages than saving lives. The hours are steady,
though, so you're earning more. Skills: Logic, Body, Repair.
You've been promoted to a residency in the Emergency Room. This is an
obviously stressful position, so make sure home is a comforting place. You'll
need fun, rest, and proper meals, or you won't succeed. And, a good doctor
needs a high Repair skill. Skills: Repair, Charisma, Body.
Congratulations. You've "hung up your shingle", with traditional three-day a
week work schedule and golf on Tuesdays. From this level on, be sure you don't
leave for work tired or in a foul mood. Those malpractice suits can take a big
chunk out of your payday. Skills: Repair, Charisma, Logic.
Surgeon: One of the elite, with an income advance to go with it. There are
additional demands on your home life now--you need to study to keep left brain
skills sharp in the OR. Occasionally you may be called out of town to lecture
or present a paper. Skills: Repair, Logic
Chief of Hospital Staff:
You are one of the most respected physicians in Sim City. You spend office
hours at the hospital. You are now a part owner, and are making large profits
keeping your fellow Sims in good health. As there never seem to be enough
hospitals in Sim City, an outbreak or epidemic can lead to overcrowding,
stress, and long hours for the Chief of Staff. Skills enhanced: Repair,

Buzz cuts and boot camp. I don't know but I've been told, scrubbing latrines
gets mighty old. Better maintain prime physical shape to advance from the
trenches. Cooking and Repair skills will also help you pass KP and Cleanup
Detail to earn your bars. Skills: Body, Cooking, Repair.
Junior Officer:
An officer and a gentleman (or woman). They say the uniform suddenly makes you
more attractive to the opposite sex. Now that you're in a lower leadership
position, charisma skills will help you climb the ranks. Skills: Logic,
Charisma, Body.
Elite Forces:
More prestige, with special training as a commando. Physical skills are
important. This level includes a special "hazard pay" incentive. You have a
lot of specialized gear to maintain. Skills: Body, Logic, Repair.
Senior Officer:
You survived your Elite Forces tour and made it to "the brass". You can buy a
bigger house and more furnishings at a discount from the "PX". Skills:
Charisma, Logic, Body.
Charisma skills will be important here, and Logic skills will help keep the
base organized. Stress levels dip here this is a desk job. No more dodging
bullets and crawling under barbed wire. Skills: Charisma, Logic.
The highest achievement for a military lifer like yourself. You can move to
the neighborhood's manor house with the big interview fee from Newsweek. Fame
and fortune climb with each mission into space, and you're in the best
physical shape of your life. Skills enhanced: Charisma, Body.

Start out running errands for the Sim City Controller and try to work your way
up to getting lunch for the mayor. Low pay, long hours. Need lots of charisma
to advance in politics and good logic skills. Skills: Logic, Charisma, Body.
A special interest group to influence local politicians hires you. Heavy
socializing needed to advance. Throwing a lot of parties and fundraisers are a
must. Skills: Charisma, Creativity.
Campaign Manager:
Salary jumps, but overtime work increases. Player must still maintain
neighborhood relationships and "domestic tranquility". Special care is needed
to keep the house presentable, which may mean upgrading furniture, dTcor, etc.
You need to cultivate that "image" if plans for seeking elected office are
serious. Skills: Creativity, Logic, Body.
City Council Member:
Your first elected post, finally admitted to Sim City's "inner power circle".
Charisma and Creative work will yield a new cause or by-law that can get you
some media support. Skills: Charisma, Creativity, Logic.
Although most of your time must be spent covering your district, there will be
long stays away from home, due to business in the nation's capital. Networking
with neighbors to keep political support must be balanced with maintaining a
contented house and family. Skills: Charisma, Logic.
As Mayor of Sim City, you're entitled to big bucks, and a major perk a pre-
built "house on the hill" where the town's chief executive resides rent-free.
Skills enhanced: Charisma, Logic.

Pro Athlete
You start out with the League minimum salary, which is the highest starting
pay in the neighborhood. Just hope an injury doesn't slow your advancement.
Better invest in a hot tub for those sore muscles, ASAP. Skills: Body, Charisma.
You've made it off the bench and into the starting line up. The money's coming
in, but those long road trips take their toll on your mood. It's essential to
get your rest and keep your body in prime shape this is your livelihood. You'd
better be the first to leave a party, and the last to throw one, no matter how
much your neighbors try to coax you into a get together. Skills: Body, Charisma.
All Star:
You've become a household name in Sim City. Everybody wants to be your friend.
You've got the money to spend now, but you've got to start saving some for
that early retirement that comes with the life of an athlete. One more thing:
Despite the "hunger indicators", don't overeat! You cannot afford to slow down
your game. Skills: Body, Charisma.
You're heading through the mid-point of your career while most of your friends
and neighbors are still in the early stages of theirs. There is a special need
to work on relationship skills here e.g., using charisma to network and
present a positive "image". If the fans love you, that fills the stadium and
that fills your pay envelope. Meanwhile, family and mate need attention at
home, because you're on the road a lot. Skills: Charisma, Body, Creativity.
Major income, you've got those commercial endorsements, and you're at the top
of your game. The downside is, your body's been worked heavily, and a lot of
maintenance time is needed to stay healthy. How long can you remain "Number
One"? Skills: Charisma, Body.
Hall of Famer:
You're retired at an age most people are hitting their strides. You can
supplement your savings with a book, if an active person like yourself won't
go nuts staying at home writing it. However since you peaked so much faster
than characters on other career tracks, fame allows Pro Athletes to start over
at mid-level in Entertainment, Politics, or X-treme Career. Skill enhanced:

Lab Assistant:
Cleaning rat cages, fixing delicate lab equipment  for minimum wage-- how's
your Repair quotient? A lot of computer study time needed at home to advance.
And guess what? You're on the graveyard shift. Work all night, sleep all day.
Skills: Logic, Repair.
Field Researcher:
This level takes you away from home for days on end, working on far-flung
projects. However, pay increases. Needs a good combination of Logic and
stamina to get ahead. Skills: Logic, Body.
Project Leader:
Some Charisma could help move things along here, as this level needs careful
tending of relationships and communication. In order to finance your research
project, you may have to throw a fund raising party at your home. Skills:
Logic, Creativity, Charisma.
Income has climbed, but, to succeed as an inventor, you'll need to build a
home lab and buy extra computers. Maintaining your relationships may be harder
now, as there will be little time for socializing as you create your new
product. Skills: Creativity, Logic, Repair.
The accolades from your invention have earned you the highly paid position of
theorist. You may continue to work at home, with a higher salary/work hours
ratio than the one you had as an inventor. Your character must work hard to
keep a high state of happiness and health to discover a theory. And, only a
theory can lead to the status and rewards you seek. Skills: Creativity, Logic,
Nobel Prize Winner:
With prize money, lecture fees, and book advances, you've graduated to the big
house on the hill. Sim University has offered you a permanent chair in its
Science Department. However, you'll still need to maintain a lab room to
"tinker" and stay happy. Skills enhanced: Creativity, Logic.

X-Treme Career
Bungee Jump Instructor:
The salary stinks but who ever thought you'd get paid to do this? Body skills
are critical here, nutrition and fatigue must be carefully monitored at home.
You might invest in home gym equipment as well, to keep in the best shape
possible. And better make sure those bungee cords are in good repair! Skills:
Body, Repair, Charisma.
Whitewater Guide:
You're in charge of the rafts bobbing down the river in Sim Canyon. Hope
charisma skills are sufficient to advance here, your paying riders need to
have confidence in your ability. Well-prepared camp meals get you higher tips,
too. And, you'll be happier if you put in some hours at the home computer,
studying topo maps and weather charts over the Internet. Skills: Body,
Charisma, Cooking.
Bush Pilot:
That antique plane of yours needs serious Repair skills if you're going to
safely dive through dense cloud cover and land on that bayou. Of course, the
danger yields high pay. Beginning at this level, X-treme careerists may find
themselves leaving home for unpredictable lengths of time. Skills: Body,
Repair, Logic.
Creative skills will help you here. Time is now divided between road trips for
taking photos and writing the articles at home on the computer. You need to
make sure you allow enough time to write without social distractions, in order
to meet deadlines and collect a nice fat fee. Skills: Creativity, Logic, Body.
Treasure Hunter:
You've moved on to salvaging wrecks off the Sim City coastline. Potentially
lucrative, but physically demanding, so keep in shape with that exercise
machine. You might advance more quickly if you build a pool to practice scuba
diving. Skills: Body, Logic.
International Spy:
You've become a highly paid "secret agent" but it's no secret to your nosy Sim
neighbors. When not on assignment in Istanbul or Rio, highly classified
messages occasionally come over your home computer link up. You'll need to get
into your room alone long enough to receive them. Status jumps up when the
occasional world leader calls on the phone seeking advice. Spies are also
quite irresistible to the opposite sex which can cause a lot of problems with
your mate. Skills enhanced: Charisma, Body.

[4] Chance Cards

"Chance Cards" are career-specific events. Each "Card" occurs only once per
career and offers the Player a choice of action. "Chance Cards" might be
randomly triggered, or tied to specific levels within a given career track.

"Stock Option":
Player is given the choice of accepting a portfolio of company stock instead
of salary for that pay period. The stock could double or tank. Result: Player
receives twice his salary or nothing at all for the pay period.

"The Remake":
Your agent calls with an offer: Sim Studios wants you for the lead in a remake
of "Citizen Kane". Accepting will either send your Charisma sky high when the
film succeeds wildly or send it crashing if the turkey flops.

Law Enforcement
"The Bribe":
A mobster whom you're investigating offers a huge bribe to drop the case. The
charges won't stick without your testimony. You could suddenly "lose the
evidence" and quietly pocket a nice nest egg or get busted by Internal Affairs
and have to start over on a new career track.

Life of Crime
"The Perfect Crime":
You've just been handed a hot tip that an informant claims will be an easy
knockover with loads of cash for the taking. Either the tip is gold, or it's a
police sting. An arrest means your family is left at home alone while you're
sent off to cool your heels in Sim City Prison for a while.

A former patient has slapped you with a massive malpractice suit. You can
settle immediately by offering a payment equal to 50% of the cash in your
household account. Or, take the bum to court. Lose, and all your furniture and
household goods are repossessed. Win, and you receive a settlement equal to
100% of the cash in your household account.

"Gung Ho":
The General needs volunteers for a highly dangerous mission. You can refuse
without penalty. If you accept, and succeed on the mission, you are decorated
and immediately promoted to the next level. Failure means a demotion,
soldier you're broken down to the previous level.

An attractive young member of your team also happens to be heir to a fortune.
He or she will finance your career advancement if you agree to "private
consultations". You can refuse, with no change in status. Agreeing to "stuff
the ballot box" has two possible outcomes. You might get away with it and
immediately advance TWO levels. If you're caught, you'll lose your family (or
friends, if there is no family at home) when the scandal breaks in the media,
and be tossed from the career track to seek another.

Pro Athlete

"The Supermatch":
A one on one, pay per view contest pitting you against your greatest local
rival is offered. If you win, it's worth double your paycheck. If you lose it
the indignity comes complete with an injury costing you a reduction in your
Body Skill along with a drop in Charisma. The player can always refuse at no

"The Experiment":
A science research firm is willing to pay you a fat bonus for conducting a
complex experiment. However, the work must be conducted at your home, using
rats as test subjects. Success means you collect the fee, with a bonus
increase in your Logic skill level. A failed experiment results in a dozen
rats escaping into your home. That means a major bill from both your
exterminator and your electrician (the rats have chewed through power cords.)
Financial damage could be reduced if the Player's Repair skills are strong.

X-treme Career
"Deep Freeze":
An arctic expedition is holding a spot open for you. It's a risky enterprise,
so you may refuse. However, for a person in your particular line of work, that
refusal will lower your Charisma. If you join the team, and they reach their
goal, you will be rewarded with a considerable raise in Charisma. If the
mission goes awry, Player is "lost on an iceberg" for a period of game time.
[5] Credits

-The Sims Home, for almost everything above- http://thesims.xtremesimz.com

[6]Legal Stuff

This FAQ may only be used with consent from Mewtwo150. Any reprinting of this
guide or any other
one may be subject for legal action in a court of law.

(c) Mewtwo150

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