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Читы для Sims, The

Чит-файл для Sims, The

Sims, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 2 февраля 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric / Virtual pets
Похожие игры:Creatures, Creatures 2

Даты выхода игры

вышла в феврале 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
An In-Progress Strategy Guide
Version 1.0 (2-18-00)

 by Deos Arcana (raabal@erols.com)


 1) History
 2) Getting Started
 3) Designing your Sims
 4) Building or Buying a Home.
   A) Choosing a Home
   B) Furnishing Your Home
 5) Day-to-Day Needs
 6) Acknowledgement and the Rest

 1. HISTORY                      |

The Sims is a game created by Maxis, also known for such wonderful titles as the
SimCity series, SimTower, SimIsle, and many more Sim- titles dealing with a wide
variety of topics. What makes the Sims stand out from games gone before is the
level of depth and detail it goes into. No longer do you build towns or Islands
or Towers, now you micro-manage the lives of individual people. Think of it as
getting close and personal to the inhabitants of your Sim-Universe. The level of
micro-management required is far greater than ever before in a Sim game, and for
this reason may turn of the average gamer, but for those of us with an urge to
manage (And a serious God Complex) this game is addictive, fun, and a great way
to spend your money.

 2) Getting Started               |

 This FAQ is written with the understanding that you know the basic controls
behind 'The Sims' and do not need them explained. But to further assist in
playing this game, here are some pointers to making your game easier:

1) Assuming you have a keyboard with a numberpad on the left, it is useful to
put Numbers Lock on so as to switch the speed of the game more quickly. Pressing
1, 2 or 3 can slow down or speed up your game accordingly whenever the situation
merits it. Also, being near the 'P' button allows you to pause the game, switch
speeds, and move back to your mouse in a hurry. This may not always seem
important, but sometimes it is crucial to have good reflexes. Your Sims may do
stupid things like take a bath 10 minutes before going to work and you need to
be able to react accordingly.

2) Remember that Left-clicking selects a Sim and that Right-Clicking will only
center it on a Sim. This can avoid unneccesary confusion and accidentally giving
the wrong Sim the wrong orders. A minor inconvenience, but still something to be

3) Though Free-Will may seem to make it almost impossible to get your Sims to do
what you want them to, it is essential as the game progresses and you become
increasingly bogged down with micro-management. Rarely, if ever, remove Free
Will, as it helps Sims do obvious tasks that need doing (showering, using the
bathroom, or eating) while you handle more complicated tasks such as ordering a
different Sim to fix an appliance or perform a necessary task. As the game
progresses, and you add more Sims to a family unit, it becomes nearly impossible
to micro-manage all of them simultaneously, and Free-Will alleviates most of
this discomfort.

 3) Designing Your Sims           |

 The first step in playing The Sims is the actual design process of your
character. A common theme among players is to design characters that bear a
striking resemblance to themselves. This can be both good and bad in terms of
gameplay. You yourself may be a sloppy person, but Neatness is a valuable
interest to put Sim-points into, as messy houses tend to drop 'Room' rating down
drastically. And hiring a maid costs $10 an hour. This may not seem like a lot,
but it can add up as your house gets bigger and messier.

 Active is another interest to devote at least 3 Sim-points to, as lazy people
take much longer to wake up in the morning, sometimes taking as long as an hour
to shake off the effects of sleep, not a good thing when your Sim needs to get
to work on time. It also influences the hobbies of your Sim. Inactive people
tend to watch TV and read books only, and getting them to do things like Work
Out can be difficult at times.

 Though it may seem quaint to try and arrange your Sim to have the same Zodiac
Sign as yourself, (By clicking the Zodiac name below all your interests, you can
change between the 12 different ones), it is not always to your benefit.
Sometimes the point accruement isn't always to your liking, and must be altered.
It is good to have a Sim that resembles you and has your sign, but don't count
on it.

 Above all else, try to achieve a balance. Extremes may seem helpful in certain
areas, but a Sim doesn't have to have a full Neatness bar to be a neat person, 5
or 6 Points is often good enough. Try to achieve at least 3 in every category,
as this will create a balanced Sim, and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

 4) Building or Buying a Home?    |

 When you first jump into the Sims, it may seem attractive to start out building
your home from scratch. This is a grievous error. Often times it is hard to
decided the appropriate size for certain rooms, or the right furniture to buy
right away. 20,000 Simoleons may seem like a lot, but when all your building is
done and it comes time to buy the furniture, you often find yourself in need of

A) Choosing A Home

 A good idea is to use one of the two cheaper Pre-built houses already
avialable. I suggest kicking out the Newbie Family and using their home, as it
works very well for a beginner family of one or two sims and leaves a person
with about 5-7,000 Simoleons. Should it be two sims who will be a couple, they
can share one bed and save expenses. Should it be two Sims who are only friends,
it is relatively cheap to tack on another room behind the first.

 Later on, as the game progresses, and you begin earning a goodly sum of money,
it can then be time to move out of your old house and build yourself a new one.
Remember, a family that moves out will start out in a new home with their
current total of money, plus the value of their old residence and all the
furniture in it. It is suggested that you do not consider building your own home
until the combined amount of money you have after moving out exceeds 30,000

 When you do decide to construct a home, remember to go for Efficiency over
style. It may seem like fun to have a twisted maze within your walls, but the
constant walking will quickly drive your Sims crazy. Box housing is an often
employed strategy, with rooms being Square or Rectangular (5 X 5 is good for a
small bedroom, and 7 X 5 for a living room or kitchen can suffice). Try to keep
things as Centered as possible. It makes things simpler for your Sim if their
bedroom leads directly to a bathroom, kitchen, and living room (Preferably from
3 different doors). When a Sim awakens, the first thing they often want to do is
use the bathroom or eat, and building these facilities close to them helps out

 Windows are a must have, and relatively cheap too. The more windows in a room,
the more sunlight that comes through and the greater Room rating you will have.
Try to have at least 3 or 4 windows in every outside room, especially the
bedroom and kitchen. Nothing hurts worse than having your Sim's Room rating drop
drastically right before work.

 By the same token, try to keep your Lawn in good condition, but do not go to
excess. A few plants right outside can increase Room significantly right before
your Sim heads to work, and increase their happiness level. But the downside is
that those plants need to be maintained every other day or so (Or you can hire a
garderner, which is this author's suggestion). If your Sim has a high Room
rating right until the moment he steps outside, then odds are your plants are
all dead and it is seriously affecting your Sim. Get cracking on this right

 Wallpaper can be just about anything, your Sims will never complain if you have
bad wallpaper, but try to have stuff that matches the furniture, if only to make
it esthetically pleasing. I suggest using 'Mountain Fog' for the Bathroom, Deep
Jade or Too Turqoise for the Kitchen, and 'Claire de Lune' for everything else.
The outside is fine with Red Brick, remember to hold Shift to paint an entire
room, or just Ctrl for one entire wall.

B) Furnishing Your Home

 Furnishings are what makes The Sims a great game, but it also makes it a
difficult one. Sometimes the difference between two chairs seems slight, but can
really make a difference. Don't always assume the most expensive objects are the
best, and by the same token, don't be stingy with your money if you do not have
to be.

 Lighting is necessary to room, buy a couple of cheap 50 Simoleon Halogen
Heavens and place them in the corners to provide ample light. These don't really
need upgrading anytime soon, though the bulbs can occasionally break and need
replacing. Whenever you have spare cash, buy a 350 Simolen Torchosteronne and
replace the old ones as needed, the Torchosteronnes never break.

 Put phones in almost every room possible, except the bedroom. A ringing phone
in the middle of the night will wake up your Sims only if the phone is in their
bedroom, and they probably won't wake up in time to answer it so don't bother.
go for the 75 Simoleon Cordless phone, as the other phone requires a place to
put it on. Answer phones often, the rewards are many, (Ranging from 50 - 2000
dollar rewards, to being allowed to adopt a baby.)

 Finally, remember to add a Security alarm over any entrances to your home. Any
burgulars trying to sneak in will almost immediately get caught and you'll get
1,000 Simoleon reward, plus reimbursement equal to the current value of what was

  I) Bedroom

      The bedroom is one of the first rooms you should design...A Sim can't do
anything if they don't have a nice         place to rest. If you're going for a
single or married couple, buy the 1,000 Simoleon bed as it provides a
significant Comfort and Energy advantage over the previous ones. Otherwise, it
is best to go with the cheap          and afforable 450 Eazzzzze Bed. Also buy a
small cabinet and an alarm clock, as this will wake up your Sim
everyday an hour before work, allowing you time to work on other things. Aside
from that, the bedroom doesn't        need anything, unless you wish to add
things for flavor. When you begin to earn money, it is often useful to put
in a Computer, Pinball Machine, or VR Headset later on, as this will allow your
Sim to play, and raise their Fun      rating right before bed.

      As the game progresses, try to upgrade to the 3,000 Simoleon bed ASAP, it
may seem like a hefty price for small      gains, but its ability to relax and
re-energize your Sim in a fairly short time is not to be denied. Aside from
that one major upgrade, everything else is up to your personal tastes, though it
is sometimes fun to add a           Cabinet for Room rating, and you can use it
to change your Sim's wardrobe.

  II) Bathroom

      The bathroom in your Sim home can be relatively small and still be quite
efficient. Buy the cheapest toilet and      sink possible to begin with, but put
in a Medicine Cabinet instead of the cheapest Mirror. The extra 25
Simoleons is worth it as your Sims can now brush their teeth. Though the Shower
may seem a good choice to begin      with, the bathtub is by far the better
deal. The Shower provides only a Hygiene of 6, while the Bathtub, for
only 150 Simoleons more, provides a Hygiene of 6 AND a Comfort level of 3, this
is great for relaxing your Sims      both before they go to bed and after they
wake up in the morning.

      Remember to add a window or two to the bathroom as well, and some potted
plants too, as this will increase           Room rating (Though if you are like
me, and put the bathroom in the back of the house, walking through your
living room or bedroom should increase Room rating enough anyway). Aside from
that, try to upgrade the bathtub       from the 800 Simoleon Justa to the 1,500
Simoleon Sani-Queen ASAP. The Sani-Queen provides Hygiene of 8 and
Comfort of 5, cutting down the time your Sim spends in the bathroom by a lot.
The final bathtub the Hydrothera       is a whopping 3,2000 Simoleons, but worth
the time and effort that goes into earning it. Hygiene of 10 and
Comfort of 8 is simply not to be beat, and lowers the time your Sims spend
bathing from something like 1-2           hours to only half an hour. The 1,200
Flush Force is another useful upgrade (Comfort 4, Bladder 8), and should
be one of the first upgrades you consider.

      Once again, aside from upgrading your bathroom when you have the money,
there is little else that needs doing      in the bathroom department, it's all
up to personal choice.

   III) Kitchen

        The kitchen is by far one of the places that requires the most work.
Initially, you should begin with 600           Simoleon Lamark Fridge, 2 150
Simoleon NuMica counters (One for a sink, the other for a microwave), a 250
Simoleon Microwave, and a 375 Simoleon Junk Genie Trash Compactor, which doubles
as a preparing surface. Also        add a fire alarm above either the sink or
the microwave. Though it would seem more cost effective to simply          buy a
cheap trashcan, the constant upkeep of having to empty it out makes it much more
time consuming than           simply buying the trash compactor.

        Depending on the size of your kitchen, it is often good design strategy
to line one wall with all the               afformentioned products, then put in
a 95 Simoleon NuMica Folding Table and 3 Touch of Teak Dinning Tables in
a pattern similar to this :

        |FCCT   |   F - Fridge
        |       |   C - Counter
        |+DD+   |   T - Trash Compactor
        | DD    |   + - Chair
        |_+_____|   D - Dining Table(The four D's are one table)

         This pattern allows three people to sit down comfortably and eat, while
still providing a final place for           something like a boom box. The rest
is free space for comfortably moving around in, and dancing if you decide
to place a Boombox there.

         The kitchen needs the most upgrading of all the different rooms. When
possible, try to buy the latest               cooking appliances for the kitchen
(But only after having developed your Cooking skills sufficiently, the
last thing you need is a fire going off in your kitchen killing all your Sims.
Upgrade your Fridge to the            1,200 Simoleon Porcina, then to the 2,500
Freeze Secret. Later on buy 950 Simoleon Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher and         the
1,000 Simoleon Pyrotorre Gas stove. Don't bother buying the ones before them.
When you have enough money,         jump to the best stuff you can buy.
Additionally, buy an extra counter for a Cappucino machine, it's fairly
useless, but the quick jump in energy can be useful right before and after work.

        Buy the 1,200 Simoleon Parisenne Furniture when possible, the Comfort
and Room levels are not to be beat.

   IV) Living Room

       The Living Room has the most variety possible of any place. Dozens of
chairs, sofas, TV's, Steroes and more          are there to choose from in the
Living Room. To start, this is the best place to put in a 250 Simoleon Cheap
Pine bookcase for Reading and Studying Cooking and Mechanics. Other first time
furniture buys are a 85               Simoleon Monochrome TV and a 150 Contempo
Loveseat. Place the TV in about 2 spaces away from the Love Seat,          thus
allowing two Sims to sit and watch it comfortably.

        As Time and Budget constraints allow, go for better versions of your
furniture. Add in a couple of Van Braun        Recliners (850 Simoleons),
Sarrbach chairs (500 simoleons) and the Tutti Fruity Sofa (1,450 Simoleons,
though        the 1,100 Sofa matches better with the other chairs and is only 1
Comfort point less, this is one of the only        times that the cheaper
furniture is the better deal). Add in the best Stereo System (2,250 Simoleons)
and the        3,500 Simoleon Plasma TV when you can.

        The Living Room can also double as a game room, holding a Pinball
Machine, VR set, Computer, or anything else        you can think of. But as time
goes on, think of adding another room solely dedicated to these sources of Fun
(VR Sets , Computers and Pinball Machines go great in bedrooms, Pool Tables,
Pianos, and the big Train Set in        one big room of their own). Buy the best
bookshelf when possible, it doesn't improve the rate at which Sims          will
learn (Then again it couldn't hurt) but it does increase Fun level, and idle
sims usually read instead of        doing anything more complicated in their
spare time.

 And that's how you design your home to Maximum Efficiency. Anytime you run low
on funds, just try and use the cheapest stuff possible. Save money and jump from
the cheap stuff to the best furniture in one bound. Since objects lose their
resale value over time, it pays more to sell the worst stuff and buy the best in
one shot than constantly upgrade slowly over time.

 5) Day-To-Day Needs              |

 There are a wide variety of styles for playing The Sims, each custom tailored
to the type of individual you are, and your Sims is. The key is to find the
appropriate balance between what is necessary to advance your Sims, and what is
necessary to keeping them happy. This can often seem daunting, but the truth is
it is quite simple with proper scheduling and strategy.
Here is a step-by-step process that I use to let my Sims succeed in life.

1) First, Pause the game and totally furnish your house, this allows you to
carefully plan your floor structure and set up numerous tasks in advance.

2) Whenever you have 2 or more Sims in your home, the first thing to be done is
to have them start socializing. Have them talk to each other again and again
until their Friendship rating reaches at least 20-30, then alternate between
Compliments, Entertaining, Jokes, and Dancing until you reach 100 (If you wish
them to share a bed, a Friendship rating of at least 70-80 is necessary). If an
action like Joke or Entertain fails to work, go have them Talk again until your
friendship rating is at least 40-50, then Compliments and other such activities
are sure to work (Avoid Kissing and Flirting as these are used to establish
romances and rarely work if Friendship is under 80).

3) Now, Have one Sim find a job in the local paper (Click on it and use Find
Job) while the other goes off to Study Cooking. By the time both Sims go to
sleep, at least one of them should have 2-3 bars in the Cooking skill. Better
Cooking skill means they prepare meals better and take less time eating.

Hint: For a starter job try the Military Recruiter, it has an opening pay of 250
Simoleons, a large amount when starting out. It also requires the least amount
of Friends for advancement, and requires working out Mechanics and Body as well.
Mechanical skill is useful for repairing objects, don't try to fix ANYTHING
unless your Mechanic skill is at least 4 bars, or you risk electrocuting your
Sim. A side bonus to the Military Track is that when you advance to Astronaut,
you have a small chance of being elected to 'Go To Mars', an event which gives
you 3 Charisma Bars and a Bonus of 5,000 Simoleons.

4) While one Sim is studying Cooking, have the other study Mechanical, or have
them both Study Cooking. Either way you want to have at least 3 bars in both
Categories. Once that is done, or if your Sims refuse to study anymore, begin
meeting their most immediate needs by referring to their Status. If they're
Hungry, have the one with the most cooking Serve Dinner, if they have low
Bladder, have them use the tiolet and take a bath (It's best to have them do one
after the other, as using the tiolet lowers Hygiene).

5) It is often good to get your Sims to bed by about 6-8 PM if you have the
cheaper beds, and 8-10 if you have the better beds (1,000 - 3,000 Simoleon
ones). Remember to SET THE ALARM before going to sleep or they may not wake up
in time for work the next day.

6) The next day, try to wake up your Sim 2 hours before the car comes for work
(Unless their energy bar is way too low). Before you wake them up, try to plan
out the first few actions they'll take. Usually this consists of Using the
Tiolet, Taking a Bath, and Having Breakfast, though you can have one Sim do the
first two, while another Serves Breakfast THEN uses the tiolet and takes a bath.
Remember, the Carpool arrives ONE HOUR before your job starts (7:00 AM if you
work from 8:00 AM onward, etc).

7) While one Sim goes off to work, the other can work on Cooking and Mechanical
skills some more, though as you earn more and more bars in each, the time it
takes to earn another takes even more time. If people happen to stop by your
house, make sure to Greet each one. You don't have to socialize with them, but
it pays to know them for future reference (Anyone you Greet outside you can
later call and invite over your house).

8) Plan the schedule of the Sim at work, see which of their needs must be met
immediately upon arriving home at set about working on them. Remember, you can
miss every other day of work, just not two in a row, so if two many bars are
dropping into the red take a day off to work on fixing them all up to green. The
first few promotions usually require at least 2 Green Happiness Bars (There are
10 bars around the Status symbol, 5 for Green and 5 for Red) to be promoted,
after that it usually requires 3 or 4. Try to assign a few tasks they should do
upon arrival so as to allow you more time to focus on other needs.

9) Once again, once the time reaches around 6-10 PM, consider putting your Sims
to sleep (Sounds cruel, but I just mean make them go to bed). Continue this sort
of schedule until you can afford some minor additions to your home, mainly an
Exercise Machine (For body) and a Pinball Machine (fun rating of 5, plus it is a
group activity, which means two Sims can use it at once and improve both Fun and

10) After 3 or 4 days, consider getting your second Sim a job if you have one.
Tracks that are worthwhile are Business (Starts out as a Mail Room Employee at
120, not a lot but at the top you pull in 1,200 a day plus the hours are always
starting at 8 PM) or Sports (Mascot for a team, 110 Simoleons, but as a Hall of
Famer you get 1,300 a day, though at one time you'll be pulling night shifts).

11) Once both Sims have a job, you can spend the time they're working to
organize your furniture around, or make plans for future additions. Whenever all
Sims are asleep or away, the time speeds up to 3, and therefore the wait isn't
that long. Remember that bills come every 3 or 4 days, you know you have them if
the red flag on your Mailbox is up. Pay them immediately, as waiting too long
cause a Repo man to come and take aawy your stuff.

12) After a while, it may seem you don't have enough time in the day to advance
certain skills, or to do a lot of things you want to do. Once one of your Sims
begins pulling in the big bucks (500-600 a day) consider having them work every
other day for a while. Remember to buy an Easel for Creativity skill, paintings
that are left alone gain value and can be sold for money. Also look into getting
a Chess set for Logic (A group activity too, with both players gaining Logic,
Fun and Social). Charisma is earned by Practicing Speech in front of a mirror.

13) As you expand and add furniture to your house, remember that your bills
increase proportionately to the value of your house and the furniture in it.
When your house is only worth 20,000 Simoleons bills are a mere 200-300, but
when it reaches 200,000+ Simoleons, bills can reach up to 2,000+ Simoleons every
time they arrive.

 5) Acknowledgement and the Rest  |


The Sims is Copyright 2000 by Electronic Arts. I am in no way affiliated with
them except that I play a whole lot of their games.

This FAQ is the sole creation of myself, Deos Arcana, and is copyright as of
February 19, 2000. All copyright laws apply to this FAQ.

Please don't copy this FAQ and post it as your own, post it on your site without
due credit, or anything else that may infringe upon the copyright of this FAQ.
I'd hate to have to take legal action against any violators, as it would be
costly and time-consuming for both of us and would seriously make me refrain
from ever wanting to write another FAQ again.


Many thanks go out to the following:

- Maxis - For creating a truly inspiring game that is more addictive than
smoking, drinking, and drugs combined. Thanks a lot guys, hope to see more of
your work in the future.
- GAMEFAQS.com and Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey - For making GAMEFAQs.com which I visit
everyday (Sometimes more than once, I am truly pathetic like that) and for
having one of the most comprehensive list of FAQ's around. Honestly, many's a
game I wouldn't have beaten if not for the FAQ's and Cheat Codes I've found on
this wonderful site.
- DSimpson - For writing the only other SIMS FAQ out there. After reading his
peculiar style, I felt the need to add my own to the mix. Thanks for inspiring
me dude.


Things I hope to add in the future:

- The different levels of employment for every career chain, their salaries,
hours of work, and promotion requirements.
- How to take care of a baby, and later a child. I've yet to have one in my own
game, as I'm deathly afraid of having one only to lose it to child services.
- More detail on expanding your house.
- Other things as people write in and ask


I am not an expert on The Sims, nor do I claim to be. Write me an e-mail with
suggestions and tips and I'll gladly accept them. Questions I will answer to the
best of my abilities. I am not God and can't do everything. If the response is
favorable to my FAQ, I'll update it often with new information.


I'm not posting Cheats on my FAQ, as they can be found on numerous other sites
and will just take up space. Try and find them in DSimpson's FAQ, or at

Upgrades and Patches are found at http://www.thesims.com and numerous fan sites
coming off of The Sim's homepage. I do not endorse any patch or addition NOT
made by Maxis, as they can be faulty and damage your system. Use them at your
own risk.

Tips sent to me that I find useful and worthwhile I will probably add in future
additions of this FAQ.

I am not affiliated with Maxis, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything to
do with the creation of this game. This FAQ may not posted on any site unless
nothing is changed, and you send me e-mail asknig for my permission firsthand.
You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

As always, e-mail me at raabal@erols.com with suggestions, comments, and even
flames. All kinds of feedback will be appreciated.

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