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Читы для Soldier of Fortune

Чит-файл для Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Raven Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 марта 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Kingpin: Life of Crime, SiN
Multiplayer:(32) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Incomplete Solution
Level 1: New York

At the beginning of this level, you are brought in by the New York Police
Department to "defuse" a hostage situation in the subway system. A gang led by a
rather ruthless leader named Sabre has taken hostages and turned the subway into
a warzone. Just how you like it.

Your objective is to fight your way through the subway tunnels and take out
Sabre. It's not clear exactly why he has taken the hostages or what else he has
planned, but the tunnels below the Big Apple are about to get a new, bright red
paint job.

At the start of this level, walk down the stairs and blast the punk who leans
to shoot at you. Follow the hallway to where an injured cop tries to take down
two more punks, one of whom is hiding behind a soda machine. Waste them, then
watch out for the door behind you, from which another gang member will try to
ambush you.

 Once the area is clear, proceed to an intersection where another punk is
threatening a hostage. Gun down the punk. From here, you have a couple of
on which way to proceed. Take the left tunnel and open the door on your
left. Inside you'll find some ammo and grenades, but watch your back! Several
punks will try to corner you and ambush you from behind.

Once they're done for, clean out the room and go back out to the hallway. Go
straight ahead. There will be two stairways to your left. The first leads to the
restrooms area where you can go if you feel like capping some more gang members,
but there's little else there.

 The second stairway, however, is where you eventually want to go. Take it and
fight your way through some more punks to a large room with a ticket booth in
middle. Clear out the ticket booth (a flashbang is handy here), then climb
through the window.

Use the medkit on the wall if you need to, then throw the switch next to it to
open the door outside the booth. Hawk will chime in at this point, telling that
large group of terrorists are cornered. Clear out the newly arrived punks and go
through the newly opened doorway (to the left of the ticket counter when you're
facing it).

 Follow the stairs down, fighting your way through a small army of punks (watch
the one who tries to ambush you from a doorway up on the left halfway down the
second flight of stairs). You'll eventually come to a train track where a
terrorist wastes a hostage. Clear the area, then jump down on the tracks.

Run along the tracks, following the tracks to the right and taking out any
terrorists along the way. WARNING: Make sure you duck into the first cubby hole
you come to on your right, or you'll get run over by the subway train. The next
cubby hole on the left contains a bum, so don't shot him. The one after that
contains a terrorist, so feel free to shoot him as much as you like.

 Follow the tunnel until you come to another train station where a terrorist
down a cop. Clear the area then jump up to the station and climb the stairs
opposite the soda machine. You'll find you partner Hawk at the top, so DON'T
SHOOT HIM. You'll lose the round if you do.

From here, you'll have to jump down onto the top of a moving subway train to
pursue Sabre. Do so and watch out for the punks who come riding their own train
on your left. When the train stops, jump off and follow the tunnel.
Unfortunately, Sabre collapses a section of the tunnel behind him and escapes.
Your work is done here, but you don't like the smell of things.

hatches to join you on the roof, so be ready for them. Drop down into the first
hatch, then run forward and use the wall to open the car door.

 Run into the open air car and gun down the three guards. To progress further,
you need to shoot out the top two boxes in the stack before you. Once these are
shot out, climb up the smaller box and over the remaining ones. Run quickly
across the car to avoid the helicopter, then jump into the next car and clear it
of guards.

At this point, it might be a good idea to try and take out the helicopter. Ready
your sniper rifle and wait for the chopper to come to a standstill. Use the alt
fire to zoom in and shoot the pilot through the cockpit glass. The helicopter
should go down nicely after that.

Once the chopper is out of the way, run forward again and gun down the next set
of guards. If the red can of explosives doesn't get shot in the crossfire, shoot
it to blow up the stack of crates blocking your path. Climb over the rubble,
watching for the guard on the other side and the one that will jump down from

 Climb onto the roof of the next car and kill anyone that gets in your way. Drop
down into the interior of the car with the broken roof, clear it out, then run
the next car. Go around to the right and use the wall to open the door. Clear
area of guards, then shoot out the control panel to the area holding the nuke.
Walk up to the nuke to blow it up and finish the level.

Level 3: New York

 This is a very straightforward level with no enemies. Simply into the bookstore
and "use" Sam. He'll lead you to a back room where Hawk awaits. Appears that a
violent Serb faction in Kosovo has one of the nuclear warheads, codenamed QUEEN
BEE, and you're being hired to destroy it.

Once Hawk is done talking, walk up to the computer panel and use it. You'll get
mission briefing. After that, you'll get a screen where you can buy different
equipment. Which equipment you chose is a matter of taste, but I'd recommend the
following: a shotgun, a submachinegun, and a .44 handgun. You can swap the
shotgun or the submachine gun out for the sniper rifle, but it'll be of less use
to you in the upcoming mission. You should also pick up some armor, some
grenades, and some plastique.

Level 4: Kosovo

 You start this level off in the company of Hawk, but you quickly have to split
up, with the intention or regrouping at the pumping station. Your first
will be to find this station. Proceed forward down the tunnel, taking out the
baddies who come out to greet you. Eventually you will come to a large room with
a cracked wall on the left and two archways leading into another tunnel straight
ahead. Remember this room, because you'll have to return here later.

 After clearing the room of soldiers, go forward through the archway on the
and follow the tunnel. Keep going, avoiding fallind debres and fighting off
soldiers, until you come to a small room where a hole in the floor leads down to
a foggy tunnel. Follow the tunnel until it empties out into another room. Watch
your back, as soldiers will attack from above and behind. Clear out the room,
then run up the ledge above the tunnel you came through and go through the huge
drainage pipe.

 Follow the pipe until you come to a ladder. Climb up and you'll see Hawk on the
other side of a large gulley. He instructs you to "build up some pressure" so
that he can set a charge and blow the the water pipes. Use the wheel to your
left. Hawk will then blow the pipe. The resulting flood will break out a wall in
the room with the twin archways.

Backtrack to this room and go through the opening created by the flood of water.
Clear out the next room and proceed through the tunnel straight ahead. Watch out
for grenade throwing soldiers above in the next room. Take them out, then go
through the unblocked archway on the right. Follow the short tunnel to a ladder,
which leads to the ledge above. Grab the armor from the fallen soldier and
the tunnel around to the left.

 Watch out for fire from down below on the right, but stay on the ledge and
follow it to the left. Follow the hallways, fighting soldiers as you go, until
you come to a laddrer leading down. Take it. Follow the wide tunnel to the left
until you come to a hole in the ground. Drop down, then follow that foggey
until you come to another ladder leading up.

 At the top, a runaway truck will injure a couple of soldiers, but be ready to
finish them off. Grab the grenades, C4, and medkit in the area. Take the long
ladder on the left up to another pump control. Use the wheel, which will break
the pipes on the other side of the grate. This is in an area you just came from,
but now you'll be able to climb up the fallen pipe to a new area.

Go back down the long ladder and take the hallway behind the crates where you
grabbed the grenades. Clear out the opposition, then take the ladder in the
hole on your right (where a soldier will try to ambush you). Climb the ladder,
then run down the length of the fallen pipe to the previously unaccessable
Clear the area of soldiers and grab some more armor. Then keep following the

 The next area can be really tough, since there are several soldiers barricaded
behind sandbags. A flashbang works well here. Just throw it over the mound, look
away, then run in when your opponents are blinded. At any rate, take out the
soldiers and climb up the ramp to the sandbag wall on the ledge above. Go
the large drainage pipe and clear the next room out. Make sure to grab the armor
while you're at it.

 Go through the dark pipe on your left and follow it until it collapses in front
of you. Clear out the soldiers, then drop down and walk along the broken pipe on
your left. Go through the tunnel on your left.

 Follow the tunnels and rooms before you until you come to a short ladder
up to a ledge with a steaming pipe. Shoot the steaming pipe out and crawl
Follow the pipe to the left until you come to a broken segment. Drop down onto
the top of another pipe below, then drop down inside that pipe through the large
fissure in its top.

Follow this and more tunnels past some strange crates. As you walk along, you'll
pass several grated windows where you can save yourself a bit of trouble and
shoot some soldiers you'd otherwise have to face head-on in a minute. Follow the
tunnel until you come to a ladder. Climb up and clear out the room of guards.
level will end when you do so.

During the short cut scene, you'll regroup with Hawk and a KLA leader. The KLA
officer will tell you to go after QUEEN BEE in its new location aboard a stolen
Stealth Bomber. Hawk will scout out the hanger where the bomber is located while
you take out a big gun that's been taken over by the Serbians and is being used
to wreak major havoc.

Level 5: Kosovo

You don't get a chance to buy new gear before this mission, since you're pretty
much proceeding in straight from the last one. You start the level off inside
another drainage tube. Take a few steps forward and Hawk will chime in, saying
that he fears they'll fly QUEEN BEE out soon. No time to dally, so head on out.

The first room you come to contains a box on the left. Smash it to get a pair of
night vision goggles. Climb up the stairs next to them and go through the breach
in the wall.

 You'll come out into an outdoor area where two unlucky soldiers get nailed with
a mortar. Clear out any survivors, then run into the interior of the church. Go
through the doorway in the back and into the alley beyond, fighting soldiers the
whole way.

 You'll come out into another bombed out area with a lot of guards. Some of them
will be shooting down at you from the rooftops, so don't overlook them. Once the
area is secure, jump onto the pile of twisted metal leading up to the small
and go through the doorway.

You'll come out into another bombed out area with a lot of guards. Some of them
will be shooting down at you from the rooftops, so don't overlook them. Once the
area is secure, jump onto the pile of twisted metal leading up to the small
and go through the doorway.

Follow the alleyways around to the left and get ready for a massive firefight.
You'll get rushed by several soldiers while their companions shoot at you from
behind a sandbag wall, so now might be a good time to use one of your flash
bombs. After the area is clear, run up the ramp past the sandbags. Go through
archway on your right and follow the hallways through some more guards.

 Be ready for another tricky fight as you go back into a building and come to a
room where two soldiers will be firing at you from inside a bunker. Two more
come in and attack you from behind, so be ready for them as well. Once the area
is clear, go through the doorway to the right of the bunker. Just don't forget
grab some supplies in the form of a medkit hidden inside one of the wooden

After going through the door, you'll come to an outside area with a couple of
staircases. Run up the stairs to the left and go through the door. Follow the
hallway and fight your way up a ladder and some more stairs until you come to
another door. Go through.

You'll come out into an outdoor area with a tarmac. Get ready for another big
fight, as you will be ambushed by several guards, three of whom will be shooting
at you from windows in the adjacent building. Clear them all out.

 If you do this in time, you'll get to see a tank completely maul a couple of
soldiers just after it tears a giant hunk out of the bridge upon which you're
standing. After the tank is gone, creep over to the breach in the fence it
created and jump down onto the orange drainage pipe jutting out of the wall.
on the pipe, crouch down and climb through it.

Go along the tube until you come to a ladder. Climb up and you'll find yourself
in the interior of a building. Shoot out the crates on your left to score some
grenades, then pick up any armor in the area. Fight your way down the hallway on
your right, and watch out for the very fast dog that will come after your

 You'll come out into an outdoor area with an overturned truck. Clear out the
soldiers in the area and jump up onto the rubble on the left. Once on the other
side of the door, take out the sniper from the tower, then drop down into the
courtyard below and clear it of soldiers.

 Climb up through the breach in the wall to a small area with a door on the
and some rubble on the left. Open the door to get a medkit and some ammo, then
climb up over the truck buried under rubble on your left. Shoot out the small
window in the area above and drop down through it.

You will now be in the area with the big gun. Simply eliminate any opposition in
the area and John will set a charge on the gun to take it out of commission.
You'll see a short cut-scene and move on to the next mission.

Level 6: Kosovo

 Grab the ammo, night vision goggles, and armor from the crates on your right,
then climb up into the air shaft by scaling the boxes ahead of you. Creep
the misty tunnels until you come to a ladder. Go up it.

 In the next area, the less noise you make, the better. If you have a sniper
rifle, use it to take out the guard by aiming between the crates. If you can
him from sounding the alarm, you'll have fewer soldiers to fight off. And
whatever you do, don't use the switch on the wall in the guard shack of you'll
just do his job for him.

 Go into the building to the left of the guard shack, trying again not to be
spotted by any guards. Snipe at them if you can, and try not to let them sound
any alarms. There will be one up in a tower to your right, so be careful and
snipe him right away. You can try to get the medkit from the crates in the
of the room by climbing up to the towers and jumping off the railing.

 Once the area is safe, go through the small door (not the large door) under the
right-hand sniper tower. you will now be in the hangar area, and there will be
many guards about. Snipe as many as you can from behind the crates and fight off
the rest. Once the area is secure, go through the double doors on the left-hand
wall. You won't be able to get into the hanger area yet.

Once you're inside the next area, Hawk's diversion will kick in, and it's one
heck of a show. Several parts of the level will be ripped up by explosions, and
you'll need to find your way to the security station so that you can unlock the
doors leading into the hanger. Grab all the ammo, armor, grenades, and the
healthpack from the area, then go through the door underneath the ladder on the
left. Access the security system by pressing the giant button on the panel.

 Once you've done this, go back out to the main hangar area and go through the
double doors on the wall opposite you. Clear the area, then grab the first aid
kit from the wall if you need it. There's also some ammo and armror lying about
Once done, go down the short flight of stairs and hallway just past the ruptured
furnace and follow it to the helipad room. If the helipad room is locked, you
didn't unlock it from the guard station out near the main hangar area.

 Once in the helipad area, clear it out and grab the nearby C4 and medkit. Go
into the control room on the right and activate the button on the panel. This
will activate some machinery and move a large crate. Behind where the crate was
is now a grate. Shoot it out and enter the crawlspace beyond.

Climb up through the grate and you'll be on the other side of a locked door.
Don't press the button on the wall unless you feel like fighting a few more
soldiers. Instead, follow the hallway out to another large room with a short
stairway and a lot of soldiers.. Clear it out, then grab all the grenades and C4
you can find. Go through the passageway on the left and hear from Hawk about a
surprise brewing.

Go through the nearby double doors and you'll be in another large outdoor
courtyard. As promised, the truck explodes, startling the guards. Make use of
their surprise by gunning them down. The only unlocked door in the area is on
right, so go through it and follow the hallway. Watch out for snipers from

 At the end of the hallway you'll find a large room witha staircase in the
and computer controls along the parameter . Go up the stairs and through the
on the far side of the catwalk above. Once you clear out the room beyond, you'll
get a short cut-scene where Hawk and John open the main hangar doors.
Unfortunately, this sets off all kinds of alarms, which means you'll have more
target practice on the way back to the main hangar.

Clear out the room (there's a medkit, a grenade, and a flash bomb), but watch
your back for newly arrived guards. Start heading back to the main hangar area.
The room with the staircase in the middle will get ripped up a little in a
firefight, but don't let that stop you. Once you get back to the main hangar,
open the door and throw down a flash pack. Once it goes off, storm the hangar
wipe out all the guards. Once you've done so, the level will end and you and
will blow the stolen Stealth Bomber.

Level 7: Siberia


Gain entrance to the defensive perimeter.
Find and destroy NEST EGG.
Neutralize any terrorist threats.

 As you begin this level, turn around the bend, duck, and zoom in. You’ll
immediately see two Siberian guards--one on the ground and one in the tower
above. Once have exterminated these bad boys, proceed forward with caution. To
your immediate left another guard walking the stairs will begin to unleash his
ammunition upon you. Blast him, climb into the tower for more ammo, and then
climb the stairs for more fraggin’.

 Proceed with caution as instantly two more angry guards and a turret will begin
to unload upon you. Exterminate the guards, blow up the turret, and steal the
ammo housed inside the turrets quarters.

Proceed down the snowcap and shoot the three remaining enemies before you enter
the stronghold. A lone turret housed above might give you some trouble. Blast it
if you can, or run past it.

Be careful as three more enemies as well as a well-armed tank await here. Duck,
cover, and snipe. If you the tank is giving you troubles, run around it, a hold
up behind it for a while. The guns will try to position themselves to waste you,
thus giving you time to run away as they must again reposition before they have
good shot at you. Once you are ready to go, to your left you will a pump cover,
but that is of no use to you yet. Avoid it and keep on.

 Carefully, continue traveling right. Quickly you will spy four more winter-
clothed meanies. Exterminate them, grab their weapons, and move on. Be wary of
the guard clandestinely hidden behind the mountain to your left.

In front of the tank there are two strategically placed turrets, and four guards
that will try to block your entrance into the tunnel.

Proceed, guns-a-blazin’, and exterminate the guards that block your way,
the door and unleash your load upon the four guards hiding in here.

You can reactive the door to your left, or continue onward by activating the
directly positioned to your left between the second tank and the wall. There are
two guards inside here, blast them and continue upstairs.

 Once in this area, there are two ways to proceed. I suggest clearing the stairs
first. It’ll make your run to the pump much easier. Climb the set of ladders,
once you come upon the hatch, open it, but be wary of the two guards waiting

When you are through with them, climb the next set of ladders, open that hatch
and cap the two guards inside.

Walk up the last set of stairs on either side of you, and terminate the two

Be careful to exit ASAP or the big-ass turrets you see in front of you will
to fire.

Don’t activate the button behind you the ladders from which you just came. First
climb back down the two sets of ladders and activate the door positioned behind
the wealth of boxes marked with a “2.”

 Once here, open the door, kill the guard, and refresh your health with the
machine located on the wall. Next to that, there is a switch that will open the
pump and begin a countdown of 45 seconds. If you screw-up the door will close
you can repeat the step until you are successful.

Here’s where the fun begins.

Activate the switch, then climb back up the ladders until you reach that blue
button I mentioned not to touch earlier.

Flicking this switch will open the door behind you and allow you a quick route
the pump. You should recall that you cleared this area before. But alas, a new
guard has appeared and the tank will inflict some killer damage upon you if you
are not ready. Kill the guard, and wait until the tank guns turn toward you.
will give you enough time to run to the pump as the tank guns reposition

Once in inside the pump, a crack will appear that two guards will quickly shoot
through. Blast them, crawl out of the pump and kill the three guards that
for you.

Once these guys are dead, you can climb the ladder to your left, but be careful,
as the two badass turrets will try to zoom in on you. Also, there is a guard in
the room, and no real reason to climb, but if you are in need of some armor,
health, and ammo, go for it. A steady hail of bullets will blow-up the turret,
then you can climb down the large ladder under you, and proceed downward to pick
up another medkit.

   Continue to run forward slowly as a band of seven armed guards are awaiting
your arrival. Once this is accomplished you will find yourself stuck between a
deep gulf and three foes aiming for you. Zoom in, kill them, and jump through
broken pipe below to your left. A little plastic will help you pummel into the
pipe if you are having trouble getting through.

Once you’re through this piece of the pipe, you will enter a secure room with a
door at the top.

Open it, wax the guards above and below. Behind one of the tanks to your left
rests another piece of broken pipe through which will bring you to Siberia level

Level 8: Siberia


Gain entrance to the chemical weapons facility.
Find and destroy NEST EGG.
Neutralize any terrorist threats.

 When you first drop in here from Siberia level one, you’ll recognize the
familiar pipe, and view a short cut-scene notifying you that the enemy has
detected your presence.

After the scene, climb the ladder, arm yourself, and take care of the three
guards that are in front of the tank.

Once you pass through gigantic open doors here, you will hear an alarm sound.
Pick-up the miscellaneous ammo and armor scattered around the boxes in the left
corner, then proceed to unlock the only remaining visible door. A few guards are
waiting to blast on you as soon as you open it, so be prepared.

 As soon as you cap these fellows, jump down to the room below and collect the
miscellaneous equipment. There is a man here working on the machinery—Do with
what you will.

Climb back up the ladder and continue onward by activating the other door.
Quickly another guard, a turret, and a bevy of three more meanies will unload on
you. You know what to do! When you’re done with them, open the door and throw
down on the band of enemies waiting.

Open the next door and you’ll see a helicopter waiting for takeoff. Eventually
will blow-up and unlock the gates to your right.

 Go through the gates and cap the four guards that are in the control room.

 Use the computer to activate the ground doors and walk below. Careful, there is
a turret waiting here and a few guards. Kill them, jump down into the control
room for some armor, and climb back up.

On one side of the floor you will notice a grate spewing a hazy redish light.
your gun to shot it open and jump in.

You’ll find yourself behind a control panel with on a path that will eventually
lead downward. Follow it, and waste the few guards that will impose on your

Continue on your way by climbing up the ladder when it presents itself. Look
carefully to the wall when you complete your ascent. There is a med-kit on the
wall. Use it.

From here you will find yourself maneuvering through a maze of snowy catacombs
and comes across an army of about eight guards. Have at ‘em.

Being that the catacombs split in this area, you might get lost. If so,
eventually you should cross a small bridge and come to a door. It will blow up
and behind it a guard will begin to fire at you and a few others will appear as
you resume your movements.

This will lead you over a massive catwalk where a few guards from below, as well
as a few on the walk itself will begin to fire at you.

 Once you get the walks end, jump down and open the doors until you arrive at
familiar setting you just passed through above on the catwalk. A few hidden
guards will be here looking for some action. Get to them first, open and walk
through the other set of doors.

You will happen upon another worker frantically trying to power-up the blown-out
generators. Help him out. Turn them on, one to your right and left, and watch
small cut-scene. Be sure to look for the med-kit on the wall to your right

 Continue onward through more of the catacombs. A slew of defenders will want a
piece of you. Exterminate them and watch as a tank barrels through the wall and
begins to unload some heavy fire upon you.

Continue onward through more of the catacombs. A slew of defenders will want a
piece of you. Exterminate them and watch as a tank barrels through the wall and
begins to unload some heavy fire upon you.

 Flick the switch to activate the heavy doors and continue onward. This will
you back to the familiar catacomb surroundings you crossed before. This time,
traverse the opposite way by making a quick right. Again, you’ll recognize the
surroundings, but this time the catacombs will seem much brighter. Use this a
clue to make certain you are going in the right direction.

There will be three remaining bad guys you have to work over and with that,
you’ll see a short cut-scene and be propelled into Siberia level three.

Level 9: Siberia


Find and destroy NEST EGG.
Neutralize any terrorist threats.

 This level begins with you dropping in and exterminating two guards via a short
cut-scene. Collect their goodies and move out.

Next, arm yourself and activate the door down the short hallway. An army of
guards awaits you in this control room so be ready!

When you finish off the guards, climb into the control booth and activate the
switch situated between the two computers. This will open the gigantic door in
front of you and in will come another force of about four armed men. Blast them,
collect their stuff, and move forward on through the doors.

The road will fork here offering you two paths. I suggest going all the way to
the hallway’s end first.

There will be two guards hiding to your immediate left before you hit the end.
Kill them, open the door, and waste the other guards waiting inside.

Turn left and open the next door. There are a few men waiting here and a med-kit
on the wall. Use it, and proceed through the next door.

 To your left you will soon notice a big door that cannot be opened without a
passcode, so swing back and go forward through the other one. Cap the guard
inside and look down through the window to get a glimpse of the white-coats
before you wax them.

 Flip the switch to the left of the glass and watch the coats suffocate as they
inhale some sort of toxic gas.

 Continue back through the doorway from whence you came, make a quick right as
now the other past is sealed, and you will find yourself on an overpass locked
between two doors. After the explosion shot the through the glass and jump down.

Once down here you’ll see a guard continually knocking on the door. Forget him,
go to the other and move on.

Make a quick right and shoot the guy guarding the computer. Activate the door
finish off the men in this room. To your left there will notice a technician.
There is nothing in this room so you can pass on him if you like, but there is a
med-kit inside in case you need some healing.

Activate the only other operational door and jump down the elevator shaft. Watch
for the hurt guard inside.

 Crawl through the broken doors and be ready for a severe onslaught. Clear the
room and scour around a bit. You will come across a stack of boxes that are
hiding a few goodies, and if you look up you can see a small crawlspace through
the ventilator shafts. Going in them is useless for now; they will lead you

 Continue on until you reach the broken bridge surrounded by fire and flame. You
can’t miss it. Watch the guy fall to his doom, turn around and activate the
handle. You will hear a loud explosion.

 Now go back up through the ventilation shaft and a clear path will be mark for
you to safely traverse over the fiery bridge. When you reach the vent’s end, you
will fall through the floor and witness a small battle. Waste the remaining guys
and wait for the doctor to open the door for you.

Go left, blast the enemies in here and make another left into the elevator, as
the door to your right cannot be opened without a passcode.

The elevator will take you down. Follow the path through the long tunnel capping
the guys as you pass.

 From here you enter the reactor room and a one-minute countdown to destruction
will commence.

 Run to the opposite side of the missile and hop on the platform that will take
you up. There are two sets of doors here. Go to the set located to your right
that looks like it is made of wood paneling, cap the guards inside and flick the
missile switch off.

 Now run to the other set, enter the elevator and flip the switch. When you exit
there will be a hoard of six guards waiting to foil your plan. Take care of them
and watch the pretty cut-scene that details the bombs destruction.

Level 10: Iraq

The final warhead, codenameed LIGHTFOOT, is in the clutches of General Amu, who
plans to use it to strike at UN Headquarters in New York. That's less than good,
so you and Hawk will need to eliminate any resistance and destroy the warhead.
First things first, though: you'll have to redevouz with Hawk in a prepared
safehouse, where you can get a disguise to get into Amu's compound.

 Walk forward from where you start the level and into the marketplace. There
be a heavily armored guy to the left with a rocket launcher, so you may want to
take him out with a headshot using the sniper rifle before he notices you. Then
be prepared to fight off several more soldiers who come into the area. Once the
marketplace is clear (don't shoot the civilians), go through the archway behind
the truck.

Follow the hallways, fighting soldiers until you come to the interior of a
building with a small circular room on your left and two small windows in front
of you. Take out the snipers on the rooftops adjacent to the windows (watch it
they throw grenades) and grab the grenades from the nearby crate. Climb out the
window into the courtyard beyond and snag the amo from the box nearby.

 You'll have to clear out a lot of soldiers here, so use those grenades or a
flashbang if you have on. Once the couryard is littered with the bodies of your
foes, Walk to the back and climb up the ladder opposite the large double doors.
Walk across the rooftop to to slightly higher ledge overlooking a circular hole
in the ceiling blocked by boards. Jump up to the ledge on your left and climb
through the window.

 Once inside, hop up on the table near the window and climb out onto the rooftop
outside. Drop down through the hole in the floor and clear out the next room of
soldiers. Exit the building (only one exit is unblocked) and clear the outside
area of soldiers. This is another good spot to use a flashbang so the rocket
launcher guy doesn't smear you all over the wall.

Once the courtyard is clear, go through the nearest door. This is the entrance
the safehouse where you hook up with Hawk. He'll give you a disguise to wear.
This will get you past a lot of guards without a fight so long as you don't draw
your weapons or stand around near other people for too long.

 Once the cutscene is done, grab the C4 and Medkit from the table and exit the
building through the double doors. Climb up the ladder just outside the door to
access the rooftops. From there, jump to the wooden balcony next to the
and go inside the second story of the building. Follow the hallways down tho the
first story and out the front door. Don't attack any guards you see at this
or you'll blow your cover. Once outside, wait for some soldiers to come through
the large double doors on the right and then slip through. Follow the hallway to
another set of double doors. Open them and go outside.

 Once you get outside a suspicious guard will ask to see your identification.
Introduce yourself as "Mr. Bleeding Belly Wound", since your disguise is
worthless now. Run to your left (opposite the guard who confronted you) and
out the crates on your lower right. This will reveal a crawl space you'll need
crouch and slip into quickly. The door in front of you will open and a soldier
and rocket launcher will open fire at you, so be fast or stop to take them out.

 Once inside, you'll find a room with a wooden staircase in the middle. There's
nothing up there, so go through the archway opposite the way you came in and
follow it to a small room jammed with crates. Blast the wooden crate up on your
right to reveal a window. Climb up and crawl through. Clear out the courtyard
(another good time for a grenade or flashbang), then go through the large
opposite the building you just came out of.

 This will lead you to an indoor market where several soldiers will tip over
tables and try to gun you down. A couple of well placed rockets or grenades will
teach them better, though, so I'd recommend doing that rather than getting shot.
Once the market is clear (don't kill the poor civilians!), exit through the
archway opposite the entrance.

The next area is kind of difficult as well, as there are soldiers with machine
guns partially protected by a low wall on the ground, with snipers on the
overhead. Take the ground soldiers out with grenades or good old fashioned
gunfire, then snipe at the ones on the leges overhead. Then run to the left of
the building straight ahead and go through a small door. Once inside, follow the
hallways and take the ladder up to the second floor.

You will now be on the catwalks over the outside area you were just in. Clear
new soldiers out (where'd they come from, anyway?), then walk along the ledge to
the left and run through the unlocked doorway you'll find there. Better be
though, because another rocket launcher will enter the courtyard below and open
fire on you. With your back against the wall, you're in trouble from splash
damage if you don't get out of there fast.

Once inside, go through the unlocked door and you'll see a short cutscene where
Hawk makes a getaway on the back of a truck. After the cutscene, clear the area
of soldiers and dogs (grenades from your higher vantage work well), then jump
down. Grab the armor from beneath the ledge, then run into the guard shack on
right and activate the controls on the wall. This will open the gate outside,
which you should then go through after grabbing the c4 and Medkit in the guard
shack. This will end the level.

Level 11: Iraq

Reunited with Hawk, you're hot on the tail of LIGHTFOOT, which has just been
taken inside a nearby building. Time to lock, load, and blow up a nuke.

 The gate Hawk ran through is locked, so go through the double doors on the
and grab the armor just inside. You'll soon come to a large grated elevator with
a button on the left-hand wall. Clear out the soldier firing on you from below,
then activate the elevator by pressing the button. Hawk will radio in, telling
you that the red door below you is locked, but you can fix that by destroying
controls in a nearby room. Time to go find them.

Exit the room the only way you can and follow the hallway. When you come to a
small room with pipes on the left, go through the hallway on the right (just
to the one you're coming out of) and follow it to the control room. Clear it out
of soldiers, then blast the controls. Hawk radios that he has to go ahead and
pursue the truck without you, so get moving!

The red door beneath the huge elevator you rode down is now open it, so go back
to the elevator room and climb down the ladder to access it. The next room is
clear of guards, so a flashbang works really well, or a few grenades if you
have it. Once it's clear, go up the nearby stairs opposite the ventillation
(don't go in the shaft, since it only leads back to the control room area).

 Follow the hallways until you come to a room with a grated floor overl a
forklift. Clear out any soldiers, then grab the ammo and armor from the nearby
crates. Go down the stairs and through the archway opposite the forklift. The
next room contains two ladders leading up into tubes. Take the one on the left
and climb it all the way to the top.

 You'll now be in an outside area and in for another tough fight. Clear out the
soldiers, then follow the slope upwards to a breach in the wall on your left.
This is a tricky spot, since there are snipers and a rocket launcher up in the
tower, and machine gunners in the trenches below. Use a combination of sniper
rifles and grenades to uproot the enemy, then proceed up to the tower.

Climb up to the tower and crank the wheel you find there. Keep the use key
pressed down until the wheel stops turning. then run through the open gate
opposite you. If you pause, the gate will fall shut and you'll have to turn the
wheel again. You'll have to fight a bunch of more soldiers on the other side, so
be ready.

 Once they're down, climb up the slope to its summit and go through the opening
on the left. Take the short hallway until it's blocked by a truck. Wait a
and the truck will pull forward. Be ready, however, for several soldiers who
out to block your progress. Gun them down, then run up the slope, stopping to
shoot out the attacker from the low wall on the left and collet his armor and

Once they're down, climb up the slope to its summit and go through the opening
the left. Take the short hallway until it's blocked by a truck. Wait a moment,
and the truck will pull forward. Be ready, however, for several soldiers who
out to block your progress. Gun them down, then run up the slope, stopping to
shoot out the attacker from the low wall on the left and collet his armor and

 Once you're done there, go through the room's only other exit and find two
circular shafts. Drop down through the one on the left and work your way down to
the bottom. Follow the hallway until you come to a great air shaft with a bridge
down below. Hawk is also down below, and he'll tell you to try to shoot out the
controls on the other side of the shaft so the bridge will raise. When that
doesn't work, Hawk will do it himself and raise the bridge up. Run across and
down the soldiers who come out to greet you.

Follow the hallway until you come to another control shack. Use the button on
wall and grab the nearby first aid pack if you need it. This will lower the
bridge Hawk just raised, as well as activating the ventillation system (much to
the misfortune of a mechanic who happened to be stading in the wrong place at
wrong time). Drop down off the catwalk to the floor below and go through the
remaining exit.

 This will take you to the newly lowered bridge. Cross it and follow the halls
until you come to a small room with a locked door and a ventillation shaft. You
must be right behind Hawk. Climb through the shaft and follow it (keep going
straight at the point where it forks to the right).

 You'll come out on a grated catwalk with a giant fan on your left. If you try
walk past the fan, you'll get sucked in and minced up. Instead, jump to the
side of the catwalk and go through the archway on the other side. Keep following
the catwalks and the ventillation shafts until you're reunited with Hawk and the
level ends.

Level 12: Iraq

You've finally caught up with the last nuke, and now it's time to take
of it. This level is a bit shorter, but has a lot more action. Be ready for some
intense firefights.

 You start off in a small room. Grab all the equipment you can find, then go out
through the door. Quickly run to your right and go behind the building. Run
through the narrow alley to the other side of the structure and you'll find
yourself behind several soldiers. You can probably throw down a C4 to take
several out, or you can snipe at them before they can react. This is much better
than taking them head on.

Once clear, run into the structure on the other side of the truck. Go through
doorway on the left into another alley outside. Clear the soldier out, then
the tank rush past. Run out onto the tarmack and head for the stairs straight
ahead, fighting soldiers as you go. Run down the stairs and activate the button
to open the blast doors at the end of the tunnel.

 Once on the other side, clear out any opposition and climb down the stacks of
crates on your left to the floor below. Grab the armor and the medkit behind the
crates. Take teh ladder on your right and activate the button. Immediately jump
onto the moving platform behind you and ride it down the hall. Get off when it
stops and climb the ladder to your right, watching out for the soldier above.

 At the top, clear out the soldiers in the receiving area, then go into the
control booth on the right and go through the other small door inside. Follow
hallways until you come to a room with a huge engine suspended from the ceiling
by chains. Clear out any soldiers, then shoot out the lock on the nearby control
booth. Enter the booth and use the controls on the wall TWICE to send the engine
crashing through the nearby gate.

 Go through the door in the next area and you'll find yourself in an outside
where you'll have to fight off a tank and a rocket launcher at the same time.
Take out the rocket launcher (and the tank if you wish), then run past the patch
of flame to exit the area. Clear out the soldiers, then follow the alley to the
airfield with a cargo plane getting ready to take off.

Hawk is on board the plane trying to defuse the bomb. Your job is to hold off
waves of soldiers until Hawk can take care of the bomb and start the plane's
engines. Dont' spare any explosives here --use the last of your C4's, grenades,
flashbombs, and rockets to take out the hoardes of soldiers that come after you.
If any get inside the plane, it's all over.

If you manage to hold them off for long enough, Hawk gets the plane running and
you're off to safety.

Level 13: Soon to come

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