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Читы для Soldier of Fortune

Чит-файл для Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Raven Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 марта 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Kingpin: Life of Crime, SiN
Multiplayer:(32) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Level 1: New York
This is the first level you will play in Soldier of Fortune (and its demo).  It
is fairly linear, so there's not much to it.  However, there are a few places of
note, which I will mention whenever you run across them.

When you first enter the subway, you will be presented with a flight of stairs
going down.  Take them, and kill anyone who shoots back at you. Be careful of
hostages on this level, however.  If you kill too many of  them, you will be

Continue down until you run into a cop shooting at a guy behind a tipped over
soda machine.  Take the Kevlar vest from the cop, and kill the baddies.  Beware
of the door that will swing open across from the vending machine, if you don't
see it, a gangster in hiding could end your life.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a fork in the road, where you will encounter a
hostage situation.  Take out the baddie, and continue on your way. I always take
the right hallway, because there are more goodies down it, but both ways will
lead to the same area.

When you go right, enter the control room. Inside the room you will find a box
shotgun shells, two grenades, and a pack of C4. Be sure to take them, they'll
come in handy.  Be aware that the door will close behind you, and you'll be
ambushed as you try to leave the room.  Taking these thugs out shouldn't be that

Go down the hallway a little further, then hang another right turn.  You'll find
yourself in the subway's bathroom area.  There's nothing but gangsters in the
men's bathroom, but there is some Kevlar waiting for you in the women's
if you're ready to fight for it.

As you leave the bathroom area, continue left, down a series of hallways. 
eventually run into a ticket booth that you'll need to get inside of.  One of
gangsters will run to open a door elsewhere, we'll worry about him in a moment.
But first, take out these other two baddies. Now, hang a right down the side
hallway. The gangster who ran off should have opened a door up.  Take him out
enter, it'll get you inside the ticket booth.  On the off chance you killed him
before he got to the door, just go back to the front of the ticket booth, jump
onto the window, and duck to crawl inside.

Inside the ticket booth, you will be greeted by a radio message from Hawk.
You'll need to find a lever on the wall; pull it, as it will open a door to the
rest of the level.  There is also some ammo to be found in the booth, as well as
an emergency health kit. Exit out of the booth through the side door.  If you
take a left, you can save some hostages, and take out a few baddies. Continuing
down that hall will just take you back to the control room and the start of the
level though, so hang a 180 and head back to the ticket booth.

Head through the door you saw opened by the lever you pulled in the ticket
booth.  You'll follow this hallway down a few flights of stairs and a few turns.
Be aware that on the third flight down, a door on the left wall will be kicked
open in your face. This shotgun-wielding baddie could cause you some real pain.
The best way to take him out is to just throw in a grenade and pull back, or go
at him with your shotgun.

Continue until you reach an actual opening to the subway tracks. Be sure to grab
the light amplification goggles, as you may need them to aid your vision in the
thick orange fog.

Jump down onto the tracks, and take out the baddie at the dead-end to the right,
then head left.  Be sure that once you go past the burning barrel and take care
of the other gangster, you pull into the first hole in the wall you find.
to do so will leave you as a little splat on the rails after a subway car

Continue to the end of tracks, and take the hallway to your right.  Aid the
police officer in taking out the baddies, and be sure to pick up his Kevlar
he dies. Jump up onto the platform, and head on up the stairs.  When you get all
the way up, don't shoot the bald guy!  That's your partner, Hawk.  Taking him
is just a quick way to end your game.  Jump onto the subway car, and follow

As the subway car you jumped onto pulls out of the station, turn your light-amp
goggles on, they will soon come in handy. A few seconds out of the station,
another subway car will pull up along side yours, with multiple gangsters on
top.  Take them out as quickly as possible, and get ready to jump off of the
subway train and fight some more once it stops.  Be sure not to run off the
of your train while you are moving or you'll end up flat as a pancake.

Jump off of the subway train after it comes to a stop, then run forward, killing
all the bad guys you can find. Quickly turn back around and head towards the
subway car you jumped off of, there will be another group of thugs to take down.
After you kill them, Hawk will come running after you, and fill you in on the
current situation.

Congratulations, you've just beaten the first level!  But your mission isn't

Level 2: Uganda

The key to this level is simple, just try to survive.  As you start the level,
turn around and climb up the ladder onto the top of the box car.  Running off of
the back of the train is not a good idea, in case you weren't aware.

Climb onto the top of the first car, and run across it. The next car ahead will
have a netted top, kill the soldier and either jump onto the net, or go down and
run across, and climb up onto the next car.  Keep going until you reach a
of boxes.

You can either shoot the upper-right hand box until it blows up, or wait for the
helicopter to come and blow the boxes up.  As it strafes the car with its
gun, it will blow apart the boxes.  Quickly climb over them and run.  The
helicopter will be on your tail for the rest of the level, so you better move

Climb over the coal car, and through the covered flatbed car with the hay at the
end. On the next car down you'll see another wall of boxes. Aim at the round
canister on the left side of the box pile, and shoot it.  It will blow up,
many of the boxes with it.  Now you can jump out and climb right over.

Here you will also find a sniper rifle dropped by an enemy.  Pick it up and wait
for the chopper to come back around your way.  Zoom in and aim for the pilot to
get the helicopter fire off of your back for the rest of the level.

Get up onto the next car, and run across it. You'll run into one more covered
wooden flatbed, which you can either jump down inside of, or run across the top
to save some time.  The next car is the last box car before the engine, which
also contains the nuke.  Get down onto the left side of the box car, and open
door.  Gun down the guards inside, and shoot the lock off of the door.  Step
inside and you're home free.  Sit back, and enjoy the fireworks.

If you're just playing the demo version of Soldier of Fortune, it's at this
where your adventure ends.  Be sure to go pick up a copy of the game at your
local retailer!

Level 3: Armory

This isn't even a 'level', but its been included so that the storyline will make
sense.  It's a very simple level with no enemies.  You go into the bookstore and
talk to Sam.  He'll take you to a back room, where Hawk awaits.  You're told
what's going on in your next mission. A violent Serb terrorist group in Kosovo
has possession of one of the nuclear warheads, this one codenamed Queen Bee, and
you've been hired to destroy it.

Once Hawk has finished giving you the lowdown, go over to the computer terminal
and use it.  You'll get a mission briefing, which goes over what Hawk already
told you, but in more detail.  After that, you'll get a screen where you can buy
different equipment.  It's up to you what you choose, but a Sniper Rifle,
Shotgun, and .44 Handgun would be a good investment in this level. Grenades,
armor, and C4 plastique are of course a necessity.

Level 4: Kosovo

You'll start off this level in a tunnel with whatever supplies you decide to
bring with you.  Right off the bat you'll run into several bad guys with machine
guns and .44's.  Take them out with the sniper rifle or toss a grenade in to
clear some out, then charge in with the shotgun.

You'll eventually come across this area.  You'll see some enemies that you can
take out with the shotgun and grenades.  Using the sniper rifle a bit in this
area may be a good idea as well.  You've probably picked up the machine gun by
now, but don't use it too much. It eats the same ammo as your sniper rifle,
you'll need soon.

Wine your way through some more tunnels and up a ladder.  You'll see Hawk across
the sewer giving you some instructions. Pick up the armor that's lying on the
crate, then turn the wheel to build up pressure. Hawk will set a piece of C4
explosive, and then the gameplay will cut away to a movie of the water breaking
down some fairly important walls.

You'll need to go back to near the beginning and go through the newly formed
tunnel.  You'll wind your way around and see some Serbs driving away with a
and some other explosions happening.  Kill the few guys that stay in the area,
then climb up the large ladder.  You'll find a wheel to turn that will blow up
some pipes.  Go back down the ladder and around the corner.  Back up another
ladder and now you'll see the fallen pipes make a nice little ramp to walk on,
right to the next part of the level.

The next major area you'll come across is the one pictured below.  You'll find
least four guys waiting to take you out.  This area's easily won by using your
sniper rifle and leaning out from behind the walls, just enough to get four
in the head.  Once you run up there, two more guys will pop out, but are easily
disposed of with the shotgun.

Next, you'll find yourself in a situation where a pipe has fallen in your way.
Easy solution.  You'll find a tunnel that leads back to a ladder.  Climb up this
ladder and you'll see steam spraying out of a crack.  Shoot the crack with any
weapon the the pipe will open up.  Drop in and you'll find yourself able to jump
over the fallen pipe that had once blocked your path.

Now you'll find yourself in a tunnel with small windows/grates which allow you
view the area above. Use these openings to snipe everybody you can see.  Climb
the ladder at the end and kill the remaining opponents.  A movie sequence will
take over letting you know that you have now completed the first part of this
hunt for Queen Bee.

Level 5: Kosovo

Well, you're well on your way to finding the Queen Bee when all of a sudden you
learn that they've already got it onboard a bomber at an undisclosed location.
Hawk goes to scout out the bomber while you go to take out a major artillery gun
located in the center of the city.  This is where you pickup control again.

You'll start out in a tunnel that leads to a large open area with a crate.
Inside the crate are night vision goggles, which come in handy, but aren't of
major concern for this level.  It's dark in places, but nothing too major.

This level's very straightforward for the most part.  Just run through the doors
and shoot everybody you see.  There are a few places that need some maneuvers
clean sniping to get through with minimal damage.  You'll fight your way through
several paths and kill several bad guys, mostly straight through until you get
this area where you'll find two snipers waiting in a building above you.  Just
use your sniper rifle and lean out and pick them off one at a time.

Eventually you'll come across a lone sniper waiting to hit you as soon as you
walk through a door.  If you're not careful, he'll be very successful.  What you
want to do is open the door and walk out quickly. this will allow him to get one
quick shot in with you.  But that's his only accurate shot.  Now go back in the
door and get out your sniper rifle. Lean out the door and zoom all the way in on
him.  You'll find him sitting there waiting contently for you to put a bullet in
his head.

Now you'll jump across and find a door.  Go in, kill hordes of bad guys, and run
up the stairs until you reach the top.  You'll then be attacked by several guys
and some snipers.  Kill off all of these people and run across the bridge.  Once
you reach a certain point the bridge will blow up and several guys will start
shooting at you from across the way.  Don't worry about them, another explosion
will kill them in a few seconds.  You now have to jump into a pipe that is left
sticking out of the building.  This jump can be hard to make the first time, but
keep trying and you'll make it.

Fight your way around some more and you'll see a cool explosion where the truck
flies up into the air and lands upside down.  Ah, the wonders of a great game

Once you find the gun and kill all the guys around it, it will cut to a movie of
you blowing everything up and making the dramatic jump at the last second.
You've now taken out the main artillery gun, it's time to go after the bomber.

Level 6: Kosovo

Now that you've taken out the main artillery gun, it's time to go after the
Bee and the bomber it's in.  The beginning of this level is pretty easy.  Just
run around and pickup ammo and run through the tunnels.  You'll eventually come
across an area with a closed hanger door and some guards sitting around.  Knock
them all off, and hit the switch in the guard hut to open the hanger door.
You'll then enter a room full of guys at ground level and shooting from above.
Take these guys out, then go through a door on the ground level.  Don't bother
trying to open the hanger door.

Now once you go through that door, you'll find another room full of guys ready
and waiting to take you down.  Do your best to get rid of them all and then run
around to the left side of the hanger.  There you will find a set of doors that
lead to a switch.  When you get up to that switch, the game will cut away to a
movie of Hawk blowing some stuff up and he'll tell you to hit the button. Hit
switch and look at the screen next to it, showing you the doors opening.  Head
back out the doors and to the area where the doors opened.

Once you're in the room pictured below, fight off all the soldiers and go into
the room on the other side.  There you will find a switch that moves a crate.
Behind that now-moved crate is a vent.  Shoot off the vent cover and head
it to the next area.  When you get to the next area you'll see yet another
switch, but behind you is a soldier shooting at you, so take him out first.

The switch will unlock the door to a room where Hawk will meet up with you. 
will then proceed to open the hanger door to the bomber, but will also set off
all the alarms across the entire base.  It's now your job to get back to the
hanger and and kill all the soldiers waiting inside.  Once inside it'll appear
that there's nothing there, but Hawk will soon come up with the bomber and
already have C4's setup around it ready to blow.  Congratulations, you've now
neutralized the Queen Bee.

Level 7: Siberia

This is one of the coolest levels in the game; it's got a cool fog effect and
it's pretty big.  I highly recommend taking the sniper rifle along with you on
this one, there are several opportunities when your enemy has one and he's a
distance off.  You can even take out the long range automatic cannons that are
far off, before they get a change to get you.

Fight and snipe your way through everything for a while until you come across an
area with a tank and several guards sitting around.   Here you can just snipe a
red gas tank and take out the guards.   Some of the tanks in this level will try
to waste you, and this is one of them.  You can run up behind it and stay close
to its body, and then the guns will not be able to shoot you in that position.
Don't bother trying to destroy the tank, it wont work, it's too heavily armed.
The important part about this area is the pipe with the hatch on top of it. 
will later open up and you will have a limited amount of time to get back to it,
so keep track of your position relative to it at all times.

After fighting through some more buildings and open areas, you'll find yourself
in front of this switch below.  Once you activate the switch you'll have 45
seconds to get back to that all-important hatch mentioned earlier.  There are
ways to get back to the hatch.  The best way is a bit risky if you're not
familiar with the areas you just traveled through and around.  You basically
climbing up ladders until you find a button that will open a door that is behind
that tank from earlier.  Obviously, you'll be right there next to the hatch now.
The other way is to retrace your steps all the way back.  This takes more time,
but if you don't hesitate it can be done.

Follow this drain through and you'll come out in an area with several soldiers
waiting on you.  It's no big deal though, just do your best to kill them,
no real secret to it.  Once you come to the area where you're being sniped from
across a valley, you'll want to get into the conveniently located bunker and
everybody out.  Then to get across, shoot a crack in a pipe that is on the left
side of the gap.  This will lead to into a fortified room.  Kill everybody and
head through this crack.  That's it, you've completed the first level of the
for Nest Egg, and you're onto part two.

Level 8: Siberia

This is a continuation of the last level that you just finished.  Climb up the
ladder and get ready to do battle with about three guys.  Once you've taken care
of them, head on through the door, and down the hallways.  You'll come to a room
with a few people in it trying to keep you from going down a set of stairs. 
you kill them, some doors will close over the top of them.  While you can open
the doors by pressing the button pictured below, there is never any need to go
down there.  Above the doors that closed is a folded ladder.  You can shoot the
piece of metal sticking out of them (shown below), and the ladder will unfold
you can climb up it.

Now you'll come across another room with a ledge that goes all the way around
it.  You'll enter on the upper level and there will be several enemies on the
lower level.  Once again, there's not need to use much effort here.  Go to the
right side and shoot out the grate there.  Fall into it and avoid all the guys
the other room.

Now, once you've fought your way through some more guards, you'll come to a
bridge and on the other side there is a set of locked doors.  Turns out that the
helicopter crash you saw earlier knocked out the generators.  Jump off the
and fight your way through some hallways and rooms until you reach one that has
two switches that will turn the generator back on.  You might overlook one of
switches, but they are located right across from each other.

Basically, now you have to get back to the beginning of the level again to get
back on top of the bridge, but you'll be met with minimal force the entire way,
and it's pretty easy to do.  Once back to the bridge, it will cut to a movie,
you'll have completed this level.

Level 9: Siberia

This level has lots of buttons to be pushed, levers to be pulled, and wheels to
be turned, so don't be surprised if you miss one or two and have to backtrack to
find them.  One of the first things you'll have to do is shoot out some windows
and jump through, then push this button to open a set of doors.

Along the path, you'll find yourself in a gas chamber.  Just shoot out the
of the room next to it and wait for the gas to clear.  You'll then come to
another room with a window that looks down onto some scientist and soldiers
standing in a room.  Hit the button pictured below and some explosions will go
off.  This will open a door that was previously locked.  The other side of the
door is a bridge.  You'll have to shoot out some of the glass and jump down to
the lower level.  You can then go through the next door and up an elevator.

After some more explosions go off, you'll find yourself at a bridge with a huge
gap.  No matter how many time you try, you'll never be able to jump the gap, so
turn around, and you'll see this wheel just waiting to be turned.  Do so and
more explosions will go off.  Backtrack a bit, and you'll find a pile of crates
leading up to a vent.  This vent (which was opened by the previous explosion)
will take you across to the other side of that impassable bridge.

Now you'll go up another elevator and through a doorway.  Once you're through
door and into the reactor room, a count will start.  You now have one minute to
find the switch and deactivate it.  Don't worry though, it can be done in about
10 seconds if you know where it's at.  As soon as you enter the room, run around
to the opposite side of the missile and take the elevator up.  Now run to the
right and the first door you come to will be unlocked.  Go in, kill the guards,
and hit the switch. Congratulations, you've stopped the countdown.  Now run back
and get onto the elevator, and flip the switch there. When you get off the
elevator, there will be a bunch of guards just waiting to get you.  Cap them
then watch as the cut scene plays, showing the destruction of the Nest Egg.

Level 10: Iraq

Go straight out the door and load up on supplies. Break out your sniper rifle or
shotgun and take out the guy with the rocket launcher at the far end of the left
side of the area.  Then kill everyone and go through the door behind the truck.
There are some guys to the left, shoot them and go the window.  Follow this
through to a set of large double doors.  Turn around and then walk forward
towards and climb up the ladder.  Once up there, jump onto the adjacent rooftop
and jump through the window on the left.

Once you reach what appears to be a dead end, jump onto the table and go through
the window and then down into the hole in the gazebo.  Exit this room and go
through the first door you see.  This is where you get your disguise.  Once you
are disguised, you will not be holding a weapon.  Keep your weapons holstered as
long as the enemy leaves you alone.  Now go back out the other door of the
building you entered for the disguise.  Climb up on the ladder outside the door
and jump onto the scaffold on the next building over.  Go to the left and
the far door.  Follow this path past some people until you see some guy run by.
Follow him.  Once he stops, turn right in that room to go back outside.  A large
set of doors will open near here, which a peasant comes through.  Go through
door and an enemy will soon ask you for ID, so pull out your .44 and show your
to him and all of his friends.

There are some wooden boxes off to the left; shoot them and go through the hole.
Follow around the stairs because they are pointless here.  Go around into the
other doorway and into the room full of boxes.  Shoot the wooden box beside the
window and climb up and out.  Once out there, go through a large odd shaped door
and proceed all the way to a room with a skylight.  Go to the hallway directly
across from where you came in.  Follow back outside and go left.  Go through the
small doorway and go up the ladder and through the door.  Now go around the
ledges and through another small door.  Keep going this way until you see Hawk
jump onto the top of a truck.  Jump off the roof, make sure to kill everyone,
then go through the door that just opened and hit the button.  This button will
open up the gate that leads to where Hawk went off to, go on through and then,
this part of the mission is over.

- Level 11: Iraq

Go down the hallway and on to the old elevator.  Press the button to go down,
once it reaches the floor below, go to the small hallway.  Take two immediate
rights and shoot the green screen.  Then go back out to where the pipes were on
your left and turn the wheel.  Now, go back out to the old elevator and go down
the ladder beside it.  Open the red door and throw a grenade or two in there. 
up the stairs to the left of the spinning lights, go around, and head

There are two big pipes above you; go up the one on the left.  Go back outside
over the bunker and into the sniper tower.  Turn the wheel until the door
opens all the way and then make a run for it.  Kill all of the guys outside and
take a left inside where there is a truck blocking the way.  The truck will move
away and then you'll have a few enemies to take care of.  Go around the truck
up the ramp to the door on your left.  Go through that door and find the button.
Press it and then get on the elevator on the left.  Once you get up there, go
around the truck and down into the hole in the ground.

Follow this path through the tunnel system until there is no bridge.  After Hawk
tells you to find something, let him try.  He'll figure it out and the bridge
will raise.  Next, go across and down two sets of stairs.  There is some health
and another button around the corner.  Hit the button, it turns on a fan which
will waste an unlucky soldier.  Now drop down and go through the hallways and
across the bridge.  There are three vents here, but they all lead to the same
place.  Get out, walk around beside the fan.  If you go too close to the fan,
will be sucked in, so try jumping across the water to the other side.  Proceed
into the boiler room where the next part of the mission begins.

Level 12: Iraq

Go out the door towards the truck and then enter the door on the left in the
garage.  Head out into the courtyard where there are a lot of enemies, and then
go down the ramp on the far left behind the fence.  It's a little hard to find
the ramp at first, but just run across the courtyard all the way and take a

Go through the large metal door and go down once you're on the elevator.  Down
here you'll find a small nook in the wall that has a ladder going up.  Go
straight forward until you get to the ladder below the crane.  Hit the button
here, then turn around and jump onto the crane that goes by.  Go up the ladder
and go to the right into the office.

Follow the hallways until you see something hanging from a chain.  Shoot the
off the door and go in the cage.  Hit the button twice, taking out the gate and
now go through the broken gate and to the left back outside.  A tank comes out
here that will shoot a hole for you to get through, follow this new path to the
airplane.  Board the plane and protect Hawk from the deluge of enemies while he
disarms the bomb.

- Level 13: Armory

Once again, you return to the Armory, to get stocked up for the next mission,
this one in New York.  Once you talk to Sam, follow him to the back room, and
your gear.  It's the same as last time, in Level 3.

Once you're ready, continue on to the next level, this time placed in New York
City, where you're going after the terrorist named Sabre.

Level 14: New York

You start out this level right behind a trailer to an eighteen wheeler.  Go
around the trailer, to the side, and jump on into it.  The door will slam shut,
then a bad guy will shoot through the roof and jump down inside with you.  Kill
him, then go out of the trailer, and head into the next room on the loading
dock.  Once in there, shoot the explosive barrels; that will take care of one
at least. Find the box that is laying diagonally on the shelves, ten shoot it
jump through.  Now get up on the box to your right and make your way up to the

Walk across the beams up top, drop down, and go through the door on the left. 
around the trailer and shoot the explosive barrels to knock down the telephone
pole; this will give you access over the gate.  Next, make your way through the
alleys, and when you see a ladder to your left, climb it and shoot the boom box
to shut off the annoying music.  Drop down and continue on until you see a big
crane off to the left.  From here, go straight and through the door about one
hundred yards away.  You should probably lob a grenade in there to kill as many
as possible before actually entering, but once you get in there, the only way to
go is straight across to the other door.

Keep on moving forward, then head to the left and up some stairs.  After the
cinematic sequence, jump down and go in the only door down there.  Go underneath
the trailer out there and kill everyone.  On the far left side here, there is
another trailer with a guy in it, but it's best to just go directly left after
going underneath the first trailer.  Now, there are two ways for you to go... if
you go left, it takes you to a fence that is locked, and if you go right, you
to the generator.  Go to the generator first and shoot the guy right in front of
it.  He will get electrocuted, and then you can open up the gate.  Follow your
way back to the gate and head through.

Level 15: New York

This one starts you off in the tunnel where you just threw a grenade, but you're
facing the wrong way.  You should just turn around and go into the tunnel behind
you.  Only the second right hand turn is open.  Once you get out of the tube,
take a left and you are faced with a four way intersection.  Now this could
possibly be confusing, but it's not; they all end up in the same place and the
right side is already blocked off for you, so just pick either left or straight.
Follow that path through until Sabre says "You won't live through this," then go
up the ladder and take the first right.  In there is a med-kit that can be quite

Go back out into the hall, follow it along for a while, and take the next left.
Go straight through and to your left will be what look like the end of some
subway tracks, and straight ahead is another room with a bad guy in it.  Kill
him, go in the room he was in, and grab the med-kit from the wall.  Make your
down onto the tracks and take the left turn at the end of the tracks to go
through some smoky hallways.  When you encounter two doors to go through, make
sure to go straight, the other way takes you backwards.  Go through the hall and
out to the subway where some poor man gets run over.  Make sure not to touch the
tracks here.  They are actually live in this part, and that third rail is a real

Jump across, go right, and then through the door on the left.  Go straight
through, but watch out because a grenade will be thrown at you.  Right in front
of you is a vent; crawl up in there and follow the vent to a room with some
health and some ammo.  Here, get in the other vent which will take you right
where you were.

Now just make your way down that ramp and through the hallways until you see a
big hole in the wall.  Go in there, and when you come out, you'll be at another
railway.  Go over the track and up onto the platform with the couch.  To your
left there is another hole in the wall, go on through it.  Throw a grenade out
the end into the room full of enemies, and just try to kill them all.  Once
everyone is dead, that's the end... of this level.

Level 16: New York

This one starts you off right in front of a reception area.  Shoot all of the
people behind the desk as well as the guys up on the balcony.  After they are
good and dead, take a left.  Watch out because these guys are cops, don't shoot
them, just follow the guy who runs down the hallway, then kill off the
terrorists.  Go through the far door and up the stairs.

Once you go through the door at the top of the stairs, turn right, but don't
shoot the crying lady.  Do be sure to shoot the lady behind her holding a  gun,
plus the other bad guy.  Follow the hall all the way to the out-of-order
elevator, then take a right.  Keep going down the hallway but keep an eye out
innocents.  Go all the way to the dead end, and take a left.  Go down both
flights of stairs and then outside.  Shoot all of the bad guys outside, but
shoot the cops, then go back into the stairwell and go up one floor.  Go through
that door, take a left, and shoot out the window. Get out of the building
the window and take the fire escape up.  Once you get up there, you can make the
tough leap to the other side.

Once over there, go through the door, and fall through the floor all the way
down to the ground.  Go into the only open door and then down the hallway.  The
first room on the left has stairs in it, but not for long... a guy jumps down
crushes them.  You'll need to go on down to the second door on the left and once
you are through there, take an immediate right and go up the ladder.  Once you
get to the top of the ladder, jump off to the left.  Keep on going straight
you come upon a room with a bunch of people in it and a big beam laying
diagonally from the ground to the ceiling.  This beam allows you to get up onto
the roof to kill Sabre.

Level 17: Sudan

You start off at a train station somewhere in Sudan here.  The only way you can
go from here is out and to the right.  Then go forward until there is a turn to
the right.  There will be a guy there who closes the big door right there before
you can do anything.  Then if you're looking at that door, there is an office to
your left.  If you want to get a jump on the guys in there, you can go around to
the front window of the office and shoot them.  Next, go on through the door and
take care of the rest.

Follow the hallways until you get outside, then Hawk will tell you that he is
going to take the back way.  Keep moving until you get to a courtyard type area.
In the far right corner of this area is where you need to get to.  So, kill
everyone, go around the train, and enter the building on the left. There's a
kit in the office, grab it if you need it, and follow the breezeway to the other
side, watch the cow get killed, and then take care of the guy who killed it.

Once you get to the other side. you will have two choices again.  The path to
right takes you upstairs to a switch.  The path to the left takes you down
underneath the room where the switch is and eventually takes you outside.  Go
upstairs first and hit the switch twice.  This will cause the crane to first
the box it is carrying and the second time to go pick up a new one and take it
the hole in the ground.  Now the ground in the lower level opens up and you can
jump down into there.

Once you get down into the floor below, you will have two choices again.  The
path to the right just takes you back up to the middle floor, and the other to a
stable.  You definitely want to go left... before going up the stairs though,
look to the right and shoot the boxes up and grab the armor. Next, go up to the
stable.  Go on through the stable until you get to a large room with two cows in
it.  After killing everyone in that room, go on forward, and there will be a
to your left, but don't go in there just yet.  First, go forward some more and
kill the mean old cow murderer.  Then go back and through the door.  Follow that
through until you get back outside.  Snipe the people across the courtyard
they start firing at you, and then just kill everyone as usual.  Once you've
killed everyone including the people on the other side, Hawk lowers down a
to you. This ladder is located on the side of the building closest to the white
paths; go around on the roof to the open window and jump through to advance to
the next level.

Level 18: Sudan

You start off this one in a room with some supplies.  There's a guy right around
the corner here, so watch out.  Go down the stairs, and at the bottom you are
faced with two choices.  If you go right, you'll end up on the balcony outside.
If you go left, you'll end up on the ground outside.  You can still get to the
top from the ground, but you can get a jump on the enemies if you go up on the
balcony.  Watch out for snipers on the other side of the courtyard.  Once you
on the stairs that lead from the ground to the balcony, three guys come out of
the big door across the courtyard.  After killing them, go up the stairs and
the first left.

Listen to Hawk until you get to a dead end.  Here you are going to have to shoot
out the window to your left and go out onto the roof.  To your right there is
another window; through this window there is a button that opens the other side
of the white path down on the ground level.  Press the button and then go down
the newly opened paths.  Go left first and kill the enemies, and then go back
other way.  Around the first corner, there is a guy above you and to the right
make sure to kill him.  Then follow the hall outside and you'll notice the large
windmill.  Jump up onto the porch on your right, kill those guys, and go inside
to hit the switch on your left.

Now, make your way upstairs and to the right.  Shoot all the boxes in there for
some much-needed supplies.  The door directly in front of you is a bathroom with
a gift from one of the bad guys, just head back downstairs.  Notice that the
windmill has moved.  Go in the new-found path to the right and look out for the
cattle prods.

This is where the game starts to get really disgusting.  Here you will have two
choices again.  Trust me and go right first.  Make your way down the hall to a
switch, hit it, and you can see what it does through the window.  Now go back
go left this time.  Now you will notice that all the cows have moved down and
door at the end can now be opened.  Go past all the dead cows, watch the guy get
ground up and then kill the people in there.  Jump off the rail beside the
hanging cow go into the door down on the ground.  Follow that path until you get
to a wheel and some pressure gauges.  Turn the wheel and go up the ladder in the
adjacent room.

Go right first and kill everyone, then go left into the freezer.  Take a left
you will see a tunnel on your left.  Go in there and keep going until you reach
big red hole in the ground.  Trust me, jump in there into the pool of blood.  Go
to the three way intersection and hang a right, then jump into the hole in the
ground at the end of that path.

Level 19: Sudan

 Now you are in a big pool of blood, isn't it exciting?  There is a large hole
the wall in front of you that you should go through.  Go around the corner and
kill all the bad guys, then go over to the conveyor belt, jump across it, and go
into small tunnel.  Now you will see Hawk and the missile you need to blow up.
Follow the tunnel, go around, jump into the ventilation system, and watch the
elevator head up.

Go through the large double doors and follow the halls around.  After you see a
metal grate above you, take a right.  There is a bridge after the hallway that
looks safe, but it's not; a big beam will fall on it from above, so don't go
way.  Instead, go up the stairs and follow those halls until you get to what
like a nuclear weapon hanging from some chains.  Go up the stairs behind it and
hit the button.  This turns on the chompers on the conveyor belt.  Now all you
have to do is get on the conveyor belt and make it through the chompers without
getting killed.

Stay on the conveyor and then watch Hawk run across a bridge that blows up
him.  He'll tell you he is going to look for another way around; look to your
right and shoot the red barrels.  Next, go down the stairs to your right and go
look at the machinery out there.  Hawk will tell you to hop on, but you can't
make it from the ground.  Go back to where you blew up the barrels, and jump
it from there and then jump to safety.

Now you've got to shut off the fans.  Go around and inside the small building.
Drop down to the ground and kill everyone, then take the ladder back up and take
the hallway to the left.  Follow this path until you get to a mining cart.  Hop
in and enjoy the ride in the cart.  At the end of the ride, hop out and off the
left side of the track.  Follow the dirt tunnel to the ladder.  Once you get up
the ladder, there is another mining track.  Don't go running off yet though;
you get around that corner, some guy in a mining cart is going to try to get you
back for killing his friend.  So once you see him coming at you, start running
backwards, and then jump over it when it stops and follow the path to the

Take the elevator up.  There are two ways you can go from this elevator.  The
hallway directly behind it leads to nothing right now, but will later, so get
the elevator, go right, and then take the first left.  Watch out for the bad-ass
with the rocket launcher, and head up the stairs and then left all the way
through the hallway.  Follow this path to a ladder which you will take down.
Once you get down there, hit the two switches and back up since some big
explosions will soon follow.  Next, go out the door and go to the far left
of the room.  Look left and hit that button, it will turn off the fans. Now go
back up and to the room where the man with the rocket launcher was.. Notice that
the big red pipe fell down; now you can climb up there and get into the vent
shaft which will take you to the now broken elevator.  Get up onto the ground
take the hallway directly behind the elevator.  Follow this hallway and go
through the final door.

Level 20: Armory

Again, for the third time, you return to the Armory, to get stocked up for the
next mission, this time, you're in Japan.  Once you talk to Sam, follow him to
the back room, and get your gear.  It's the same as last two times.

Once you're ready, continue on to the next level, this time placed in Japan.

Level 21: Japan

Now you are in Japan to find information on Jessica Six.  Go through the
marketplace and into the kitchen.  Take a right at the end of the kitchen; there
is a meat locker on your right and a ladder right in front of you.  All that is
in the meat locker is one bad guy, so kill him and then go up the ladder.  Go
into the vent up there and once you crawl a few feet you fall through into the
enemy's trap.  Kill, kill, kill, and then go through the big doors straight
and follow the stairs outside.

All the doors here are locked, so keep going through the alleys until some guys
slide down from a skywalk.  Kill them and then go down the right alley because
there is a med-kit in the dumpster at the end.  Now go back out and go the other
way.  There is an open truck at the end of the alley; take a left right before
the truck and you will be in a parking garage.  A car drives by really fast
kill the guys to the right, then go around the fence and follow in the direction
of the car which has since wrecked.  In the room at the top of the hill there
some cameras, a button and some supplies. Hit the button, and stay alert.

Go back to where you killed those guys and go back into the garage.  Head to the
far right corner of the garage and notice that the elevator doesn't work.  Enter
the stairwell and start heading down to the first floor.  Once you get down
there, the room on the right has a bunch of supplies in it, get those, then
continue on down the hallway.  At the end there is the generator room.  Go to
back of the room and turn on the generator.  Now when you back down the hallway,
a bad guy busts out of the door.  Go in there and then into the vent shaft.
Follow this path through until you are in the garage on the first floor.  Go on
up to the second floor and get onto the elevator.

Level 22: Japan

Once you get off the elevator, you'll see a lobby and some restrooms to your
left.  The men's bathroom has a bad guy and some supplies in it; however, the
women's bathroom is home to a scared civilian who will tell you the code to that
first door, don't kill him. Go back out of the women's bathroom and go through
the big doors into the reception area.  Take a right here.  Once in the hallway,
the left hall leads to some vending machines and supplies.

Straight ahead leads to two more choices.  You have to choose either the double
door or to keep going down the hallway.  The double door eventually leads to a
big metal door, an elevator that is useless now, and a big computer room.  The
hallway leads directly to the big computer room.  Once in there, there are only
two doors that are unlocked... the one directly to the left and the single door
in the far left corner.  The only thing you will find the room directly to your
left is some bad guys.  If you go to the far room you will notice there is a
platform outside. Get out onto it and then get on the ledge of the building.
Make your way carefully around the outside of the building until you get to a
window.  Don't shoot the hostages here.  Kill all of the terrorists and then
listen to what the hostages have to say.

Now you can get past that large metal door near the elevator.  Go through that
door and once you see a guy typing, go to far left side of the room.  There is
some body armor and some health here, pick it all up and then take a left
the door and up into the control room.  Once in the control room, go to the door
on the far left.  Follow that through a computer hallway to a windowed-in area.
Go around and into the center part where the computer is located.  After the
cinematic sequence, go out the door you came in and take a left.  Look straight
ahead in that room, there is a grate that you need to shoot to travel via the
vent behind it.  This takes you back out and you see Dekker.  Backtrack to where
the guy was typing until Dekker says something.  Go down the stairs to your
throw a grenade into the room on the left, and then get into the elevator as
quickly as possible.

Level 23: Japan

The roof of the elevator gets blown off and there is a ladder to your left.
Climb up the ladder and jump into the room at the top. Admire the fish in the
aquarium for a moment, and then keep on moving.  This floor is just one big
circle containing a study, a bedroom, and a room with a gong, that are all
connected.  The study does have a pool outside the window though and you'll need
to go out there.

The only thing you have to do in this level is to destroy the helicopter.  There
are two ways I suggest doing this.  First, there is a rocket launcher in the
bunker out by the pool.  You can shoot that at it about ten times and bring it
down.  The other way is to break out your sniper rifle and shoot the pilot's
brains out if you have your sniper rifle and some ammunition.  Once the
helicopter crashes, you can finally leave Japan.

Level 24: Iraq

Start off by going under the bridge and to the right.  Run across the bridge and
shoot the red barrels.  The doors now open behind you and some enemy soldiers
will come out.  Kill them and then go back to where you shot the red barrels,
then go through the new path you created.  Go through to the gazebo area and
after killing everyone, go to the right into through big door and then into the
stairwell.  Follow through until you see some crates.  At the end of this room
a gate that has been locked by a piece of wood; shoot the wood off, and go

Go around the building and into the trailer.  Climb up on the crates onto the
of the trailer, then jump over to the roof.  Take the left window out and go in.
Jump from one set of crates to the next and then out the other window.  Drop
down, kill, and refuel.  Go through the big doors to the open area with the palm
tree and shoot the red barrels behind the guys to take a few out.  Also, to the
right is some body armor and some ammo.  Go up the stairs and into the hallway,
then back outside.  Take a right into the area with three doors, and get the
supplies, get out, and take a right. Follow through these halls killing everyone
(watch out for the snipers), and take a right.

Now go through the hallway.  On the right there are some supplies, and on the
left there are some crates.  Go straight across and upstairs and follow this
to a dead end.  Jump out onto the roof and take a right.  Jump into the other
window, but don't go down the stairs just yet.  Throw a grenade down the stairs,
take a left, and go throw a few grenades from the balcony.  Now go down the
stairs and take a left.  Go through the trailer and get some supplies.  All the
doors are locked, so climb up on the palettes and onto the roof, then jump onto
the other balcony.  Follow this path to the roof with the hole in the ground.
The only way to get the door open down here is to go up to the fenced-in window
and shoot the red barrels down in that room.  Go through the door and soon you
will be outside again with lots of bad guys.  Once you've killed them, go
the big double doors, and prepare for the next part of the mission.

Level 25: Iraq

Follow the path to some boxes that are stacked up really high.  Jump up to the
very top and go into the vent up there.  Then you drop down into a room with a
tank.  Downstairs here there is some body armor.  Go through the small door on
the left.  Once you kill everyone, turn left and look behind you.  Jump onto the
crate and blow up the other crates for health and ammo. Now go up into the
tower and hit the button to open the gate. Go through the gate and then climb
ladder up onto the road.

Take a left and follow this path to a small door, but watch out for the tank out
there.  Also, watch out for snipers on the balconies to the left.  Once you get
chance, throw a bunch of grenades at the tank to blow it up.  This also opens
door behind it.  Get on the road and take a right followed by a left turn into
the fenced area.  Go through the big doors and take a left towards the truck.

Now you'll need to take a right to get to the machinery room.  Climb up the
ladder in there and hit the button, then shoot the top canister.  This will drop
the second one through the floor and create a hole for you to use.  Jump down
into the hole and follow around to a downward stairwell and go through to take a

Go upstairs and to the right.  Get the supplies, then take a left straight
through to the carpeted area.  Go into the big atrium and take a right to the
small door.  Go up all of the stairs and around the second floor balcony to a
small door, then take a left.  Now take another left into the dining area. Go
straight through the weird looking door, into the library, and up the stairs to
the small door at the top.  Interrupt Hussein and go to the door on the right,
behind you. Go across the walkway to a little door upstairs and then head out to
the roof.

Level 26: Iraq

You start off this level facing the wrong way.  You have to turn four valves in
this level to blow the whole place up.  It sounds easy enough, but it's very
confusing.  We will show you the quickest way through this level because it's
very easy to get killed if you don't know where you are going. First, go left up
the ramp, through the fence, and then turn left to turn the first valve.

Next, take a right into the hallway and take another immediate right.  Go to the
far end of the room and turn the valve.  Go back out that room via the way you
didn't come in, and take two immediate rights.  Now take two left turns and go
into the fenced area.

Go to the middle of this area and turn the next valve. Now you need to go back
the second valve room and back out how you originally came in, then go straight
out and take a right at the end of the hall and use the computer.

The computer will turn on the elevators for you.  Now go back straight across
get on the elevator. Go up and follow the halls straight to the last valve. 
it and watch the fireworks begin.

Level 27: Germany

Go up in the building and up the stairs.  When you get to a metal gate with a
behind it, kill him, and then shoot the blue button behind him.  This will open
the door.  Follow the halls back down and into the water.  Take a right here and
go back down into the water again.  Follow the moat to the left through into the
vent that you shoot open, and into the castle.  Follow the stairs down and go up
the ramp to the left.  Keep going, but when you see some stairs going up, don't
go that direction.  Turn right and go into the tunnel.  Near the end of the
tunnel there is a hole, ether shoot it up or place some C4 and back up.

Get up out of the tunnel, go around the corner, and head up the ladder.  Up
there, you will see some boxes to your left; shoot them and go into the tunnel.
Soon you drop back down outside on the higher balcony.  Follow that path around
to the door, go through it, and go up the stairs and then up the ladder.  Go
right at the top and get out your sniper rifle.  Take out the enemies on the
ledges and then keep going straight through to the outside of the church.  You
can't get in the main door though, so you'll have to go off to the left and up
the stairs.  Up the stairs is a wheel that opens the door, make sure you open it
all the way and then head quickly to the door and duck under the gate.

Go around the building with the bushes around it and head through the already
opened door.  Go up the ladder in the back of the stable and find the switch
upstairs.  This brings the elevator up to the stable; get on to catch a ride,
head down.

Level 28: Germany

You start off here right near a supply room.  Go in and sneak up on the guy who
has his back to you.  Kill him and then stock up on weapons and ammo, then
the stairs up to some radial stairs that go up even higher. Go through the
hallway to the dead end and hit the switch.  Kill everyone in the meeting room
and then take a left past the red door. Go downstairs into the dining room but
look out for the automatic gun.  Run up the stairs and enter the room with the
vaulted ceilings, then go up those stairs and into the hallway.

Take the first left turn and snipe both of the baddies.  Go past the fireplace
and then take a right.  Once you get through that door, take a left, and go
through the door that has an alarm above it.  Go through the kitchen into the
hallway and take the only unlocked door into the study.  There's a camera
in there if you're curious to see what is going on.  Now, go right through the
door and kill the guys on either side and then go to the left.  Take the first
right and go through the bedroom, the bathroom, and the other bedroom, getting
supplies along the way.  Then go out the bedroom door and go through the double
doors across the hall.  Walk up those stairs and head into the bedroom.  Go back
into the bedroom after the cinematic sequence, and go to the mirror.  "Use" the
mirror and a secret passage will be revealed; go forward and press the button to
disable the other alarms.

Now go back out to the hallway and take a left, then go to the end of the hall
the green door.  After that, take the door to the left.  Once in the room, find
the bookshelf nearest the stairs and "use" it to reveal another secret room.  Go
through this room and head into the elevator.

Level 29: Germany

Once you get off the elevator, turn right and go down the hallway.  Look out for
the automatic sentry gun and take a right at the end of the hall.  Now make your
way through the boxes and head upstairs. Next, go as far as you can on the
balcony and jump onto the crates and make your way up to the yellow bar.  Get on
top of the yellow bar and walk across it to the vent on the other side.  Go
through and throw a grenade out of the tunnel into the room.  Jump down and go
through the door and to the left.  There are a bunch of lasers here, but you can
make it through with a combination of jumping and ducking.

Go up the stairs to a room with two offices.  Each of these offices has a button
in it, hit both of them and the door will open.  Make your way around the silo,
and Decker will then start the countdown.  Keep on going through the hallway and
into the next room.  In there, you will see a bluish computer.  Shoot it to
the computer offline and reduce the system's stability.  At the bottom of the
stairs there is another door, go through it and down the stairs into the
room on the left.  In there, you will find another blue computer. Shoot it, then
continue down the hall and into the big room.  Drop off the balcony and shoot
last blue computer in there to take the system down.  This will end the

Now go through the door beside that computer and continue on through the
room and into the room with a lot of glass.  In here there is another button
opens that door.  Go through the door and then through the next door on the
right.  Follow this path back into the silo and make your way around again into
the next door.  In the next room there is a small elevator to your right; use it
and go around to the button.  Hit the button, drop down, and go through this new
door.  Now you have to take the first left and go through the snack room and
to the right. You'll be at a target range, so kill everyone and get to the
elevator to head to the final level.

Level 30: Germany

This is the final level.  All you have to accomplish here is to kill Dekker. Of
course that will have to wait until after he sends about a hundred henchmen at
you. Kill all of his henchmen, which isn't too hard.  Just keep moving and
shooting.  There are only two places they come out of, so you can just lay some
C4 there and watch them blow up if you want.

Once Dekker comes out, you've got to be careful.  His gun is like a modified
microwave gun, so make sure not to get hit.  The best weapon to try against him
is the repeating slug thrower.  Keep shooting him and moving and pretty soon he
will be dead.  If you want an easy way to beat him, there is a way on easier
skill levels; just run up to him and slash his throat over and over again.  He
can't shoot you well when you are so close and he is too full of himself to walk
away.  If you try this on the medium skill level or higher, he can start to do
some real damage though and you'll have to beat him enough to make him start
running away and then slash at him.  Once Dekker is dead, you get to view the
game's final cinematic sequences.  We're not going to spoil the ending for you
though, you'll have to play it yourself.

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