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Читы для Sonic & Knuckles Collection

Чит-файл для Sonic & Knuckles Collection

Sonic & Knuckles Collection

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Всемирное название:Sonic & Knuckles
Разработчик:Sega Enterprises
Издатель:Sega Enterprises
Модель распространения:розничная продажа/цифровая доставка
Жанры:Arcade (Platform)
Multiplayer:(2) head-to-head

Даты выхода игры

вышла 9 сентября 2009 г.
вышла в 1997 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
     OK, all you Sonic fans!  Here it is!  A hint guide for Sonic 3!
Contained in this file are various hints for each level boss and the special
stages, so if you want to beat Sonic 3 on your own, DON'T READ THIS!  Now
that's over, let's get to the basics.

General hints:
     Read the manual.
     There are 6 zones, each with 2 Acts; in each act, there is a boss.  See
          specific levels for hints on defeating bosses.
     Use the shields to your advantage.  Note: Each shield has two effects.
          Sonic can use both, while Tails can only use one since he flies.
     When in doubt, jump.  Look for blocks that can be broken.
     Always press against walls in suspicious places -- that's where you
ll find
          various power ups and those big rings.
     Don't go too fast, you might miss some items or chances to get Chaos
     And when you do go fast, press down -- that'll at least get rid of any
          enemies in your way (and it'll make you go faster too.)
     For those signs that fall from the sky, hit it and note where it lands to
          reveal an item -- the item will always be in that spot.

Special Stage hints:
     Stay calm and composed.  You're only running about at around 50 MPH!
     Find a pattern to each level.
     Don't forget to jump.
     If you time your jumps right, you can jump over two blocks at a time!

Now, to the specific zones.

Angel Island:
     This zone is basically the tutorial level.  Use it to learn Sonic
s moves.
Try spin-dashing into rocks and dead ends -- occasionally you'll find a secret
area.  For example, from the beginning, go to the right and leap down where the

vines are.  Then, go to the left and spin dash into the cliff.  There should be

a large golden ring that brings you into the Special Stages.  Throughout the
game, there are innumerable areas like this one.  When you get a shield, try
using its special effect (only usable by Sonic).  The flame shield will allow
you to make a forward-leaping attack.  Note: The lightning and flame shields
will wear off when you hit water.

Mid-Boss (end of Act 1) : The overgrown flamethrower.
     Note: you will meet this boss twice -- one when it sets the forest ablaze,

and again when you actually fight it.  Once again, the first zone is a tutorial
.  As with most of the other
bosses, this one follows a definite pattern.  Observe it and attack when you
can safely.  For this one, wait until it fires its flame and then hit it a few
times before it goes to the top of the screen and moves to the other side.

Robotnik (end of Act 2) : Bombing blimp and flamethrower (ver. 2.0)
     When the blimp starts to come from behind you, just keep running to the
right, and you'll outrun the bombs.  Don't worry about Tails, he'll just get
blown up a couple times, but hey, he's the sidekick!  Anyway, later you will
see Doc Robotnik flying in the background.  A few moments later you will cross
a bridge and stop.  Don't stay on the bridge -- Robotnik will destroy it, and
if you do want to move in for one hit, you can, but not two.  Again, note the
Boss's patterns, and attack when you can.

Hydrocity Act 1:
     Here's your first experience with long-term underwater treks.  Whenever
possible or necessary, stop at a cluster of bubbles on the floor and wait for a
large bubble to breathe.  (You
ll be able to tell when to get some air when the
countdown begins, and the music changes.  If you see a countdown without a musi
change, it's probably Tails who's drowning.  Once again, ignore him.)  Also, a
bubble shield will remove the need to stop at bubble clusters.  In some places
and for some enemies (like to get rid of a Blastoid safely), you will need to
use the spin-dash.

Mid-boss : The washing machine.
     Now to get all that grime out from adventuring!  When the boss first comes

down, DON'T attack it.  Wait until it goes back up, makes two passes along the
bottom, and lands on the post in the middle.  Then, while it
s getting prepared
to take you for a spin, jump up from directly below it and hit it until you're
picked up by the current.  Remember -- dodge, jump, rinse, and repeat as many
times as necessary.

Hydrocity Act 2:
     This level starts out in a closed room.  Now use what you learned from
Angel Island to break out to the right.  Then, race for you life as the wall
follows you from the left.  Use spin-dashes constantly.  Everything else is
pretty much the same!

Robotnik : Some machine with depth charges and waterspout maker.
     This boss is much easier using Tails.  All he has to do is ram the bottom
of the ship with his tails, but just watch out when those rotors start moving!
As for Sonic, he will have to attack when Robotnik comes down to create a water

vortex, or if he wants to be more agressive, use the explosions from the depth
charges to propell him toward Robotnik!

Marble Garden:
     Prepare for some fast-flying action!  New objects are the blue wheels
embedded into hillsides and blue tops!  Use a spin dash right next to a wheel
to change the landscape!  On a top, push left or right to direct it and to move

upward!  Also, certain walls can be destroyed only by ramming them with a top.

Mid-Boss : The Tunnelbot
     Like on Angel Island, you will meet this boss once or twice before you
actually fight it.  This one should be pretty simple -- avoid spikes from the
celing and hit it when you won't hit the drills.

Robotnik : Air fight against a flying Robotnik with a big drill!
     This time, this boss is harder for Tails.  Tails has to do the same thing
as for the last Robotnik, but timing is critical.  For Sonic, just hit the
machine right on the winshield, avoiding the drill.  Whomever you choose, the
boss's pattern will be from right, above, below, right, I think.

Carnival Night:
     Yea!  A theme park!  Everything's pretty much the same except, there are
a LOT more hidden places than in other zones, and a few more toys.  There
s the
cannon which will launch you in the direction of your choice.  Of course, we
must not forget the anti-gravity pads and balloons to bounce off of.  Large,
black wheels to get dizzy on, and the unforgettable rotating barrels.  To get
barrels to move, try shifting your weight UP and DOWN.  Note: Not all barrels
move very far.

Mid-Boss : Uh... sorta like the ancient Arkanoid, except you're on the blocks
     This guy's really easy.  When it first launches the spiked pad, hit it
right away.  When the pad hits it's carrier, hit the carrier again.  Keep this
up for four times.

Robotnik : Ball bearing and lightning-vortex maker
     OK, this one's a little harder.  When Robotnik drops the ball, get away
from it since he
ll use it to focus his lightning on.  When the light show ends,
park right next to the ball, and I mean right next to!  Wait for Robotnik to
come down to pick up his toy, and attack, Attack, ATTACK!  If you positioned
yourself right, you should hit the ship right between the lightning generators.

Ice Cap :
     If you're playing as Sonic, you'll get to see him snowboard.  If you're
playing as Tails, well, too bad.  Same as usual, plus a few sleds and lift
cups.  When you find and impassable wall, either you came from the wrong side,
or you need to ram it through.  Remember the Marble Garden?  Find a block of
ice and slide away!  Also, there are some little cups with safety rails.  Spin-

dash into the cup to send it flying upward.  Plus, ever want to know what it
feels like to be fresh frozen?  Just watch out for gas clouds from the celings.

Note: Flaming and lightning shields will be useful here -- they destroy the Sta
r Pointer's stars and they seem to
prevent you from being frozen, I'm not sure.

Mid-boss : The ice collector
     This one will collect a shield of ice and make two passes at you.  Wait
until it launches its shield off to attack, then avoid the falling ice rocks.

Robotnik : The big ice machine
     This one's the mother of all freezers!  When it opens up, jump on the
platform and destroy it!  Just beware for the occasional blast from above.
Note: At least the lightning shield seemed to prevent freezer burn.

Launch Base:
     You're at the final zone!  But be careful!  Certain blocks that are red
and holding a glowing something will change the patterns of the half red, half
black walls.  Also, watch for the elevators and spinning cups.  This one won't

Mid-boss : The spike-swinger
     The usual - observe and attack.  If you got this far, you should be able
to beat it without too much trouble.

Robotnik : The final battles!  (You DO have rings this time!)
     First stage: Ball launcher
          Use the platform that opens up to launch bombs to jump up and hit
          Robotnik.  Hit 8 times to continue.  Launch pattern is... up (far),
          down, up (near), down, up (far), up (near), down...
     Second stage: Laser blaster
          After seeing Knuckles take a swim, watch for more boss patterns.
          Bounce on the top of this one a couple times as it goes up, but
          watch for the little guard.  Hit it once on its way down.  Each
          section takes 4 hits, plus one to finish this boss.
     Final Battle: The Nightmare with spikes and a good grip
          OK, you made it this far, but you better stay alert!  This one starts

          by passing by you from the right then from the left.  Time your jump
          each time so that you hit the winshield -- not the hands below or the

          spikes above.  Then wait for it to come down and try to make you run
          into the spikes.  Stay behind it -- you can still get caught by the
          hands on its way up!  Wait until it moves off the screen then, move
          Sonic or Tails to the centerIt
ll make another two passes, starting on
          either side and then from the other.  Tap the jump button slightly an
          push in its direction, you should be able to hit it.  From there, it
          repeats by trying to impale you.  Just think -- only 8 hits!
          (Heh, heh!)

     That's it!  You did it!  And if you want to comment on this file, please
feel free to contact me on Compuserve, and if you really like this, contact me
about a donation!

On Compuserve's Gamer's Forum, leave a message for "Falcon 71055,312"

(c) 1994 Falcon Hint Services.  All rights reserved.

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