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Читы для Soulbringer

Чит-файл для Soulbringer


в России известна как

Ловец душ

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Ловец душ
Разработчик:Gremlin Interactive
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 31 мая 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Action / RPG / 3D
Похожие игры:Darkstone

Даты выхода игры

вышла 21 июля 2005 г.
вышла в 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Goal: Meet people and make money.

As you leave the ferry, you learn that you’ve arrived in the town of Madrigal to
find your uncle. It was your father’s dying wish that you find his brother
Andrus, so here you are.

It’s generally a good idea to talk to everyone you can find, and—at least in
these innocent early days—do whatever is asked of you. Generally, you’ll get
something in return. Since you start off with pretty much nothing, you’ll almost
always need what you’re handed.

Madrigal is a small town, made smaller by recent events in the outlying
farmlands. It won’t take too much time to find most of the local townsfolk
who aren’t asleep in locked houses) and talk to them. You can’t always make them
like you.

Your Uncle Andrus, of course, is the linchpin to your stay in Madrigal. When you
get the opportunity to look in his Book of Dreams, be sure to note which element
(Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or Spirit) each spell is. It’s important to know what
you’re doing, especially if you’re going to try to keep your magic balanced.

There are a fair number of quests that you’ll get from the townsfolk after you
talk to Uncle Andrus. They range dramatically in difficulty and you won’t always
know which ones are going to be the toughest. If it looks like you’re going to
die . . . run. You can always go back and pick up where you left off when you’re
better prepared.

As soon as you can afford it, get a better weapon from the blacksmith.

When you get all of your local quests accomplished—be sure to read all of
the “academic” books you find before you sell them to more interested
if you can afford to add to or upgrade either weaponry or armor, and then head


Goal: Get experience and magical items.

Poke around Ravenscar and see what sights this historic town offers. Remember
that winning fights means increasing your experience level. Also keep in mind
that each creature you encounter will respond differently to different kinds of
attack. Proper weapons selection is critical.

The Manor House is a good warm-up before tackling some of the more obvious hot-
spots. While no one in Ravenscar is alive, some folks that you meet are much
interesting than others. Definitely, some are much more deadly. Don’t attempt to
take on the Bishop before you’ve pulled the plug on his power-supply. Even then,
the Bishop is a tough nut to crack. The more you move around, the safer you are.

The Bishop does not move around much . . . and this can be used to your
advantage. It might sound like a good idea to stand back and blast him with
magic, since that’s much more effective than anything else you have, but be
careful. As long as you only have one or two elemental types of magical attack,
it’s easy to put your magic “balance” out of whack. That might not seem
when you’re Ravenscar’s big boss monster, but you might regret casting a zillion
Fire Bolt later on. Take the Bishop’s stuff, chat with him for a while, and then
head back home to Madrigal.


Play nice with your friends in Madrigal and you’ll get a nice surprise.

If you picked up a trinket from the cave in Ravenscar, you can nose around a bit
more in the North Forest area. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also have
noticed that there’s an underground system of caverns that links several remote
areas . . . a quick way back, as long as you keep an ear open for any problems.


This will soon become your home away from home, complete with friends. Talk to
anyone who’s there, poke around, and take what’s available. Return to Madrigal.


Talk to everyone in Madrigal again. Some will act a little differently, some
won’t. Your visit with your uncle will be unlike any of the previous. If you
didn’t grab the stuff that was available in your Hex, you’ll kick yourself about
now. If there are any other quests that can be polished off in the greater
Madrigal metropolitan area, now’s a good time to tackle them.

Camp & Barrows

Goal: Get more magical items and finish setting up.

Develop the habit of touching any and all Hex stones you come across. As you
through Ravenscar, touch the Hex stone to activate it. You now have more than
place you can go to from the Hex. Return to Ravenscar and keep heading west,
across the Path of Shadows (you have a key unless you dropped it), until you
reach the Camp.

You might be strong enough to defeat all of the mercenaries (especially if you
wiped Ravenscar clean) but then again these guys are faster and better armed
your average zombie. Keep in mind that mercenaries are a highly mobile bunch of
guys and they might not be around whenever you feel like going back and picking
up extra experience points. On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little
underpowered, save up your strength for the Barrows.

There are things in the small barrows that might help you in your quest to save
the world, but it’s the big, central barrow that is the most important. That’s
where the first Horath is interred and there’s something there that is intended
for you. Pay close attention to the pillars at the back of the tomb: there’s a
pattern to their magic. You can use the pillars to help you out of any tight
situations that crop up.


Take the shortcut back to Madrigal.


Goal: Get Messenger.

Prepare to go to Shadowguard and then take the boat from the Eastern Steppes. Do
a little exploring if you like, but be warned that there are some tough
out in the wilderness. You want to get to Shadowguard alive.

Meet the locals in Shadowguard and find the Hex stone. Snoop around and talk to
everyone. Look for accidental opportunities to lend a helping hand to a citizen
in trouble. Try to locate your allies, even if you have to go out of town to
rescue them from trouble. Make friends with those at the top of this town and
take a united stand against organized evil.

By this point, your snooping can take on a real depth. If you can find the
Temple, open the door (if you’ve been taking on the bosses, you should be able
open the locked door), and survive the nasty creatures waiting within, you can
get to the marvelous sword, Messenger.

Rainbow Rock

This would be a quick in-and-out of it weren’t for the hordes of villain
around every corner. Somewhere on this island is the late Alvaris and, if you
him nicely, he’ll give you a party favor. There’s not much else to do on Rainbow
Rock, besides taking anything that isn’t nailed down and activating the local

Shadowguard and Tortalaran

Goal: Help Bloodkin defeat the forces of darkness that have claimed their land.

Prepare for battle against forces of evil undead. You’ve already seen a few of
the top bad guys, so you have an idea what’s ahead.

Present your new toy to Bane. Follow him and his troops as they go to battle.
Bane has some suggestions how you could be particularly useful. Take his advice
and keep busy.

Once your assigned task is completed, your place is by Bane’s side, in the thick
of battle. Help as much as you can . . . then swipe as much as you can.

After everything is straightened out, use your new toy to travel to Talendrah.


Goal: Recover the Heart of Kinkathra.

It’s time to find an old friend, or at least acquaintance, see what he’s been up
to, and go for a walk together. You’ll probably stay pretty busy on the trip,
who says no to extra experience? Your friend will lead you to something very
important, which is also heavily guarded . . . and don’t be surprised if you
encounter another—very dangerous—acquaintance.

Once you’ve got what you’ve come for, there’s nothing left to do but go back
to Madrigal.


Goal: Stop the Empress from spreading evil across the world.

Things have changed. Talk to folks about it. You’ll get an idea of where the
place to go might be.


Chant’s sister Renya is in need of help and you’re just the man to take on the
task. There’s a battle brewing and, if you’re not in the thick of it, you’re as
good as AWOL. Do what you can, especially to keep Renya safe. Once you’ve won
battle, you’ve got just enough time to recuperate before you take on the next of
the big nasties. After that, your next destination is controlled by destiny.


Talk to folks, explore the town, and develop an appreciation for music.

Oasis Desert

Ignore anyone who seems like a loser, but pay attention to the madman of the
desert. Make your way to Thardolin and talk to the guards. Remember, you’re
trying to impress these guys that you’re on their side. More than ever before,
careful who you bring up as the subject of conversation.

Inside Thardolin, deal with any minions of evil, and chat up the local

Also, now is the time to really start to explore your musical abilities. Deep in
the desert, there’s a flute that does more than just make pretty music . . .
currently in the possession of its soon-to-be-dearly-departed owner. The current
flute-holder isn’t easy to kill and won’t stay killed unless you take the
appropriate precautions.

There are a couple of things that you need to accomplish in the desert that
require the flute. Do them, taking due care not to die in the process, and then
tell any interested parties back in Thardolin what happened.


Create a diversion in the Palace courtyard, being careful not to be anywhere in
the neighborhood when it happens, and then fight your way through the gates.
Destroy any evil inhabitants within the walls and talk to the lady who has been
the unwilling participant in all of this trouble. She’ll reward you
and it’ll be time to once again return to Madrigal.

By now there aren’t many tasks that folks will be paying you for. You can still
trade things for cash . . . and you’ll notice that people pay more money when
items are in top condition. It’s worth the time to have things patched up before
you sell them. Gold is good because gold buys books, books mean power, and power
means success and survival.


Goal: Clean up Madrigal and assemble the Army of Light.

Unfortunately, things have only been getting worse on the home front. There’s a
lot of work to be done and done quickly. Check all of the buildings, just to be
sure. Check all of the entrances to the sewers, including the one Allis Ham told
you about, when you were going to Madrigal for the very first time.

There are more kinds of vermin in the sewers than the furry kind. Deal with them

Head back to the Town Square to see what else needs to be done. Interrogate any
corpses available and then Hex-stake as necessary. Pick up any useful items and
then meet your friends who have arrived.

The town elder might be able to catch you up on anything you’ve missed and give
you a good idea about what should be next on your list. Cleaning up the outlying
lands around Madrigal will take some real effort, but is worth it. Once that’s
done, you’ll find a good use for Barthelago’s scroll back in the Town Square,
near the Hex stone.

Galdon Thor

Goal: Help the Bloodkin reclaim Tortalaran.

The path to Galdon Thor is not exactly hidden, nor is it deserted. Fight your
along. It’s always useful to activate the local Hex stone, of course. You’ve got
an army at your back, which will certainly help you in your attack against the
vampires at the Tower of Tortalaran. There are some kinds of magic that you
prepare for, though, so don’t be surprised if your future holds an unexpected

Ice Palace

Goal: Kill Lilith.

Now is the time for you to stand on your own, stripped of anything outside of
your own abilities. By this time you should be able to manage . . . a true
warlock is never really unarmed.

Explore the palace, dealing with any denizens you encounter, and find where your
gear has been stored. Once that’s accomplished, it’s time to teach her not to
play with your toys. Watch out, though: she’s still got your sword and she’s
modified it to suit her own ends. Take care of the situation and take the sword.
The consequences of that action will be swift, but necessary and unavoidable.

Stair of Ice

How you tackle the creatures ranged against you is your own decision. You can
avoid them, you can use your sword’s newfound power, or you can do a bit of
Don’t neglect to pick up the sack you find.

Dark Hex

Goal: Chase down and dispose of all of the Hex seekers (the original Spirits of

There are five demons in the sanctum and, as you might suppose, each is
specialized in a certain kind of elemental magic. Obviously, that’s the magic
should avoid casting at them. Purify, which just happens to be your sword’s new
specialty, is useful on all but one of the creatures. Stake whomever you
bad to leave the corpses alone for very long. Victory opens new areas of the
Hex, plus more sacks of loot.

Find your new opponent and do what you do best. This guy’s armed with some
attacks that really hurt and he may have friends if you haven’t been busy with
your stakes. You can fight them or you can simply follow your first opponent as
he tries to escape. One way or another, you’re going to have to go down the

Palace of Souls

Goal: Find a way into the Well of Souls.

Continue the fight where you left off. Be sure to protect the well guardians
any raal, etc., since they will be very important allies of yours. Avoid anyone
you might recognize and/or suspect of loose lips.

Talk to the well guardians for any advice or suggestions they have. Do whatever
you can—it will be worth your while. Be prepared for these tasks to have

Infernal Mines (Farangis)

A young noble named Farangis asks you to help him. Saying yes is the right idea.
He needs a key and there just isn’t one. That means you need to get the raw
material for the key and then convince someone to make it.

Ore just lies around in the mines, so that’s not so hard.

Now you need someone to make a key. Asmodeus is a liar, useless to you except
that he’s got something that you could use. His brother, on the other hand, is
worth talking to.

Garden of Lost Souls (Dragor Nightsbane)

The skeletons aren’t not so bad, but the vampires are infinite . . . don’t even
try to wipe them out. Just concentrate on the ones that try to follow you into
buildings. Find Dragor Nightsbane and offer to help him fulfill his destiny. The
secret to success here is that Necronom, Dragor’s arch-nemesis, is particularly
vulnerable to Fire attacks . . . but will resurrect unless certain elements of
his domain where he stores his power have been “Fire washed,” as well. Be sure
you don’t hit him too often with anything that heals his damage.

Dragor is suitably thankful.

Baradathlin (Rafaela)

Before you take on this quest, you need to talk to an expert on mystical
matters . . . and you know one who resides in Madrigal. Look her up and ask a
question or two. She’ll be more helpful than you might expect.

Talk to the Fay Queen and agree to her terms. Rafaela will thank you with a
coin/key. There are three ways to get out: walk out, fight your way out (it
doesn’t get you out, but her majesty won’t think you’re fun anymore) or play by
the rules and wait for the lady to get bored of you.

Palace of Souls

Goal: Defeat Skorn and banish him to the Well for good.

When the quests are complete, the path is obvious.

Well of Souls

You meet Skorn again, thankfully still as damaged as the last time you left him.
Your sword’s best new feature doesn’t work well against him, but this is a sword
originally designed to kill demons, and here you’ve got a demon in front of you.

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