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Читы для Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

Чит-файл для Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

Space Quest 6:
Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Walkthrough by Rosemary and Gordon

Grab passing robot to pull yourself out of hole. Click on bicycle to get ID
card then enter shop and look around. When you come out, a photo booth will
appear -- use your buckazoid on booth. Get photos, use them on ID card.

Go to Orion's Belt and show your ID to bartender. Choose special. Open
refrigerator and get ice tray. Touch (note) valve on conduits. Go upstairs,
show ID to alien druggies at table. Take hoses and try to get tank under
table. You can't yet.

Go to hotel and talk to manager to learn cost of room. Outside, talk to Blaine
-- the guy in the green overcoat -- who is mooching around. Get datacorder.

In Orion's Belt, kick in the door to the basement, pick up pipe at bottom of
steps. Exit. In your inventory (pocket), use hand on hoses to make one long
one. Upstairs, at bar, "pinch" buckazoid from waitron. "Drag" nitro tank to
unoccupied conduit opening in wall. Turn on nitro, go downstairs to see where
gas is escaping. Back up and turn it off. Back down to the bar and connect
hose to opening on the left conduit.

Show your ID to bartender and ask for special again. Look at valves, turn them
until you identify the empty conduit (3rd from left). Grab conduit below 3rd
valve, connect hose to it. Back upstairs and turn on nitro. Down to basement
and use pipe on frozen endodroid. Sweep up cubes with dustpan and brush, put
cubes in ice tray. Outside and deliver ice tray to Blaine.

Play "Stooge Fighter" with Djurkwhad, lose and leave. Walk around streets to
find Elmo. Talk to him, learn he wants a bottle of Coldsorian brandy for a
cheat sheet to "Stooge Fighter". Go to Pa Conshohocken at Boot Liquor and buy
brandy. Give it to Elmo to get cheat sheet. Get fish. Look at cheat sheet, it
says press buttons abbacaca when choosing player.

Go back to Arcade and challenge Djurkwhad to new game. Press your cheat code
before choosing character -- be aggressive and press secret weapon button. Win
300 buckazoids. Go to hotel and give money to manager. Go to room, use pass
key and get attacked.

Try to take the key. Now, get the nail from the wall and use it on you to
escape. Tear down the Pelvis rug, then pick it up. Look at rug, note
description -- it's static-laden. Put rug on floor. Touch rug and shuffle
along. Touch receptor at the back of your captor's head to put him out of
action. Get keyring from body and pick up your datacorder from desk. Take
moddie from dehumidifier. Take CD of popular techtronics from rack on desk.
Use CD in computer, read contents, open datacorder. Set:

A       RF      SPN    9
B       TT      DEN    7
C       PS      FER    1
D       FC      REP    5
E       SE      DIM    3

(Clues in Popular Janitronics!)

... close cover, power on. Use keyring to exit. Examine room, take Churlish
Moddie from box. Use hand on moddie and get label. Put label on Burlesque
Moddie then use moddie on Nigel.

Pick up Nigel's belt from floor, examine it. Take Grooming Assistant and Field
Actuator. Use Field Actuator, watch long cut sequences.

Sick Bay
Take hair from groomer. Talk to Jabba until he lets you use the DNA machine.
Put hair on scanner, scan it, press for imprint data card. Click data card on
ComPost panel near where you entered -- watch cut sequence. Learn you need to
jack into cyberspace. In your room, check your ComPost for a message. Go to
transporter and zap to Delta Burksilon V colony for your "special" assignment.

The commander orders you to Sharpei's quarters. Use elevator, click on
quarters. Talk to Sharpei. Take mop, click hand on toilet when she tells you
do so. Click on medicine chest in bathroom. When gas appears, get the
hydraulic jack (Hydro Riser Piston) from the bed and use it on the door.

Back on ship
Watch and watch and watch. When you can do something, click the Eulogy on
yourself to read it. After funeral, go to your quarters and get message from
Stellar. Go to bridge and talk to Commander -- this allows you to explain your
theory that Sharpei has kidnapped Stellar and is holding her on Delta
Burksilon V.
You need some extra skills now so go to Holocabana and enter code 5551212 to
learn the Vulgar Nerve Pinch. (Examine the database in any ComPost unit -- it
is under Known Races. Look up Vulgars.) Once you have learned Vulgar Nerve
Pinch, it's off to the shuttle bay to try it out on the smaller of the two
guards (Chesbro). This will land you in the brig.

When the food arrives, take it quickly. Now, in your inventory, combine all
the food, except the doughnut, so that it resembles a person. Put this on the
bunk. When another meal arrives, quickly click on the hovercraft to hide
beneath it. Go to sick bay and open the cupboard on the right hand side of the
central bench (watch the doctor). You will take amorphine syringe, use syringe
on doughnut.

Back to shuttlebay, put doughnut on tray with others and watch sequence.
Practice the Nerve Pinch again. Take keyring. Now you can't reach both buttons
on the air lock so off to 8-rear and chat to Sydney to get his arm and eye.

Back to shuttle bay. Use arm to press both buttons. Use the key you found to
identify and open shuttle. Enter shuttle, take "recall" paper from back of
chair. Take pump, tape and Gluzall from glove box. Switch on power. Switch on
initiation, switch on ICD - intermix display, set the fuel to LANTHANUM,
SULFUR, SILVER, NEON. The clue is in the code lasagne. Check your periodic
table to get it -- LA, S, AG, NE. Press initiation again then use the eye on
the retinal scanner. Watch cut sequence.

Pull the "trunk" and "hood" handles and press manual override. Open locker,
get EVA suit and helmet. Wear space suit and exit. Go to back of shuttle and
get help sign and jumper cables. Put sign on top fin of shuttle. Watch cut
sequence. Hook up your cables as per recall notice. Remove fish from intake.
Back inside. (Manual Auxveride tells you that the Divalium crystal is

Open your datacorder and take the crystal from inside. Open the Divalium hatch
next to your EVA closet and put glue on broken crystal. In your inventory, put
glue on your crystal. Combine crystals, power on, and initialise Watch

Delta Burksilon V
Go to Lab "A" and talk to Dr. Beleauxs. Examine "hi-tek" stuff and take
Callahan Moddie. Examine memos and the computer -- you need a cyberspace jack.
Back to the shuttle. After talk with Manuel, switch on PTS, then click on the
PTS button in middle of screen. Take two photos and peel them apart in your
inventory. Put first negative on PTS screen, then put second positive on
screen. Click initialisation button then click on Polysorbate. When you get
there, talk to Manuel and ask him to beam you down to the planet. Stand on the
plate and Manuel will give you a transport signaller.

Go to Implants 'N Stuff. Give Fester the Callahan Moddie and he will give you
the cyberspace jack. Go back to where you beamed down and click on the
transport signaller. Initialise shuttle and click on Delta Burksilon. Back to
Lab "A", switch on the computer and click on cyberspace. Insert your jack in

Cross the bridge and find office (you're on your own here). Take screwdriver
near sign, enter office. Take number (3) and talk to Sis Inny. Open number
changer. Use screwdriver to reset it. Talk to Sis Inny again. Go down the line
of filing cabinets until you come to the first "R" (for Rancid, Nigel --
remember the DNA sample?). The file is too high to reach but you can now open
files to the left to form steps. Climb up and take Rancid file. Look at file
and then check out the cross-references. Get files for Santiago, Sharpei,
Beleauxs. Dr B's file has additional cross-reference to Project "Immortality".
Get file (under P). (See cross-reference -- end game maybe joke).

If you try to leave the office you will lose the files so you need to print
them first. Use files on printer. Outside the office take plank. Exit
cyberspace and take printouts. Use printouts on Dr. B. Watch cut sequence.

Fantastic Voyage
Wear your EVA suit and take helmet. Exit shuttle. Take blood capillaries from
shuttle's engine intake, take alveoli from front of shuttle. Go down the
ulcer. Take feather and tablet. Take staple and celery string from stomach
lining. In inventory, combine staple with string to make grappling hook. Drop
candy in acid, drop remaining tablets in one at a time. Acid still not high
enough? Climb up the sides of the stomach and at the top, use hook on
oesophagus, then go back down.

In inventory, use duct tape on capillaries, climb up the rope. Dislodge the
capsule. Go down to food blockage and tickle sides of tube with feather. Watch
cut sequence, then climb down rope to stomach. Go through duodenum (left
exit), enter opening on wall at right. Take the left fork to Gall Bladder. At
bile, attach pump to capillaries and use it on bile. You will fill your helmet
automatically. Leave and watch sequence.

Take small gallstones, now follow right fork to blockage. Put alveoli in
blockage and use your mouth to inflate them. At pancreatic secretions, use
helmet to get blob of enzyme goo. Back now to stomach and use your helmet's
contents on capsule. Get time-release pills. Continue down the duodenum until
you meet the tapeworm. Use pills on tapeworm. Click your hand on the worm for
a short ride.

At appendix, take piece of finger nail, piece of paper clip and chunk of
filling (silver) -- this is the fuel that you need. Go back to your ship. Put
silver in tank near flashing light. In ship, put CD in sub-routine slot, press

Put on your suit and exit. Use finger nail to cut your way to the "grey
matter". Go left and click "feet" on opposite side of gap to jump across.

When you jump across, keep clicking "feet" to the far left of screen until you
scramble up. At robots, go to back of screen and throw gallstones at each of
them in turn. Use elevator to go down. There is a blockage here that you can't
move. Go back on elevator to Stellar's cough center. Use paper clip piece to
get cough reaction. Back down and the blockage has moved. Go through opening.
After talk sequence use paper clip on nerve endings, use fish on Sharpei.
Watch end sequence.

Copyright й Quandary 1996. All rights reserved.

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