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Читы для Space Rogue

Чит-файл для Space Rogue

Space Rogue

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Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

 SPACE ROGUE is a fairly easy game, so this walkthru is done as a series of
explicit hints rather than a full-blown solution.

 Ctrl-Q is the quit command. This is not documented. Another undocumented
feature is the OTHER option when talking to someone. Selecting OTHER
requires that you type in a key word or words.


 You start the game in the Karonus system. The first order of business is
to find the Imperial representative on Hiathra and get a pilot's license:
You can't get far in this game without one. The answers to the exam (in no
particular order) are "O," "f=ma," and "3.26." The final question is
answered by selecting OTHER and typing in the word IMPERIUM.

 Do not leave Hiathra until you find the card key.

 Until you get a good feel for what things cost, keep at least 500 CRs in
reserve for emergencies.

 Thoroughly explore the Far Arm and talk to everyone. The general situation
and the key players should be evident once you have done this.


 When you finish an intrasystem trip, you end up a random distance away
from your destination. Sometimes you are so close that you are
automatically docked. The problem is when you leave, the computer
immediately docks you again. The only solution (other than rebooting the
system) is to press "N" immediately, and get onto the Navigation screen. If
you are quick, you can navigate out of the loop.

 A key item you need to complete the game can be found behind a locked door
which can only be opened by picking the lock. The problem is you are not
supposed to find this item until certain events have occurred. If you take
the item too soon, the computer does not recognize this, and you have to go
through the motions of retrieving it again later in the game. The moral is:
Do not pick any lock before its time. There is one locked room that is
worth picking, and that is in the Free Guild; however, the same prize can
be won by helping Professor Prosk. It is generally not worthwhile opening
safes. The money you obtain is not worth the trouble you get into, or the

 One of the missions involves rescuing MAID-77J. (Hint: Which space station
welcomes people regardless of their standing in the Imperium?) After you
rescue her, if you return to where you found her, you will find her again.
This is a bug. If you go through the initial steps of the rescue mission
again, you will get a free repair robot. You cannot complete the rescue
mission again. That much is correct.

 These bugs are from the IBM version.


 There is no USE command in this game, but there is one item you have to
use. The way to use it is to talk to the person you have to use it on,
select OTHER, then type the name of the item. There is only one of this
item, and if you use it at the wrong time or on the wrong person, it's
gone; make sure you have a saved game to go back to before using it.


 There are twenty items that can be bought and sold. At any given time,
only six items are available for purchase. The selection is semi-random.
Certain items are always available at specific places (e.g., titanium on
mining outposts), but others are randomly generated.

 There is also a plus or minus ten percent variation in prices every time
you visit a place, so you want to sell an item where the price is more than
ten percent greater than your purchase price.

 Certain items (e.g., forged CRs) are contraband and can only be sold
safely in specific places. Ross is a good place to sell contraband, but do
you really want to deal in it?

 The Micon stations are good places to sell shunt valves. Supercomputers
are generally expensive everywhere except Hiathra. Brandy, souvenirs,
exotic pets, manure, and hybrid grain are in high demand at mining stations
and the Free Guild. Anagathics are generally very expensive except at the
Free Guild. Materials such as methane and dilithium are cheap on mining
colonies and expensive on the more urban areas, but they are low markup
items. Avoid them except to prevent dead-heading (running empty) back to
the more urban stations. Have fun figuring out the rest.


 Make note of where shipyards are located: Not all places have them. The
proper upgrading of your ship is important. Make at least one upgrade to
the ship's armor and add cargo pods immediately. Being a merchant is the
best way to make money in the beginning. Add a rear shield and Nova
missiles as soon as possible.

 Concentrate on upgrading the armor to the maximum allowed, and the shields
to #2 before upgrading your beam weapons. It is possible to get by with
only #2 shields, 50% ECM units, and sapphire lasers.


 There are two types of NPCs: roving NPCs and stay-at-homes. The roving
NPCs appear randomly in the bars, while the stay-at-homes are always found
in a particular place. Some have vital information and items you need to
complete the game. Some will not give you any information, items, or
missions until you have done something else. Keep talking to them until
they have nothing new to say to you.

 Sir Eld is a very useful NPC to contact early on. Hint: Do not leave
Karonus until you have explored every place in the system.

 It becomes very clear early in the game that the Duchess Avenstar is a key
NPC; however, you will not be able to earn her trust until your reputation
becomes "fierce." Also beware of Borf once you do get Avenstar's trust.
Until then, he's okay.

 The Baakili has several critical pieces of information about the MANCHI
but requires either a dilithium gem or Malir artifact as payment.

 A key NPC has undergone plastic surgery. There is a plastic surgeon in the
game who can tell you what the NPC looks like now if you know the right

 Another NPC has a psionic shield. It is not necessary to have it, but it
is very useful. He will give it to you if you complete a mission for him.
It concerns his wife.


 HIVE is a game within a game. Its sole purpose is to waste your time.
While it is possible to make money playing HIVE, you can ignore it.


 The Malir Gates connections are:

 Karonus upper right to Gryphon lower left
 Karonus lower right to Deneb lower left
 Gryphon upper left to Arcturus lower left
 Arcturus lower right to Deneb upper left
 Deneb middle right to Nar'see middle left
 Deneb lower right to Bassruti middle left
 Nar'see lower right to Bassruti upper left
 Bassruti lower left to Zed
 Bassruti middle right to Sigure

 There are coordinates for the gates, but since they are not used (except
for information), I have listed the gates by their positions within the
star map that comes with the game. That's what you will use anyway to

 This is clearly the most difficult sequence in the game. You cannot kill
the monster; you can only avoid it. The key is to go into a room and pace
around near the door until the monster shows up. Run outside and re-enter
another room. What you want is in the southwest room next to the safe.
Leave as soon as you have it!


 You cannot complete the game without being a merchant, bounty hunter, and
pirate at one point or another. Being a merchant is the best way to make
the money you need to properly equip your ship, but you are unlikely to get
enough combat experience to become known as a "fierce" person. For that you
will need to search out pirate ships and destroy them.

 To locate pirates, travel around until you detect a ship. Stop and target
the ship. If it is a pirate ship, attack. The likelihood of being attacked
increases with your reputation, and being attacked becomes frequent above
"fierce," so you may want to avoid combat once you become a fierce guy.
Hint: Without a booster, your ship will not be fast enough to catch

 All you need to do as a pirate is attack a ship until it surrenders, and
loot it of one unit of cargo. It is unwise to pursue a life of crime beyond
that. Hint: Tankers makes good victims.


 Space combat is fairly simple. Your best weapon is the Nova missile. Use
the beam only for close work. Target the ship and maneuver until it is
centered on your view screen before firing. That improves the likelihood of
a hit. Missiles work best between 500 and 1,000 meters. Beam weapons work
best under 500 meters. Duchess Avenstar will give you an aiming device.
Typing "L" activates it, but it is so slow that it is best to ignore it, so
aim and fire manually.

 The target arrows also indicate in which direction you should turn to
center the target when it is out of your view. However, it is sometimes
hard to see the arrows when they are in the corners. Since the Target
command can be used to help dock at a star base and to traverse a Malir
gate, use those maneuvers to practice "aiming."



 SPACE ROGUE is published and distributed by Origin.

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