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Читы для Speed Busters

Чит-файл для Speed Busters

Speed Busters

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Ubi Soft Entertainment
Издатель:Ubi Soft Entertainment
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 26 ноября 1998 года
Жанры:Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
Похожие игры:Need for Speed 2, Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed, The
Multiplayer:(6) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для

       SpeedBusters: American Highways shortcut and radar guide.
          This work Copyright (c) 2001 PyroVulcanus.

                   For DOS / Windows 95 +

                Version 1.0: 17 March, 2001
I count my dates from when I send them in, not when I write them.


Contact: PyroVulcanus at pyrovulcanus@yahoo.com .

Song I listened to while writing the beginning of this:
Put your lights on, by Santana.
I worked at this for 2 weeks. Mess with it in any way and I will find out where
you physically live and come to pay you a visit.
(With my lawyer in tow of course)

This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced by any
means, shape or form. aside from being placed on a non-commercial, freely
accessible web page in completely unedited unaltered and original format. This
FAQ may not be used for profitable or promotional purposes. It cannot be used
in any kind of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as a gift with a
purchase as this is creating an incentive to buy.
You may do NOTHING with this FAQ exept to print it, read it or save it to your
hard disk. If you wish to do anything otherwise, e-mail me, and we will reach
an agreement. I am PyroVulcanus, AKA 'Lord Vulcanus' and htis FAQ is created
by, owned by, and operated by myself and NONE but myself
(pyrovulcanus@yahoo.com). All copyrights and trademarks not specifically
mentioned in this FAQ are respected.

This FAQ should be found on, and ONLY found on the following sites.
If you wish to host this FAQ, please contact me and I will decide whether or
not your site gets added to the list.

Speedbusters is copyright (c) UbiSoft.
OFFICIAL SpeedBusters website:


Version 1.0.
This is version 1.0. That means this is the first version I have submitted to
this site, be it GameFAQs or a listed site that I permit to host this. If I do
two seperate updates over the course of a week but sent the completed product
at once, it would be v. 1.1. If I sent in the updates as I did them, it would
be 1.2.

    T  o  C
Table of Contents:

1. Boring but worthwhile stuff,
Thank you's, Credits, and Sources
2. The Game,
Object+Scoring, The Game Screen, Options, Terminology, Tips+Techniques and
3. The Cars,
First Block, Classic Set:
Bel Ray, Orion, Pirate and Atlantis
Second Block, Modern Set:
Virtuose, Solaris, LA_2000 and X-Den
3C. Upgrades,
4. Radar Guide,
First Group: California, Mexico and Louisiana.
Second Group: Canada, Colorado and Nevada
5. Shortcut Guide,
First Group: California, Mexico and Louisiana.
Second Group: Canada, Colorado and Nevada
6. Controllers,
Keyboard, Gamepad, Joystick and Racing Wheel
6b. Keyboard keys (default)
7. Secret track (WARNING! SPOILER!)
8. Cheats,
9. Animation Guide,
10. Multiplayer.
11. Miscellaneous,
Views, Bugs, Wierd stuff


Boring but worthwhile stuff:

A. Thank you's
Kao Megura, for his legal template.
CJayC for hosting this on GameFAQs.

B. Credits
Some one wrote a good FAQ for speedbusters, and I think the official
SpeedBusters website put it up (!). I used the guide to help me pin-point all
the shortcuts etc. Then I did them myself.
However, I cannot thank the guide-writer enough, and I'm sorry if I let some of
your sentences slip sub-consciously into this.

C. Sources
I used the afore-mentioned guide to find some of the shortcuts.
I used the manual for the cars, and I also played the game.
I bought my copy of SpeedBusters in a little McKay's Used Book's and CD's store
in Knoxxville. Someone left some notes- a few cheat codes and car skins and
paints in it on a certain college notepaper. If you were planning on writing
this, I will list your name anyway. If you want to e-mail me fine. Do you want
that church bulletin back?

2. The Game:

The Story:
A highway police officer has won one million dollars in a lottery.
Because of this, he has become slightly demented, and now hands out prizes to
the fastest speeders he can find. This quickly becomes an international sport.

The game's main premises were to have North American (hence Mexico and Canada)
tracks, and also animations on a degree that had never been seen in a game
before. There are a lot of animations. Lots of them. They are almost all funny,
and some are dangerous. Sadly, there are no porn animations. Oh well. Of course
the secret track fits the North American premise- what could be more American
that the Big... Ooops! Almost told ya! If you wan't to know, refer to the TOC
and go to the Spoiler.

The game can be played with 11 different cars on 7 tracks, one track and one
car being secret, and three other cars being downloaded. There are two modes,
Championship and Arcade. In Arcade you must meet checkpoints in certain amounts
of time to finish the race.

Arcade modes are as follows:
Single Race,
Choose from 0 to 5 ai opponents and the options above.

Time Attack,
Free Run: Set your own records and practice.
Ghost Mode: Race against one of your previous times on that track.

Ambience etc.
In Arcade Mode you can select an ambience from the following:
Day, Dusk, Rain/Snow, Clear Day and Cloudy Day.

Mirrors and reverse:
You can play a track in 'reverse', where you drive in the opposite original
direction, or in 'mirrored', where a left turn is a right turn and a right turn
is a left turn, or both.

In Championship mode,
You race against a pre-determined number of 5 cars, on two sets of tracks, one
before the other. There are no checkpoints, but strategically placed radars,
which you must A. go through above the minimum speed, and B. Go through faster
above the minimum speed than anyone else. Depending on your place in the
finish, you receive a percentage of the mph racked up.

If you finish first you receive one-hundred percent of your alloted prize. You
can use your money to tune your car, buy nitro tank upgrades, or spoilers,
fenders etc.
You can save an upgraded car and play with it in Arcade mode.

A. Object and Scoring:
You race around tracks in the game trying to go past radars as fast as
possible, with the aid of a nitro-booster. Tracks consist of hazards and
animations that can knock you off the track, and shortcuts, which help you beat
the opposing cars.

Scoring Chart:

First Place = 100% allocated cash prize
Second = 60%
Third = 40%
Fourth = 20%
Fifth = 0%
Sixth = 0%

B. The Game Screen:
In the race you will see the following things, assuming you have them enabled:

| Last 130 mph\ 1              | Rear View mirror  |
| Best 134 mph| 2            9 |     Key = f5      |
|--------------                |___________________|
|                                                  |
|                                       10         |
|                                                  |
|                                                  |
|                                                  |
|                                                  |
|               1st  0:00:81  3                    |
|                  0:00:81    4                    |
|-Pos 2/6--- 6     00:00:49   5          11        |
|__________|                          /------------|
|   /\/\   |                         /    * * / *  |
|   \  /   | 7               12 _____|  *   //   * |
|   /*/    |                   /* * *| *   //    * |
|__________|                  /* \   | *   ______  |

1, The last speed recorded by the radar.
2, The speed record for the last radar you passed.
3, The distance in secods between you and the race leader.
4, The distance in seconds between you and the car closest ahead.
5, The distance in seconds between you and the car closest behind.
6, Your race position */6, 1/6 being first, 6/6 being last.
7, A small map display. You are the blue dot, other racers are yellow dots.
8, Laps completed, 1/3 being one out of three, with 2 left to go.
9, Rear view mirror
10, Chrono and lap info appears here.
11, Speedometer.
12, Engine RPM (revolutions per minute).
13, Gear, 5 being fifth (and as high as you can go), N being Neutral, and R
being Reverse.

The 'f4' key will turn everything on the screen off.
The 'f2' key will change your view.

You also have a small green tube that extends accross the bottom of the
speedometer, over your current gear indicator. As you use Nitro, it will
deplete. Note that the 'fulofit' cheat will freeze the tube.

C. Options:

Video Options:
When you start the game, choose the range of visual effects you want.

Basic configurations:
Driver scrolling menu, choose the driver you want.

Resolution scrolling menu, choose a resolution between 512 x 384 and 1024 x
768. Note that resolution support will vary from one 3D card to another.
Graphic details slider. Select a graphics preset.
Custom graphic settings, click to modify custom graphic settings.

Custom Graphic Settings:

Visual Options:
These settings may be different, depending on your 3D card.

Show particle systems, Activates/Deactivates particles like water, smoke fire
Show animated textures, Activates/Deactivates animated textures throughout the
Show reflection, Activates/Deactivates the sky's reflection on track surfaces.
Interlaced video, I don't know what it is, but it, Activates/Deactivates
Interlaced video.
Widescreen, Activates/Deactivates widescreen view in races.
Detail textures, Activates/Deactivates detail textures. This is only available
on Voodoo2 3D cards.
Show fog, Activates/Deactivates fog effects.
Clipping distance, slider, only available for systems with Direct3D.
Texture quality, depending on your 3D card, you can switch between 8, 16 or 32
bit texture quality. You can also choose 'low quality'.

Player's Car:
Show smoke, Activates/Deactivates smoke effects.
Show sparks, Activates/Deactivates sparks effects.
Show chrome, Activates/Deactivates reflection effects on car.
Show transparency, Activates/Deactivates window transparency.
Skid marks Activates/Deactivates skid marks.
Show Nitro Effects Activates/Deactivates Nitro effects.
Show lighting Activates/Deactivates headlights.
Reflection Activates/Deactivates car reflection on ground.

Opponent's car:
Show sparks, Activates/Deactivates sparks effects.
Show chrome, Activates/Deactivates car reflections.
Show transparency, Activates/Deactivates window transparency.
Show Nitro Effects, Activates/Deactivates Nitro effects.
Show lighting, Activates/Deactivates headlights.
Show reflection, Activates/Deactivates car reflection on ground.

In game, you can configure the following options:

Game Options:

Sound Configuration:
You can independantly adjust Sound effects, Music volume and engine volume by
using three seperate sliders.
Below that are two preset mixes, one will play music but no ambient sounds like
birds and wind etc., and the other will play ambient noises like birds and wind
but no music.
Beside that are three mute buttons that let you mute sound effects, mute music,
and/or mute engine noises.
Under that there are three buttons that will let you choose how many sounds to
use at the same time: Low, for only basic sounds, Medium, for some extra
sounds, and High, for all sounds. the manual recommends setting it to medium or
low if you are having sound problems.
Below that is a horn selector and tester.
You can choose from the following horn sounds:

Default: This is a normal horn sound.
KLx12: This is a fun 'bicycle horn' horn sound.
Standard1: Another normal horn sound.
Standard2: A tinnier horn sound.
Standard3: A slightly less tinner horn sound than the one above.
Standard4: A really tinny horn sound.
Standard5: A nasal-ish horn sound.
Standard6: A normal horn sound.

Below that is advanced settings.

Advanced Sound Settings:
For 2D Sound Cards,
Reverse Stero: Sound from your left speaker is reversed to the right speaker
and vice versa.
Test Sound: Tests  right, middle and center channels to allow you to decide if
Reverse Stereo needs to be implemented.

For 3D Sound Cards
Reverse Stero: Same as above.
Test Surround: Tests the surround feature of your card.
Output selection box: Choose the box pertaining to your sound output: Four
speakers, Two speakers or Headphones. Sadly, no provision for 5.1 channel
speakers and cards. Maybe the patch fixes this- I don't know.

Control Settings:

Basic Configuration:
This lets you choose the keys for each action.

Advanced Configuration:
Controller buttons: Click on the corresponding button with the picture of what
controller you prefer to use, be it Gamepad, Joystick or Racing Wheel.
Settings button, click to access the settings menu for your controller.
Transmission buttons, click either Manual or Automatic to choose your
transmission type.
Speed display buttons, click to select the speed display that will be used in
the game, be it Mph or Kph. I prefer Mph, but you 'blokes' in the UK will
prefer Kph.
Force Feedback, click to access the settings for your force feedback

Force Feedback Configuration:
Force Feedback On/Off, choose the appropriate button (guess :D) to
enable/disable force feedback.

Force Feedback sliders:
Force, Stiffness, Collisions, Surface and Other.

D. Terminology
Kph = Kilometers per Hour.
Mph = Miles per Hour.
Busting a radar = Going through it above minimum speed faster than anyone else
who went through it or will go through it.
Nitro boost = Using the nitro (sometimes ctrl) to speed up prior to a radar or
Slide = Turning and braking so that your car slides around a curve.
Power-slip = More so than the above.
Punch it = Stomp on the gas, use your Nitro, heck, shift as high as you can!

E. Tips and Techniques:
All shortcuts etc. have been performed by me, and therefore are workable. These
techniques will help.

Tips for Driving:
Each car has a different way of behaving. 'Some take turns easily but may skid
more, and vice-versa.' This also applies to braking, acceleration and handling.
Always check the status of your tires. Damaged tires skid more than new ones.
Car damage will also affect performance.
Nitro can be used for long times on certain areas, but it will make the car
difficult to control. Use it strategically. Don't be at the end of a race
without Nitro or you may lose!
Practice in Time Attack Mode every time you get a new car or upgrade.

Medium to Large Turn Skid:
Use Nitro as you approach the turn, then release it when you enter the turn.

Combine Handbraking with Nitro:
When entering a turn before a straight line, stear a little around the first
part of the curve, synchronize by tapping the Handbrake, then Nitro out into
the straight-away. This is useful for busting difficult radars at high speed.

Bootleg Turn:
When you need to turn and go in the opposite direction very fast, sue this. It
is mainly useful if you have been turned around and are going fairly fast. Hit
the Handbrake and steer until you are broadside the road. Acclerate with Nitro
while turning in the direction you need to go, and tapping the standard brake.
You probably won't end up perfectly aligned, but turn and Nitro to get on your

Bootleg Hairpin Turn:
There aren't many places where you can use this, but when you need to make a
hair-pin turn, accelerate until you are about 3 car-lengths from the apex, then
press the Handbrake and turn into the turn. When your car has turned 3/4 of the
way through the turn press the standard brake and Nitro to turn your car toward
the exit of the turn. Brake and counter-steer on your way out to finish the

Regular Brake-Skid turn:
When you need to make a turn in a city at high speed, dont use the handbrake,
as it can spin you out of control. Use the regular brake, and skid around then
Nitro out of the curve. A racing wheel is best because you can modulate the
brake most efficiently.

Punch It:
Give it everything! If you are in manual, shift up as highas you can, step on
the gas and use your Nitro.

F. Transmission:
Manual or Automatic? The debate rages on.

I would say Automatic for beginners, and Manual for people fairly good at the
game. In Manual you can shift up to 5 with a little Nitro boost, and make
INSANE speeds. On the other hand, you start in Neutral, and when you crash you
reset to Neutral.

3. The Cars:
Car options:
You can buy from the upgrades listed below, plus you can pick from several
paint jobs and skins.
A paint job is usually one or more solid colors.
A skin usually involves graphics of some sort.

First Block, Classic Set:

A. Bel Ray,
 A 'classic' 50's model. Low cost means low cost upgrades and repairs.
Control: Good top speed, but poor brakes and acceleration.
The handling is acceptable, so you can make controlled skids even though the
frame is a bit heavy.
Paints: Coal + White, Burgundy, Blue, Hospital (green), Orange, Pearl, White +
Blue, Yeaster (Yellow + Pink), YellBlue.
Skins: Dadaism, Gum, Number 3, Number 45, Pizza (delivery), Shock, Skulls.

B. Orion,
 An older model car, and the lightest car of this block.
Control: Intermediate top speed, with good acceleration.
Handling is decent and allows controlled skids, but the frame is so light that
an over-skid is common.
Paints: Beige, Black, Blue, Green, OrangeO (like tangerine), Pearl, Red, Steel
(whiteish), Yellow.
Skins: Mao (camo with Red star), Cubist (ironically non-cubist, the name is
confused with an X-Den skin), Bee (black + yellow), Number 88, Police, Rusty.

C. Pirate,
 Second fastest car on this block, this car is the car that the AI wins with in
most cases.
Control: Good top speed, but poor acceleration.
Excellent handling and a powerful engine, but at the cost of heavy weight.
Paints: Blue, Brown, Black, (light) Green, Ivory, Maple, Orange, Red, Yellow.
Skins: Flames, Medic, Number 11, Peace (really a hippy skin becuase there is no
peace symbol), Surreal (blue sky, clouds, and green apples), Bullets.

D. Atlantis,
 A prototype model. It is big, which comes in handy when it's time to keep
people from passing you.
Control: Tremendous top speed for a car in it's class. Excellent brakes, but it
lacks steering and handling. Not a car for racing wheel owners.
Paints: Black + White, Apple-Green, Cream + Red, Orange, Pearl w/ Black top,
Purple w/ White top, Red w/ White top, TwoBlues, Yellow
Skins: Celtic, Blood, Number 17, Rainbow, School, Shark.

Second Block, Modern Set:

A. Virtuose,
 This is the fastest car of all, but it has poor handling at high speeds, and
is slightly unstable. It is a car to be learned and tamed. if you are a good
driver, you will get this. I guess I'm not a good driver :)
Control: Insane peed and good brakes at the cost of handling and steering.
Taking a turn at high speed = bye bye.
Paints: Darkness, Green Day, Black-Red-White, Orange 2 (with more brown),
Pearl, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue-Grey.
Skins: Taxi, Ladybug, Demon, Number 00, Number 27, Popart (think warhol.

B. Solaris,
 A fairly fast car that is very stable, but this means you can't skid for
#!*@$. Use good handbrakes and you are the king of the road.
Control: Excellent acceleration and brakes, poor at skidding, which makes
steering hard.
Paints: Tangerine (e), Cream, Blackout, Goblin (green), Grayish (purplish),
Powder (fine blue), PurpleF, Sunshine.
Skins: Street (signs), Duo (purple + white), (Chinese) Dragon (Awesome),
Hounds, Number 8, Phoenix, Psyke.

C. LA_2000,
 Everyone says this is the best car overall.
Control: Excellent accelleration, braking, top speed and handling.
Paints: Carbon, Blux(?), Green, Orange, Pearl, Purple, Ruby, Chrome.
Skins: Eagle, Eyeballs, Mboard (circuit board, Racing (red-white), StilJ (this
is the one that the cubist skin is mixed up with. This one is cubist.), Stunt
(red-blue-white), Tiger.

And the *secret* car,

D. X-Den,
 Only for the true masters to earn. Hard to control. Pretty, though, and makes
for something to brag about.
Control: I havn't played with it. (whine) Do I haaaaaavee toooooo?
Paints: Pearl, Reddy, Yellow, Coal, Blue, Burgun (dy?), Gray, Orange.
Skins: Number 71, RedWhite, Squid, Stripes (red-white-black), Blue-white,
Biomech, Lightning, Mantis.

Downloadable Cars:

A. Montana,
 A nimble Sport-Ute that looks like an Isuzu Amigo, my favorite car!
It's a blast for racing-wheel owners because of it's forgiving steering radius.
I want an Isuzu Amigo, so this is my top pick.
(It actually looks more like a jeep, but hey... I can dream...)
Control: It's decent. Surprisingly, it has no advantage on sand or dirt.
Paints: Silver, Yellow, Black, Bleu (?), Orange, (army) Olive, Red, Pink.
Skins: Eagles, Guns (bullet holes), HotParts (no), Motorcycles (Harley
Davidson), Ram, Sport, Touring, Type R.

B. Stingray,
 A station wagon. Right. I haven't downloaded this one yet. Anyone want to tell
me what it's like?

C. Cortex,
 'The compact car for SpeedBusters.' I didn't get this one either.

When do we get a VAN?

Blower: a big air intake on the hood. Makes your car look like a dragster and
improves speed.

Spoiler: 'Makes your car look like it could fly, and with a little bit of
Nitro, why should't it?'. A nice custom spoiler on the back of your car. Keeps
it on the road more when you're going fast.

Side Exhausts: Cosmetic, also increases Nitro power. Places an exhause on each
side of your car.

Fender Flares: Big fenders that protect your tires and loo like they've always
been there.

Spoiler Kit: How about a *couple* of spoilers? This makes your car look really
sporty and improves speed.

PSZA301 Radar Detector: Tells you the speed you need to bust a radar whenever
you near one.

Feelix Road Maps: I don't know how these work. Please tell me.

Car Insurance: If repairs are costing too much, get Bolds and Bonds Car
Insurance. Valid for one race only. Your damage will be repaired at no cost.

Tunings: You can purchase two levels of car tuning, each one making your car
more responsive and reliable. No third is required, unless you need to bust a
radar on the moon! (wouldn't THAT freak out the guys manning the remote cameras
we left there :D)

Nitro Tanks: If you use the 'fulofit' cheat, you use Nitro *too* much, and your
car will suffer from crashes. Better to conserve.
Buy the 4 sizes at your local Ben's Car Tuning Shop!

The Shyguy, 60 liters
The Brute, 100 liters
The Reactor, 140 liters
The Mambo Jumbo (MUMBO jumbo?), 250 liters
Your default tank is 40 liters.

There are also 2 sizes of tires available. The secodn tire is more expenive,
but more reliable.

4. Radar guide:
A terminology note: all shortcuts and radars are listed assuming that you are
playing in on-reversed, non-mirrored fashion.
The radars all have minimum speeds. I will list them.
Each map has three radars. whcih means you have three chances at each one.
I would like to apologise for being native to the UK- I made the mistake of
using the Kph system in the game (most familiar to me) and copying the speeds
down from it. I am afraid you won't get that much use out fo the speeds I give
now. Oh well. Maybe someone wishing immortality in this document will send me a
 converted list of numbers... Again, I am sorry for this, although the speeds
really aren't all that important...

First Group: California, Mexico and Louisiana.

A. California:
Radar 1: Minimum speed 220 Mph.
Keep right, and when you approach the pier, slowly move toward the left. Once
you reach the pier, Punch it! and let the car drift to the right. Don't drive
in the sand or you will lose speed.

Radar 2: Minimum speed 220 Mph.
On the bridge in the warehouse, stay to the right (away from Jaws) and about
2/3 of the way through, swing and left, Nitro and burst out. Be careful not to
hit the cop on the motorcycle.

Radar 3: Minimum speed 260 Mph.
Don't lose your nerve here or you'll have a big damage bill.
When you arrive at the palm trees, stay left until you begin the right curve.
Wiggle-Straight through the trees and Punch it! aiming beside the police car.

B. Mexico:
Radar 1: Minimum speed 275 Mph.
The light-colored section of the road is the one you want to stay on. Punch it!
as you go through the first real right curve. When the police car appears, go
along it's left side and keep steering left.

Radar 2: Minimum speed 260 Mph.
The raft shortcut in some circumstances usually will PREVENT you from gaining
enough speed to bust this radar.
When you reach the straight road, Punch it!, and try to get on the bridge with
a left skid. The helicopter is just ahead.

Radar 3: Minimum speed 215 Mph.
As you go up the dirt tunnel, try not to pass through the light beam or you
will see the business end of an Indiana Jones egg. When the exit pops into
view, Punch it!

C. Louisiana:
Radar 1: Minimum speed 210 Mph.
Slow down in the first area with the white houses.
Stay right after the first right curve, then go left and Punch it!
Go for the helicopter, being right under it helps.

Radar 2: Minimum speed 200 Mph.
Right after the riverboat, keep left and punch it!
Money, money money!

Radar 3: Mimimum speed 245 Mph.
Take the shortcut under the ramp in the sewage plant and punch it all the way!
if you miss the shortcut, don't hit any walls on the ramp and punch it as soon
as soon as you see the police car.

Second Group: Canada, Colorado and Nevada

A. Canada:
Blame Canada!

Radar 1: Minimum speed 250 Mph.
Keep right as you start. Punch it going left into the curve, as smoothely as
possible. Don't hit the side guards.

Radar 2: Minimum speed 210 Mph.
You can't bust the radar if you don't take the shortcut over the fortress, so
take it and Nitro off the large green roof (when you reach it) and, as soon as
you hit the road, turn left.
If you wan't to be safe, just go the normal route. Blame Canada for having this
radar where it is.

Radar 3: Minimum speed 210 Mph.
Here you have to go through some curves. After the first left turn after the
road split, punch it and drive as straight as possible through the curves.
Don't let up on your gas or brake until you pass the second or third hump after
the radar, or you go in the ditch.

B. Colorado:
Radar 1: Minimum speed 260 Mph.
Keep right until you see the other side of the curve, then punch it heading

Radar 2: Minimum speed 280 Mph.
When you're on the straight road, look for the helicopter. Aim for a space in
the trees under the helicopter, and when you're on the ice, punch it aiming for
the road. As I have said earlier, you may want to have skidded a little around
to the right to be properly aligned with the road.
If you take the ice tunnel shortcut, go through the center of the ice walls, or
you'll lose speed. Keep going straight onto the frozen lake and pop onto the

Radar 3: Minimum speed 200 Mph.
Be careful and don't keep on the gas too near the part of the city where the
kids are throwing snowballs. Stay left after the first curve and then turn
fully to the right and punch it aiming for the police car's front.

C. Nevada:
Home of Vegas and Area 51

Radar 1: Minimum speed 260 Mph.
Stay left just before the right turn under the arch. Punch it when the
helicopter appears. Be cool on this one.

Radar 2: Minimum speed 225 Mph.
Go over the bridge, then keep right after the curve. Then, punch it aiming at
the cop on the motorcycle.
If you took the dirt roard jump shortcut, just don't hit any walls, and punch
it all the way.

Radar 3: Minimum speed 230 Mph.
Similar to Radar 3 in California, this requires you to weave between the palm
trees while trying not to slow down. As usual, get between the trees and aim at
the front of the police car, then punch it.

5. Shortcut Guide:
As I said, all shortcuts etc. have been performed by me, and therefore are

A terminology note: all shortcuts and radars are listed assuming that you are
playing in on-reversed, non-mirrored fashion.

First Group: California, Mexico and Louisiana.

A. California
Only one:
Right after you pull out from the warehouse with the bridge, turn toward King
Kong (to the left) and break through the metal fence. Skid  right and use Nitro
to jump the squid. Caution: Sometimes the squids tentacles are up, and they may
block you, causing you to fall in the water and restart.
This isn't a real shortcut, but as you go up the hill as you leave downtown,
you can Nitro all the way up in most cars and not lose control.

B. Mexico
Two here:
As you enter the volcanic cavern, slide left and go on the platform, and you
will come out of the cavern perfectly aligned to go on the raft. Do not take it
if you don't want to take the raft. As you go out, swerve and handbrake onto a
raft. When it comes up to the cave, Nitro off. You should naturally go left and
land on a raft, but you may have to persuade your car to go there. You may not
have enough speed to bust the next radar, though, if you choose this shortcut.
However, it is a must in the third lap when that damn bus parks in the road!
As you come to the place with the bridges, go on the bridge and don't hit the
sides. You will avoid several dangers this way, as well as pick up some time.

C. Louisiana
Three good ones here:
The first one is incredibly exiting and rather difficult.
Right after the first curve to the left, if the train is there, hit the ramp.
You should land on a flatcar on a train. Get off quickly when you see the
railroad crossing signs on the left. It is easy to fall off, and it is easy to
miss the exit.
The second one is in the harbor. When you see the covered bridge, move over to
the left, then go for the ramp on the right beside the bridge. The reason for
going left is to line yourself up for the ramp.
Use Nitro and burst off the ramp. head right on the boat and land on the road.
You may want to Nitro going off the road.
The third is the easiest.
As you exit the town, when you pass the house on the bayou, get ready. When you
enter the Sewage Treatment, try to see if the light is red or green. If it's
red, DON'T GO. the sewage will slow you down a lot. if it's green, make a right
slide, then a fast left under the ramp. Nitro and hit the ramp and land on the
road. If you have the mirror on, the spectacle of being chased down the ditch
by a plume of sewage makes a good screenshot :).

Second Group: Canada, Colorado and Nevada

A. Canada
Whoa- a whopping FIVE shortcuts here!
The first one one is along the shorline. Try to avoid losing speed by not
changing levels too much. When you see the break in the trees with a ramp of
grass, Nitro up it while heading right. You have to be going fast or you will
end up in the ditch and lose time. If you make it, you will land on the roof of
the fortress. Keep up the Nitro and jump the gaps between the buildings then
when you get to the gree-roofed big building, just hit the ramp and then land
in the road and turn right.
If you fall, you can make your way out. The water in the pool won't re-start
you, but it slows you down.
The second one is easy, just take a left when entering the lumberyard and jump
through the fan. The blades won't hurt your car as much as the saws in the mill
would, but they will bounce your car all over the place if you get hit. Exiting
the fan-tube, head left immediately to align with the road and avoid hitting
the guardrail.
If you miss the fan, there is a ramp to the left to go the way you would have
gone normally.
The third one is a little hard, but with some braking ability and good
swerving, you should make it. When you approach the port, head left, almost
scraping the fence, and slow just a tad. As soon as you have a clear path to
the ramp, accelerate and pull onto it with Nitro blasting. Try to move with the
rhythm of the bundles of wood. As soon as you land, head left to avoid slamming
the fence.

Boosss! Boosss! Theee Plaaane! Theee Plaane!
I didn't think up that good quote, the guy who's FAQ UbiSoft used for their
guide did. It still sounds cool.
This is the trickiest, and most impressive. As you come around the curve, see
if the plane is there. If it is just pulling up, slow down a little, and if it
has been there for a few seconds, accelerate. Get onto the side of the road and
go off. Once you land on the roadway section, Brake as hard as you can. Wait
until the screen is fully aligned with your car again before pulling off, or
you will crash and restart.

As you head through the farming country, go as fast as you can and head for the
barn. See the hole in the barn? See the ramp of manure? Seen 'Dukes of Hazzard?
Well, this was a stunt done a LOT in the TV show, now it's *your* turn. Go as
fast as you can toward the ramp- Punch it! If you line yourself up with the
center of the ramp while going too fast, you bounce off. The trick is to head
for the far right of the opening, and use the right side of the ramp, and
you're in. This may take a few tries, though. Nitro out, and you're ahead for a
while. Of course, the faint "Dang! Them Duke boys ain't been caught YET?"
soundbyte is just icing on the cake.

B. Colorado
Three cold ones here. After the start, head into the trees on the immediate
left and Nitro along to get to the covered bridge before anyone else.
Later, after the rock arch where there is an avalanche, look to your left.
There is an icewall behind the trees. Thread your way through and break in. Be
careful: Stalactites fall to the ground the length of the cave.
On your way out, hold your course and you will fly over the icy lake. Try to
align yourself to the right, and exit at the part road as close to the far
right as you can. Careful brakeing will reward you as you hit the road.

C. Nevada
There are only two here. Oh well.
The first is right next to the bridge (the gaint UFO crashes into it in the
third lap. If you can't jump well, don't do this! Get on the dirt road to the
right, and jump to the tracks. Keep to the right as you go through.
The second is in Vegas on the left after you pass through the 'Excalibur'
tunnel. There is a small bridge entrance. Go along the bridge, but be careful!
The ship will fire a broadside at you.
A broadside is a ship firing all it's guns on one side at a target.

There is a third one, even if it isn't a shortcut: Entering Area 51, you can
choose to go through the cargo plane or not. The cargo plane is faster.

6. Controllers:
The game accepts 4 controllers:
Keyboard, Gamepad, Joystick, and Racing Wheel.
I personally recomend a good wheel for this game, because the brakes and gas
require modulation frequently, the sort a keyboard can't give.
Example: the 'down' is either on or off. When it's on, it's full on. You can't
keep it at a certain level except by tapping iT, and this is bad for both you
and the keyboard. This applies even more to the gas or acceleration keys. I
don't think a gamepad is a great idea, and a joystick is probably
innapropriate. I think that a small handheld wheel would work fine with this
game. You can configure the game on a wheel perfectly.
Question: Can the handbrake be modulated like the brake or gas?

6B. Default Keyboard Keys:
These are customizeable keys:

Accelerate__________ Up Arrow
Brake_______________ Down Arrow
Steer left__________ Left Arrow
Steer right_________ Right Arrow
Nitro_______________ Spacebar
Handbrake___________ S
Shift up____________ A
Shift down__________ Z
Horn________________ H

These are non-customizeable function keys.

In-Race Help_________________________________________ F1
Cycle views__________________________________________ F2
Toggle Dynamic camer on/off__________________________ F3
Toggle displays on/off (Radar, RPM, Speedometer...)__ F4
Toggle Rearview mirror_______________________________ F5
Chrono and Lap info__________________________________ F6
Pause and go to menu_________________________________ ESC

7. Secret track:


The track is called new york and it is a very jazzy track.
It is new york city, and it is EXTRMELY hard.
I used no capitalization because you might have noticed it as you scroll by, if
you didn't want to see the spoiler.


8. Cheats:
Courtesy Gamesages:
Enter these in the game. There is no box to enter them in, so just type them in
quickly. There is no confirmation.

FULOFIT = Unlimited Nitro in Arcade or Championship modes.

BLACKICE = No road adhesion.

CRAZYEDIE = 100% acceleration, 0% brakes.

HWY69 = All cars and tracks in Championship mode, Arcade mode.

CHOPERVIEW = Replaces left corner map with top-down view of your car.

TAGKILLER = Any car bumped from behind, including you, is returned to the
starting line.

9. Animation Guide:

A. California:
As you drive across the bridge in the warehouse, Jaws will attack!
Going out of the warehouse, King Kong is on your right and a crashed biplane is
on your left.
If you take the shortcut to the right, you will jump a giant squid as you race
toward the exit of the studio. Sometimes it's tenticles are in the air.
Going down the road to exit the movie studio, a Tyrannosaurus Rex will stomp
across from right to left. Depending on the lap, he will just stomp across and
roar,  grab a small car and wave it around (not you or your opponents... oh
well), or he will slam a Semi-Truck cab around. Be careful, Wrecks leaves his
toys out when he's done playing, so you may need to avoid his car or cab. :)
EGG: His roar is sampled straight from Jurassic Park!
On the way up the boulevard there are several manholes. These will pop up over
a gush of water from time to time. Water will stream out from the rims for a
second or two before they pop up. If you hit them after they are up they will
stop you, but if you are over them when they go up, you get launched in the
air. I once flew very high over that bar across the road!

B. Mexico:
Not a whole lot except for an Indiana Jones wanna-be mexican who crashes while
swinging from a mine, and an Egg.
Going up the dirt cave, if you pass through the light beam you release a large
round boulder! It will come rolling down and SERIOUSLY slam any cars it hits
back. This is a pure Indiana Jones egg.

C. Louisiana:
The aforementioned train ride is an animation, but it is really a shortcut.
In the under-water tunnel, sometimes a colorful group of fish swim by. This
would be the perfect place for a monster, so if someone has ever seen one there
please tell me!
The bridge that raises up isn't really an animation, but it's darned cool.
Before the sewage treatment plant there is a big alligator in the road. Don't
hit him. Is the annoying rush of water that gets you if you take the shortcut
an animation? Tell me.

D. Canada:
EGG: Near the end of the lap, there is a barn... with a big ramp in front...
and a huge hole in the middle. Hit the ramp square and don't use Nitro or you
will bounce off the side.* If you ever watched 'Dukes of Hazzard' this is a
dream come true- and the faint
'Dang! Them Duke boys ain't been caught YET?' sampled from the TV show is
reward enough for the endevour. Just don't hit the chickens!
*See my shortcuts for info on how to go through the barn at full speed.

E. Colorado:
As you go along, there are snow cannons shooting, kids throwing snowballs, a
bear going after a mountain climber, lot's of stalactites that fall down in a
cave, a snowplow, a back-hoe (sounds nasty) loading a dump truck and some
others. Sorry I'm so vague, but this isn't a very familiar map to me.

F. Nevada:
There are some cool Humvees and Apache attack helicopters around the base.
There are Ufo's along the road.
In the third lap, a BIG UFO crashes into the bridge.
In Vegas, if you take the bridge shortcut, the ship will shoot at you.

EGG: In the desert, just before the dam, there are two Indians, or Native
Americans, dancing around a fire on a raised rock. On the second lap ELVIS
comes out of the fire and postures, then shrinks.
Also, before Area 51, there is a Go Cart track, but you can't get in. The name
is the same as another (sadly, European only) Go Cart game.
Right after that is a billboard that not so subtly tells you what the secret
track is.

10. Multiplayer:
Here are instructions.

11. Miscellaneous:
I honestly don't have a clue in the world what to put here.

There are about three or four views.
One is like being strapped to a rocket, because there isn't an in-car view.

Wait! Get the 25 mb add-on from the SpeedBusters website (listed at top) and
see a 3dfx rendered (just as good on any other card) in-car cockpit for each
car- even the downloaded ones.
No more being strapped to a rocket nosecone!

Known Bugs:
If you have a racing wheel plugged in and you set evrything up to be keyboard
except the pedals, as I did, the game will crash whe you try to use the pedals.
Don't mix your controllers.

Wierd Stuff:
John Travolta's Half-brother plays the cop in the intro movie.

Win the game and you get to see a silhouette of the guy and girl from the intro
movie making love.

       SpeedBusters: American Highways shortcut and radar guide.
         Speedbusters: American Highways copyright (c) UbiSoft
          This work Copyright (c) 2001 PyroVulcanus.


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