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Читы для Star Trek: Away Team

Чит-файл для Star Trek: Away Team

Star Trek:
Away Team

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

ISO статус:релиз состоялся 14 марта 2001 года
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / Isometric
Multiplayer:(2) LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2001 г.


Информация актуальна для
Star Trek: Away Team

FAQ/Walkthrough by Watchfull (thewatchfull@hotmail.com)

FAQ is version 0.1, based on the release version of the game (1.0)
FAQ released 3/20/01

FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright Notice

This Walkthrough is copyrighted 2001 by Watchfull. This document may not be
electronically or physically be published without express consent from
Watchfull. Any site wishing to host this FAQ must consult the author,
Watchfull, first.

Only the following sites have permission to host this FAQ:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com
- http://www.actiontrip.com
- http://www.cheatcc.com
- http://www.neoseeker.com

The following sites may never host this FAQ:

- None Yet

This document may not be published on or within any distributed media (i.e.
Magazine, CD, etc) without prior consent.

Rip offs will be flamed.

Table of Contents

-Copyright Notice

1 -   FAQ Info
 .1 - Version History
 .2 - Contributors
 .3 - Thanks
 .4 - FAQ Format
 .5 - How to Contact the Author

2 -   Game Info
 .1 - Description
 .2 - Story/Background
 .3 - Important Characters/Groups
 .4 - Weapons
 .5 - Items
 .6 - Cheats

3 -   FAQ

4 -   Walkthrough
 .1 - Mission 1: Klingon Outpost on Rigel 4 (Tutorial)
 .2 - Mission 2: Leyte Gulf
 .3 - Mission 3: Romulan Base on Chetzia 3

5 -   Conclusion
 .1 - Final Thoughts
 .2 - Copyright Notices
1 - FAQ Info

 1.1 - Version History

0.2  - Removed the control section
     - Fixed formating in some areas
     - Fixed a quick typo and mistake in Mission 2
     - Added Mission 3
     - Added the "Thanks" section
     - Updated "Contact" section

0.1  - First version

 1.2 - Contributors

None yet! Read .4 on how to help

 1.3 - Thanks

Big thanks go out to CJayC at GameFAQs.com (inspiration and help when needed).
A lot of thanks go to Activision for continuing the trend of not rushing ST
products out of beta, thus making good Star Trek games.

 1.4 - FAQ Format

This document is split into 5 sections (as seen in the ToC). To make finding
the specific info the reader may need, each section is further divided by a
".x" system. If this confuses you, you should not be playing this game.

 1.5 - How to Contact the Author

Send an e-mail to thewatchfull@hotmail.com. Make sure the subject has "STAW" in
it, followed by the subject of your e-mail. E-mails not doing that will
probably get lost (sorry). Below are some guidelines to follow before e-mailing
me. . .

- Read the entire document
- Point out mistakes or "fuzzy" things
- Contribute (either cheats, quick tips, or alt. routes)
- Ask clear, concise questions, including what area you are in and what part
you are stuck in
- Point out people ripping off this FAQ

- Flame me (it will be ignored, don't waste your effort)
- Ask very vague questions or questions answered in the first mission (tutorial
- Ask for technical support (there is a number in the manual for this, as well
as a site)

E-mails doing the "DO NOT" things will be ignored. Sorry, it's the way things
work. Contributors will be added to the .2 area as well as have their content

Working on starting a mailing list for those interested in updates to the FAQ
or help with the game in general (hosts are already on a list, only hosts will
be on this list).

2 - Game Info

 2.1 - Description

Star Trek: Away Team is a tatical simulation game, going back to a formula
tried in Star Trek: TNG for SNES. The player controls a party of 2 to 6
characters to complete mission objectives, which range from rescue the
important character to avoid detection (sometimes both). The game gives over 50
hours of game play, as well as some replayability, since it takes some time to
get used to the quirks of the game's interface.

Unlike most newer ST games, Away Team uses a static three-quarters view
(similar to the one found in Baldur's Gate and such) and uses it well. All
elements within the game are prerendered art, meaning this game is playable by
nearly everyone. Despite these two facts, which some may consider coffin nails
on any game due to the age of the concepts and alternatives available now, Star
Trek: Away Team does very well.

 2.2 - Story/Background

After the Dominion wars, Starfleet realized there are many things always
working to unravel the fabric that is the United Federation of Planets, and not
every problem can be solved by Galaxy class starships manned by possibly the
most skilled crew ever. It has become evident that although ground-based
warfare has been "extinct" for many centuries, the need for tatical incursions
within enemy bases and into volatile situations still exists. The term "away
team" now takes on a whole new meaning.

The U.S.S. Incursion is the first of the new breed of starships needed to take
on this role. Equipped with a Holographic Masking System, the Incursion can
enter hostile areas without fear of being recognized as a Federation ship.
Combined with seventeen men and women, specially trained for the unusual
circumstances and environments they're likely to encounter. Along with Cmdr.
Data, the crew of the Incursion is a force unmatched by any in the Alpha and
Beta quadrants.

No sooner is the force put together, though, than their first call to arms is
heard. A Klingon research base is under attack by Romulans. The perfect warm-up
for a crew expected to do so much more. And they will be doing much more.

 2.3 - Important Characters/Groups

Admiral Nolotai -
	The man resposible for putting together the Incursion's Crew, it seems the
Incursion reports directly back to him.

Commander Data -
 Assigned to the Incursion to help the crew adjust to the unusual capacity of
their assignments, he is in constant contact with the team to offer advice and

Captain Marcus Refelian -
 Captain of the Incursion, he participates in many of it's missions. He
actually put together the crew, with the aid of Admiral Nolotai.

Ambassodor Worf -
 The Federation's best contact with the Klingon Empire.

The Wardens -
 A mysterious group that has infiltrated both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire.
What is their purpose, who are they, and why?

 2.4 - Weapons

Phaser - Standard Starfleet issue, can be set for stun or kill. Note that stun
only takes one shot.

Phaser Rifle - Increased distance over the normal phaser, also has stun or kill

Romulan/Klingon Disrupter - Only attainable during missions (or when playing
with Worf). Basically a Phaser, though.

Sniper Rifle - Starfleet weapon with limited phased particle charges, kills in
one shot with extended range.

Proximity Mine - Once set, the mine will detonate when an enemy comes near. Be
sure not to set in the middle of battle.

Concussion Grenades - Deal damage within a small radius, useful for taking out
groups and are tossed (keep in mind when targetting, as they have a tendency to
hit corners, go down stairs, or even roll back to the thrower (!)).

EMP Grenade - Temporarily disables electronic systems and stuns Borg drones.
Does not work on handheld devices or security shields.

Remote Mine - Once placed, can be detonated by the placer from anywhere on the
map. Sends out a physical blast, as well as EMP blast.

Neural Disrupter - Used by only two of the medics, silently incapcitates the
foe by severing neural passages. (Considered a kill)

Nerve Pinch - Usable only by Vulcans, stuns the foe for several seconds.

Advanced Mind Meld - Usable only by one crew member, takes control of the foe
for a short span of time. Any damage done to the controlled will affect the
controller. The controller is also rendered immobile due to the concentration
used to maintain the link.

 2.5 - Items

Hypospray - Restores health

Extractor - When used on local flora, may yield Herbal Medicine or Poison

Herbal Medicine - Weaker than a hypospry, but still restores health

Poison - (Haven't gotten yet)

Tricorder - Analyzes an area, showing cloaked objects/enemies

Medical Tricorder - Gives a more in-depth look on organics

Holographic Projector - Projects an image a short distance away, within line of
sight. Useful for distracting guards.

Audio Decoy - Can create an unusual sound at certain distances, and works
through walls. Useful for distracting guards and pulling them into traps.

Teleporter Brig - Used to get the bodies of the fallen out of the way. Set it
up in an out of the way place, then use controller on corpses to get rid of any
evidence of an attack.

Cloak Band - Portable and personal cloak device, works only for a short while
and perfect for getting around guards and cameras, but be careful because you
still make noise.

Quantum Charge - Special bomb available only for two missions. Useful for
blowing up big things.

Security Doors and Systems - Used to bypass security grids from their control

Computer Systems - Skill used to hack into consoles for access/info

Engineer Technology Kit - Used to repair non-functional devices

Equipment Upgrade Kit - Used to temporarily increase damage and distance on a

 2.6 - Cheats

None yet.

3 - FAQ

Q: How long does the stun effect last?
A: Depends on weapon and skill setting. On easy, phasers stun for 15+ seconds,
and the nerve pinch stuns for about 20+. On normal, 10 for phasers and 15 for
nerve pinch.

Q: Where did more guards come from?
A: In some missions (mostly starship ones), when you stun someone and leave
them behind, when they wake up, they call security like any other smart person
would do. On some missions, as you complete objectives, more guards are
transported in to make your life harder.

Q: What use is the Audio Decoy?
A: Plenty. One good tactic to use on large groups of enemies is to plant a
proximity charge, then bait the enemies to it using the decoy. Also useful for
remote mines and for sniping. Beware that on "do not get detected" missions,
this will cause you to fail the objective.

Q: Same with the Holographic Projector?
A: Yup. Only catch is you need to have a line of sight for the hologram, which
is a pain sometimes.

Q: What's the use of fufilling Secondary Objectives?
A: You will have your items upgraded. Great example is at the end of the first
mission (where Data leads you on), you get the Remote Mine. On subsequent
missions, you receive things like increased phaser range/damage, more effective
hypos, etc.

Q: Why should I use the Teleportation Brig?
A: On missions were stealth is an asset, teleporting away the bodies of the
fallen is a must. If a guard sees the body of a comrade, he raises when heck of
a din, not to mention causes a fail if you're not supposed to be detected. The
best strategy for this is to put down the brig as soon as possible (preferably
in your starting area), then have the person with the controller be as close to
kills as possible, so when they go down, they can swoop in and get rid of the
body fast.

Q: Why did a team member suddenly die?
A: Some missions have enemy snipers. They get one shot kills too. If you see an
enemy in an area not reachable at all and all they do is look around, they are
a sniper. Get rid of them if you plan on going through the area.

Q: What good are the sight and sound cones?
A: Sight let's you know who is looking where. Sound let's you know who can hear
you. Very good for stealth as well as just handy when ambushing some.

Q: Why can't I kill the borg? I killed one or two, but now they're overwhelming
A: Phasers will only kill 2, maybe 3 borg drones before becoming useless. Try
using EMP grenades, remote mines, or concussion grenades to kill them. The
sniper rifle will also work.

Q: In Mission 10, where do those pigs keep coming from?
A: Good question, I don't know. Just stun the ones on the map, otherwise more
just keep coming.

Q: I can't seem to be able to react in time to do things right. This game
A: Well, if you want to be like a certain reveiwer (not naming) and skip the
manual, go ahead. There is an autopause feature, I'm told (I have yet to find
it), but the "Pause" key (default: Enter) is the greatest tool you have. It
turns the twitch tatics I find a lot of people complaining about to strategy.

Q: Why aren't my people shooting back when getting shot at?
A: Two reasons. First, the designers thought it would be better if your crew
did not autoreact, as that would lessen the control you have over them. They
will give you hints of their own from time to time, but no more than that. The
other may be you clicked a different target immediatly after shooting. Since
any weapon takes time to "reload", the new target will be ignored. What a
second and try again.

Q: My phaser isn't shooting anymore, why not?
A: Check the power meter. Phasers need some time to build power back up.

Q: Why is stun instant while kill takes 2 or 3 shots?
A: I think because that's how it was in the show. Besides, the effects of stun
are short, and enemies that wake up from it summon reinforcements or invalidate
your objectives. I only use stun when the missions says "minimize casualties".

Q: On Mission 10, it's nearly impossible to fight the enemy crew without them
failing my objective. Help!
A: Mission 10, in my opinion, makes all other missions a walk in the park. The
key in this one is watching sight and sound cones very closely. The
teleportation brig, sniper rifle, and EMP grenades all come in real handy,
although your best strategy is to often "trick" patrols. This is done by
killing one patroller just in view of the other (with the sniper, since the
phasers will trigger the alert). As he runs to help his fallen comrade, take
him out as well (now you can use phasers). The mission is more detailed in it's


4 - Walkthrough

Right now, I'm at Mission 10. For now, I have some basic tips to help smooth
out the harder parts of the missions, as well as shed some light on some
obscure strategies for them.

In the crew sections, (C) stands for Command Officer, (E) is for Engineer, (M)
is for Medical/Doctor,
(S) is for Science, and (W) is for Weapons/Tatical. Officers the game requires
you to take are listed under Required, and can not be removed from the roster.

In the equipment section, Needed is the equipment the game forces you to take.
Optional is the stuff the game recommends. Recommended is the additional stuff
I took to make life easier.

 4.1 - Mission 1: Klingon Outpost (Tutorial)
Allowed     : 4
Recommended : N/a
Required    : Marcus (C), Sirta (M), Ivan (S), T'Andoria (W)

Needed      : N/a
Optional    : N/a
Recommended : N/a

Note        : The team for this mission is predetermined, so you will not get
to see the team selection screen.

Primary Objective(s):
- Free the two Klingon researchers (2 total)
- Get the Romulan cloaking device

Secondary Objective(s):
- Rescue the pinned down Klingon warriors by killing their Romulan adversaries
(3 total)


- Listen to Data. He pretty much baby steps you through the entire thing.

- When ever possible, either snipe lone foes, or use the concussion grenades.

- When freeing the second Klingon warrior, there is a Romulan hidden to the NW
of the two you can take out with a concussion grenade. Have two team members
ready to fire in that area. The one around the corner is not a threat, but
should still be taken out, as he can be suprised with phaser blasts.

- When freeing the third and last Klingon warrior, there will be one Romulan to
the south of the warrior. He can easily be killed by two team members crouching
towards him and firing with phasers when in range.

- Immediatly after rescueing the final warrior, there will be two Romulans near
a stairway, hovering over a dead Klingon. Move Marcus into a good throwing
position and throw a grenade between them (I find a good point to aim for is
the feet of the corpse). This leaves only one inattentive Romulan between you
and the finish.

 4.2 - Mission 2: Leyte Gulf
Allowed     : 4
Recommended : Shiela (M), Wes (S)
Required    : Marcus (C), Slovaak (E)

Needed      : Computer Systems, Engineer Technology Kit
Optional    : Hyposprays, Medical Tricorder
Recommended : Audio Decoy

Note        : The crew I have picked fufills all equipment requirements,
options, and recomendations.

Primary Objective(s):
- Find out what happened to the Leyte Gulf
- Mind Meld with Captain Jurai
- Avert a Warp Core failure

Secondary Objective(s):
- Stun all hostile Starfleet personnel to minimize casualties
- Find and question the Klingon researchers


- Immediatly switch all phasers to "Stun". Never move it from this setting for
whatever reason.

- Use the audio decoy to trick enemies around corners and then sneak by. This
minimizes the chances of getting into a fire fight, summoning more officers,
and maybe failing an objective.

- Remember that only one blast from the phaser is needed to stun. This is
especially handy if you need to take on more than one foe at once, as each team
member can fire at a different foe without worrying about needing another shot
to finish them off.

- When you arrive in the brig, scan the dead researchers with the medical
tricorder. This will complete the objective based on them.

- After stunning foes, move along as quickly as possible, as they will call in
reinforcements when they wake up.

 4.3 - Romulan Base on Chetzia 3
Allowed     : 4
Recommended : Yulana (C), Brexen (E), Yraxys (S), T'Andoria (W)
Required    : N/a

Needed      : Computer Systems, Security Doors and Systems
Optional    : Hyposprays, Extractor, EM Pulse Grenade
Recommended : Sniper Rifle, Proximity Mine

Note        : The crew I have picked fufills all equipment requirements,
options, and recomendations.

Primary Objective(s):
- Access and download all data from the remote console
- Disable remote security station (2)
* Erase records of presence (only if caught by a tower)

Secondary Objective(s):
- Avoid the Romulan Towers
- Avoid detection by Romulans
- Keep Romulan casualties to a minimum (Max kills: 3)


- Use sight cones as much as possible, as the guards and towers all have blind

- Be careful when avoiding towers, as sometimes they stop their sweep for 3
seconds, then reverse direction.

- Go around the compound by starting out to the south. Only your science
officer should go out at first.

- The first console can be snuck to when the guard patrolling it has his back
turned. Run until almost within earshot, then crawl the remaining distance.
Crawl back to the start point (run once you think there is enough distance
between you and the guard).

- Once back with the main party, head around the compound again, this time with
the whole team. Pause briefly before the first break and wait for the patrol to
turn around before sneaking by. Head further around to the northeastern
entrance to the compound.

- Take out the guard at the northeast entrance by placing a proximity mine
right at the entrance while he is walking towards the computer. While he is
walking back, place the teleportation brig someplace hidden, and have your
command office (Shiela) ready to use the controller on the Romulan corpse.

- When sneaking to the second remote station, be careful of a patrolling guard
to the east and the stationary one to the far south (his vision extends to the
console when he is looking around). Sneak to the console and disable it as fast
as possible, returning to the team.

- Move the team to the southeast corner of the map. Send only the science and
weapons/security officers out now.

- Sneak in through the east entrance, avoiding the patroller and the tower (not
as hard as it sounds). Take cover behind the crates stacked just east of the

- Use the weapons/security officer to snipe the stationary guard while the
tower, other guard, and himself are not looking. Now rush your science officer
to the console and use the computer systems skill on it to complete the

- Note that using these tips should minimize your chances of being caught, and
bring you 1 kill away from the minimum line (if life could be easier, you can
kill the guard patrolling the eastern entrance).

5 - Conclusion

 5.1 - Final Thoughts
 (This section will change with every version of the FAQ)

 Okay, still not finished, but something I saw today really boosted my morale.
This FAQ made the "New and Noteworthy" section on the index page of GameFAQs.
Now tell me that isn't an honor ;). So obviously, as part as my good morale,
I'm updating the FAQ a little early.

 I will be starting a mailing list for readers so they can know when I update,
as well as get help when needed (I'm not available a lot, so having a mailing
list where everyone can contribute is a better option).

 Until next update, have fun!

 5.2 - Copyright Notices

Star Trek, all associatted media, images, and works are copyrighted by
Paramount Pictures.
Star Trek: Away Team is copyrighted by Activision, under permission from
Paramount Pictures.
This FAQ is not endorsed nor authorized by either Activision or Paramount
All rights reserved.

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