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Читы для Star Trek: The Next Generation - Birth of the Federation

Чит-файл для Star Trek: The Next Generation - Birth of the F...

Star Trek:
The Next Generation
Birth of the Federation

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Издатель:Hasbro Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 23 мая 1999 года
Жанры:Strategy (Turn-based / Grand strategy)
Похожие игры:Malkari, Master of Orion, Star Wars: Rebellion
Multiplayer:(5) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
Star Trek: The Next Generation(TM)
                             Birth of the Federation
                                FAQ Version 1.4
                                 ****  06/04/2001 ****
                                 By Jamal Leyba

     Star Trek: The Next Generation(TM),(R),(C) 1999 Paramount Pictures. All
     Rights Reserved. Microprose is trademark of Hasbro and its affiliates.
     All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. This
     FAQ is Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 Jamal Leyba. This FAQ is for private
     use only. It may not be reproduced, redistributed, or altered in any way
     without the author's consent.

          Welcome to the Star Trek Universe. This game encompasses all the
     various elements of the show that made it popular with only a few
     drawbacks. Diplomacy, varied Technology, Shipbuilding, and Combat,
     Combat, Combat will eat up all of your free time. If you find yourself
     wandering the street thinking of how to stifle the Federation into
     insignificance then you have played way too much! The FAQ is intended to
     help those people who have either never played a game of incredible
     micro-management or who have and want a jump on the competition. In no
     way is the FAQ intended to take anything away or in association with
     Paramount, Hasbro Interactive/Microprose(TM), or Brady Games(TM) (they
     produce the guide book). If I don't answer your question properly then by
     all means go buy the strategy guide. This may really sound stupid, but
     all the editing was done at 800x600 and would look best at this
          To begin you must choose how hard the game is before you play. They
     are listed as Simple, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible. Don't think
     that Normal isn't so difficult, because the enemy Empires are a lot
     smarter that even on easy and their tactical combat is much better, too.
     Use the tutorials to learn you way around. You might find that the second
     time you play you won't make nearly that amount of mistakes that you did
     before, so don't be afraid to fail. The size of your galaxy can mean a
     lot. They are Small, Medium, and Large. You have to own about 20 systems
     to win for a small galaxy. For a medium it takes about 40 systems. Just
     to give you an idea. There two ways to win the game. Either by Domination
     or Vendetta. Domination means you have to gain 75% of all systems.
     Vendetta means you have to destroy two of your most hated rival empires.
     This may be different for each empire. More minor races means more
     general power to all empires so beware.

     Cardassian Union
      Home System: Cardassia
      Characteristic: Xenophobic
      Conquest: Love it
      Break Treaties: Anytime
      Trade Route: 150
          One of the more underrated races in the Star Trek continuum. The
          Cardassians are an efficient, xenophobic race. Their starships
          exemplify design and fluidity by being able to fire at any angle at
          any target, and Intelligence due to the power of the Obsidian Order
          is relentlessly strong. They prefer to rule with an iron fist and
          take no prisoners. Their ship names imply death and power. They
          enjoy conquering and can control populations easier than any other.
          They don't mind breaking treaties with enemies.
     Romulan Star Empire
      Home System: Romulus
      Characteristic: Secretive
      Conquest: Don't mind it
      Break Treaties: When Necessary
      Trade Route: 170
          The Romulan have all the logic of their Vulcan cousins, but still
          have the strength and ferocity of the their ancient ancestors. They
          tend to keep to themselves, but have a hidden eye on everything
          anyone does. Their Tal Shiar is second only to the Cardassian's
          Obsidian Order, and have exceptional research capabilities.
          The choose to rule through quiet allegiance. The are totalitarian
          and the population will support most anything their leaders do.
          Their ship names imply stealth, grace, beauty, and insect life.
     Klingon Empire
      Home System: Qo'noS
      Characteristic: Militaristic
      Conquest: Live for it
      Break Treaties: Dishonorable Practices (Spying and Sabotage)
      Trade Route: 180
          Fierce and ritualistic, the Klingons are proud and do not make
          friends so easily. Their combat and weapon expertise are unrivaled
          in the quadrant. They fight with absolute authority and no challenge
          with go unheard. The ultimate death is in battle. They really don't
          take any prisoners. Their ship names are really in Klingon and more
          than half the time they can guess the tactical maneuver the enemy
          is about to perform and counter it. They have no problem with any
          type of battle, but do not like break treaties with allies.
     Ferengi Alliance
      Home System: Ferenginar
      Characteristic: Unscrupulous
      Conquest: More money to be made
      Break Treaties: Betray Ferengi or an ally
      Trade Route: 120
          Who said money couldn't buy anything. The Ferengi surely did not.
          They pride themselves on diplomacy through buyouts. Forging trade
          route to any place they choose, money is provided for all who live.
          With the Rules of Acquisition in hand, no Ferengi can not get what
          he needs. The Ferengi ships are not to be underestimated, but they
          have no real inspiration to fight. Their ships have names implying
          money, greed, and the acquisition of wealth.  They can raid a trade
          route easier than any other.
     United Federation of Planets
      Home System: Sol
      Characteristic: Diplomatic
      Military Conquest: Abhor it
      Break Treaties: Planetary Bombardment
      Trade Route: 160
          The UFP was formed to provide a sharing of thoughts and technology
          between willing races. Through this the success of the Federation
          was founding. Through diplomacy the Federation has gained resources
          and power that other may rival and despise. Expansion is only found
          through understanding, or so they say. Their ships are straight out
          of the TV shows and the movies. Go Defiant!!!

          Each ship is listed in it's equivalent category. Some did not quite
     fit like the Ferengi Tokorn which the game considers to be a destroyer,
     but is built like a Heavy Cruiser with more speed. Most ships have an
     upgraded model except the Federation Defiant-Class Heavy Escort (It's so
     fast and powerful that it doesn't really need it). You can't buy
     Outposts or Starbases so an industrial cost will not be figured and they
     don't move (They say both but they are useless statistics).

     Name: Name of ship classification
     Race:  C = Cardassian, U = Federation, F = Ferengi, K = Klingon,
            R = Romulan
     Shield = Amount of shield strength, can be regenerated.
     HP = Hit Points before ship is destroyed.
     Spd = Galactic speed of ship or number of sectors it can move per turn.
     Range = How the ship is bounded.  Boundary lines on the map show yellow
             for short, green for medium, and red for long.
     Phasers = Number of phaser banks.
     P. Pwr = Phaser power per bank.
     Torp = Number of torpedo bays.
     T.Pwr = Torpedo strength per bay.
     I. Cost = Industrial Cost which is the production points necessary to
               build it or the money to buy it.
     Maint = Maintenance cost to upkeep the ship per turn.  This is
                subtracted from the earned credits.

Scout Class
Name    Race Shield HP  Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Nerok    C     80   30   1   Long    2     16    2     28     400   26
Oberth   U    110   19   1   Long    2     15    2     28     490   26
Bronta   F     95   15   1   Long    2     15    3     28     460   26
B'rel    K     80   15   1   Long    3     15    2     28     390   26
D'renet  R     80   15   1   Long    2     15    2     30     370   26

Scout II Class
Name    Race Shield HP  Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Nerok    C    140   70   2   Long    6     36    3      52   1770   26
Oberth   U    230   47   2   Long    4     25    3      44   1990   26
Bronta   F    195   30   3   Long    4     25    5      44   2060   26
B'rel    K    140   30   3   Long    8     30    3      52   1850   26
D'renet  R     80   14   2   Long    4     25    4      50   1550   26

Destroyer Class
Name          Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Netel          C    140   100  1   Med     6      23   3     36    1180   59
Miranda        U    220   162  1   Med     4      15   3     28    1410   59
Ngort          F    190   135  1   Med     3      15   5     28    1280   54
Tokorn         F    325    55  3   Med     8      35   9     60    5420   59
May'Duj        K    140    45  1   Med     8      20   3     36    1170   59
D'ridren       R    160    45  1   Med     4      15   4     30    1070   59
Constellation  U    380   102  3   Med     8      35   5     60    5000   65
Defiant        U    580   123  4   Med    15      60   9    100   18270   91

Destroyer II Class
Name          Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Netel          C     220  140  2   Med    10     49    5     68    4730   59
Miranda        U     280   76  2   Med     6     25    4     44    2660   59
Ngort          F     240  145  2   Med     5     25    7     44    2650   54
Tokorn         F     400   70  4   Med    11     50   12     84   12530   59
May'Duj        K     220   65  3   Med    15     40    5     68    5120   59
D'ridren       R     240   65  3   Med     8     35    5     70    4200   59
Constellation  U     440  110  3   Med    10     45    6     76    8140   65

Cruiser Class
Name       Race Shield   HP  Spd  Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Neterok     C    310    270   1    Med     8     29    5     44    2990   91
Ambassador  U    410    153   1    Med     7     25    5     44    3100   85
K'T'Inga    K    340    140   1    Med    11     25    6     44    3210  100
Coront      F    390    130   1    Med     7     25   10     44    3640   94
R'derex     R    330    130   1    Med     7     25    5     50    2830   91

Cruiser II Class
Name       Race Shield   HP  Spd  Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Neterok     C    350    290   1    Med    10     42    6     60    5180   91
Ambassador  U    470    167   1    Med     9     35    6     60    5250   85
K'T'Inga    K    380    150   2    Med    15     35    7     60    5840  100
Coront      F    490    150   2    Med    11     45   14     76   11490   94
R'derex     R    370    140   1    Med     9     35    6     70    5120   91

Strike Cruiser Class
Name     Race Shield  HP  Spd Range Phasers  P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Keldon    C    240   200   1  Short    6      36    10    52    3570   73
Nebula    U    390   131   1  Short    6      35    11    60    5400   73
Negh'Var  K    260   100   1  Short   10      35    11    60    5040   73
Ooron     F    310    95   1  Short    5      30    17    52    4880   73
R'tan     R    260    95   1  Short    5      30    10    60    4000   73

Strike Cruiser II Class
Name     Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers  P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Keldon    C    320   240  1  Short   10      62    12    84   11570   73
Nebula    U    480   152  1  Short    9      50    12    84   11410   73
Negh'Var  K    320   115  1  Short   15      50    13    84   12610   73
Ooron     F    410   115  1  Short    9      50    21    84   16590   73
R'tan     R    340   115  1  Short    9      50    12   100   14100   73

Command Cruiser Class
Name      Race  Shield  HP  Spd  Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Galor      C     510   460   1   Short   14     49     8    68    9480  128
Galaxy     U     600   208   1   Short    9     30     7    52    5320  115
D'Kora     F     665   180   1   Short   12     45    17    76   14600  124
Vor'cha    K     480   175   1   Short   22     40    10    68   10230  124
D'deridex  R     540   175   1   Short   11     40    10    80    9890  128
Sovereign  U     840   260   1   Short   14     50     9    84   14620  134

Command Cruiser II Class
Name      Race  Shield  HP  Spd  Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Galor      C     590   500   2   Short   19     75    10   100   23610  128
Galaxy     U     660   220   1   Short   11     40     8    68    8520  115
D'Kora     F     740   195   2   Short   15     60    20   100   29510  124
Vor'cha    K     560   195   2   Short   28     60    12   100   26860  124
D'deridex  R     620   195   2   Short   15     60    12   120   26730  128
Sovereign  U     900   274   2   Short   16     60    10   100   21830  134

Heavy Cruiser Class
Name     Race  Shield  HP  Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Telok     C     420   330   2   Med    13     55     8    76    9670  100
Galaxy-X  U     610   205   2   Med    11     45     8    76    9730  100
K'Vort    K     420   160   2   Med    18     45     8    76   10000  100
D'dredar  R     440   160   2   Med    11     45     8    90    9930  100

Heavy Cruiser II Class
Name     Race  Shield  HP  Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Telok     C     460   350   2   Med    15     68     9    92   15570  100
Galaxy-X  U     670   219   2   Med    13     55     9    92   15090  100
K'Vort    K     460   170   3   Med    22     55     9    92   16640  100
D'dredar  R     480   170   2   Med    13     55     9   110   16570  100

Colony Ship Class
Name    Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Ranol    C     50    90  1   Med     -     --     -    --   1210    23
Edward   U     70    55  1   Med     -     --     -    --   1210    23
LI'w'I'  K     50    35  1   Med     3     15     2    28   1160    26
Tomax    F     60    45  1   Med     -     --     -    --   1010    23
D'retex  R     50    45  1   Med     -     --     -    --    860    23

Colony Ship II Class
Name   Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers  P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Ranol    C   110   130  1   Med     -      --     -    --   9380    23
Edward   U   190    83  1   Med     -      --     -    --   4680    23
LI'w'I'  K   110    50  1   Med     6      25     3    44   4680    26
Tomax    F   160    60  1   Med     -      --     -    --   4160    23
D'retex  R   130    60  1   Med     -      --     -    --   3240    23

Troop Transport Class
Name     Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Toran     C     80    70  1   Med     -     --     -    --    910    26
London    U    110    43  1   Med     -     --     -    --   1030    26
Glantor   F     95    35  1   Med     -     --     -    --    880    26
ChowghwI' K     80    25  1   Med     3      15    2    28    930    28
R'daran   R     80    35  1   Med     -     --     -    --    720    26

Troop Transport II Class
Name     Race Shield  HP Spd Range Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr I.Cost Maint
Toran     C     140  110  1   Med     -     --     -    --    2450   26
London    U     230   71  1   Med     -     --     -    --    3520   26
Glantor   F     195   55  2   Med     -     --     -    --    3230   26
ChowghwI' K     140   45  2   Med     6     25     3    44    3450   28
R'daran   R     160   55  1   Med     -     --     -    --    2470   26

Race Shield   HP Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr Maint
C      270   210    7     16     6    28    12
U      330   127    6     15     6    28    12
K      270   105   10     15     6    28    12
F      300   105    6     15     9    28    12
R      270   105    6     15     6    30    12

Outpost II
Race Shield   HP Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr Maint
C      310   230    9     29     7    44    12
U      390   141    7     20     6    36    12
K      310   115   13     25     7    44    12
F      350   115    7     20    10    36    12
R      310   115    7     20     6    40    12

Race Shield  HP Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr Maint
C     600   460   19      49   13    68   104
U     780   282   15      35   13    60   104
K     600   230   27      40   14    68   104
F     700   230   15      35   21    60   104
R     620   230   15      35   13    70   104

Starbase II
Race Shield  HP Phasers P.Pwr Torp T.Pwr Maint
C     660   480   21     62    14    84   104
U     840   296   17     45    14    76   104
K     660   240   30     50    15    84   104
F     750   240   17     45    23    76   104
R     660   240   17     45    14    90   104

Minor Races
          There are 30 minor races and each has a special structure that
     provides them with a bonus. These bonuses only become available to you
     when they are a member of your empire. Diplomacy is the best way to get
     them to join, but force works sometimes.

     Acamarians - A clan society that has moderate scientific ability.
          Home System: Acamar
          Acamarian Clan Hall:  +100% Credits, +1 morale
     Andorians - An antenna-clad, militaristic race that wishes for peace.
          Home System: Andor
          Andorian War College:  +25 Ship Experience
     Angosians - They have a history of war based on genetic warfare.
          Home System: Angosia
          Super-Soldier Academy:  +50% Ground Combat
     Antedeans - Ichthyoid races that prefers no to travel in space.
          Home System: Antede
          Harvesting Complex: +100% food
     Anticans --  A mammalian race that hates the Selay.
          Home System: Antica
          Mustering Base:  +50% Ground Defense
     Bajorans - Once highly advanced society of very religious people.
          Home System: Bajor
          Bajoran Jolanda Forum:  +1 morale empire-wide
     Bandi - A primitive race of great architects.
          Home System: Deneb
          Architectural Center:  +100% Construction Research
     Benzites - Advanced race that requires a breathing apparatus to travel.
          Home System: Benzar
          Industrial Center: +50% Industry
     Betazoids - A peaceful race of telepaths.
          Home System: Betazed
          Counseling Academy:  +50% Security
     Bolians - Blue-skinned with a ridge they are masters of cosmetics.
          Home System: Bolarus
          Cosmetology Center:  +50% Espionage Total
     Bynars - They are a race linked by a central computer.
          Home System: Bynaus
          Planetary Computer:  +100% Computer Research
     Caldonians - Very tall humanoids with great research ability.
          Home System: Caldonia
          Research Think Tank:  +25% Research empire-wide
     Chalnoth- A brutal warrior race to rival the Klingons.
          Home System: Chalna
          Gladiatorial Arena:  +100% Weapons Research
     Edo - Primitive race that worships a being living above their world.
          Home System: Rubicun
          Palace of Edo:  +1 morale empire-wide
     Ktarians - A cunning race the builds small electronics devices.
          Home System: Ktaria
          Ktarian Game Studio:  +100% Computer Research
     Malcorians - Xenophobic race with near-warp capability.
          Home System: Malcor
          Kinetics Laboratory:  +100% Propulsion Research.
     Mintakans- A primitive cousin to the Vulcans.
          Home System: Mintaka
          Mintakan Farm:  +100% Food
     Mizarians - A cowardly race that surrenders to any foe.
          Home System: Mizar
          Monument of Surrender:  +5 morale
     Nausicaans- Prideful and strong society they have disdain for cowardice.
          Home System: Nausicaa
          Recruitment Center, +40% Ground Combat
     Pakleds - They gain all their technology by taking it from other races.
          Home System: Pakled
          Collection Facility:  +100 Research
     Selay --  A reptilian race that hates the Anticans.
          Home System: Selay
          Selay Mustering Base:  +50% Ground Defense
     Shelliac - A stone-like humanoid race.
          Home System: Shellia
          Shelliac Bioengineering Center: +100% Biotech Research
     Takarans - They are great scientists with a no internal organs.
          Home System: Takara
          Physics Institute:  +100% Energy Research
     Talarians - A warlike race that seems similar to Klingons.
          Home System: Talar
          Defense Network: +100% Ground Defense
     Tamarians - A proud warrior race that speaks in metaphors.
          Home System: Tama
          Mythological Library:  +300 Research
     Trill - A symbiotic race with knowledge and wisdom.
          Home System: Trill
          Research Committee: +30% Research empire-wide
     Ullians - Their mental powers too strong to ignore.
          Home System: Ullia
          Psychohistorical Archive:  +25% Intelligence
     Vulcans - This highly logical race that made first contact with Earth.
          Home System: Vulcan
          Vulcan Science Academy:  +35% Research empire wide
     Yridians - A cousin to the Ferengi, the deal in espionage.
          Home System: Yridia
          Intelligence Service:  +40% Espionage Total
     Zakdorn - Arrogant Tactical Geniuses
          Home System: Zakdorn
          Military Academy:  +100 Ship Experience

          Even if you are a warlord don't disregard this section! Diplomacy is
     probably the easiest part of the game with some empires being better at
     it than others. The duties of this can be paying a bribe to keep the
     peace, to quelling a warring state with a non-aggression treaty. Best to
     worst: Federation, Romulan, Ferengi, Cardassian, and Klingon. This is
     mainly due to the types of statements that each empire makes. The effect
     of many treaties will be due to the choice of words, territorial
     disputes, and amount of money that goes along with it. A thing to
     remember is that these galactic empires do not necessarily follow the
     Star Trek cannon.
         To begin with, there are eight types of treaties that can be made.
     They are Friendship, Request, Gift, Affiliation, War Pact, Membership,
     Declare War, and Alliance (Empire only).
         Friendship: The empire or minor race should be at Neutral or higher
                     and this will allow you to trade with them.
         Request: Bribe or ask for a tribute.
         Gift: Giving money for a good cause.
         Affiliation: After being friends with an empire or minor race you
                      can ask to move freely through their space. Must be
                      at Cordial or higher.
         War Pact: Ask another empire to declare war on another.
         Membership: This is only for minor races. You can ask them to
                     become part of you empire and control their system.
         Declare War: It's not really a treaty, but you get the idea. You
                      can declare war on both another empire or minor race.
         Alliace: This is the ultimate treaty between empires and one type
                  of goal in the game.

         The key is not to make enemies too quickly. You do need friends in
     this game. First they allow you to trade and make more money, and you
     don't have to fight all four empires just to survive.
         Here are some generalizations that can be made about each empire:

           -The Federation has a wide variety of message choices and they
            are generally is more cordial. Most minor races practically
            throw themselves at the Federation. Warning: Do not make
            enemies of the Federation early in the game unless you seek
            a large scale war. If you want to stay on the good side of the
            Federation, do not perform plantery assaults.

           -The Romulans are logical and show that with their words which
            are generally neutral in their intent. Though they are kind of
            arrogant. Many races will be enemies with Romulans from the
            start, so if you want friends you will have to pay. To stay
            on the good side of the Romulans do not enter their territory.

           -The Ferengi, though respectful often show their single-minded
            desire for trade and acquisition of wealth in their words. Some
            minor races truly hate the Ferengi and other do not mind. They
            do acquire money quicker than others and can simply bribe minor
            races and other into submission. If you want to stay on the good
            side of the Ferengi you must accept their bribes.

           -Cardassian always have an underlying want to show superiority
            to their neighbors and some races will outright hate upon
            meeting them. You can't really stay on the good side of the
            Cardassians because they will betray you when they feel it

           -Klingons are honorable, have a decided lack of friendliness,
            and there is usually a forcefulness in their words. They do
            seem to like the Federation and will probably ally after
            fighting each other. To stay on the good side of the Klingons
            fight their enemies with them.

  Minor Race Acquisition
          To get a minor race inside your empire is a slow process unless you
     have tons of money. It is important the right words are chosen. Not that
     this is too difficult considering there are three to four ways to say
     something, but  understanding this will make your money do the best job
     at softening them up to you. It is also important to let a few turns go
     by before attempting another treaty. Always read or listen to the Race
     Info when the first appear.  Most races are either highly scientific,
     primitive, or very warrior-like so appeal to that nature.
         The scientific races want kindness and truth in their diplomacy while
     warrior races want it sweet and to the point.
         Primitive races have a little more tolerance, but generally they like
     kindness. Mizarians are the only that truly don't care and will offer
     membership as soon as you meet them. Once you figure out the right words
     just keep using them when you make a treaty. The following list may help.
     Some races don't quite fit.

          Warrior Races:  Acamarians, Andorians, Angosians, Anticans,
                          Chalnoth, Nausicaans, Selay, Talarians
          Scientific Races: Antedeans, Bajorans, Benzites, Betazoids, Bolians,
                            Bynars, Caldonians, Ktarians, Malcorians,
                            Mizarians, Shelliac, Takarans, Tamarians, Trill,
                            Ullians, Vulcans, Yridians, Zakdorn
          Primitive Races:  Bandi, Edo, Mintakans, Pakleds

          The second step is to gain their confidence. There are three level
     of friendship treaty with a minor race. Each is only really usable if the
     race feels something for you. This list shows when to ask for a treaty
     from a minor race.

           Neutral/Receptive - Friendship Treaty
           Cordial/Enthusiastic - Affiliation Treaty
           Enthusiastic/Worshipful - Membership.

          The only way to get them through diplomacy is to work on each treaty
     and acquire more of their respect. Remember that minor races already
     affiliated with another empire can not be bought without a hefty bribe.
     After a friendship treaty is made, trading with the minor race will
     better their feelings toward your empire. If it does not, it means that
     another empire is undermining you efforts with the minor race.

  Empire Diplomacy
          Way back there at the top where the empires are listed is
     information about when they break treaties this is very important. Some
     empires you will have to endear yourself to them. Other simply watch what
     you do and say to others. Do not force treaties down their throats too
     often because they tend to become ignored. Sooner or later treaties have
     to be made to make money. Many times a War Pact can solidify bonds, but
     watch the political situation so that you don't make an enemy out of a
     friend. The game can be won through peace with any of the empires.

           Neutral - Non-Agression Treaty
           Receptive - Friendship
           Cordial/Enthusiastic - Friendship/Affiliation
           Worshipful - Alliance

System Management
          You have to be a fan of micro-management to win this game. I
      recommend and conquest style game going back to the 8-bit Nintendo(TM)
      system. At times it is completely overwhelming. If this happens just
      stop playing and come up with a plan. This may sound stupid, but it
      works because sometimes it seems like the computer is on drugs, like
      sending an enemy Troop Transport into a fleet of Cruisers. Each system
      has the ability to provide food, industry, energy, intelligence, and
      research to an overall effort and each has upgrades as time goes by.
      Only intelligence and research are used as an empire wide statistic.

  Balance vs. Specificity
           There are several ways to look at this systems, either balanced or
      specific. Each can work, but you must always put everyone to work as
      soon as possible. In the beginning this will not matter, but to defeat
      you enemies you have to pick one. Commonly upgrades will require fewer
      structures than before.  This is most evident with food production.
      This frees up labor so that it can be put into the other functioning
      areas. It would be wise to put this in both intelligence and research.
          Something I really recommend is building many construction
      facilities (i.e. Fabricators,Machining Guilds, etc). As many as 30
      depending on the size of the system.When you upgrade things just move
      people around so that upgrades take no time. Once you are done upgrading
      you can enjoy profits from trade.
           A balanced system strategy requires that all systems effectively
      operate the same regardless of the population.  If a system has 95
      million people just thing of it as a microcosm to that giant 400 million
      people system. The positive is that if any one system is lost or is in
      the process of upgrading, then the others do not suffer as much. This is
      a major consideration for construction. The negative is that they
      require upgrade for every system. This can be time-consuming and a real
      headache. It is important to provide the two necessities to use this
      strategy which are food and production. All structure will be less of a
      hassle if the production level of the system is high. Even equipment
      upgrades are easier.
           A specific system strategy says that each system has a vital role
      like intelligence, shipbuilding, or research. Since food nor energy is
      distributed between systems no solar system can just produce food or
      energy. This requires much planning that may require you to actually
      write down the plan for each system (Whoa, paper use in a video game?).
      If you find a better way then use it, but 20 systems under your control
      is time-consuming. I have tried both strategies and they both work fine.
      You will find that there are certain hindrances when trying to move
      things quickly with this strategy. If there is a lack of industry in
      the system to provide for newer structures many will have to bought.
      (But you could always overbuild construction facilities...) Systems
      should be broken down into three classes: Shipbuilding, Intelligence,
      and Research. Small systems should never be a Shipbuilding system, while
      the home planet should always be a production planet. Any system with
      Dilithium should be a Shipbuilding system.

  New Systems
           This is a tricky business. It is vital that for the best growth all
      planets are terraformed before colonization occurs. It is useless to
      send multiple colony ships to one system every time you want to expand.
           The growth per turn percentage is available for the system before
      anyone is there. This factors into how many new people you have after a
      one turn. Small systems will definitely have a problem here. To figure
      out how many new people you have next turn:

             (Growth Rate)/100 * (Surplus Food) = (Population Increase)

      A system with a Class M planet with always grow faster than
      most are the ones that you want most next to those systems with
      Dilithium. If a system has more than 2.0% growth then structures will
      have to be constructed way ahead of time, while those under 1.0% growth
      has time to grow. The build list can be put to automatic so that
      necessary structures are made when they are need, but the automation
      seems to be rather stupid. Usually this doesn't work well for a brand
      new colony because nothing can be produced very quickly (who needs a
      100 turns to make a farm). Most of the time, the equipment and upgrades
      will have to be bought. Save money for this if you plan galactic
      conquest. If there is a Class J orClass P planet then you can have
      Wind Turbines and Charge Collectors, respectively. This means a lot if
      you want Subatomic Simulators. Food and industry are an early priority.
      If the new system is to become strong then it must be able to produce
      its own equipment.

  System Modifiers
           There are eight types of planets one can find in a system with one
      type being uninhabitable. Some can increase food production or energy
      production. Most will have to be terraformed except for a Class M
      planet. Each can hold a certain amount of people and have a growth rate
      dependent on the type of world, though the game do randomize this
      heavily. Depending on how close to the star the modifier can vary. These
      modifiers are additive and with several in a system can increase to over
      100% of the initial value.

      Name      Type       Population  Growth Rate  Terraform  System Modifier
      Class M   Terran       50-160      0.1-2.0%      ----      5-15% Food
      Class O   Oceanic      40-105      0.1-1.2%    100-       10-40% Food
      Class Y   Volcanic     15-75       0.1-0.8%    157-927   25-100% Energy
      Class G   Desert       20-85       0.1-0.8%    110-510   25-75% Energy
      Class P   Arctic       30-95       0.1-0.9%    195-630        ----
      Class J   Barren       15-70       0.1-0.6%    165-770        ----
      Class L   Jungle       45-120      0.2-1.6%    180-495     10-50% Food
      Class B   Gas Giant            ------Uninhabitable------

  Special Structures
          All races have the Aquaculture Center and basic and/or advanced
     replicators. They have some kind of general science enhancement which is
     either a Theoretical Simulator (+100 Research) or a Subatomic Simulator
     (+150 Research). Finally the scanners of each has two upgrades with the
     Cardassians getting the best in a Covert Sensor Array (+6 Scan Range),
     all other get Isolinear Scanners (+4 Scan Range). Orbital Batteries,
     Bunker Networks, and Planetary Shields exist for all races with no

          Inquisition: +10 morale
          Labor Camp: +25 industry, -1 morale
          Re-education Center: +2 morale
          Phoenix Facility: +100 Intelligence
          Forced Labor Farms: +60 food, -1 morale
          Obsidian Order: +30% Espionage and Sabotage, +1 morale
          Central Command: +40 ship Experience, +1 morale
          Theoretical Simulator: +100 Research
          Covert Sensor Array:  +6 Scan Range
          Basic Replicators: +30 Food

          Genesis Research Lab: +100% Biotech Research, +1 morale
          Daystrom Institute: +100 Computer Research, +1 morale
          Martial Law: +7 morale
          Trade Center: +50% Credits
          Federation Council: +1 morale empire-wide
          Private Farms: +20 food, +1 morale
          Utopia Planitia: +200 shipbuilding, build special ships, +1 morale
          Starfleet Academy: +50 Ship Experience, +1 morale
          Subatomic Simulator:  +150 Research
          Isolinear Scanner:  +4 Scan Range
          Federation Replicator: +50 Food

          Astrophysics Academy: +100% Energy Research, +1 morale
          Tribunal: +9 morale
          Imperial Senate: +1 morale empire-wide
          Phoenix Facility: +100 Intelligence
          Tal Shiar: +25% General Intelligence, +1 morale
          Organic Regenerators: +50% food
          Singularity Plant:  +2 Dilithium
          Naval Academy: +35 Ship Experience, +1 morale
          Subatomic Simulator: +150 Research
          Isolinear Scanner:  +6 Scan Range
          Advance Replicator: +50 Food

          Combat Testing Center: +100% Weapon Research, +1 morale
          Police State: +9 morale
          Mining Prison: +1 Dilithium, -1 morale
          Great Hall: +1 morale empire wide
          Forced Labor Farms: +60 food, -1 morale
          Tactical College: +45 Ship Experience, +1 morale
          Hall of Warriors: +100% Ground Combat, +1 morale
          Theoretical Simulators:  +100 Research
          Isolinear Scanner:  +4 Scan Range
          Basic Replicator: +30 Food

          Festival of Fun: +8 morale
          Franchise Office: +5 trade routes, +1 morale
          Trade Center: +50% credits
          Holo-Cinema: +1 morale
          Fantasy Land: +1 morale empire-wide
          Private Farms: +20 food, +1 morale
          Tower of Commerce: +50% income on trade routes, +1 morale
          Commerce Authority: +25% economic intelligence, +1 morale
          Theoretical Simulator: +100 Research
          Isolinear Scanner:  +4 Scan Range
          Advanced Replicator: +40 Food

  Morale Modifiers
           Each time a governmental action takes place, either a new treaty
     or winning or losing a battle with anyone or anything the morale of each
     system is changed. The home system tends to change faster than the
     others. The morale figures into the amount of industry by increasing it
     or lowering it by the amount of change to the general morale of the
     system. So 105 morale points means +5% Industry to that system. The same
     goes for lowering it so that 75 morale points means -25% Industry. All
     empires start out with a morale of Content at 100 points.

        0-24     25-49     50-74     75-99   100-124 125-149  150-174  175-200
    |    Terrorism    |                                        |Free Building|
    |              Poor Industry            |         Good Industry          |

    Actions that change morale are often different for each race. Cardassian
    and Klingons love to fight, while the Federation does not. Romulans can
    hold a grudge and Ferengi see potential investments in the form of allies
    and treaties allowing them access to a market.

    Win Battle: (+4)->Romulan
    Lose Battle: (+4)->Romulan
    Conquer Enemy System:
    Planetary Bombardment:
    System Raid:
    Declare War:

Tactical Combat
          The most important part of winning is the choice of maneuver based
     on the enemy you are facing. Many start with a full frontal assault that
     you may or may not survive, but if you do then this can mean the
     difference between wiping you enemies off the face of the sector or just
     flying around like some Ensign at the helm. A Cardassian Heavy Cruiser
     in the right hands can take out four Galaxy Class Command Cruisers in two
     or three volleys if you get behind them. A Starbase can wipe out an
     entire invasion fleet.
          To really test out the variety of moves, you should wait until a
     Destroyer Class ship or better can be built. Wait for a battle, even if
     you are likely to lose, and test them out. Be sure to save so that you
     can come back and retry. You will be surprised at how some moves work out
     even if they shouldn't. You can also change the view around with the
     arrow keys or using the interface with the mouse. A buggy part about
     the game is no native 3D support and sometimes you don't see the battle
     in the way you want to even if you change the view.

          Charge: Torpedoes and Phasers attack at close range and continue
                  to stay near the target.
          Assault: Phasers and Torpedoes at long range while stay a medium
                   distance from the target.
          Strafe: A pass across the side of an enemy ship firing at close
          Flyby: Same as strafe but for larger ships.
          Circle: Good for multiple ships, they go in for attack, then flee
                  while still firing at long range.
          Harry: Same as circle, but at short range.
          Ram: This is used for last ditch effort and doesn't necessarily
               destroy the ship.
          Retreat: Overwhelmed or a friendly ship, the just run away. You can
                   still be killed while attempting this, though you have
                   officially lost the battlew.
          Evade: Use this if you have a chance of regrouping and defeating
                 you enemy. Remember that groups of ships have a better chance
                 of survival if they evade individually.

  Successful Tactics
     1. Most ships have the full set of tactics available to them, but some
        like a Colony ship or Troop Transport have vastly limited abilities.
     2. Command Cruisers always enhance the battle situation for the smaller
        ships and Heavy Cruisers by provide better targeting and movement.
        It can also be the one thing that helps win a battle. Offensively,
        the smaller ship can harass larger targets for more damage.
        Defensively, destroying the enemy Command Cruiser tends to disrupt
        the attack of your enemy. Sometimes if the enemy Command Cruiser is
        under attack the others will scatter.
     3. Another Tactic is to give all ships as much experience as possible.
        Crews ranked "Green" are no match for a "Legendary" Crew.  Acquire
        a race like the Zakdorn if you want to improve the rate of training.
     4. All maneuvers have their value and must be practiced to understand
        their tactical usage.
     5. Slower units and injured units can still be useful. Ships phaser and
        torpedo strength never decrease.
     6. If evasion is necessary, then split up units to give them a greater
        chance of survival. It is hard for an enemy to target multiple ship
        going opposite directions.
     7. Klingon and Federation ships have poor aft defenses so use it to
        your advantage.
     9. All Romulan ships should cloak before an offensive attack or the
        surprise will be lost. It only takes one the prevent this.
    10. Cardassian ship should rely on the fact that the can fire at any
        angle, so evasion is not as bad.
    11. Ferengi ships are great in group attacks and their shields recover
        very fast.

  Ship Pairings
        2+ Heavy Cruisers - Deadly!
        5 Destroyers - System Raid at 100% or more.
        Colony Ships and Troop Transports should be escorted to their
             destination system when in war.
        1 Command Cruiser + Any - enhances present situation.
        Outposts and Starbase should have a defending ship in the sector.
        To defeat cloaked ships, simply outnumber enemy and hope...

  Experience Levels
          All abilities Increase as their experience does leaving fewer
     vulnerabilities. Even raiding destroyers vastly improve by about 5%
     percent per experience level while the start at about 15% each for a
     Green crew. Each ship has a defense number and a damage control
     percentage. Klingon ships have very high defense number while Ferengi
     have relatively low which also increase with battle experience. All
     races have structures that help increase the initial ability of the
     crew to Regular level and their training is easier.
          Green:  0 - 699
          Regular:  700 - 1999
          Veteran:  2000 - 4999
          Elite:  5000 - 7999
          Legendary:  8000+

   Raid Modifier:
          The farther out you are from the sector from which the trade route
     originates the harder it is to have a successful raid. Larger ship
     can raid, but with very poor results. Destroyers are the best for this.
     Grouping ships together enhances the percentage. The percentages below
     stand for general rankings.

   Intercept Modifier:
          To intercept enemy ships you must have ships with at least medium
     range capability and still be in a sector that you control. The faster
     the ship the greater range it can intercept in a single turn. Destroyers
     are best for this. Grouping ships together enhances the percentage. The
     percentages below stand for general rankings.

   Damage Control Modifier:
          All ships begin with no damage control and all ships gain it by
     the same amount.
          Green: 0%
          Regular: -10%
          Veteran: -25%
          Elite: -40%
          Legendary: -75%

   Defense Modifier:
          Every ship begins with a base modifier. The larger the ship the
     lower the defense modifier. This helps during all combat.

     Name: Name of ship classification
     Race:  C = Cardassian, U = Federation, F = Ferengi, K = Klingon,
            R = Romulan
     Raid: Initial percentage that trade route will be raided.
     +Raid: Increase per level of raid percentage.
     Intercept: Initial percentage that a invading ship will be intercepted
             by specific ship.
     +Intercept: Increase per level of intercept percentage.
     Defense: Initial ship defense modifier for each level of experience.
              All ships gain five defense points per level
       An"*" after a number indicates that once this number is reached it
       does not increase afterwards.

Scout Class
Name    Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Nerok    C    15%  +0%     25%        +5%       55
Oberth   U    10%  +0%     25%        +5%       50
Bronta   F    35%  +0%     25%        +5%       72
B'rel    K    25%  +0%     25%        +5%       74
D'renet  R    20%  +0%     25%        +5%       55

Destroyer Class
Name          Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Netel          C    15%  +10%    40%        +20%      85
Miranda        U    15%  +10%    40%        +20%      70
Ngort          F    35%  +10%    40%        +20%      84
Tokorn         F    35%  +10%    40%        +20%     108
May'Duj        K    25%  +10%    40%        +20%     126
D'ridren       R    20%  +10%    40%        +20%      95
Constellation  U    10%  +10%    40%        +20%     110
Defiant        U    10%  +10%    40%        +20%     145

Cruiser Class
Name       Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Neterok     C    10%  +5%*    23%        +3%       55
Ambassador  U    10%  +5%*    23%        +3%       55
K'T'Inga    K    25%  +0%     23%        +3%       84
Coront      F    35%  +0%     23%        +3%       96
R'derex     R    20%  +0%     23%        +3%       60

Strike Cruiser Class
Name     Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Keldon    C    10%  +5%*    ---        ---       75
Nebula    U    10%  +0%     ---        ---       70
Negh'Var  K    25%  +0%     ---        ---      112
Ooron     F    35%  +0%     ---        ---       96
R'tan     R    20%  +0%     ---        ---       75

Command Cruiser Class
Name      Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Galor      C    10%  +5%*    ---        ---      100
Galaxy     U    10%  +0%     ---        ---       60
D'Kora     F    35%          ---        ---       90
Vor'cha    K    25%  +0%     ---        ---       91
D'deridex  R    20%  +0%     ---        ---       65
Sovereign  U    10%  +0%     ---        ---       80

Heavy Cruiser Class
Name     Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Telok     C    15%   +0%    23%        +3%       95
Galaxy-X  U    10%   +0%    23%        +3%       95
K'Vort    K    25%   +0%    23%        +3%      112
D'dredar  R    20%   +0%    23%        +3%       80

Colony Ship Class
Name    Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Ranol    C    ---   ---    ---        ---       40
Edward   U    ---   ---    ---        ---       35
LI'w'I'  K    ---   ---    ---        ---       63
Tomax    F    ---   ---    ---        ---       54
D'retex  R    ---   ---    ---        ---       45

Troop Transport Class
Name     Race Raid +Raid Intercept +Intercept Defense
Toran     C    ---   ---    ---        ---       50
London    U    ---   ---    ---        ---       50
Glantor   F    ---   ---    ---        ---       66
ChowghwI' K    ---   ---    ---        ---       77
R'daran   R    ---   ---    ---        ---       50

Research and Technology
          Research is measured in teraquads, which you have probably heard all
     over Star Trek: The Next Generation(TM). Each research point seems to
     represent one teraquad of information and are divided to a percent for
     each subject. Even if you have no research points the research progress
     still increases. The Research is broken into six basic categories:
     Biotech, Energy, Computer, Propulsion, Construction, and Weapons. They
     initially start at 16 or 17% and can be changed on the fly.
          There are 10 levels of each research subject. The player always
     starts with level 1 research in all fields and after level 10 everything
     is referred to as Future Energy 1 or Future Construction 2. I have not
     noticed an improvement from say Future Energy 1 to Future Energy 2, so
     you should move those resources to necessary research.
          Biotech helps with food.
          Energy supports ship properties, ship upgrades, and planetary power.
          Computer affects the intelligence and research upgrades.
          Propulsion supports ship properties and new ship design.
          Construction only affects the production of items and is a basic
               model for how sophisticated the civilization of that system is.
          Weapons allows for ship upgrades.

          Some areas are easier to research than others. The following is a
     list of the areas with their maximum research value and the approximate
     percentage to keep them in balance. This should cause the areas to all
     reach their new level at the same time.
       Energy - 70000 (11%)
       Biotech - 81700 (14%)
       Computer - 93400 (16%)
       Propulsion - 105100 (18%)
       Construction - 116800 (20%)
       Weapons - 128500 (21%)

          If you want to know how long it will take you to get to a specific
     level use the equation below. Remember that all info on research points
     per subject and the amount to get to certain level are inside the game
     under "Tech Level Database".

                     U-L                      T = Turns
           T = -------------------            U = Upper level research points
               [RP + (RP * RM)]*TR            L = Lower level research points
                                              RP = Research percentage in
                                              RM = Research modifier
                                                   percentage in subject
                                              TR = Total research points
          Intelligence is a nifty thing, even for the Ferengi. There is a
     balance between Internal and External Intelligence. Using to much
     external can make it obvious that you are looking for a way in to another
     empires society and can weaken you severely if you get caught
     defenseless. It is broken into four categories and two focuses: I
     nternal Security, Espionage, Sabotage, Economy, Science, and Military.
     As the overall intelligence value becomes larger, incidents will occur
     more frequently and with more drastic consequences.
          The Romulan Tal Shiar and the Cardassian Obsidian Order are the most
     powerful intelligence the game. They have the strongest espionage and
     sabotage and can use mercenaries. Federation intelligence is mainly for
     security purposes and has little power outside without acquiring a minor
     race like the Yridians. Ferengi Intelligence regularly can obtain data
     from every empire. Klingon Intelligence is general in all categories and
     is much like the Federation. Unlike the manual, espionage and sabotage
     need only a few percentage points to be effective. Consider that 5% - 10%
     is the max for any category. The categories for espionage and sabotage
     against another empire is broken down into General, Economic, Science,
     and Military. Don't spread you external intelligence to thin or you risk
     having everything listed below done to your empire.

          Espionage:  Obtain empire data and current levels of technology.
          Sabotage:   Destroy buildings, steal starships, assassination
                      attempts, data theft, poisonings, destroy starships,
                      cause rioting, steal credits, destroy credits.

  Signs of Intelligence Comprising
          Intelligence can be compromised in many ways. Sometimes they look
     like the agents screwed up or that someone simply died in an accident.
     Most likely these are signs that your security had holes in it. The most
     obvious is if your buildings start to be destroyed or another empire
     tells you.
          To solve espionage or sabotage failures, one must stop for a few
     turns and return the points to the internal security meter because enemy
     empires tend to be vengeful. Espionage is not as serious as sabotage.
     Sabotage can make even the most friendly empire declare war on you so
     watch out.
          To solve slow intelligence from a specific subject just switch for a
     while. It is hard to compromise certain races different elements. Ferengi
     have stronger economic security and Klingons have strong military
     security, but that doesn't mean the can't be compromised.

Random Events
          Many of the events that seem to occur are just passing ship in the
     night that either attack unprovoked or just like to wander around. Most
     are worth a lot of experience to the crew. As much as 7000 experience
     points in one attack. Some just keep coming back like the Crystalline
     entity, considering I only thought there was one.

     Borg Cube - Deadliest thing that can happen. They can kill more than 120
                 million people in a single strike to a planet. Planetary
                 Shields and Orbital Batteries are ineffective. Only a fleet
                 of Cruiser or larger ships can defeat one. It must be killed
                 in one turn or else. It took 9 Heavy Cruisers to destroy it
                 in one attack and only 4 survived with heavy damage. Evading,
                 Ramming, Flyby, Strafe, Harry, and Circle will do little
                 good. Charging is the most effective way of killing it.
                 Shields: 6100, HP: 735.
     Calamarain - Gaseous lifeform that lurks for waiting ships.
                  Shields: 1100, HP: 185.
     Chodak Dreadnought - Huge Starship that roams around for no reason. Will
                          not fire unless provoked and sometimes even if
                          provoked. Shields: 1000, HP: 195.
     Combat Drone - It doesn't come back once you kill it, so don't fret about
                    fighting it again. Shields: 550, HP: 80.
     Crystalline Entity - Not the worst after a while. Its graviton beams can
                          only do around 800 points of damage so any Starbase
                          can kill this easily. They can wipe out an entire
                          system. Shields: 300, HP: 1030.
     Edo Guardian - Not that this is really much of an enemy. It just stays
                    in the Edo system and does nothing if provoked. It is
                    more powerful than a Borg Cube so just stay away.
                    Shields: 6350, HP: 1035.
     Gomtuu - A lonely, suicidal sentient starship that just is looking for a
              place to die. If you leave it alone it will go on its way or
              stick around doing nothing, but if you attack it will do a 360
              move killing or heavily damaging most of your ships after you
              have depleted it's shields. Not really worth the attack.
              Shields: 300, HP: 1530.
     Husnock Raider - Horrible ship from an extinct race that can kills
                      anything it comes across. Doesn't actually look like the
                      ship from the show. Shields: 650, HP: 140.
     Tarrellian Ship - One of the worst and the easiest to get rid of. Their
                       ship has no weapons so if you happen upon it just kill
                       them fast for experience points. Their ships can move
                       fast, something like three sectors per turn. There is
                       more than one so watch out for multiple. They tend to
                       kill more than 30 million people per turn and can
                       destroy your home system in a matter of minutes.
                       Shields and Orbital Batteries do nothing to them.
                       Shields: 600, HP: 130.
  A common question is how to speed up the game. One thing I have found is to
  turn of the system names in each screen and disable the tooltips.

  I get asked this more than anything else. So now I will tell all.

   1. You must open up a DOS terminal window. To do this, click "Run"
      on the start menu in the lower left hand corner.
   2. Type this:  Command.com
   3. Change to the directory in which the game is installed. This is
      usually "C:/BOTF". You will probably start in "C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP".
      To move down a directory type "CD" and the name of the directory.
      To move up a directory type "CD.."
   4. Once you are in the install directory, type: "TREK.EXE -MUDD".
   5. Hitting the F9 button will increase your money by 10000 credits.
   6. Hitting the F10 button will increase you research

  Version 1.4 Updates
    Everything! Not really. Just a few things including cheats.
  Version 1.3 Updates
    Morale modifiers
    System modifier
    empire diplomacy
  Version 1.2 Updates
    Added shield and HP info for random events.
    Incorrectly named home systems fixed.
    The Ferengi troop transport is called Tomax, but is really Glantor.
    The Romulan troop transport is called D'retex, but is really R'daran.
  Version 1.1 Updates
    Minor spelling errors.
    More Empire info including home system, treaty breaking and conquest.
    Damage Control, Defense, Raid, and Intercept modifier for every ship.

      Thanks to Josh Harrison for some info and tactical strategy and general
      Thanks to Microprose for making such a fun game!
      Thanks for reading this FAQ!
      Email: heartblade@hotmail.com for any errors or corrections.
      You can always find my FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com.
      Copyright 2000,2001 Jamal Leyba

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