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Читы для Star Wars: Dark Forces

Чит-файл для Star Wars: Dark Forces

Star Wars:
Dark Forces

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:LucasArts Entertainment
Издатель:Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Q: How do I know that this is everything?
A: I checked with a LucasArts on all but the codes! There may be more, but
I'm not sure.

Okay. Codes first, in case you don't want to see spoilers.

        LAPOSTAL (full weapons, objects, and revive)
        LASKIP (skips demo and cuts to the end)
        LACDS (switch: full map w/enemies and back)
        LAREDLITE (causes objects to become transparent, a time freeze effect
that causes enemies to be unaware of you presence, though you can kill them.
However, they will not die until you press the code again. Perhaps this is a
Force technique?)

        Please tell me if you can figure out what that weapon is that shows
up in the inventory!
        And, by the way, new things are added with the LAPOSTAL code. Weapon
9 and 0 are added, and concussion rifle and assault cannon. Be sure to press
the "fire secondary weapon" button (usually z ) when you use the cannon! It
is a missle launcher!
        And the gas mask makes you sound like Darth Vader!


Q: What is a secret?
A: It is almost always a funny looking section of wall with many cracks in
it. It takes either a
thermal detonator, a concussion rifle, or a missle to open one up.

Q: How do I get the thermal detonators to open a cracked wall?
A: There are two ways:
        (1) This is the easiest, but it is at the end, so you don't get to
really enjoy blowing up the Imperials. First, go to the cargo elevator that
takes you to you ship. Around the corner, there is a dead end with two power
packs and an enemy. Kill and collect, then face the dead end.
        Turn left and press the nudge (space) key on the wall. There is a
"mystery movie" secret,a turn wall that pushes you into a secret room. In the
room, there are several thermal detonators, one of  three weapons that bust
walls. This is the only one you can use without cheating.
        (2) This is the slightly harder way. Once inside the red key room
(the room you got to using the red key), press the yellow switch that opens
up a new part in the level, leading you to the plans. But once inside the
newly opened part with the cargo elevator, tun around and you will see
another switch on a column. Flip it, and return to the red key room. Go to
the part with the button (now green) and look over across the chasm. Eureeka!
A small closet with thermal detonators! Jump over and get them!

I'm sure all of you have found the cracked wall on the inner atrium. If not,
look around! There really isn't any way of directing you to it.

If you go to the east balcony (accessible from the cargo elevator or from
jumping from the west balcony), you must go to the columns and turn, facing
the northern edge. If you look closely, you will see an open cave like ledge.
Align yourself, run, and jump. Once on the ledge, you will notice a narrow
catwalk. Jump across or walk over onto it, and there will be two secrets on
that catwalk, one containing the Imperial Repeater Rifle! Be sure to fire the
secondary weapon button, giving you three bursts at once in a triangle

But the west balcony secret is the best, giving you lots of weapons.
Get on the west balcony. There are two ways to do this.
        (1) Jump across from the east balcony.
        (2) Jump through the left window in the red key room.
        This is important- go only through the left window. The following
sequense was a designer's mistake and the small enough gap is on only the
left window. Also, once in, you cannot go back inside.
        Go up to th window, hold down the crouch key, keep it held down, jump
and run forward. Try until you get it! It won't be done on the first try,
most likely, but don't give up!

Anyway, once on the west balcony,  walk up to the ltop lefthand corner. Over
the chasm, you will see a secret wall, so toss a detonator at it! Jump in it,
next. Once inside, you will notice a room with a small dead-end hall and a
black door. Going to the dead end, press space to open a secret panel and
flip the switch. It will open the door. In the door, flip the switch and it
will lower the wall. There is an Imperial armoury, so watch out for Gamorrean
guards, Ree Yees, Imperial Interrigation Droids and Jedi Training remotes.
P.S.- In the Emperor's shrine, the red "x" button is the general alarm,
deadliest on easy level, and still tough on medium, with Imperial Probe

Here's another, not really a secret but more of a no-no. On the platform with
your ship, there is a littl alcove with a structure in the center. On one
side of the structure is a white mesh screen, asseccible by pressing space.
It appears to be an elevator shaft. If you jump into it, be warned that it is
the same shaft you jump into at the beginning!


        Holding down either the enter key or the fire secondary weapons key
longer while using the thermal detonator makes you throw it farther. Perfect
for knocking down those pesky ledge snipers!
        The fire secondary weapon key is useful, so be sure to see what is
does on all the weapons.Aww, I might as well say it here.

        fist            -nothing special
        blaster pistol  -nothing either
        blaster rifle   -is it me, or does it fire slightly faster?
        thermal detonator- "bowling ball" and delayed fuse attack. Rolls it
quietly over the floor and then explodes after a few seconds
        repeater rifle  -fires a triple triangle shot
        fusion cutter   -fires all barrels
        claymore mines  -sets a proximity explosive, great for when you are
running away!
        morter launcher -nothing special
        concussion rifle-nothing that I've noticed
        assault cannon  -fires a missle

                                        74351, 1731

By Michael Walters, Jr.THE SECRETS!

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