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Читы для Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast

Чит-файл для Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast

Star Wars:
Jedi Knight 2
Jedi Outcast

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Raven Software
Издатель:LucasArts Entertainment
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 марта 2002 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person
Multiplayer:(32) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 2002 г.


Информация актуальна для
Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast Walkthrough / FAQ
Azraelot - Matthew Rorie
Last Updated 4/16/02
Version 1.7

1. Background / Introduction
2. Revision History
3. Walkthrough
4. Force Powers
5. Weapons
6. Inventory Items
7. Enemies
8. Multiplayer Tips
9. Hints / Tips / Cheats / Links / Other
10. Contributors / Misc. Info

1. Background / Introduction


I remember playing Dark Forces in the heady days of post-DooM gaming, when
everything LucasArts turned out was made of gold. For those who never played
it, Dark Forces was a Doom-style shooter that introduced gamers to the nearly
personality-free Kyle Katarn, then a mere mercenary and Imperial defector,
having yet to discover his latent Force capabilities. While the game offered
some interesting moments (fighting off multiple Kell Dragons with your bare
hands for the amusement of Jabba the Hutt, single-handedly destroying a Star
Destroyer), I think it's fair to say that Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight is a
superior game. Now armed with his trusty lightsaber and a bevy of force
talents, Kyle took on a cadre of Dark Jedi as their leader attempted to unlock
the secrets of an ancient Jedi burial ground. Again, some interesting moments,
not the least of which was Kyle's escape from a free-falling ship, but the real
kicker for most gamers was the inclusion of force powers and Lightsaber combat.
This was the first game that allowed you to get into the real meat of the Star
Wars mythos, as you sliced and diced Stormtroopers, and unlucky deathmatch
foes, with your wand of death. (As an aside, Jedi Knight inspired my first-ever
fansite, now thankfully relegated to the mists of time, or perhaps some dusty
Geocities archive somewhere....)

Unfortunately, LucasArts' fortunes have taken a turn downhill in the four years
or so since Jedi Knight was released. The production of Star Wars games has
continued apace, but most gamers would agree that the quality has dropped, with
some games being simply average, some convoluted and overly complicated
(Rebellion), and some simply bad (Force Commander). Very few Star Wars games
released over the past few years ranked as "must-haves" for members of the
gaming community. Thankfully, LucasArts seems recommitted to their Star Wars
license, with a wide range of intriguing projects on the boards, mostly
outsourced to proven developers eager to put their own twist on the most
sought-after license in gaming. Rogue Leader was a stand-out title at the
GameCube launch, Star Wars: Galaxies looks to bring SW goodness to the MMORPG
market, and Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic will probably force me to get
an XBox once it arrives.

Which brings us around to Jedi Knight II. After the production of the original
Jedi Knight and its mission pack, Mysteries of the Sith, the lead designer,
Justin Chin, left LucasArts to design his own title outside of the Star Wars
universe. (The game? New Legends, an XBox-exclusive action game. It was
released in February of 2002 to somewhat underwhelming reviews.) Therefore,
when LucasArts decided to pursue the series, they decided to reach out for a
company with a track record for producing grade-A PC games, specifically in the
shooter category. Their choice? Raven Software, a company well known for games
such as Soldier of Fortune and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. A couple of
years later, and here we are, with Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast in our hands,
just in time to not give it up for Lent.


No, no; a thousand times no. To yank a quote from LucasBooks' Chris Cerasi
right out of its context: "When it comes to absolute canon, the real story of
Star Wars, you must turn to the films themselves - and only the films."

So there. And Boba Fett's dead, too. :)


This FAQ is intended to be a one-stop shopping guide to info about the
single-player game included in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The walkthrough
will obviously be the most substantial portion of the guide, and I hope to keep
it mostly spoiler-free, though some tidbits of the story will have to be
discussed in order for the guide to make any sense at all. I recommend that you
play as far as you possibly can before resorting to this document, if only to
keep whatever enjoyment you may gain from experiencing the twists and turns of
the storyline.

I will have a bit on the multiplayer modes, but these will come after the
single-player portions of the FAQ are done. I used to play deathmatch games all
the time, but haven't for a couple of years due to steadily degrading internet
connections. I'm on a lowly 56k at this point, so any insights I have into the
multiplayer aspect of Outcast will likely come due to playing around with bots.
Anyone can feel free to send in tips that they've found helpful, of course.

The other sections will have brief explanatory paragraphs at the top to, well,
explain what they're about.

2. Revision History


Some sections of this revision history may give away events that occur during
the game. I wouldn't read it if you haven't beaten the game yet.

v1.7 - 4/16/02

*Added the locations of *all* of the secret locations in the game BIG, big
thanks to Greg Evans, Claude Arm, Joel Frazin, CoachBenet, Dean Ryan, and
whomever else has been sending me these things. I really appreciate it!

*I added a bit on the effects of different difficulty levels at the beginning
of the walkthrough. Thanks to Steven Roy for clueing me in to the effects of
the Jedi Master difficulty. I haven't started it - yet.
*Steven Roy also sent along two gems of strategies for two of the more
difficult set-piece battles in the game - the Artus Topside AT-ST fight, and
the R5 Laser Mine Gauntlet on Nar Shaddaa.
*Chris Thompson sent along a tip for defeating the Shadow Troopers in the Yavin
*Scott "Eih'Beir" Hebert sent along another way to defeat Desann.
*Clayton McNeil tipped me off to a method of eliminating the first two Shadow
Troopers you encounter on the Cairn.
*Peter McCaffery pointed out that Grip is one of the only Force powers that
works on submerged Swamp Troopers. Benjamin Middendorf also noted that the
troops won't shoot at you if they can't see you, so that you can, on occasion,
swim past them
*Erwin Dautzenberg sent in another name for the Attack Droids.
*SG.MFLOWER reminded me to put in a bit about wall-running in the Force Jump
*Michael_W added a technique for getting rid of Reborns.
*Added a bit on the "Can't Activate the Fuel Panels" problem, courtesy of
Steven J. Carlson.
*Evers0r- added a hint about getting friendly allies to attack you - want to
see if you can take on Luke? Head to the Cheats section.
*Claude Arm pointed out that the readme file had a section on Acrobatics. Since
I had never seen this, I cut and pasted some of the sections into the Tips
portion of this FAQ.
*Thanks much to Lenroc, Ratty R, Ray M., and Vaevictis Asmadi for helping me
out with my word-wrapping problem.
*Diesel added a little Lightsaber attack strategy. Incorporated into the
Lightsaber write-up.
*Brian Gluckman pointed out a little tidbit that makes Mind Tricks pretty
interesting. Check the Cheats section for more info.
*Lt. Phil pointed out a typo; duly corrected.

I changed around a few things to eliminate the medium difficulty level bias in
the walkthrough. I've been playing through on Jedi Knight difficulty - a nice
improvement over the Jedi difficulty.

As the submissions mount, it's quite likely that a few emails have slipped
through the cracks. I'll be going through my inbox and seeing if I missed any -
I apologize in advance if this happens to you. I've tried to be diligent,

v1.6 - 4/11/02

*Big thanks to GameFAQs for awarding me "FAQ of the Week", a co-award with Kyle
Katarn's FAQ/Walkthrough. I'd like to thank everyone that's checking out the
guide on that site. Lots of great feedback so far!

*Greg Evans gets two thumbs up for helping me with quite a few secret areas
(four or five in this update alone).

*g_saberrealisticcombat is perhaps the most fun code I've ever seen in a 3D
action game. Check the cheats section for more details. Thanks to Tim Swindler
for pointing this out.

*Riggormortis Necronomicon pointed out an alternate strategy for dealing with
some foes near an alarm panel in the Cairn installation.
*Quite a few people have pointed out that you can Grip (at level 2 or 3) Reborn
and Shadow Troopers, then Throw your saber to get an easy kill. Matt, Mikey
Wells, and a
*I've rewritten the Grip and Lightning Force descriptions based on more
playtesting and info that's been sent in from various folks (who are mentioned
in the section or in the Contributors section).
*Claude Arm told me about another secret area in Artus_Detention.
*Chris Bloomfield sent along some Force power combinations that I've entered
into the Force section.
*Renamed the Enemies entry for the Walkers to Attack Droids, and added a tip on
killing them that and Mike Sharp and Fletcher Fuller sent in.
*Added a Drones strategy from Daniel W. Paschal to the Dueling section.
*Added a couple of excellent strategies for dealing with an enemy on the
Doombringer to that walkthrough section. Thanks to Andysoft and Cyclops de
*Nick M. and Chris Mayberry both sent along a section of the Nar Shaddaa -
Reelo's Hideout that was unclear. I've edited and rewritten the section so that
it's less confusing, and I'd like to apologize to anyone who got stuck here
because of this. Sorry!
*Corrected a typo that Dennis Jakobsen sent in.
*Added another tip on defeating Desann from Leto_II.

Still working on screenshots for the secret areas. I want to get the
screenshots in 640x480, so that they'll be easier to upload and download, but
since I play at 800x600 (I would play higher, but I'm still on an archaic
GeForce 256), I have to flip it down when I want to take a shot. I also want to
wait until I have all the secrets for a level before I start renaming them; if
I upload them now for a section where I don't have all the secrets, I'd either
have to number the other secrets out of order when I find them, or break the
links for anyone hosting the FAQ that doesn't update it. Neither option is
really palatable, so there you go.

I apologize if I've missed anyone's email, or haven't responded to it, or
didn't credit you properly for something you submitted. There hasn't been a
deluge, but it has been steady, and between work and writing I've been out of
sorts when it comes to email. I've tried to be diligent about responding to
everything, but if something slipped through the cracks, re-send it and I'll
definitely get back to you.

A few questions for everyone:

1: I uninstalled JK from its default directory on the C drive and reinstalled
it over to the E drive (which is faster). Now it won't let me save games, other
than auto-saves at the beginning of missions and quick-saves. Has anyone else
had any problems with this?

2: If anyone is interested in purchasing any Star Wars: Customizable Card Game
cards, from the Decipher game, please let me know. I have many, many cards; a
full set from Premiere to Special Edition, including multiple Vaders, Lukes,
and Obis of all variations, and quite a few main rares from most other sets.
Long shot, I suppose, but I figure if anyone reading this enjoys that game too,
I might find someone to bite.

v1.5 - 4/8/02

*Added a large section on the "npc spawn" command that can really spice up
single-player games. Check for it in the Hints and Tips section, way down at
the bottom of the document.

*Added the number of secret areas for every mission in the walkthrough header,
at the suggestion of Dan Morris.
*Rewrote a section of the Doomgiver - Reactor walkthrough for clarity. Thanks
*Amended the walkthrough for Bespin Undercity and added a note from Claude Arm
regarding an Ugnaught.
*Added a strategy for defeating Desann from Harry Voyager, and added another
odd one from myself.
*Darwin (and others) pointed out that the Stun Baton is more useful against the
Crabs than the Blaster Rifle is.
*Mike reminded me that Drones serve as excellent distractions in fights against
Reborn and Jedi.
*Greg Evans reminded me of the bartender's race, and also pointed out another
secret area in the bar on Nar Shaddaa.
*Leto_II pointed out a typo that was corrected.
*Rewrote a small section of the Jedi Trials walkthrough at the suggestion of
Daniel Edstrom.
*Mitch pointed out that you can duck and move at the same time with the
Disruptor Rifle, and the zoom will remain in place. Helpful to know.
*Por Que sent in a tip for beating an opponent on the Doomgiver Shield Array
level. He also pointed out another secret area on the Nar Shaddaa Streets

I have screenshots for most of the secret areas that I know about, but I
haven't gotten round to uploading them and renaming them, etc. Hopefully on
Tuesday, my day off. If I don't have a secret area mentioned in the
walkthrough, I probably don't know about it, so I'm going to have to go through
the levels with noclip and see about finding the rest of them. Still updating
the other sections of the walkthrough with some frequency, but it's slowing
down a bit now that I've played through a couple of times. I've been busy with
Freedom Force lately (great game), and I anticipate Dungeon Siege taking up a
lot of time in the next week or so, so who knows when it will be complete to my
satisfaction? At any rate, look for the first batch of secret area screenshots
(which will consist of links to my website) in 1.6.

V1.4 - 4/4/02

*Added walkthroughs for the rest of the missions.
*Added a multiplayer cheat from Todd Hauck.
*Changed a few sections due to a tip from David Erlenbusch. Apparently, you
don't use Force Pull to retrieve your saber if it's fallen to the floor; you
can simply hit the attack button to pull it back into your hand.
*David also pointed out that the code "drive_atst" seems to work just fine.
*Thanks to Josh Errickson for pointing out that the Force meter doesn't
replenish while you have Force Speed activated.

Dang, am I beat. I apologize if the Cairn missions seem to be poorly written -
I was trying to watch the NCAA Championship game and play at the same time. I
decided to forgo the daily updates for the last couple of days, and simply
finish the game and get the walkthrough complete. And now it is, for what it's
worth. Now all I have to do is track down the secret areas. If anyone knows of
any forum posts somewhere with these locations, or has a list that you could
send me, it'd be much appreciated. I don't get a chance to visit many forums,
since between work and sleep I haven't had much time to do anything but play
and write, so I apologize if I seem a little aloof - rest assured that if you
email me I'll do my best to respond promptly.

V1.3 - 4/1/02

*Thanks to Jason Anastas, Stoney03, Dan H., Hawksmoor, and Old Gamer for
sending in the location of the very first secret area in the game. I'm
surprised I missed it.
*I added a Dueling section to the Hints section, way down at the bottom of this
document, in the last update, but forgot to mention it. If anyone has any ideas
for better dueling, let me know and I'll add them in. I'll be editing this as I
proceed through the game.
*Continuing to update and revise the weapons and Force powers sections as I
*Added a list of cheats that Peter J. Rzeminski II was kind enough to send me.
I also appended a note on binding keys for those of you not familiar with Quake
3 engine syntax.
*Added the walkthroughs for the Cloud City levels.

I got an email asking me for a clarification about a section of the Jedi
Training tests, which I had had a hard time describing in words. I snapped a
couple of screenshots and uploaded them to my personal website, which got me
thinking, "Maybe this could be handy for the FAQ...." I think screenshots would
be especially helpful in showing the positions of the secret areas, which are
often difficult to describe. So I'll start taking screens of the secret areas I
find and adding them to the walkthrough; and I'll eventually go back and do
this for the earlier secret areas as well. It's an inelegant solution to my
blunt-force trauma use of the English language, but at least it's a solution.

V1.2 - 3/31/02

*Added the walkthrough for the Nar Shaddaa levels.
*Redid most of the descriptions of the Force powers as I've been exploring
their use.
*Added some more enemy profiles and edited others.

I see another (complete) walkthrough has been posted to Gamefaqs, which is
good, since I won't have to hurry to finish this one off. After I get done with
the walkthrough I'll do a complete re-edit and rewrite for all the sections to
make it a bit more readable. One mission a day until the end of the game,
that's all I'm promising - keep in mind playing Outcast and writing this are
essentially replacing sleep for me, since I'm at work for nine hours a day
(including commute). It's all good, I guess...

I do have one secret area submission that I haven't added yet. I haven't been
worrying too much about finding the secret areas as I play through, simply
because there's no real gameplay purpose other than to find items. In Jedi
Knight, you had to find the secret areas to gain Force powers, but in Outcast
you're usually just going to find some Bacta tanks or Shield Generators -
useful, but not worth spending hours tracking down. That said, if someone wants
to send me their locations, I'll definitely verify them and plug them into the

V1.1 - 3/30/02 - First release.

Have the first levels of the walkthrough done (took me nearly six hours of
playing and writing just for the Kejim levels - this isn't something you can do
quickly). I'm going to play through the game, doing a level at a time, updating
the miscellaneous sections of the FAQ as I go. I'm scheduled to work eight
hours a day for the next five days straight, so I won't have much time to
polish the edges until my day off, but hopefully I'll be able to get the
walkthrough mostly completed by then (cross my fingers). Too bad Freedom Force
has to wait until I can finish this thing off.

Please do note in the meantime that much of the information in the various
sections is placeholder stuff, and will be updated as I proceed through the
game. I prefer to be methodological rather than hasty, so please hold off
emailing me about obvious errors until I start hinting that the FAQ is nearing
completion. I've just gotten to Nar Shaddaa, so lots of the other info is from
Internet previews, the trailers, etc., and will be updated when I get farther
into the game.

V1.0 - In Medias Res

Mostly working out the format of the document, and filling in what sections I
could before I actually have the game, with info from previews, movies,
screenshots, and interviews. (Speaking of interviews, I have to say that
whatever they're paying Kenn Hoekstra probably isn't enough.)

3. Walkthrough

This walkthrough is intended to be spoiler-free and concise. I'll be fairly
explicit in the first couple of levels, as we wade into the game, but I don't
intend to serve up every facet of the levels in detail - I assume most players
will feel comfortable exploring the levels and will only turn to a walkthrough
for help solving a puzzle, so I intend to make it suitable for just that,
rather than explicitly guiding you through everything there is to do. This is,
of course, balanced against the fact that, without a compass or internal means
of telling direction, it's somewhat difficult to describe some of the more
complex levels without getting into the "turn left, take the next right"
pedantry. That said, if you feel the walkthrough isn't detailed enough at any
point, let me know.


Padawan: Easiest

Haven't played it yet. :)

Jedi: Normal

The standard difficulty level. Enemies have fair accuracy, standard health.

Jedi Knight: Difficult

A step up from Jedi. Enemies are more numerous and have better accuracy (even
the Stormtroopers), and appear to have a bit more health, as well. Most Shield
Converters will only give +50 protection. Crosshairs do not turn blue to clue
you in to areas where Force powers may be useful.

Jedi Master: Nightmare

Health and Shields are capped at 50 apiece. (You can raise your shields past
this limit at Shield Converters.) Steven Roy commented that the major battles
seemed much harder on this difficulty. I'll take his word for it. :)

3.1 - Kejim Post


*Investigate the abandoned Imperial Outpost.
*Engage Remnant forces in the area.

Primary Foes:

*Imperial Officers

Secret Areas: 2

You'll find yourself in control of Kyle behind an Imperial lander, with Jan by
your side. The very first secret area in the game is off to your left, through
an unlocked door. Hop on the crates to reach the top shelf and a few items.

You can use the small area where you begin the level to move around in, adjust
your controls, etc., but you probably shouldn't fire until you're ready to take
out the Stormtroopers nearby. Use your Bryar to snipe one in the head, then
shoot the other one until he falls. Grab the Rifle and head around the corner,
where a whole mess of Stormtroopers awaits. Jan has apparently rigged her Rifle
to fire faster than you can manage, but she shoots, well, like a girl, and can
barely hit anything. You'll need to take out most of the Troopers yourself.
Once Jan examines the blast door, be ready for a few reinforcements that come
around the corner. You can use your Binoculars when you're looking over the
valley to check out the Troopers that are keeping watch on the odd structure
below. You can't shoot them - they're behind sturdy shielding - but if you
take a potshot, you'll attract a Probe Droid.

Anyway, once all the Troopers are dead, head around the corner and pump up your
shields at the Shield Power Converter. Head through the door and whack the
Imperial, then grab his supply key. Use the elevator to reach the upper level,
then take the nearby lift to the observation deck. Flip the switch to supply
power to the guns, then head back below to greet a few more Troopers. Head into
their little hiding room to get some ammo and a Bacta tank. Now head below and
mount the turret gun, then fire on the door to blast it open.

Once you and Jan are on the elevator, it will automatically begin to lower
itself. Wait for it to reach the lower level, then hop off. When it rises
again, jump into the shaft and proceed into the small corridor. There's some
kind of energy reservoir to your left, which you can shoot if you wish (but
watch out for the blast). Head to the right to deactivate the reservoir, and
then move around it until you reach a small lift. It will take you above a
control room inside the base. Shoot the grate and fall down. Grab the key from
the Imperial and then unlock the doors using the four switchs. Jan will run in
and man the control panel.

Head out the door and take a left, head through the door, then take a right
through another door. Take a left around the corner and you should be in a
large room with a Gonk (little black droid that makes a weird sound). Open the
crate to get the handy Light Amp goggles, then flip the switch near the
circular platform to reach a darkened area below. Activate your Light Amp
goggles to see. (Default keys are [ and ] to toggle your inventory and Enter to
activate and deactivate.) There's a "secret" area near the crates; just walk
around until a pop-up message tells you you've found it.

Now head through the small passageway in the wall and crouch through the
opening. Wipe out the Imperial and the Troopers, then head into the room. Take
the key from the Imperial, get the code key from the funny display on the wall,
then flip the green and red panels along the same wall to unlock some doors in
other areas of the level.

Now, disable the red force field and head up the stairs. Take a left and head
down the corridor until you hit some walkways over a very large pit. Head down
the walkway leading under the green Imperial insignia, and be ready for some
ceiling-mounted turrets. Destroy them, then head through the door and into a
large number of Troopers. Go through the other door to your left and kill the
Troopers that are mulling about. Once you locate the flashing blue control
panel, use it to call Jan. She'll need some help reaching your position, so
head back up to the walkways and start moving towards the room with the Gonk.
Once you reach Jan, escort her back to the control panel, where she'll unlock a
door nearby. Head through it and indulge in some glass shattering, but watch
out for the troops. Get the second code from the display, and head back to the
walkways over the pit. Now proceed under the red Imperial signage, and watch
out for more turrets. Go through the door, then up the stairs to your left. The
lift nearby takes you above the walkways - flip the switch nearby to deactivate
the force field across the way, then walk along the perimeter of the room to
flip the other switch, which activates the computer array below. This will call
up some troops from below, but if you're quick enough, you can run back and
drop a Detonator on their heads before they can spread out from the lift.

Once you've got the computer up and running, you need to find the third
keycode. Head through the door in the room at the bottom of the lift. Kill the
troopers in this room, then use the satellite dish control panel to get some
hints as to what awaits you in later missions. Proceed down the corridor and
into the next area - the explosion that occurs will not harm you, but it will
kill some of the Troopers that were waiting for you. The walkway is a bit
unstable, as you'll notice - hurry along until you reach the far end, and the
walkway will collapse behind you.

The door ahead leads to some steps. The sound that comes through the walls
portends an encounter with Probe Droids, and sure enough, there are three of
them awaiting you at the foot of the stairs. Destroy them and then ride the
lift up to to the Ammo Power Converter if you need to use it. The door this way
leads to another walkway, but it will break before you can get all the way
across - head back down to where the Probe Droids were and stand on the floor
to reach an open area above the walkways. Take out some more Droids, grab the
Large Shield Generator nearby, then walk along the ceiling of the intact
walkway to reach the other side. You can snipe the Imperial troops in the
observation room from the top of the walkway. Once you drop down, pass through
the observation room and round the corner to get the final code. Proceed back
to the walkways and enter the codes into the computer. You need to manipulate
the three screens until the display on the large, center screen matches the
symbol (check the codes by hitting TAB). Once all the codes have been entered,
you can cross the bridge to the second half of this mission.

3.2 - Kejim Base

Initial Objectives:

*Investigate the hidden section of the Outpost.
*Engage Remnant forces in the area.
*Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw.

Primary Foes:

*Imperial Officers

Secret Areas: 3

You'll start off with a firefight here, but you can shoot the gas container
through the window to lighten the troop density a bit. Get the Security Key
from the Imperial, then unlock the door. Disable the turrets. Take the door to
your left, then flip the panel to raise the blast shield. Shoot the window out
and proceed on through. An Imperial and a couple of odd, floating droid-turrets
will be waiting for you in the next room. You can't shoot the droids when
they've shielded themselves - you can only damage them when they're prepared to
fire back at you. Grab the key from the Imperial, then flip the switches on the
control panel to rotate the manipulator arm around in the cold chamber ahead.
Smash the window leading into the chamber, then drop down and head through the
door on the floor. You can disable the freezing units in the next room. Go back
to the cold chamber, but this time hug the wall until you can climb on top of
the manipulator arm. Once you reach the top level, crouch and head around the
outside of the chamber to find a secret area.

Head back around the way you came, and then jump from the lattice walkway to
the Ammo Power Converter for another secret area.

Once you're back on the walkway, you can go through the door to enter a large
area with a pool of electrified water below. Head around the upper level to
your right until you can fire through the windows into the small control room.
Shoot the explosive container, which will fry the panel nearby, opening the
door and extending a walkway. Move into the room, flip the switch, then drop
down the lift and look around until you find yourself in an observation room
overlooking a large white storage area. Hit the control panel to raise a
jumpway to one of the small caches of items around the area. Now, head back to
the water room, then proceed down into the white storage area and jump around
until you get the items. (This isn't technically required, so feel free to skip
it if you just want to get on with the mission.)

Now, back in the water room, move around on the lower level until you come to
the walkway that lets you access a door opening onto an open shaft. Drop down
and crouch through the passage until you reach another largish room. Take a
left and proceed into another small observation room to shuffle the floor plans
once again. Head back out and into the white room through the now-unlocked
door, and nab some more items. Once you're through in there, head back through
the previous room and through the door on the other side. There are plenty of
troops in the area, so this might be a good time to bust out some of your
Thermal Detonators. Once the troops are dead, disable the turret nearby, grab
the key from the Imperial, and head down the steps to the brig area. You'll
find a platform that takes you up above the prison cells, where you'll
encounter another Imperial guarding the locks. Disable the forcefields, then
drop down and look around until you find the supply areas, where you can pick
up some neato Det Packs. The odd humming sound is coming from a pair of
Interrogation Droids that are coming your way. These fellows don't seem to have
any distance attacks, so shoot them down before they can get near you and you
should be fine.

Now walk back past the area where you killed all the Troopers until you come to
a locked door. This will open with the security key of the Imperial that was
hiding in an alcove across the way. You'll find yourself in an observation room
that overlooks one of the rooms you were in earlier. If you're running low on
shields, you can get to the shield generator by futzing around with the control
panels nearby. Hit the right one once, then the left one three times to blow
the shields. Continue on your way through the door, and get ready for a
firefight. The blast doors will open automatically, revealing a room full of
troopers and an Imperial manning a turret. The Troopers die as easily as they
ever do, but you'll have to strafe-fire the Imperial to knock him out of the
turret before he can rip you to shreds. Clear the room, and hit the switch in
the rear area. Troopers will charge you, so get into the turret and knock them
around a bit.

Now that the force field is down, proceed into a room with a very odd
contraption. The device you're looking at bounces laser beams off the crystal
suspension. You'll want to activate the machine, but you'll also want to move
the crystal so that the lasers can cut you a passage; you can do both in the
small alcove nearby. When the lasers start cutting through the locked door,
crouch and move around the perimeter of the room so that you don't get fried.
Once you're out of the door, the machine will self-destruct.

The next room confronts you with a bit of a puzzle. If you enter the room with
the bodies inside it, you'll die very quickly of radiation poisoning. You
should have enough health to dash in and grab the Security Key, however, so do
that and unlock the computer panel nearby. This activates a remote-controlled
Mouse droid, which you'll need to use to flush the radiation from the next room
on. Once you're controlling the Mouse droid, roll it along into the next room,
and then zip through the small blue passageway until you locate the machines
that are pumping out the radiation. Shut them down, then bring the Mouse droid
back through the blue passage. Be sure to hit the obscured computer link device
on your way back, however; this unlocks the third secret area, a small doorway
leading to a Power Converter in the room with the bodies.

Hit the Jump key to return you to Kyle's body, then proceed through into the
formerly irradiated area. Use the Ammo Power Converter to get the final secret
area, then proceed through the door and escape the facility through the crystal
immersion chamber.

3.3 - Artus Mine


*Infiltrate the mining facility.
*Cripple the mining operation.

Primary Foes:

*Imperial Officers

Secret Areas: 1

Mosey down the valley until you come to a canyon. Drop down and scope out the
scene - I don't think the EPA would have many good things to say about the
Remnant's environmental policies, given the green sludge that's floating about
below. Head off to your right to find a Bowcaster next to a body, but don't
fire it yet. Avoid the spotlights off to the left, and head into the room below
their spire to deactivate them. Once you've got that done, jump onto the piping
that crosses the valley, but watch out for falling pieces. Make your way over
to the other side of the valley.

The Troopers in the room above are a bit too concentrated for you to risk
running in and blasting away, so alert them to your presence and then retreat
to the bottom-most walkway above the canyon. As the Stormtroopers pursue you,
they'll almost all fall off into the valley below, since the walkways don't
have any guardrails - something for their union to take up with OSHA, I
imagine. The Remnant better hope they don't get audited, or else there'll be
hell to pay in fines. Once you've cleared the Troopers and the Imperial, grab
the latter's key and unlocked the door.

You've infiltrated the mine successfully. Now clean the next room, and grab the
keys from the Imperials. Head down the elevator, but be ready to hit a secret
area about halfway down - there's a small passage you can crouch into as you
head down, but it's easy to miss, so be sure to save your game ahead of time.

You can bomb or snipe the Troopers from above, then head back down to take on
the rest of the troops. There are a half-dozen or so soldiers in this storage
area, but you won't have much mobility in the doorway, so watch the crossfire.
There's only one exit from this room, so head towards the elevator, but watch
out for the Troopers that drop down before you can get there. You can get them
all with one well-placed Detonator if you're ready.

Ride the elevator up and take a left, passing through the rocky mining area.
Take a right at the intersection and head down to another room with some
Imperials and a few Troopers. Grab the key (you can head back to the rocky area
to open the crate, if you wish), then find the doors that lead back out into
the canyon. There are two guidelights on posts here - stand between them until
the pipe below you extrudes enough for you to jump on it. Do so, then crouch
and fall down to the small ledge below. When the pipe retracts, crawl through
until you reach the smelting machine. Shoot the power devices along the walls,
then blow away the machine itself. Ride on top of the machine to the room
above, then climb on one of the barriers so that you can jump on top of one of
the moving platforms. Hitch a ride until you reach the small, dark corridor
with the green force crystals; this is where you want to jump off.

This corridor is dark enough to require the use of light amplification goggles,
but it's fairly linear so you shouldn't worry too much about it if you run out
of battery power. The little Crabs in the area are troublesome, however, since
they move a bit too fast to lead with your Rifle. Use the alternate fire and
aim at the ground between you and them to stun them, then finish them off as
they stand still. This will deplete almost all of your ammo, probably, but it's
better than being turned into critter food.

(A few people have pointed out that the Stun Baton is a little more efficient
at taking out the Crabs than the Blaster Rifle is.)

Once you reach the mining equipment, activate it and start sniping the soldiers
below you - the Bowcaster's alternate fire is quite handy at this, if you
haven't noticed. Drop onto another of the moving platforms, and head for the
bottom of the room. The door nearby leads to some sort of lava-smashing
contraption, conveniently placed to allow you access to the upper platforms.
The next room over contains a mess of troops, and the mine's powerplant, which
you can overload by manipulating a panel nearby. Once it's destroyed, head
through the far door to find yourself back in the main storage area of the
mine. Take the previous elevator back up to the upper level, but this time take
a right. Take out the Troopers and the Crabs, and proceed to the next room,
where you'll find a couple of delightfully positioned turrets. Activate the car
here to reach the next area of the mission.

3.4 - Artus Detention Area

Initial Objectives:

*Rescue the Miners from the prison. Release the prisoners.

Primary Foes:

*Imperial Officers

Secret Areas: 1

Shoot the prisoners in the room you start out in, then climb up the metal bar
to reach the panel to unlock the door below. Kill the troopers in the next
room, then use another panel to unlock anohter door. You'll find yourself in a
large cylindrical prison area, joined by a series of staircases. You'll need to
fight off quite a few Trooper ambushes as you progress upward, and there's a
surprise in the form of Mobile Turrets on the top level, so be prepared for a
firefight. Take another staircase up to the facility's control room, where
you'll be able to unlock all the prison doors, as well as activate the fan in
the airshaft running up the middle of the room.

Go back down the stairs and through the previously locked door. Proceed through
and talk to the prisoner. He'll tell you that you need to capture the Base
Commander and force him to unlock the hanger's blast doors - but first, proceed
into the hanger and take out the Troopers. They'll fire on the prisoners,
unless you get really close, so pick them off from a distance. You can examine
the hanger's floor for some miscellaneous items.

Head to the upper platforms in the hanger, and find the unlocked door. When you
reach the walkway, shoot the lattice grille and jump through. Thankfully you
activated the fan earlier, and you can float down the pipe until you hit the
bottom; make sure you land on the grate or you'll get injured by the fan. Head
through the pipe to reach the bottom of the detention area; look around for a
loose grate to find a secret area. (Thanks Claude Arm for pointing this out.)

You'll eventually reach another darkened mine area, which will be much longer
than the one you ran through in the last level. My recommendation? Book it.
Just run past all the Crabs, keeping your goggles on, and they shouldn't have
enough time to get their bites in. The passageway is linear, so proceed until
you reach another room where the Crabs are chewing on Trooper bodies. Head
through the door hear to reach a hallway with two more doors. The rightmost
passage will take you back to the hanger, but the leftmost will lead you to the
Base Commander. Kill all the Troopers and walk down the stairs to your right to
find the Commander, who won't put up a fight. He'll walk along slowly as long
as you have your crosshairs on him, so march him up the stairs towards the
blast door. You'll have to protect him from the Crabs that pour forth. After he
lets the prisoners out of the main door, he'll predictably turn on you, so
blast him and the rest of the Troopers. Now head out the newly unlocked door
until you find a locker room for the mine enforcers. Blast the grates and crawl
out of the facility to end the level.

3.5 - Artus Topside

Initial Objectives:

*Disable the external defenses to allow evacuation of the prisoners.
*Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw.

Primary Foes:

*Imperial Officers

Secret Areas: 1

Well, you're caught between a rock and a hard place as the level opens, since
an AT-ST is gunning for you right from the beginning. Duck into the alcove to
your left to grab the Imperial's supply key and activate the elevator. Run back
outside, avoiding the AT-ST's fire, and take the elevator up to the top level.
Man the turret to kill the AT-ST, then swing it around to take out the Troopers
above you. Another AT-ST will pop out of the hanger here; once its AT-ST is
destroyed, you can check the nearby room
for a Large Shield Generator if you got the Supply key below.

Steven Roy sent along this tactic, which should come in handy on harder

"Trying to keep the prisoners alive at the beginning of the Artus Topside
mission was nearly impossible [on Jedi Master difficulty].  The lower AT-ST
would always hit me in the gun turret at least twice, draining the energy
levels to a ridiculously low level.  I could never kill the stormtroopers
before my energy was completely gone.  I spent a half hour doing this until I
figured a much easier way of winning.  First, the prisoners do not start dying
until you actually reach the top.  So, instead of rushing to the elevator, I
charged the AT-ST on the canyon level, ran around it, and kept dodging all the
way to the other end. No stormtroopers on on the lower level until you clear
the top, so they
aren't a worry.  Then, once you've reached the end, turn around and come back,
hugging the right wall (don't forget to keep dodging!)  If all goes well, the
AT-ST tries to follow you in a straight line, and gets caught on the right wall
and cannot see you or the turret.  Then, just head up to the top and eliminate
all of the troopers and the upper level AT-ST with a fully charged cannon!"

Take the elevator back down into the valley. Run (do not walk) down the
valley's length. There are a lot of Troopers hanging around, but if you strafe
and dodge well, you can make it to the end without getting hit. (Just make sure
the AT-ST doesn't squash you.)

Take the lift up to the top of the valley. The troopers outside are using
juiced-up Rifles, and can fire more rapidly than most soldiers can, so you
might want to set a proximity mine or something to take them out, since they
will wear down your shields quite rapidly in a firefight. Once you take out the
troopers on the ledge to the right of the door, walk across and shoot the grate
to find a secret area.

Now, head down to the Ion Cannons, and use the Turrets to shoot any of the
troops in the valley below. Make sure you get the AT-ST in particular, because
you'll have to come back and shoot it if you miss it now. Walk past the Ion
Cannons, making sure to avoid their walkways before they fire, since the charge
electrifies the metal temporarily. The next large room after the cannons is a
repair bay for the AT-ST's, so clear it out and grab the security key from the
Imperial. There are a couple more rooms accessible from the lowest level of the
repair bay, and in the final one you'll be able to access the force fields that
are protecting the Ion Cannons. Shut them down, then head back up and blast the
Cannons with the nearby turret. If you didn't destroy the AT-ST in the canyon
before, you'll get a message telling you to do it now, which is a task, since
it will sometimes hide in one of the mini-valleys underneath the Ion Cannons.
If it's already been destroyed, head back to the repair bay and through the
now-unlocked door on the other side of the upper level. Avoid the trip mines in
the passages beyond, and eventually you'll reach the Raven's Claw.

Desann, unfortunately, cannot be beaten at this stage of the game. I've managed
to knock him over with a lucky Detonator Pack, but he'll generally throw
everything you dish out right back at you. Once you fall, a series of cutscenes
will ensue, ending the mission.

3.6 - Massassi Temple - Jedi Training Academy - Yavin 4 Moon

Initial Objectives:

*Meet with Luke Skywalker.

Primary Foes:


Secret Areas: 1

A Protocol Droid will let you know that Luke is waiting for you. You can look
around for a bit if you wish; there's a recreation of the War Room from A New
Hope near where you begin the level. There's not a lot to do in the Academy
proper except check out some Jedi Padawans engaging in a little lightsaber duel
action. Once you get bored of watching and heckling them ("We want a fencer,
not a belly...encer!"), head up to the very top of the Temple, where Luke
awaits. Apparently he finally hit puberty, because his voice has changed a bit.

Once you're ready to begin your tests, head back down a level or two and find
the door that was previously locked. Stroll through the garden until you find
the rabbit-hole. Drop through to begin your adventures with the Force....

Go right once the next level loads to pick up Force Push. In the next room,
Push the grey panels on the wall to find the correct glyphs you need to
proceed. The middle square, between the arrows, needs to have the correct
sequence of glyphs to unlock the door, so Push the tiles around until you are
able to proceed.

Grab Force Pull from the altar, then head into a water room for the next text.
Use Pull to extract the walkway from the wall. Once you get to the door, you
can keep going past it to reach a secret area, but it'll only net you a Battery
and a Bacta tank. You'll need to Pull these items out of the alcove, since
they're stuck far into the recess.

Proceeding out the door, grab Speed and drop down the hole nearby. Stand on the
platform to drop the door, then stand on the pressure plate to unlock all the
other doors. Once the last door has dropped (you should be able to see a cage
at the end of the corridor) hit the Speed button and take off. Don't worry
about the rising pillar; you'll see it again shortly.

You'll find Jump nearby, and a door that leads back to the main area. I was
stuck here for quite some time, because I didn't see the golden pillars off to
the right as you enter the room. You need to use Jump to scale the pillars,
after which you're done with the first go-round of tests.

The next test is down the stairs and through the doors. Use Pull on the
gargoyles to initiate water flow from each. Once the water level has risen,
stand by the door to let the platform float up from the bottom of the water.
The gate across the way will also rise; once it's completely retracted, hit
Speed and dash across the platform. It'll sink, but you should have plenty of
time to Jump underneath the gate before it falls completely.

Now, use Push on the wall next to the door to break open another passage. Once
you're below, you can use Push on the blocks below the stepping stones to make
something of a ladder. You'll need to Jump on top of the stones, then Jump on
the small guidestones next to them to complete the next jump.

This area is confusing so I've updated a couple of pictures to help anyone
who's stuck.

This is Kyle looking at the small ledge he needs to jump upon:

This is Kyle looking down from the small ledge. He needs to jump from here to
reach the next stone:

Once you're up top, head to the end of the corridor, behind the pressure plate.
Activate Speed, then jet off down the corridor towards the opening. You should
intersect a sliding platform, from which you can Jump to reach the final area
of the tests.

You're almost done. Use Push to retract the pins that stick out of the pillar
until the cage containing your Lightsaber is at floor level, then jump on top
of the weight nearby (above the ramp that leads downward). As the weight falls,
hit Speed, run up the ramp, and use Pull to get your Lightsaber out before the
cage closes again.

Now you can jump around and act like an idiot for a few minutes. The Lightsaber
here is much-improved over its implementation in Jedi Knight, so get used to
the new movement system and throw the saber around a bit for good measure. Once
you're ready to get on to the next mission, jump up on top of the small pillars
near the exit door, then throw the saber through the ropes to release the
stones. Cut the lock on the next door and you'll be off to Nar Shaddaa.

3.7 - Nar Shaddaa - The Smuggler's Moon - Streets

Initial Objectives:

*Track down the gangster, Reelo Baruk.

Primary Foes:


Secret Areas: 6

(The fly-by intro here is an homage to the opening cinematic of Jedi Knight, in
case you didn't know.)

The bar up the street is populated by Grans (fellows with three eyes), Rodians
(green-skinned insectoid things), and Weequays (individuals that manage to be
both bald and dreadlocked simultaneously), along with a Chiss bartender, of the
same race as Grand Admiral Thrawn. Engage the bartender in conversation, then
kill every single living thing in a hundred-foot radius. You're remarkably
proficient at blocking incoming laser fire, even at this early stage of your
Lightsaber skill development, so whip it out and chop up the freaks. Lightsaber
Throw is a kick here; I took down four enemies at one time with a well-thrown

There are two secret areas in this bar; one is in the kitchen area, where you
can Push a freezer in the wall to reveal a small hidden room.

The other is accessible in the main seating area. Hit your Use key on one of
the recessed seating areas in the back wall, where the Weequay and Rodians were
enjoying their drinks earlier, and the seats should retract into the wall,
leaving a passage to the secret area. Not very logical, but there you go.

Head to the top of the bar and locate the lock to the bar blast shield.
Interrogate the bartender and head up and outside. The Rodians that are
scattered throughout the rest of the level will possess Disruptor Rifles, so
you'll have to move very slowly through any exposed areas, unless you fancy
being disintegrated. (The death animation when you do perish is pretty cool,
though.) You'll need to duck in and out of doorways, while returning fire with
your own Disruptor Rifle, in order to not get hit, since your Lightsaber
unfortunately can't block the shots. The Disruptor is perfectly accurate and
fires very quickly, so you can hit far-off enemies with the primary fire if you
have good aim. If you need to zoom in with the scope, aim for the head and
charge it up about halfway - disintegrating the Rodians is neat, but drains
your ammo and will leave you open to fire for too long to be really worthwhile.

(Mitch points out that if you hold duck while wielding the Disruptor Rifle, the
sniper zoom does not disappear when you move. This is obviously helpful for
acquiring your targets while exposing yourself for a minimum amount of time.)

Head around to your left and walk across the chasm. No guardrails, yet again; a
poor example of city planning. Head up the lift in the nearby room and through
the hole in the wall. Don't forget to use Push and Pull to knock your enemies
off their feet; this is really handy in the case of the Grans, which are often
armed with Thermal Detonators. Head out to the small balcony and jump over to
the set of ramps leading up. Ignore the door to your left and head up the
ramps, where you'll find another door. You can roll a Thermal Detonator down
the small incline inside the door to kill the Rodian and the Gran below, then
explore the room they're in to find a Large shield generator.

Now, head up to the second-highest level of the ramp and jump from the small
balcony area into the building below, which has a control panel you can use to
extend a nearby bridge. Head out of the building and walk to your right to find
the now-complete walkway. In the next room, you'll need to shuffle some crates
around with Push and Pull to bring down a lift, then Push the crate again to
make the platform rise when you're standing on it.

Once you're reached the top of the lift, use the panel nearby to drop another
ramp heading up. Walk along the walkway outside until you reach the skylights,
which you'll need to drop through. One of the doors in this room leads to a
lift heading up to the highest level of the outside area. There are two secret
areas up here. For the first, jump across the bridge that the Gran was standing
on, then head up the darkened ramp across the way to find an upper platform.

The second area is around the corner from the bridge with the Gran; you need to
drop down onto the walkways that connect all the locked doors until you find a
small platform with a couple of Converters. Unfortunately, this will return you
to the beginning of the level, so be forewarned.

When you're ready to proceed, head back to the room with the skylights and jump
out the rightmost window onto a small ledge. Jump into the floating vehicle and
jump from there up to the nearby door. Take the lift up and proceed across the
walkway - but watch out for the proximity mine in the middle. Shoot it out from
a distance, and be careful not to fall. In the next room, shoot the barrel to
get through the wall, then cut the small electrical pipe to de-charge the
water. Pull the platform out from the next wall, then jump up above to another
small area. There's another secret area across the top of the glassed-in
walkway; jump from there to the area to the right to find a couple of Bacta

Hit the panel near the R5 unit to pull a loading crane below within
jumping distance. Fall down onto it, then Pull the other crane to you, and jump
from there into the floating garbage scow. As it moves off, you'll notice a red
garbage chute above you; the jump from your hauler to this area is very
difficult. Stand on the very edge of the hauler and hit crouch when you reach
the apex of your jump, and you might make it into the corridor; this is the
final secret area.

Drop down into the hauler again, and as it speeds along, you'll need to hit the
small red/green switchlights with Push in order to bypass the early exits and
hit the end of the level.

3.8 - Nar Shaddaa - Reelo's Hideout

Initial Objectives:

*Track down Reelo Baruk.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Jump from Level 1 to Level 2.

Secret Areas: 7

As the level begins, you can find a secret area by jumping from the crate to
the metal piping on either side, then jumping from there up to a pair of

If you miss the jump, you'll need to wall-walk over the shredder
to avoid instant death. Head through the door to find a large room full of
garbage smashers. There's another secret area through the first door on your
right - blow up the explosive barrel in the room to open a passageway to a
sniper's roost with a couple of Rodians.

There's yet another secret area in the first room here. Find the stack of
crates near the wall, then drop down between them and the wall, and hit your
Use key while facing the wall. A secret panel should open up.

Go back to the garbage smashers and find one with an exposed pipe sticking out
of its side. You'll need to jump up and into the garbage smasher, then run
underneath the smashing mechanism without getting squashed. There's a simple
jumping puzzle in the next large room, from which you'll proceed down some
corridors until you find what seems to be a dead end. Use your Force Pull on
the dumpster to pull it towards you.

What you have to do in this area is not attempt to move around the dumpster
that you pull, but instead head all the way back to the large central area of
the level, the one with the four large garbage smashers. There's a room
attached to this area with a large wall of glass and a number of crates. Here's
a screenshot of the room in question; hopefully you'll recognize it:


After you've pulled the garbage hauler near the jumping puzzle, go back to the
central area and find this room. There's a crate you can pull to reveal a
passageway, which then leads you to another garbage hauler; Push this one to
reveal the passageway leading to the rest of the area. The point of Pulling the
first garbage hauler is not to clear the hallway so that you can pass, it's to
make room so that you can Push the other garbage hauler enough to reveal the
adjacent corridor. (As a note, there is a secret area in the ceiling above the
garbage hauler in the hallway; look for a small area that you can jump up

Smash the window in the adjacent room, while being careful not to step on the
red-hot incinerator track. Pull the lever across the way to unlock the door.
This next hallway is populated with some Rodian snipers, so watch for the
windows to open and blast them with your weapon of choice. You'll reach a ramp
eventually - watch for a grate on the right side of the wall. When you find it,
smash it, crawl into the duct, and then blow up the explosive canister below.

Head back to the ramp and drop down into the room below. Cut the door's lock,
and proceed through the now-smashed wall to find the prison area, where the
game's very special guest star awaits. Once you've had your conversation, head
back to the ramp area, and go through the door at the top to find yourself on
the walkways at the top of the garbage smasher room. At the far side of this
area is a small control room where you'll be asked for a password - the
prisoner gave it to you, so you'll be allowed through. (If you didn't have the
password, you'd have been dropped into a room with an electrified floor.)

This next area is rather tricky, due to the overwhelming forces aligned against
you, so keep your Bacta tanks primed and ready to go when you hit your item
key. First off, there's a secret area behind the second elevator past the
passworded door. Jump off the elevator as it's falling, and you'll notice a
small gap in the far wall.

Once you reach the grate separating you from the Weequays, break through with
your saber and start chopping. Take your time with the turrets ahead, and be
sure to destroy them all before proceeding. The next hallway contains a
multitude of recessed Rodian riflemen (really!), but you can run past them if
you wish. Push the panel through the cracked window to escape. Once you find
yourself in Reelo's gladiator pit, destroy the turrets up above, then flip on
your lightsaber to avoid getting mauled by the Weequays that come pouring out.
One strategy to take them down quickly is to lure them off to the side of the
room, then duck into the little alcove they formerly inhabited. They'll bunch
up as they run towards the alcove, allowing you to duck out and get most of
them with a single saber throw.

Now, head upstairs to find that Reelo has flown the coop. Snoop around behind
his desk to find a switch that opens a secret door nearby.

Drop down the shaft to find another secret area below the stairs; use Push to
activate the switch beneath the stairs.

Head through the door to find the prisoner, who leads you to the end of the

3.9 - Nar Shaddaa - Starport

Initial Objectives:

*Find Lando's Ship, the Lady Luck.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Speed from Level 1 to Level 2.

Secret Areas: 3

Follow Lando until you reach the control room overlooking the Lady Luck. Head
down the lift and across the walkway nearby to find yourself back in the
previous room, then proceed through the door to your left to enter a room with
an unexplainable chasm. The next area is darkened, so activate your Light
Amplification Goggles and proceed through it. Once you're on the rooftop area,
head to your left until Lando messages you about the turrets. Destroy them from
a distance (you can use the Disruptor Rifle from long distance to place
yourself out of their range), then proceed through the room behind them until
you reach the walkway that juts out underneath where the turrets were placed.
Jump up through the turret wreckage and go down the hallway to reach a control
room, where you can unlock the hanger door.

Above the panel where the hanger door is unlocked, you'll note that the ceiling
of the control room is made mostly of glass. In order to find
the secret area, you need to bust through the glass above the panel and jump
through onto the ceiling. It's a tricky jump; I found that moving underneath
the slanted window, then attempting to jump while facing down in third-person
mode helped a bit. Once you're up top, head towards the wall to find a couple
of Bacta Tanks and some Shield Generators. Thanks Greg Evans.

Now, if you drop back down into the hanger control panel room, you can find
another secret area. Head down the ramp and out the door to your left. You
should be able to see a hint of a ramp off above the bottomless pit; jump up
here to find the secrets.

Head back to the docking bay and recharge your shields at the station while
Lando blathers on. A wave of troops will come in - your priority here is to
protect Lando, since the mission ends if he dies. This battle can be
particularly tough on the higher difficulty levels, due to the huge number of
enemies that pop in through the doors. You may want to lay proximity Mines to
take out more enemies than you can slice with your Lightsaber. Once they're all
taken care of, Lando will message you and let you know that you need to start
the refueling process, as well as open the roof so that you can escape. Examine
the blue and red piping that's connected to the ship to find the codes for

To find the fuel tanks, exit the hanger and proceed to your right. You can't
miss the large fuel reservoir; it's the cylindrical tank with all the piping
that heads into the hanger walls. Enter the codes on the panels (the red code
is a small gray stop sign; the blue code is a yellow x). A few people have
emailed me saying that they can reach this part of the level, but the panels
are inactive, and cannot be manipulated. One reader eventually found out that
Lando had gotten stuck in the hanger, having never reached the Lady Luck. If
this occurs, you may have to reload your game to a time before the entrance to
the hanger, or attempt to dislodge Lando with Force powers or some explosives.
Just get his attention, though; Lando doesn't appreciate sitting on Thermal

There's a secret area across the way from the code input terminals; jump on top
of the fuel cylinder and you should be able to see some Bacta tanks on a ledge
nearby. Jump on the piping to reach them.

To open the ceiling of the hanger, you need to find two grates in the hanger
floor and bust through them; one is open to the air, the other is hidden
beneath a Pushable crate. In each of the rooms connected to these passages,
there are five computers that need to be activated. Once you flip on all of the
computers, the roof will open and Lando will summon you back to the ship.

When Reelo makes his appearance, hit the panel in the cockpit of the Lady Luck
to lower a hidden turret. Aim for Reelo first, and then blast the rest of the
troops to finish the level. (Did this battle feel a little anticlimactic to
anyone else?)

3.10 - Bespin - Cloud City - Underside


*Infiltrate Bespin City through the lower levels.
*Find Lando's R5 unit near Carbonite Chamber #17.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Push from Level 1 to Level 2
*Force Pull from Level 1 to Level 2
*Force Heal to Level 1
*Mind Tricks to Level 1

Secret Areas: 3

There are grates around the corner from your starting position - cut one open,
then wait off to the side for the blast of air to pass by and hop onto the
rising platform. You can start abusing Force Push on the enemies above - Level
2 is a huge improvement over Level 1, so be sure to have it bound somewhere
handy. Stay away from the edges of the lift as it reaches the top of the tube;
you can sometimes be caught between the lift and an obstacle, killing you
instantly. There's a secret area in the ceiling of this area that's reachable
by jumping from the lift - thanks to Greg Evans for pointing this out.

The door nearby leads to a forked corridor. Head off to the left and take the
nearby lift up to a dead-end room with some enemies and a few items on the
upper level. This is optional, of course, but it's easy to miss if you don't
notice the lift. Now proceed through the door to the right of the bottom of the
lift. There's another platform in this room that leads to another docking bay
if you wish to get a couple more Bacta Tanks. Otherwise, wait for the flames in
the central chamber to abate, then hit the panel next to the Ugnaught and use
Force Speed to cover the distance before the door closes. (You can also use
Mind Tricks on the Ugnaught when you're standing by the door to get him to open
it.) Cut through the lock and take the lift up.

The door here leads out to a large open area. Take out the Rodians while you
still have a little cover, but watch out; if you strafe too exuberantly, you
can fall into the shaft where the platform was. Once the snipers have fallen,
wait for the power...thing...across the way to fall down to your level, then
activate Speed and rush across the red force field while it's still active.
Jump on the platform before it starts to rise, and ride up to the next level.
Proceed in this manner to the top level, where you need to take a right to find
the door to the next area. In this small room is another lift, and the second
secret area: hit the button for the lift, then stay out of the way until the
lift rises to reveal a hole in the ground. The old "hidden hole underneath the
elevator" secret area - a true classic.

The three grates in this room cover up airshafts - cut the one to the left of
the entrance and float up to a large open area, similar to the location of
Luke's duel with Vader. Ride the columns of air up to the higher platforms; if
you feel cruel, you can use Push in midair to knock your enemies off their feet
and into the ether. Once you reach the top platform, you'll come face to face
with your first Reborn. Read the Dueling strategies in the Hints section (near
the bottom of this document) if you need help in this battle.

Once the Reborn is dead (and trust me, this guy is a piece of cake compared to
the individuals waiting), go through the door and walk down the hallway to
Carbonite Chamber #17, which acts as an elegant backdrop to another duel.
There's another secret area here, underneath one of the set of stairs. It's
darkened, so equip your night vision goggles to see it.

The door nearby contains the R5 unit which you need to access the adjacent

3.11 - Bespin - Cloud City - Streets


*Search for Desann.
*Engage hostile forces in the area.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Grip to Level 1

Secret Areas: 3

Once you're able to move, jump up to the elevated area and take out the
Trandoshan - watch out for the trip mines near the door. Lower the lift in the
control room, then head around and wait for the R5 unit to open the door.

This hallway here is quite a gauntlet. Your R5 unit can take a fair bit of
damage from the trip mines that are spaced out along the hallway, but the
enemies across the way will pose a double threat for you. You have to shoot as
many of the trip mines as you can, so that the droid doesn't perish, but you'll
also need to shoot some of the aliens across the way so that you don't get
killed. Concentrate your fire on the Rodians, then take out any trip mines that
are still in the way of the droid. You'll get hurt pretty badly in this area if
you're not careful, so keep an eye on your health and make sure you don't set
off any of the mines yourself.

Steven Roy sent along a perfect strategy for getting through this area with a
minimum of hassle:

"The key is using Force Pull on the R5.  After he opens the door, just Force
Pull him back to you, step around him and get between him and the door.  You
may have to Push him back a little, but don't knock him over the edge. [Ed.
Note: The falling damage appears to kill him if this occurs.] Now, just stay in
the middle of the doorway, but far enough back that the snipers can't see you.
You should be able to shoot most of the mines....I used the disrupter and it's
scope for this.  I used some thermal detonators to clear the few I couldn't see
behind columns, and for the final group of mines at the far end, I used Speed
to run down until I could see them, then just shot them.  When sniping the
mines, don't sidestep to get better shots, as the R5 will use any such move on
your part to go zooming on by."

The next room contains an alcove where the R5 unit will stow itself away - wait
for it to open the door and walk through for an easy Secret Area credit.

The next door over leads you to another room with various miscreants. Pass
through to an open area with a Cloud Car. As you proceed towards the exit door,
another Reborn will appear and challenge you. He may be bugged - I was able to
freeze him in place by shooting at him with a Blaster Rifle as he landed, and
then finished him off with the Lightsaber as he was immobile. Your mileage may

Join up with the Cloud City Trooper in the next room and hit the streets. If
you see Grans or other enemies on the ledges above you, you can combine Jump
and Pull to cause them to stumble onto the ground below, which usually kills
them. This is a handy method of threat disposal that you can use without
de-equiping your lightsaber.

When you round the corner with the Cloud Car, switch to your Disruptor and
snipe the enemies at the far end of the road - the last thing you want is a
turret pointed your way. Once you proceed down the road, all hell will break
loose in the form of multiple enemies on the upper ledges. You can hop in the
turret if you like; I generally just run to the platform, ride up to the next
level, and take them on from there.

Secret Area: From the lift, head to your left, and you should come to a small
alcove in the wall, near the ledge that overlooks the turret below. Though it
looks empty, you can jump up here to find a darkened secret area. Thanks Greg

Follow the walkway until you reach another series of rooms - don't miss the
Shield Converter or the locked door that contains some more of your CC Trooper
friends. When you reach the large open crevasse, ride the lifts to the control
room and open the large door below. The next area pits you off against two
Reborn at the same time. I found that Saber Throws were particularly effective
against this dynamic duo,
especially when you aim at their feet.

Ride the nearby lift up and gingerly cross the bridge - it's wired with mines
that activate when you're about halfway across. It's best to retreat, shoot the
enemies, then use your Repeater's secondary fire to wipe out the mines in your
way. When you reach the window nearby, find the pool of water below and drop
down. As you round the open-air corridor nearby, you can drop down to find a
barely-visible ledge near the far door for the final secret area of the level.

The next room over contains a few Stormtroopers - the first Imperial
targets for your newly-appreciated Lightsaber. Head up the lift for another
firefight, then go out onto the docking platform to find an Imperial with a
Security Key. Use it to unlock the door nearby, which ends the level.

3.12 - Bespin - Cloud City - Platform


*Search for Desann.
*Engage hostile forces in the area.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Lightning to Level 1

Secret Areas: 1

Another Reborn will attack you as you proceed down the hallway. When you reach
the door, you'll spy some Troopers milling about, protected by a pair of trip
mines. When you alert them to your presence, they'll come through the nearby
room to your area - I got a kick out of Pushing the field commander into the
laser beams, but if you feel less cruel, you can simply mow them down with your

In the area with the small lamp in the middle, take either of the doors and use
your Repeater's secondary fire to clear the mines and the Sentries on the
floor. Head through the unlocked doors to find a room with a few Stormtroopers
- there's a secret area in the shadows between the stairs, near the R2 unit.

Kill the Officer in the adjacent room, get his key, and return to the lift you
passed by before. Be sure to destroy the trip mines above before you start
going up, however. Take the hallway to your left and use the Security Key to
unlock the door.

Kill the Reborn that comes out of the room, then use the panel by the window to
unlock the doors leading to the docking platform you see. Head back down to the
area where the Sentries were posted, being mindful of a couple of large
firefights. If you kill another Officer with a security key, you can open the
doors near where the trip mines were placed when you entered the level. The
door with a Shield Converter contains another Reborn, one more powerful than
the ones you've faced so far. Recharge your shields, then head through formerly
Sentried hallway until you reach the docking platform.

Tavion awaits. She is...tough. Even on the regular Jedi difficulty level, I
have a hard time beating her. She's wicked fast and agile enough to change
directions in mid-jump, even without a surface to propel herself from. She
wields what seems to be a Level Three Saber Throw, as well as advanced Force
Grip and Lightning. I recommend making a full save as soon as the fight begins,
and quicksaving during the fight as you wear her down. She makes a distinctive
grunt when she takes damage, so if you think you've managed to hurt her without
being hit since your last save, quicksave again. Repeat. It's certainly a
cheesy tactic, but one that practically guarantees victory, if you are able to
wield a Lightsaber at all.

In practical terms, though, you'll need to stick close to either the open pit
in the middle of the platform, or the sides of the platform, simply to avoid
her Lightning attack, which wears your shields and health down considerably if
you can't outrun it. If she catches you in a Grip, Push her away to break free.
If your sabers Clash, hit the primary fire button while also tapping Push as
quickly as possible. You can't Push out of a saber clash until your Push is at
Level Three, but if she knocks you down, you can sometimes Push her away before
she can strike you when you're defenseless. Your primary method of dealing
damage will be simple slashing techniques; she'll sometimes overwhelm you and
deal massive amounts of damage when you're in close, however, so you should
float like a butterfly and sting like a bee (i.e., dart in and out of her saber
range while getting as many licks in as you can).

Once you defeat Tavion, the level ends.

3.13 - The Cairn Installation - Docking Platform


*Search for Desann.
*Engage hostile forces in the area.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Saber Throw to Level 2
*Fast Lightsaber Combat Style available

Secret Areas: 1

Yes, you now have the Fast Lightsaber fighting style availble. You can hit the
'L' button by default to switch between the styles as you wish - I found that
the Medium style is still best for dealing with Troopers, while the Fast style
is preferable when dealing Reborn or Jedi. You can, of course, futz around with
the Fast style and see if you prefer it.

There are two doors leading out of this docking bay. Find the one near where
the black R2 unit is loitering, and take a right through another door to meet
up with Luke. You'll get into a scrum with some Reborn, after which Luke will
depart. Proceed through the door across the bay (not the one with the
bloodstain nearby). You should find yourself in a series of corridors, at the
end of which is a small control room. After disposing of the troops, flip the
panel by the window to open the main docking bay outside to space, thereby
allowing you to eliminate a dozen or so troops without lifting a finger. Well,
maybe one finger. Find the other control panels in this room; these activates
the lifts in the docking bay you just opened. Don't miss the Sentry hidden away
in the crate.

Proceed all the way back to the docking bay you started the level in, then find
the entrance to the main docking bay through one of the greenlit doors. Snipe
the Troopers at the top of the lifts, then ride them up to find another control
room. When you locate the small panel with three brown glyphs, use it until the
bottom right symbol is lit up in white, then head to the right and hit the
other control panel in this room to open another small docking bay. (This bay
should have one of the large, white Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttles in it. If it
doesn't, go back up to the control room and open up the other hangers until you
find the correct one.)

The level's secret area is near the top of one of these lifts; the one closest
to the Lambda's hanger, in fact. Jump from the top of the lift to the small
ledge across the way, and jump again to find yourself in a very shadowy area.
There's a grate here that's nearly invisible in the darkness; bust through to
find the secrets.

Head back down the lift and enter the open bay. Eliminate the troops, then jump
from the Shuttle to the platform above. Blast the grate above your head and
jump through.

You'll find yourself in a series of small corridors. Disable the forcefields
that prevent your progress and make your way through the ducts until you come
to a grate leading downward. Throw a Detonator or two down to alert the troops
below, then drop down and eliminate the stragglers. The two connected rooms
each contain a panel that half unlocks the door, and one of them also has a
semi-hidden switch to deactivate the turrets in the next room.

In said next room, open the crate and proceed into the elevator shaft. Smash
the grate above you to find another elevator shaft, this one with a working
elevator car. Jump on top of it as it's rising, and jump from there to the
small passageway one or two floors above the grate you smashed through. This
little passage is pretty difficult to see, unless you're looking right at it,
but trust me, it's there. The gap leads to yet another elevator car, which, in
turn, will lead you to still yet another elevator car, which has a broken
ceiling you can drop through (convenient, that) to end the level.

3.14 - The Cairn Installation - Assembly Area


*Search for Desann.
*Engage hostile forces in the area.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Grip from Level 1 to Level 2
*Mind Tricks from Level 1 to Level 2

Secret Areas: 1

A firefight ensues as soon as you begin this level. Stay in the elevator and
Pull the weapons out of the hands of any enemies that come into sight, then
head around the corner and shoot out the Turrets. The Officer behind the window
should be Mind Tricked to open the door, after which you can kill him as
thanks. Head through the room and take the lift to your right to get a Supply
key. You can hit the panel here to move the nearby platform, but this doesn't
appear to have any gameplay consequences.

Move back down the lift and through the door on the other side of the room to
reach the assembly area for the drop ship. Climb up in the infrastructure until
you spot a ledge and a weakened grate. Bust through the grate and smash the
machinery inside the passage - this will destroy the Lander, as well as the
blast doors that were previously locked. Proceed through the blast doors and
into a large storage area. The green door to the right leads into a firefight
with a large number of Troopers - you might want to set your Sentry, if you
have one, in the corridor to weaken and distract them while you chop them up.

Go down the ramp to find a room with an electrified floor. You need to jump
from crate to crate to move around the room - you can Push your enemies onto
the floor to kill them in an amusing fashion. Once you reach the inside of the
Lander, ride the lift to the top and crawl out one of the windows. Deactivate
the electricity in the control room, then head back down to the bottom of the
Lander and move through the blast doors to another storage area. The door
nearby leads to a small lift.

Kill the Reborn in this chamber and proceed through the blast doors. There's a
new enemy here - an Attack Droid that fires Repeater pellets and what appears
to be the Bowcaster secondary fire. Then again, there's also a new weapon here,
the DEMP gun, which you can find to the left of the entrance in an opened
crate. Use it to take out the Attack Droids. There's a secret area underneath
the walkway leading to the exit door - smash the grate to find it.

Through the doors is another lift leading to a contigent of perhaps half a
dozen soldiers. You can set another Sentry hear and retreat back down the lift
if they overwhelm you. Once the room is clear, proceed through the door and
find the panel that starts up the assembly line below. Head all the way back to
the area where you fought the two Reborns and move around to the left, where an
AT-ST will lurch through a door. You can kill it with the DEMP here if you
wish, but you might be better off running through the door from which it came
and heading up the stairs at the rear. When you have a set of stairs between
you and it, you can fire the DEMP gun at it with impunity.

After it and the soldiers have been destroyed, drop down into the narrow space
behind the stairs. Destroy as many of the trip mines as you need to reach the
central hole, then drop down to end the level.

3.15 - The Cairn - Reactor


*Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver.
*Navigate the hazards of the installation's reactor assembly.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Speed from Level 2 to Level 3
*Force Heal from Level 1 to Level 2

Secret Areas: 1

Your task as you begin the level is to avoid the laser beams using Force Speed.
It's quite easy once you get the hang of it, since there's a few seconds'
margin of error for most of the runs. Quicksave before you dash, and you
shouldn't have a problem - there's a fairly linear path to take.

When you reach the area with three rapid-firing arrays, shoot the purple caps
on the reactors to blow a hole in the wall, then proceed through the hallway
beyond until you reach a room with a four-laser tower. You'll need to duck into
a small off-shoot corridor and wait for the laser to fire before you can reach
the end of the main hallway; if you take a wrong turn and keep dying due to the
crossover of two beams, backtrack a bit and return to the corridor adjacent to
the three rapid-fire arrays. Deactivate the laser tower using the panel on the
side, then head back to the rapid-fire arrays, where a Reborn will drop down
and challenge you. Jump into the hole he came from to find a room with a series
of small platforms. Jump up, avoiding laser fire, until you find a door which
leads to the cylindrical reactor core. The path here is, again, linear. If you
get stuck, look for piping or another object to jump on to reach the platforms
to either side of the core, which you should definitely avoid touching.
Eventually you'll reach a room where Troopers will barrage you with Repeater
fire. Find the piping underneath the holes that lead to their roosts and jump

Proceed through the door here and Push all of the enemies off the platform -
they'll either fall to their death or be disintegrated on the reactor. Jump
along the reactor to reach the end of the room, being careful to rush past the
Sentries on the platform at the end. The corridor here contains a hidden Sentry
- jump on the piping to find it.

Go through the door to enter a large room of undeterminable purpose. There's
another of the small walkers here, which you can lure back to the door and
shoot with the DEMP to destroy easily. Snipe the troopers above you, then take
the floating platform around the room. All is not well in Metropolis, however,
as a pair of troopers at the far end will start pelting you with rockets from
their handy Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System. Snipe them before the platform
crashes, if you can, and start jumping along the structures attached to
the wall to reach the dock on the other side. The secret area for this level is
located here - off to the left of the lift is a small ledge, which you can walk
around to find a grate.

Take the lift nearby to the upper platform leading to the inner shaft of the
level; you can walk around the ledge to find some miscellaneous items before
you go inside. Once inside, take the large platform up to the top and find the
control panel that unlocks another lift further down the shaft. Ride the lifts
until you reach the administrative area at the bottom of the shaft, where
you'll find an Imperial with a Security key that unlocks the door that you saw
at the top of the shaft. Head across the platform to reach the next level.

3.16 - The Cairn - Docking Bay


*Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver.

Primary Foes:


Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Pull from Level 2 to Level 3
*Force Push from Level 2 to Level 3

Secret Areas: 1

Well, your two most useful Force powers are at their maximum level, so get
ready to use and abuse them.

First things first - head through the blast doors to your left to find an
arsenal. Stock up, then head through the other unlocked door to meet up with
some Shadow Troopers. These fellows are stocked with suits that resist
lightsaber blades, so you're going to need to mete out some mighty wrath to
survive this fight. I'd suggest the same tactic as you (or, at least, I) used
in the fight with Tavion: fight so that every time you inflict damage and take
none in return, quicksave the game, and reload from the middle of the fight if
you die. Your best bet is probably to try and knock one of the Reborn down with
either Push or Pull and kill him while he's on the ground. If you allow
yourself to get sandwiched between these guys, you're almost certainly dead.
Clayton McNeil sent along a fantastic tactic here: If you jump over the pit the
Shadow Troopers are in before they jump out, you can sometimes use Pull to
launch them into the air, killing them on impact, much like you can do with any
Stormtrooper. The timing here is somewhat tricky, since if they're aware of
your presence they'll simply block your Pull, but if you get the Pull off
correctly, you can kill both of the foes in a couple of seconds.

When the Shadow Troopers are dead, proceed through the unlocked door to get a
Security Key, which you need to take back to the first room to unlock the door
there. Kyle'll spot a few troops through the window and start acting like a
wussy, and helpfully remind you that this is supposed to be the token stealth
mission for the game. Sigh - if there has to be one, there has to be one; let's
just get it over with as soon as possible.

Take the lift down to the docking bay, being sure to silence your lightsaber
(just hit 1 again to holster it). Crouch-move off to the right until you find a
small passageway. Jump over the gaps in the passage until you reach the end.
Take the lift up, then turn around and jump across to the ledge to the right of
the window. You should find a small hole in the wall here - crawl through and
deactivate the reactor core nearby. Crawl back outside and take the lift again.
The reactor has been shut down, but it doesn't stay that way permanently - use
Speed to ensure that you'll make it across in time, then chop down the Officers
to find a supply key. The crate is around the corner.

Moving on, you'll see a large hole in the ground - this is a lift where eight
or nine Stormtroopers will appear soon. If you rush to the hole before it
reachs ground level, you can aim a Pull at the middle of the Trooper pack,
pulling them all high up into the air, causing them to die on impact.
Afterwards, grab the key from the box near the Officer and the Sentry from the
crates in the corner, and take the nearby lift to a small control room area.
You'll find a panel overlooking some more Troopers - hit it to drop the
platform they're on. Move on down the next lift and across the platform to find
another door.

After avoiding the electrical sparks in the next room, snipe the soldiers
across the way, making sure that none of them are able to hit the alarm panel.
(You can also use Force Speed to run across the way before they see you, then
drop down on them before they can activate the alarm. Thanks to Mike for
pointing this out.)

Jump the piping nearby to bypass the electrified floor. The next area contains
a secret - jump up to the grate near the door and blast it.

The room nearby is full of soldiers, so you'll have to shut off the lights.
Find the streetlamp outside the room and jump on it, and leap from there to the
ledge, from which you can crawl into a balcony overlooking the crowded area.
Shut the lights off with the blue panel, and crawl off the ledge and through
the room. When you reach the door, let it close behind you before saving your
game and whipping out your Saber. Through the next door is a Reborn and two
Officers, who split up and head towards two different alarm panels when they
spot you. The Reborn can wait, but you'll need to kill the Officers before they
sound the alarm, so track them down and slice-and-dice. Take the nearby lift up
to find the bridge of the Doombringer to the end the level.

(By the way, the duel between Luke and Desann here produced one of the game's
funniest moments for me. The fight isn't choreographed - it's produced in
real-time and different things will happen each time you watch. On one
occasion, Luke proved to be the inferior duelist - he had his hand chopped off
(again!) by Desann. Never one to give up, however, he proceeded to pretend like
he still had his saber in his hand, but the rest of the brief duel resembled a
man beating a dinosaur with a bloody stump - high comedy that only comes from
random iterations.)

3.17 - Doomgiver - Communications Array


*Search for Jan.
*Find Doomgiver's communications array.
*Contact Rogue Squadron using the communications array.
*Set Doomgiver's sensor array to Rogue Squadron's communicator frequency.

Primary Foes:

*Shadow Troopers

Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Jump from Level 2 to Level 3
*Mind Tricks from Level 2 to Level 3
*Force Lightning from Level 1 to Level 2
*Lightsaber Defense from Level 2 to Level 3
*Lightsaber's Strong Style available

Secret Areas: 3

Head through the sea of Troopers to find a lift heading down. Find the panel in
this room to open the blast door, through which there is another door with a
lift heading down. Kill the Officer for the Supply Key, then head into the left
door nearby and look up to find a grate. Jumping up, you'll encounter some more
Interrogation Droids. Destroy them with a few Throws, then look around for a
supply crate. There's a grate up here that will lead down to a room filled with
R5 units - kill the Officer to get his key, then open the door. Head into the
other adjacent door and find another grate in the ceiling; this one leads to a
secret area.

Head back to the R5 units and use the control panel to commandeer
one of the droids. Take him out the door and through the blue force field on
the left. Use the droid to unlock the door, and look around for another small
chamber that you can unlock to reveal a Sentry. Hit the Jump key to get back to
Kyle, and head through the now unlocked door to reach a lift heading down. (You
can use the R5 to pass through the other blue force field, but the room there
is much the same as the other one, and the lift leads to the same area.)

Taking this lift down, you'll find a large chamber with a couple of turrets and
two of the Attack Droids, as well as a couple of smaller, laser-equipped
droids. Eliminate the threats, then hop across the piping to the center of the
room. There's a secret area in a small crevasse near the back of the room here;
look for it around the corner from the window in the floor.

Smash the window in the middle of the room, then drop down. Proceed through the
hallway and ride the lift up. You can activate the trams with the control
panels in the room beyond. The trams all lead to the same place, so hop on one
and ride it along the rail.

After you dispatch the troops in the next area, take the Officer's key and
unlock the door. Head through the Communications command center to find the
encryption mainframe for the array. Find the lift below the command center
window and ride it down to the guts of the machine. There are three levels
here, each one corresponding to a color, and each one containing a number of
panels containing elements of the code sequence. Hop around and look for the
panels corresponding to the symbols in your Mission panel (hit Tab to refresh
your memory). All you have to do is hit the three panels that match up with the
ones indicating the sequence for Rogue Squadron's communicators; these can be
entered in any order, but you'll want to make sure you don't hit any of the
other panels once you've reached the correct ones, as this will force you to
return to the correct panel and press it again. Once you reach the bottom
level, and have tabbed in the blue code symbol, find a way to get on top of
that room, then look below it for a secret ledge, which contains the level's
last secret area.

When all three code symbols have been entered in correctly, head back up to the
mainframe and manipulate the three panels to unlock the control panel in the
command center. Run back and hit that panel to communicate with Rogue Leader.

Now, proceed back through the mainframe room and through the now-unlocked door
near the blue housing to exit the level.

3.18 - Doomgiver - Detention Area


*Search for Jan.
*Locate Doomgiver's shield array.

Primary Foes:

*Shadow Troopers

Secret Areas: 3

Move down the hallway to find a large area with a few troops at attention
before an Officer. Use Mind Tricks at long distance on a couple of them to
cause a little chaos, then proceed through the room. You'll note a locked door
here; once you find a security key on dead Officer nearby, you can return here
to face off against a Shadow Trooper and engage in a mini-game where you shoot
TIEs with an external turret, but this appears to be optional, and isn't a
secret area.

Proceed until you reach a large hanger. Go through the door across the way and
through the door to the left to find control rooms for the hangers; the blue
panels open the hangers to space, while the other levers activate the lifts in
the middle of the bays. One of the hangers will have troops in it; you can
shoot them out into space if you wish, but make sure you reset the door so that
it's closed before you head back to the first hanger and ride the lift down.
(The lift across from these control rooms leads up to the upper level of the
hanger; nothing appears to be up here.)

When the lift reaches the bottom, look around for the secret area hidden in the
bottom of the wall in the elevator shaft. Dispatch the Attack Droids nearby and
proceed into an area where a few turrets await you. You can destroy these if
you wish; it might be quicker just to run past them and take the lift up. Once
you're on the ledge with the Troopers, walk around until you find the control
panel that opens another corridor below, then drop down and head through said
corridor. The lift here takes you up into the second hanger you spotted before.
There's one more hanger beyond this one, which you can also open to space if
you wish. Keep moving until you reach what appears to be a dead-end room with a
locked door. Jump on the piping above and crawl through the vent to reach a
small crawlspace above a large command room, filled with Troopers and Officers.
There's a secret area above the vent you crawled through; look for a gap in the
ceiling (the ceiling's ceiling?).

One of the Troopers in this large room is packing a Merr-Sonn, while a couple
of others wield Flechettes, so get ready for a fight when you drop down. The
ceiling panels will not protect you when the Troopers are alerted to your
presence, as they break just as easily as the grates do, so you may wish to
just drop down and perform a mass Pull to throw the Troopers into confusion,
and eliminate the rest of the enemies afterward. Take the keys from the
Officers and head through the locked door. Proceed through the corridors into a
large hanger with a few Troopers and a couple of Reborn. Mind Trick the
Troopers so that the Reborn wind up eliminating them, and then kill the Reborn
to clear the hanger. Proceed through the unlocked door in the upper corner of
the room and Mind Trick the Officer behind the glass to find your fuzzy
lumpkins. There's a secret area in one of the other cells; look for a weakened
wall and smash it to find some items. The wall only has a small crack in it, so
if you don't notice it right off, shoot all the walls methodically. :)

Once Jan is in your entourage, kill the Officer, being careful not to
accidentally swipe Jan with your saber, and head out through the dual-locked
doors. You'll need to leapfrog each other, with you holding open one door while
Jan proceeds to the next switch, until you come back to the hanger. Head
through the supposedly locked door across the way to end the level.

3.19 - Doomgiver - Shield Array


*Locate and destroy the Doomgiver's shield array.

Primary Foes:

*Shadow Troopers

Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Heal from Level 2 to Level 3.

Secret Areas: 1

Go out the door to enter a large cylindrical room filled with Troopers. Have
fun with them if you wish, then head off through one of the adjacent doors to
enter a hallway patrolled by Walkers. You'll eventually hit stairs leading up
to a control room; hit the panel here to extend a pipe to the central structure
below. Head back and walk across the pipe to enter the structure, using the
switch near the door to unlock it. Kill the Officer inside and take his
Security Key, then walk back across the pipe and through the door the Troopers
pour out of. Go through the door to your right to find the locked door where
you can use the key; use the control panel in the next room to lift the covers
of the ventilation shafts in the central structure. Head back to the central
structure and drop down into the upper left shaft, as seen from the door.

When you reach the end of the pipe, Push the cover above your head and jump
out. The nearby room contains a lift; use it to go up, then head out the door
and jump to the uppermost walkways, being careful to avoid the tripmines that
are invisible from below. Head through the door here, then smash the window and
drop down to a room where you'll be ambushed by two red Reborns. Take the
hallway nearby to another lift, but watch out for the Walkers when you exit the
elevator. My recommendation is to simply avoid them by ducking through the door
nearby, then turning around and using your DEMP to take them out. (You'll be
returning this way, so it's better to kill them now.)

Now that you've reached the shield generator room, all you have to do is
destroy it. Jump up onto the infrastructure and locate the power shunts that
extend from the wall to the generator. Shoot out the y-circuits above the
shunts, then use your saber Throw to destroy the shunts themselves. As the
fourth one goes down, Admiral Fyarr will join you in a suit that reminded me a
bit of Hitler at the end of Wolfenstein 3-D.

Fyarr packs only a Heavy Repeater, but his shielding prevents you from damaging
him directly, and will repel and damage you if you make contact with it. You'll
need to use your Lightsaber to overload the shields, which is a delicate
process to say the least: move too close and you'll be thrown across the room;
stay too far away and you won't make contact and probably get hit with a few
bullets. I'd use the Medium Lightsaber style to knock the shields out, as that
style combines the range and the speed you need in this situation.

Por Que points out that you can use the secondary fire of the Repeater to drop
his shields much more easily and safely than using the Lightsaber. He also
notes that you can jump into the girders to avoid Fyarr's fire for a limited
amount of time if you need to heal up or recharge your Force meter.

Cyclops de Baba sent along a tip that prevents Fyyar from re-raising his
shields after they drop. I didn't notice this at first, but Fyyar has a
Y-circuit above his head that the shields emanate outward from; this circuit is
distinctly targetable and can be destroyed when his shields are down. Once you
drop his shields, hit Speed, run around him, and blast the circuit with any
rapid-fire weapon; the Blaster Rifle works just fine. The circuits explode,
damaging Fyyar, and making him vulnerable for the rest of the fight.

Andysoft sent along this tip: "After several tries my best effort was with the
Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette gun. Secondary fire will disable his shield pretty
fast if you hit him dead on. Then after his shield is down, Force Speed and
shoot him from behind from close range. He was toast in no time. Resembles a
rodeo it was so quick :)"

When Fyarr's shields fall, they recharge slowly and go back up 12-15 seconds
later if you don't destroy the circuitry. (They recharge more quickly on higher
difficulty levels.) You'll need to take advantage of this interval by slicing
the Admiral six ways to Sunday while you can, but be wary of getting too close
to Fyarr's front side, as he'll use his fist to punch you across the room if he
connects. I recommend the Strong style and Speed here, similar to the tactic
that you'd use against a Shadow Trooper. It may take you three or four
sequences of dropping his shield and attacking, but Fyarr will eventually go

For some reason, the destruction of the shield generator apparently causes a
power overload that shorts out the artificial gravity on this level. Before you
head back to the escape pod, float up above the shield generator to locate a
small alcove containing some items; this is the level's sole secret area.

Float back along the path that took you to the shield generator, avoiding the
flames and electricy by floating above them. There is a tricky window area with
arcs of electricty blocking your path; use Speed and time your movement so that
you float through when the arcs are temporarily disconnected.

When you reach the hallway that the Walkers once patrolled, duck into the rooms
to pick up a few items, then head out into the cylindrical room when the fallen
metal blocks your path. Take the next door to the right from the one you just
exited and you should find yourself back under gravity's sway. Find the open
door nearby to reach the escape pod and end the level.

3.20 - Yavin Swamp


*Make your way to the Jedi Academy.
*Engage Remnant troops in the area.

Primary Foes:

*Shadow Troopers
*Swamp Troopers

Force Power Adjustments:

*Force Lightning from Level 2 to Level 3.

Secret Areas: 2

Welcome back to Yavin. "Did framerates just...drop sharply while I was away?"
The swamps of Yavin are quite stunning graphically, what with the little
details like water fizzing out on your Lightsaber, but can cause your system to
slow down quite a bit because of all the foliage being rendered. If the
Lightsaber controls feel a little less responsive, you might want to
temporarily knock down your resolution, or switch off some of the details
in the control panel.

Before you shoot off into the undergrowth, you should know that your Lightsaber
will not function underwater, and will automatically switch off if you are
submerged, so be sure to re-activate it when you surface. Luckily, your foes
cannot shoot you while you're submerged, since they generally won't be able to
see you. You do run the risk of drowning if you stay in the water for too long,
however, so come up for a breather now and again. Also note that your Force
powers seem to be useless against enemies that are mostly submerged; that is,
Push and Pull don't seem to affect these foes, but you can always Grip them and
drag them bodily out of their watery abode. Thanks Peter McCaffery for pointing
this out.

This area is populated by Swamp Troopers, a new breed of troopers outfitted
with special suits that seem to be somewhat more resistant to Lightsaber swings
compared to regular Stormtroopers, though this could just be in my head. Shadow
Troopers are also numerous; if you don't  feel like dueling, Chris Thompson
points out that you can simply lure them into a pool of deep water and use
Lightning on them until they die. Since their Lightsabers won't function, they
should be mostly defenseless. They, like you, require air, so if you manage to
keep them below the water line for a period of time, they'll visit Davy Jones'

The path here is fairly linear in the beginning, so proceed along until you
reach a set of rocks where Shadow Troopers ambush you. You can split them
up by simply running forward; only one of them will likely follow you. Walk
around to a small crevasse that leads to a Lander that broke up on landing.
Look for a small stream of water falling near a Bacta Tank on the ground;
there's a small passage that's mostly submerged nearby.

Head up to the cave-like passage that leads to another swampy area. Inside the
cave, there's a secret area on a series of rocks to your right - look for areas
where you can jump and you should find a Large Shield Generator. This area all
looks like one large green mass, so it's difficult to describe the location of
the secret area exactly. Trust me, it's there. :)

After exiting the cave, head right to proceed to one of the Massasi Temple's
perimeter walls. (You can head left to face off with a Shadow Warrior over a
Bacta Tank - worth it, I'm sure.) Once you spot the hole in the wall, duck into
the hole and proceed through a darkened hallway where two Shadow Warriors lie
in wait. You'll exit and drop into a small lake, where you can swim to the
right to find the level's other secret area. It's mostly submerged, and
somewhat hidden in a little alcove-lake, but it's there....

Swim back to the left and jump onto the rocks to find a scrum between Republic
and Remnant troops. Continue on the trail until it divides into three paths,
with another firefight taking place to your front. The front and right paths
here are joined; the left path leads to another firefight with quite a few
Troopers, and possibly an AT-ST on the higher difficulties. Head through the
nearby lander to end the level.

3.21 - Yavin Canyon


*Engage Remnant troops in the area.
*Make your way to the Jedi Academy.

Primary Foes:

*Shadow Troopers
*Swamp Troopers

Secret Areas: 3

You start off this level outside the hull of the lander you just passed
through. Head back and proceed up into the upper levels of the infrastructure
to reach the secret area on the top floor; items aplenty in here. The lift
doesn't work, but that's why Raven gave you Force Jump.

You'll notice an abandoned AT-ST near the start point; you can jump onto it and
Use it to drive it around if you wish. Be sure to holster your Saber if you do,
or any incidental contact will probably drain its shields drastically. Proceed
down the canyon, and don't forget that you can stomp on the Troopers to kill
them instead of shooting them individually. If you decide not to take the
AT-ST, watch for cave passages that lead through the mountain to cut your
walking time.

Once you round the corner in the AT-ST, you'll pass a green wall and face off
against another AT-ST. This large area with the turrets contain a secret: jump
up to the ledge where the Trooper was pelting you with a Merr-Sonn to find a
passage into an abandoned temple. You'll need to approach the ledge from around
the corner to the right in order to make a series of jumps to reach it.

From the turret crossfire area, continue along the canyon, shooting down
Troopers and turrets as you go. You'll run into a few more turrets mounted atop
a Massassi perimeter wall. Destroy these, then leap up to the high rock
outcropping to your left to find the last secret area of the level. This one
can be tough to find; what you need to do is get on top of the green wall where
the turrets were, then jump up to one of the rocky areas until you find a cave.
Walk into the cave a bit until you find a secret cache of items.

You'll find a fresh AT-ST nearby that you can jump into if your first one has
taken a beating.

There's a fork in the road eventually, with a path leading right that contains
four turrets, and another path leading straight on. Take the path ahead of you
to bend around the canyon and flank the turrets. After destroying the AT-ST
nearby, head into the lander. Jumping up into the cave and falling into the
hole will end the level.

3.22 - Yavin Jedi Academy


*Engage Remnant troops in the area.
*Make your way to the Jedi Academy.

Primary Foes:

*Shadow Troopers
*Swamp Troopers

Force Power Adjustments:

*Lightsaber Throw from Level 2 to Level 3.

Secret Areas: 0

Head up through the passageway to find Remnant and Republic troops engaged in a
Laser Tag game gone horribly, horribly wrong. Watch out for the Merr-Sonn
Troopers; Mind Trick them if you can to gain their help during the fight.
Proceed through the hole in the far wall and jump up. You're entering the
Academy's Padawan training grounds, so get ready to referee some duels between
Reborn and baby Jedi. Help out your friends as best you can; this is a good
place to put your third level of Lightning to work, since there's no friendly
fire, and the arc is wide enough to shock all of the Reborns in your field of
vision. Eventually the Trooper in the hallway above will fire his Merr-Sonn and
break the glass; jump up (after you Mind Trick him) and proceed through the
doorway nearby to come across another Jedi melee. You don't
necessarily have to help out these fellows if you are too weak to or don't want
to; they aren't going to live much longer at any rate. Head around the corner
and into the courtyard to come across a number of Shadow Troopers and Reborn;
the size and composition of the group varies depending on the difficulty level,
but it's never going to really be easy. This is a tough fight even if you don't
have Jedi allies, but your Lightning may help to thin the crowd, especially if
you blast the weaker Reborns first. If you win, or simply decide to run ("Wars
not make one great", after all), head to the nearby passage and through the
door. A short cutscene will play, after which you'll take on two Shadow
Troopers. Kill them to reveal the hole beneath the stairs, through which you
need to drop to enter the game's final level.

3.23 - Yavin - The Final Showdown


*Find and defeat Desann.

Secret Areas: 0

The rocks ahead can be destroyed to reveal a passage. You'll eventually find a
corridor with a Small Shield Generator in it - the oddly moving wall nearby is
illusory, so walk through it and proceed to the Hall of Flame. Use Push on the
flames to shut off the fire before passing through, or else you'll be toast.
The room here has three illusory Desanns. The passage to the right leads to a
fake wall over an instant-death pit; the front passage leads to a mirror where
Desann taunts you; and the left passage leads to a ramp over a small pit of
fire. Cut the pipe in the ceiling to douse the flame, then drop down the hole.
Push the walls here and walk through the passages until you notice another
symbol on a wall, which you need to Push to reveal a hall of crushers. Speed
through them to reach Desann's hideaway. I guess Luke just forgot to tell you
about the Force toaster he was working on beneath the Jedi Academy.

Desann is tough, of course, mostly due to his overwhelming Force powers. He can
use them on you indiscriminately, so you'll find yourself Pushed and Pulled
during the fight, which leaves you knocked on the ground, defenseless and
generally dead. He also enjoys jumping on your head, which shoves you to the
ground, and also usually results in death. He has a Grip that is unbreakable if
you don't have enough Force left for Push (and even then it's not a sure thing)
and Lightning that has evolved from the annoyance it was at the hands of Shadow
Troopers to a serious threat to your life. He wields his Lightsaber like a pro,
switching Combat Styles rapidly and constantly throughout the fight.

Fortunately, the machinery in the middle of the room imbues the recipient with
enough Force power to wield him invincible for a short period of time, during
which you should press on Desann hard. You activate it by Pulling the two
symbols on the upper level of the chamber, after which a beam of light will
appear. Jump through it to obtain temporary invincibility. During the time that
you're invincible, switch to the Strong combat style, activate Force Speed, and
attack. Desann will usually initiate a Speed of his own, but you'll still have
enough time to slice through his defenses a few times before the invincibility
shield falls away. If you managed to damage him at all, quicksave your game and
run to the upper level. The beam activates every 60 seconds or so, and in the
interval in between these occurences, you're at a severe disadvantage to Desann
in terms of fighting ability. You can beat him without being invincible, but
you might as well take every advantage that comes your way.

I've noticed another fluky way to kill Desann. If you hide behind one of the
pillars in the bottom area of the room, Desann will start walking slowly
towards you. If you wait until the right moment, you can sometimes catch him
unawares and use a Saber Throw to cut down the pillar, crushing him instantly.
As I said, fluky, and very hard to replicate. (I've only done it once.) Still,
something to try if you're bored.

Here's another strategy from Harry Voyager:

"It's not so much a technique, as it is a "How to get Lucky, Quickly".  First
I'll quick save right after the cutscene.  Then I'll switch to strong style,
and take a flying leap off the ledge at Desann, force push on the way down, and
just before I touch ground, activate force speed.  Once I'm fighting Desann,
I'll just keep attacking and force pushing at the same time.

It seems to throw him completely off balance (as well as all over the place).
Desann ends up so busy defending himself that he doesn't start using his
devastating force powers, and since his defence seems to be only about average,
he ends up very dead, very fast."

And from Leto_II:

"I just fall into the arena, activate speed and run to him while using
Lightning. And in front of him, fight him with the saber in strong mode. He
died in 1 or 2 hits, less than 5 seconds. I tried this 3 times with success
(normal difficulty).

From Scott "Eih'Beir" Hebert:

"I was running around looking for the switches to active the machinery in the
center of the room when Desann
stopped on one of the collapsible columns.  I thought I'd give it a shot, so I
pulled out the repeater and blasted
at the base of the column, it crashed, so did he, and I entered the cut scene.

Quick and painless."

After Desann falls, the game, predictably enough, is over. Enjoy the credits,
and try again on a higher difficulty level.

4. Force Powers

The Force Powers in Outcast act as Kyle's invisible toolbox, enabling him to
fight effectively even if he's been disarmed. You can access these powers at
any time, though they will all drain from your Force Meter (which slowly
recharges on its own).

Given Kyle's unique perspective on the Force, having danced along the
waterfall's edge between Light and Dark power, he isn't as fearful of the Dark
Side as many other Jedi would be. As such, he can access both Light Powers and
Dark Powers as he roams the galaxy, affording him a flexibility that other Jedi

In contrast to Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast eliminates player choice from Kyle's
force progression; while in the first game, you could choose whether you wanted
to become a Light or Dark Jedi (a choice essentially based on your proclivity,
or lack thereof, for killing civilians), Jedi Outcast removes that choice from
the player, and instead doles out Force Powers according to a set schedule as
you advance through the levels. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; other games
have given the player more control over their capabilities, but this often
complicates level design. Deus Ex, for example, forced the player to choose
between multiple, mutually exclusive upgrades, so that J.C. Denton could never
be capable of both jumping higher than normal and running with softer
footsteps. This prohibited the level designers from ever assuming that the
player had chosen a specific upgrade path, and instead forced them to include
multiple paths through most levels, each one appealing to players that had
chosen a certain upgrade. (In retrospect, it seems that they could never really
assume that the player had installed *any* upgrades, since the game never
forced you to do so....)

Whether this system is preferable to Jedi Outcast's is debatable; what is not
debatable is that this generally results in longer development time, as the
levels and upgrades have to be balanced meticulously in order to ensure that
one particular upgrade isn't much more powerful than another. The elimination
of player choice in Kyle's force progression might rankle some players who like
a bit more RPG in their FPS, but if Raven had chosen otherwise, we might not
have seen the game for another six months or so. This also makes the Force
Powers more integral to the gameplay: since the designers know exactly what
array of powers the player has at any given point in a level, they can place
unique obstacles and puzzles in Kyle's way that they would never have been able
to use had they given the player a freer rein.

(For the record, I love Deus Ex, and am eagerly awaiting the sequel, but I
think Raven probably made the right choice for this particular title.)

One thing to note about the Force Powers is that, with the exception of Jump,
the hotkeys are going to be inconvenient for most players, since the WASD bind,
which is probably the most popular one, makes it nearly impossible to hit the
function keys while moving. You'll want to remap some of the Force powers to
other keys closer to your movement keys, so that you can hit them in the middle
of a fight. Push is probably the most important one to have handy, since it can
affect numerous enemies with one use. Analyze your Force usage and remap your
favorite skills accordingly.

                              NEUTRAL POWERS

Force Push

First Level: Knocks down single enemy
Second Level: Knocks down multiple targets
Third Level: Pushes multiple enemies, and can be used to Push out of Lightsaber
Movie Moment: Darth Maul pushing Obi-Wan into the ventilation shaft on Naboo

A simple yet devastatingly effective tool, Push is incredibly useful in combat
situations, since it essentially stuns enemies for three or four seconds,
rendering them incapable of attacking and completely vulnerable to your
attacks. Keep this bound near your left-hand keys for an easy advantage in most
mano-a-mano combats. The simplest tactic is to simply knock them off their
feet, then stand over them and chop downwards with the Saber. Later in the
game, you can use Push to knock most enemies off ledges if you position
yourself correctly; this isn't necessarily any more effective than simply using
your Lightsaber, but it never gets old. Note that Push requires more Force as
the number of targets increases, so you might not want to abuse it in the face
of large crowds if you don't want to be caught without your Force powers

Push can also be used to deflect Rockets and Detonators away from you, which is
fairly handy when you face off against Grans or Stormtroopers with Merr-Sonns.
Some crates and instrument panels can be Pushed, as well; you'll notice a blue
swirl around the targeting reticule when this is possible. Its range is
limited, but adequate for most combat uses.

Force Pull

First Level: Pulls levers and objects, or one enemy
Second Level: Strips one enemy of his weapon, and knocks him off his feet
Third Level: Pulls multiple enemies and their weapons
Movie Moment: Luke reaching for his Lightsaber in the Wampa cave on Hoth

This was a favorite skill of mine in Jedi Knight, since the AI never quite knew
what to do when you stripped their weapons away from them; sometimes they would
make an attempt at fisticuffs, but they'd more often simply run away. Pull in
Outcast is much more effective, but it's worth noting that the AI opponents
react somewhat believably when you manage to yank their weapons; some flee in
terror, some raise their hands and hope you don't slice them, and some run for
their weapon (assuming you didn't pick it up) and attempt to re-arm themselves.
Pull's effects are fairly self-explanatory: once you get the Lightsaber, you'll
probably have little use for the weapons of individual opponents, but Pulling a
Merr-Sonn or Flechette from a Trooper's hands can save your skin in a tight
situation. At level 3, the speed of Pull rockets enemies off their feet; using
it while you're on a ledge or jumping over a foe's head will send them flying
into the air, usually with enough force to kill them on impact. I found Pull to
be useful when enemies were on a ledge above my head; if you can Jump and Pull
with a bit of accuracy, you can usually knock enemies off their ledge towards
you, into a fall which will wind up killing them.

Chris Bloomfield sent along this tip:

"It's an effective way of taking out large groups of troopers; you use your
force jump to get to the desired height and then press your pull button, voila!
flying foes who tend to land on their faces and die, very efficent and class
when you see them fly on by."

Force Jump

First Level: Can jump twice as high as normal
Second Level: Can jump four times as high as normal; minor wall-walking
Third Level: Can jump eight times as high as normal
Movie Moment: Luke escaping from the Carbonite trap on Bespin

Jump is one of the most important Force Powers to wield effectively, because of
the numerous advantages it yields to the proficient Jedi. This skill is
automatically activated by simply holding down the Jump button when you want to
make a flying leap. If you hold strafe and Jump while you're near a wall, you
will wall-walk, with essentially lets Kyle use the wall to push forward,
resulting in a bit more forward distance than a straight jump would. This is a
tricky skill to master, though, so practice it thoroughly before you rely on it
to save your life. Precision jumping in the third-person view is somewhat
tricky, so you might want to switch out from the Lightsaber before you attempt
a jumping puzzle.

Wall-walking is activated by rubbing up against a wall, then holding down the
strafe button facing that wall and pressing Jump. Kyle will attach himself to
the wall and run along it in a parabola-shaped arc for a ways. This isn't a
particularly useful skill, as far as I can tell, but it's there if you want to
use it. You can press Jump again in the middle of the walk to have Kyle flip
off the wall and back onto the ground.

Force Speed

First Level: World reduced to 75% normal speed
Second Level: 50% normal speed
Third Level: 25% normal speed
Movie Moment: Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon escaping from the Destroyer droids on the
Trade Federation flagship

Pretty self-explanatory. Moving faster is of limited use against normal foes,
simply due to the fact that Push or Pull can incapacitate them as easily as any
other skill can, and for less Force, but when you face off against Reborn or
Shadow Troopers, Speeding up can make your duels much, much easier. Using this
in conjunction with the Strong Lightsaber style will make most duels fairly
simplistic, since you can time your swings a little easier, and you can cut
through most Lightsaber defenses. The cost is somewhat prohibitive, however, at
half the meter per use, and note that you don't regain Force during your
hyperactive state.

Lightsaber Throw

First Level: Very short-range attack
Second Level: Longer range, spins faster, and you can put english on the saber
by moving the mouse
Third Level: Spins fastest and homes in on enemies
Movie Moment: Vader cutting down the walkway on the Death Star II

The perfect compliment to the Lightsaber's close-range deadliness, Throw
extends your range a bit and allows you to cut down multiple enemies at once.
The drawback is that you lose the ability to block shots while the saber is in
the air, but if you know how to strafe, you can generally dodge enemy fire
until you have the saber back in your hands. The force cost is minimal, so
you'll be able to Throw as much as you like, provided you didn't just use
Lightning or another high-drain skill.

The first level here is a short-ranged attack that zooms straight out from your
hand and comes right back. You can twist it in midair by moving your body; if
you can maneuver yourself so that an enemy is between you and the lightsaber,
it will generally chop them on its way back to your hand. The second level
gives you a bit more control, as you can move your mouse to control the saber's
movement while it's in midair. The range is also extended. The third level
makes the saber self-guided, so that it homes in on your opponents without your
needing to control it. This is a blessing and a curse, as you will no longer be
able to use it to get easy kills on fallen enemies, since the saber will simply
rotate over their bodies for a while before returning to your hand.

Your saber can sometimes become fall to the floor if you Throw it at another
Jedi, so if you hear the clattering sound, hit your primary attack key to
retrieve the Lightsaber automatically.

Mind Tricks

First Level: Distracts one enemy for five seconds
Second Level: Distracts a group of enemies for ten seconds
Third Level: Can be used to convert enemies into allies
Movie Moment: "You don't need to see his identification...these aren't the
droids you're looking for."

The first two levels of this skill are, frankly, worthless; it's neat to be
able to sneak by an enemy or two, but there are few, if any, situations where
stealth is preferable to Saber combat. Once you reach the third level, however,
you'll gain the ability to convert enemies into pawns for a short while -
generally long enough for their erstwhile friends to use them as target
practice. When you convert an enemy, all your other foes in the area will
attempt to kill him, and your pawn will fight back with whatever weapon is at
his disposal. Even a lowly Trooper can sometimes be a worthwhile human shield
in the right situation, but the Force cost is somewhat high. The range on this
last level is extraordinary, as well, so you might want to think about Tricking
an opponent as opposed to simply sniping him at long range.

                              LIGHT POWERS

Force Heal

First Level: Healing requires immobilization
Second Level: You can move while healing, but not attack
Third Level: You can move or attack while healing, and healing is very rapid
Movie Moment: I guess Obi-Wan forgot about this when Qui-Gon was dying in his

Simplicity itself. Heal yourself up in single-player, or heal your teammates in
multiplayer games. When you heal, your Force meter will continually drain until
it runs out (a full charge is worth 25 Health), so you should be careful not to
get run dry in the middle of a firefight. On the other hand, if you're running
low on health, Heal is preferable to Bacta tanks outside of combat, as your
Force will replenish automatically. Save your Bacta tanks for emergencies or

                               DARK POWERS

Force Grip

First Level: Immobilizes target without damage
Second Level: Lifts target into air with damage
Third Level: Target can be moved laterally in the air
Movie Moment: Vader getting a bit miffed with Admiral Motti on the Death Star

Grip is an entertaining skill, even if it isn't very efficient. Level one is a
mere distraction, since the target takes no damage and you can't manipulate
their position at all. At level two, the target is lifted up into the air a bit
and begins to take damage.

It isn't until level three, however, that Grip comes into its own. At this
level, Kyle is able to pick up opponents, move them laterally, and walk
forwards and backwards, all while the enemy is immobilized and taking damage.
Of course, no one ever really just holds a Grip until the enemy is choked to
death; it's far too much fun to bang them into walls instead. You need to move
your mouse fairly quickly to get lethal damage in, but it's worth it, since you
can kill an enemy in less than a second. A number of people have pointed out to
me that dropping an enemy while he is Gripped above your head will generally
result in their death from falling damage; Tyler Kemp notes that if they fall
on Kyle's saber they'll usually die right off. You can, of course, accelerate
this process by dropping enemies off of cliffs, down elevator shafts, etc., or
simply using Jump to launch yourself up into the air and letting the target
fall at the apex of your jump.

One tactic that's a bit more utilitarian is the Grip + Throw. Most Reborn and
Jedi opponents will use Push to break out of a Grip, but usually you will have
a little time between your Grip and their Push, a period in which they'll be
defenseless. If you Throw your Lightsaber during a Grip, you will generally be
able to take down an opponent in one shot. A number of people pointed this out
to me, and it does work quite well against solo opponents.

Another tip from Chris Bloomfield:

"This works from grip 2. Basically, all that you do is grip-a-grunt and then
when they lift off the ground, let go of them and quickly press the push button
a couple of times; they tend to fly quite far back, and sometimes die too. More
fun than useful."

Force Lightning

First Level: Single bolt
Second Level: Continuous stream of lightning
Third Level: Wide arc of power
Movie Moment: Emperor Palpatine attempting to kill Luke on the Death Star II

This skill is much improved over its implementation in Jedi Knight. Players of
that game will remember a sorry-looking little bolt of lightning that was
difficult to use and never really dealt enough damage to be worthwhile. In
Outcast, though, Lightning has become quite a bit more powerful, especially at
the higher levels of the skill. I'll confess that I found the first two levels
of the skill to be fairly useless, as the arc and distance of the Lightning
require you to be at close range, where you might as well just use your
Lightsaber. At level three, however, Lightning becomes a force to be reckoned
with, as the arc of damage extends to nearly your whole field of view, and the
damage dealt is enough to take down a Stormtrooper in just a couple of seconds.
The drain on your Force reserves is still considerable, but this does allow you
to attack groups of enemies a bit more efficiently than with your Lightsaber.
Lightning is also useful against opposing Reborn and Jedi, since it allows you
to attack from a distance if you're low on health.

5. Weapons


Primary Fire: Swing
Secondary Fire: Saber Throw

This is probably the coolest weapon ever implemented into an action game, and
is certainly the most powerful weapon in Jedi Outcast. Though you have to
suffer through the first couple of levels without a saber, it's worth the wait,
because you'll rarely want to use any other weapon after you've obtained your
most elegant piece of equipment. In point of fact, there are a few weapons that
I've never used in Outcast; I don't recall ever setting a Laser Trip Mine, for
instance. If anything, the Lightsaber might be a little *too* powerful; it
basically makes every other weapon obsolete (except perhaps for the Disruptor

The basics of the saber are familiar to players of Jedi Knight; you can use it
to block much of the incoming blaster fire, and reciprocate with swings that
take out most enemies on contact. Outcast thankfully makes it much easier to
block and reflect blaster fire, even at the earliest level of your Defense
development, so you will rarely find yourself getting hit, except against truly
overwhelming forces. In addition, your secondary attack with the saber has been
upgraded from the ungainly wide-swing of Jedi Knight to a very cool Lightsaber
Throw, which can be used to destroy multiple enemies at short or medium range.

The mechanics of the Lightsaber require a bit of practice to get used to -
since the movement of the blade are based on the conjuction of your attack
button and movement buttons, you'll need to have Kyle dance around in order to
get the attacks that you desire. While it may seem awkward at first glance,
practice makes perfect in this instance, so whip out your Lightsaber in an
empty room and go to town, before some Ugnaught comes along and kicks your butt
because you thought having a Lightsaber made you invincible.

The regular offensive capabilities of the Lightsaber have also been improved,
with the addition of a three-tiered system of Lightsaber Combat styles, each
influencing the power, speed, and range of your melee attacks. Each style has
its own special move, of varying worth. I've taken the liberty of giving these
nonsensical Drunken Master sobriquets. (Now, wouldn't that movie be perfect for
an open-ended action game? Raven, get after this license!)

Medium Combat Style: The default style, and the only one that's available to
you when you first obtain your saber. It balances speed and power to excel in
neither, but is a useful style to wield against regular, non-Jedi enemies, due
to its simple sequence of slashing movements.

*Special Move*: Forward Flip ("Little Birdie Flies Away")

Move so that your enemy is in front of you. Tap Attack, hit Forward and Jump.
You'll jump forward over your enemies head, slashing downward as you go by.
This rarely hits, but it looks kind of neat.

Fast Combat Style: The Fast style emphasizes speed over power. This is useful
against Reborn opponents, before you obtain the Strong style, but can be a bit
unwieldy due to the odd motions of the saber and short range of the attacks.

*Special Move*: Forward Lunge ("Insouciant Child Throws Her Kitten")

Hold a crouch, then press Forward and Attack. You'll bring your saber up in a
sharp upward slash, hopefully hitting whatever is in front of you. In reality,
this is kind of worthless, since you'll rarely be crouching in a duel.

Strong Combat Style: Powerful, but very slow, the Strong Style can eliminate
most Reborn in a single slash, and is also the Style of choice for use against
Shadow Troopers and Dark Jedi. The elaborate windup and follow-through for
swings leaves you open to counterattack, so I'd recommend that you combine this
style with Force Speed during duels to gain more control.

*Special Move*: Downward Hack ("Drunken Woodcutter Chopping Water")

Stand still, then press Forward, Attack, and Jump. You'll fly through the air,
bringing your Saber down like an axe on your foe's head. This move is
incredibly slow in execution, so it'll rarely connect, but if it does, you'll
probably kill whoever's on the receiving end.

As a note, there is one general combo that's pretty neat, and works for all
Combat Styles. It combines a forward slash and a rotating spin. The movement
is: Hold Backwards, press Attack, hold a Strafe button. This enables Kyle to
spin around for the second attack, leaving him momentarily defenseless, but it
results in a high slash that will connect to your opponent's head if they are
unable to block it.

Diesel sends this tip along:

"I noticed when forwards rolling on the ground (Running and pressing Crouch)
causes the lightsabre to cut into the ground. I incorporated this into my
attack strategy. When pushing over enemies, you can roll over them to kill
them, rather than wasting time doing downward sabre cuts, which obviously take
longer. Another advantage is that I never once got shot using this strategy."

Check out Dustin M. Kulwicki's Lightsaber Combat FAQ at gamefaqs.com for a more
detailed analysis of the various Lightsaber movements and combat options.

Stun Baton

Primary Fire: Close-Range Shock

The Stun Baton is a close-range weapon designed to stun foes. Not very useful,
unless you run out of ammo completely. Once you acquire a lightsaber, it
replaces the Stun Baton in the weapon selection menu.

Bryar Pistol

Primary Fire: Single Shot
Secondary Fire: Charged Shot, extra damage
Max Ammo: 300 (Blaster Pack)

A basic sidearm, the Bryar Pistol is a handy weapon, with good accuracy at long
distance. You can use it as a poor man's sniper rifle in the early portions of
the game, but the slow rate of fire is a hindrance in a firefight, and once
your arsenal expands, you'll want to move up to the beefier weapons. Charging
up the weapon with the alternate fire chews ammo, but can take down many of the
basic enemies in one shot, especially if you hit them in the head.

E-11 Blaster Rifle

Primary Fire: Automatic shot, slow firing rate
Secondary Fire: Automatic shot, quick firing rate (less accurate)
Max Ammo: 300 (Blaster Pack)

The standard Stormtrooper sidearm is, ironically, well suited to taking down
Stormtroopers themselves due to its wide laser spread and rapid fire. It's not
very efficient for working at a distance due to the slow speed of the laser,
but the primary fire can sometimes be used for a quick head shot on an enemy if
you don't want to take the time to switch to the Bryar. The difference in
accuracy between the primary and secondary fire is appreciable, however, so you
will need to be fairly close to your targets when you start blasting away. Ammo
can be a concern if you use the secondary fire too much, but stormtroopers will
be dropping more Rifles anyway, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
Just watch your meter, and stick with the primary fire if you get down to 50 or

Tenloss Disruptor Rifle

Primary Fire: Single high-speed shot, medium ROF
Secondary Fire: Scope zoom view, use primary fire button to charge weapon
Max Ammo: 300 (Power Cell)

The primary fire here isn't much to write home about, but it's a fairly
accurate shot at long distances and uses Power Cells instead of Blaster ammo,
so it's a nice weapon to revert to if you run out of ammo for your Blaster
Rifle. The secondary fire is the draw, though, since it allows you to snipe
from long distances away and can even disintegrate a foe completely. You can't
strafe while the scope is active, however, which makes it less that suitable
for combat situations. I've been able to pierce a closed door with a full
charge and still deliver a killing blow, but I'm not sure if this is a bug or a
feature. One thing to note is that the beam travels far too quickly for most
enemies to dodge, so use this on enemies like Probe Droids that usually duck
out of the way of your fire.


Primary Fire: Single shot, or charges for five shot array
Secondary Fire: single powerful burst.
Max Ammo: 300 (Power Cell)

The favored weapon of Wookiees galaxy-wide, the Bowcaster ostensibly requires
great strength to operate, but the versions Kyle encounters have been modified
to make them accessible to weaker species, such as humans. This weapon is still
fondly remembered as the lamest of the Jedi Knight weapons, but it has been
redone a bit to make it more utilitarian for JK2. It still functions as it did
in JK, but is a bit more powerful (which isn't to say that you'll be using it
that much). The primary fire will fire a single bolt with a single click, or
can be charged for a spread of five bolts in an arc. This is obviously useful
for crowd control, but does require 25 ammo. The secondary shot is a single
blast of highly kinetic energy that bounces off
walls and obstacles until it dissipates or hits a target. Handy for firing
around corners or simply blind firing to see if you hit anything, but travels a
bit too slowly to be useful at long distances. The secondary fire is more
accurate than a Blaster Rifle, so it can replace the Bryar as the poor man's
sniper rifle until you find the Disruptor.

DEMP 2 Gun

Primary Fire: Energy ball, effective against droids and mechanical foes
Secondary Fire: Fast attack, splash damage to all enemies
Max Ammo: 300 (Power Cell)

Intended to make quick work of droids and other mechanical foes, the primary
fire of the DEMP gun short-circuits electrical wiring, thus disabling most of
the technological terrors Kyle encounters in his travels. It has a negligible
effect on living flesh, however, so the alternate fire can be used in
desperation to attack human opponents, if you are caught in a situation where
you can't switch your weapon quickly enough. In truth, this is a specialized
weapon for special situations; useful when you're facing off AT-STs or combat
droids, but rarely utilized otherwise.

Heavy Repeater

Primary Fire: Solid rapid-fire projectile attack
Secondary Fire: Launches a concussive grenade, stunning and damaging enemies
Max Ammo: 400 (Metallic Bolts)

Your basic machine-gun style weapon. The primary fire's inaccuracy makes this
weapon a liability at anything more than short distances, but the secondary
fire has a wide splash damage effect, making it perfect for a preliminary
strike at an unwary crowd, or taking down Sentries and Trip Mines.

Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon

Primary Fire: Shotgun-style blast of metal shards
Secondary Fire: Dual explosive mines
Max Ammo: 400 (Metallic Bolts)

This is essentially the Star Wars equivalent of a nice, double-barrel shotgun.
To be honest, I barely ever used this; the primary fire is only useful at close
range, when you're almost always going to be using the Lightsaber anyway, and
the secondary fire is too inaccurate to be of much use against any but the most
dense crowd of Troopers. One thing to note is the high ammo capacity and the
fact that the secondary fire only requires eight ammo per shot, so this might
be something to whip out if you hear voices around the corner, since the mines
can bounce off walls and obstacles.

Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System

Primary Fire: Fire-and-forget non-seeking missile
Secondary Fire: Hold down to lock on to target; let go for homing missile
Max Ammo: 10 (Rockets)

The Outcast Rocket Launcher isn't encounter until fairly late in the game, and
is barely used after that. While using the rocket attacks are nice against
enemies that are far away and unaware of your presence, in most situations the
designers have included short-range nuisances along with long-distance threats,
making it impractical to switch away from your Lightsaber until no one is
firing at you. I usually just ignored anyone at long distance until I could
cover the ground between Kyle and his foes, so my style of play wasn't suited
for using the PMS (nice acronym), though it may be handy to keep around for the
occasional AT-ST or Walker.

Thermal Detonator

Primary Fire: Timed explosion after throw (four seconds)
Secondary Fire: Explosion on impact
Max Ammo: 10 detonators

A weapon made infamous due to Boushh / Leia's gambit in Jabba's Palace, in
which she successfully bluffed the Hutt crimelord into thinking she might
destroy him along with the rest of his entourage, the Thermal Detonator is
reknowned for its lethality. Since these detonate on a timer, they can be
lobbed around corners or down shafts in order to strike blindly at enemies that
you can hear coming, or suspect of lying in wait. You have to hold down the
fire for a bit in order to throw it any appreciable distance, so watch the
secondary fire. If you accidentally tap the secondary button while you have one
of these in your hands, you'll give yourself quite a tan.

Det Pack

Primary Fire: Place Det Pack on walls or floor
Secondary Fire: Detonate all active Det Packs
Max Ammo: 5 packs

Det Packs are wall- or floor-mounted explosives, designed with a detachable
triggering mechanism that allows the user to wait as long as he or she wishes
before detonation. These can be used to destroy certain doors throughout the
levels, or they can be placed in an inconspicuous spot and triggered when an
enemy comes by. The radius of the blast is fairly large, so you can use these
for crowd control, but you will lose the protection of the Lightsaber while you
wait for the enemies to get into position. You can place more than one if you
want, but you can only hold five at a time, so you'll need to be somewhat
frugal when you use them.

Laser Trip Mine

Primary Fire: Places mine and activates trip-laser
Secondary Fire: Places mine and activates proximity sensor
Max Ammo: 5 mines

Also known as the HPB's Best Friend, the Trip Mine is one of those classic FPS
weapons that everyone either loves or hates. They work quite simply: simply
affix the mine to a surface, and when another player or opponent breaches the
trip laser, the charge detonates, injuring or killing anything nearby. These
act to slow the pace of multiplayer games a bit, since anyone who wishes to
pass through a mined corridor has to switch to a projectile weapon and shoot
the mine from a distance away.

6. Inventory Items

Inventory items are called up in a separate menu (default keys are [ and ]) and
activated by pressing Enter (again, by default; you can change this if you


These little guys will not be used much, but they're still cool to whip out now
and then. Activate them in the inventory, then zoom in and out with your fire
keys. You can't use weapons while they're activated, so the scope on the
Disruptor Rifle is perhaps a more useful solution once you acquire that weapon.

Bacta Canister

Your standard health pack, but these can be picked up and used anytime you feel
the need for a bit of healing. Luke Skywalker was suspended in a Bacta Tank in
The Empire Strikes Back, after he escaped from the Wampa on Hoth; these are
smaller versions of those devices. (I guess. It's not clear whether they're
supposed to be digested or what.) You can only hold five at any one time, and
they give back 25 health per use. This is a good item to keep your Inventory
menu on, so that you can hit Enter for a quick boost of health when you run low
during a fight.

Light Amplification Goggles

The light-amp goggles are similar to the binoculars in that they slowly drain
battery power while enhancing your vision. These goggles amplify the brightness
of the environment, while still allowing you to equip and fire weapons. They're
obviously useful for spotting snipers and campers in dark areas, and some areas
of the single-player game will be kept quite dark, forcing you to use them for
short stretches of time. If you run out of battery power in a dark area, watch
your cursor color to know when you're about to stumble upon an enemy.

Assault Sentry

Deployable Sentries were one of the most fun aspects of my favorite Quake mod,
Painkeep, and their addition to the mix in Jedi Knight II should keep everyone
on their toes in deathmatch games. The basic premise is simple: plop a Sentry
on the ground, wait for it to activate, then run away. It will automatically
target enemies within range with a barrage of rapid-fire laser bolts. Enemies
will target it as soon as it becomes active, but these little guys are tough
enough to take quite a bit of damage, especially when paired off against a
contingent of Stormtroopers.

Arakyd Mark VII Inquisitor

Something of a souped-up version of Luke's training remote from A New Hope.
This device floats above your head when activated, automatically firing laser
blasts at anyone you attack. Essentially speaking, it's a mobile turret that
travels with you. It only lasts for a short while, however; once its power pack
is exhausted, it automatically self-destructs (which doesn't injure you). You
can use these during duels to give the opposing Jedi another nuisance target,
but you shouldn't expect this momentary advantage to last very long.

Battery Pack

These are required to power the electrobinoculars and the light amp goggles. As
far as I can tell, you can only hold the equivalent of two battery's worth of
power, so don't worry about tracking these down overmuch.

7. Enemies


The grunts of the Imperial Remnant, you should expect to see, and kill,
thousands of these poor fellows throughout the game. They wield Blaster Rifles,
but wield the poorly, and are generally unable to connect with their shots
except at extremely close range. What they lack in accuracy, however, they make
up for in statistics; you generally encounter large groups of Troopers instead
of individual soldiers, and they can wear you down if you don't dispose of them
quickly. They're smart enough to not stand still in combat, and they're fairly
quick, so you can expect a lot of frustration as you try to lead them with your
own Blaster Rifle in the first few levels. Their body armor can absorb a few
blaster shots to the body before they fall, so if you have the skills, aim for
the head.

Stormtroopers with epaulets are field commanders; they pack Repeaters or
Flechettes. Target them first, as they will usually be the biggest threat in
the area, and their death will cause panic in the ranks.


Imperial Officers

Generally lightly armed and lightly armored, Imperial Officers often carry
vital keycards that open supply sheds or security doors. Stormtroopers take
their orders from the Officers, so if you take down an Officer in a firefight,
Troopers will often retreat temporarily, allowing you to plug them from behind.
There are Officers with dark uniforms and with beige uniforms; I believe the
beige officers are of higher rank, but I'm not sure if this has an appreciable
impact on the Stormtrooper artifical intelligence.


Imperial Probe Droid

Well-known for their distinctive aural emanations (I think they keep saying
"Man is a toolshed", but I could be wrong), Probe Droids can take more damage
than a Stormtrooper, but don't possess enough firepower to really threaten you.
They can dodge laser fire quite well, though, which makes them tricky to take
down at long range.



Floating spheres of laser carnage, these are the combat equivalent of the Probe
Droids. Armed with a rapid-fire laser beam and heavily shielded, these enemies
cannot be harmed while they are in defensive mode. Once they commence fire,
though, they drop their shields and
can be damaged, so you'll need to use cover efficiently if you want to escape
undamaged. You can take them out with a Lightsaber Throw even when their
shields are raised, however.



A smaller, more mobile version of the AT-AT, the AT-ST is a two-legged tank
that is shielded enough to be impervious to laser fire and other small weapons.
They can also simply crush you under their feet if you get too close, so make
sure you stay a fair distance away. If you face off against an AT-ST, you're
probably going to either have to find a laser turret with which to destroy it,
or simply run away.


Interrogation Droids

Rarely seen outside of prisons and brigs, Interrogation Droids are floating
spheres that attack with a chemical-laden hypo at close range. Unshielded and
easy to avoid, no one should have problems with these guys.



These creatures, indiginous to Artus, are quick on their feet and attack at
short range, tearing through your shielding until they reach your flesh. They
can't take much damage, so stun them with a laser blast and destroy them while
they are frozen. When dealing with a swarm, you can't run fast enough to use
explosives, so you might want to crouch to get a better firing angle and use
the Blaster Rifle's alternate fire to mow them down. The Stun Baton is also
useful against these foes, since their bite attack is fairly slow and



Rodians, best represented by the inept bounty hunter Greedo in A New Hope,
typically wield Disruptor Rifles and prefer to fire on you from long range.
They're fairly accurate, so you can't simply ignore them like you would a
Stormtrooper at long range. The best way to deal with them is to fight fire
with fire and equip your Disruptor. Find a corner to duck behind and strafe
out, using the primary fire when the reticule is locked. If you use the scope
and attempt to charge the Disruptor up, your target will almost always hit you,
so try to be quick about it.



These triple-eyed creatures aren't known for their intelligence, which is why
many of them choose to bring Thermal Detonators into crowded areas. There's no
simple way to deal with Grans that are packing explosives, except to use your
Force Powers judiciously in taking them out. Push is useful in deflecting the
Detonators while they're in midair, or simply knocking the Gran down while you
mosey over and chop-chop-chop.



Weequays should be somewhat familiar to viewers of Return of the Jedi; these
are the guys that were on the skiffs with Luke and Han above the Sarlacc's
nest. They pack Bowcasters for the most part, and possess the accuracy of the
typical Stormtrooper, so they're a low-level threat at best.



These reptile-men were justly feared in Jedi Knight, since they packed the
Concussion Rifle, that game's most deadly weapon. Here, though, they simply
serve as more grist for the mill that is Kyle Katarn, as they usually bring
Repeaters to battle and possess no talents that the rest of the criminal scum
enemies don't also have.



Maleficent, minatory minions of Desann, these pseudo-Sith wield Lightsabers
with varying degrees of aptitude. While the simple fact that they pack Sabers
makes them dangerous enough, they also possess rudimentary Force skills. There
are five main varieties of Reborn; the chromatic scale seems to move from
yellow to blue, with the darker scales becoming more dangerous as the game
moves along.

Keep in mind that the AI system for lightsaber-wielders is quite different than
that of the more inept enemies; see the Dueling section under Hints for a
little more information.


Attack Droids

For lack of a better nomenclature, we'll call these odd beasts Attack Droids.
(Erwin Dautzenberg believes these are the same as AT-PTs; All-Terrain Personal
Transports, from some extended universe materials that he has. Anyone care to
confirm?) Attack Droids are slightly smaller than an AT-ST, but with greater
speed and a rapid-fire main turret. Their secondary turret launches a green
laser blast that deals a significant amount of damage, but needs to hit
directly; there is no splash damage or explosive force, as in the secondary
fire of the Repeater. The DEMP gun is your best bet for quickly eliminating
these guys; try to give yourself a little distance to fire from, however, as
the green laser blast from the Walker can sometimes be lost in the blue fire
from your DEMP.

Mike Sharp and Fletcher Fuller point out that your Lightsaber will block all of
the attacks from the Attack Droids, so that you can simply stand in front of
them and wait until they die from their own reflected fire. This can take a
while, but you will not be hurt at all, so its worth remembering if you are
conserving shields or are low on health.

There is another model of Attack Droid other than the large walking beast; this
alternate version is a smaller droid similar to the Mouse droid, but equipped
with a slow-firing laser attack. I can only recall seeing two of these in the
entire game, so they're not something you need to worry about overmuch.


Shadow Troopers

These fiercest of foes appear to be Reborn enemies encased inside a black suit
of armor designed to repel Lightsaber attacks. Their armor also allows them to
temporarily become invisible, Predator-style, but there is a telltale glow
given off in these instances, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem
seeing them. They can take more damage than normal Reborn, and are more
proficient in the Force to boot; many of them will bust out Lightning during a
duel. Use the Strong Lightsaber Style in combination with Force Speed to gain
an advantage against these enemies.

The Force Crystal these fellows drop simply resets Kyle's Force meter to full;
they don't show up in your inventory (though I suspect they were intended to at
one point in the game's development).


Swamp Troopers

Normal Stormtroopers with a change of clothes, Swamp Troopers wield Flechettes
or Repeaters, and their suits are more heavily armored and camoflauged to allow
them to meld into a swamp environment. Keep in mind that they are semi-immune
to Force Push and Pull while they're submerged; you can use Grip to grab them
and yank them out of the water.

8. Multiplayer Notes

Coming Soon.

9. Tips / Cheats / Links / Other



There are a few different acrobatic moves that Kyle can perform; I never
noticed these since they're buried in the readme.txt file that came with the
game, rather than appearing in the manual. Thanks to Claude Arm for pointing
this out; these following sections are quotes from the readme file.

Crouch Jumping
Sometimes you may find that there's a ledge above your character
that is just out of range of your standard jump. In these rare
cases, try crouch jumping. By pressing the crouch key (default:
c-key) while near that ledge during your jump, you can pull
your characters feet up a little higher and possibly land on
that hard to reach ledge.

This is also an effective technique to use in multiplayer when
you're trying to out-maneuver an adversary. If you crouch
and/or crouch jump, you become a smaller target that is much
more difficult to hit from a distance.

To lean, just hold the USE button and strafe left or right.
This feature only works in first person mode. You cannot shoot
while leaning, but you can use mind trick.

Acrobatics are key for evading enemies and allow you to
maneuver into a better fighting position.

Command: Forward or Backward or Strafe Right or Strafe Left
+ Crouch
Conditions:  Must be running or landing from a jump.
Move Type: Roll
Description:  You will roll in the direction you have
pressed. Rolling from a jump may help absorb some of the
impact damage. Be careful, though, because once you enter
a roll, your momentum will carry you forward until the roll
stops. You can still turn while rolling so you can use it
to outflank an enemy or avoid rolling off a cliff. You
may not attack during a roll.

Command: Forward + Jump x 2
(Press Jump once to jump and again to flip)
Conditions:  Must be running towards a wall and have at
least Force Jump level 2
Move Type: Back-flip off wall
Description:  You will take a couple steps up the wall in
front of you and flip backwards away from the wall. You may
end up behind a pursuer, leaving him open for an attack.

(Ed. Note: This only appears to work if the first jump isn't a Force jump;
i.e., you need to tap the Jump key very quickly. If you go into a spin, you
won't be able to launch off of the wall.)


By way of a tidy little plot twist, Raven and Lucasarts have managed to
populate the later levels of the game with numerous semi-Jedis; foes with
Lightsabers and force powers, but who aren't as adept at either talent as Kyle
is. Nonetheless, they're still your most dangerous common enemy, and require
some special tactics to defeat. (These hints, such as they are, generally apply
to boss Jedi as well.)

First of all, you'll notice that none of your regular weapons are of much use
against the pseudo-Sith; their force powers are advanced enough to block
incoming projectiles and Push away any thrown or placed explosives. (They can
even pull a Matrix and dodge your Disruptor bolts if you try for a little
Rodian action.) You can occasionally get lucky with a hastily dropped
Detonation Pack, especially if you're around the corner from your enemy, or
know their position and are sneaking up on them before they've seen you, but
you'll almost always have to whip out the Lightsabers to take them on.

In some instances, however, especially early in the game, you can get lucky
with some of your weapons. While blaster fire will almost never hit, you can
occasionally connect with the Repeater's Secondary Fire. Michael_W notes that
the instant-detonation Thermal Detonator can be used to great effect on Reborn
foes, but this is tempered by the fact that if they do manage to Push it back
towards you, you'll take a heaping helping of damage.

Lightsaber combat against similarly-equipped foes boils down to equations of
speed and luck, in my opinion. The opposing pseudo-Sith are devilishly fast,
and move their lightsabers about a bit too quickly for you to effectively build
any kind of conscious defense; you'll need to rely on instinct and a bit of
good fortune to take on the more advanced baddies. If you are swung at while
you're not attacking or Throwing your Lightsaber, you'll usually block the
swing, but you may take a bit of damage anyway. If your enemy connects with a
clean swipe, you can sometimes be taken from full health and shields directly
to death in one blow, so you'll understand the need for a quicksave file before
every fight.

Your best bet in the earlier portions of the game seems to be to mix
dash-and-parry tactics with a circular strafing motion. In practical terms,
don't stand still, and keep your distance from your foe until you're ready to
strike. The side-sweeps of the Lightsaber which are activated when you're
holding the strafe keys give you a good chance to penetrate their defense,
especially if they're off-balance with their own attacks. Saber Throw can often
be used to good effect against Jedi, especially when you aim at their feet, but
your lightsaber will generally fall to the ground, leaving you temporarily

Saber clashes are something you need to be alert for, as the more powerful
foess can exploit even a momentary lapse of attention to finish you off. If you
find yourself grinding Sabers with your opponent, tap the primary attack key as
quickly as possible - the loser of a Clash will find themselves knocked down
momentarily, leaving them open for a free attack by your opponent, or sometimes
simply taking damage as soon as the Clash is broken.. If you do lose, hit Jump
as soon as you hit the ground to pop up and try and get back on your feet.

Your Force powers, as you'll no doubt notice, don't work on Reborn and Jedi as
well as they do against normal, non-Force-wielding enemies. The effectiveness
of a power depends on your level of skill and the type of opponent; you'll
often be able to use a Level 3 Push to knock down a red Reborn, but the same
skill will rarely work on a Shadow Trooper. You can experiment with the various
skills as you like, but the most effective one for duels will usually be Force
Speed in combination with the Strong Lightsaber Combat Style. The overhead
smash swing of the Strong Style is almost always instantly fatal to opponents,
but is very difficult to wield against the super-fast Shadow Troopers you
encounter late in the game. Speed can balance this difficulty by slowing down
the action somewhat, allowing you to time your swing so that you connect as
soon as you come within range and immediately retreat. One or two clean
connections are usually all it takes to kill a Shadow Trooper, and the same
tactic can be used against the end boss.

Mike also sent me an email pointing out that using Drones is a good tactic
against Reborn and other Jedi foes, as they will waste their time attempting to
strike down the drone, leaving them open for counterattack. Using Drones in
conjunction with Force Speed can make duels much simpler, as you'll have a
distracted, and possibly defenseless enemy, rather than one that is attacking
you. Since Drones are nearly useless for other purposes, you might as well save
them up for the tougher enemies.

Here's another comment on Drones from Daniel W. Paschal:

"Deploy the seeker drone (default 3 key on your number pad) and then withdraw a
bit so the seeker gets out in front, and then watch as usually the opponents
will begin to focus on the seeker, either deflecting its shots, or trying to
saber throw it into scrap. This is your chance to do "some major life altering
damage". Especially useful is force push since it will either distract the
opponent further, making him unable to really attack you or the drone
effectively, or he will be shoved right over, having expended much of his
energy trying to saber throw the drone (or just not paying attention. Move in
for a couple of quick downward chops to finish him off.

Often times this works even better on more than one opponent, since they get in
each other's way while trying to swat the pesky little baseball of death.
During my first encounter with Shadowtroopers, the two were right underneath it
trying to saber toss it and hitting each other, and temporarily started to
attack each other."


First off, you can access the console at any time by holding Shift and pressing
the tilde key (to the right of the 1 button on your keyboard). These commands
are entered there. These cheats below are from Peter J. Rzeminski II

As a note here, you should know about the Bind command. Bind allows you to
manually assign keys to commands, even commands that aren't in the keyboard
mapping menu (such as the cheats below). The syntax is "bind [key] [command]",
so if you wanted to bind the Taunting animation to the "e" button on your
keyboard, you would open the console and type (without quotes) "bind e taunt".
When you're back in the game, hit your e button to execute a taunt. Easy as

"One cool thing I should mention, there are two non-cheats that you can use
to make Kyle to cool things.

taunt - will make kyle say something
victory - will make kyle do something like flipping his weapon"

Using the sabre-color change (cycle through all colors) and the victory on
a hot key makes for a nice effect.

Effect                                  Code

Enable Cheat Mode                       helpusobi 1

100% Health                             give health
100% Armor                              give armor
100% Force Mana                         give force
100% Battery Charge                     give batteries
All Inventory Items                     give inventory
All Weapons                             give weapons
Everything Above                        give all

Set Force Jump Level                    setForceJump [1 2 3]
Set Force Heal Level                    setForceHeal [1 2 3]
Set Force Push Level                    setForcePush [1 2 3]
Set Force Pull Level                    setForcePull [1 2 3]
Set Force Speed Level                   setForceSpeed [1 2 3]
Set Force Grip Level                    setForceGrip [1 2 3]
Set Force Lightning Level               setForceLightning [1 2 3]
sets force level of all abilities       setForceAll [1 2 3]

Set your Lightsabre Color               saberColor [red orange yellow
                                                green blue purple]

God Mode                                god
Undead Mode                             undying
Move Anywhere                           noclip
Enemies will ignore you                 notarget

Crash the Game                          fly_xwing"

Peter also sent along the code "drive_atst", which he thought would crash the
game, but David Erlenbusch points out that it seems to work just fine. It works
best when you have a lot of room to maneuver, but doesn't appear to have any
deleterious effects on the game, other than clipping problems when you enter
the code when there isn't enough room for an AT-ST.

Here's another cheat from Todd Hauck.

"In a multiplayer game in the console type devmap XXXXXX where the x's are the
name of the map. Equip a lightsaber then deactivate it. Then type into the
consle /thedestroyer. You now have a dual bladed lightsaber."

The tricky part here is finding out the names of the maps. These appear on the
loading screen in multiplayer, or you can open up your assets0.pk3 file with a
ZIP editor, and scroll down to the maps directory to get the names directly.
So, for instance, in order to open up the Death Star multiplayer level, in the
console you'd type:

devmap ffa_deathstar

And you'd be in the Death Star level, where the /thedestroyer code would pop up
a double-bladed Lightsaber.

From Tim Swindler:

"Here's another console command I think you might enjoy and/or want to add to
your faq. g_saberRealisticCombat 1. This enables the lightsaber to actually act
like one; so that when you strike enemies, you actually lop off hands, arms,
legs, head, or even cut them in half! Great fun.

Have you tried it with saber throw yet? Often, if you throw it through an enemy
and it passes back through them as they fall, you'll end up slicing them again.
I've had it happen where I took off just about every appendage doing that. I've
also noticed that if you hit an enemy at the right angle, you can also take of
more than one thing. The most common I've notice is a head/ arm combo with a
diagonal slash. Sometimes if you just walk up to an enemy and run into them
with the lightsaber and hold it there, things will just start popping off. It's
also fun to run up and cut the legs out from under them, and with the battles
against other saber users, it just makes the slowed down kill sequence that
much more cool when you finish them by taking off their head or slicing them in

Editor's Note: This is the greatest code ever. I'm sorry, Konami code, but this
is the new king. I can't help but imagine that Raven snuck this one under the
noses of the LucasArts people; you have to think that LA would never approve
something so cool! I've taken to calling it the "Jedi of Fortune" code, after
Raven's uber-violent Soldier of Fortune games.

I originally thought that it was purely cosmetic, but it does seem to make the
saber more lethal, as you don't even need to swing the saber to take out
enemies; just run into them and their heads will come right off. There's no
blood, but that's probably to be expected of a cauterizing weapon like the
Lightsaber. Still, it livens up regular gameplay quite a bit, and makes the
slow-mo deaths a sight.

From Brian Gluckman:

"Ok so this isn’t quite an Easter egg, but it is interesting. If you type in
setforceall with a number greater than 3, the jedi mind trick allows you to
possess that enemy. They shoot incredibly fast when you do that, and they run
out of ammo quickly. Either way it sure is fun to make a storm trooper jump off
a cliff."

"I was just using the npc spawn cheat, and I actually managed to mind CONTROL
Desann! The effect doesn’t last forever, but it sure is fun. Hopefully if I
type in something like setforceall 8 it will last longer. I’ll let you know if
it works."

NPC Spawn

The command so cool, I had to give it its own section.

I'll make no bones about it; I enjoy singleplayer games more than I do
multiplayer games these days. I'm still on a 56k, so my connection for
multiplayer games is generally horrible, at least compared to my glory days of
playing Quake at college with a 30 ping. So anything that extends the longevity
of a singleplayer game warrants my attention, and the NPC Spawn cheat code is
something that I've had a lot of fun with over the past couple of days.

NPC Spawn is a simple code that can be used to summon in any enemy or ally that
you encounter in the game, and can be used any time, on any level, or even
bound to a key like any other command. Want to see if you can take on five
Shadow Troopers at the same time? Start a fight between three Luke Skywalkers
and five Tavions? See how many Crabs it takes to kill Desann? All of this can
be yours, for a limited time only, in this very special TV offer.

When you're in a single-player game, open up the console (hold Shift and press
the tilde key to the left of the 1 key), and type "helpusobi 1", without the
quotation marks, to enable cheats. Then type "npc spawn luke", for instance, to
spawn Luke Skywalker into the map. He'll act much as he did in the Cairn
Docking Bay, slicing up troopers, using Force powers on enemies, etc. Or, type
"npc spawn Desann" to throw down Desann, and watch him and Luke take each other

The easiest way to implement this is to bind the commands to keys. I used my
function keys as binding fodder, since I remapped my Force powers to the bottom
of the keyboard. Now I have F1 - F4 to summon Tavion, Desann, Shadow Troopers,
and the hardest variant of the Reborn enemies, while F5 - F8 summons Luke, Jedi
Trainers, Jedi apprentices, and Lando. (Lando dies a lot.) You can imagine the
fights that break out - sometimes I think that I've dropped myself into the
premiere of Attack of the Clones.

You see?

All you need to know is the code itself, and the name of the enemy or ally you
wish to summon. I've noted many of the names in the Enemies section above, and
most of the rest are fairly obvious. As a note, you'll want to find an area
suitable to large battles before you start dropping in Desanns, so you may want
to load up a save game near an area you think suitable. So, just to recap, to
use the codes mentioned here, you need to enter the console and type:

helpusobi 1
npc spawn desann (for example)

or, to bind:

bind f1 npc spawn Desann (where you're binding to the F1 key).

Couldn't be simpler. Some of the other names you can summon:


You can find a complete list here:


Evers0r- points out that you can try your hand at dueling with Luke or other
allies by Gripping them, or attacking them assiduously enough to kill one of
them. If you do so, the rest should come at you and attempt to take you down,
apparently thinking that you suddenly turned to the Dark Side. Another simple
way of turning your allies against you is to Mind Trick an enemy so that they
join your side. For some reason the friendly AI assumes you've joined the
enemies, rather than the other way around, so they'll start attacking.

Also, be aware that there is a limit to how many enemies you can summon. I'm
unsure of a certain number, and this may fluctuate depending on the amount of
RAM in your system (though it's probably hard-wired into the engine), but after
20-30 enemies are summoned concurrently, the game will crash out to the menu
system. You can reload your game from there, but be forewarned that this may











http://www.matthewrorie.com :)
http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/32648.html (the GameFAQs page for
Jedi Outcast)

http://gameguru.box.sk/cheatlist.php3?cheat=S&typ= (scroll down for cheats and

10. Contributors / Misc. Info


I can't thank everyone who's written in enough - I apologize if I don't
acknowledge your specific contribution here, but I've tried to make note of
what you sent me in the Revisions section above.

Jason Anastas
Dan H.
Old Gamer (www.oldgamer.net)
Peter J. Rzeminski II (http://CollisionCourse.net/)
Todd Hauck
David Erlenbusch
Josh Errickson
Dan Morris
Claude Arm
Harry Voyager
Riggormortis Necronomicon
Greg Evans
Daniel Edstrom
Por Que
Stuart Allen
Patrick Nelson
Mike Duffy
Tim Swindler
Chris Bloomfield
Michelle Agnew
Mike Sharp
Fletcher Fuller
Daniel W. Paschal
Tyler Kemp
Cyclops de Baba
Nick M.
Chris Mayberry
Dennis Jakobsen
kgb 383
Paul Bruno
The Mandroid
Joel Sutton
Scott "Eih'Beir" Hebert
Cameron Gridley
Steven J. Carlson
Henrik Brandbye
Michael Tousey
Chris Thompson
Joel Frazin
Dean Ryan
Clayton McNeil
Peter McCaffery
Erwin Dautzenberg
Steven J. Carlson
Steven Roy
Ratty R
Ray M.
Vaevictus Asmadi
Brian Gluckman
Lt. Phil


This walkthrough is, of course, copyright Matthew Rorie 2002. Don't steal it.

In the last FAQ I wrote (the Rhino Tank FAQ for Grand Theft Auto 3), I gave
carte blanche to anyone who wanted to mirror the FAQ; no need to email me, just
post it anywhere!, I said, giddy at just having something tangible up on
GameFAQs.com. Rookie's mistake, as it turns out: it was mirrored far and wide,
at sites large and small, including GameSpot, but few, if any, of these sites
bothered to update the FAQ as I uploaded new versions to GameFAQs. So, I wound
up getting hundreds (upon hundreds) of emails from people contributing
information that I had already incorporated into the FAQ. Long story short: I'm
requesting an email before you mirror this document. I almost certainly won't
turn you down, provided you don't intend to alter the document, and this way, I
can keep your email and send you the newer versions of the FAQ as I complete

If you read this FAQ anywhere but GameFAQs.com, please check GameFAQs.com for
the latest version of the document before emailing me a question or submitting
information. Thanks!



My email address is noted above. Feel free to email me any questions you have
about the guide, any interesting info or easter eggs you may have uncovered in
the game, or any comments or suggestions for the FAQ. I will generally answer
questions about the game, if I know the info, but if you're asking something
that's answered in the FAQ, don't be surprised if my reply is a cut-and-paste
from this document. I doubt I'll receive anything near the volume of mail I
received after the GTA3 guide went up, but please check this document
thoroughly for something relevent to your question before emailing me.

In particular, I would request that anyone with a fair grasp on FAQ design or
English usage point out any rough spots in the guide itself. I've done a fair
number of guides for publication, both online (check my System Shock 2 guide on
the Stratosgroup.com for an early and somewhat embarrassing first step) and
"for real" (with the strategy guide for Baldur's Gate II: Throne Of Bhaal being
the latest example - I co-wrote this with one other person), but I realize that
I have a fair way to go before I can be considered very proficient in the art
of FAQ making. So, if anyone finds themselves confused by my wording or word
choice at a certain point, or thinks that a sentence could be shuffled around
for more clarity, please drop me a line with the offending section of the
document and what you think is wrong with it. Thanks in advance!

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