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Читы для Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D

Чит-файл для Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D

Star Wars:
Rogue Squadron 3D

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Factor 5 и LucasArts Entertainment
Издатель:LucasArts Entertainment
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 ноября 1998 года
Жанры:Arcade / Simulator (Futuristic veh. / Space) / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Gold Medal Strategy Guide
By Greg Stecker (Steckman64@aol.com)
Date: 3/24/01-5/6/01

Star Wars Rogue Squadron is my favorite game ever made. I have been able to
earn myself all 19 gold medals in it and consider myself an expert at it. I
wanted to write this so that others may enjoy the success that I had, so this
guide is filled with my tips, my strategies, and my thoughts which helped me
to get all those medals. I have the table of contents listed below, which
will help you navigate this guide, although it is pretty self-explanatory.

Table of Contents
(1) Bonuses
(2) Tactics
(3) The Strategies
(4) The Spoils
(5) Suggestions/Challenges
(6) Contacting Me
(7) Legal Info

                                (1)  Bonuses

The most important thing in your quest for 19 Gold medals is having your
ships supped up to the max. So, in this section I will explain the bonuses,
where they are, and how to get them. Remember that you must beat the level
when you pick up the bonus to use it.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes
-Advanced Proton Torpedoes are exactly what the name says, advanced proton
torpedoes. They pack a greater punch than the X-Wing's normal Proton
Torpedoes. They are located on Defection at Corellia in the city nearest the
building where Crix Madine is. After the bomber attack on the Tech Center,
the bonus will appear in a straightaway in the center of the city. Swoop in
and pick it up.

Seeker Proton Torpedoes
-These are essential for Gold Medals. They are a bit more powerful than the
advanced proton torps, but they lock on to targets. You can find these on
Escape from Fest hidden inside a shack which is guarded by two turrets on a
ridge behind the research facility. They can also be found in Raid on
Sullust. From the beginning, fly straight and once you pass the landing
platform, at the side of the wall will be a capacitator. To its right is a
huge bunker. Destroy it and pick up the bonus.

Advanced Seeker Missiles
-These are used with the A-Wing and are not only homing missiles, but they
pack a greater punch. These missiles can be found in the Prisons of Kessel.
When Madine's shuttle enters the second prison, on one of the walls of the
canyon will be an opening on the top. To the left of the opening is a bunker
containing the missiles. To the right, a missile launcher.

Advanced Bombs
-Advanced bombs make the Y-Wing's bombs more powerful. Pick them up on either
the Imperial Construction Yards or Blockade on Chandrila. In the Construction
Yards, at the second landing platform, destroy one of the round buildings
behind it and you will discover the advanced bombs. In Chandrila, when you
reach the city, fly to the side opposite the train and you will see a lone
AT-ST firing at some pillars. Destroy it and grab the bombs.

Seeker Cluster Missiles
-These are essential for success with the V-Wing. Instead of having seven
missiles split up and go straight, they split up and destroy enemy targets.
The best thing is there is no time spent waiting for the lock on. These are
found on Moff Seerdon's Revenge. From where you start, destroy the missile
launcher dead ahead and fly toward its remains. Make a U-turn and point
towards the ground. The bunker at the base of the cliff contains the
missiles. If this is confusing, don't worry because you will have to destroy
this bunker anyway to beat the level.

Advanced Blasters
-The advanced blasters bonus works for every ship. It increases the power by
100%. They are found in Battle Above Taloraan. When you see the large city,
fly to the center of the top and fly straight down between the buildings to
get it. Be prepared to lose a life doing this.

Advanced Shields
-The last of the bonuses, it is certainly not the least. Sometimes, this
could be the difference between a glorious gold and a shameful Game Over.
Your shields will start at blue instead of green once you get it. However,
your shields will not return to blue after being hit, unless you lose a life.
These are found on the Jade Moon. When flying through the trench, you come to
a T-junction defended by a single turret. Normally, you'd take a right, but
if you go left and follow the path, you will arrive at an area with a huge
bunker guarded by two missile turrets. Destroy the turrets, then the bunker,
and pick up your reward.

                                     (2)  Tactics

There are special maneuvers which must be mastered to be successful in
attaining Gold medals. Here are some.

-Dogfighting with TIE's will be essential for certain Gold medals. Always try
to use your homing missiles if you can spare them, but remember that the A-
Wing's blasters have an auto-aim system. Watch your radar for rapidly moving
red dots. These will be TIE's. Never let one get behind you, or you'll be
ripped to shreds before you can say, "Wampa." If one is flying circles around
you, leave the area and reenter at a point where you have the advantage over
the TIE. Bombers really won't try to shoot you that often, they'll
concentrate on their mission. Simply get behind them and let loose. TIE/D
fighters are the most evasive of all TIEs, but if you unload one group of
seeker clusters, they're mince meat. TIE fighters differ from TIE
Interceptors because they generally fly in formation and straight, making for
an easy 3 kills. Interceptors don't fly in formation often and they go all
over the place. Practice fighting each of these with each ship to get a feel
for them.

-"Beep…Beep" That is the most dreaded sound in the game. It is the sound of a
missile launcher who has you tagged for destruction. When the beeping occurs
with short gaps between, its gaining on you. Always try to take out missile
launchers on sight, aiming for the spot between its launch tubes. This will
destroy some missiles intended for you. If one gets a good lock and chases
you, speed away. The A-Wing, X-Wing (S-foils closed), and V-Wing's boost
should almost always protect you from the turrets with their speed. The Y-
Wing can take a couple and you're on your own for the Snowspeeder. Just be on
the look out for missile launchers. Laser turrets are no big deal. The basic
ones just take four hits with Advanced Blasters. When flying around one, try
not to fly straight, but juke around a bit. If you can approach it from
below, it can't hit you. Laser turrets are really no sweat to an experienced
player. One last tip: always put missile launchers at a higher priority than
anything else, unless in extreme situations. Then try to knock out laser

-There are three kinds of walkers: AT-ATs, AT-STs, and AT-PTs. Try not to get
in front of their "faces", especially AT-PTs. AT-PT's take about four shots
to destroy, so try to get them off while coming in at its side or back. The
AT-STs take about 14 or 15 shots. So, hit the brakes and aim at the head. AT-
ATs take forever to down with blasters, so use the tow cable (you will only
see AT-ATs while using the Snowspeeder). Approach it from the back or side
and when Luke says to, fire the tow cable. Try to be low to the ground when
wrapping up the AT-AT, and, if you stray to far, hold the brakes and turn in
closer to the legs. It takes three circles to wrap up an AT-AT. Practice this
until you master it.

-Stormtroopers are real accuracy killers. If possible, drop a bomb down on a
group of them to get a lot of kills and your accuracy won't decrease. Never
use a missile on them. Just take careful aim with your blasters and hope for
a hit. To counteract the accuracy dropping, find a stationary enemy target
that won't blow up (such as a landing platform) and let loose on it. This
will greatly increase your accuracy.

-Survival is the key to victory. It's about seven seconds wasted each time
you die, so that can't happen very often. When you hear a missile coming,
speed up and run away or try to make it ram into a wall, like in Kile II. If
a TIE gets behind you, take evasive action and get clear. Juking will clear
you of most enemy blaster shots. Do not approach a walker head on. Instead,
come in from the side, or better yet, the back. Also, it is key to know your
surroundings. You don't want to be dodging AT-ST fire on Moff Seerdon's
Revenge and smash into a Bacta Container while turning. So know where things
are and key locations and enemy stations.

                            (3)  The Strategies

I.	Ambush at Mos Eisley

  Gold Requirements:
Time        3:00
Enemies     31
Accuracy    15%
Saves       50
Bonus       No

Recommended Ship: V-Wing

-This is the first mission in the game, and probably the easiest gold to
get. You'll want to hop into the cockpit of your V-Wing airspeeder for
this mission for two reasons— the seeker clusters and the boosters. Rapid-
fire is unneeded. At the beginning, launch a cluster at the group of probe
droids (3) directly in front of you. After that, go to the next group to
the right and do the same. To the group after that one, again, use your
clusters. After the first three groups are finished, fly to the left until
you reach next group on the other side of the level and launch another
cluster. You should be left with 2 clusters at this point. Continue flying
straight after launching that cluster. You will fly over a ridge. Go to
the left skeleton on the ground. A short distance from it in that
direction should be an escape pod, two dewbacks, and two stormtroopers.
Use one of your clusters on the dewbacks (they are capable of being locked
on to) and then just cut down the troopers with your blasters. Turn right
and, using your blasters, destroy the two last probe droids. The cutscene
of TIE bombers attacking the city will come in here. Fly straight toward
the city and, when all the bombers are in your field of view, launch your
final cluster missile.

-Just follow the cone on your radar and fire a cluster at everything but
the two lone probe droids and the stormtroopers. With this strategy, I can
do it in 1:30 or less, so don't rush your shots.

-The quicker you do this, the fewer buildings will be destroyed, so you
need not worry about your friendly saves.

II.	Rendezvous on Barkhesh

    Gold Requirements:
   Time           2:45
   Enemies        30
   Accuracy       40%
   Saves          19
   Bonus          No

Recommended Ship: A-Wing

-The A-Wing is recommended for this Gold because of its speed. Although the
V-Wing has boosters, the A-Wing has a much faster constant speed. At the
beginning, immediately destroy the 4 probe droids in front of you. Head
towards the convoy and go past it and destroy the 4 probe droids ahead.
Instead of returning, continue going straight until you reach an area with a
large, white turret, 2 AT-STs, and 6 stormtroopers. Destroy the walkers and
the turret. This will keep the two transports which go that way safe. Leave
the troopers for later. On the way back to the convoy (it should have started
moving by now), turn into the canyon and destroy the first AT-ST you see.
Then head back towards the convoy's starting position. The reason for going
there is that there is a TIE Bomber which will destroy the staring position,
costing you the saves you need to attain the gold medal. Destroy it, and then
head back to the convoy. When the bombers come, make quick work of them, and
then fly through the canyon destroying all walkers you see.
When you come to the area with three AT-STs, take them out, and then the two
turrets on top of the ridge where the convoy passes through. Quickly head
over to the rendezvous point and destroy the two turrets there, so the two
lone transports will be safe. Head back as soon as you do this and wait for
the bombers to come. Take them out, and then head back to the area where the
stormtroopers are. Kill them all and place a few potshots into the bunker to
up your accuracy. Head back to the end where the convoy is piling in and
destroy the last bomber.

-The level will always finish in 5:19, so the time isn't a factor. Memorize
the locations of all enemies and when you should destroy them.

-Make sure you save all 8 transports you are protecting and that you destroy
the first bomber at the beginning (the one which will freely wail on the
starting point). There is a bunker and 6 rebel troops there which must make
it in order for you to get the gold.

-There are 33 enemies in this level: 8 probe droids, 8 AT-STs, 6 TIE Bombers,
6 Stormtroopers, and 5 turrets. Take note of that. If you take out every
enemy, you need only take out 3 troopers at the end. But it's safer to nail
all of them and use the bunker as an accuracy increaser.

III.	The Search for the Nonnah

     Gold Requirements:
Time              10:00
Enemies           38
Accuracy          20%
Saves             1
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: A-Wing

-The reason for using the A-Wing in this mission is, again, speed. Also, the
blasters of the V-Wing are either way too slow or way too fast. At the
beginning, take out the 6 TIE Interceptors coming in. Once you emerge from
the canyon, take the left route to find a whole bunch of probe droids
scattered about. They make easy kills. Then, if the Nonnah is not there,
return to the center of the level and take out some more TIEs.
Once you find the Nonnah, immediately take out the tanks and AT-ST which come
out of the Imperial Landing Shuttle. This will trigger the TIE Bombers'
entrance. They will come in four waves of 2, so be mindful of when and where
they come from. Also, 3 AT-PTs are unloaded from the Imperial Landing
Shuttle. Destroy them as soon as possible. You will have some breathing room
between the bombers' waves. Get set and as soon as you see them coming, use
one of your homing missile on one, and then blast the other out of the sky.
Do this to all four waves.
When the 8 bombers are destroyed, the shuttle will lift off. After a few
seconds, an endless line of TIE Interceptors will come in to harass the
shuttle. Try to approach them from underneath at about a 45° angle heading in
the same direction as the fighter. Unless you're close, use missiles. If you
have a good shot, use your blasters, but remember, this is the last section
of the level and that it is good to unload your stock of missiles on TIEs
near the end of a level. About 2 minutes after the shuttle takes off, it will
fly over the canyon wall where you began this level.

-You have 10 minutes to complete this level, therefore, time is not a factor.
The enemies, however, are. It should take about 4 minutes at most to protect
the shuttle, and about 2 for it to escape. Use those first 4 minutes to rack
up your kill count, and remember to get some easy kills at the end. During
the protection stage, only concentrate on the walkers, tanks, and bombers.

-Once the Imperial Landing Shuttle touches the ground, it goes nowhere. This
can be used to your advantage. Since the A-Wing's blasters can be wild at
times, use it as an accuracy increaser whenever you can spare time from
protecting the shuttle.

-You need 1 friendly save to get the Gold, and that is the Shuttle. Don't
worry about your wingmates' calls for help. Just go about your own business.

IV.	Defection at Corellia

    Gold Requirements:
Time              10:00
Enemies           50
Accuracy          20%
Saves             95
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: Snowspeeder (only choice)

-As soon as the level starts and you gain control of your speeder, make a
hard left and follow your radar to the probe droids. Take them out as quickly
as you can and then Riekaan will call you for help. While heading over to
help him, pass by the middle city and destroy the 3 bombers you encounter.
After that, head over to the capital building and destroy the 8 or 10 bombers
attacking it. After this, when you get the cutscene about Crix Madine needing
help, rush over to him as fast as possible and destroy the 4 TIE Bombers
there. Now you will get a cutscene showing that the Millennium Falcon has
entered the area. You need to get back to the capital building, but on the
way, pick up the bonus in the city nearest the tech center. The city is on
the other side of the ridge. Swoop in and pick it up, then continue on your
way to the capital tower. You will see an AT-AT marching and firing at the
building. Come in from behind and wrap it up. Try not to lose the tow cable,
otherwise it will cost you precious seconds. Once you take out the walker,
Crix will yet again call for help. Take out the two bombers in the area and
then head towards Madine. You'll want to get there by moving along the coast.
This will allow you to try and take out some stormtroopers firing at the tech
center. If you don't get all of them on your first pass, don't worry. Take
out one of the AT-STs, fly a little beyond its ruins, turn around, and take
out the other one from behind. On this pass, you will want to take out the
remaining troopers. Head toward the AT-AT, flying low to the ground trying to
dodge its fire, and make quick work of it. This will trigger a shuttle's
arrival and 6 TIE fighters harassing it. Take out the first three, which will
come out over the ridge by the tech center, and then the 3 tailing the
shuttle. If you did that quickly, you will have a good deal of time to fly to
the city where you found the bonus and take out some troopers. You can also
destroy some of the gunboats (a couple will be docked on the shore, making
easy targets). About a minute and a half after the shuttle's arrival, it will
lift off and fly off into space and Crix will say, "Thanks Rogue Group. I'm
clear." Then the level will be over.

-The accuracy requirement in this level is pretty low, but don't take it for
granite. The TIEs and stormtroopers can easily lower your accuracy. To
counteract this, place a few potshots into the body of the two AT-ATs. They
serve as good accuracy increasers.

-When getting the bonus, it is very easy to lose a life, which will waste
precious seconds. Approach the bonus with your brakes on and, once you've got
it, fly straight up to avoid hitting the buildings head-on.

-You really just need to worry about getting those extra couple of kills. At
the end of the level, try to destroy some gunboats and stormtroopers. Also,
remember that the turrets will take out some enemies, too.

V.	Liberation of Gerrard V

     Gold Requirements
Time              5:15
Enemies           33
Accuracy          30%
Saves             6
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: A-Wing

-The A-Wing is the ship to use for this gold because of its speed. At the
beginning, speed over the small hill and destroy the two turrets on the
ground on one pass. If you get only one, that's alright, you're just trying
to get some kills on your way to the missile turrets. When you have the first
one in your sights, destroy it, and then head right and do the same to the
other two. Turn back towards the city and take out the turrets atop the
buildings. After you do that, take out the ones on the ground and then get
the AT-PTs walking around. Note that there is one in the area to the left of
the place where you began this level. When you destroy all enemy targets in
this area, Wedge will inform you of the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron.
After the cutscene, wait a few seconds, and then head through the canyon to
the right of the first missile turret you destroyed and take out the two AT-
PTs there. When you come out on the other side, take out the missile turret
immediately in front of you. Turn right and take out the turrets in this
order (it is the most efficient way): (1) the turret on the low building, (2)
the missile turret on the building behind it, (3) the turret on the ground,
(4) and (5) the two missile turrets near the large tower turret. Also take
out the two AT-PTs there. When you approach the Tower, hit your brakes and
let loose. You're a-Wing's frame is so slender, the turret's blasters can't
hit you! You can just sit there firing away without getting a scratch. Once
you destroy the tower, head on over to the coast and take out the AT-PT and
use your stock of missiles on any TIE Interceptors you can lock on to. Don't
follow them, just stay near the shore and endless waves will set in, just
asking for it.

-In the first part of the level, try to destroy all the enemies as quickly as
you can because it will trigger the cutscene ending that stage. This will
help with the time requirement.

-The reason not to use the V-Wing in this level is because the missiles will
go after any enemy targets, including the yachts. The A-Wing is a better
choice than the X-Wing because it carries 8 missiles.

-All the Y-Wings must make it for you to get the gold. Be sure to take out
all missile turrets and roof mounted laser turrets first. Then the others.

VI.	The Jade Moon

    Gold Requirements:
Time              6:00
Enemies           45
Accuracy          40%
Saves             7
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: X-Wing

-This gold calls for an X-Wing because you want to have good shields, good
firepower, and have your blasters pack a nice punch. You'll want to
immediately head towards the commandos' destination, eliminating all AT-PTs
along the way. Take out the four turbolasers there and then close your S-
foils and zip over to the bonus location. Don't fly through the trench.
Instead, fly over the hills and destroy all the missile launchers guarding
the area. Link your blasters and take out the missile turrets at the bonus
location, and then destroy the large building and grab the bonus. Fly through
the trench, destroying the two turbolasers, and then the one right next to
the generator. Before taking out the shield generator, nail the AT-PT and
destroy the structures on the small hill for easy kills. Then destroy the
When you destroy it, immediately fly over to protect the commandos. Destroy
the AT-PTs using quad-linked lasers. Then, wait for the first two bombers to
come in and tag them with one torpedo each. A few seconds later, a third will
come in, and do the same to it. The remaining TIE Interceptors will do no
harm to the commandos, so they can wait. Lock onto each of them with your
torps, and let 'em have it. Mission completed.

-The buildings in this area are easy kills. Make sure to destroy all of them
conveniently. That is, don't make separate passes to destroy them later. Try
to take them out whenever they're in your sights. Knowing how many hits they
take is helpful.

-Keep your blasters linked for quad-fire. You will not use blasters on the
TIE fighters, only buildings and turrets. This will eliminate all turrets and
most buildings with one well-placed shot.

-Conserve your torpedoes. You only get six and you don't want to waste them.
If you get pasted at the bonus location, then you'll have a few extras, but I
strongly recommend trying your best to keep alive. Use a missile on each of
the TIEs and one on the Shield Generator or the building containing the
bonus. It's your decision.

VII.	Imperial Construction Yards

     Gold Requirements:
Time              6:30
Enemies           80
Accuracy          45%
Saves             0
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: Snowspeeder (only choice)

-Don't be discouraged by the amount of enemies you need to destroy in this
level. This is a rather easy gold to get. At the beginning, stick with your
wingmen to destroy the sensors. When they're gone, you'll emerge from the
canyon and go face to face with an AT-AT. Try to draw its fire away from your
wingmen so they can help you get a few extra kills. Head to the landing
platform right behind the AT-AT and take out the turbolaser on the ridge next
to it. On the ground around it, you'll see a lot of little containers and
bunkers which are easy pickings; destroy them. Also, take out all the TIE
fighters on top of the landing platform. Go past the turbolaser's remains to
find another landing platform. First destroy the missile turret and then
knock out the shuttle. Destroy the turbolaser, too. Then take aim at all the
structures around the landing platform. One contains the bonus, so be sure to
pick it up.
After you're done with the two landing platforms, fly on over to the AT-ST
factory. On the way in, you can take out the AT-ST and the turbolaser firing
at you. Once you get past them, immediately destroy the missile turret and
the other gun emplacement. Then you can go about your business destroying
whatever you want at this factory, but remember to get the big building in
the back. Afterwards, go to the AT-AT factory and try and take out the two
turbolasers you see first, right in front of the AT-AT. You'll probably get
torn to pieces by the two missile turrets, but don't sweat it. When you get
your next life, get revenge on them and then take out the turrets in the AT-
AT factory. Destroy anything you want here, but make sure you leave one of
the big buildings around until you think you've racked up enough kills, then
destroy it.

-Although you don't need to, try and draw the first AT-AT's fire away from
your wingmen. They'll get you a few more kills.

-They may seem like easy pickings, but leave the AT-ATs alone. Wrapping a tow
cable will eat up a lot of time, and though the time limit is very forgiving,
it's not that forgiving. Just ignore them. Once behind them, they can't hit

-Don't think you have all the time in the world to rack up kills. You've got
enough time, but try and take everything out as fast as possible, and focus
mainly on stationary targets.

-The AT-ATs and landing platforms make very good accuracy increasers. Even
though most of the enemies in this level are big and stationary, a few
potshots couldn't hurt.

VIII.	Assault on Kile II

    Gold Requirements:
Time              6:00
Enemies           65
Accuracy          60%
Saves             0
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: Y-Wing (only choice)

-This level, like the Imperial Construction Yards requires a fairly high hit
count, but the targets are large and stationary. This a pretty simple gold to
get. From the start, fly with your wingmen up until the TIEs come in. Don't
worry about them, but take the passage to your right. Continue along this way
and take out as many of the turbolasers you can below you in one pass.
Continue forward, destroying the two turbolasers embedded in the canyon,
until you emerge into a large area, the spaceport. Immediately veer right and
take out the missile launcher. Then destroy the turbolaser behind it. Make a
full circle around the spaceport, eliminating all of the turrets (8). Quickly
take out the buildings in the spaceport, but try not to use any more than 4
bombs; you'll want them for later. Use bombs on the 3 square landing pads and
blast the rest. Ignore the TIEs and stormtroopers, but shake off any TIEs
that get on your tail. When you're finished here, head out the way you came
Continue to the point where the three turbolasers were before you wailed on
them, and then turn 90є to the right and between the two walls. Take out the
missile launcher there and then take the right at the fork. Following this
will bring you to the last part of the mission. When you emerge, turn left
and destroy the missile launcher and then continue forward towards the sensor
array and take out the three turrets there, then take out the big building.
Drop one bomb and then drop another about a second later. Doing this will
kill the stormtroopers who emerge from the ruins (about 7). Destroy the 7
antennae next. Head over to the bunkers and take out the front two which are
parallel to each other. Here is where the Wedge cutscene comes in. When it's
over get the back one. Do the same to this one that you did to the big
building at the sensor array. Drop a bomb in the center of the building and
then another to get all the stormtroopers (at least 12). Finally, destroy the
last bunker to complete the mission.

-At the sensor array, you can get double the kills when you attack the
antennae. Simply drop a bomb on the spot where the antenna and the long,
slender structure meet. Both will explode, allowing you to kill two birds
with one stone.

-Be sure to take out the stormtroopers who emerge from the big building at
the sensor array and the back bunker. This gets you at least 20 kills and is
very helpful for your enemies, time, and accuracy.

-Decide which buildings to bomb and which to blast at the Spaceport. The
landing pads are better off being destroyed by bombs, but the little square
buildings and the round ones are very weak and should be taken out with a few
blaster bolts. Use your own discretion on the other buildings. If you want
extra bombs, feel free to kill yourself, preferably by running into a
structure. You have lots of time.

IX.	Rescue on Kessel

    Gold Requirements:
Time              4:30
Enemies           26
Accuracy          40%
Saves             5
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: X-Wing (only choice)

-This will be the start of the more difficult gold medals. However, if you
know what you're doing, it will become easy. To start of, go over the first
ridge a little to the left of the way your wingmen are going. Take out the
AT-ST, missile turret, and bunker quickly. Then destroy the three transports
and the turbolaser fixed on the ridge. Fly through this valley, the way the
convoy was headed and destroy the missile turret and the turbolaser behind
it. Take a few potshots into the train station, and then turn right. You will
find two turbolasers; destroy them. Continue forward and take out the missile
turrets there. After destroying them, to the right you will find an AT-ST
which you should take out. Continue forward until you come across three
turbolasers, and of course, take them out. Beyond this area are four more AT-
STs which you must deal with. Finally, take out the bunker and the three
little antennae to its left. Close your S-foils and rush over to the train.
Disable it as quickly as you can to complete the mission.

-The train does not count as an enemy, but the walkthrough above points out
25 enemies. I have not found a 26th, but anytime I destroy everything in the
level, I come away with 25. Maybe your wingmen destroy something else, I
don't know to be honest. If you want to be safe, shoot down one of the TIEs
flying around the area.

-Time is not an issue here. You either beat the level or fail it. It only
takes the train about 3:30 to get to its destination, so you don't really
need to worry.

-If you decide to shoot down a TIE, you can use the train station as a good
accuracy increaser, but since the required accuracy is so low, it's not

-Learn the locations of all the enemies, so you know what you have to
destroy. Remember that there are 4 AT-STs near the bunker at the train's
starting point. Remember that there is an AT-ST to the right of the missile
launcher to your right. Remembering locations such as these will increase
your chances of survival and help you destroy all the enemies.

X.	Prisons of Kessel

    Gold Requirements:
Time              10:30
Enemies           103
Accuracy          40%
Saves             35
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: V-Wing

-The number one thing you need for this mission is not to be intimidated.
That 103 enemies in 10:30 stuff is not hard at all. In fact, I'd say this is
an easier gold than Rescue on Kessel one. The V-Wing is helpful because of
its Seeker Clusters and rapid fire mode. From the start, go forward until you
see 3 probe droids and take them out. Then get back to the shuttle and take
out every turret at the first prison. When Madine tells you to knock out the
shield generator, fly over to the generator, taking out as many turrets as is
convenient on the way. No one will attack Madine until the shield is down, so
you can take some time to get as many turrets as possible. Destroy the
missile turret and AT-ST around the generator first, and then whatever else
you want to in this area, and then destroy the shield generator itself. Now
hit your boosters and race back to the shuttle, again eliminating anything
convenient in your path. When you get to the shuttle, get the attacking TIE
squadron on your screen and launch a cluster. Take out any others with your
blasters. When the TIEs are gone, look at the bunkers and you will see 4
stormtroopers come out of each, which are the key to getting this gold. Kill
them, then destroy the bunkers and follow Madine to the second prison.
Again, take out all the turrets and structures remaining, except for the
bunkers, from which stormtroopers will emerge, and when they do, take them
out and destroy the bunkers. Try and get the AT-STs before the shuttle comes
in their sights and use one cluster on the TIE squadron. Remember to get the
bonus in a ridge on one of the sides of the canyon. Proceed to the third
prison and do the same, except in this one, there is no bonus. Finally you
reach the fourth camp, at which, guess what, you do the same thing. When the
Imperial forces are eliminated in the prison, go into the area right next to
it where the shield generator was and take out all enemy targets you can
there. There are two bunkers here also, which emit stormtroopers, allowing
you to rack up 10 more kills. Continue to get enemy kills until Madine gets
clear of the prisons and the mission ends.

-This is a difficult walkthrough to write for an easy gold. Every time I beat
the level, I do it differently, and most of the time I meet the gold
requirements. Basically, take out any Imperials you see and be time efficient
when doing so. Beat it however you can, but be sure to get lots of kills.

-The only way to go over the time limit is by taking too much time destroying
the shield generator. Sure it seems like an easy chance to rack up kills
since Madine isn't being attacked, but keep in mind that you need to do it
quickly, because you don't have all the time in the world. I'd say you can
spend about 45-55 seconds taking out whatever you want and the generator.

-The key to this gold is the 103 kills. Though you don't need to get all of
them, the stormtroopers are what makes this feat possible. There are nine
bunkers around the level (two at each prison and one near the shield
generator), and each emits five stormtroopers. So each bunker gives you 5
kills. 5x9=45 kills, making up almost half of the required kill count. Get
all of them, and you need only destroy the attacking Imperial targets and the
structures around each prison.

-The stormtroopers can kill your accuracy if your not careful, so use the
shield generator, landing platforms, AT-STs, and the prisons as good accuracy
increasers. An easy way of nailing the stormtroopers is looking at your radar
and identifying the two bunkers. When you see the two red dots expand into
more, they're just coming out. Fire a few shots right at the spot where their
coming out and you'll get all of them.

XI.	Battle Above Taloraan

    Gold Requirements:
Time              7:00
Enemies           90
Accuracy          70%
Saves             1
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: A-Wing

-I will not lie to you, this is going to be one of the tougher golds to
achieve in Rogue Squadron. Don't even think about using the X-Wing. It's
extra shields are useless if you can't go fast enough to get through the
mission. You'll want that speed and those extra two missiles in this level.
At the very beginning, take out all of the Imperial barrels on the lower
portion of the platform. Shoot a few extra shots into the far left and right
ones to get the ones behind them and then go off to the right of the platform
from where you came in. Circle around and destroy the Imperial containers on
the top portion and speed on to the second platform. Lock on to a TIE fighter
and release a missile. Continue in a straight path to the 4 containers on the
bottom and take them all out. Then try and get the ones on top. It would be
good to do this on one pass, but two passes is okay. Try and pick up a few
kills on the TIEs with your blasters. Head on over to the third and fourth
platforms and blast the four turrets into oblivion. Then, quickly proceed to
the fifth. Here, you will not want to stop firing until the platform is
behind you. Go after the front containers first, and then any turrets you can
pick off behind them. On your second pass, take out the back containers and
any turrets behind them. Once all the turrets and gas tanks are demolished,
leave platform 5 behind.
At platforms 6 and 7, try and take out the turrets as fast as possible. Make
a sweep around the lower platform and then a sweep around the upper one,
destroying all six turrets. Then go after the barrels. Destroy these as soon
as possible. Now you will be directed toward the last platform. Fortunately
for you, a squadron of TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors will come in. These
idiots will pass right by you and not look back. Take out as many as you can
on the head-to-head run, and then turn around and get them from behind. Once
you are back at platforms 6 and 7, turn back in the direction your radar
tells you to go and fly over the top of the city. In the center, you will see
the bonus floating between a bunch of tightly packed looming buildings. You
really have no choice but to kamikaze yourself to get this thing. Come to the
center of the city, get as clear a path to the bonus as you can find, and fly
right into the bonus, then wait around for the fireworks.
On your, hopefully second, life, simply fly under the city to platform 8 and
destroy the "missile" launchers there. I put missiles in quotations because
they really don't fire missiles. Notice there is no beeping, and they never
curve towards your ship in mid-flight? These are just high-powered, anti-air
turrets, no more than wimpy turbolasers, unless you get nailed by one. Once
they're no more, nonchalantly take out the remaining Imperial barrels and get
back to the hangar.

-Ouch, a triple threat. You need to get 90 enemies in seven minutes with an
accuracy rating of 70%! And the turrets and gas tanks only make up 69
enemies, so you'll have to scrounge up 21 more kills! Never fear, a pack of 8
seeker concussion missiles is here. Use these on any TIEs you wish, or in a
time of desperation against a turret. Try not to have any left when you
sacrifice your ship for the bonus.

-You can also resort to blasters for some of the TIEs. You can actually use
the platforms as accuracy increasers, so feel free to take some potshots on
the platforms. A good timesaver is when your blasters go through those darn
tanks, something which will make you pull your hair out of your scalp for
sure, especially when it happens on a turret. Just learn to deal with this,
and use those accuracy increasers.

-You seriously need to know your environment to get this gold. You need to
reduce the time you spend looking at the gas tanks, inspecting them for
markings, and then firing, taking out two at a time. You cannot methodically
take them out so as to protect the civilian tanks. Learn where all of them
are and the most time-efficient way of dealing with them. You have to take
out a lot of civilian containers to fail, and they don't even factor in to
the gold requirements.

-Let's not forget about that save category. You still need to save one, and
that one is not a wingman, its not the civilian gas tanks, but it's the Rebel
blockade runner which accompanies you on this mission. Those turrets on
platforms 3-7 are very bad for the corvette's hull, so deal with them

XII.	Escape From Fest

    Gold Requirements
Time              6:30
Enemies           65
Accuracy          25%
Saves             7
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: Snowspeeder (only choice)

-Like in Prisons of Kessel, you just need to be sure you don't get
discouraged. Learn what you have to do and it becomes a piece of cake. At the
beginning, try and pick off a few stormtroopers running around the hill. Turn
right and put a few shots into the shield generator, but don't blow it up.
Also, take out the two turbolasers here. Head towards the gate and take out
any turbolasers you see on the ridge. Go directly towards the AT-AT shooting
at the AT-PTs and on the way to it, destroy the two bunkers and as many of
the stormtroopers as you can. Take down the AT-AT, and then go back to where
the shield generator is. Down the AT-AT there and take out some of the
stormtroopers then go and get the last of the AT-ATs, and the turbolaser next
to it. When it is down, the AT-PTs will have already started moving. For the
next minute or so, concentrate on eliminating the tank droids from the
valley. The fewer there are, the better chance you have of saving all the AT-
PTs. You'll want to get all of them. When you are informed of the incoming
bombers, place them as your top priority and head over the ridge to intercept
them. There will be four flights of two, the second four coming about 15
seconds after the first four. If the first two get by, it's not a problem.
They won't destroy the AT-PTs on their first pass and your wingmen will most
likely vape them when they turn around for the next pass. If they get by,
just concentrate on the following six. When they're all destroyed, check to
see if the tanks are all gone, and check the AT-PTs to see if all of them
survived. If not, then you will not get the gold.
Once you're certain that there are no more tanks, head over the snow dune and
get to the generator. Place a few shots into the already weakened shield
generator to destroy it, and then get the bunker in the back. Then go over to
the research facility and take out the missile launchers and bunkers there,
and as many stormtroopers as you can on one pass, and fly up to the top of
the ridge behind the facility. Take out the two turbolasers and the small
bunker, then grab the bonus. Turn around and take out the research facility
as quickly as possible.

-The hard thing about this gold is that all three AT-PTs must make it to the
pickup point. The tanks pose the biggest threat. You should be more concerned
with the tanks left behind the AT-PTs than the ones in front. There probably
won't be any behind the AT-PTs though, maybe one or two at most, but since
the AT-PTs have no backward firing capabilities, they're sitting ducks. Your
next priority should be the ones in front of the AT-PTs. You might want to
take these out as they are beginning to settle in to their positions, but
once they do, they're easy targets. Finally, be wary of the TIE Bombers. They
will be devastating if given the chance to be. Take them out as soon as

-You don't really want to destroy the shield generator right away. Doing so
will unveil the missile launchers, which will hinder you when you try and
intercept the TIE Bombers. So, take a few shots when given the chance to, but
don't destroy it until you're going after the research facility.

-There are enemies all over the place in this level. The problem is the big
ones take a while to down while the easy ones to kill are small, rapidly
moving targets. You should get as many stormtroopers as possible. If you need
to fix whatever they do to your accuracy, take some potshots into the AT-ATs,
preferably the third one you destroy so you're not distracted by the

-Again, you'll need to be time-efficient. Don't take side trips to get a few
extra stormtrooper kills. There are plenty around the first AT-AT, the shield
generator, and the research facility. Take these out when you are making a
pass by one of these areas.

XIII.	Blockade on Chandrila

     Gold Requirements:
Time              5:45
Enemies           35
Accuracy          20%
Saves             4
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: X-Wing

-For being such a late level, the Blockade on Chandrila gold is really pretty
simple. Just do the train part as well as you can. Know where, when, and how
many TIE's come in at each area. Do your best to protect the train, but don't
go wild with your blasters and do not use your torpedoes. Just rack up some
kills and protect that train as good as you can. It's once you reach the city
that this gets interesting.
When the city comes in sight, close your S-foils and make a U-turn the first
two buildings on your left. This will give you a good position from which to
strike the bombers which come in. Take them out on the head-to-head
confrontation, and then shut your S-foils again and head in the direction
your radar tells you. Eliminate these three bombers as fast as you can. When
the cutscene is over, get aligned with the three AT-STs attacking the
shuttles. This is where you want to use those torpedoes. Destroy all six with
your torpedoes and then again, shut your S-foils. This time you're flying all
the way across the city, past the four towers that the bombers were
attacking, where you'll see a lone AT-ST blasting away at four small pillars.
Take it out, swoop down, and grab the bonus. Now close your S-foils. You will
want to be near the four towers when the cutscene starts. This will leave you
in good position to intercept the three incoming bombers. Take them out, and
the mission is over.

-The saves are the big factor in getting this gold. The four saves are the
four large towers that are attacked on two separate occasions, but hopefully,
you can prevent the second attack on them by intercepting the second wave of
TIE Bombers. Protecting these towers is your top priority, and you may even
want to use your torpedoes on the bombers. I don't recommend this tactic,
though, because it will take more time to destroy the AT-STs. So, concentrate
on saving all four towers.

-Even though it's not necessary to get a save, protect the train as best you
can. If not to protect it, at least to rack up some kills on the tons of TIEs
which attack it. This is where most of your kills will probably come from.

-The bad news: There are no accuracy increasers on Blockade on Chandrila.
 The good news: The accuracy requirement is only 20%. Therefore, all you need
to do is take careful shots on the TIEs and also, sink your blasters into the
AT-STs if you want a little boost in accuracy. If you're careful, you don't
need to worry about accuracy.

XIV.	Raid on Sullust

    Gold Requirements:
Time              4:00
Enemies           40
Accuracy          75%
Saves             0
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: Y-Wing (only choice)

-I would venture to say that this is the hardest gold to get of all the
"normal" levels. I'm sure most people have heard that the best way to beat
Sullust is to eliminate the missile launchers and then go after the
transmitters from high up, out of the turbolaser' range. Unfortunately, that
will not work if you want the gold. You will only have time to make one
circle around the volcano, destroying all the transmitters. At every spot
with a transmitter, there will be turrets. At some, there are three, and at
others, only one, but most have two. As you pass by the transmitters, you
will need to take out any and all of the turbolasers and missile turrets.
Here's a little strategy to get this gold.
When you get control of your ship, immediately turn left and eliminate the
turrets and transmitter there. Turn towards the center of the volcano and
destroy the missile launcher and transmitter there. Go back to the wall, and
take out all the Imperial targets there. Continue along the wall until you
see another transmitter. Again, take out all of the turrets and the
transmitter. You will probably hear beeping here. Turn to face the missile
turret locking on to you and eliminate it. Shoot some at the landing pad,
then fly over it where you will find another missile turret and a
transmitter. Take these out and turn left, to find a transmitter surrounded
by turbolasers. Finish these off and then head back towards the landing pad.
Drop one bomb on all of the little structures behind the pad, and then turn
to face the transmitter and turbolasers. Eliminate these and the large
building behind them. Now, bomb the large building to the right of this set
of enemies to reveal the bonus. Swoop down and grab it. Now head towards the
next transmitter, which is near the center of the volcano. Drop a bomb so
that it takes out as many of the enemies as possible. Take out the missile
launcher ahead and its transmitter, and then turn left, and decimate the
turbolasers and transmitter by the wall. Continue along the wall until you
come upon the last transmitter and turbolasers, which you must destroy.
Now you and your wingmen will all rendezvous back at the capacitor. Get as
close to the volcano wall as you can, and then turn around and head towards
it. Try and take out the blocks as fast as you can, and hopefully some TIEs
will pass by your line of fire. When you need to make another pass, try and
go towards the landing pad to turn around, and place a few shots into it.
Turn around and shoot at the blocks. Continue until they're all gone.

-You will need to eliminate all of the turrets and transmitters in this
level, and a few AT-STs couldn't hurt. However, you can only make one sweep
around the volcano, so you must get all of the transmitters and any turrets
you are going to take out. This may take practice.

-The landing pad is your only friend in this level. Your wingmen will
basically not do anything to the enemy except destroy some of the blocks at
the capacitor. But the landing pad is your accuracy increaser, and you'll
need one on this level. It also supplies you with about 8 easy targets that
you can bomb into oblivion.

-Practice this level until you know it like the back of your hand. Learn
where everything is, and how you should go about taking them out.

XV.	Moff Seerdon's Revenge

    Gold Requirements:
Time              6:00
Enemies           45
Accuracy          30%
Saves             55
Bonus             Yes

Recommended Ship: V-Wing

-This will probably be the other level that will give you problems when
trying to get the first 16 gold medals. You'll want the V-Wing mainly for its
seeker cluster missiles, and maybe a little for its boosters. The key to this
gold is to eliminate the missile turrets and AT-STs as quickly as possible,
as they are the biggest threats. Here's probably the best method for doing
When you gain control of your ship, immediately switch to rapid-fire mode and
take out the missile turret ahead of you. Continue straight down the valley
to the left of the missile turret, where eventually you'll see three TIE
Interceptors flying by. Launch a cluster at them and then try and take out
the missile turret on the ground. Turn right and knock out the missile turret
on the other side of the little village. Also, try and destroy the AT-ST in
this area. Turn right and go up and over the hill, where you'll encounter
another missile turret. Destroy it and the AT-ST and then look up, where
you'll see two TIE Bombers. Launch a cluster at them and then get the one
behind them and then turn to the right and tag the Bomber there with a
cluster. Go back down to the valley and knock out the turbolaser and the last
missile launcher. From where the missile turret's ruins are, fly over the
hill behind it, passing by a bunker and two turbolasers, which you might want
to try and take out as you pass over them, and then fly up to the top of the
wall behind them, where there are two turbolasers and two AT-STs. Get the
turbolasers when you're coming in and then head for the AT-ST shooting at the
people and take it out. Then destroy the other one. Go back to the bottom of
this wall, and grab the bonus. Fly to the first village you went through and
destroy any bunkers you left. Go up and over the hill to the second village
and take out any bunkers you left there. Now, just destroy any remaining
bunkers or turbolasers on the ground and get the last few TIE Interceptors.
The part with Moff Seerdon is a lot easier than the first part of this
mission. Immediately launch a cluster at his shuttle and then veer out of his
way, using boosters if you need to. Fly far away from him, and then come back
for another shot. Try not to shoot if you find your clusters circling his
ship. If this happens, use your rapid-fire blasters until some of the
missiles strike his shuttle. Continue in this way until he's destroyed.

-The AT-STs are the biggest threat to your gold attempt, and the missile
turrets are the biggest threat to your survival. Follow the guide above and
take them out as you see them. You'll want to divert all turbolaser and AT-ST
fire away from the bacta tanks, so approach them aggressively.

-Try not to die with any cluster missiles. You will most likely lose at least
one life in the first part of the mission, usually by a missile launcher. So,
you don't have to conserver your missiles on your first life, but try and
make them count. If you find yourself out of missiles when you're fighting
Seerdon, and you have a life to spare, slam your V-Wing into the side of a
canyon, or better yet, go on a head-to-head with Seerdon and try and do as
much damage to him before he kills you, and if you survive, then kill

-I only mentioned one point where you should take out TIE Interceptors. This
is because they will be all over the place and it's impossible to factor them
into the strategy, because one slight second off and their position will be
different. You will basically want to conserve your clusters for the TIEs,
and nail them whenever you see them. Most likely, the cutscene will start
after you have taken down a TIE.

-You will want to take out any enemies that come into your field of view, but
be sure that you put AT-STs and missile turrets as your top priority. Until
all of these are gone, don't pursue TIE Interceptors.

XVI.	The Battle of Calamari

    Gold Requirements:
Time              5:30
Enemies           24
Accuracy          25%
Saves             87
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: V-Wing

-The final gold of the first 16 missions is not terribly difficult. What you
need to do is go about it as normal, but do it quicker. Start by heading over
to the first World Devastator. This is the hardest of all of the three
because of those missiles. Fly up to the shield generator on top, hit it with
a pulse or two from your rapid-fire blasters and then, when you're only a few
meters away, launch a cluster missile at it and boost out of there. It should
explode. Turn around when the boosters wear off, and fire one pulse blast
into the two side legs facing you. The Devastator will be destroyed. Simply
fly over to the city and fire one cluster to take out the three TIE/d
fighters there. Now you will be going to the second World Devastator, the
easiest one of the three. Immediately destroy the shield generator and then
knock out two of its legs, as usual. Now, go and destroy the TIE/d fighters
attacking the city. You will probably use two cluster missiles on them. You
will then fly over to the last World Devastator and take it down as quickly
as possible. Once that's done, go over to the last city. Wait until there are
at least three or four TIE/d fighters attacking it, then come in and launch a
cluster. If you didn't get all of them, fire another at any that were missed,
otherwise, just wait until more come in. If you find that you are out of
missiles when there are still TIE/d fighters to destroy, scrap your ship. You
will regenerate fully stocked, ready to take out the final TIE/d fighters. Do
it quickly and you will complete the mission.

-Beating this level in 5:30 is a breeze, but beating it in 5:30 and getting
87 saves is virtually impossible. Mon Calamari is constantly under attack,
and you need to destroy its attackers before the damage they do costs you the
gold. So, be quick in taking out the World Devastators, and be sure you
always have some missiles in stock for the fighters. You should try and take
out each fighter with cluster missiles. Shoot for a time closer to 4:30 or

-The only time I recommend using your boosters in this level is once you've
destroyed the shield generator atop the first World Devastator. You will hear
a lot of beeping, and those boosters are the only thing that will allow you
to shake off the missiles. Don't use your boosters to get from place to
place, because your speed will be greatly affected afterwards and cause your
time to inflate. You can also use them so you can come around for another
pass on the TIE/d fighters. Boosters are generally for evasion, not for

XVII.	Beggar's Canyon

    Gold Requirement:    Beat Wedge

Recommended Ship: T-16 Skyhopper (only choice)

-This is a different gold from all the rest. You do not need to worry about
time, kills, accuracy, bonuses, or friendly saves. All you need to do is beat
Wedge. Take your first right and follow the other T-16 Skyhopper (Wedge) into
the canyon. Try and keep up with him until you reach a point (after the 5th
turn) where there are two low hills that you can fly over. Wedge will not fly
over these, but will continue flying the course. Once on the other side,
simply finish the race without getting disqualified. Unless you mess up
really bad, Wedge will never catch up.

-The shortcut is the key to this gold. It's not absolutely necessary that you
go over them, but why wouldn't you? If you do, it's basically a guaranteed
gold. Just be sure not to venture too high.

-Be sure you don't knick Wedge or fly too high. Doing either of these will
result in a disqualification.

-Speed up on the straightaways and be cautious on the turns.

-Be sure that you make a right turn when you see the rock formation after
emerging from the canyon. Many a time I have messed up and taken a wrong turn
here, resulting in either my loss or death. I just want to let you know.

XVIII.	The Death Star Trench Run

    Gold Requirements:
Time              2:45
Enemies           30
Accuracy          70%
Saves             0
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: X-Wing (only choice)

-This gold will depend greatly on doing things exactly right. You do not have
much time to do it, but you still need to get a good hit count. To start off,
before you see the first fighter, place a few shots into one of the blocks
sticking out of the walls or floor of the trench to increase your accuracy.
When you see the first fighter, try and destroy it and the next one. While
you're heading through this first section of the level, you'll want to
destroy all of the turrets and as many of the fighters as possible. When
you're on the next section, you'll want to launch a proton torpedo at every
turret you see, and then, when you're empty, close you're S-foils and ram
into one near the end of this segment. When you come back, you should be on
or near the third section of the trench. Close your S-foils and speed down
this sector until Han comes in when you reach the final turn. Now, open your
S-foils and blast the first turbolaser, launch a torp at the next big turret,
blast the other turbolaser, and then launch another torp at the final big
turret before the exhaust port area. Unload your blasters on all the little
turbolasers, but don't worry about getting all of them. You just want to make
a clear path to the exhaust port. Fly about midway between the floor and the
top of the trench and when you're close enough, lock on to the exhaust port
and let the torpedo fly.

-You will not close your S-foils on the first section of the trench. Fire at
all the turbolasers and try and take out as many of these TIEs as possible.
The more you take out now, the better chance you'll have of getting the gold.

-Do not hit your brakes at all in this mission if you're going for the gold.
Unless it's absolutely necessary to save a life, do not hit the brake button.
I've met the gold requirements on this level only twice in the two and a half
years I've had this game, and both times I've matched the time limit. So,
using your brakes could be costly.

-When you get the chance, place a few shots into the blocks protruding from
the sides or floor of the trench. Anything that sparks in this level when you
hit it serves as an accuracy increaser.

-Know this level like the back of your hand. You must know what lies beyond
each turn, when baddies are coming in, when a TIE will just pop right into
your view just waiting to be destroyed. The more you know about the level,
the more success you'll have.

XIX.	Battle of Hoth

    Gold Requirements:
Time              3:45
Enemies           29
Accuracy          60%
Saves             0
Bonus             No

Recommended Ship: Snowspeeder (only choice)

-Finally, you've reached Hoth, and you're one gold away from having all 19.
This is no walk in the park, however. That is one tight time limit. For the
first part, destroy the probe droids as quickly and as accurately as you can.
Then, when you go to protect your downed wingman from the AT-ST attack, do
this as quickly as possible as well. In the last part, immediately take out
the two AT-STs in the back, and then turn left and focus on the AT-AT on the
right. This is the easy one. On the first pass, watch out for the other AT-
AT's "leg." On the next two passes, the AT-AT you're wrapping up will slow
down and the other one will not be a problem. When that AT-AT's destroyed,
immediately take down the other one, watching out for the wall to the left.
After it's down, destroy the two AT-ST's, turn to the right and knock out the
AT-ST there, and then go after the final AT-AT. On this one, try not to bring
your speeder up on the wall, otherwise it will climb the wall and you'll lose
the tow cable. What you want to do is position your speeder in the narrow
path between the wall and it's "legs" so that you're speeder will not go out
of control. When the AT-AT is down, the mission is complete.

-If you don't get all the AT-AT's on your first try, you probably will not
fall within the time limit. Practice wrapping them up until you can do it
almost flawlessly, then you'll have a great shot at the gold.

-The first two parts of this level are so incredibly simple. Just do them as
quickly and as accurately as possible, and it will set you up for the gold
medal when you come in for the last part.

-Dying on this level is almost assuring you will not get the gold. Be very
careful when approaching walkers head on, and become an expert at wrapping up
the AT-ATs.

                              (4) The Spoils

Congratulations, you have earned every gold medal in Star Wars: Rogue
Squadron. What do you get for this feat? Listed is what you'll get for
getting all 19 gold medals.

Millennium Falcon
-Earn a bronze medal on the Battle of Hoth, and you'll receive the Millennium
Falcon as a reward. This is one heavily armed and armored ship, and it is
blindingly fast. It takes practice to learn how to aim with it, but this is
will worth the time. This can also be unlocked by entering FARMBOY in the
passcodes screen.

TIE Interceptor
-Earn a silver medal on the Battle of Hoth, and you'll unlock Kasan Moore's
TIE Interceptor is as fast as the Millennium Falcon and then some. It's got
the fastest firing blasters of any ship in the game, save the V-Wing's rapid-
fire mode. Its lack of shields and warheads should make playing with this
ship an interesting and challenging experience. This can also be unlocked by
entering TIEDUP at the passcodes screen.

All ships
-Earn the gold medal on the Battle of Hoth, and you'll get the ability to use
almost any ship on almost every level. This is insanely fun to do. Except for
the speeder and bonus levels, you can use different ships than you normally
would be able to on the levels. The thing about this reward is that you can
only get it if you get all 19 gold medals. There is no passcode for this;
only the truly elite Rogues can have this ability.

Bragging rights
-Getting all gold medals is a truly difficult feat to accomplish. Most people
who have Rogue Squadron do not have all golds. This shows that when you get
them all, you will be in the highest class of all Rogue Squadron gamers.

                        (5) Suggestions/Challenges

Once you get the ability to use all the ships, there are some things you can
do which are really cool. Try these out.

Y-Wing on Rescue on Kessel
-The only other ship you can use on Rescue on Kessel is the Y-Wing. You can
use your secondary function (ion cannons) to disable the train instead of the
X-Wing's secondary weapons.

TIE Interceptor on Moff Seerdon's Revenge
-This is for someone who really wants a challenge. The lack of shields will
make this extremely difficult, and the fact that you can't shoot missiles at
Seerdon's shuttle just increases the difficulty.

Snowspeeder on Blockade on Chandrila
-What I consider the other extremely difficult feat in Rogue Squadron, the
Snowspeeder's low flight ceiling makes shooting down the TIE Bombers darn
near impossible. You must angle up to shoot them down, but the distance makes
this very difficult.

A-Wing on Raid on Sullust
-You thought Sullust was hard with a Y-Wing? Well, the much less armed and
armored A-Wing can get you through the level without even losing a life. Try
it, it's a good challenge.

Snowspeeder on Battle of Calamari
-This level has the same problem for the speeder as Blockade on Chandrila.
The shield generators for the World Devastators are too high for the
Snowspeeder to reach, so you must take them out from sea level. The only
difference is that now the enemy will be attacking you, not the buildings.

Millennium Falcon on Battle Above Taloraan
-The Falcon's wild shooting makes it difficult to just hit Imperial targets.
And since it's such a big target, it constantly gets pounded by turret fire.
It takes practice to avoid the unacceptable civilian losses.

X-Wing on Assault on Kile II
-There's nothing better than duking it out with infinite TIEs while sitting
in the cockpit of your X-Wing. This is a great level for the X-Wing, watching
out for the canyon walls while firing upon ground targets and the fighters
protecting them.

                           (6) Contacting Me

I've had a great time writing this guide, because Rogue Squadron is my
favorite game ever made. And I hope that y'all were able to get some help
from reading this. This guide is a compilation of a bunch of little tricks
I've found from my experiences with Rogue Squadron. If you want to contact me
for questions, comments, praise, complaints, if you want to use this guide,
or for any other reason you may have, you can e-mail me at
STECKMAN64@aol.com. I go online everyday, so I'll be able to get back to
anyone quickly.

                                (7) Legal Info

Copyright Greg Stecker 2001. All rights reserved. This document is written to
help along whoever it may concern and is not to be remade in any way unless
by the author or with the author's consent. If one who is not the author
desires to remake or use it, they must have the consent of the author. E-mail
at STECKMAN64@aol.com if you wish to put this document on any other site,
disk, magazine, or other form of public article and the author must get

Be on the lookout for a Battle for Naboo gold medal guide . . .

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