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Читы для Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Чит-файл для Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars:
Shadows of the Empire

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:LucasArts Entertainment
Издатель:LucasArts Entertainment
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / Arcade / Racing (Futuristic) / 3D / 3rd Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.


Информация актуальна для
Version 1.0
                                  May 19, 2000
                               Author: Brother Reed
                           E-mail: Stealthman04@aol.com

1. Introduction
2. Boss Guides
3. Legal Stuff
4. Contact Information

       -------------------------1. Introduction-------------------------
     Hi! Welcome to the Shadows of the Empire Boss Guide. This is Bro. Reed's
first specialized FAQ. It deals quite obviously with how to defeat the various
enemy bosses at the end of SOTE's first person levels. From the AT-ST to the
Giant Dianoga, from Boba Fett to the Gladiator Droid, this guide will give you
the strategies you'll need to tangle with the toughest, meanest, and most
battle hardened characters in the galaxy...and win! You can find most of this
information in my general FAQ/Walkthrough, but for those looking for specific
boss information, this could be your ticket to victory. So take a look and see
what the instruction manual didn't tell you.

    ----------------------------2. Boss Guides----------------------------


     Actually, the AT-ST is not difficult to beat if you know what to
do. On easy, strafe in front of the door so that you are facing him. As
soon as you can move, enter the room and run left. Climb the boxes,
grab the invincibility, and fire at his head from the catwalk.
     On modes other than easy, the invincibility will not be there, so
you will need to possess a bit more skill. Start the same way as you
did on easy. When you can move, run straight toward the beast and get
behind him. He won't shoot you during this initial charge. DO NOT EVER
shoot from the doorway. That leads to long, drawn out battles and
increased risk on your part. Run straight behind him and stay there.
Turn with him, trying to get right behind him, or lined up between his
legs. When he cannot see you, he will pause briefly to look around.
Seize this opportunity and shoot him. No, not in the legs, in the HEAD
where he is vulnerable. Hold the aim button and aim up at his head,
firing as rapidly as possible. Then he will commence moving again and
you will have to keep following behind him. You don't need to wait
until he stops (he rarely does) but just shoot anytime you have a good
angle. Use your blaster, because you will need your seekers for IG-88.
Soon the big wimp will collapse.


     IG-88 has just told you where to find Boba Fett, but what he
didn't tell you is that that information comes at a high price: your
life. He sees you as a possible obstacle in his quest to reach Boba
Fett first, and so he's decided to kill you off. No mercy here, he's a
droid. He doesn't show any compassion. IG-88 is armed with a pulse
cannon and laser blasters, and he can see 360 degrees. You've got your
work cut out for you.
     The player's greatest enemy is panic. Try not to be so scared of
IG-88 that it prevents you from thinking rationally and fighting well.
Keep on the move, and collect the challenge points first.
     The second you can move, jump over the edge of the train, and go
through the left doorway at the end of the track. Climb the ramp, and
turn left again. Jump up on the trash at the corner, and then carefully
but quickly ascend the thin, makeshift ramp that leads to the challenge
     From the apex of the hill, turn to your right and you'll see a
platform. Jump from the top of the garbage pile onto the platform, and
pick up the flamethrower. It isn't much good for IG-88, but you will
want it in the next stage. Turn right again and jump to the next part
of the catwalk. Time this jump carefully. The ceiling is low, and you
could fall through the hole very easily.
     If you make it across, run along the catwalk until you reach the
first vat. It is a huge black cylinder filled with red-hot liquid
metals. The 11th challenge point is inside. There is a small ledge that
holds the point and some health. Jump inside and get to the point as
fast as possible. The temperatures inside will chip away at your health
as long as you stay, so make this a quick visit. Open the hatch, and
jump out on to the ground.
     Yep, you guessed it: The last challenge point is in the other vat.
Run up the ramp and dive in. Wait a second!!
     If you are easy or medium, this is also a crucial point in your
strategy. There will be (on the listed difficulty levels) an
invincibility on the ledge with the last challenge point. Get it, and
exit the vat. Arm yourself with seekers. By now IG-88 should have found
you. Stand in front of him and trade your point-blank seekers for his
pulse cannon, which of course is doing you no damage because you are
invincible. Once he gets down to about 30-20%, he will start to run
away. Follow him and shoot at him, until your invincibility wears off
completely. When it does, go back up the ramp around the second vat and
up to the catwalk on the wall where you can get more seekers and
health. Then track the coward down and finish him.


     Boba Fett is a challenging boss, but he can be more fun to play
than, say, the loader droid in the Imperial Freighter Suprosa. Two
challenge points can be gathered at Boba Fett, and I'll tell you where.
     The elevator will take you to the surface of the second tower.
This is where you will battle Boba Fett. The cut scene will play, at
the end of which Fett will release a seeker missile. Run to the side to
avoid it. Any time during the battle that he fires a seeker missile at
you, stop what you're doing and take evasive action.
     You should notice that the four walls of the tower are not
connected at the corners. Run to the nearest corner and jump out of the
tower. About halfway down, turn on your jet pack and coast to the
bottom. Run around the tower's base to collect the flame, seekers,
health, and the second to last challenge point.
     For the last challenge point: Where the wall beyond the tower ends
and there is a drop off, go to the edge and jet pack down. You should
land on a landing platform outside some huge bay doors. On one side of
the platform there is an extra life. On the other side is the challenge
     Jet pack back up. Then go to a corner and get ready to jet pack
back up to the battle ground. When you get up, find the lowest platform
and jump up. Run around the tower in a counterclockwise direction using
the platforms as steps to the top, and using your jet pack to get from
one platform to the next. The safest place to be is the highest
platform. Stay there and wait for Boba Fett to come to you. He should
come flying up on his jet pack. Shoot at him with lasers from there.
Then switch to flame. When he lands on the platform, blast him with the
flame-thrower. Then he'll lift off again, probably firing his blaster
at you. Don't just stand there to get pelted with laser fire, move!
You've probably taken a good amount of damage, so fly up around the
very top of the walls. Get the extra life, the pulse, and the seekers,
but save the full health for later.
     If it happens that he doesn't seek you out, go to the next highest
platform, and see if you can see him from there. Repeat the procedure
and retreat to the high platform again. If you run out of flame, use
pulse, but sparingly 'cause you may want some for the ship.
     Be prepared to lose at least one or two lives fighting Fett. When
you finally beat him, he falls conveniently into the cockpit of the
Slave 1. Here's what I do. Fly up to the top and get the full health.
With that you should be able to beat the ship without losing a life. I
have heard of the practice of hovering just outside of the tower and
firing at the ship from there, but it seems to me to be risky and
inefficient. Even though the guns of the Slave 1 point behind the ship
as well as in front and below, they don't fire at you when you get
behind it, and this is they key to destroying it. Float slowly down to
the surface, luring the ship down with you. You should get behind the
Slave 1. You know you are behind it when you look up and see the two
round thrusters. The ship will constantly turn to try to get you in
front of it so that it can hit you with its cannons. So run around in
the direction that it turns to get behind it. Stop and fire up at it
with lasers as it turns, and when it's about to turn it's side to you,
start running again. Do this right, and it will never hit you. Not only
that, but you can save your pulse and seekers for other foes. Blow up
the ship, and you're done.


     The loader droid is a huge and greatly armored robot with long,
powerful arms. It extends those arms and tries to hit you with them.
Mostly it just follows you around like a shadow, trying either to crush
you by running into you or to grab you with its arms. It is a long and
monotonous ordeal sending this monster to the trash heap. You can't
fall or jump out of the bay because of the force field.
     I have heard some rumors about some sort of strafing exercise that
makes hitting the loader droid easier. I have tried this and failed
miserably. Consequently, if such a procedure has ever been successful,
I am unaware of it, and cannot present it to you for lack of evidence.
I have only found one way to destroy him, and it's not a pretty site.
If anyone has a better way than the one found here, PLEASE send it to
me. You WILL get full credit and I'd be really grateful. Well, for now,
here's how it's been done.
     Start shooting as soon as you enter the room. When he closes half
the gap between you, turn left and start running. Stay to the perimeter
and keep running. You will be doing this the WHOLE DARN TIME! You
should also have the sound set so that you can hear if the loader droid
extends his arms. When he does, he stops dead in his tracks. This is
the time to turn around and start firing at him. Try to get him down at
least 1 or 2% before turning back around to continue running. If you
stop momentarily at corners to make a better turn, he will stop and
extend more often. It is a long and grueling process on all difficulty
settings other than easy. But, if you want, (and it's highly
recommended) you can blast him with pulse when you turn, at least until
it runs out. That will speed up the process.


     When I first learned what the boss of this stage was to be, I
though maybe it would be about twice the size of the normal ones. I had
no idea that the dang thing was going to be three stories tall!
     There are two possible methods for beating the giant dianoga.
METHOD 1: The first way is to use a disruptor blast. This takes a lot
of luck and skill. On easy and possibly medium, enter the chamber and
arm yourself with disruptor. As the water begins to rise, turn on the
jetpack an hover just above "sea" level. The instant his gargantuan
scarlet eye pierces the surface of the pool, fire one disruptor
straight at it. If it makes contact, it should say TENTACLE 0%, and the
monster should die instantly. This worked the first and second time I
tried it, but never again, so it is hardly the most sure fire way to do
the job. And if it doesn't work the first time, you don't get to try
again, because disruptors won't fire underwater.
METHOD 2: The more practical yet much more dangerous approach. Most
likely, once method one fails, you'll have to do this anyway, so rather
than waste a valuable disruptor blast, here's what to do. Set your
pistol for seekers. Now stay in the center of the room, inside the web
of tentacles. Don't stray to the outside or you will surely be felled
by a giant arm. Also, STAY OUT OF THE MOUTH! The wretched creature is
constantly sucking the water into its monstrous jaws (which, by the
way, bear an uncanny resemblance to those of a sarlac pit monster) so
you will have to use jetpack boosts to hold your place. Then just focus
your seekers on the eye stalk. Don't bother shooting the tentacles;
they just regenerate. Stay in the center and fire at the eye. Come up
for a breath when you need to and then get right back to work.
Regardless of the bosses' magnetic field which supposedly disables the
homing mechanism of the seeker missiles, the seekers DO seek our buddy
the dianoga. If he moves his eye, realign yourself to compensate and
keep shooting. He should soon be dead. At this point, you should fly up
to the ridge where you can turn off your rocket pack and let it refuel.
The water will recede around the corpse of its former occupant, and the
airlock will open at in the ceiling, providing you with your hard
earned route into Xizor's palace. If you want to before you go, you can
fly down and stand in the dianoga's mouth, just so you can say, "I
stood in a dianoga's mouth" and then get out of there.


     The Gladiator Droid is a massive machine with powerful weapons and
good mobility. He fires a laser that, even though it is not much
thicker than your blasts, can hit you regardless of altitude. It just
hits you. He also has seeker missiles, flame and pulse blasts. Don't
underestimate him. You should definitely have at least 20 lives in
stock so that when you beat him you will still have some left over for
the Skyhook Battle. It is also extremely important to get as many
challenge points as you can on this stage because they add to your
lives at the close of the level.
     Stage 1: THE WHOLE DROID: This part is surprisingly simple. Run to
the droid as soon as you can move and get behind him. He cannot even
see you let alone hit you from back here. Stay right behind him and
fire laser up at him. Save your better weapons for parts 2 & 3. Just
watch it when he gets to a wall and stops. Cease fire and watch him
close. He will turn around quickly, and you must react appropriately to
stay behind him. When you beat him, his legs will explode, but then his
body and head will come back. This is actually an advantage for him,
being legless, because NOW he can hover. Try to be in the middle of the
room when you take the last shot. This will help you in part 2.
     Stage 2: HEAD AND BODY: This part is not so simple. You can loose
a LOT of lives on this part. But fortunately I have found a way to beat
him and take relatively little damage. If you do it right you will not
loose even one extra man. The unfortunate part is that it's kind of
hard to explain. Well, I'm gonna try. The floor will slide back
revealing a deep maze. You ought to be standing on the round center
platform. From there, go off to the right side. Kill the robot if he's
there and press your face up against the wall of the center structure,
in the corner of your little crevice. From here, the Gladiator will
come over top of you and rain flame and pulse down on you. Or at least
he'll TRY. But if you are in the correct position, HE CAN'T HIT YOU! So
each time he does his laser attack, back up just far enough so that you
can get him in your sights and then bombard him with seekers. The
instant you notice a break in his laser, get back to the wall, cause he
might be about to execute a pulse attack. When you are against this
wall, you will be hit with pulse occasionally, but not enough to kill
you or seriously injure you. Flame and laser WILL NOT hit you here.
Just repeat the described process until golden brown. Uh...I mean until
his body up an' explodes.
     Stage 3: JUST THE HEAD: By far the hardest stage, all mister
potato head does is that thoroughly annoying laser beam attack. Fly
back up to the center. I've got one word for this boss: disruptor. No
matter how much you're being hit, take the time to aim carefully at the
head. Fire your disruptors and make each shot count. The closer it
comes to hitting him, the more damage he'll take. Avoid shots over his
head that hit the back wall at all costs. If the disruptors don't bring
him down, (and let's face it, they may not), just get under him and
blast him with flame. If you're out of flame, use pulse. If you're out
of pulse, use seekers. If you're out of seekers, use laser and if
you're out of lasers, by golly just give him a JUDO CHOP! YAH! Uh,
where was I? Oh yeah, Gladi. He should eventually just explode into a
big orange blaze which is far from impressive. Think they could've made
a better explosion for the game's final boss, but the didn't think
about the significance did they? NO! Well, good job anyway...

     ---------------------------3. Legal Stuff---------------------------

This FAQ is copyrighted 2000, Daniel Stidham

This FAQ may ONLY be posted on www.gameFAQs.com. Don't send me any e-mail
asking to use this FAQ on your site, because I won't let you.

DO NOT attempt to revise or update this FAQ apart from the updates that I make
myself. If you think it needs updating, tell me about it. Don't take matters
into your own hands.

This FAQ/walkthrough is intended for individual use. It must not be used for
financial purposes, i.e. buying, selling, bartering, etc. You may however, if
the web site allows, print this document for personal use.

All names, characters, etc., used in Shadows of the Empire are trademarks of
their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Lucas
Arts, and/or any other persons/companies that are/were involved in the
production and marketing of this game.

      ----------------------4. Contact Information-----------------------
     You should know how it works by now. If you find any typos, additions,
corrections, suggestions, or if you have any questions regarding the game or
this FAQ, e-mail to Stealthman04@aol.com. Try to be nice and exclude any strong
language. The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at gameFAQs.com.
If you see this boss guide on any site other than gamefaqs.com, it has been
illegally leeched. Please tell me about it and I will take care of it.
     Meanwhile, aside from any of the things mentioned above, (i.e., typos,
additions, etc.) I will probably not have to update this. Even if I do, it'll
be awhile because I just got F-Zero X and it's really cool! Oh, by the way,
check out my Rogue Squadron and Shadows of the Empire walkthroughs at gamefaqs!
Good night.

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