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Читы для StarCraft

Чит-файл для StarCraft


 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Blizzard Entertainment
Издатель:Blizzard Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры | Раскрыть все

вышла 16 июня 2000 г.
вышла 13 июня 2000 г.
вышла в марте 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
>-----------------The Starcraft Terran Strategy Guide-----------------<
Copyright 1999 to Alexis
Hey sorry, I can't do ASCII graphics. If someone wants to do one, ok :)

Version 1
-Spelling Errors Corrected
-Corrected a few minor unit statistics
-Added a few more advanced strategies for the units
-Added a few tips in different sections
-Updated the 'Defeating' section
-Added more strategies for stopping carriers (same applies to bc's)
-The fine line between underdefending, and turtling in "Defending"
-Fixed the Zergling rush, there are faster ways :)
-Knowing why you are attacking is better than knowing how to attack (or is
it?...) Yes? no? Well, it's there under 'Starcraft Zen'-
-Story time! Read about my experiences in game, and what I learned from them.
Submit your own to be shown here!

Version .9

Initial release, don't expect it to be too explosive. I want this to be concise,
large, and informative to all terran players. You can be sure I'll update it and
make it better whenever I can (school is out now!)

-Quick Info
    -Basic Strategy
    -More advanced Strategy
-Starcraft Terran Zen
    -Why do I keep losing
    -How do I make my attacks more efficient
    -How can I make better use of scouting (recon)
    -Why am I still losing?
-Starcraft Situation Strategies
     -Successfully dropshipping into a peon line
     -Stopping a swarm of dragoons
     -Stopping the Six-Zergling rush
     -Stopping the four-zealot rush
     -Stopping the Eight marine rush (Not common though)
     -Stopping a fleet of Carriers
     -Stopping a fleet of Battlecruisers
     -How to get past a turtle (bunkers, tanks and turrets as far as you can
     -How to nuke... right
     -Why you should not turtle
     -Why people turtle anyway, but shouldn't
     -Why 63% of all terran games are lost...and how to attack right.
     -I keep losing to 25 carriers and battlecruisers... WHY? (Actually, I'll
answer that, here, stop playing Big Gay Hunters, but if it happens in a normal
game.. read here


-Advanced Guide Section



I'll be starting off with the units and how to make them work right. After that,
I'll be showing you how to use several types of units at once to efficiently
attack your enemy.

I am going to assume you know the *basics* of this game (at least what a Command
Center is)

This guide can be used by players of all skills, I believe. There is enough
strategies and tips in here that I think even some advanecd players already can
benefit from it.

Also, you may not copy or use any portion of this guide without direct
permission from Alexis, which is, me. You are free to save this and print it out
for personal viewing, just don't go out and sell it or use it without asking me.
If you are putting it on a site, ask for my permission first or I'll be unhappy
and when I can drive I'll find you and run you over.

----------Quick Info----------

A few things to know:
One matrix is one spot. One spot is about half the length of a missle turret.
That means a siege tank in siege mode with an attack range of 12 matrixes can
shoot down a line of 6 missle turrets (techincally, even a tiny sliver of
movement throws this off a little, but that's the idea).

-When I refer to attack range, I refer to the matrix distance.

-When I refer to NORMAL damamge, that means it always does that kind of damage,
no matter what (Well, the damamge - any armor)

-When I refer to CONCUSSIVE damamge, that means the unit will do 50% damamge to
medium units (such as hydralisks) and 25% to large units (like siege tanks or
reavers) so a firebat with an amount of 16 CONCUSSIVE damage, it would only do
four damamge when toasting a reaver's hp. Ouch. HOWEVER, remember that even if
it's concussive, it always does it's full damage to a protoss's SHIELDS (minus
any armor) so that's still handy :)

-When I refer to EXPLOSIVE damamge, that means I messed up because I will never
refer to it
because what I'll be telling you won't matter anyway along with it.

-When I refer to SPLASH damamge, that means units around the attacked unit will
also be damaged.

-If I say that a unit is a 'DETECTOR' unit, that means it can see cloaked units
for you as far as it can see by itself.
I'll also remind you of this periodically
We will begin with basic tactics for the units.

-Finally, there is a difference between attack range and their vision. If you
put a unit by itself in a field, the vision is how far they can see. Attack
range is how close the enemy has to be before they can open fire. Obviously,
zealots and zerglings have an attack range of zero because they fight at point
blank. Ghosts nuke at whatever their vision is, so upgrading them lets you nuke
farther away.

First, the ground units (Load little banner thingy)

                           ->->->->Ground Units <-<-<-<-
	           ->->->->Using Them Generally by themselvs <-<-<-<-


Quick Stats: VERY weak, does 5 damage, no starting armor, and is somewhat slow.
Yet is the most important unit in the game. This unit gathers minerals from
nearby mineral fields and gas from nearby vespene geysers (heck, it doesn't even
have to be close, anything they can access). SCV's can also repair, and multiple
scv's can repair one unit. USE THIS ABILITY WELL!!!

Upgrades: Diddly squat, even upgrading weapons won't upgrade them. Upgrading
armor will though (1+ each)

**Basic Strategy**
50 minerals each, made at the command center, you need to have alot of these.
Trust me. I've seen players play with the four scv's they start with, and they
wonder in amazement at how I got 12 marines and a tank so fast. You need lots of
scv's. Most vespene geysers made for most maps are near the command center, so
usually no more than four scv's are needed to be gathering gas for maximum
output. For minerals, no two scv's can mine from the same mineral at the same
time, unless they are NEXT to each other, or on the other side of the mineral.
For that reason, you may want around 1 1/2 scv's for every mineral field you
have. That way, as soon as one scv leaves to deposit the mineral, the other will
start and by the time the scv gets back, it should be almost done.

If it's not done, the scv will just go find a mineral to gather, which it
normally does pretty fast. On a map like 'The Hunters' I usually have like 12
scv's mining, which gets me the minerals I need fast enough.

Another important thing is to use the SCV'S ability to repair. Take scv's along
with attacks to repair your tanks and air units. Repair your buildings when they
are being attacked (if you see 12 siege tanks though, it's a futile effort)

**Advanced Strategy**
-When a geyser runs out of gas, and you can't find any others (or don't want to
spend the money to build a refinery) then you can keep your scv's gathering gas
there. Instead of getting 8 gas each, they only get 2, but that supply is

-If you are being attacked by like zerglings or god forbid, zealots in an early
rush, and your defense was taken out, GET ALL YOUR SCV'S TO ATTACK! 8 scv's on
one zergling will kill it in one hit. 8 scv's on one zealot will take it out in
4 hits, and the zealot won't be able to kill more than one or two in that time.
Problem is the scv's usually like to get in different directions, so it's hard
to get like 8 attacking at once, but it's sure better than nothing, because what
is more effective, 8 scv's attacking, or sending one marine out at a time only
to be slaugtered by 5 zerglings before a shot gets off?

-SCV's can use way-points... kind of. Select your group of SCV'S and hold shift,
then press 'R' and click on every unit you want repaired, while still holding
shift. Then, when one unit is done being repaired, they will move onto the next
one you selected. Use this for reparing your fleets :) Be sure you have multiple
scv's so it's faster.

-Try and dropship scv's behind an enemy base (or at least nearby, like just
across an intercepting river) and build something there. It doesn't have to be a
command center (heck, DON'T build a command center unless minerals or gas is
there) but something like a barrack or factory allows quick access to the enemy
base for attacks. If you have found the enemy, and they haven't found your new
building there, you can make faster attacks.

-If you see a tank or two in siege mode attacking your base, and there is no
backup (happens in dropship attacks near your base) and if you scv's can access
it, get them to attack it! Tanks to EXPLOSIVE damage (I said it! I'm screwed) so
that means they do 35 damage to your scv's. Not enough to kill, even if upgraded
once. A few scv's should make it there before any die, and because of their
point blank attack, their tank's can't do diddly squad. If the tank's are spaced
apart, the tank will attack the scv, doing 35 damage to the scv, and about 70 of
splash damage to the tank. Two shots will kill the scv, but also the offending
tank ;)


Quick Stats:
50 Minerals of cost, no gas. Can attack both ground AND air, always doing six
base damamge, no matter what you are shooting. Probably the best property of
this 'lil sucker. Each gun upgrade increases their damage by one, and each armor
upgrade increases armor by one. Comes fresh out of the barracks.

Upgrades include stimpack, which makes them super hyper as if they just drank a
six-pack of jolt and makes them move and fire twice as fast for a while. Second
upgrade are U-388 shell upgrades which lengthens their attack range by one.

**Basic Strategy:**

Don't neglect this little guy. The only reason you might is you sent him by
himself, into a swarm of, oh say, 10 zerglings. You think "oh that gun will take
them out" but he doesn't even kill one. Why's that? For starters, marines only
work in large groups! What I mean by large groups is at the VERY LEAST, six of
them. Eight or more usually works well, unless you are facing absolutely massive

One zergling, will always kill one marine. The marine can never win, unless you
are consistently running back and forth taking quick hits on the zergling.
Still, not worth your trouble.

Eight marines will kill the zergling before it even attacks one of them.

Another neat ability of marines are their stimpack abilities (researched at
academy). Individually click on each and activate it (with the icon in the
corner) or select a group of them and do it. Using a stimpack will make the
marine fire twice as fast and move twice as fast for about 15 seconds. The
drawback however, is that each use will drain 10 hp of their 40 hitpoints, so
you can only use it three times (you can't use it the last 10 as it would kill
them) unless you are playing Brood War and have medics healing them.

Still, the loss of hp is usually worth it. Use stimpacks whenever engaging
another group of units. Don't waste a stimpack on your team of 12 marines to
kill one enemy marine. Also, using multiple stimpacks at once doesn't "Make them
super buff" it just erases the last stimpack and reinstates it, so don't use
another stimpack unless the last one has been used up (you can tell)

The other upgrade, the U-388 shell/gun upgrade increases the marine's attack
range by one. This isn't neccessarily required, but if you are using any bunkers
they will help you. This will allow your marines to shoot enemies slighty
farther away, and get in another shot before they get near you.

Ideally, you use marines for either initial attacks, or as backup. A squad of 10
marines behind a couple tanks are very effective. If they have their shell
upgrades, it's even better.

**Advanced Strategies**

-Grab a dropship and dropship marines, and a firebat or two right in the middle
of their mineral field. If they don't have protection there, you can kill all
their scv's and slow their production dramatically. You might even be able to
destroy a building or two before reinforcements arrive.

-Better yet, drop marines onto a ledge (the Challenger map works well for this)
and they can shoot any peons that are nearby.

-Use a marine or two as a distraction or as lure. Grab a couple marines and lead
them close to the enemy and make them fire off a shot. The immedietly run them
away, to either a spider mine field or your REAL attack force, and ambush them

-Upgrade armor first before weapons. Upgrading armor once allows you to survive
8 shots from an un-upgraded marine. That's one more shot than without an
upgrade. That's not to say you should upgrade all three armor levels first, just
start with armor and switch back and forth.

-First, don't overuse bunkers, but don't 'underuse' or neglect them. U-388 shell
upgraded marines in a bunker and take out formidable forces. The reason marines
tend to work well is because if something like dragoons comes along, firebats
sitting in the bunker doing diddly squad isn't going to help.

-Most importantly, never turtle yourself in with bunkers! One near your command
center and one near the entrance is all you need. Stick your marines in them,
but take them out if you are going to attack, and your attack is being
successful. If you see the enemy coming toward you, or you see them about to
attack, then you can grab some marines quickly and stick them in.

-Sick of bunkers yet? Try this: Leave a quad of four marines outside the bunker
and hotkey them. Then when you know the enemy is coming, press their hotkey
twice (to center on them) and press 't' to stimpack, then stick them in the
bunker. Stimpacked marines in a bunker are... really awesome :) (Of course,
don't try this if you see a horde of tanks or something coming, only if like a
horde of zerglings, or zealost and you have nothing else to help)

-When you can, have them focus attacks on one unit at a time. If it's 12 marines
versus 12 of yours, if your opponent has every marine fire on another marine (so
it's 1vs1) and you keep changing targets by having all your marines shoot one or
two targets, guess who will win? You will lose some marines, but your enemy will
lose all of them.

Summary: Use marines is large groups, always. Use stimpack only when facing
large amounts of enemy forces and as backup.


Quick Stats: 50 minerals and 25 gas cost, these guys do 16 base concussive
damage, so attack is limited against larger groups. They also do splash damage,
so you can hurt more than one target at once.

They don't have any special upgrades, but their damage goes up two for every
upgrade level, one for each armor upgrade.

**Basic Strategies**: Firebats are really quite useful, but probably not overall
as useful as the marines. You may see "Whoa! 16 damage!!" but that's concussive,
so you're better off toasting zealots, zerglings and other small units, which is
exactly what the firebat is used for. Firebats are best used against zealots and
zerglings. Two firebats can kill one zealot, and several firebats and take down
a small group of zerglings. This is all because the firebats can overlap damage,
as they do a 'cone' of damage of ahead of them.

Also, I don't think it's worth using stimpack on them, they are strong enough
already. Some people have told me it's worth stimpacking them, but only if
you're in a real fight (Stimpacking your 12 firebats to take a zergling is not a

If you stimpack your 12 firebats, they should be able take on like 16 or 17
zealots killing at least most of them. Even if they have like 5 left, you've
cost them 1200 minerals, and yourself 600 m and 300 gas

Use firebats as backup with tanks and marines. Because of their concussive
attack, don't make too many of them late in the game. A ratio of 3:1 as
marines:firebats is pretty good. If you know your opponent is a protoss and you
think he'll rush you, make three or four firebats, and build a bunker nearby.
When the zealots come, put the firebats in the bunker and they'll be toast.

Remember also, that firebats don't cause friendly damage in splash. So firebats
and marines close together aren't a problem when attacking (not for YOU

**Advanced Strategies**

-Like the marines, dropship them into a mineral field. Toast those peons :)

-Keep them somewhat close together, but not sardine packed. The closer they are,
the more damage they can do (because of splash damage) but if they are that
close together, a single siege tank shot can take half of them out. A good way
to position them is to surround the enemy. If you are fighting zealots, get some
in front of them and try and move a few behind at least. Then you can overlap
your damage well.

-Always have marines with firebats, because a single wraith can take out a squad
of firebats with nothing to shoot back.

-When engaging the enemy, send your marines up to shoot the enemy, and then send
firebats in to engage them from close up. Either way, if they aim for your
firebats, your marines will shoot them. If they aim for your marines, firebats
go up and toast them. This won't work well if they have massive forces though.

Summary: Don't build firebats in large forces because they won't be as effective
against large enemies in the late game.


Quick Stats: 25 minerals and 75 gas cost. These are your 'spy' units. Although
rather far up the techtree, they are still great units, although not always
required to win the game.

Upgrades (there's alot more then normal, all researched at covert op extension):
Ocular implants: These upgrades persue surgery to the ghost's eye to enhance
vision. You'll definitely want this if you are planning to nuke, as it will help
increase your range. It raises their vision from 6 to 8.

Lockdown: You may have heard of this. In some ways, it's similiar to the
Protoss's static field. The main two differences are that the protoss's matrix
field can disable ANY unit for about a minute, but you cannot damage the unit.
The other difference is that lockdown effects only one single unit (the one you
target) while statis effects an area.

Lockdown only disables MECHANICAL units (so useless against the zerg) but you
CAN damage the unit! Lockdown also disables any unit's abilities, so if you lock
down a science vessel, it won't detect cloakers as long as it's locked down
(also about a minute). Using lockdown takes 100 energy, so they can do it twice
at full energy, but you won't be able to use lockdown twice while cloaked
because cloaking will drain too much energy, unless you have upgraded their
energy. However, one exception to lockdown, is you can't use it on missle
turrets, strange (it's a mechanical unit)... so you'll have to find another way
to get past them.

Lockdown is best used for stopping science vessels from detecting you so you can
nuke them (if nothing else is nearby) and disabling attacking units. You see 5
siege tanks coming at you? Get your ghosts up there and lock them all down. You
see a fleet of 8 carriers coming at you? Get your ghosts to lock them down.
Trying to nuke a base but that science vessel backed up with 20 wraiths gets in
your way? Lock it down and nuke!

Personell cloaking: This ability takes 25 energy to initiate, and 1 more energy
every second to keep it on. This is just like the wraith's cloaking ability, but
is useless around detector units. Always be cloaked when attempting to nuke, or
to infiltrate an enemy base.

Mobious Reactor: Another upgrade upgraded in the cover ops, this increases the
ghost's energy by 50. Handy for giving them extra energy to cloak, thus more
energy for lockdown. Worth getting if you are planning on using ghosts more than

Nuclear launch: You need a nuclear silo (addon for the Command Center) to launch
this. When you choose your target, your ghost will stand there and 'aim' at the
target. A small red flickering dot will appear on it, and stays there for about
15 seconds. After that, it dissapears and a nuke comes down. The nuke's damamge
radius is about 11, and causes 500 damage at the center of it's blast, and goes
down a little as it goes out. When the ghost is aiming, you cannot move it, but
you can cancel it's launch. If the ghost is killed while aiming, you lose the
ghost, and the missle. If the ghost is killed, but the red dot isn't there
anymore, the nuke will fall anyway. Yippee :)

**Basic Strategies**

Ghosts do 10 concussive damamge. You could stick them in a bunker, but it
probably isn't as smart. Get your ghosts out there and kill something. Don't
cloak them until you need to, unless they are traveling alone. Use their
lockdown skill on whatever threatens you.

**Advanced Strategies**

-Absolutely get cloak when planning to nuke. Otherwise, heck a probe could come
up and tear your ghost to pieces.

-Get ocular implants if you are getting killed. That usually helps a little.

-If you keep getting shot down by siege tanks, see the compound unit section

-When using your wraiths to attack, cloak your wraiths, then use a ghost to
lockdown any nearby science vessels to stop detction.

-Upgrade their armor if you can, it can help protect you a little bit. Armor
upgrades raise their armor up 1 every level (starting at 0) and gun up 1 every


Quick Stats: When upgraded, this is the fastest unit in the game. Does 20
concussive damage, and can lay spider mines.


Spider mines: When researched at the tank's machine shop, this gives every
vulture made (and ones already existing) three spider mines. When used at a
location, they set up, where you can see them as a white round mine, then a
couple seconds later they sink into the ground. You can your allies can see it,
your opponent's can't unless they have detection. Whenever an enemy comes within
it's radius (about three) it shoots out of the ground and flies toward them (bad
analogy, not FLY, just hovers over the ground ;) and slams into the enemy. The
spider mine causes 125 SPLASH damamge. That means one spider mine could kill
like 4 zealots if they were close together. Downside to this? Spider mines only
has 20 hp, if it is attempting to run into say a mess of hydralisks, the hydras
will destroy the mine before it hits them. See advanced strategies for more on

Ion Thrusters: When researched, this makes the vultures move faster, making them
the fastest unit in the game. You can shoot across from the bottom to the top of
a 256x256 map in 15 seconds (well... if it were a straight strech of course...
either way you ought to be able to run over marines before they see you at that

**Basic Strategies**

First, every terran player should know that even though it's 20 CONCUSSIVE
damage, the vulture's canister grenade (it's attack) does the full 20 damamge
(minus any armor) to all protoss's shields. So that means you can take down a
dark templar (40 shields 40 hp) in one shot, if four vultures shoot at the same
time. Vultures also do great against Archons, because five vultures can deal out
100 damamge per shot, and that's not even upgraded!

Also, research spider mines when you have time, and set some near your base
(heck, I just put like 6) then, go put some near the enemy's choke point
(entrance to the base). With your extra mines left over if you have any, or if
you get more, you have two options.

1)Set them all over the map, specifically wherever the enemy might choose to go.

2)Put one spider mine right between some mineral fields. What this does is that
nothing can build on top of a spider mine, so something's going to have to come
down and take it out. Hehe :)

Also, as a note, other vultures, peons, and all flying units do not trigger
spider mines.

**Advanced Strategies**

-If large amounts of units keep killing all your mines as soon as they get
close, put them close together. That way, instead of one being triggered at a
time, you can get like three triggered at once, and that way, you're sure to get
a kill.

-If you haven't understood by now, spider mines are worth the investment! One
vulture and the spider mines will cost you 175 minerals, 100 gas (75 for the
vulture, 100/100 for the mines, I'm not including the machine shop/factory
because you are probably getting tanks anyway) and that gets you three mines.
Set up say all three near your base, and if six zealots come running by, chances
are you can kill all six, or at least five. Even if it's three, you've just cost
your protoss friend 300 minerals. Not bad at all.

-I'm told that spider mines will attack cloaked units (like ghosts and dark
templars) by themselves. I haven't througly tested this yet, but as far as I
know, they will attack cloaked units on their own, but you still can't see the
cloaked unit. You just see it die :) Spider mines are also great for letting you
see a small portion of the map, wherever the spider mine is.

-If you can find a large enough ledge near an enemy, dropship a vulture onto it,
and stick a few mines there. Then you can make the vulture attack something down
below if you want, and once something kills it, the enemy loses suspicion, and
you have a small part of the enemy to spy on :) (At least those peons...)

-Make a patch of spider mines, then send a spider to lure some enemies in.
Enemies always attack when faced by an enemy, and always follow it unless
instructed not to (unless commanded to hold position of course)

-If you keep finding that your mines are getting destroyed because they have
detectors, when you see this happening, send a vulture up, and make it run by
the enemies, then back. Unless the player stops them, they will follow the
vulture and run into the mines, and will stop shooting the mines.

-Another good point, put mines at unclaimed mineral spots so that you can see if
an enemy tries to expand. What's great is scv's don't set this off, so if they
happen to build around the mine, it'll probably be there the rest of the game
and you can see how the enemy is doing. They can't build on the mine, so they'll
have to send detectors down wasting time to clear it. If you set it right in the
middle, other terran buildings can't land on it, which is also neato :)

Summary: Keep a vulture or two around to help kill Protoss shields, and use
spider mines well. Use them right, and you'll make your opponent afraid to move
anywhere without detectors. Kill there detectors and they'll fly into fits :)

				->->->->Siege Tank<-<-<-<-

Quick Stats: Simply has the largest firing range in the game. 12! That's a long
way's away. Also does alot of damamge. 30 damage in tank mode, 70 in siege mode.


Siege mode can be researched at the machine shop, and allows the tank to enter
siege mode. Siege mode stops the tank and sets it into the ground. In siege
mode, the tank cannot move, but will fire upon any enemy that comes within 12
matrixes of it. That's a long distance. Siege mode tanks also do splash damamge,
of 70! What I'm saying is one tank shot can kill several marines close together.
If you are going to use tanks, get siege mode :)

Downside? Um, one wraith can take out say 100 siege tanks. Siege tanks can't
shoot anything in the air.

**Basic Strategies**

First, get siege mode when you get tanks. The doesn't mean to not get tanks
before you get siege mode, but don't get siege mode before the tank. You with
me? When attacking the enemy, several siege tanks (say like four or five) set up
can decimate buildings and coming attackers. However, you absolutely must get
backup for your tanks. Tanks do have a minimum attack range (about two 1/2) so
essentially, one zergling that makes it up close will tear apart the tank, so
make sure you have at least marine backup.

If you are later in the game, bring some wraiths or goliaths to attack air
units. 8 Marines won't be enough for 4 scouts. 8 goliaths are though :)

Also, one major weakness of the tank is that it can attack your own units with
splash damamge. If you see a zergling attacking another tank, what do you think
will happen when you try to shoot it with another tank? Well, besides killing
the zergling, you'll hurt your own tank pretty badly because of splash damamge.

**Advanced Strategies:

-8 words: Use-a-dropship-to-drop-tanks-on-a-ledge. Well, I can't count, but this
is Starcraft. Dropship a tank or two on a ledge that fit if you can find one,
siege the tanks then. Most ledges are near enemy mineral lines, so kill all
their peons. Chances are they'll send some air unit to come take off the tanks.
Before hand, you can also send some goliaths up or wraiths, or simply let them
kill you. If you managed to kill all their peons (I can usually nail around 10
or so) then they lost 500 minerals in scv's (maybe even damamge their main
base). If you lost your two tanks, you lost about 150 minerals and 100 gas. Is
that an even trade off? Depends on your situation. If you decide to bring some
goliaths, you could even nail their base. Then that's
another 300+ at the least. Hehe. Heh.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that your opponent still has to
rebuild all those scv's. That's another 500, making 1000. Whew.... thats'a lot
of minerals... you could make 20 marines with that. Thanks to K_Vitoro for this.

-The Famous tank push! One of those effective strategies. Get backup for the
tanks (8 marines and a few goliaths are always good) and get ready. You should
have at LEAST three or four tanks for this to be effective. I usually take along
five or six. Anyway, get your backup into a postion near where you plan to move
your tanks. Comsat ahead and see if there is any defense ahead. If you see
tanks, then you need to decide on something. If you see there are less tanks
than you, don't do move on, and get more tanks to come. If there are equal
number of tanks as you, go get more tanks. If you have at least two more tanks
then them, move all your tanks ahead and siege them. Move your backup near them,
and aim all your tanks at the enemy tanks. If you have at least two more than
them, you should get them all.

-This is kind of advanced. SIEGE Tanks in SIEGE mode do EXPLOSIVE damage. That
means larger units take larger damamge. Small units take about 50% and medium
units take 75%. That means a siege tank shot wouldn't kill an scv unless the
tank's weapons were upgraded. Ouch :)

-They will probably send something up to kill the tanks, so move your backup and
take them out (it's important to do this semi-early, or you'll have 12
battlecruisers as the opposition :). Once you take out the tanks, kill any
bunkers nearby. Then, if you still have at least four tanks, unsiege two of them
and move them up a little bit. Then siege, kill anything there, and unsiege the
two tanks still behind, and move them in front of your other two. Keep doing
this, while moving your backup force ahead to defend your tanks. This tank push
strategy usually works quite well. If you are attempting this late in the game,
you will need a much more massive backup, and something like eight or nine
tanks. It would also be wise to take an scv or two along to repair the tanks
after their confrontation. :)

-You may be tempted to turtle up in your base by setting 20 bunkers backed up
with 10 siege tanks behind. Not smart. You'll see why below in the multiplayer

-When using siege tanks to defense your base, an effective way to do it is to
set the siege tanks not in your choke point, but in a place nearby to it, maybe
on a small extension on the left or right side. This way, it is harder for units
to destroy them, and they will end up attacking your bunkers. Then, just grab
some scv's and repair the bunkers as they are attacked.

Summary: Siege tanks are exactly what they are: Siege! Don't use them too
heavily for defense, you'll see why later. Get lots and use them for attacking,
and trapping the enemy in their base like the bug in a jar they are (ok, bad
analogy, I know)


Quick Stats: Has the power of both an effective ground attack, and air attack. A
great attack of normal 12 damage on ground units, and 20 for the air!


Nothing, except when you upgrade their weapons, ground attack goes up one, and
air attack goes up **FOUR**! After three upgrades, the goliath deals 32 damamge
each shot for the air. This is even better than the wraith, which does 26
damamge at full upgrade!! Goliaths also start with one armor, and armor goes up
one for each upgrade.

**Basic Strategies**

Don't underestimate their power! Many players neglect them (kinda like vultures)
or only get a few. Like marines, you need them in large numbers (not
neccessarily as much as the marines) to work effeciently. Use them as backup
because of their incredible ability to hit air units. They aren't always as good
as attacking because of their speed, but if you are on the offenssive and your
attack is successful, feel free to bring them close and have them deal out more

**Advanced Strategies**

-When doing tank drops on a ledge, try and bring a goliath or three as air

-Because of the goliath's rather high NORMAL damage, you can try and add a few
in with marines to help stabilize the attack, but don't overdo it.

Summary: Use the goliath's incredible air support as backup for your tanks and
marines, but don't overuse them or you'll be overwhelmed.

	                   ->->->->Air Units<-<-<-<-


Quick Stats: Can hit both ground and air units, ground attack is weak compared
to air attack (8 to 20 normal damage) but wraith can cloak in the air, so it
cannot be attacked by units unless there is a detector spotting them. Wraiths
rock in midsized-large numbers. Wraiths cost 150 minerals and 100 gas.

Upgrades: Cloak! The best use for the Wraith's cloaking ability. Cloak takes 25
energy initially, then one more per second. The Apollo reactor also gives the
Wraith 50 more energy to work with, extending it's cloaking time. Both these are
researched at the control tower of the Starport. Gun upgrades raises it's ground
laser up one for each level (starting at eight) and it's air rockets go up two
for each level (starting at 20). Armor starts at one, and goes up one more per

**Basic Strategies**

First off, the wraith has a rather weak ground attack (as compared to it's air
attack) so it's not effective against hitting ground units, unless they can't
shoot back or don't have anything else that can. When you get Wraiths, make sure
you get at least it's cloaking ability so you can cloak (well, duh). Wraiths
should never by themselves. Even if there is no threat against them, even
killing a peon would take around five or six shots, and that's quite some time.

After all this, it may seem the goliath (see above) may be better than this,
after all, all it's weapons excel against it. The Wraith overpowers it by it's
ability to fly, and to cloak. Remember that if detectors are nearby, or A terran
has comsat, the enemy will see your Wraiths.

Wraiths are good for 'escorting' or backing up units. A tank push with Wraiths
(and some marines below) usually works pretty well. That way, your tanks won't
be killed by something they can't even shoot.

**Advanced Strategies**

-Use your Wraiths to escort Dropships. When I say escort, I mean cloak them and
fly them alongside with the dropships, so if the dropship comes under attack,
you can attack the attacker (with me?..)but make sure you cloak your Wraiths.
Keep in mind dropships fly slower than Wraiths so you will have to stay with

-Use Wraiths to hunt down Zerg Overlords. A trio of Wraiths will take out an
overlord in four shots each. Doing so is like killing a supply depot for the
zerg. Don't attempt this though, if the overlords are stuck in the corner of
their base with heavy defense (see below for compound uses)

-Carrier's keep killing you? Counter with lots of wraiths. A dozen wraith can
stop carriers without a problem. The reason this usually fails is because the
protoss brings observers along (as detectors) and they will see your wraiths.
Comsat the carriers and aim for the observer FIRST. If that isn't working, see
below for compound uses.

-Same goes for Battlecruisers. Cloaked wraiths will easily take out a
battlecruiser if there is no detection availible.

-Be sure to try and upgrade the Wraith's armor. This is helpful when facing
marines shooting below, or the shots from another Wraith that sees you.

-Remember that cloaking takes 25 energy initially, then one more. If you are
planning to attack again soon with your wraiths, don't bother uncloaking them,
as long as you plan to attack within.. 25 seconds. That way you won't waste
energy by having to recloak.

-And very important: If someone comsat sweeps you, as soon as you see that blue
ring fly around, run off the side of the screen, and attack from a different
direction. That way you avoid the cloak detection.

Summary: Use Wraiths in groups with their cloaking ability to take out enemies.
When attacking enemies, take out any detectors nearby, but don't try it if you
just ran into a pit of 20 missle turrets, photon cannons, or spore colonies :)


Quick Stats: Well, it's what the name suggests. Dropship. Drop-Ship. Pick up
units and deposit them somewhere else. Each dropship has a capacity of 8, and
small units take one each, medium two each, and large four each. No special

Upgrades: Like I said.. no special upgrade. Only armor, which starts at one, and
goes up one for each leve of upgrade.

**Basic Strategies**

Don't neglect the dropship. If you are in th heat of a battle and you need to
bring some units up, use a dropship. It may be rather slow, but it will save you
time because you won't have to make all your units wind through water and hills.

The dropship doesn't have a lot of hitpoints as you might think, so back it up
with wraiths or give it a matrix field with a science vessel.

**Advanced Strategies:

-As above, dropship units on ledges near the enemy's base and toast them :)

-Make several dropships, and load one up. Then send them all at the enemy. That
way they will end up blowing up dropships with nothing inside, and you have a
fair chance of one making it. Better yet, matrix field all three of them :)

Summary: Ok, I didn't have alot of tips for them. That's because the dropship
works best when used with other units. See below in compound uses...

                           ->->->->Science Vessel<-<-<-<-

Quick Stats: Expensive in gas, but one of the most important in longer games.
Has a large cloak detection radius, and a large variety of offensive, and
defensive uses for it.


Emp Shockwave: Shoots a missle from about 7 range and blows out all shields and
energy. That means if used on any protoss unit or building, all it's shields are
zapped to zero. If used on any unit that uses energy (Battlecruiser, ghost, Dark
Templar) it looses it's energy as well. This also destroys all protoss
hallucinations because hallucinations take energy.

Irradiate: Shoots a blob of gas onto one target and hurts the target slowly
(Like 3 damage every half second) and hurts anything around it (about a two
matrix radius). If you see a blob of zerglings or marines, or heck zealots,
shoot it and you'll kill a group of them. Try and aim this for units in the
center so it's harder to move them out of the way. This only works on biological
units (units that have... say a brain) so don't try and irradiate those siege
tanks ;)

Defense Matrix (Starts with): This deploys a defense shield on any unit and
protects them.. kind of. The shield has around 250 hp (unconfirmed, but it's
something around there) and lasts about 25 seconds. Damage can 'leak' through
the shield, but it's still very effective. Use this on units leading an attack
or on dropships to help protect it for a while.

Titan Reactor: Gives the science vessle an additional 50 energy. Handy if you
plan on using your specials alot.

**Basic Strategies**

The most basic use (and most handy use) for the science vessel is to use it as a
detector. The science vessel can detect cloaked units over a screen away (better
than a missle turret) which is awesome.

When fighting protoss, try and bring a science vessel along to not only spy for
cloaked units (those arbiter cloakers) but to emp any groups of enemies. The
radius of the emp blast is about the size of the electrical explosion that it
produces (you can see it quite well).

**Advanced Strategies**

-This one is pretty neat, make two science vessels, and take them near an enemy
base. Then have one of the science vessel's both both a defense matrix AND
irradiate on the other vessel. Then move the vessel right over the peon mineral
line. They will be wasted as they move around :) This works even better if you
dash the vessel into a group of overlords, especially if they aren't sped up
yet: )

-Three words: Defense Matrix Dropship

-Always take along science vessels when attempting a major attack, specifically
in longer games.

-If you know that a zerg player has horded a load of burrowed zerglings/hyrdas,
take a science vessel over and a couple siege Tanks.

-Protoss archons a pain? Emp them! Then their shields are gone, leaving them
with 10 hp. A marine could take them out :)

-See compound uses below for defeating mass carriers

Summary: Playing later games you'll need the science vessel because it is your
only moving consistent detector (comsat only lasts a while) so if you are
fighting another terran, and you both have an army of wraiths and a science
vessel, aim for the vessel first, and try to surround your own.


Quick Stats: At 500 hp, it is the most expensive unit in the game (overall by
itself) but also one of the most powerful. Flies through the air slowly, but
starts with a base 25 air AND ground attack. Has the fearful yamato cannon.

Upgrades: Yamato Cannon: This equips the Battlecruiser with a yamato cannon,
which takes 150 energy to fire. It shoots a big yellow/orange fireball thing
that does 260 damage to anything it hits. The range of the Battlecruiser's
Yamato is also very large, 11! That's almost as much as a siege tank. Armor also
starts at **3** and goes up one each level. Guns start at *25* for both air and
ground, and go up three more each level.

**Basic Strategies**

Try not to ever have just one battlecruiser. They are expensive, yes, costs 400
minerals and 300 gas, taking 8 food supply, but they are very powerful. You
could just have one if you were using it to yamato some pesky missle turret or
another single target.

But then again, don't rely on a fleet of battlecruisers. Experienced players can
counter it. See below in coupound uses on how to counter. You should always
bring some wraiths with you, or at least some ground support (like goliaths). An
SCV coming along with you is usually helpful, as you can make it repair
battlecruisers when they are damaged. It is worth repairing your battlecruiser
because they take so long to make (almost three whole minutes)

Use it's yamato gun liberally when needed. If you need to get through a line of
siege tanks, yamato them! One shot takes it out.

Or then again, you can also use your Battlecruisers as backup instead of a
direct attack. Battlecruisers moving along with tanks to take out air units is
very effective. One thing to watch out for it scourges. They are zerg air units
that collide into your battlecruisers doing over 100 damage. Watch out for them,
so bring backup to take them out before they get close.

**Advanced Strategies**

-Often times when you fight enemies they will try to destroy your battlecruisers
first. That's why it's so important to bring backup.

-Your opponent may try to nuke your battlecruisers if you leave them alone. A
battlecruiser with full upgrades will have 6 hp left after a successful nuke, so
watch out.

-If a ghost locks down a battlecruiser, quickly destroy it with something else,
or you'll have lost 400 minerals and 300 gas...

-If ghosts locks down all your battlecruisers, then...(You guessed it, below)

Summary: Use your battlecruisers when needed, because of their incredibly high
cost. ALWAYS back up battlecruisers and exploit their abilities well.

                             Starcraft Terran Zen

Remember, bring the battle to them, don't let them bring it to you.
Expand early, but not so early that you don't even have an attack force.
Expansions not only bring you more minerals or gas faster, it gives your
opponent more stuff to blow up before they win or you lose.

When attacking always use a diverse number of units. Even if you send 50 marines
then they can be countered by science vessels using irradiate, or siege tanks
backed up by their own marines. 12 marines, 6 firebats, 8 Wraiths, a science
vessel, and four battlecruisers is a force to reckon with, because not only must
the enemy split up their forces, they are restricted by their targets since some
units can only hit a certain type of target (Zealots can't hurt wraiths in case
you.. didn't know...)

Now, you are always doing two things, and only two things:

Scouting the Enemy (Recon)
Buiding up an offensive force to go attack

There are obviously small exceptions, such as sending an scv to build a command
center, and making small defensives in your base.

The second objective listed should be your priority. People underestimate the
power of a good terran player. The same can be said for like protoss and zerg,
but less people play terran. Less people play terran well. Even less people win
with terran, so much of the population does not have a large aspect of what to

There are a few things to consider when attacking:

-When should I attack?
-What happens if all my units attacking are killed?

The best time to attack is either when your opponent is distracted with another
occurance, or does not expect you. Examples of this is when he/she is attacking
you, or is distracted by trying to kill some dropped units in their base for
example. That doesn't mean you can't attack any other time, that just means if
you see the oppurtunity, take it!

One worry is that "If I'm attacking them, what if the enemy for is attacking me
and I'm being toasted?"

Well, that shouldn't be happening the first place... technically. Ideally you
have a better attack for than your enemy so you kill faster. If the enemy
destroys your base, you are dead, even if the enemy only has a pylon or a supply
depot left. If you have multiple bases then they have to find them and gives you
more time. When attacking, try and start wiping out expansions first. You may
want to go with a 'hit and run' strategy when doing this. Expansions are never
guarded as well as a main base (Unless they have something key there, like
nuclear silos or like ultralisk caverns) and most expansions have

Now, if you know this guy has like 6 expansions, and you only have one, you
don't have a choice but to help your base out until you can make more units.

Another thing you may think...

-What if my units attacking die?

Ideally, if they are attacking a base, you should have another base where you
can make more units. When you attack an enemy, try your best not to let down on
the attack so you keep your enemy overwhelmed.

Leading into this,

-Why should I scout (recon)?

First... let's say you don't scout. The only thing you know is where the enemy
is, and you see they have tons of marines (if they are terran) so you go mass
firebats. You go after this for like 10 minutes, and finally, you have 150
firebats. You hotkey them all, and they are marching their way over to the base,
when you are intercepted by a fleet of 24 wraiths. Oops. Good news is you've
still got 40 left after you get to the enemy. You unleash the firebats on the
marines left behind, when 7 siege tanks pound all your firebats into cherry

Exactly the point. Know what the enemy is up to.

This is a Terran guide, so I can make fun of the protoss and zerg. They have to
rely pretty heavy on parasite and observers (or just sneaking in peons by and

Terrans have it easy. Comsat, "S", bing. You see the entire screen of any
location on the map for around 10 seconds. I usually have like two comsats to
work with, each hotkeyed. That doesn't mean to rely 100% on comsats to scout,
just like 60% :)

The reason for that is that you still have other units. Again, like for the
vultures, the vulture's quick speed and relative cheapness of it (with speed
upgrade) allows you to zoom by most defenses and get a glance at an nme base.
Their mines work well too, put them in strategic places to see the enemy.

How do you keep the enemy from scouting on you? It's not possible to stop 100%
Of all recon, but you can prevent much of it. Against protoss, build a missle
turret in the center of your base, and a couple scattered around, one about
every 8 matrixes away. Depending on the size of your base, it shouldn't cost
more than 1,000 minerals. That may be alot, so if you are attacking the enemy,
they won't have a reason to be scouting you because they are too busy saving

Now.... the big question:


You aren't attacking! Hopefully you've looked through the rest of this text, and
you're getting an idea. Here are a few quick game ideas:

Your playing on 'The Hunters' and your opponent is random. You think to yourself
"Zerg won't be able to really rush me, I should get out some marines and get my
base defense up"

When you aren't attacking, you are slowing the enemy down.

So I think "I'll try and sneak in an scv and a few marines into their base, and
stick a bunker in their to attack"

You try it... they've got a bunker covering their choke point already.

So you think to get some tanks. You also get firebats to help back up your

You start the machine shop, but then you have second thoughts and you decide to
get spider mines. So you get those... and stick them around your base and the

It's just like this, you think about what you are doing, not just randomly
plucking thoughts out. It's good to have a good idea of what to do, but don't
make a dumb idea, like "I think I'll call "No rush" and nuke rush them"


(Hopefully you've noticed by now I'm not doing Brood War) so we now dig deeper
into strategies. We will exploit compound uses of units to stop and deploy
certain attacks and moves. If you have something you want answered here (game
related, if you have game problems check out the starcraft.org's forums)

-Successfully dropshipping into a peon line
-Stopping a swarm of dragoons
-Stopping the Six-Zergling rush
-Stopping the four-zealot rush
-Stopping the Eight marine rush (Not common though)
-Stopping a fleet of Carriers
-Stopping a fleet of Battlecruisers
-How to get past a turtle (bunkers, tanks and turrets as far as you can see)
-How to nuke... right
-Why you should not turtle
-Why people turtle anyway, but shouldn't
-Why 63% of all terran games are lost...and how to attack right.

For all the strategies on stopping enemy forces, read them all first, and figure
out which one you believe the enemy is GOING to do. If I tell you to get a ghost
for a certain thing, it's not helpful to do that after you figure out that you
have the enemy force coming after you. Have this stuff ready in advance,
preferably, most of them attacking the enemy, and the rest (not too much) ready
to defend... however.. if you attack right.. (see below)

***Successfully dropshipping into a peon line***
First, comsat the area to drop. If you see no missle turrets and no bunkers
(quite common) nearby, you're safe to dropship. Make sure you also check the
outer base to see if they've outlined their base.

If they do have missle turrets, grab a science vessel and Defense Matrix the
dropship, then grab a Wraith or two and make them both fly toward the drop
point. Make sure to slow down the Wraiths by slowly making them move. By
bringing Wraiths, not only is it harder to kill the dropship because of the
defense matrix, the missle turrets will be distracted shooting something else.
You might think that if you lose both your Wraiths (you should be able to get
your dropship out of there) you've lost alot. Well, if you kill all their peons
(usually at least 10 or so) that's 500 minerals right there. Get some buildings
(go for the gas facilities first)

This also works with other units, for example, if they outlined their base with
like dragoons.
To make this even more successful, mount an attack on the enemy (from the
outside) and while the units are distracted, dropship them into the base.

***Stopping a Swarm of Dragoons**

This tends to be a fun thing that protoss players like to do. Some get like 50
dragoons and group them, then throw them at the enemy. This usually works pretty
well because of the vast numbers. To beat this..

First, if you had NO defense, you are screwed. Sorry :)

Now I know I said it's not good to turtle, but that doesn't mean you can't have
a bunker behind. This swarm of fury isn't really easy to counter while it's
happening, so you have to prevent it. Ways to prevent it:

-Swarm spider mines everywhere by your choke point. When you see them coming,
emp them with a science vessel.

Well, I guess that wasn't alot. By using EMP on them, you can effectively strip
them of 80 shield, which is almost half their total life. Left with 100 hp, two
tank shots will kill it, as well as any dragoon near it.

What's important is that you comsat the enemy and see what they are up to. If
you see them building up mass dragoons, you can either go attack them with
everything you have, or keep building up a larger attack force standing by as
soon as the dragoons are gone.

Another thing you can also try is to nuke them. Try and kill any observers they
may have brought, then just nuke. You will kill almost every dragoon on the
screen, so retreat your troops before the nuke falls. The dragoons are so large,
that if they try to retreat, they'll still lose some dragoons because of
their.... stupidity :)

Another way is to grab your battlecruisers, and emp the one on the front, and
attack them. The one on the front will absorb most the damage, while you attack
the dragoons. Try and have a science vessel standing by to reinitiate the
defense matrix when it gets weak. Better yet, defense matrix as many of the
battlecruisers as you can :)

***Stopping the Six-Zergling Rush***
This happens very early in the game. First I'll tell you, it's extremely
difficult to stop a zergling rush in a small map such as blood bath. If they
know where you are, they can get you before you get a marine out. So two things:

If playing on a large map, and you suspect a zergling rush, here is my build

1st SCV: Created as soon as game starts
2nd SCV: Mine
3rd SCV: Mine
4th SCV: Mine
5th SCV: Mine
After you have around 48 minerals, the scv should be done. Go make that one mine
as well, and make another as soon as you can.
1st SCV: Mine
6th SCV: Mine (After it's made, duh)

When you have the money, Build a barrack near the command center, but not
directly to the right of it so you have room for comsat later. It's important to
get a barrack up as soon as possible. Make another scv as soon as you can.
8th SCV: Build supply depot
The supply sepot and barrack should finish pretty close to each other. Have the
supply depot scv go mine, and the barrack one to build a bunker right by the
supply depot. Hopefully you've kept everything somewhat close together.

Now, you can make four marines to stand by if you see zergling coming. If you
placed the bunker too far away, then they will attack your peons and you won't
be able to do a thing.

I usually use this build order anyway, as it gets be started well. Then, when I
have the money, I make another scv, and have that one build a refinery, then
another one build another depot... etc.

If the enemy returns with more zerglings, grab 6 or so scv's and have them
repair the bunker. If they repair the bunker completely, they will stop and
won't repair again, so you need to manually tell them to do it again.

Do make this work on a small map like blood bath, everything must be TIGHT. Like
almost everything touches each other. This way when the zerglings attack, you
should still have a little time to finish your bunker. I've tested this, and
I've never been successfully rushed on blood bath (since this at least)

***Stopping the four-zealot rush***
Well, do the same thing as the order above for zergling rush. You have to
choices: Make more marines (not neccessarily more bunkers) to backup the bunker
you already have. When the zealots come, just shoot them. You will probably have
to bring SCV's over to repair. I can't stress that enough. Repairing is it's
special ability (really) so make it repair bunkers.

Also, you can go for firebats. You'll need to build an acadamy, so you can grab
the scv building the bunker to build an acadamy as soon as it can. Then you can
start pumping out firebats, provided you have gas. You should also make an scv
build a refinery when you can (Yes it gets expensive, take it when you can, and
when you have the extra money, make an scv to go mine, or make another supply

And yet another method, wall in your choke points with supply depots. Then build
your bunker behind them. The zealots will get stuck trying to get through while
you shoot them (yes, you can shoot through the bunkers :)

***Stopping the Eight Marine Rush***

Well, since this is a terran guide, even if you are both of equal skill and get
8 marines at the same time, you enemy still has to walk over to your base (if
they've found it) and then attack. By that point, assuming you've kept making
marines, you should have more by that time.

Otherwise, the same build order used for the above two rushes work just fine
because don't underestimate the power of the bunker, especially when supported.
Just don't overuse it..

***Stopping a fleet of Carriers***

Whoa whoa whoa... wait a minute. 12 Carriers cost 4100 minerals and 3000 gas.
That's alot.... of resources. Plus, it would take at least three stargates to
get them all out in at least some time. Even so, carriers take 2 min and 20
seconds to build, and that's if your playing on fastest! That's still at least 9
minutes. You, as the terran, can get alot in 9 minutes. My conclusion, why the
heck are you playing BGH?

If you aren't...you're not being aggressive enough. Read some zen (above) and
look on

By the time the protoss get carriers, you should be all the way up the tech
tree. If you know the protoss is trying to carrier rush you, storm them with
tanks and marines while making Wraiths. If they are trying to rush you, they
will not have been concentrating on making a large defense or an attack force.

If they aren't, and you simply see 10 carriers coming your way, you should be
far up the tech tree. There are several ways to stop this, but there are a few
things to be done in order:

First off, ALWAYS emp the mass of carriers (rarely seen individualy) first. That
way, you will kill any hallucinations so you don't waste time killing an

Second, check one of the carriers or interceptors and see what upgrade level's
they are on. This is optional, but if they are at a higher level than you and
you must fight, you'll know to be more cautious.

Oh yeah, try not to ever fight directly over water or out of sight of land. This
can be harder on island games, so try to lure them over to bare land. The reason
for this is so that ground units can help attack too. Even one marine can make a
difference (well... maybe not... but eight of them would)

Anyway, back to the point. Third, get your ghosts over there. Hotkey as many
ghosts as you can. I sure hope those ghosts have energy, because you'll be
locking down. Call up each hotkey (click on the unit, then press ctrl+# to
hotkey it, press # again. # stands for any numbers 1 to 9/0) then press 'L' then
click on a target. That will lock down the target. Don't bother cloaking your
ghosts unless the carriers are backed up by forces. What should you lock down
first? The observer!! 99 out of 100 times, good players will bring observers
along to detect cloaked units. Bring up your comsat (hopefully hotkeyed as well,
I usually use one and two) and scan the area, or defense matrix a science vessel
and swing it by to see the observer.

Many players complain that the mass of carriers hide the observer. This is not
completely true, because observer 'fly' higher than carriers, so you can always
at least see their body when detected. Immedietly lock it down (when locked down
it won't detect anymore) and bring in wraiths to kill it. Then, lock down as
many carriers as you can to stop more destruction, and just take them on. Most
of the time these attacks fail is because terran players fail to kill the
observer (because they keep changing targets as the observer moves around) and
they are taken over by the carriers. Still, another common mistake is that they
only look on the battlescreen. Observers have a larger field of range than a
science vessel (Hence the name... Observer) so check around you. That's why a
few missle turrets and science vessels around are so important.

Another important thing is that some players use arbiters to conceal all the
carriers. Try to lock it down as well, but always aim for the observer first. If
you didn't know yet, the observer is quite small (the size of two marines next
to each other) and looks like it has a bulb thing on the front of it (well, it's
not that small. If it's detected, it's about as obvious as a marine). Then, take
out the arbiters, then the carriers. If you are feeling lazy, lock down as many
carriers as you can, then bring a ghost in to nuke them. No carrier can survive
a nuke within impact range.

When they are locked down, either nuke them (Unless they are too close to your
base) or send in tons of Wraiths and Goliaths (preferred method)

A trickier, more expensive way, is to grab four or five scv's and make them
build missle turrets everywhere, close to the carriers. Chances are, after all
the preperation, you should have some money to build a few half dozen turrets.

When you lockdown, a common problem is to lock down the same unit several times.
To help avoid this, lock them down not just randomly, but start from like the
top left and work down in order. As soon as any observers are

Anyway, ALWAYS KILL THE OBSERVER FIRST (sorry for yelling) because that means
the difference between a win and a loss. If you see multiple observer, just lock
them all down. That's why it's important to use hotkeys, and to fight over land
because ghost's can't exactly lock down something that they can't even see....

So what do you do after the carriers are dead? You attack their base...because
they've spent tons of resources to those carriers, and hopefully you have
SOMETHING left to go after...

If you don't have anything, you screwed up. You need to have something ready to
attack (even the goliaths/wraiths) or they have tons of stuff... stop playing
BGH then.

Also, last but not least, one of the most important facts:


Why? Well, any smart protoss player scouting ahead will take out the ghosts
first. You want to leave them back, but not so far back they have to walk
through a junkyard of buildings and unit.

***Stopping a Fleet of Battlecruisers**

Everything I said about carriers applies here. Read above first, even if you
aren't playing protoss.

One large reason attacks against them also fair is because of the terran's
comsat ability. There are a few ways to get around this. First way is to use
MASS numbers of Wraith. 12'll probably might cut it, but really, having like
three groups of six hotkeyed will end battlecruisers fast. When a terran comsats
to find cloaked units, you see the blue swirly thing around the screen, then
about a second later you are detected. In that second, move your units out of
the way, and around to attack from a different direction. Battlecruisers are
slow (heck, marines *walk* faster than them) so do it as fast as possible.

Attacking from a different direction (one matrix above you isn't going to work)
will kind of 'cancel' the comsat. Keep yourself moving and eventually the comsat
will run out of energy to detect.

Like the observer, you will also have science vessels to contend with as
detectors. Like the observer, just lock it down with a ghost.

Or, if you are daring, fly a science vessel into the enemy base (defense matrix
it if you must) and emp the comsat. That will drain it of all energy, and won't
be detecting anything for almost a minute.

Whenever you fight large fleets, avoid fighting directly at the enemy's home
base, try to lure them away so it takes longer for them to recieve new troops,
and so they can't build detector buildings as easily. Again, large numbers of
wraiths can take out battlecruisers quite well, especially if upgraded. Goliaths
can work if you lure them to a bunch of them, but the carrier can simply fly
away, so you need Wraiths to follow. Another way to counter is to counter with
you own battlecruisers. Locate where they are, then have ever two battlecruisers
of yours yamato one of theirs. Don't try this if all their battlecruisers are
well defended at home. The yamato will do a guaranteed kill on battlecruiser
(unless they have scv's repairing, but rare) and will even the tide of battle.

***How to get past a turtle***
Starting with Terran turtles:

Terran's like to turtle, but that's another matter. One easy way to get past
turtle bases are to nuke them. What's hard is they are usually surrounded with
missle turrets and tanks. Here are a few... "Math" things. Please read this!!!

If a missle turret is behind a tank, then the missle turret cannot detect your
ghost, and you can attempt a nuke.

If the missle turret is in front of a tank, then you can use your own tank to
destroy it out of the enemy tank's range (you'll have to move slow)

I've never seen a tank directly next to a missle turret (gotta be pixels
accurate) so it's one of those two. Of course, in weird curves and turns, this
is different. One way is to send a marine in and see how far it gets before it's
shot. That's how far you can get. Then send a cloaked ghost in and see how far
you get before you are shot. That's your cloaked range. If both of the ranges
aren't far enough for you (even with ocular implants for the ghost) then your
safest option is to send a battlecruiser in to yamato the missle turret, because
nothing else can hit it back except for another battlecruiser.

If you aren't in range still, and you don't have battlecruisers, move your ghost
up to where the dead body was (just before it) and have it nuke just ahead. This
takes some estimating. If you estimate too far the ghost will move ahead and be
shot. If you underestimate, you won't destroy enough.

Get it somewhat right, and you should be able to kill any missle turrets and
tanks nearby (at least fatally hurt them) and just redo the process.

If you ARE in range...

Then walk in and nuke.. unless they comsat you (it happens) or a science vessel
comes. If a science vessel comes, grab two ghosts, and keep them far away from
each other and have them both try to lock down the vessel. If you keep dying,
defense matrix one of them.

If they keep comsatting you, you can choose try a couple things. One is to nuke
from a strange location, such as off an island but still in range. The enemy
usually comsats 9 out of 10 times their choke point. Before you nuke, stick a
cloaked ghost in range of the tank, then when they comsat, they will kill the
ghost, They'll usually assume they killed the ghost that was nuking, and won't
check for the red dot (usually) or they'll go nuts trying to. Then, the nuke
will come down... (Where the !@$# did that nuke come from!?!?!?)

The more ghosts you have in different locations, the more chance of success
(it's not THAT expensive, 25 minerals, 75 gas, if you managed to get nukes and
all that, you should at least have enough for a few ghosts..)
Then, repeat process. Or, like above, grab a science vessel and emp the comsat.
Then just storm on in.

This is much easier against other zerg and protoss. Get tons of siege tanks and
blow them away, nothing can hit you back (hope you have some air defense...). If
you are playing a team game, pretend the spore colonies and photon cannons are
missle turrets and do the same thing as above.

***How to nuke... right***

First, bad ways to nuke:

-Get the idea you are supposed to nuke from the silo and you nuke yourself
-Forgetting cloak and running into siege tanks or a bunker (doh!!)
-Making a successfull launch, but before the nuke comes you bring in all your
units to come attack and not only do you kill the enemy units you kill all your
units (You really want this nuke? I think I'll give myself 500 screen-wide
splash damage)

Good ways to nuke:
-Nuke from high ground (dropship! hah!)
-Use multiple ghosts to launch
-Use defense matrix on a ghost
-Use defense matrix on all multiple ghosts
-Nuke the same target from diffent locations (just spread them out and multi-
select and nuke)

When nuking, the main reason nukes fail is because the ghosts are... killed.

They are killed because someone detects them and kills them. You must prevent
detections or do the nuking in such a way they won't possibly find all the
ghosts or which one is the correct one in time (about 10 seconds)

Nuking from high ground help prevent this because even if they detect you,
ground-ground units can't hit you (firebats, zerglings, etc) and
those that can hit things higer will be less accurate at hitting you.

When nuking protoss, always emp the area before the nuke comes to do more

***Why you should not turtle***

Well, you can... but it's not a good idea. Turtling slows you down because you
work so hard on a defense you don't make an attack force as well and while the
enemy does, you'll be stuck in your base until the enemy captures every resource
spot on the map and comes with unlimitted resources and units and you will
eventully be crushed. It doesn't matter if you have a 10:1 kill ratio, you will
eventually lose, especially if it's a money map.

Oh yeah, it's pretty cheap to, and besides, how do you 'defend someone to

***Why people turtle anyway***

People do, because they like to see units come and be toasted as they laugh as
they are hardly hit...initially..

People also turtle so they can build up an attack force without disruptance.
Well, this can work if you're really fast, but still if someone gets past your
defense while you are building your force.... your screwed.

Besides, NO DEFENSE IS IMPENETRABLE so don't over do it.

That's not to say you can't defend at all though. A couple bunkers, missle
turret, and siege tanks are enough for your choke point. A missle turret or two
around the edge can help kill incoming dropships, but don't overdo it. Read
below on attacking to see why.

***Why 63% of all terran games are lost....and how to attack***

They lose because they turtle and never attack. They might attack, but most
players who turtle get like one type of unit (mass cruisers or carriers) and
well, reading above you'll know how to counter them. 'nuff said.

If you don't turtle or defend you might think "Then heck, I'll die", which is
why you attack.


Yes yes, I know terran are aggressive, but you can't ALWAYS be, and if the
opponent tries the same, you either need to be faster, have some defense, or
both (prefered)

Underdefending is having a bunker sitting on one side of your choke point with a
tank sitting next to it, unsieged in case it needs to run away.

Turtling is having three bunkers walling in your choke point, with tanks all on
such positions which result in blowing up your bunker is a zealot runs up, so
many missle turrets surrounding you that it could be considered an exterior
silo, and so many Wraiths that it results in blocking out the sun.

Either way, it's not good.

Two bunkers, each with a set of four hotkeyed units behind it, with a couple
tanks back to the side of them, sieged, two missle turrets in front and behind,
and maybe a couple spider mines in front of the base, sometimes replenished, is
all you'll ever need.

At least for the choke point, it's smart to stick a missle turret or two by your
command center, in case a queen tries to get in, or an observer, and stick a
couple turrets around the base (not too many or it's a waste of money) mainly
for cloak detection. Oh yeah, leave a couple marines back in your base in case
something DOES get in, because, who cares if you detect the 6 ghosts with nukes,
if all you have are scv's to go after them (hmm..... scv's.... :)?


****Before you read this part please read the above on Starcraft Terran Zen so
more of this will make sense***

When attacking, always attack with at least two unit types, unless you are one
of those rush people.

To destroy an enemy force, you must overpower it, and to overpower it you must
either have more superior forces, or have forces superior in size. However,
there are exceptions to this obviously, for example, did you know one Wraith can
take out 400 zerglings? Of course you did. Because zerglings can't shoot air! Oh
wait... can they? No, they can't.

Because of that, that's why you must use at least two unit types, preferably
ones that attack both air and ground, so you aren't pummeled by units you can't
even attack on. This is especially important in later games where you are far up
the tech tree.

Also, another strategy on attacking is to split up your forces. Make two attack
forces and attack from different sides. If you have one path to attack from, put
them on opposite sides of the path. It all helps because the enemy must spread
their firepower.

Another effective way is to dropship units behind the enemy, then bring in more
to attack from the front. Then they must attack in two totally different
directions. This is very effective.

Also, don't neglect marines. Always have some. When I say some I mean at least
eight always. I usually have a couple barracks (sometimes three or four if it
turns into a ground battle) with marines coming out when I have the money and
the supply. Always bring some when attempting a tank attack.

When attacking a base with tanks, where you know enemies are going to come down,
grab a quad of vultures and lay mines all around the area. Then when they come
to attack they will be toasted by the spider mines (if they don't destroy them,
so that's why you make tons of them)

Oh yeah, have a science vessel standing around always, so when you see that
swarm of hydralisks or zealots come, shoot a couple irradiations and you'll
finish them off alot faster.

                        *-*-*-*-Advanced Strategy-*-*-*-*
First, to read this section, you need to have a good handle on the game, and
understands what everything does. You should know these things before going on:

All the terran Units and what they all do
How to use waypoints and hotkeys
Some micromanagement skills

I will review a little of each, but you should have a good grasp. Anyway....

First, hotkey whenever you are going to attack. Hotkey anything you are going to
use more than once. I always hotkey my comsat station to 1. ALWAYS.

The reason for that is because the 1 and "s" for comsat are close together. Some
people recommend using 9 or 0, but that takes longer. Then, I just go up in
order. When I attack, I usually bring a diversified attack force. For the first
attack I bring marines and tanks up. Hotkey 2 for the marines and 3 for the
tanks. Then I just press 2, right click near the enemy base, then 3, near the
enemy base. That way I can quickly press 3 and siege all my tanks, then press 2
again to bring all the marines up by the tanks. This will save tons of time,
believe me if you work with hotkeys.

If you aren't attacking, or your building your fleet, you are harrassing your
opponent, but not with 'yo momma jokes' but by keeping him busy defending him
(her) self. Send in some wraiths and poke at their scv's, then run when
reinforcements come. Blow up some bunkers from a far ledge, dropship some units
in, or slowly tank push them, while another force comes for backup.

In longer games, if I know the opponent is getting tons of battlecruisers or
carriers (or even just lots of scouts or wraiths) I hotkey almost all my ghosts.
I use 4 to 0 to hotkey. That's seven ghosts. Then, I get them together, and when
the enemy comes, I can quickly press one of the numbers, then 'L' for lockdown
and immedietly lock down any enemy force coming my way. If I have the ghost's
cloaking ability and their extra energy reactor, I can lockdown up to 14 units,
as each ghost can lock down twice (if fully charged)

If I'm going to attack, then I bring along 2/3 of my ghosts with me to lockdown
anything. When I get to the enemy base, if their defenses are tight with siege
tanks (if terran) then I hotkey one of my science vessels, and quickly defense
matrix two of my hotkeyed ghosts I brough along. Then I can move them up and
quickly press their hotkeyed number (the ghost) and lockdown as many tanks as I
can while the shield lasts.
Read above in 'Stopping carriers/battlecruiser fleets' for more information on
the miracle of lockdown

This also brings up another point. Spying on your enemy. This is important so
you know what to counter. Countering 50 dragoons is far different from
countering 2. Again, read above in 'Starcraft Terran Zen' to see why this is so

And finally, a few more things...

Combos to use your units in:
Marines/Firebats: Marines can shoot far away, firebats to toast up front. Turns
zerglings into carbon based paste quickly.

Goliaths and Wraiths: Toast many air units very quickly, especially if you use
above strategies to pretect your Wraiths. The goliaths rock because their Air
attack is 25% strong than the Wraith when fully upgraded (both of them)

Wraiths and Battlecruisers: Battlecruisers toast everything while wraiths defend
thim. Especially important against zerg when they fling scourges at you.

Marines and Wraiths: Kill units on the ground with marines while Wraiths toast
other units around.

Science Vessel and Battlecruiser: Get lots of vessels (like 5) and defense
matrix all your battlecruiser and make them attack. Fearsome if not countered

Remember that any of these can be countered if the enemy has more superior
forces than you.


Just for fun, these are the cheats that can be used in single one player games
in starcraft, as well as my comments on them. Just hit enter and type in the
cheat while playing (the actual game) and hit enter again:

Power overwhelming: Makes you invicible. However, if you attack yourself, you
are still hurt, and splash damage still effects you.

operation cwal: Makes everything build super fast. Build a command center in 6
seconds flat! This also affects the computer player as well, so beware.

the gathering: gives you unlimitted energy (ghost cloaking/lockdown energy, etc)
but also effects the computer. The computer likes to shoot lots of yamato shots
if this is on...

ophelia: Type this once, then type the name of the race (terran, protoss, or
zerg) then the level number. If you want to go to terran mission four, you type

Ophelia (press enter)

If you want to do this for a broodwar mission, just add an ex, IE, xterran4

black sheep wall: reveals the map, but doesn't spot cloaked units for you still

war ain't what it used to be: kills the fog of war, so wherever you move to will
always be revealed.

modify the phase variance: lets you build anything, anytime.

show me the money: gives you 10,000 gas and minerals.

breath deep: gives you 500 gas

whats mine is mine: gives you 500 minerals

food for thought: No 'supply limit' but you are still restricted by the
universal 200 supply, just means you don't have to build supply depots.

medieval man: Generic upgrades and abilities are free and researched

something for nothing: upgrades everything one level (do it three times for max)

staying alive: Lets you keep playing if you win, rather pointless, unless you
like to kill. Can only go on using the end level cheat.

there is no cow level: ends the level, takes you to next one. Must use if you
use the staying alive cheat and you want to go on.

There are a couple other cheats but they are really really useless. If you
really want them, just go to starcraft.org or www.gamefaqs.com and I guarantee
the faqs there will have them.

                            Story Time (With a lesson!)
These are quick 'Battle Reports' but without the screenshots. This is to tell
about some of my experiences, and what I learned from them. Don't expect me to
win every one, I still have alot to learn. I wrote this guide to help me also
make aware of what to do more often. I don't have many 'stories' yet (heck, one)
but as I play more I'll add them!

Also, send your own stories in and have them displayed here. Just be sure to add
a 'synopsis' about your experience and what you learned. Please don't let them
be more than 5 k.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - -

I was playing an opponent on the ladder, who was terran as well. I used my
bunker build order (found above in six zerg rush stopping) and got some marines.
I sent them all out to find the enemy. Soon my marine was toasted, and I saw
where the base approximately was. I made an attack force and brought them up
nearby. With three tanks and ten marines, and two firebats as backup, I
comsatted ahead and saw the player only had one tank, but already teched far up
the tree. I easily destroyed the base, with about four marines and a tank left
over. Well, the game didn't end, I thought he expanded. I brought in the
vultures I was making while I was attacking, and set a few mines at his base so
I would see if he/she came back. I scouted around, and found a small expansion
set on a hill. He (Let's say) was defending this one quite well.

He had two bunkers with two tanks next to them. After a few tries I managed to
get by it using a combination of large numbers of tanks and sending d-matrixed
marines in (yes, I got science vessels while they were scouting)

I destroyed the rest of everything, and well, haven't won yet. This guy is

This countinued on the entire game, killing targets over and over. I made a few
expansions when I could, and set them up. Then, suddenly, a huge attack force
appeared! Like 20 marines and 8 tanks! Well, they killed my base, but I took a
few out with a couple Wraiths I left behind at home. I was sending my units is
all directions to find the other expansion. I kept finding stray missle turrets
and supply depots everywhere.

Eventually, I lost my attack force to his, and I had to remake it. He found my
other expansions and destroyed them.

What did I learn? First, I could have used some Wraiths. That was I
cover more ground faster when finding his "Expansions" Also, I should have
developed my expansions more. That way I could have gotten more units.

Oh yeah, it wouldn't have hurt for me to expand more than I did. A larger attack
force and more air would have been a great asset. Try and learn from my

That's my faq! I'll be planning to add more to it, specifically buildings, and
more strategies as I learn, discover, and experience them. Please tell me what
you think!


To Blizzard for making this great game!
To Starcraft.org for a great site to show this!
To www.gamefaqs.com for hosting it!
To the current clan I'm in, {MX} for helping me with some experiments.

Seeya! E-mail me at alexis@warstrike.com if you have questions or comments.
Seeya, again! Oh hey, if you want to play a game, e-mail me. I'll also be seen
on the game as Alexis!, or {MX}~Alexis (my practice name, so try them if you
wanna find me! Just type /where [Name]

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