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Читы для StarTopia

Чит-файл для StarTopia


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Mucky Foot Studios
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 14 июня 2001 года
Жанры:Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / 3D
Похожие игры:Constructor, Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Multiplayer:(4) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2001 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Mission 1: The Groulien Workers Party
Objective: The Groulien Workers Party, those who pay your bills, require you to
turn the vacant segment into a Waystation where the asteroid miners can relax
between shifts. VAL, your virtual artificial lifeform, will be of assistance to
you throughout this mission.

Turning a bland segment on the Technology Deck into a Waystation primarily
involves facility placement and staffing. In fact, you will spend the better
portion of this mission laying out various items such as a Docking Station,
Berths, Dine-O-Mats, and Lavotrons—you know, all of the things that make a
Waystation such a nice place to rest after a hard day’s work. Follow VAL’s
instructions and you’ll be fine, just be sure to include no less than 5 Slumber
Pods in the Berth. You can spruce up both the Berth and the Waystation proper by
placing Ultra-lamps on the floor. Right-Click anywhere along the floor to bring
up Building List and select them from the sub-list of corridor items.

Once you’ve constructed the Droid Recharger you’ll be asked to open the bulkhead
doors to a new segment. Right-click the bulkhead and then left-click the lock to
access the neighboring segment. Here you’ll build and staff a Recycling Plant.
Place the blueprint along the rear wall so as to leave plenty of floorspace
available for future additions. To staff the Recycling Plant with the requisite
Salt-Hogs toggle the Management Screen and scan the list of Salt-Hogs and their
attributes. Although you’re likely very excited about making your first hiring
decision as a supervisor, just remember that this is only to fill a vacancy at a
Recycling Plant—not a very demanding job. Select two Salt-Hogs who have moderate
skill ratings and two who may be less skilled, but are cheap. In fact, so long
you don’t hire any criminals you’ll be good to go.

Once the plant has been staffed VAL will hint to you that it would be a nice
gesture (and good practice, I might add) for you to beam some of the litter
directly into the Recycling Plant. Left-click various junk and litter to add it
to your pattern buffer and then left-click in the Recycling Plant to dispose of
it. You can help yourself tremendously in this chore by setting your Scuzzer
Droids to focus on litter patrol. Right-click the Scuzzer and drag the recycling
icon to the top of the list. While you’re at it, go ahead and lower the levels
energy and health that trigger them to get repairs or recharging. Use the
button so the changes will effect all Scuzzers.

Speaking of scum, err, I mean Scuzzers, Arona Daal will contact you with a
extra that he’s willing to part with. Although you should make a rule of not
buying from Arona unless absolutely necessary, your in no risk of running out of
energy in this mission so it’s up to you. Go ahead and purchase one of his
Scuzzers and set it to litter patrol so as to help keep the place tidy.

VAL will inform you of the arrival of three Technology Crates. These crates,
unlike Hardplan Crates, allow you to build their contents whenever you wish—
essentially giving you the technology and know-how to do so. Build each of the
three facilities in the new segment, making sure to add plenty of Slumber Pods
the Berth. As you might expect, the sudden increase in traffic through your
Waystation has led to more rubbish being left around. Hire 2 more Salt-Hogs when
VAL prompts you to. Use the same hiring method as before—anyone will do, just no

Your next task will be to monitor the situation and to add facilities where they
are needed. More than likely you will start to see a line of Salt-Hogs forming
around your Lavotrons. To ease the pain of the workers, build two or three more
Lavotrons where space allows, just keep them away from the Dine-O-Mats as nobody
wants to hear those types of noises when they are eating

Your next task as Supervisor will be to assist in the building of a
communications relay. Targ aliens will dock at the station at the same time two
Hardplan Crates containing Communications Sensors arrive. Place the blueprints
for the Com Sensors out of the way of your visitors, preferably along an outside

It appears that you got your communications devices installed just in time to
learn about a seriously ill diplomat headed to your station. Once the issue of a
Sickbay is raised, Arona Daal will contact you with an offer to sell you a
Sickbay for 6000 energy units. Purchase the Hardplan for it and lay it out
similarly to a Berth. Include the waiting couch and diagnosis unit and have your
Scuzzer Droids get to work on it ASAP!

The last task for you in this mission is to hire a Grey and have him cure the
ailing Diplomat. Cost doesn’t matter, just make sure you select a Grey who is
loyal to the task at hand. Once the Diplomat and the Grey find one another in
Sickbay the mission will end.

Mission 2: The Grey Council
Objective: The Grey Council has hired you to set up a hospital for them.
Considering how well you’ve handled the sickly diplomat back there at the
Waystation, is it any wonder? Unfortunately, there is always fine print when
signing a contract, and as VAL points out, this one is no exception. You must
cure 100 patients, all the while keeping the mortality rate below 10.

Begin the mission by building the Energy Collector, Power Booster, Recharger,
Port. Next up is the task of building your first Sick Bay. VAL’s advice is of
good kind, take it easy and build it small. Your first Sick Bay needn’t contain
more than 4 Diagnosis Units and a couple of Waiting Couches. Hire the Greys that
come aboard with the first of the sick aliens and use the crates they provide to
erect a Lavotron, Dine-O-Mat, and a Berth. As you will come to see, the Dine-O-
Mat creates a lot of litter so place it near the bulkhead door as you’ll be
getting a Recycler for the neighboring segment soon enough.

Expand into the adjacent segment and hire several Salt-Hogs to work the
Once you have the Comsensor purchased and built, as well as a second Sick Bay—
this one with several more Diagnosis Units—set your Scuzzers to recycling duty.
So long as you continue to hire enough Greys as doctors, your main challenge
be keeping the Health Inspectors from yanking your license and shutting the
hospital down.

In addition to the sickly aliens, you will be visited often by Arona Daal, as
well as the Health Inspectors of the Grey Council. Regardless of how clean your
hospital is being kept VAL will warn you about the dirtiness of it—and with good
reason, the third warning from the inspectors will end your reign as hospital
administrator! To keep from having to constantly beam litter into your pattern
buffer, only to drop it into the Recycler, you should aim to purchase every
Scuzzer and Litter Bin Arona Daal is willing to sell you. Also, you would
from hiring additional Salt-Hogs in a steady manner throughout the entire
mission. Consider hiring no less than a dozen Salt-Hogs once the hospital really
starts getting crowded.

Being around sick aliens isn’t any fun—not for doctors, the patients, or the
cured aliens waiting to go home. For this reason you will be able to construct
various facilities such as a motel, General Store, and even a Music Shop on the
Pleasure Deck. Although the Pleasure Deck is a great source of energy (aliens
willing to spend lots of it on “Get Well” gifts), it is a giant headache as
Although your Scuzzers and Salt-Hogs will frequent the Pleasure Deck, and may
even pick up some rubbish while they’re there, you have got to install several
Litter Bins if you are to keep on the Inspectors’ good side. Other facilities,
such as the Love Nest, also make for nice attractions and help to keep the
visiting aliens from getting bored. Just make sure to hire a Siren for each Love
Chair you install.

Although the mission objectives allow for several patients that “don’t make it”,
there is little reason for anyone to die should you follow these basic tips. For
starters, hire more doctors than there are Diagnosis Units. By doing so you will
not only allow for Greys to take a stroll up to the Pleasure Deck from time to
time, but you can also hire any and every Grey you see, regardless of skill
level. As a rule of thumb, hire 50% more doctors than you have Diagnosis Units.
Another good strategy is to add plenty of Waiting Couches to each Sick Bay.
Monitor the couches to see if you need to add another Sick Bay. Finally,
several Dispensers from Arona Daal and use them in a sort of self-help Sick Bay.
You will have to include at least one Diagnosis Unit in it, but you can have the
majority of it devoted to Dispensers.

Last but not least, there is the topic of supplies. Keep at least one crate of
Medical and Food Supplies in your Pattern Buffer at all times as you never know
when you will need it. Essentially, if you cure every patient that enters your
hospital, and pass each inspection, you will have plenty of energy awarded to
that you can go on mini spending sprees should you wish. Purchase a Power
early on and continue to add additional Scuzzers, Litter Bins, Supplies, and
decorative items. You should also purchase a second Recharger to place on the
Pleasure Deck. Keeping your guests from being bored is important if you are to
ask them to stay on as residents. Along the same lines, take an occasional
at the Management Screen to see which of your residents feel they deserve a
promotion (indicated by the blinking star). Promote each of them to keep your
staff from departing on you when you need them the most.

Mission 3: The Targ Collective
Objective: The Targ have heard good things about your management skills and have
hired you to establish a cutting-edge Cargo Trading Facility. You must be
in your deals and strive to accumulate 100,000 energy.

As usual, you will begin the mission with a pile of crates lying in a heap on
Technology Deck. Unpack the Scuzzer Droids and build the Energy Collector, Port,
and Power Booster. The Targ, willing to help you succeed in your task, will
deposit 50,000 energy in your station as soon as the Energy Collector is built.
Once the next load of Hardplan Crates is delivered, you should open the Bulkhead
doors to the neighboring two segments and construct the Star Dock, Lavotron,
O-Mat, and Berth. Place the Star Dock in a corner, as it takes up a lot of room.

Add a Comsensor and staff it with a loyal Targ, as he's going to be there for a
while. You will do little construction throughout the rest of the mission, so be
sure to re-arrange the priorities of your Scuzzer Droids. Have them focus on
repairing and cleaning the equipment and, unless you build a Recycler, give
litter patrol the lowest priority. Of course, you will want to purchase a couple
Litter Bins when given the chance.

Your only true danger in this mission is running out of energy. Should this
happen you will lose the ability to power your Star Dock, and hence be without
the capability to trade for more energy. To prevent this from happening, try
hardest to control your spending and stay above 15,000 energy as best you can.

With the way to avoid your only true peril already having been flagged, it's
to discuss your winning strategy. The key to quickly succeeding in this mission
and moving on to the next lies with your ability to exploit the likes and
dislikes of your visiting merchants. Throughout the mission, you will be visited
by Greys, Sirens, Targs, and Salt-Hog traders, as well as that scoundrel Arona
Daal. With the exception of his first visit, at which time you may wish to
purchase a Factory or Recycler from him, Arona Daal's inventory should be
politely scanned and then hastily be given the boot—especially if the other
traders are looking to board. The following list will highlight some of the key
trades to make, detailing who to buy various items from, and who to in turn sell
them to at high margins. You will find that playing matchmaker between the Greys
and Sirens, as well as between the Targ and Salt-Hogs, is your best bet for
bringing in the dough.

Greys: The Greys are your low-cost source for everything medical—remember, it
them who had you build a hospital. Whenever the Greys come aboard you should be
certain to purchase multiple Sick Bays and crates of Medical Supplies, as the
Sirens will pay top-dollar for them. Sell the Greys crates of Luxury Items and
other things of an entertainment nature, such as Discos and Love Nests.

Sirens: The high-pitched, winged, Sirens seem to run an entertainment wholesale
house. They sell Discos, Love Nests, and Luxury Items at dirt-cheap prices. On
their first visit, you should be sure to buy two of the Discos and Love Nests,
you will need to build them to attract more visitors. Always purchase Luxury
Items from the Sirens unless you build a Factory, for they will come in handy
when trading with the Greys. Speaking of Greys, sell the Sirens the Sick Bays
Medical Supplies you had purchased from the Greys to make your profits soar.

You'll have some time before your next visit to start adding amenities such as a
Disco, Factory or Recycler, and a Love Nest. Momentarily switch your Scuzzer
Droids back to building mode until these extras are constructed and hire one or
two Sirens to work the Love Nest. Feel free to up the admission fee slightly on
each of your entertainment facilities. Also, should you build a Factory or
Recycler, hire no less than four Salt-Hogs to work it. Avoid hiring anyone for
more than 1,000 energy on this mission as all of them are easily replaceable.
Finally, build a small Sick Bay with just one Diagnosis Unit in it. Leave room
for a Dispenser to be added and hire one Grey to play doctor. Fire the Grey once
you add the Dispenser.

Although you can build a Factory and staff it with Salt-Hogs to produce your own
Luxury Goods, among other things, it is more cost-effective to simply purchase
the Luxury Goods from the Sirens. This will save you in terms of the cost of
buying and maintaining the Factory, as well as the cost of labor and materials.
Rather, you should consider building a Recycler, as it will help to actually
a return on your investment by converting litter into energy.

Another topic of concern is the chance that Arona will offer you a loan. Should
you fall below 10,000 energy units he will happen by and offer you an energy
loan. Should he do this, and you accept, be sure to maintain at least 30,000
energy until he comes back to collect on it. In other words, don't buy anything!
Rather, just sit tight and allow your visitors to spend their monies on your
attractions. Also, it is likely that a Solar Flare will occur, giving you a
chance to get back on your feet.

And now, back to trading…

Targ: The Targ, as you know, are a technically-oriented bunch. They sell
Comsensors, Cargo Holds, and Power Boosters at relatively affordable prices.
Purchase an extra Cargo Hold from them for yourself to use and grab as many
Comsensors as you can afford. Although the Targ are really looking for
Supplies, you can turn a decent profit by unloading Black Market Goods and
Bins as well.

Salt-Hogs: The Salt-Hogs are excellent trading counterparts to the Targ.
the choices they offer you aren't as good as some of the other merchants, they
sell Recycling Plants and Industrial Goods on the cheap. Be sure to pick up
several crates of Industrial Supplies. Like the other races, the Salt-Hogs have
their weakness, and it's Comsensors. They just can't get enough of those things.
Sell them as many as their willing to buy.

As you surely have noticed, your Pattern Buffer doesn't allow for properly
storing too many items. Although you'll be free to continue purchasing goods,
overflow will pile up beside the Star Dock where it will slowly deteriorate
should you not do something about it. To help solve this problem, erect a Cargo
Bay and beam all of the items out of your Pattern Buffer into it. Then you can
beam items off the floor of the deck and into your Pattern Buffer where they'll
be safe.

Once your current energy and value of cargo totals in the neighborhood of
energy, VAL will inform you that it's time to cease buying and sell everything
you got. VAL may be a bit precocious, but he's often right. From here on in,
dump your goods on whomever is willing to purchase them, provided the offering
price is at least in green font. You'll be at 100,000 before you know it.

Mission 4: The Galactic Rehab Authority
Objective: In your first true test, the Galactic Rehab Authority (GRA) has hired
you to establish a Rehabilitation Station where you are expected to rehabilitate
100 criminals. Although you may not know it early on, but you will be relieved
your duties should 10 or more criminals escape prior to being completely
rehabilitated. You will be rewarded 1000e for each rehabilitated criminal, and
2000e will be deducted for each criminal that escapes.

Unlike the previous missions, which could each be completed in a roundabout
fashion, success with the GRA requires that you bring a very planned, methodical
approach to the position. As you will see, you will be building several Lockdown
Brigs to house and rehabilitate the criminals that arrive at your station.
Security Scuzzers will be responsible for escorting the "crims" back and forth
from their cells to the Port. Although you will have reinforcements to help with
the occasional enemy agent, they will not dirty their hands with the common
criminal seeking rehabilitation. The difficulty in this mission presents itself
when you have more criminals than available jail cells. Crims don't like to wait
around for rehab and will occasionally make an escape attempt should your
Security Scuzzers take their eyes off them. This being the case, having adequate
Security Scuzzers and jail cells in place, as well as knowing how to manage the
limited energy stores, are the keys to completing this mission.

Begin by opening up one of the Bulkhead doors to an adjacent segment. Build the
Energy Collector, Power Booster, and Security Control facilities in the same
segment, leaving the other one vacant for the time being. Having an army of
Security Scuzzers wobbling about is not enough to keep the overflow of crims
escaping. Rather, you must position all facilities strategically so the
distance for your armed Droids can be kept to a minimum. Build the Port against
the back wall of the empty segment and then place the Recharger very close by to
it, preferably along the back wall as well. This is critical in keeping your
Security Scuzzers from gallivanting throughout your station. Now, for your last
major building, erect a large Lockdown Brig lengthwise along the side wall of
segment. Place no less than 9 jail cells within it and install only one door as
near the Port as you can—again, keeping everything as closely spaced as

You can add the Dine-O-Mat and other essential facilities in the other segment
near the Energy Collector. Leave room for another Lockdown Brig near the Port as
you will eventually need to up your housing ability to about 16 or so crims.
Despite the numerous visits from Arona Daal, you should not even consider
purchasing a Recycler, Sick Bay, or any other high-dollar facility that does not
pertain directly to the task at hand. Also, do not open the door to the third
segment. Crims will congregate in the third room, creating unnecessary travel
time for your Security Scuzzers. Should this happen, you can count on a mass
exodus by the Crims still standing near the Port.

Staff-wise, you will start with a couple of Kasvagorians, a Salt-Hog, and a
The 'Gors will man the Security Control facility, leaving the Salt-Hog and Grey
to stand guard. In addition, you will begin with a few Security Scuzzers. Make
sure they are set to "Apprehend" and not "Eliminate". Early on, you should make
point of purchasing as many Security Scuzzers as you can from Arona Daal,
provided you don't drop below 6,000 energy. As criminals get rehabilitated and
depart the station you will be rewarded 1000e. Use this energy to purchase
additional Scuzzers, as well as a Security Column, second Recharger, and a
Power Booster. Gradually increase your security force to 10 to 12 Security
Scuzzers and a half dozen Salt-Hogs and Kasvagorians. You can hire the aliens as
they make their way back to the Port upon being rehabilitated. Do not hire any
Greys, as they are the weakest

As more and more criminals get rehabbed the game will start to become more
difficult. Not only will the influx of crims increase, but so will the frequency
of Enemy Agents. Enemy Agents are the only ones who will pay to use the Port
it to 400e, the maximum, and keep your eye on it), and are also the only aliens
to arrive via the Port without having the red, devilish "criminal" icon over
their heads. Although your Security Columns will sniff them out, you should
click them as soon as you see them to prevent them from committing any mischief.

Once you've had about 50 or 60 criminals leave to start their "new lives",
consider adding an additional 5 jail cells. If energy is tight, build a small
Lockdown Brig and add only 2 cells, you can always add more later. Nevertheless,
the floodgates are truly opened by the time 70 have been released and a
understaffed, and ill-prepared rehab center will be overrun by impatient
criminals. Keep watch of your Scuzzers to make sure that they are not all
around with the "no available jail cell" icon over their heads. If this happens,
build extra cells at once! Although a couple of aliens can leave without
threatening your removal, the 2000e penalties can add up very quickly, thus
causing you to power-down parts of your station.

Keep from spending energy unwisely, maintain a proper staff, and provide plenty
of jail cells—these are the keys to winning this mission.

Mission 5: The Turakken Committee
Objective: The scientists of the Turakken Committee have agreed that you should
be the one to lead the way in their technological revolution. You are charged
with the task of providing adequate laboratory facilities for a team of
scientists, who you must then help research 20 new technologies.  The always-
appreciative Turakkens will pay you 10,000 energy for each technology you

As is the case for real-life scientists on the edge of breakthrough discoveries,
you're biggest challenge here is patience. The results are there, you know they
are, but finding them can be a tad bit frustrating. Don't fret, a list of all 20
discoveries is provided below, along with the materials that were analyzed to
achieve them.

This mission will require the building of the essential facilities as well as
some entertainment amenities on the Pleasure Deck—after all, a bored scientist
a… well… umm.. a scientist. The integral components of a research center is, of
course, the Laboratory. Erect the Laboratory in the corner of one of your main
Technology Decks. Build the lab large enough so as to accommodate the Analyzer
Unit and 8 Worktables. Each Laboratory is able to support as many scientists as
there are Worktables, so the more Worktables there are, the faster the research
is carried out.

Throughout the mission the Turakkens will provide you with scientists, however
you can—and should—hire as many as you can. This will keep the work flowing;
when the love-starved ones are off getting lap dances on the Pleasure Deck. To
conduct research you must beam various crates into the Analyzer Unit within the
lab. Pay attention to what you've provided the scientists to research, and
definitely take notice of what their findings are. Oftentimes, the results will
just be a slight improvement on a pre-existing item or facility, other times, a
new and wonderful item will be born.

Since Arona Daal can not only get pricey, his selection of goods in this mission
is pathetically poor. You will need to build a Factory as soon as you can, so as
to not only keep a steady supply of materials crates coming, but to also
manufacture Hardplan and Droid Crates, which are excellent for conducting
research on. As you will see, many times an item needs to be improved upon
several times before it will lead to a discovery. For example, Medical Supplies
had lead to "Improved Medical Supplies" on several attempts before finally
yielding the discovery of a Sick Bay. No, my friend, "improvements" do not count
towards your goal.

Right about now, you're probably wondering where the challenge is, right? Well,
steady stream of Spies will start making their way to your station. These little
buggers' whole intent is to disrupt the work of your scientists. Hire
and Salt-Hog visitors to act as security personnel and target any and all Spies
as soon as you see them. With 10,000 energy coming in for each discovery, you'll
be able to afford anyone you see. Not only that, but it will all but guarantee
adequate number of workers for your Factory. The other complicating element
pertains to the rampant spread of litter and Space Vermin. You will want to
consider manufacturing a small band of Scuzzer Droids to keep the place as
free as possible. If not, many of your employees will leave for tidier pastures.

Although you can refer to the full-length Technology Chart on the Technology
of this guide, the following list details what was used to reach each of the 20
requisite discoveries.

1) Food Supplies = Dine-O-Mat
2) Mineral Ores = Bench
3) Hardware Supplies = Slumber Pod
4) Industrial Supplies = Factory
5) Luxury Goods = Love Chair
6) Industrial Supplies = Scuzzer Mk1
7) Berth = Star Motel
8) Hardware Supplies = Comsensor
9) Scuzzer Mk1 = Recharger
10) Luxury Goods= Music Shop
11) Hardware Supplies = Port
12) Factory = Cargo Hold
13) Recreational Bar = Recreational Bar Unit
14) Love Nest = Disco
15) Recharger  = Power Booster
16) Music Shop  = General Store
17) Medical Supplies = Sick Bay
18) Power Booster = Energy Collector
19) Analyzer Unit = Dispenser
20) Scuzzer Mk1 = Security Scuzzer

Mission 6: The Karmarama Commune
First Objective: Mission 6 is a two-part mission, with two separate objectives.
Your first task, the more challenging of the two, is to cultivate 50 crates of
food out of the plants your farmers will grow in the Biodeck. Arona Daal will be
by after 100 rotations to retrieve his stock, you had better have it ready. The
second objective is explained on a need-to-know basis. Complete the first
objective, and only then will you need to know!

The Karmarama are a happy-go-lucky bunch who have a love of farming that
supersedes all but their passion for catching Z's. Although the Commune will
you a few farmers to get started with, you'll have to hire as many of the
dread-locked aliens as you can if you want to ensure timely delivery of Arona's
food crates. Before you start concentrating on the Biodeck, you had better get
the essential facilities in order down on the Technology Deck. As you'll learn
early on from VAL, all of the neighboring segments on board the station are in a
state of disrepair—conditions are so bad, you'll be charged 20,000 energy for
every Bulkhead Door you open. Expand slowly but definitely open the doors to
the neighboring segment on all 3 decks… you'll know why later.

Once you've got things in working order downstairs, head up to the Biodeck, it's
time to start plowing the fields, so to speak. An absolutely astonishing variety
of species of plant will grow when planted in a Biodeck. However, many of these
plants will not yield food, but everything from crates of Black Market Goods to
Industrial Supplies. The challenge is this mission is to determine which soil
temperature and moisture combination is most conducive to growing food-producing
plants. Regardless the conditions, the Karmarama will be busy planting and
shoveling. To harvest the plants, simply right-click them to view their growth
chart. When fully "ripe" they will automatically package themselves into the
various crates and await pickup. You're going to need no less than two Cargo
Holds and a small army of Scuzzer Droids. When possible, purchase the Mk2 from
Arona Daal, as it's wheeled and much faster than the base model Mk1.

It's planting time! The faster you can get the right conditions dialed in on the
Biodeck, the more likely it is you will be successful. Open the door to the
neighboring Biodeck Segment, as you're going to use one Segment for your "cash
crop" and the other for variety and recreation. The most reliable source of food
crates are the Drickling and Mopani plants, which grow in dry, semi-humid
environments. Using the soil moisture and soil temperature controls, create a
large swath of land that is brownish orange in color. It should give the feeling
of slightly moist, but warm dirt. The Drickling will grow well in this soil. In
the other area, create a large, deep, lake and surround it on all sides by hilly
terrain, both of a warm, humid type, and of a cold, dry variety. Assorted plants
and trees will grow both in and around the water, all of which will yield some
sort of crate for you to sell or give to Arona. Light green colored grass
surrounding water will often yield Bazack, Amakinda, and Mangotana plants—all of
which grow food, albeit at a slower rate.

As the plants begin to be harvested, be sure to beam up any and all Food Crates
into your Pattern Buffer to shield them from decomposition. Arona Daal will
frequently, be sure to sell him all of your Luxury Goods, Industrial Supplies,
and Black Market Goods. From him you will want a host of entertainment
facilities, a Sick Bay, Cargo Holds, and several Scuzzer Droids. Once you can
the Cargo Holds in place, empty your Pattern Buffer into it and return to the
Biodeck. Let the Scuzzers take care of the non-perishables, while you ensure the
safe storage of the Food Crates. Should you work quickly and efficiently, and
remember to promote your Karmaramas on a regular basis, you can produce 50
worth of food while there are still over 40 rotations on the clock.

Second Objective: Once the 100th rotation has passed and Arona is given the 50
crates of food, you'll be given a new assignment. The Turakkens have decided to
race you to total space station ownership. The first of you to completely occupy
4 Segments will be declared the new owner of the station. Each Bulkhead door you
open will cost 20,000e.

To help you get started in your quest of space station ownership, the Karmaramas
have given you a Star Dock. Used in conjunction with a Comsensor, you'll be able
to trade with other merchants who happen by. Although the extra trading is
important, should you keep the farms growing in the Biodeck you should have
plenty of goods to sell Arona. Nevertheless, a Grey will likely visit you
after constructing the Star Dock. Sell the medical-supply toting alien all of
Luxury Goods you can, as he can never seem to get enough of them.

Make an effort to not fall below 10,000 energy and open every door you can with
the spoils from your harvest. Return to the Biodeck and turn large areas to a
very humid and warm soil. Lillith plants will grow exceptionally well in this
soil and will provide you with a never-ending supply of Luxury Goods. Also not
be discounted are the Lilyenta plants that grow on the water in the lake and the
dark green Succulus plants which produce Luxury Goods and Black Market Goods,

Don't worry about providing additional facilities to your new rooms, rather you
should increase the cost of your current attractions. Be sure to hire any
Karmaramas you see to keep them from working for the Turakkens (their Biodeck
will adjoin yours) and continue to promote the ones you already had working for
you. Once you get within one or two Decks of winning, sell everything you have
and use all of the energy to open the last remaining Biodecks. The mission is
as soon as the last deck of the fourth Segment is occupied.

Mission 7: The Kasvagorian Kingdom
Objective: You're going undercover as a squatter in this combat-oriented mission
to forcefully remove two squatters from the Kasvagorian station. Doing so will
require you to use all of the skills you've learned in the previous missions as
well as gain an understanding of battle.

This mission will start you out like all the rest: you get a couple Scuzzers, an
Energy Collector, and some basic facilities. As if building an impressive army
wasn't a big enough drain on your energy stores, you should be forewarned that
each Bulkhead door will cost you 15,000e to open. With all of these large
expenses, you're going to have to buy a Star Dock and Comsensor from Arona Daal
so as to take advantage of the capricious buying patterns of passing merchants.
Once you get your trading abilities in gear, and visitors are coming and going,
you should set to the task at hand. Your first priority should be to get a
handful of Karmaramas onto the Biodeck to start planting. While they busy
themselves in botanical bliss, you should put the finishing touches on the
Technology Deck. Add a Cargo Hold, several more Scuzzers to retrieve the cargo
from the Biodeck, and you will definitely need a Sick Bay, after all you are
going to have a lot of wounded soldiers on your hands.

A look at the station map will reveal that you have been positioned between the
squatters, with a couple of empty segments between you all. Although there are
three decks which you can take from the opposition, occupying the segment
containing their Energy Collector is the way to completely expel them from the
station. Start hiring as many Salt-Hogs, Kasvagorians, and Greys as you can. The
Greys are not only willing to mix it up with the other laser blasting races, but
they also know when their needed in the Sick Bays. Likewise, the Targs and
Kasvagorians will divide their time between battle and the Comsensor and
Control, respectively.

By having a Comsensor in place, not only will you be able to trade with other
races (with the Star Dock), but you will also have the chance to heal radiated
aliens from time to time. The good news about this is that you will receive
for each alien you heal. Put to use your trading expertise and purchase Sick
and Medical Supplies from the Greys, Security Columns from the Kasvagorians, and
any entertainment facilities from the Sirens. Once again, concentrate on selling
large quantities of Luxury Goods to the Greys for big profits.

When it comes to readying for combat, you should have no less than two dozen
aliens ready to fight. Of course, the more Kasvagorians you have, the better.
Keep one or two Security Scuzzers in your Pattern Buffer to use when necessary,
but try to guard the one you use to rush the opponent's locking mechanism.
Declare only one of the squatters your foe (whichever one is expanding towards
you) and breach the door to his segment. Remain patient and continue to have
large army eliminate all of the opposition's defenses. Hire any and all
and Kasvagorians wandering about your enemy's segment not already belonging to
his army. Gradually move your soldiers into the segment you are trying to occupy
and send your Security Scuzzer to the next locking mechanism to have him shut
door. It may take longer, but working one segment at a time is an effective way
to limit your losses, and to provide you with an opportunity to take stock of
your energy situation. In between battling over segments, harvest your plants,
promote your soldiers, and conduct more trading. A reprieve between battles will
also allow your soldiers to rest and heal.

Place a Security Column near your locking mechanism just in case the opposition
tries to reclaim their segment, and purchase one or two additional Security
Scuzzers. Power-up any new facilities you've acquired, especially any Power
Boosters or Cargo Holds. When it comes time to attack again, muster your troops
together near the Bulkhead door and right-click the locking mechanism to open
This time, rush in and target their Port. If you succeed in destroying their
(you'll have to destroy the Scuzzers that try to repair it) you will effectively
pinch off their supply of defenders. Send in your Scuzzers to take over the
segment, thereby knocking the squatter off the station.

Once you succeed in knocking one of the squatters off the Technology Deck, you
may be ready to rush into a fight with the other one. Do not do this. Take your
time, occupy a few additional Biodecks, and continue trading. Your next enemy
been building his army while you were fighting his counterpart and you'll need a
larger army to eliminate him.

Once you have the requisite energy stores, 30 or more aliens mustered together
for combat (of which, 15 or so should be Kasvagorians), and a couple Security
Scuzzers ready and waiting, you should only then open the Bulkhead door. Hold
your ground and let the opposition run into your swarm. Provided you had placed
Security Column near your locking mechanism, you will not have to worry about
guarding it. Continue hiring any unaffiliated aliens you see and target all of
the enemy's Kasvagorians. Once you can gain a foothold in his segment, send in
your Scuzzers to take over the segment. Target everyone with an enemy icon that
goes near your Scuzzers—yes, even Sirens and Turakkens. If you had taken care of
the squatter expanding towards you earlier on, this first segment of the second
squatter will likely contain the Energy Collector and therefore be the only one
of his you need to occupy. Hoist up your flag and kiss the riff-raff goodbye!

Mission 8: The Zedem Conclave
Objective: In a complete 180 from the previous mission, your goal here is to aid
the religiously-oriented Zedem Monks in their performance of the Ascension
ritual, a holy event requiring 12 Monks and 12 Penitents.

Once your basic Technology Deck is assembled, two Zedem Monks will arrive and
make their way to the Biodeck where they will begin to erect a Star Temple. For
each Monk you have working for you, a large Rune will emerge from the ground. To
complete the construction of the Star Temple, you must have 12 Monks employed
praying for you. As religion becomes more widespread throughout your segment
aliens will come to repent their sins and cleanse their souls. Should an alien
feel so overwhelmed with religious enlightenment, they may decide to dedicate
their remaining years to the cloth and become a Penitent. In addition to 12
Monks, you must also have 12 aliens convert to Penitents.

There's little that you can do in a hands-on way that will make more aliens
convert to Penitents. Likewise, the number of Zedem Monks who arrive on your
station will do so under their own free-will. What you can do, however, is
to make your station a more attractive destination for both the passersby and
Zedem Monks. In case you miss VAL's warning, there is a bit of friendly
competition taking place in this mission—another administrator trying to
accomplish the same task is positioned opposite you on the space station. You
move the camera through the windows of the Biodeck, and around the space
to the other side. There you can look through the glass to see how the
competition is doing.

For each alien to convert to a Penitent you will be given 5,000e from the Zedem
Conclave. Use this energy to expand your station and to build several
attractions. Consider adding a Star Dock and Comsensor so as not to have to rely
on Arona's exorbitant prices. To give yourself something to barter with, expand
the Biodeck and hire a couple of Karmaramas to grow some cargo. Use this money
purchase a Bar, General Store, and Star Hotel among other things. The only thing
you should not do is erect a Love Nest. Zedem Monks do not approve of this type
of entertainment and will not be as quick to visit your station. In addition to
not building a Love Nest, you should consider lowering the price to use your
Port, possibly below 100e.

As time goes by, and the popularity of your Station grows, Enemy Agents will
up. For this reason you should keep several Security Scuzzers around, as well as
a small band of Kasvagorians to instill law and order. Should criminal activity
start to occur, consider building a Lockdown Brig with a couple of cells. If you
get to work quickly, lower the cost of the Port, and resist the urge to build a
Love Nest, you should complete the Ascension Ritual before crime gets too

Mission 9: The Polvakian Aristocracy
Objective: The Polvakian Aristocracy have arranged for you and three other
administrators to compete in a test to see which of you can establish the most
profitable, and enduring, high class pleasure station. The Polvakians will
collect 1,000e per Deck you occupy once every 10 rotations. Those who fail to
cover their fees will be booted out of the station. Be the last organic
and you'll win the mission.

In case you have a short attention span, allow me to repeat the conditions for
this mission: you must have 1,000e for each Deck you occupy ready to hand over
the Polvakians every 10 rotations. Fail to budget your energy and, as VAL would
say, it's "goodbye to the weakest link". Outlive your competition in this
financial battle of attrition and it'll be on to the next mission for you. Spend
your energy like a "software trillionaire just released from prison" and you'll
never advance to Mission 10—and the Sirens really want you to make it to Mission

Ok, so you've undoubtedly picked up on the importance of maintaining enough
energy in your stores to pay the fees to the Aristocracy. Now for the part that
you might not have figured out: expand slowly. Take your time setting up your
station and resist the urge to expand until your Bulkhead doors are about to
burst from the outflow of carbon. Since this mission is all about attracting
passersby by showing off a good Pleasure Deck, you're provided a Love Nest,
Inn, and Star Motel right off the bat. Not long after you start receiving
pleasure-seekers will Arona Daal pay you a visit. Resist the urge to purchase a
Star Dock and opt for a Disco, a General Store, and one of the bars. You should
also purchase a Sick Bay and a Comsensor from him.

Allow some of your Scuzzers to focus on litter patrol while the others build and
repair your facilities. Although you are going to forego the ability to trade
with other merchants by not purchasing the Star Dock, a large Sick Bay and a
Comsensor will allow you the opportunity to heal the tens of diseased aliens
traveling through space. Welcome the sickly aboard every chance you get as not
only will you receive 1,000e for each one you heal, but a 10,000e bonus each
you manage to cure the whole shipload of them. As you will see, the Comsensor
will not only receive calls from the infected, but will also give you the chance
to signal large parties of tourists that it's ok to come aboard. Cha-ching!

There are essentially three true challenges to this mission: 1) managing your
energy, 2) keeping litter under control, and 3) keeping security tight. The
penalties for running out of energy are obvious—you will lose. To keep this from
occurring, you must build slowly. Monitor the Station Overview screen to track
what your visitors and residents are in need of and only add those facilities.
Likewise, you should gradually add up to 4 Power Boosters to your station, as
well as a Recycler. Of course, you will need to hire several Salt-Hogs to keep
the Recycler humming. Finally, in terms of energy, don't expand beyond 5 decks
until there are only two of you left in the game. The pie-chart displaying
popularity on the Station Overview screen does not necessarily correspond to
who's station is the biggest. Remember, it's what you do with what you got that

While providing your guests with fancy inns and a raging disco scene is key to
getting them to come aboard, keeping a clean and well-maintained station is the
only way to get them to stay. Hire additional Scuzzer Droids throughout the
mission and split them between litter patrol and repairs. Should litter get out
of hand, you will soon be overrun with Space Vermin, the cosmic equivalent of
earthly rats. Have a handful of Karmaramas work the Biodeck so you have things
stock your stores with as well as sell to Arona, and purchase the Litter Bin
Technology Crate when you get the chance. Place Litter Bins around each Dine-O-
Mat and store on your station. Also, help out your Droids by beaming up any
litter you encounter including corpses of dead Space Vermin and aliens (you
want it to smell in here, do you?) and beam them into the Recycler. This will
only help to keep the station sparkling, but will help ease your energy woes at
the same time.

Last but not least is the issue of security. You should never have less than 3
Security Scuzzers and a handful of Kasvagorians and Salt-Hogs on your payroll.
Not only will Spies sneak aboard and place bombs throughout the station, but
Enemy Agents and criminals will occasionally come aboard and go on a shooting
spree. Although you don't need to purchase a Security Control room since
everyone's friends on this ship, you should purchase at least one Security
and place it near the Port. The Security Column will not only blast Enemy Agents
but will help with your Space Vermin extermination. Unfortunately, what the
Column does not do well is detect Spies. Should a Spy slip past your defenses
place a bomb on board your ship, you should search all over for it, beam it into
your Pattern Buffer, and then dispose of it in the Recycler. Be careful, though,
as one unintended left-click will drop the bomb back onto the deck, thereby
blowing up whatever is near it.

There is one final instance worth warning you about—possibly something to
consider keeping a large army on hand to prevent. You may be boarded by a band
Skrashers, large spider-esque alien creatures whose sole purpose it destroy
everything they see. Not only will they kill your residents and visitors, but
they can actually destroy your facilities as well. Should they invade,
them to target them (with high priority, I might add) and go about hiring every
gun-toting alien in the vicinity. Take your time going about rebuilding after
they are gone and keep in mind the fee the Gem Slugs will be collecting on.

Mission 10: The Siren Agency
Objective: VAL wasn’t pulling your chain, this is the big one! You’ve been asked
by the Siren, ahem, Agency to help rid their station of a group of aggressive
administrators. This mission will call on all of the skills you’ve learned as a
managerial mastermind to expand your power throughout the entire station, giving
each of the other administrators a hefty kick in their intergalactic nether
regions. Who knows, you just might be able to take out your reward in trade.

When playing this mission, the final one in Mission Mode, you may begin thinking
that it is no tougher than the previous nine. Oh, sure, it starts out that way—
and then you reach the third and final administrator who's been biding his time
and growing stronger throughout the game. Yes, then it can get tough very
quickly. However, the strategy detailed in the following paragraphs, when
through, will all but guarantee your smooth sailing success. But first things
first, my little Snarg… patience is everything in this mission.

You begin the mission with a host of facilities, a gaggle of Scuzzers, and a
whopping 100,000e in the kitty. Get started hiring everyone that comes aboard
your station. Yes, everyone—even the Zedem Monks! As you'll soon find out, you
get 5,000e each time one of your visiting aliens (or your residents) convert to
Penitent. Get the holy rollers rolling quickly to help bolster your energy
reserves. Arona will be by momentarily to relieve you of some of that hefty
energy allowance the Sirens have given you. Ignore his outrageous prices and
purchase a Sick Bay, Security Control, Cargo Hold, Recycler, Comsensor, and Star
Dock. This equipment will allow you to come to the rescue of dozens of aliens
passing by, thus giving you a chance to cash in on some sweet rewards floating
around the galaxy.

The Segment you begin in is the one that is the most secure, as everything else
is on the fringe of your control. With regards to this, keep the Star Dock and
Comsensor close by as they are not only expensive facilities, but imperative in
maintaining a source of energy through trade, curing ailing aliens, and for
enlisting the services of various underground guilds, aka spies. Take your time
and ignore the rapid expansion of your competition. Instead, work on amassing
enormous army of Salt-Hogs and Kasvagorians you will need. Although the first
administrators will be easy to remove from the station, the third and final one
will give you a bit of trouble with less than a 50-alien army.

The last thing you want to end up happening is finding yourself being attacked
both sides. You can keep this from ever being an issue by progressing,
segment, in one direction. However, in order to make this a viable strategy, you
must cover your backside. Expand one segment (along the Technology Deck) in a
clockwise direction. Use this segment as your buffer zone from the administrator
in the 3 o'clock position and lay down an intricate network of Security Columns.
Start with two near the locking mechanism and expand their numbers throughout
mission so that there is not one place an enemy can step without being lit up by
two or three Security Columns. Should an enemy attempt to make a breach into
segment, they will have one hell of a time ever getting near your Energy

Once your backside is covered, start spreading out in the counter-clockwise
direction to take out your first opponent. Take him one segment at a time and be
quick to power-up any Power Boosters or other facilities that become yours
the breach. With any luck you’ll gain a Laboratory and a handful of Power
Boosters, and maybe even a Cargo Hold. Check the Tech Chart at the Laboratory
add extra Workbenches to the facility. Staff it with several Turakkens, promote
your army, let them heal, and then breach the next segment. This time, once you
have the initial defense eliminated, target their Energy Collector with your
entire squad. This tactic is especially helpful if they have placed Security
Columns near their locking mechanism.

Once the first administrator has been expelled from the station, you may be
itching to start expanding your Pleasure and Biodecks. Go ahead and expand them
one segment each, in the counter-clockwise direction, but don't spend all of
energy trying to expand along with your Technology Deck. Rather, you should
continue building Security Columns in your buffer zone and near your Ports,
promoting your staff, and hiring every single gun-toting alien you see. Increase
the numbers of the other aliens as well, just not as aggressively as you will
Salt-Hogs, Kasvagorians, Targ, and Greys.

If you haven't inherited one through combat, you should definitely consider
adding a Factory to your station. In addition to providing yourself with a
ending supply of Luxury Goods to sell the Greys, the Factory is key once you
acquire any Technology plans. Speaking of which, you should snatch up Technology
Crates for Security Columns, Security Scuzzers, and Litter Bins. I know, I know,
Litter Bins may not sound that exciting, but they are an integral part in
a clean station—a station that won't breed an army of Space Vermin!

For the second enemy, likely in the 6 o' clock position on the map, you should
bring no less than 35 aliens into combat. Take his segments one at a time and
keep two or three Security Scuzzers in your pattern buffer so as to keep them
of harm’s way until the coast is clear. Remember, the further your aliens are
from the Energy Collector, the weaker they are, This being the case, resist the
urge to ambush this administrator's Energy Collector. Instead, you'd be better
off taking your time and seizing control of the segment through the locking
mechanism. Once the initial combat has subsided and you can rush the locking
mechanism, muster your troops together near the lock. Beam the Security Scuzzers
out of your Pattern Buffer and take control of the segment. Provided you have a
half-dozen or so Kasvagorians watching their back, the little Security Scuzzers
should be able to carry out their business uninterrupted.

As was mentioned in the opening paragraph, the third administrator is not such a
push-over as the first two—quite the contrary. Take reprieve from the battle,
save your progress, and allow your army to head up the Pleasure Deck for some
extra-curricular activities. After all, this is the Siren's station! While
they're busying themselves in the Love Nest, you should be swindling the various
merchants out of extra Security Columns, a Recycler, and even a Lockdown Brig.
Advance until you've got one empty segment between you and the final
administrator and place your new facilities there. Add more Security Columns to
your backside buffer zone, and around each of the Ports. Construct a small
Lockdown Brig and set your Security Scuzzers to "arrest" if they hadn't been set
that way already. It might not seem like much, but you will be given 1,000e for
each rehabilitated criminal. Sound familiar?

Take inventory of your visitors needs and add extra Lavotrons, Bars, Discos,
Berths, etc. to accommodate their wishes. Continue hiring every unaffiliated,
combat-ready  alien you see and open the door to the segment abutting your final
opponent. Although you don't need to worry about losing this particular segment,
you should definitely place a couple of Security Columns near your locking
mechanism in your last "built-up" segment.

Once you can amass 50 or so aliens at the gates, send in the Security Scuzzers
breach the door. You can count on a very strong push by the other
army. Keep your troops mustered together in the empty room and left-click every
Kasvagorian bearing an enemy insignia. Once the opposition is reduced to several
stragglers, un-muster the troops and rush their Energy Collector. Hire any
unemployed aliens you see wandering about and continue targeting their Energy
Collector. Regardless of how many Scuzzers they have trying to repair it, they
will not be able to counter the firepower of 40 pissed-off aliens.

The mission doesn't end once their Energy Collector is reduced to a burnt,
charred, mess. Instead, you are told that the complete station must be taken
over. Don't fret, if everything had been going well you will likely have over
200,000e in your stores and can buy your way through each and every bulkhead
door. For  those "grayed-out" on the map, simply right-click the locking
mechanism and then left-click the icon to hang your banner there. Move quickly
and sneak in between the closing doors to take control of the next segment
without having to wait for the doors to re-open.

Once every last Deck in the station is painted your color on the map, the
will be complete and you'll be done with the Single Player Mission Mode. Take
of the skills you learned here to the internet to prove your powers as leader of
the Intergalactic Trade Federation to everyone in cyber-umm-space?

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