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Читы для Strike Commander

Чит-файл для Strike Commander

Strike Commander

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Origin Systems
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Simulator (Flight Combat) / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в мае 1993 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
One of the major issues in Strike is the cost of weaponry so you can't afford
to waste missiles and bombs. It's important to learn how to use the Vulcan
cannon as soon as you can because you can wipe out planes and buildings for
free. When you come out of auto-pilot and into a dogfight switch straight on
to the Vulcan's dogfight mode and target an enemy plane. Tell your wingman to
engage the target and then target the other enemy. You might be able to score
a couple of hits as you fly straight at each other otherwise you have to try
to get on his tail. Never fire a missile when you're a long way from the enemy
because then it's easy for it to be distracted by chaff or flares. Get in
close - fire a few cannon rounds and then loose off a missile when you've got
a lock and are either behind or to the side of the enemy. If you're close
enough his flares won't have time to distract your missile. If the enemy ever
gets on your tail hit full afterburners and head straight up. Early in the
game the enemies won't follow you up but later you should be able to shake
them off with a quick burst of speed and a few sudden turns. When you're
attacking the ground targets - cut the engines to two or three MIL and then
use radar to get lined up early. There's no point in dropping bombs when the
plane's wobbling all over the place. Make another pass and come in low and
If you lost and planes in the first few missions you're going to be strapped
for cash so it's best to repeat missions until you think you've got through
with losing as few planes as possible. Once you're back in Istanbul get in the
jeep and trundle to Selim's bar. In the mission pool you're greeted by three
brokers offering missions in Egypt Alaska and Quebec. Alaska is the hardest so
save that till last when you've saved up some money from (hopefully)
succesfully completing Egypt and Quebec. Egypt's the best place to start even
though the first mission involves a furious dogfight without any missiles.
After that though you're on to some relatively easy ground attack missions and
anti-aircraft fire is not as heavy as in many other scenarios. On missions in
which you have to destroy lots of small ground targets such as tanks and AAA
(this applies for any scenario not just Egypt) it's worth carrying half a
dozen Mavericks on the inside pylons. When you approach the target area you
can take out the anti-aircraft emplacements from long-range and then destroy
the rest of the targets at your leisure with the cheap Mk82 free-fall bombs.
It may seem an expensively extravagant way of dealing with ground threats but
it's more than worth it if it means that your F-16 doesn't get shot to bits.
There's nothing more depressing that battling past waves of enemy fighters
only to be thwarted by a couple of poxy AAA batteries. When you're attacking
runways it's not essential that you use Durandol bombs-three or four Mk82s
dropped equal distances along the tarmac does just as weel and is a much
cheaper method. When you make your attack line up so you fly down the length
of the runway - you should be able to destroy it with on the first pass. If
you get fed up of dogfighting there's a hit-and-miss way of making your
enemies self-destruct. Before auto-piloting to the next destination hit C to
communicate with your wingperson (but don't hit 1 to start communicating).
Press F1 to get the heads-up-display into magnified mode and then press W to
select an air-to-air weapon - either a missile or the Vulcan cannon in
dogfight mode. Now press A to autopilot with the aerial engagement and as soon
as you come out of autopilot press 1 and then 2 to tell your wingperson to
attack the target. With a bit of luck the enemy planes destroy themselves. You
hear a couple of screams along the lines of 'Control's out I'm going in.' and
you've won the fight without firing a shot or getting hit. This method doesn't
work every time but it's always worth trying because it means you can get to
the target area with very little hassle.

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