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Читы для Sully Chronicles

Чит-файл для Sully Chronicles

Sully Chronicles

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Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
by Chris MacDonald
For the PC!

 Unpublished work Copyright 1997-2001 Chris MacDonald

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
 Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
 be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
 form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used
 in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
 it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
 anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
 my express written permission.  This FAQ was created and is owned by
 me, Chris MacDonald .  It can be found
 exclusively at (www.GameFAQs.com).  All copyrights and trademarks are
 acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

 I expressly forbid the following publishers/publications from using this
 FAQ, namely: Ziff-Davis Video Game Group (publishers of Expert Gamer),
 Future Publishing, Ltd. (publishers of PlayStation Power, Official UK
 PlayStation Magazine, etc.), IDG Media, Game 13th Magazine, Brady Games,
 and Prima Games.  Remember, plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by

The Sully Chronicles are (c) Hahn.  VERGE is (c) Vecna.


 i.    About VERGE
 ii.   Walkthrough
 iii.  Bonus Stuff
 iv.   Author's Note

i.   About VERGE

VERGE is short for "Vecna's Extraordinary Roleplaying Game Engine".  And
that's essentially what it is, an 'rpg creator'.  What makes it different
from any other 'creator' I've seen is that it rocks--you need only play
the pack in game, "Sully Chronicles", to see this.  All you need is a PC
to play it on (I have a crappy PC so it doesn't play too hot, but you
don't need to have a new Pentium and 64 gigs of memory or anything like
that to use it).

You can get all the neccessary files at: .

If you are reasonably experienced with computer languages, then you can
use the files to make an RPG of your own.  Those who are less technically
inclined (read: dumb) like myself can simply unZIP the stuff, then type
"main" and get down to business playing the game. :)

ii.  The Sully Chronicles - Walkthrough

When playing the game using a keyboard, it works like this:

Return Key = examine objects/talk to people.
Alt Key    = decline/close a window.
ESC        = brings up the main menu.
Space Bar  = brings up the game menu.

You can use the arrow keys or the number pad to move around.  VERGE
has joystick support, too.

Here begins the actual walkthrough.  It's pretty bare bones, but I
don't want to ruin the whole game for ya!

1.  Go find Crystal at the opposite edge of the island and chat with her.

2.  Enter the undersea passage.  The trick through getting here is to go
    left.  At the end of the left passage is a warp tile and a lever.
    Simply step onto the tile, walk to the end of the passage, and pull
    the lever you find there.  Then return to the area with the lever and
    warp tile.  Each time you move the lever,  the warp tile changes
    color and takes you to a new place, so keep doing this until the main
    door is open.  Then return to the central path and go south, through
    the open door, to reach the mainland.

3.  Head east.  You'll find your house.  Here, Crystal will be captured
    by Lord Stan.  Get the items in your house, then head east.

4.  I personally suggest skipping the town, Bumsville, for now.  Go grab
    Dexter at Mt. Jujube to the northeast, then go shopping if you want.

5.  Note that you don't have to see the night-time flashback in the town,
    or talk to the sage in the mountain--you can go straightaway to the
    Laboratory if you want.

6.  When you're ready to continue to the Laboratory, go up the mountain
    path, ignoring the caves.  There's a dead-end halfway up Mt. Jujube,
    but if you look carefully, you can walk through here.  Continue up
    and you'll find the entrance to the Laboratory.

7.  To beat the laboratory puzzle, just keep in mind which lever moves
    what tile.  Your goal is to fill in all the holes in the middle path.
    I'll stick in the solution in an update, maybe, but it's not _that_

8.  After finding Crystal in the thermal room (you won't know what
    happened to her unless you saw the night-time flashback in
    Bumsville), leave the laboratory and head west and a bit south, to
    where a rope bridge connects the continents.

9.  Anyway, touch the rock before the rope bridge and you'll find
    yourself at Rodne Gulch.  The man will remove the boulder so that
    you can pass to the southern part of the land.

10. Make your way to the village of Rodne.  When you're ready to
    continue, go to the southeast end of town and go into the forest.
    You'll eventually find yourselves at the "love shack".

11. When you examine the leaf patch, you'll fall through.  Talk to Sara
    here, then watch in awe as Darin uses the 'Rising Dragon Fist' to
    break the bars.  The real name isn't printed here in case Capcom
    decides to sue.... :)

12. Outside, be sure to take note of what the skulls say:

      - "the sum of the numbers is 13"
      - "the second number is not odd"
      - "the first number is greater than 3"
      - "the third number is greater than the some of the first two"
      - "the first and second numbers are not the same"

    This all becomes important in a moment.  Use the stairs to climb
    atop the wall, then climb down and go north to find a locked gate.
    In order to flip the lever and open the gate, you have to enter a
    three-digit number.  Remember what the skulls

      - If you give up, the correct answer is:  4 - 2 - 7.

     Get the Bronze Key, then go back to the main passage where the
     locked gate was (north of your cell).

13. After leaving Dexter with Big Daddy Bubba, leave the shack.  Sara
    can break the rock at the end of the path.  Return to town and get
    the goods from the basement of SaraХs house.

14. Now, return to Mt. Jujube and make your way back to the Thermal
    Reactor room.  Examine the gears and Sara will start the machine
    up.  Once the girls have settled their differences, go up to the
    main room.

15. You only have 30 seconds to get out of the Laboratory before it
    explodes.  Yeah, the first time I died in the game was during this
    part ^^; yeesh.  Here's what you do:

      - There are three rows of switches.  First, flick the one in the
        first row, 2nd from the top.

      - Then flick the one in the second row, all the way at the bottom.

      - Finally, flick the switch in the third row, one up from the
        bottom switch.

    If you mess up, go down to the lone switch at the end of the south
    walkway and flick it to reset that bank of switches.  You'll know
    if you made a mistake because all the switches will activate.  Once
    all the switches are correctly turned on, get out!

16. Well, skipping that, return to the south end of the continent.
    Remember where you got the toe jam from?  That's Castle Heck.
    Return there.  After Galfrey joins you, it's easiest if you simply
    take the bridge across the north river, then make your way back
    through the undersea passage to Paradise Island.

17. Talk to Sully Clam, then get the Pearl of Truth from the Cyclops
    under the Lagoon.  Return to Castle Heck after Galfrey turns
    against Lord Stan.  Go back to the castle and examine the stone

18. Inside Castle Heck, go past the statue in the northeast passage and
    go down the stairs.  Examine the torch to light it.  Then go back
    up into the Main Hall and head west.  Get the treasure, and take
    the West Tower Key from the chest in the hidden room.

19. Take the lower left-hand passage into the West Tower.  Once Galfrey
    opens the gate for you, and you've rescued Dexter, go upstairs.

20. Here, take heed as to what the gold plaque says.  From the bottom
    dark gray step, walk:

      - 1 down, 5 right, 2 down, 1 left, 1 down, 1 left, 1 down....
        (repeat going left and down until you are level with the
        gray floor on the bottom of the screen)...then walk straight
        to your right to end up on good ol' terra firma.

    Grab the East Tower Key and leave.

21. Back in the main hall, take the lower right path that leads to the
    East Tower.  After entering it, examine the unlit torch to expose a
    Save Point.  Then go up the stairs.

22. In this room, you can light and snuff the torches in order to
    expose a bridge.  The order is:

      - Light, Light, Ignore (past the plaque) Light, Ignore, Light.

    Get the Spire Key, then return to the Main Hall and open the northern

23. In the Spire, you'll run into Lord Stan.  After he leaves, climb
    up the levels of the Spire.  Soon, it'll be just you.  Once you
    arrive at the Pinnacle, flick the switch, and that's it!

iii.   Bonus Stuff

This section outlines the various 'extras' found in the game:

The first time you take the undersea passage, talk to Bert Stingray.
After he explains the bit about battle sounds, talk to him again and
he'll offer to turn them off.  Talk to him a third time and he'll
offer to turn them back on.

To see the "nighttime flashback" mentioned in the walkthrough, sleep at
the inn as soon as you arrive at Bumsville.  Then, in the middle of the
night, go to the north end of town (where the vegetable blacksmith
lives), and talk to the guard standing there.

At the fashion studio, you can change the way Darin looks by talking
to the three people in the various rooms.  To change Darin back,
talk to the lady walking around in the main hall or leave Bumsville.

As you get new people in your party, they can take courses at the
school in Bumsville for a price.  If there's any point in doing it,
I wouldn't know, though.

As the game suggests, examine the statue every time you get a new party
member to hear their comment about Vecna.  It's pretty funny, especially
when you get Crystal in your party.

When you first arrive at Rodne, go and talk to the elder to enter a fun
flashback sequence.

    As Sara, go into the house in the southwest corner of town.  Here's
    what you'll need:

    Fuel      - get water from the well and twigs from the hole in the
                tree that's off in the southeastern area of the forest
                (at the end of the tree-lined path)

    Gear      - get the copper gear from the house north of you.

    Lubricant - leave Rodne and head east along the south edge of the
                continent.  You can make your way to Heck Castle on the
                nearby continent if you cross the bridge.  Examine the
                stone cyclops.

    When you've done all that, go back to Rodne Gulch and walk so that
    you're standing under the sun.  Face upward and try to examine it.
    After energizing it, return and activate the machine in your house.

After freeing Crystal from the Laboratory, talk to the sage in Mt. Jujube
and he'll tell you an old legend for 200 gold.  Later in the game, when
you get the Orb of Truth, go to Rodne and examine the lone carrot in the
field.  The Orb will lift the carrot up for you to take.  If you return
to Bumsville and talk to the vegetable blacksmith, he'll forge the
Carrot Sword for you.  If Vecna did have a battle system going, you'd
want this sword, trust me!

iv.  Author's Note

Trust me, VERGE is fun!  Get it today, share it with your friends, etc.!
I'd like to thank vecna  for making such an awesome
tool, and Hahn  for the excellent pack-in game itself, and
for telling me about the bonus events.

To pesky readers who demand more: I wrote it simply because the game is
pretty tricky in some parts and therefore, needs a walkthrough :)  This
isn't some sort of blow-out guide, and if that's what you're looking
for, sorry! ^^;

 Unpublished work Copyright 1997-2001 Chris MacDonald

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