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Читы для SWAT 3 Elite Edition

Чит-файл для SWAT 3 Elite Edition

SWAT 3 Elite Edition

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Mission 01: VIP Detail


Chang's Theater was made available for download on 10/13/00.  To get this
(for original owners of SWAT 3), head over to the 10-David Archive.


Protect dignitaries from harm (8 civilians).

Maintain safe perimeter (15 suspects).


 Rescue 1 civilian.


Another VIP detail gone bad.  Terrorists have invaded and are holding the
business leaders of LA hostage.  Because you'll be encountering a lot of bad
guys, some heavily armed, I recommend bringing the M4 for the added punch. 
are four levels to this map, including a backstage basement, the main level, the
upper seating areas, and finally the projection room.  Be aware of your
surroundings in each of the locations where you're exposed to multiple levels:
the entrance, the theater, and the backstage area.  Because there's a lot of
ground, try to keep your teammates on a tight leash: there help will be
invaluable when you do try to work those exposed areas.


This is a mission which tends to get chaotic very quickly, for the simple reason
that there are a lot of suspects who will come running as soon as they hear you.
For this reason, you may opt for the MP5 if you simply can't deal with all the
bad guys coming at you from all sides.  Starting out, get your team in trail and
go through the doors.  Above everything else, keep moving for the first 30
seconds, at least, or until you're able to neutralize all the suspects hiding in
the lobby area (picture 1).  Pay special attention to the concession stand, the
ticket booth, and the stairs on either side of the lobby.  Go in guns blazing.
Do not clear the bathrooms until you've successfully cleared all of the rooms
hallways adjoining the main lobby, including the entrance to the theater and the
nearby stairwells.  Be sure to handle the bathrooms before you enter the actual
theater.  I've found that suspects are almost never in the women's bathroom, but
you will find suspects and civilians in the men's bathroom.  Now it's time to
clear the theater.  Head in, but be prepared: the majority of the terrorists are
hiding in this area.  When you enter the theater, focus first on the first floor
of seats, and then the stage/screen (picture 2).  Do NOT go past the second
overhang, instead, go upstairs via the lobby and enter the second floor seats
there.  From the second floor seats, you'll be able to see the box seats (to the
left and right) as well as the orchestra pit.  Lob CS as you see fit.  Next,
clear the side hallways adjoining the box seats (which are another popular
location for gun-toting terrorists).  Proceed down either side, and you'll find
yourself in the backstage area.  The backstage is made up a row of curtains some
props, a catwalk, and dressing/prop rooms along the sides.  Clearing the rooms
simply a process of using a breaching charge or just having your teams cover the
door while you open the door.  Once you've cleared those rooms (which are
pretty well occupied), use the stairs in the rear of the backstage to descend to
the dressing rooms and orchestra pit.  The two rooms down here, both apparently
prop rooms can be quickly breached with your team in tow.  You should have
already been able to scope out the orchestra pit from the top floor of seats in
the theater, but clear it just to be sure.  Head back upstairs via the stairs
haven't gone through yet, and clear the basement hallway adjoining the theater.
Note that these lower hallways are located on both sides of the theater, so be
sure that you've cleared them.  The final stop is the projection room.  It's
easily found by going to the second floor, and in the hallway behind the balcony
seats is a door in the middle marked "Private."  This door opens onto a flight
stairs leading up to the projection room, the last remaining area.  Expect to
find some suspects or hostages in here: a flashbang or canister of CS does

Mission EE02: Rapid Deployment

The LA Subway was released on 10/16/00 and is now available in the 10-David
Archive. Click here to get it (you won't need this file if you've already got
retail version of Elite Edition).


Rescue President Igor Stomas.

Rescue Russian delegation.

Rescue Alexi III.

Rescue Russian clergymen.

Rescue Chinese delegation.

Rescue American delegation.

Bring order to chaos (16 suspects).




If you haven't done so already, I recommend that you read through the mission
introduction before start the mission.  It's extremely tough to get accustomed
this map the first time through.  It's large, and it's layout criss-crosses and
goes every which way.  While not a Sewers mission, it still will give you
headaches as you try to clear out the level.  If anything, you should take note
of the fact that two subway lines are located in this mission: the Red and the
Blue line.  They intersect at this station, with the Red line running on the
lower levels, and the Blue lines running perpendicular on the upper levels.  Try
to remember this as you explore the different levels.  It's even more helpful if
you're familiar with how subway stations in real life.  You've got the choice of
four entrances: in my experience, it really doesn't matter which you take, as
map is fairly evenly laid out: upper levels, including most insertion points,
Blue Line level, the Red Line level, and the basement with the worker locker
rooms and break room.  Because of the large rooms, heavily armed suspects you'll
encounter, I recommend that you go through this level with the M4A1 and in
dynamic mode.


Start by getting your teammates together by ordering them to "fall in."  Next,
get your bearings and look for the ramp/stairs heading downstairs onto the Blue
Line level.  Of course, clear the level you're currently on -- you also may want
to check any windows which look down onto the level below.  The process of
clearing this map is fairly simple and repetitive, because of the odd and
mirrored level layout.  I recommend that you clear the Blue train first: there
tends to be a concentration of hostages and suspects in that area.  And beware:
one of the sneakiest tricks is that some of the subway doors open, while some
(identical looking) do not.  In general, you'll find most by moving forward and
backward along the trains.  Be prepared for ambushes, of course.  After clearing
the Blue train, turn your attention to the ticket window located on that floor.
Through the door you'll find a small room and office, as well as a back entrance
towards a set of stairs leading to another entrance on the Red Line level.  Hold
off on going down those stairs for now.  Just in case you didn't notice it, you
can duck in the train from this room as well.  Head back into the main lobby and
turn your attention to the upper rooms -- these are the insertion points you
might have otherwise used.  On occasion, you'll find that there are some
suspects/hostages wandering about up there: as always, you'll want to be
thorough.  After clearing these rooms, you'll be ready to hit the Red Line
level.  Basically find any stairs heading down from the Blue Line and proceed
slowly with your team in close tow.  If need be, check underneath the stairs you
go down - you never know where the suspects will hold up.  Much like the Blue
Line, there tend to be a high concentration of bad guys around the Red Line
train.  Take them out judiciously.  Be sure to handle both sides of the train.
On one side of the train, there are offices and a back rooms (often times the
doors are open here).  Here you're almost 100% likely to encounter some
terrorists, especially in the infamous generator rooms.  Don't spare the
the terrorists like them (honest).  The final step is to move to the bottom
and clear this small level.  It really only contains two stairwells, a locker
room/restroom, and a break room.

Once you've cleared the crucial areas of this map, it's just a matter of being
thorough.  Be sure to check all stairwells, the entirety of the trains, the
offices and backrooms, and finally the alternate insertion points.

Mission EE03: High-Risk Warrant Service


The Hollywood Hills Mansion was released on 10/17/00 and is now available in the
10-David Archive. Click here to get it (you won't need this file if you've
already got the retail version of Elite Edition).


Locate and secure Franklin Jefferson Hall.

Locate and secure all weapons (4).


Arrest/neutralize 3 suspects.

Secure/rescue 2 civilians.


According to Rod Fung, producer of SWAT 3, this mission serves as an example of
some of the new types of threats the LAPD SWAT has been forced to deal with the
in the recent past: heavily armed baddies using expensive, remotely located
houses as their bases of operations.  This mission, occurs in just such a house
located in Hollywood Hills, and even goes so far as to include window slits
(which open automatically) and an underground training bunker, complete with a
firing range dug into the hill.  It's a bit intimidating but fortunately there's
only a few baddies running around in the house.  There are four levels to this
house: 2 above ground (living quarters) and 2 below ground (this is approximate,
however).   The top two levels includes the entrance and the upstairs bedrooms,
as well as some exits out to the patio.  The bottom levels are those that are
located underground in the hill, and have dirt floors.  You'll recognize it
instantly.  It's a fairly complex underground maze, so expect it to be tricky to
figure out at first.  You will, unfortunately, need to learn the hallways
there's always a few suspects running around within them.  Because only one of
the suspects is wearing any armor, you will be able to pack an MP5, which is
for the extremely tight CQB encounters that you'll frequent find.


I recommend starting in stealth mode, side 1, level 1 (the driveway).  This
you a good approach, with some time for you to get your team organized.  Begin
turning your attention to the garage.  You will be able to see through the
windows as you come down the driveway: glance quickly to check for suspects.
Bring one team with you, and check out the garage.  It's not uncommon to find at
least one suspect hiding in there.  Clear it, and then prepare to breach the
door, as shown in picture 1.  Since the door is locked and you're serving an
arrest warrant, I recommend that you place a breaching charge and rush in
announcing your warrant.  The first room you walk in is an oddity: crates,
pillars, boxes, walls, are randomly thrown together.  Get your bearings as
quickly as possible and then head for the metal door to your left.  Allow your
teammates to enter the room first: check to the left and right before sending
them towards the left (they'll need to go around a small bend to the kitchen).
Watch for suspects in this room as well.  The kitchen (picture 2) has five
entrances: one to a small bathroom, one to a bedroom, one to the basement
keep your eye on this door), one that goes outside, and stairs the lead
upstairs.  Clear the bathroom and bedroom, then open the door to the basement
that hasn't already occurred).  If no threats appear, bring your team upstairs.
The upstairs is marked by several small rooms located around a central hallway
and two open foyers on either side of the floor.  Note the transparent yellow
glass -- that will allow you to spot bad guys before you enter the room.  Clear
all of the rooms with that glass and then turn your attention to the room with
the double doors.  Breach these double doors, and clear the bedroom inside.
Between this bedroom and the adjoining bathroom, there's always at least one
suspect or civilian.  Right next to that bedroom's double doors is yet another
bathroom: breaching the door works exceptionally well here: check the showers
start heading back downstairs.

The final area to clear is the underground basement.  This is easiest entered by
following the stairs down from the kitchen.  There are three options here: a
doorway to your left (which is locked) leads outdoors, a doorway straight ahead
leads to the back end of the bunkers, and the doorway to the left leads to the
underground shooting range (picture 3).  I'm not going to describe every turn,
but you will need to fully explore this underground maze if you have yet to
collect all the weapons or find all the suspects.  In order not to get lost, I
recommend using nightsticks.  Otherwise, be as a thorough as possible as you
explore the map.

Mission EE04: High-Risk Warrant Service


The Whitman Airport was released on 10/18/00 and is now available in the
Archive. Click here to get it (you won't need this file if you've already got
retail version of Elite Edition).


Arrest Jim Hoffer.

Bring order to chaos (20 suspects).

Prevent takeoff of aircraft.




This mission takes place in a large, open area.  There are essentially four
buildings (besides the small huts leading into the sewer system) scattered
the airport field.  The first is the large "C" hangar with the conveyor belts,
the second hangar, "A" is a small hangar with a plane disassembled, the third
("B") is a small hangar with a plane parked inside it, and the fourth hangar,
with the sign "aircraft services" (largely apart from the others) is pictured
above and has a tanker truck parked out front.  The map works against you on
mission in a number of different ways.  First of all, the map's size limits you
because you've only really got a few minutes to execute your plan before the
terrorists are able to escape (approximately 10 minutes, in fact).  Secondly,
large open spaces mean terrorists can hide in the shadows and blast you as you
stroll into the open areas.  Third, there are a lot of out of the way places
which you really have to explore properly to win, such as the passageways behind
the small hangars, and the intricate sewer system.  The mission isn't
particularly difficult in terms of the objectives, but it is difficult in terms
of the ground you and your team are going to need to cover.  Because wasting
is not in your best interest, I recommend that you pack an M4 and keep your team
in tow at all times (have them "fall in").  Finally, start the mission on side
in dynamic mode.


The reason I recommend that you start in dynamic mode is because you'll be
running practically right away anyways.  Granted, a stealth approach may give
the advantage on the first one, or two, bad guys you encounter, but the
of the bad guys will have now heard you, and so it'll be nearly pointless by
point.  The best trick remains to come in, right at your target, in my opinion.
First, open the door (don't bother with the C4 here, there'll be no one close
enough to be affected.  Pick the lock and turn to your 10 o'clock.  You'll see
the "C" Hangar with two semis parked out in front of it.  Keep your eye on the
hangar doors and on the small hut to your 9 o'clock as you come into the lot.
There are usually bad guys placed in those two spots, and tend to be your first
encounters.  Keeping an eye on the hangar, quickly check inside the trailers to
see if anyone's hiding in there (picture 1).  Your next step is to enter "C"
hangar and clear it.  Taking the conveyor belts is more annoying than anything
else, because your AI team tends to get all befuddled on them.  Instead, go
around to the left-side and through the doors.  You'll end up in another room,
with a plane parked inside it.  This and the adjoining room tend to have plenty
of terrorists inside of them.  Be prepared.  After clearing those rooms (watch
out for the guy standing behind the barrels - picture 2), you could probably
stand to run outside and sweep for bad guys.  Remember to occasionally peek down
those dark alleys for terrorists; they love those spots.  There's a semi located
around the back of hangar "C" as well, and can be cleared much in the same way.
Next up, come around hangar "C" and turn your attention to hangars "A" and "B."
These hangars are smaller, and can present a small challenge because of the
narrow doorway you and your must go through to attack the terrorists.  And they
really love to hide back there as well, so its fairly easy to lose someone going
in the front door.  However, going in the back door is actually fairly
and it forces you to look around the back alleys for any wandering suspects. 
and "A" can both be cleared in this manner (don't forget to check upstairs,

The next segment is to go out to the next "area," which is separated by a fence,
located behind the semi on the back side of hangar "C."  Have your team cover
door as your open it: the terrorists love to position themselves to squeeze off
some shots at the moment you open the door.  To your right should be some fuel
tanks, and to right will be a tanker truck, offices, and an open hangar (named
Aircraft Services) with a plane ready to go.  Check behind the fuel tanks, and
then turn your attention to the open hangar and the office.  Check in the
enclosed area adjoining the office, as well as the alley around the hangar. 
that's taken care of, you'll be able to turn your attention to the sewers.
Fortunately, these sewers aren't nearly as confusing as those in the so-
called "Sewer Mission."  They are basically routes to each small hut located
around map: 4 of them.  If you're thorough, you should find all the terrorists
the time you clear out the sewers.

Mission EE05: City of Angels Hospital


The City of Angels Hospital was released on 10/19/00 and is now available in the
10-David Archive. Click here to get it (you won't need this file if you've
already got the retail version of Elite Edition).


Rescue and evacuate Dr. Agnes Stern;

Rescue and evacuate Dr. Leslie McKinnon;

Rescue and evacuate Dr. Jamal Combs;

Rescue and evacuate unknown number of hostages (9 hostages);

Locate and disable all explosive devices;

Bring order to chaos (13 suspects).


 Rescue 2 civilians.


This mission is particularly difficult because of the need to diffuse the bomb
located in a number of possible locations (according to a SWAT 3 developer,
are four possible locations, but there are eight suitcases in the mission) and
because there are so many civilians and suspects wandering around in this huge
four story level.  The time to detonation is short, so I would advise that you
focus your team's efforts on finding the bomb to diffuse.  After, you can focus
on rescuing the hostages and the suspects.  That said, I am inclined to
a silenced approach because there are a lot of terrorists that like to hunt down
your squad: the quieter you are, the better off you'll be wandering through
tight halls.  Going in on the ground floor is probably your best bet, although
there is an advantage to coming in from the roof top and working your way down.


To begin with, I've created a useful screenshot guide to finding the bombs on
this level.  Read it here before you proceed with this walkthrough.

Before you read any further, I should mention that how you clear this level is
really your own provocative: the four levels and four different stairwells make
for any number of possibilities: just be thorough.  When you start off on the
first floor (assuming you use side 1/level 1), the best thing to do is to
emphasize stealthiness for as long as possible.  For starters, you'll want to
avoid standing for too long in the middle of the long hallways leading off from
the receptionist area.  If nothing else, have your two teams cover both hallways
for added security while you peek inside the receptionist's room.  Here, I
recommend clearing along the main hallways for the time being.  Make your way
back towards the rear receptionist's room, near the ER.  Clear ALL of the room
you go, especially those with the potential suitcase nukes.  I also recommend
heading back and making a complete circle of the first floor before proceeding
downstairs.  I should note that the stairs are one of the most dangerous places
for your team.  Not only are stairs difficult to maneuver safely, but the
terrorists love to congregate on the landings and shoot you as you stick your
head in the stairwell.  If possible, head to the the basement level before going
upstairs.  The basement is a smaller floor, made up of two ORs, some patient
rooms, a laundry, and a lab.  In particular, check beneath the stairwell
for any random hostages or suspects (seriously, they appear everywhere).  Clear
the basement and head back up to the second floor.  Here, I recommend clearing
the patient rooms and the lobby area first.  Once that's done, you can turn your
attention to the outdoor patio area and the administrative offices.  The
administrative offices can be particularly chancy because the tight quarters and
small cubbyholes are just the worst for terrorists to ambush you.  Once that's
wrapped up, make your way up to the rooftop.  There's bound to be at least one
civilian and two terrorists up here, so be sure to go completely around every
single object sticking up on the roof.  And watch this level carefully: you'll
walking around quite exposed to terrorists.  Check the back portion of the roof
(in the gates) and proceed downstairs again to finish off the mission. 
this mission absolutely demands thoroughness.

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