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Читы для Sword of Aragon

Чит-файл для Sword of Aragon

Sword of Aragon

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

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Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

The Ranger is the best man to have as your leader because the characters he
comes with, (mage, priest, warrior and two rangers) give you the chance to
build up your mage from the very start, and letting you get to those mega
powerful spells like Pyro and Disintegrate really quickly, thus being able to
do much more damage in battle, and from a distance where you can't be hurt.

Also, decommision all your troops at the very start and reinforce your bowmen,
as these are by far the best men to have as they can attack armies without
having to engage with them, and save a lode those precious hit. Infintry and
mounted cavalry are not a very advisable because they always take a lot of
damage and take too long to get to the higher levels.

If you really want to have a few armies with melee weapons then go the whole
hog and get some cavalry. These blokes can take a hell of a lot of stick and
still come out almost undamaged; at higher levels they can totally decimate
the enemy.

Remember to keep an eye on how your cities are doing, but don't spend too much
on developement. The best thing to do is save the same before you go to the
next month. That way if anything nasty happens you can reload it and try
again, thus avoiding the situation. Not all the cities have to be taken by
force, and if you can get one to become your vassel it guarantees you a profit
each month from that city.


Muscle isn't the only thing you're going to have to use. If you want your
people to stay loyal you'll have to make the right decisions. The man Olaf
who's up for murder is innocent and should be pardoned. When the Elven
diplomat arrives and asks you to stop developing the lumber do as he wishes
and become allied with the elves. Pay ransoms or the people's morale will go

Trolls will sometimes demand money from Sur Nova, but if you take your forces
to the Troll's village and capture it, you shouldn't have any more problems.
The Nomads don't give you many problems if they become your enemy, but become
their ally anyhow just to be on the safe side.


There are a quite a few unknown cities in the unexplored lands of Aladda, some
of them friendly, most of them evil. Below are a small guidelines on what to
expect from these mysterious places and their inhabitants.


Depending on how diplomatic you've been this place could be either hostile or
friendly. But if you've followed the tips you won't have any problems.


This place is filled with goblin forces plus a few rather nasty looking
monsters with magic capabilities, but it's not too hard to beat them. However,
remains of the Goblins will come back after and try to win back the city.


These chaps are having quite a few problems with the orcs of Zarnix, and they
will help you defeat the orcs in the pass just before Zarnix.


This is yet another city full of Elves, however, unlike the first city the
Elves aren't so nice and are pretty tough cookies.


This is where those big nasties hang out. Defeating them is quite a problem,
but with a few cavalry to aid your bowmen you should be able to capture the
city. A good reason for taking this city is that the giants have control of a
lake near to Tentula, and once you've got it back the city's income should
increase a little.


If you're looking for a tough battle then this is the place to come. There are
tons of Troll and you'll need a lot of men to defeat them. You'll also lose a
lot of men in the process. This should stop any ran- somed demands from the
iliterate Trolls and make life a lot easier.

Dersh is probably the last unknown city you'll come to, and it is by far the
hardest. A huge number of men will be needed to take over this city, and
nearly all of them will be lost in the battle.

Sword of Aragon  Points list by Louie, lland@e-z.net

The following are the points awarded in Sword of Aragon,
and how to get them.  Be warned: if you do things such as
taking cities "out of order", or it you fail to do the right
thing, then a different set of points may be available.  Your
total, however, is less.

  5     Orcs invading Allada.  Dig in, wait it out.
 10     Cyclops.
 10     Minitour.
 10     Marinia: wait until Malcom is sent on "Patrol"
        Then approach from south.  Talk to Malcom.  Agree to
        help suppress the "mob" in exchange for vasselship.
  0     Goblin camp NE of Marina.  There's no way to rescue girl.
 10     River crossing to Paritan.  Wait until Pitlag invades
        Brocada before approaching either city.
 15     Paritan.  There's no way to stop Pitlag from escaping,
        even it you completely surround the city and kill
        the Pitlag unit.
 10     Old man at crossing after defeat of Paritan.
 15     Brocada.  After Pitag has invaded, join up with the
        remnants of the  army, waiting just
        south of town.
  0     Nuralia.  No points to get, but siege is desireable.
        Next turn, add reinforcements to seige including
        your primary characater, this promotes surrender, and
        you should accept the vassel.
  0     Pitlag camp SE of Paritan, in the mountains.
  0     Tranavan Elves.  Be nice, leave them alone.  However,
        if Aladda increases investments in logging, the Elf
        embassador will ask you to voluntarilly cut back
        (so to speak).  Agreeing makes them amiable, and
        will eventually offer to ally with you when you
        attack Paritan.  Your attack will then include some
        Elf bowmen, who kill one or two of Paritan's defenders.
        Big Deal, but what-the-hay!
  Note: If you wait forever then Pitlag will eventually "surprise"
        attack Aladda.  You get 45 points when you win, but lose the
        total of 50 for Paritan etc. above.  If you really do get
        surprised, then strategy games are not for you!
  5     Giants at ford to Sur Nova.
  5     Sur Nova.  Be sure to get there by road from Allada.
  0     Priests W of Sur Nova.
 10     Monestary, on road several squares East of Sur Nova, then
        South one or two squares.  Trust the monks.
  0     Orcs and Wizards in southern tip of the Elf woods. There
        are no hints to their existance.  Location is about
        a few squares SE of Allada, and several squares NE of
        Sur Nova. Once taken, you can garrison all the small
        cities north and east of Sur Nova each with only 20 men.
 50     Dragon, defending SW approach to Gernock.
 50     Gernock; you get the crown.  Recomend that you do not
        attempt to keep a garrison here.  Take the city, recruit
        a bunch, then leave next turn.
  0     Tentula.
 10     Char, so long as you invade and take Tentula first then
        you get the "Wand of the Goddess" or some such thing.
        If you bypass Tentula and take Char first, then Tentula
        will offer to be a vassel, but you don't get the wand and
        don't get the points.  This approach is out of character
        compared to the other cities that you take.  Oh, well.
        Don't bother keeping this city.
 10     Khalikha Horsebowmen.  There is no city.  To get these
        points, you have to get a very rare encounter with the
        horsemen, when they are under attack by the Trolls.
        Attempt to rescue them.  These horsemen reveal themselves
        as Jantri's rival clan, but, since you rescued them, are
        "Honor bound" to make peace with you and you allies, which
        includes Jantri.  This clears the way for him to unite the
        tribes, which occurs a couple turns later.  This encouter
        must take place after you agree to be Jantri's ally (usually
        he sends an emmissary after you take Sur Nova).
        To get this rare encounter, you want to march up and down the
        road about a third of the way from Sur Nova to Zarnix.  One
        way to do this is to split you army into two adjacent stacks,
        and pick one unit at a time bouncing back and forth between
        them.  Each such move allows a small chance of such an
        encounter.  Without this trick, you may spend years marching
        the plains waiting for a lucky encounter.
 25     Troll Home, which is in the mountains, up a path off the
        Sur Nova-Zarnix road.  This is a real fun fight!
  0     Xafanta.  Somewhere along the way they offer to help to help you
        take out Zarnix.  After the offer, they assist in the surprise
        battle in the pass West of Zarnix.
        Be a menevolent king, leave the dwarves alone.  If you do attack
        (he he he!) be sure to teleport in.  There fortress is, in fact,
        very impressive.  And there is only one causeway in.  And after
        you take it, they are *determined* to take it back.
 20     Zarnix.  They come out to attack you.
 50     Amulet, N of Zarnix.  Its a few squares up the road, then
        off to the west.  Be brave, go on in.
  0     Aragon, Demi-God of whatcha-ma-callit.  This fellow is on the
        road East of Zarnix, advising you to get the Amulet before
        proceeding.  He's not there if you already have the Amulet.
        (There is another criteria, but I forget what it is.)
        If you want to, and are sure, and are Really Sure, and are
        REALLY REALLY Pretty Please Absolutely Positively
        let-me-at-him Death Wish Sure, you can fight him.
        If you can cast teleport and bless/prayer your self up to 100%
        in one turn, your heroes should be able to toast this guy.
        This is a fabulous "deed", but not worth any points.
 10??   Pudawalla.  I believe this is worth 10 points, and I believe
        you get it by taking Dersh first.  Then waiting for them to
        ask for help.  (I cheated and tried to de-encode the text
        files, to read what must be done.)  Anyway, it has something
        to do with defending the river ford between Sothold and
 20     Lucadia.  There appears to be more than one way to do this.
        I bypass Lucadia and go after Dersh.  Then defeat the "Evil"
        forces of Lucadia which lay in ambush on the road leading back
        from Dersh.  Then march into Lucadia.  Note: you can bypass
        Lucadia when going North-to-South, but cannot bypass it going
 60     Dersh; you get the sceptor.  Don't bother keeping this city.
 15     Sothold river xing.
 10     Estalla.  There is something going on here, but I forgot
        what it is.  I think the guy gives you a line of BS.
  0     Medeval.  There is no interaction with these Elves of the
        East, so you may as well stay out of the woods.  Or perhaps
        you're curious ...
  0     Approach to Tetrada.  The guy you meet on the road is telling
        the truth, but it really doesn't matter whether you take his
        advise or not.
 40     Tetrada.
 25     You united the East and West Realms; you are the rightful
        king; Congratulations; end of game.
500     How about that.

Let me know if this works out for you!!

-Louie  lland@e-z.net

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