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Читы для Syndicate Wars

Чит-файл для Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Bullfrog Productions
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / 3D
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Although this guide primarily focuses on Eurocorp operatives, the strategies
and tips can be equally applied to Church of the New Epoch initiates.
Mission Preparation:
Briefings are an absolutely vital component of any mission, and executives
would do well to pay close attention to the intelligence data gathered. Always
check the mission;s status to see what priority rating it has: youTll usually
discover that missions rated priority one will prove the most beneficial to
your syndicateTs endeavours.

Occasionally, youTll receive a choice of several missions at the same time and
you should assess your current situation and decide where your immediate
priorities lie. If youTre short of cash, then a bullion or bank job might be
in order, but if your research effort is lagging, then a mission to capture
additional science personnel might prove fruitful. Missions which involve the
persuasion and capture of enemy agents will provide you with tailor-made
manpower to replace any casualties and further both your own and EurocorpTs

Once youTve accepted a particular mission, study the map in detail and take
note of your appropriate drop and evac zones, relevant targets, local
landmarks and any other additional information supplied. This breakdown should
also help you judge the strength of the opposition and allow you to fine tune
your equipment and weaponry payloads.

The Netscan ability is an extremely useful tool and if funds permit,
executives should always take advantage of this facility. Up to the minute
intelligence can prove critical in terms of discovering bonus objectives,
enemy concentrations and, most significantly, hidden financial reserves.
Netscanned information can sometimes prove disappointing, but when you
consider that risking a mere five or ten thousand credits could buy you the
location of a bank vault thatTs worth several million, itTs a gamble well
worth taking.

When arming your agents, try to prepare a balanced group which mixes a decent
variety of weapons and equipment. If youTre playing a mortal game, you never
know quite what you might encounter, so itTs as well to cover all
eventualities. YouTll probably find youTll need a full compliment of low
energy, medium-range weapons, such as miniguns, as general-purpose ordinance,
while a couple of heavy weapons are compulsory for laying down support fire.
Explosives and nuclear grenades are a necessity for most missions.

A handy tip is to designate agents to specialise in a particular area, which
will depend on the state of their body mods. For example, the agent who has
the highest rated arm mod, will probably make your best marksman, while an
agent with advanced leg mods will make a good explosives expert, because he
can lay charges and then move quickly to escape the blast radius.

Even though youTll probably concentrate on developing four rock hard super
agents, with advanced body mods, donTt neglect your reserve agents. If one of
your main men gets killed (especially in a mortal game) youTll need to promote
someone for the next mission and if theyTre significantly Tunder poweredT,
your whole groupTs performance will suffer

So executive, youTve hit the drop zone, the zealots are out in force, the
citizens are twitchy and your agents are awaiting their first instructions:
where do you go from here? Well, in spite of the large and terrifying amounts
of weaponry available, the mini map is probably the most useful piece of
equipment in the entire game. Consult it often to recce possible targets,
assess incoming threats and monitor the movement of enemy personnel and the
police. You should also practice swivelling the main view, until youTre in
perfect control of your surroundings. During the early missions, take time
after youTve achieved your main objective to become familiar with manipulating
the view; in my case a combination of mouse and keyboard proves the most

When you beam into a new city, itTs worth using a combination of mini and main
views to scroll around and get a feel for the place. With this overall
strategic plan committed to memory, you stand a much better chance of
achieving your objectives. And, if things should go wrong, of having some idea
of where you can run to. The better you know a place, the safer youTll be.

Combat and Mission Tips:
Here, combat is the name of the game and Syndicate Wars presents many varied
and interesting opportunities for mass mayhem. Therefore, Bath AI has issued
the following directives for manipulating agents in the field via your remote
marionette system:

1. Stick together! In the early missions, youTll only have access to limited
weaponry and equipment. If your agents are all in one group, they can bring
more direct firepower to bear.

2. The Persuadatron will allow you to recruit a citizensT army. Affected
citizens will begin arming themselves and bring additional firepower to your
team. The Persuadertron Mark II is even better, allowing you to influence
rival agents and new church zealots.

3. Roadside furniture and vehicles can be used to your advantage. If enemy
troops are massed near a streetlight or van, aim to shoot it and the resulting
explosion will cause them additional damage. Beware of loitering near
potentially explosive objects yourself, as the enemy wonTt hesitate to use the
same tactic on you.

4. Loot the dead! Always search bodies thoroughly as they sometimes conceal
advanced ordinance. At the very least, youTll be able to resell their
equipment for a bit of much-needed cash.

5. Learn to switch from high power, long range weapons to low power mediums as
the enemy closes in. For example, the LR rifle will pick off your first couple
of adversaries at range, but you should then switch to a minigun to renew
hostilities during close quarters combat, as itTs a far more effective
close-range weapon.

6. If you need to be somewhere in a hurry, hijack an empty car, itTs much
quicker than moving your agents around on foot. Receive extra bonus points and
a considerable cool factor rating by joyriding in police cars. For the
discerning sinister agent, itTs the only way to travel!

7. If you want to stay out of trouble with the local law, make sure your
weapons are concealed. A nifty double click on the left mouse button, will
result in all your agents drawing simultaneously, so you wonTt lose too much
time when engaging the enemy.

8. Every agent should be equipped with a medikit. With appropriate body mods,
you might not use it often, but it could mean the difference between life and
death for your guys when theyTre under heavy fire.

9. Churcher flying vehicles are an extreme pain and will try to hunt you down
relentlessly. Shelter beneath buildings and retaliate with launcher and
projectile based attacks.

Research is a critical element of Syndicate strategy and fuels discovery of
new weapons, devices and body mods which will weld your agents into an
irresistible force. Your ability to research and manufacture new technologies
is dependant on the amount of cash and scientists you can allocate to an
individual project. If you feel youTre falling behind in the research race,
you should choose missions which involve persuading and capturing science
personnel to redress your shortfall. Moving onto the wider question of what to
research and in which order, well apart from high explosives as a first
choice, thereTs no definitive route through the weapons and body mods on
offer. However, itTs fairly safe to say that some of the minor weapons such as
the flamer, arenTt really worth concentrating on and you should perhaps shovel
funds into the bigger, meatier projectile weapons. The weapon chart on the
previous two pages should help you decide which are the most useful

Remember, when youTre setting a projectTs budget, the cash you invest is a per
day allowance. Committing substantial resources to a project can rapidly
deplete your financial reserves and you should bear in mind that the
recommended figure (on the right), indicates the amount of cash needed per
day, to finish that project in ten days with your current science team.
Sometimes it can be worthwhile suspending projects between missions, until
youTve actually captured extra scientists. This additional, augmented brain
power on the research team will mean that the money you eventually invest will
be spent more cost effectively. Intelligence reports indicate science
personnel can be found in the following cities: Adelaide, Santiago, Cape Town
and Reykjavik.

In the race to develop new and terrifying weaponry, itTs easy to forget body
modifications as a way of improving the performance of your agents. But you
shouldnTt neglect them, as they can play a vital role in helping your agents
survive the rigours of the battlefield. The body mod is the basic building
block, and offers improved overall survival and performance, but the brain mod
is equally important, boosting intelligence and making your agents much easier
to control. Bionic arms will definitely improve your agentTs targeting and
weapons functions, while the leg mod will substantially increase speed and
manoeuvrability, an invaluable asset in the urban warfare environment When
your technology permits you to move up to a new cybernetic level always
research the body implant first, as this mod is required before any other can
be fitted.

For the erstwhile executive, cold, hard cash is one of the most difficult, yet
most desirable commodities to acquire and considerable guile is required to
keep a healthy credit balance. YouTll need dollars to fuel extra research,
discover new body mods and develop all that fascinating and destructive
weaponry. Nevertheless, with a little ingenuity, financial solvency is
possible and can be broken down into two distinct strategies.

Early on, youTll find difficulty raising money and the quickest solution is to
collect and recycle weapons from enemy casualties, then sell them once the
missionTs complete. Unfortunately, you can only carry one of each weapon type,
which is a pain, but the somewhat radical solution is to under-arm your group
in ops and then scavenge weapons from the opposition in the field. Before the
missionTs complete, make sure each agent is crammed to capacity with surplus
weapons, then unload everything except your hardest armaments or new
technologies to make a workable profit. Remember, youTll only receive half of
what youTd pay for the same weapon new, but it should allow you to survive the
early financial hardships and keep your research lines ticking over.

If youTre looking for a more immediate and satisfying way to make quick, easy
money then a life in armed robbery is for you. YouTll need to research high
explosives, but once that breakthroughTs been made, the worldTs financial
centres are ripe for the plucking. The location of bank facilities and vaults
are often revealed by a netscan (see above) and once their presence has been
established, no matter what your primary mission is, you should make a bank
job a high priority. Local police forces donTt take these things lightly, so
expect a swift, armed response. However with a cool half a million as a
minimum payout the rewards are worth the risk.

The presence of bank vaults and cash opportunities will usually be signalled
by a $ sign on the map. When these are detected, make credit transfer a high
priority. ItTll prove worthwhile to search the map and particularly enemy
casualties for hidden briefcases. These bonus discoveries will often yield
substantial cash rewards.

Bank and vault facilities have been detected in the following cities
world-wide: Singapore, Rome, New York, Christchurch, Tokyo and Bahrain.

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