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Читы для Syndicate Wars

Чит-файл для Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Bullfrog Productions
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / 3D
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Forged from the chaos of mid 20th century street-fighting, the energy pellet
modified Uzi 9mm machine
gun is still the basis of EuroCorp operations tech. It's an inexpensive and
lightweight backup for agents
dealing with cases of dropout psychosis.

Throughout the New Calendar syndicate deployment of inertia-damped chain gunners
has become more
commonplace. This 20mm plasma powered, torque stabilised version has foam alloy
barrels to reduce
mass and production costs.

This is proof of the Church's revolutionary scientific thinking. Simply put,
it's a kind of lightning whip.
We've never made such devices practical; the energy input required was always
prohibitive. This device
uses a sophisticated system of subatomic levers to ensure the absolute minimum
possible drain on a
personal power pack, yet it can still be overcharged. Impressive technology

This laser makes use of the base TriSodium 89 gas (developed circa -20 NC). The
weapon can be
overcharged by delaying trigger release. In critical close quarters situations,
a single overcharged burst of
laser fire may be hot enough to disintegrate its target.

Electron annihilation techniques have led to the development of this powerful
weapon. It uses a
monopolar focus to project a beam-structured field which converts atmospheric
molecules into plasma.
Solid matter is vapourised on contact with the plasma, releasing even more
energy. The field can wreak
utter devastation over a considerable distance. Pull back the monopolar focus by
delaying trigger release
for more effective results against dense or tempered materials.

Designed to face the challenge of New Calendar cyber-proliferation, this rocket
launcher fires a homing
grenade which releases a spray of cluster-bomblets on impact. Rocket guidance
features target-seek gyro-

Stressed Techium in this thermonuclear device's casing dampens blast products,
keeping the chain
reaction within a tightly contained area. A custom isotope core ensures
radiation levels drop to within
tolerance levels moments after the explosion. These advancements enable a
detonator to be enclosed in a
hand-held casing for the first time. Nevertheless, the blast's effective radius
demands attention be paid to

A standard issue utility for seizing the higher level brain functions of
citizens equipped with UTOPIA
CHIPs. Although very low power and lightweight, the Persuadertron's historical
significance should not
be under-estimated, as it was instrumental in bringing about EuroCorp's global
domination. Persuaded
subjects follow the controlling agent without question, to the extent of
equipping themselves for combat
and engaging in hostilities without fear.

Retro-research recommends this short-range, hand-held napalm jet. When
activated, the weapon squirts
ignited petroleum jelly. In contact with organic matter, the napalm sticks and
burns fiercely. A highly
effective crowd control solution.

This close-proximity device activates a resonant ion wave which interferes with
CHIP programming of
those caught in the wavefront. Put simply, this has the effect of rendering
persuaded individuals un-
persuaded once more. The disrupter would prove most effective against a
persuadertron user, where the
ion wave would attack the signal at source, reverting all the targets persuaded
followers to their previously
un-persuaded state.

Research into the narcotic properties of the Creation planet fungus have yielded
the active ingredient of
this dangerous hallucinogenic. The hand-held canister contains a mixture of
fungal spores and an
oxidising agent which is released in a cloud, causing psychotic behaviour in
anyone within it. This
weapon provides a useful diversionary tactic when the number of hostiles is too
great for other forms of
neutralization, though results are unpredictable.

This hand grenade contains an asphyxiating nerve agent. The cloud emitted on
detonation renders all
personnel in the area unconscious for a limited time.

A proximity triggered, electromagnetic pulse mine. Equipment caught in the
pulse's field is temporarily,
or even permanently, disabled and the electrical mechanisms of organic tissue
are burned out. Conductors
such as vehicles, street furniture and cyborgs take most of the charge. Can
affect persuaded status of
anyone caught in its area of effect.

With an impressive area of effect and enough explosive power to inflict terminal
damage on vehicles and
do serious damage to buildings, this is a basic but effective weapon. Place at
will in a strategic position in
the mission zone and withdraw your agents to a safe distance. High Explosive's
detonation is triggered by
a timer.

The new LR Rifle uses monopolar sled technology to accelerate high calibre
depleted uranium
ammunition to Mach 5.2. The sled's capacitors completely discharge in a single
shot and must be fully
recharged before firing again but accuracy and operational range are unequalled
by other delivery
systems. In keeping with the design spec, the rate-of-fire sacrifice buys
on-the-fly re-calibration, making
this the optimal sniper's weapon.

Every satellite in UTOPIA's network of geo-synchronous orbital platforms is
equipped with a stockpile of
tungsten-uranium alloy rods on a steerable mounting. When these rods are
launched, the process of
atmospheric re-entry heats them to the point at which they liquefy, producing a
plasma rain with true
battlefield potential. We can now successfully over-ride the system lockouts
triggered by Harbinger. By
transmitting re-initialisation protocols, the system can be placed at your
agents' disposal. This can be done
using a hand-held activator but caution should be exercised; the cost of firing
this system is extremely

Twin graviton prisms in a Noxon-filled chamber act as a catalyst for a chain
reaction which inverts the
strong molecular force along a path defined by gravitic polarisation. The chain
reaction begins when the
trigger is pressed and is contained in the Noxon chamber, where it builds up
until the trigger is released.
Targeted matter is ripped apart molecule by molecule. The weapon may cause
collateral damage as it
emits tendrils of excess energy.

This titanium-steel alloy wire is fashioned into a very long, very thin and very
sharp spiked coil. Its use
prevents access to secure areas by unauthorised civilians and presents a
considerable obstacle for even
cybernetically enhanced intruders to overcome. Its lethal nature is enhanced by
its near invisibility to
unmodified eyes.

Drennan's on-going research into Church technology has paid off with the
development of the
Persuadertron II. This device is capable of infiltrating the minds of even the
most battle-hardened zealot.
Once exposed to its influence, cultists will obey your orders as doggedly as
they followed the Church's
twisted teachings.

This portable field generator actually alters the rate at which time passes
within the field. Held in near-
suspended animation, the reaction speed of anyone or anything in the field is
negligible, thus making the
target much more vulnerable to other forms of attack. The energy required to
activate the field is
considerable and the timing of its operation should be chosen with care.

In one of the Nine's most esoteric breakthroughs, they have learned how to
unlock the electrochemical
forces still locked away in the bodies of terminated organisms. The
understanding of these mechanisms
we now have gives us complete power over them. The Chromotap is based on this
technology. It extracts
energy from organic matter at the cellular level and transfers it to the
device's controller. The Chromotap
is especially useful for recharging agents after a firefight, as it can still
utilise the cellular energy of

Professor Drennan has come up with the goods again. The Displacertron uses a
core of ultra-dense matter
surrounded by a stroboscopic stasis shell to provide limited access to higher
dimensional time. This causes
the target to vanish entirely and reappear at a point in the near future. Never
has the saboteur been given a
more powerful tool.

This electronic guardian can make a big difference to your agents' defensive
actions and attacks.
Positioned in an appropriate area and armed with a pulse laser, it takes on
sentry duty and will open fire
on any unsuspecting hostile target that comes in range until it exhausts its
power pack or is destroyed.

This multifunction pack can be used to quickly repair the kinds of wounds and
damage sustained in
combat. The kit comprises a toughened skin graft patch impregnated with
anaesthetic and surgical
nanobots. Can be used once only.

Like the Medikit, except that this upgraded version is worn by the user, so that
it can automatically detect
the level of damage sustained. If it drops below a critical level, the
AutoMedikit activates itself and
conducts accelerated surgical repairs. The AutoMedikit takes a few moments to
start working, so a user
who is continually sustaining damage might perish before the kit has a chance to

Similar to Razor Wire, Trigger Wire is an excellent tool for access-prevention.
Just a few molecules thick,
Trigger Wire is very difficult to see with even the later modification eyes, yet
when touched activates
multiple explosions along its length.

Produces a disguise so effective it fools even UTOPIA scanner readouts. The
Clone Shield organically
alters clothing and an agent's features, turning the user into an ordinary
executive for a time. This can be
extremely useful to agents on infiltration assignments, as they blend into any
executive zone.


Constructed of a lightweight plasteel core with vat-grown organic outer coating,
these artificial legs
provide immediate improvement to both an agent's health and top speed. Stamina
is also improved,
thereby increasing the range an agent fitted with these legs can cover at
maximum speed.

Advances in foam-metal technologies have produced this cybernetic limb system.
Legs 2 deliver an
impressive boost to speed, stamina and health, which prolongs an agent's maximum
operational capacity
still further.

Level 3 legs replace the fibre-optic nervous transmission found at lower levels
with Super-Synapse
memory plastic. The deployment of agents modified with level 3 legs is likely to
have a profound impact
on combat zone performance.

With the tungsten tendons and steel sinews of cybernetic arms, your agents will
experience an immediate
improvement in accuracy when shooting, and a subsequent saving in energy. The
operational lifespan of
an agent equipped with these arms is also lengthened by the characteristic
health boost which
accompanies cybernetic enhancement.

The foam-metal manufacturing process is now being successfully applied to
precision cybernetics. With
less inertia to overcome, these lightweight arms not only deliver a demonstrable
improvement to accuracy
but to range of throw as well.

The ultimate in forelimb technology is at your disposal. As our agents are
facing increasingly well-
equipped punks and cultists, the tangible improvements to combat proficiency
these limbs provide will
help to sustain our mission objective success rate.

For significantly increased survivability in hostile environments, encase an
agent's vital organs in triple-
plate titanium alloy. An enhanced body modification provides the single biggest
protection from
punishment you can give a cyborg. Note that this modification must be fitted in
order for the cyborg to
support any other mods.

This enhancement uses the honeycombed superstructure of foam-metal, forged in
the microgravity of low
orbit, to make it lighter than the body prosthetic currently in use and a higher
tensile strength. Improved
energy reserve is just one of the advantages of a level 2 body upgrade.
Operationally, this translates into
having more power and there being less risk of critical damage. With a level 2
body, the way is clear for
you to upgrade to level 3 modifications in all other categories.

Memory plastic tendons replace the steel micro-fibres of earlier mods, making
the cyborg now
significantly tougher than any with lower tech upgrades. Most notably, this
enhancement protects an
agent from all known nerve gas weapons.

It's the ability to make decisions independently of Executive control that
differentiates a decisive agent
from a dead agent. This unit contains diamond processors in a 3D matrix
integrated with the cyborg's
conventional cognitive biomass. It increases basic perceptions and contains
trauma management software
to improve the cyborg's ability to withstand otherwise critical damage.

Holographic core memory decreases reaction lag and boosts persuadertron range
and signal strength. It
also increases the cyborg's resistance to attempts to persuade it. This brain
model brings perceptual
enhancements across the board and further improvements to the trauma software,
increasing the cyborg's
survivability margin.

The apogee of portable artificial intelligence technology. At level 3 a modified
brain not only delivers
increased health but also guarantees improved targeting accuracy; hit rate and
energy efficiency benefits.
The cyborg can be exposed to environments which would destroy the biological
brain almost instantly;
this unit can completely backup the biological data and enable the agent to
continue to function.

This is complex cellular cyberskin, weaved to provide a bullet-resistant
epidermis that radically reduces
damage from projectile weapons. Development of a pachyderm/steel mesh hybrid and
careful cosmetic
enhancement has produced a substance that is extraordinarily tough but just as
flexible as normal, vat-
grown cyborg flesh.

This cyberskin takes advantage of the latest form of non-toxic asbestos designed
for use in spacecraft re-
entry. When carrying out operations during firestorm conditions, an agent
wearing this skin would suffer
far less from incendiary damage than an unprotected counterpart.

This is a cyberskin variant based on hydrocarbon polymer augmented by
fibre-optic micro-filaments. It
should absorb much of the destructive power of energy-based weapon systems. The
energy is dispersed
from the point of impact around the modified agent's body, and recycled to
sustain the skin's protective
This is cutting edge cyberskin technology. The skin uses asynchronous temporal
phase-shifting cells to
confuse targetting systems, making weapon lock very hard to get. An agent
wearing this skin would be
almost invisible to his opponents' firepower.


Old-fashioned personal defence weapon. The original fired chemically propelled
kinetic ammunition.
This updated version is more reliable as it draws on a personal energy cell to
release each round.
Nevertheless, the Uzi is a throwback to another time, and as such we regard it
as virtually obsolete. The
Church of the New Epoch is working on many vastly superior weapons to offer its

Despite being something of a museum piece, this kinetic-round firing rotary
cannon is considerably
superior to the Uzi and more effective against the enemies of our faith. Like
the Uzi, it has been upgraded
to draw personal cell energy. Its shortcomings are bulk and noise but these are
outweighed by its range
and destructive power. When used in multiples, miniguns are effective against

The Nine have seen the sub-photon structure of light and they have unlocked its
secrets. Their holy
research has developed an ionic focus which transfers bolts of lightning onto a
target. The weapon's range
is superior to kinetic energy weapons and it works particularly well on
conductive steel.

Our scribes have developed an effective weapon based on the conventional laser.
TriSodium 89 is injected
in the pulse laser's firing chamber where it is lased electrically. The pressure
of the gas in the firing
chamber can be raised by holding down the trigger, overcharging the weapon and
making it more
effective in the process.

This uses the combined energy of accelerated electrons to fire a stream of
unstable energy along a
magnetic carrier wave. A significant advance for the Church, and one that proves
the value of the
teachings held by the Nine.

An implosion grenade is fired towards the target, and uses its own guidance to
ensure detonation on
impact. Launchers use monopolar accelerator sleds to ensure an impressive range,
and those who are
targeted can seldom evade the gyro-homing system. This superb weapon is also
useful for creating area
fire. The auto-reload time does leave our holy Acolytes temporarily vulnerable.

The light of faith will be seen for miles when a nuclear grenade is detonated in
the Church's name. Use
with care, Apostle - the devastation this weapon creates is considerable. Be
sure to retreat from the area in
which it falls. Also, note its effectiveness against structures and groups. To
use this device against a single
enemy would be tantamount to blasphemy.

Our congregation grows with every day. Some souls, though, resist the path of
truth we offer. Thus we
have the Indoctrinator. It seeds in the minds of those disbelievers everything
we know to be true in an
instant. How could any resist this avalanche of knowledge and wisdom?

Those who oppose the path of righteousness can expect to burn for all eternity.
These magnox flame-
throwers are their first taste of that. They don't have anything like the range
of energy or even kinetic
weapons, but they have their uses, in crowds for example. They also inspire the
fear and submission that
we seek.

This small, convenient unit de-persuades its target or the target's persuaded
followers with the minimum
of fuss. Although the Disrupter is not a real alternative to the weapons of
destruction provided by our
scientists and benefactors, it is magnificently subversive.

Distilled from an alien fungoid narcotic, Psycho Gas is the ideal weapon for
causing large-scale havoc.
Fired into a group of civilians, it will instantly provoke an uncontrollable
riot. This will force the
authorities to expend their energies regaining control, leaving your holy
Acolytes to get on their mission.

This censer produces a cloud which lays low any unprotected targets who are
touched by it. Simplicity is
welcome wherever it can be effective.

Triggered by enemy activity in the vicinity, the Ion Mine sends out tendrils of
electrical energy in all
directions and is extremely effective against enemies of the faith in a vehicle
or on foot. This device is
triggered by target proximity. Its discharge will also affect the CHIP status of
those caught by it.

A conventional mine which uses a time delay fuse embedded in a directed
detonation charge. A handy
weapon to use against tanks or other armoured vehicles.

Our divine work will sometimes call for the elimination of individuals rather
than the liquidation of larger
groups. The Long Range Rifle fires uranium-depleted kinetic rounds with great
accuracy long distances.
Few body armour components can withstand the pressure-shock of these advanced
shells. Usually one shot
will drop a target, and you can make good your escape unseen.

We can acquire launch codes for many of the geo-stationary satellites which hang
above our planet but the
computing costs involved in cracking the Syndicate's encrypted security
lock-outs are high. When you
activate a strike, within a few seconds, the nearest satellite will target your
designated position and fire
down bolts of tungsten-uranium alloy which superheat in the atmosphere and cause
massive destruction
throughout the area.

This device is the most destructively powerful the Nine could make mobile. The
graviton gun can unleash
enough energy to reduce a mountain to boulders. Behold, the wrath of the Nine!

A coil of high-tensile wire with counter-spun barbs. Razor Wire is hard to
detect, especially in combat
situations. Place it at strategic points and the opposition will do themselves
great harm as they blunder
into the wire strands. A weapon which has stood the test of time well.

Only true deities could bring such a device as this into being. As you activate
it, a dome of atomically
stable sub-temporal space is created. Known through the centuries as witch-time
when it naturally occurs,
this has the effect of slowing dramatically any one or anything caught in the
dome. It is a sight to pray

Our scientists have unravelled more of the arcane secrets of the Codex and built
a device which will
export the natural electrochemical forces contained within the cells of any
organic structure which has
recently died. This saps the residual cellular energy of the corpse, as long as
its cellular structure has not
been destroyed. Praise the Nine for their vision, Acolyte.

The Codex has given us this. Using witch-time still further, you can now
transport enemies to other
temporal planes. Effectively a time-slip, this is perfect for vanishing a
target. It can be used on your own
team, but caution is advised; the effects are not fully understood.

A sentry drone upon which a high-powered laser is fitted. A thermo-motion
detector built into the base is
connected to an identkey reader, and any non-recognised movement it picks up is
fired upon. These sentry
units are most effective in open areas with a wide field of view.

Believe in the Church and it will take care of you. When one or more of your
Disciples is injured in the
holy war against EuroCorp, using this unit will restore health and fitness. Such
a device demonstrates the
care and understanding on which the Church of the New Epoch is founded.

An advanced restoration unit which will take care of your wounds and injuries
without distracting a
member of your team. An invaluable addition to any equipment pack for operatives
spreading the word of
faith in the Cataclysm.

A booby-trap which, when set in the required place, will destroy any who venture
through the molecular
cable spread between two points. Unwittingly, the foe will set off a blast which
will render them no further
impediment to the cause of our spreading religion.

This device will render one of your team invisible to detection. They will look
to EuroCorp and others just
like a harmless executive, and will be able to walk through fire-control zones
where our Acolytes would
surely be unable to tread. The perfect disguise, and extremely useful for covert
operations in the name of
the Church.


Our time is upon us. We must not squander it. Every nanosecond is sacred. Your
Acolytes must act with
haste and vigour. By removing their mortal flesh and replacing it with this
wondrous work of technology,
as described in the teachings of the Codex, you give them more of both.

May the lessons of the fractal psalms always enlighten us. Secrets of the cosmos
have been unlocked to
create materials in ways denied within the well of gravity. By judicious use of
your funds, we have used
such rare substances to create these superior leg prosthetics.

To save a soul, one must first invest the highest technology in it. Blessed are
those then who walk on terra
firma with the holy purpose in their stride. Let them embody everything the
Church stands for; outfit your
Acolytes with the finest works of the Nine.

May your aim always be true. To this end, cybernetic arm enhancements are a
significant aid to accuracy.
The extra armour it provides your Acolytes also contributes to their
survivability. Acolytes with arm
prosthetics can also throw objects further.

It is our way to bind machine and man. If one improves the man then one should
also improve the
machine. The new construction techniques these arm mods employ improve on all
the benefits cybernetic
arms bring to your Acolytes. Give thanks to the Nine.

Now the Cataclysm is nigh, only the strongest speak. The massive weapons we use
require massive
strength to operate. With these arms your Acolytes will wield the means to our
victory and possess the
might to lay low all who would seek to prevent the Cataclysm.

The path of the faithful is marked by continual cybernetic enhancement. Thus the
journey to salvation
begins here. This sophisticated artificial torso, which increases the stamina
and health of a disciple, also
serves as the anchor for other prosthetics.

The soul may be indestructible but the body is not. If too many of your Acolytes
are making the ultimate
sacrifice, bless them with these lightweight, foam-metal clad, chest and
respiratory systems.

A time of great change is coming; such a time as demands that great forces are
brought to bear. A disciple
modified with this sophisticated, holy fabric fears no evil. Your enhanced
brethren will even be able to
venture through clouds of nerve gas and remain unharmed.

As our mission continues, the challenge to our activities becomes greater.
Increase your Acolyte's
perception and health and the masses will prostrate themselves. Thus shall the
Church of the New Epoch
be known.

Know thine enemy disciple, and know him at extreme range, so that you may
prepare the cleansing of
him. The Nine have turned their attention to the demands on our Acolytes, as
they prepare the way for the
Catclysm. Improve your Acolytes' minds with new brains.

The mind of god is the mind of a machine. For heightened awareness beyond the
limits of biological
means alone, equip your Acolytes with the ultimate in mobile Artificial
Intelligence. With understanding
comes great power. Embody this understanding and embrace the power.

On occasion, our EuroCorp foe does create some innovative technology. This
cyberskin is a better
epidermis than traditional plaskin. A lining of molecule weave suspended in
anti-shock microfoam will
make Acolytes who wear it almost invincible to kinetic energy rounds.

Heat is one enemy of the combatant. Our foe has found the solution with this
experimental cyverskin.
Using space industry fabrics, they have developed a cyberskin which can make our
Acolytes resistant to
flame and thermal energy.

Even the Nine were impressed with the concept behind this magnificent treasure
you have recovered.
Using some Codex technology - perverted by their inferior understanding -
EuroCorp weaved spectral
sink technology into a cyberskin, thus providing shielding from the full effects
of electromagnetic
weapons. Interesting. We can now take advantage of their work and employ this
knowledge for ourselves.

Ever more accursed, EuroCorp do not give up trying to compete with our vastly
superior technology.
Nevertheless, they have come up with something special. This cyberskin reflects
UTOPIA sensor scans,
thereby making weapon lock on a target contained in this substance extremely
difficult to achieve.

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