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Читы для System Shock 2

Чит-файл для System Shock 2

System Shock 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Looking Glass Studios и Irrational Games
Издатель:Electronic Arts
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 11 августа 1999 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / RPG / 3D / 1st Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
Magus' System Shock 2 Guide                                      v1.8

Copyright Magus (shinra9@yahoo.com) 2000.

3)Paths to Choose at the start of the Game
5)Psychic Abilities
6)Other Abilties


It's been a while after the disaster on Citadel. Shodan, the out of
control of AI, was finally put to rest by a master hacker. Now, a
number of years later, the starship Von Braun is making it's maiden
voyage across the universe. The ship, founded by the TriOptimum company
(the ones who created Shodan), passes by the planet Tau Ceti 5 and
something goes wrong. So, you being one of the lone soldiers on the
ship, you've been taken out of your cyro chamber and have to follow
the orders of one of the survivors of the ship to restore order.

This game, is nothing short of a masterpiece. Looking Glass, makers of
the classic Thief, have once again come up with the goods. At first
glance, this looks like your average Quake/Doom FPS, but it's actually
a very nice RPG packed into the body of an FPS. The game starts off
with you doing some training for the three main "armies", the OSA
(people who use their psychic powers), Navy (equipment repairing,
hackers) and the Marines (combat specialists). You pick the "army"
you want to join with, and you can undertake three stat upgrades
before going through with the game, which is where the RPG elements
come in (e.g Strength+1, Hack+1, etc.)

There is also a very complex but useful inventory system inside the
game. Hit the TAB button and up comes a screen where you can use
your medkits, change weapons, and read logs/emails picked up during
the course of the game. And the main way of recieving the storyline
is through logs that you pick up in the dark, ransacked corridoors
of the Von Braun, and emails from the people you are helping. This
is a very effective way of revealing the storyline, and also, some
of the logs are unfinished, so it leaves you wondering.

Gameplay aside, the graphics and sound are the best in a game you
have ever seen. Just like Thief, SS2 makes you rely heavily on sound
to make your way through the ship, and the enemies react to the sound
that you make. Don't run all the time, as I have found out. And there's
an AWESOME techno soundtrack. The graphics are also great, depicting
lots of detail and it's very smooth. Looking Glass mixes these elements
well to create an atmosphere that drags the gamer into it's horrifying

And scary, this is. From the eerie moans of the Hybrids searching for
your skull, to the soft footsteps which could belong to anyone. Make
that anything. Looking Glass have also created lots of suspense, using
gadgets like security cameras, psychic motion detectors and the fact
that your weapons break down every now and then. If a security camera
spots you, the whole deck is alerted and monsters run to you from all
directions. Your motion detector shows the position of all your enemies,
and once you know they're there, you don't want to go further. And it's
no help when you jump into battle with a gun that doesn't work.

The RPG elements are made clearer throughout the game, with stations
positioned across the shpis which upgrade your stats for a cost.
Through these stations, you can also upgrade your psychic powers,
which range from a motion detector, to a psychic "brick" wall, to
a flaming fireball.

My only complaints? Maybe, maybe it's a little too hard, and the
breaking down of the guns annoyed me, but that's a vital part of
the game. Also, the multiplayer option isn't available unless you
download the patch. One last thing, even though it's not so bad,
it's scary. Not bragging here, but I've hardly ever been scared
by anything in my whole life (apart from the original Scream). The
world that Looking Glass have created is a horrifying one, messages
written on the walls with blood, scenes showing how the innocent
people were killed, people who hung themselves, and the very, very
shocking but effective tactic of using ghosts to show what happened in
the exact place in the past. Through these visions from the nether
void, the creators have found a very successful way in developling the
storyline while scaring the living hell out of you. But these are minor,
minor complaints.

This ain't your normal RPG, or your normal FPS. Run in with all guns
blazing and you'll find yourself lying in a pool of your own blood.
Take it carefully, run form all enemies and in the end they'll find
you and kick your ass. System Shock 2 rivals Half-Life for the game
of the year (1999), and with a great storyline, brilliant graphics
and sound, plus all the small things that the game has, this is the
game that you must own.


Yes, it's a sin to cheat, but most of us out there can't resist. To
activate these cheats, hold SHIFT and press ;. Then enter one of the

Ubermensch-All your stats maxed out
Psi_full-Psi Points maxed out
Add_pool (number)-Obtain (number) of Cyber Modules
Show_version-Shows version of game
Clear_teleport-Clear your teleport marker, see Psi skills
Summon_obj (item name, see below)


Assault Rifle
Crystal Shard
Electro Shock (actually the laser rapier)
EMP Rifle
Fusion Cannon
Gren Launcher
Laser Pistol
Psi Amp
Stasis Field Generator
Viral Prolif
Worm Launcher


AP Clip
Crystal Shard
EMP Grenade
Fusion Shot
Large Prism
Pellet Shot Box
Prox. Grenade
Rifled Slug Box
Small Prism
Standard Clip
Timed Grenade
Toxin Grenade


Chem #1  = Fm  = Fermium
Chem #2  = V   = Vanadium
Chem #3  = Ga  = Gallium
Chem #4  = Sb  = Antimony
Chem #5  = Y   = Yttrium
Chem #6  = Cu  = Copper
Chem #7  = Cf  = Californium
Chem #8  = Na  = Sodium
Chem #9  = Os  = Osmium
Chem #10 = Ir  = Iridium
Chem #11 = As  = Arsenic
Chem #12 = Cs  = Cesium
Chem #13 = Hs  = Hassium
Chem #14 = Te  = Tellurium
Chem #15 = Mo  = Molybendium
Chem #16 = Tc  = Technetium
Chem #17 = Ra  = Radium
Chem #18 = Ba  = Barium
Chem #19 = Se  = Selenium


Heavy Armor
Light Armor
Medium Armor
Reflec Armor
Vacc Suit
Worm Skin


Blast Turret
Invisible Arachnid
Laser Turret
Protocol Droid
Slug Turret


Bridge Card
Crew Card
Crew 2 Card
Cryo Card
Eng Override Key
Hydro Card A
Hydro Card B
Hydro Card D
ID Cards
R and D Card
Rec Crew Key
Med Annex Key
Med Card
Ops Override Key
RadKey Card
Rickenbacker Card
Rick Room Key
Science Card
Security Card
Shuttle Access Key


20 Nanites
Big Nanite Pile
Brawnboost Implant
Ice Pick
Lab Assistant Implant
Medical Kit
Midwife Organ
Monkey Brain
Power Cell
Swiftboost Implant

Load up a text editor, and save an empty file as USER.CFG in your SS2
directory. Enter the following lines for these effects:

undead-God Mode, your health will go down but when you reach zero,
you'll still be alive.
no_spawn-Less enemies are spawned.
gun_degrade_rate 0-Weapons don't break.

3)Paths to Choose at the start of the game

At the start of the game, you are forced to choose a branch of the
army to join. They are the OSA ("psychic" fighters), Navy (hackers,
repairers) and the Marines (weapons). You'll undergo 4 years of
training, and undertake three special abilties. Below are the special
Marines                 - +1 Standard Weapons

Year 1

Ordinance Master's Mate - +2 Strength
Survival Training       - +2 Endurance
Zero-G Training         - +2 Agility

Year 2

Weapons Range           - +2 Standard Weapons
Asteroid Picket         - +1 Heavy Weapons, +1 Cyber Affinity, Grenade
Gunners' Mate           - +1 Energy Weapons, +1 Cyber Affinity, Laser

Year 3

System Consultant       - +1 Repair
Quash Rebellion         - +1 Modify
Honor Guard             - +1 Maintentance, Maintenance Tool
Navy                    - +1 Standard Weapons

Year 1

Military Police         - +1 Strength, +1 Modify
Engineer's Mate         - +1 Strength, +1 Repair
Ships' Ops              - +1 Strength, +1 Hack

Year 2

Training School         - +2 Standard Weapons
Ordinance Master        - +1 Maintenance
Navigator's Mate        - +2 Cyber Affinity

Year 3

Zero-G Training         - +2 Agility
Survival Training       - +2 Endurance
Lab-Assistant           - +1 Research
OSA                     - First Tier Psionic Ability, Psi Amp

Year 1

Chu Lun SDT             - Second Tier Psionic Ability, Cryokinesis,
                          Psycho-Reflective Screen
Ru Nang SDT             - Second Tier Psionic Ability, Cryokinesis,
                          Kinetic Redirection
Shao Ling SDT           - Second Tier Psionic Ability, Cryokinesis,
                          Psychogenic Cyber-Affinity
Year 2

Psi Training            - +2 Endurance
Research Lab            - +1 Research
Interrogation           - +2 Psionic Ability

Year 3

Physical Field Ops      - +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Cyber-Affinity,
                          Remote Electron Tampering
Group Field Ops         - +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Cyber-Affinity,
                          Neuro-Reflex Dampening
Anti-Terrrist Field Ops - +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Cyber-Affinity,
                          Psychogenic Agility



-Download the patch from www.shock2.com. It introduces multiplayer
and fixes bugs.

-Conserve ammo. Sometimes it's better to use wrenches and stuff like
that. You can have the wrench at the ready by holding down the attack
button, so you can get the first strike in.

-Use the lean buttons a lot. You never know what's around the next
corner, whether it be enemy or security camera, turret or nothing.
It can save your life.

-Whenever you see a Security Control Panel, immeadiatley hack it to
make life easier.

-If a camera turns red, that means it's sent out an alarm. Rush to a
safe place (a room with one door, a bridge on top of a room, a corner)
and if there are any doorways leading to where you are, dump prox.
grenades near there so when they run in, they'll get blown up. Now
sit there, sorry, camp, and stay until the timer runs out. Your psychic
wall is also effective in these situations. Weapon of choice? Shotgun,
or Assault Rifle.

-When security is activated, and the alarm is sounded, run to a
control station, and cancel the alert. That's how bad the security on
the Von Braun is.


5)Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities are used by equipping the Psi Amp. When using them,
you've got to be careful as it charges up, and if you overcharge it
you'll zap yourself.


Tier One Abilities

Psycho-Reflective Screen   - Protects from 15% combat damage.
						     Lasts for 20sec + 30sec per
psi point.

Neuro-Reflex Dampening     - No weapon kickback.
    					     Lasts for 1min. + 20secs per psi

Kinetic Redirection        - Pulls an object towards you.
 						     Lasts for 1sec per psi point.

Psychogenic Agility        - Increase agility by 2
						     Lasts for 2mins + 1min per
psi point.

Psychogenic Cyber Affinity - Increases CYB by 2
 							 Lasts for 2mins + 1mins
per psi point.

Projected Cyrokinesis      - Launches a heat draining projectile.
							 The more the psi, the
more damage.

Remote Electron Tampering  - Alarms which are active time out faster.
 						     Lasts for 5secs + 5secs per
psi point.


Tier Two Abilities

Anti-Entropic Field             - Weapons don't break or degrade.
					              Lasts for 10sec + 20sec per
psi point.

Adrenaline Overproduction       - Hand to hand combat damage is increased.
							      Lasts for 10sec +
5sec per psi point.

Neural Decontamination    	    - Shields from 80% radiation damage.
							      Lasts for 10sec +
5sec per psi point.

Cerebro Stimulated Regeneration - Regenerates hit points.
 								  2HP per psi

Psychogenic Strength            - Increases strength by 2.
								  Lasts for 2min
+ 1min per psi.

Recursive Psionic Amplification - Increases psionics by 2. Psi costs
                                  are doubled while active.
                                  Lasts for 10secs + 10secs per psi point.

Localized Pyrokinesis           - Damages all creatures within a certain
                                  radius. Higher PSI increases damage to
								  Radius is 5
feet + 1 foot per psi point,
								  lasts for
15secs + 8secs per psi point.


Tier Three Abilities

Molecular Duplication       - Use your nanites to duplicate ammo/hypo.
							  Success rate 30% + 10%
per psi point.

Electron Cascade            - Recharges an item or weapon.
							  Recharge amount is 20%
per psi point, up
							  to maximum amount
allowed by your
							  Maintenance Skill.

Energy Reflection           - Provides 50% immunity to all energy-based
							  sources of damage.
							  Lasts for 20secs per
psi point.

Neural Toxin Blocker        - Shields you from 100% toxin absorption.
							  Lasts for 10secs +
5secs per psi point.

Enhanced Motion Sensitivity - Shows location of all nearby creatures.
							  Lasts for 30secs per
psi point.

Projected Pyrokinesis       - Launches fiery projectile at target.
 							  The more psi points,
the more damage.

Psionic Hypnogenesis        - Target non-robot creature will stand still,
							  and won't move. If the
creature takes
							  damage, effect ends.
							  Lasts for 20secs per
psi point.


Tier Four Abilities

Photonic Redirection          - Makes you invisible. Firing a weapon
								will end the
								Lasts for 5secs +
5secs per psi point.

Remote Pattern Detection      - Shows location of nearby items.
								Lasts for 1min
per psi point.

Electron Suppression          - Immobilizes any robotic target.
								Lasts for 3secs
per psi point.

Psychogenic Endurance         - Increases endurance by 2.
								Lasts for 2mins +
1min per psi point.

Molecular Transmutation       - Turns ammo/hypos into nanites.

Remote Circuitry Manipulation - Hack psionically. Uses half of PSI
								stat in place of
both Hacking Skill
								and CYB stat.
Costs PSI instead of

Cerebro-Energetic Extension   - Turns Psi Amp into a weapon much like
								the laser rapier.
								Lasts for 10sec
per psi point.


Tier Five Abilities

Advanced Cerebro-Stimulated Regneration - Regains lost HP.

5HP + 5HP per psi point.

Soma Transference                       - Drains HP from target and

gives it to you.

Instantaneous Quantum Relocation        - Teleport to a marked location.

First, you have to mark the

location, and use it again

to head back to that spot.

Imposed Neural Restructing              - Causes target to become

hostile to all human


Lasts for 10sec per psi


Meta Creative Barrier                   - Wall of psi force.

Wall's HP 150 + 50 per psi

over 5. Lasts for 4 mins.

Psionic Detonator                       - Drops a psionic mine. Lasts

for 4 mins.

Psycho Reflective Aura                  - Protects from 60% of damage.

Lasts for 10secs + 20 secs

per psi point.


6)Other Abilities

Hack- Determines chances of hacking computers and computer systems.

Repair- Determines chances of repairing broken weapons, or computer

Modify- Determines chances of modifying and improving your weapons.

Maintenance- Determines chances of improving condition of your weapon
when using Maintenance Tools.

Research- Determines effiency of research. Some weapons and exotic
items can't be used without being researched.

Standard Weapons- Increases damage dealt with standard weapons.

Energy Weapons- Increases damage dealt with energy weapons.

Heavy Weapons- Increases damage dealt with heavy weapons.

Exotic Weapons- Increases damage dealt with exotic weapons.

STR- (Strength) Increases capacity of inventory, and increases amount
of damage dealt. Some weapons and armor need a certain STR level to

END- (Endurance) Increases hit points, and resistance to radiation/

PSI- (Psionics) Increases skill in using PSI skills (see above for
a full list).

AGI- (Agility) Increases speed, reduces weapon kickback and falling

CYB- (Cyber) Improves chance of successfully hacking, repairing,
modifying etc.

Psi stats and these above abilites all require cybernetic modules to
learn. You learn them at stations, scattered throughout the levels
in the game.



Okay, I said I wouldn't write one, but sorry (do0m), as there have
been many, many requests for one. So here goes!!!



Deck 2-Med/Sci

You'll start off, being let out of your cryogenic chamber, with a Dr.
Polito giving you orders to move up to Deck 4. From where you start,
head into the red room, pick up the wrench, then smash the debris
which is blocking the ladder.

Now, most of this deck is usually a "getting to know the game" place.
Soon you'll come along a dead battery, which you'll need to charge up
to open a door. To find the charge station, head to the maintenance
access, which is past the chemical storeroom. Be careful when climbing
down the ladder though, there are more than a few turrets here. Re-
charge the battery and go into the Medical Area.

You'll need to find the card to access the crew quarters. You'll find
it on a corpse, near the Biopsy sector. On the map, it should be
located in the southwest corner. A turret will greet you as you enter;
climb down the ladder and pick the card up from him.

Now you need to find Dr.Watts, and get the R&D card from him. Head
into Crew, and go to the last room on the right. Search the desk and
pocket the card. Now you've got to go to R&D. It's back in the area
you started in, somewhere around that chemical storeroom. The bulk-
head used to enter is number 21. Inside, you should be able to find
Watt's office easily, as it is named.

Inside, go down and onto the autopsy table to find Watts. Grab the
code for the shaft from him, then grab his logs, turn around and
deal with the Hybrids which just appeared. Then go into maintenance
(guarded by a robot), and down the shaft into engineering.


Deck 1-Engineering

You'll need to go to the Engine Core. But that's blocked off due
to radiation. So head over to the room with the quantum
bioreconstruction  chamber thingy in it, but be careful of the camera.
Then head up the ramp there, past Xerxes, and into the Engineering
Control, via the blue bubble elevators.

You'll find out that it's locked, and that a person named Sanger has
re-coded it. She's hiding in Cargo Bay 2, but to get there, you need
to find the key to it, which is in Cargo Bay 1.

On the way, you'll come across two turrets and one dead guy. The dead
guy has the card you'll need for one of the decks later on. Reach
Cargo Bay 1. Head to Cargo Bay 1A, and search the wall on the left for
the Cargo Bay 2 card.

Go into Cargo Bay 2, and to the highest level of Cargo Bay 2B. You'll
find Sanger, and the code for Fluidics. Head back to the Engineering
Control, and open the door. You'll find out a way to get around the
security trap. You'll need a piece of hardware though.

In the room with the quantum bioreconstruction chamber, take the
exit on the other side, and follow the path until you reach Storage
4. Pick up the suit, then continue on and find Storage 5, and enter
the code (which is 34760). Search the shelf on the left-hand side for
the hardware (45m/dEX).

Now, go back to where the Cargo Bays were. Head into Command Control,
and then make your way up the bubbly elevators, up the other elevator,
then place the hardware in the control panel in front of you. Head
back to Engineering Control/Fluidics, and open the door to the Engine

Head to the Engine Core, and you'll have to reset the nacelles. There
are two (or three, but I'm sure it's two) control rooms, each with a
panel reading "offline". Turn them on to put them back online, and then
head up the lift and reset the main engine. Now, go back to the
elevator, and then take it to Deck 4. You'll get stuck on the way,
so get off at Deck 3.

*NOTE* The next area is impossible (according to do0m), so download
the patch at http://www.shock2.com before continuing.


Deck 3-Hydroponics

You'll need to clear the stuff that's blocking your way. Find the
corridoor Biological Survey (head into the security area, right from
the elevator, and make your way through there).

Once in the corridoor, go into the room with a desk, window, and a
door which is jammed. Smash the window, then jump in. The patch fixes
the problem where you can't get in, but if you can't, hold down jump,
then move forward to the desk. You'll go on top, and be able to get

Inside, you'll find two vials of Toxin-A, the stuff you need to kill
the things blocking your way with. But first you'll have to research
them. First, find the Hydroponics B Card from a corpse in one of the
rooms in the corridoor. Then go into Sector B (near the Xerxes room,
I think), find the chemical storeroom and research Toxin-A. There's
another vial somewhere in the chemical storeroom too.

Now for the regulators. There are four of them, on the map they show
up as an A.

One is in Sector C. Climb up the ladder to the Office, then go down
the ramp. Destroy the eggs and cyborg before heading on.

Drop into the icy area of Sector B. Down here is the second regulator,
and the card to Hydroponics A.

The third is in the "plant" sector of Hydroponics, through bulkhead
number 31. It's at the end of the corridoor. Don't forget to pick up
the card for Hydroponics D, from the guy in the corridoor with the
robots. BTW, a Toxin-A vial is found from a corpse near the entrance
to the bulkhead.

The last is in Sector D. After finding the interesting log on the
computer system, head down the ramp, watching out for the eggs. The
last regulator is nearby. Now head back to the elevator and up to


Deck 4-Ops

Head into the bulkhead behind you to find Polito. Not what you thought?
I won't spoil it for you. Now, head into the door which will open, and
find one of the cyborgs that you have to kill. Kill him and pick
up the quantum sim chip.

The next cyborg is in the Data Storage area, near the green pipe
giving off radiation in Bulkhead 42. Exploding crates will fall, watch
out for them and take the guy out. You'll get the interpolated sim
chip. Head to the Office area in this section and activate the sim

The last cyborg is in Bulkhead 43. Head to the corridoor to the left
of the Barracks. You'll find the Cyborg at the end of that corridoor.
Then head left, and down the corridoor (past the lift) to find the
second sim unit, and Bronson.

Now head back out, to the Fluid Ops area on the map. The last sim unit
is down the ladders in the darkened room. Be warned, spiders will rush
you as you approach the unit, take care. Now head up to Deck 5.


Deck 5-Recreation

This deck is annoying. Head to the Garden, the Deck 5 Crew card is
on one of the bodies in the door below the green pit. Now head to the
crew quarters, and to the second level. In one of the rooms, a guy
has the athletics card, he's dead, next to tons of vodka :-)

Now for the MultiPictures. There's one in the mall, one in the
athletics area, and two in the "Garden" sector, which includes dining,
medical etc. If you can't be stuffed, just go to the basketball court,
the top level, and enter either 11046 or 14106 into the transmitter.

Go into crew quarters, and enter the elevator in the middle, to Deck


Deck 6-Command

Head to the door marked "Tram", beware of the security camera. Ride
the train to the last stop, go through the bulkhead. See Siddons and
Suarez run from the Rumbler, then follow their path, hacking security
on the way. You need to find the Bridge Access card, so go up one of
the elevators in the corner.

Make your way to the Escape Pods, and head to the northmost one on
your map to pick up the bridge access card. Now, go to the place just
before the entrance to the toilets (the Crew Quarters), and go up
one level. Search the rooms to find a code for security, then enter
security and pick up the Shuttle Access Card.

Now, retrace your steps back to the elevator, take it to Ops, Deck 4.


Deck 4-Ops

Head into Bulkhead 43, the one which leads into the Barracks. From the
Barracks, take a left, and head straight down the corridoor. You'll
reach a locked room; you can now open it and activate the panel on
the wall.

Go back to the elevator and into Engineering, Deck 1.


Deck 1-Engineering

Make your way to the Engine Core. Take the elevator upwards, then head
out to the core itself. Unlock the panel with the code that Shodan sent
to you, and then head back up to Command, which means a trip back
through Recreation as well.


Deck 6-Command

Head left into the Shuttle Bays. Move along, and take the elevator
up into Shuttle Control. Head to the one on the left of the map, and
de-activate the shield generator. Take out the shuttle below, then
move to the other side.

The cyborg will have destroyed the generator, so you have to hack the
replicator machine in front of the bubble elevators, and grab the
resonator thingy. Climb down to the shuttle, use it on the shield
generator and then run back up the ladder. There'll be a huge

Ignore orders, and head into the Shuttle Bay 2. You'll find heaps of
stuff, and the person you had to meet. But...I won't spoil it.

Be careful when going down the elevator, a whole bunch of Hybrids
will rush you as you are exiting the corridoor. Make your way to the
tram, take it to the second stop. It's blocked, and Korenkchin will
want to discuss your future on the bridge.

Make your way to the bridge, take out the floating thing, then go up
to the conference area, and take out Korenkchin, the little floating
thing. Go back down, destroy the floating thing again, and then make
your way back to the tram stop.

Go up the bubble elevators, and find yourself on...the Rickenbacker.


In here, you have to destroy all of the Many's eggs, which are red in
colour, and look exactly like the annelid eggs otherwise. Two other
annoying points, one, there's no bioreconstruction chamber thingies
on the Rickenbacker, so you have to save very often, and there's no
map, so you're walking blind. Another point, this ship is full of
turrets, and Rumblers, so take care.

When you start to climb the ladder, be warned, there are turrets on
the way up. When you reach the top, take out the two eggs. Climb up
to the control room and lift the big crate. Watch out, there's some
Rumblers, before heading into the next area, look up, take out the egg

Before heading down into the red passage, cross into the hull breach.
Pick up the logs, and take out the egg on the other side of the room.
You've got to get to Nacelle B to stop something like what happened
in this room from happening again. Press the bridge control button in
the control room.

Head into the red passage, taking out the fifth egg. Follow the vent,
to the first fork, and then head right. Press the other button in this
control room, but don't go down the ladder. Head back into the vent,
and take the other path in the fork.

Make your way across, to the room which has two dead people and a
Pod 2 arrow. Head onto the bridge which you just opened before and make
your way to the other bridge. Search the body for a Rickenbacker Access
Card. Head back to the Pod 2 room, climb the ladders to the top.

The sixth egg is here. Make your way through the door, and follow the
path to Nacelle B. Pick up the weapon, but don't go into Nacelle B yet.
Go down the other corridoor and take out the seventh egg. There'll be
three more eggs as you make your way into Nacelle B.

In Nacelle B, climb around the tight corridoors. Be careful as there
will be numerous turrets waiting for you. The eleventh egg is hidden
behind some steam. Soon you'll find the gravity generator thing, flick
the switch.

Go to Nacelle A. Research whatever you need to, then go down the path.
In the morgue, be careful of the Rumbler, and take out the tweflth egg.
The thirteenth egg is in the other room, next to the PDA.

Head to Pod 2. Hack security before you even think of taking on the
turrets, then hack the turrets and let them do your work (they'll
take each other out, if not, get rid of them). The fourteenth egg is
on the wall in the "Low Head Room" area, and the fifthteenth egg is
in the next control area.

You'll come to a room with a couple of missiles, and a control panel.
Press every button twice, but press the third one from the left once.
Pressing the buttons three times will lower them down. Now climb up
the missiles, and make your way to the top. Go to the other side, and
use the missiles as stepping stones to the ladder. The last egg is
located near the exit.

Now, this place is totally upside down, probably thanks to your
tinkering with the gravity machine. Find the chapel, pick up the PDAs,
and make your way to the First Aid Room. Find...Diego, and his last
words will be to head to his room. Make your way to the Bridge, the
door at the end is Diego's Room. Pick up the Worm Launcher, and place
the beakers on the piles of worms to collect ammo.

Backtrack to the Escape Pod 1 sign, climb down the ladder, and enter
the escape pod. You'll be shot into...the body of the Many.


The Many

Whoa...kinda resembles Half-Life. But this looks way better than
Half-Life. Anyway. There's no map, and there's plenty of radioactive

In general, stick to the right wall as you make your way through the
Many. Sometimes you'll come across parts of the Rickenbacker.
Eventually you'll reach the chemical room. Research stuff, upgrade
yourself, and backtrack.

Going back, you should see a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, a
sphincter, that blue big thing, is blocking your path. You'll need to
find two nerve clusters and destroy them. Going further back, you'll
see a tunnel in the wall, go in. It's not the one leading to a part
of the Rickenbacker, it's the one leading into the radioactive water.
Swim your way through, until you reach a small hill underwater, with
two bodies on it. Surface and destroy the cluster.

Backtrack even further, near the start, and there'll be a passage
guarded by a Rumbler. Head down there, and the second nerve cluster is
there too.

Now go back to the sphincter, and enter it. Make your way to the
big, sharp teeth. There'll be two pairs of these, you'll want to go to
the second pair, where there are three of them. Using the teeth, make
you way to the top, take out the nerve cluster, then into the

Take the middle path in this next room, and into a huge chamber with
water at the bottom. Take a fall, then swim up. Be careful of the psi
reaver.Prefontaine's final PDA is here, which means, yes, you are
near the end. Go through and face the Many's Brain.


Many's Brain

What you want to do first is run around the edges and destroy the
controllers of the psi reavers. Then, while dodging everything, you'll
have to aim for the stars circling around the "brain". Destroy all
three, then aim for the brain itself. After you've blown it up,
jump into the hole it leaves and say goodbye to the Many.


Shodan's Virtual World

If you've played the original System Shock, you'll know where this
level came from. Now, you're in a wacky virtual world, and Delacroix
has hacked into Shodan and left some PDAs for you. The only enemies
here are assassins.

Make your way to the place with a PDA, and a spiral chamber. Head
down the chamber until you can see a passage to another place, then
enter that place, and fall down the corridoor to face Shodan.



There'll be two things to contend with, the face in the center and
her virtual form running around. There's also four hacking stations
which help you in your fight with Shodan. Run around in a circle, and
hack when hee virtual form is not after you. If you don't get three
in one shot, stuff it and move on. Hack all of the stations, then
unload on her face in the middle.




Q.I'm in Hydroponics and trying to get into the room with the two
locked doors. I can't get through the window, help!

A.Download the patch from www.shock2.com, it should fix it. Otherwise,
hold down the jump key, and walk over to it. You should climb on top
and should be able to get through.


Q.In Level 4, I managed to collect all 3 sims from the cyborg assassins
and managed to install two in the computers, except for 1. I believe I
have searched all the areas but I still couldn't find the compatible
computer for the third sim.

A.Now, one of the sims is located in the area with a pipe which is
giving off radiation. The other two are located in the bulkhead to the
left of that. Head left from the barracks, into the room with the cyborg.
Then take a left, and down the corridoor past the elevator. You'll find
the sim unit and an interesting plot development.

The last one is in the same bulkhead, but in the "control" area. Find
the way to a darkened room with two ladders. Be careful, there's those
annelid hives as you step down. When approaching Sim Unit 3, a whole
bunch of arachnids will come and attack you, that's the surprise that
was mentioned in Malik's Log.


Q.Also in Level 4, I went down the elevator you mentioned to go past.
I entered one of the chambers and got locked in by these laser things.
How do I get out?

A.Look above you, there's a glass casing. Shoot it, then shoot the
box with the "OK" sign on it.

Q. In Level 5, I can't seem to complete the code for the transmitter.
I believe I have search all of the art terminals and found at least
three --- painting before you enter the Athletics area, one in medical
and another on the second floor of the crew quarters.

A. The remaining one is on the second floor of the mall. There are
two in the "Garden" area, which also includes security, medical etc.
and one in the athletics area.


Q. What's the code for the transmitter on Deck 5? I've got the numbers,
and some look like this: [1 or 6] What does that mean?

A. The code is 14106, or 11046. The [1 means that it's the starting
number, 6] meaning it's the end.


Q. Where's the Crew Key for Level 5?

A. I believe it's in the Garden sector, in the door in the green pit.
It'll be on one of the numerous bodies there.


Q. Also for Level 5, where's the Athletics Key?

A. It's on the upper level of the crew quarters, on some dead guy. I
think he's the one lying on a bed next to a pile of vodka :)


Q. Where's the transmitter?

A. Just on the second level of the basketball court, athletics area.


Q. Can I help the two people running from the Rumbler on Deck 6?

A. Unfortunately, no.


Q. Where's the Bridge Key for Deck 6?

A. It's located in the Escape Pod chamber. Try the one at the very top
(on your map), and you'll find it. Suarez, the person who's escaping
with Siddons, noted that he had it (in a log) and that he was


Q. Okay, so where's the Ops Override card then?

A. Go up to the highest level on the bridge. It'll be in a casing
built into the wall, you'll have to smash the glass to pick the card

Q. And the Shuttle Bay card?

A. It's in the security office, in a room above the escape pods. The
code to get in is found in a log in one of the rooms nearby.

Q.Hello, I read your published FAQ's and they are very good. but I
am stuck...I am on level 6, in the command ops area, where I just got
the OPS Override key. and the computer inside the game said to get the
card and then go back to the Ops command center or something like that,
but when I go back to any of the areas (even where I got the card, and
right under that floor) I cant find anyplace I am supposed to do to
advance the story...  I know I need to override the RICKENBACHEN imbulicle
so I can take the tram back to it and go there..but the door still wont
open, so can you please tell me what to so after getting the ops override
card/key?  Thanks!  :)

A.Well, head back to Deck 4, Operations. Go into the bulkhead which
takes you to the barracks. Go down into the red room, take the middle
door and enter the room. Done. Then you've got to go to the engine
core on Engineering.

Q.What are the RPG elements of System Shock 2?

A.Easy. The classes you pick from the start, the bonuses you recieve,
the way you have to search and obtain items, the things you have to
do, like I said, it sure looks like a real funky Half-Life, but the
FPS part plays only a minimal part of the game, if you think about it.
Q.I've got a question. A friend of mine said I couldn't finish it in
10 hours. In how may hours can I finish System Shock 2?

A.Yep! You could, only if you were cheating on the easy setting :-)
Otherwise, it would take 20 hours, give or take a few.
Q.Where are all of the jars of Toxin-A on Deck 3?

A.There are two in the room which you first break into, one on a body
outside the Hydroponics Bulkhead (leading to the room with plants.
Lots of them), and two in the chemical storeroom.
Q.I've read your walkthrough but there is one problem..
I didn't find the security access card to get to the third sim unit...
I hope you can help me.

A.I think, I think it's in Engineering, on a body near the Cargo Bays.
Q.Mighty Magus

I've already found where the gravitonic generator is located, but how
do I jump to the f*&&^%$%# platform?

A.Eh? Jump? No, there's a passage below that you crawl through and
that will take you to a series of platforms and ladders which will
eventually lead you the the F*%$@&$@*(&%@% platform =)
Q.just wondering if you know how to get the security
card for level 4.  I'm trying to get to that 2nd sim
unit, and i just can't find it.  I assume it's behind
the 2 doors tagged with security clearance key card
slots.  But for some reason i havn't found that card
anywhere.  I've been all over every level trying to
find how i can finish this thing off.

A.The card is in Engineering, on a body near the Cargo Bays.
Q.I'm stuck at the Many's brain. No matter how many times I shoot it,
it just will not blow up. I am in "god" mode because there is no other
way I could have destroyed all rumblers/etc while trying to destroy the
brain. also, I have destroyed the 3 stars. I only remember hitting 2 of
them but there are none flying around. I have been shooting at the brain
now for almost an hour.Is there only 1 kind of weapon that will destroy
it? It does light up when I fire Incend Grenades at it. I would appreciate
some help. Thanks.

A.Alrighty. You've had the two stars problem. It's a bug in the game
which Looking Glass did manage to fix, and you can fix it by grabbing
the patch (it's just called the Shock 2 Multiplayer patch) from
http://www.shock2.com and it should be fine.
Q.Hi. Your FAQ is really good. I was wonderring if you need the
Toxin-A after the Hydroponics level. There was four of them, but I
only found three Enviromental Regulators. Also, is there a Toxin-B?
One more...which weapons skills are the best? I would really like to
know because they all have good weapons and can't really decide.

A.Only three regulators? Well, I've listed four. On your map they will
show up as an A. To recap, there's one in/near the Xerxes room, where
you have to climb a ladder, then down a ramp again. Another is in the
frozen area, then there's one at the end of Bulkhead 31, then one in
Sector D. And I don't think there's a Toxin B. Anyway. With the
weapons, I suggest you pick Standard and Heavy, as the only weapons
you should really need to use (well, the ones that I used) were the
Assault Rifle and the Grenade Launcher.



Ken-Hello again!

d0om-For writing up the only walkthrough that I know exists! Thanks!

Looking Glass-For bringing us SS2, Thief, and making us wait for
Thief 2 so patiently. Patiently? Yeah right.

PC Powerplay-The magazine which I got some of the cheats from.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? shinra9@yahoo.com

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