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Читы для Tagwars

Чит-файл для Tagwars


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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Информация актуальна для
                        by Alignment and DaTaSoFT

        		for TagWars v1.4 (new version)

		Thanks from Tag Wars creator/programmer Kofi Jeffries

	Thanks for d/ling Tagwars (well, I HOPE you downloaded it, other-
wise this faq is pretty useless to you) and I hope you enjoy the FAQ and
the game, too. I guess I'm probably goin' overboard with that shareware
crap, so that's why I made TagWars the real deal. But don't let that
stop you from shelling out money..contribution money! Yeah, I need that for
the "programming for more games." Nah, actually, to tell you the truth, there
are about 10,000/1 odds that I would even register a game, and even LESS
if they put out the real deal, so I don't expect you to either. All that
really matters is that you enjoy the game. So enjoy!

	    	How to tell what version ya got:

   Ok, most of the strategies are going to work for version 1.3, but
the FAQ is for version 1.4, but don't worry, 'cause it's easy to check.
v1.4 has a few differences from 1.3. Here they are:

1.4 Taggers use Arrow Keys.
1.3 Taggers use the numpad (8 up 2 down 6 right 4 left)
1.4 Has all the major codes and secrets.
1.3 only has a couple of codes.
1.4's little screen scrolling bug is gone
1.3 has the bug
1.4 has a re-fix on Poison's death sequence.

	Check these all out, and you'll know what version ya got.

				The Story

	The Ancient Game of Tag was began long ago. Kids played it.
 People enjoyed it. Many other versions of Tag were done, but were any
truly as good as the first? That's what one Tagger wondered. He was
a true player of tag -- a self-proclaimed master. And all in the world around
him knew his tagging skills were a force to be reckoned with. He was such
a good Tagger, he was nick-named Poison, because that's what it was to mess
with him in a Tag Competition. But soon, Poison became bored. All of his
challengers were nowhere near as good as they should've been. No one was
a challenge to him anymore. He was so blood-thirsty for real Tagging
competition that he spawned a tournament -- his style. It wasn't a normal
friendly game of tag. This kind of Tag meant War to him. And anyone that
wasn't good enough was a waste of time to him. Poison only wanted some
Players with real talent...so he used some of his skills and resources to
his advantage. Some taggers were forced to enter. Some entered by choice.
Some were just tricked. But that wasn't the problem. The thing is,
they were in Poison's arena now, competing head-to-head in a Tag Fest. But
Poison was just happy watching the matches. He grinned evily, and smiled.
Rising, he pulled his glowing mask from his face and spoke in a threatening
voice -- "Let the Tagging begin!" Then he suddenly looked at the Taggers
he had gathered. They were weirdest, most pathetic taggers he ever dared let
into his tournament, or so he thought. He sat back down and began planning
his victory speech.

			Starting up cheat codes

	When you get to the "1) Player 2) Players q)uit" screen, this
is where all the cheating fun starts. You can put in enough codes for
a pumped-up game. Here's the cool stuff:

 Poison - Poison's a selectable character (He's got a funky ending!)

 Akces  - To get "clue" mode on, kinda in a hotkeys way.

 IKE    - Go to the secret options mode, where you can turn on sound,
	  Poison access, and clue mode.

 ifokvision - Man, does THIS one bring back memories. This turns background
 colors on. ifok is Kofi backwards, the Game's creator. His old Software
 develop team was Kofivision. Stuff didn't wreck until ME an' Ike joined
and we made DaTaSoFT and started doing thumb-wreckin' Games. That's the
background for DaTaSoFT. I just noticed it's also a background code. Wow...

			During the Game

	Esc - Boots you out of the Game

	*2442* - The '*' button is the special jump trigger button.

	You'll jump directly up-left 5 spaces. Really funky for catching
        the computer.

        Random Select - When selecting a tagger, hit Tab. (note: Code
        or not, Poison can't be selected by Random.)

	How to do exectue the ultra-ultra-secret Happyalities!!!!
	  "The What?" you say. Wellll, son, I'll tell ya. Since this game
	 is supposed to be a fun lame-parody of games like MK, Kofi
	 had to make fun of fatalities, too, even though they're really
	cool. But the point here is that Happyalities are lame on purpose!
	Betcha most fighting gasme makers can't say THAT about their sucky
	fatality-wanna-be's! The 2 secret Happyalities take sheer skill, so
	be readyyy....all ya gotta do is get better than 95 points, but
	make sure that you get away in time 'fore you beat your opponent.
	Now, type in + HAPPY. It'll say 'Finish Him!' or 'Finish Her!'
	NOW's your chance to be really pathetic. Don't worry, if you screw up,
	you'll be back in the regular fight, so you'll be able to try
	it over again until time runs out.

	To execute the BUMPALITY:Type in 8664. Your tagger will go at
	"lightning" speed straight at the opponent, until he's about to
	connect, then everything goes dark, and you see the words 'BUMP'
	appear, and you see the opponent go 'Ow.'

	To execute the Jokality: Type in 2848. Your Tagger will tell
	a version of one of the worst jokes ever to be made. And the Tagger's
	version is even worse.

	space starts a 2-player battle.


	Norse is an invisible Tagger that makes fun of all
that dare challenge him. Don't get the wrong impression, he's not easy at
all. He ain't all that if you show him the ropes, but he's very fast.
Make sure he's not fast enough. Plus, you only get a 60-second match with
him. The best way to beat him is to not randomly walk anywhere, but watch
where his taunts appear. Follow them and you'll eventually land smack into
him. As a reward, he tells you the background code. To access him, win
normal tournament fights 75 times. You'll go straight to him.

                       NINJA Tagger!

    Ninja's REALLY a rough tagger, and it's the most fun fighting him. You
    and a friend get to take him on at the same time! And you'll need to
    work together, too, because he's tough. He's not as fast as Norse,
    but he turns invisible whenever he feels like. And he'll keep doing
    it to annoy you. And don't think of using background codes because they
    don't work. To fight him, go to the two player battle mode. Player 1
    should be Blue, Player 2 should be Red. NO other taggers will work.
    Now, have player 1 go to upper left-hand corner, and player 2 go into
    the bottom right. Now, type in DTASOFT in capslock. Ninja offers them
    a spot in his group, and they turn him down, then mock him when he
    challenges them. Your best strategy to beating him is both of you
    cornering him from angles.

			Da Profiles

There are 8 selectable Taggers: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Red,

	Brown, Purple, and White taggers. Each is in the Contest for a

	reason. Wanna know why? Do ya? No? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

	Blue Tagger - A wanna-be sitcom writer, Blue Tagger is filled
with stress 'cause all his sitcom shows suck. He goes into the
tournament for one reason only -- for inspiration for a sitcom
before he gets fired...

 	Yellow Tagger - The Happiest lil' demented Tagger you'll ever
meet. But things ain't as cheery with this guy as they seem. In fact,
Yellow Tagger is quite the evil lil' guy, and bent on knocking everyone's
teeth out and becoming King of the Taggers. Such a cheery guy too.

	Pink Tagger - Pink tagger's Poison Tagger's kid. She hates his guts.
 He can't stand her either. She really only wants to tag him off his
throne and humiliate him the like the bum he is, and maybe get a little
running practice in too!

	Green Tagger - The only Tagger with a bigger Ego than Poison. It's
 no wonder he thinks so higly of himself after the way he defeated all
 in past tag tournaments he entered. He high-brows himself to be on
personal competition with all the 'less-fortunate' taggers and show he's
the man..er, Tagger. Then maybe they'll bow to his feet and he'll get 10
times the respect he thinks he deserves. His personal dream.

	Purple Tagger - One of the fastest Tagger Kids around. Purple
 defies everyone and is very reckless. He loves cheap thrills and joyrides
and just havin' fun! In fact, he wanted to enter just for fun (and maybe
he might get a cup of this coffee stuff he hears so much about...)

	Red Tagger - Best Friends with Blue Tagger, he actually signed
up with him to test out his skills. He's a master of Special effects
and tagging skills like his friend, and he wants to see what his skills are

	White Tagger - Also a huge hater of Poison because awhile back,
Poison had taken his mustard sanwich, his favorite kind. White promised
revenge, (even yelled it out in front of the whole school and got detention)
and now, he's gonna get his revenge on Poison...and tag the sandwich outta
his hide. Ya talk about yer psychos...

                       And that's about it for the FAQ!
   But seeing as much, we're going to leave you with these words from Norse:

                        "Ha ha ha! You're weak!"
                      "Foolish spam-eating Mortal!"
                    "Bow to me, and I will spare you!"
                     "Ha ha ha! Try again, weakling!"
            "I should not waste my time on puny taggers like you!"
                       "Ha! You'll never catch me!"

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