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Читы для Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Missions

Чит-файл для Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Mis...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
The Manhattan Missions

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Distinctive Software, Inc.
Жанры:Arcade (Platform)
Multiplayer:(2) head-to-head

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
   Yo! I'm glad you're here. Listen up, dudes, 'cuz I got a lot of sutff to
   tell ya, an' I'm not the most patient guy in the world, if ya know what
   I mean. What I am is a good sport. And to show you that, I'm gonna tell
   you how you can help my buddies save this city from that stinkin'
   Shredder. This is important to me an' the rest of the people living in
   Manhattan, so please pay attention. I can't say that enough. Okay, I can
   say it enough, but just do it, okay?

   Anyway, first thing first. What you gotta be askin' now is "Yo! Who died
   an' made you king?" Okay, I hear you. I'll tell ya who I am: I'm Casey
   Jones. The turtles are pals o'mine, an' I don't wanna see 'em get hurt.
   We're tight, you know what I'm sayin? That's why I want you to lead the
   boys to a victory over the scuz-bag Shredder. Just trust me, okay?

   On to the important biz. You got this game in your mitts, an' you wanna
   get going. Cool. Ya gotta install the game and turn it on first. Check
   it out and come back here when you get done.

   (hummm huummmmm hmm hmmmmm dee deeee dooooo...)

   You're back? You got everything loaded up the way ya want it? Okay,
   let's rock'n'roll, dudes!

   When you start your game, you're going to get what they call a title
   screen (which is where the guys who made the game try to nab some credit
   - but hey, they deserve it!) followed by a brief history of our
   shell-bound buddies. Check it out, cuz it's way cool. I love the part
   where they... Aw, just check it out. If you don't want to watch it every
   time, then press the [ENTER] key.

   This little piece of the game lets you decide what the controls are and
   who's playin'. You got yer five choices: Music On/Off, Sound On/Off,
   Player 1 controls Player 2 controls, and the greatest feature of any
   game ever, the CASEY JONES On/Off. Move up and down the list with the
   arrow keys. Move the arrow keys left/right to see the options. For
   example, you can choose right keyboard, left keyboard, single joystick,
   right joystick, or left joystick for the player controls. But whatever
   ya do, don't be a knucklehead and pick the same choice for both players.
   When you finish, follow the directions on the bottom of the screen. If
   you picked a joystick for one of the controls, ya gotta calob...
   kalabait... caliber... you gotta mess with it so'z it lines everything
   up the way you move it, ya know?

   Hey, check it out! There's April on the tube! Man, she is really .. uh,
   a great reporter. She brings a story to like, you know what I'm sayin?
   We watch her whenever she's on. I like to sit with the boys and watch
   old Gilligan's Island reruns, too. I got into it once with Donny about
   who would end up with who when they all got off the island. I think
   Ginger and Gilligan would, uh, I'm gettin' off track again. Sorry. Where
   was i? Oh, yeah, April O'Neil. She'll give updates on the crime scene in
   the city. Watch for awhile an' see wha'sup. When you get tired of
   hearin' about the filth out there comin' down on the good people, then
   press Enter and get ready for action.

   Youse got seven things you can do when ya see this screen. Eight things,
   if you count staring at the screen a fun thing to do. First, ya got yer
   city map. Then ya got yer training room, examine turtles, rest 1-to-8
   hours, save and load game options, and the ever-popular exit to dos. The
   last one is pretty obvious, but let's go over the udders in more detail,

   This big map gives you a close-up of Manhatttan, where a lot of crimes
   seem to be occurring. Now, this doesn't come as a surprise to doze of us
   who grew up'ere. Hey look, when ya got 'dis many people livin' in such a
   small area, ya gotta expect a few indiscretions, if you will, from some
   of the population. I mean, all these wealthy dudes living in their
   penthouses and all these poor down'n'out folks in the slums are only
   separated by a few city blocks. Crime happens. But ya know what I think?
   I think it stinks. I think the great thing about 'dis country is that we
   all got a chance to make it, if we try. If you make it by taking sumpin'
   dat ain't yours, then you ain't made it, dude. But hey, listen to me up
   on my soapdisk. The point is, the city map is gonna show ya some places
   where some major crimes is goin' down. Deze are the ones April's
   reportin' on in her news broadcast. The map's rigged up so that when
   April reports on a crime, a yellow alert light appears. When the scene
   heats up and there's big trouble, the light turns orange. Next time you
   don't complete dat mission, it turns red alert an' the area starts
   crumbling. If you get the turtles there to take care o' the problem,
   then youse go back to green light status, which basically means dat
   everyt'ings cool.

   Okay, so you're sayin' "Hey Casey, I got this cool map of Manhattan with
   a buncha lights goin' all different colors and stuff, so what do I do
   now?" Glad you asked. If you got a joystick, you move it around and look
   in the upper left corner of the screen. Ya see where the mission number
   is? Yeah, well, there's a big green finger dat points to da different
   'hot spots' on the map, and the mission number for dat spot appears in
   that window up top. If youse guys don't got a joystick, use the arrow
   keys. Like I gotta tell you that, jeez. I ain't no computer genius,

   Oh, yeah, here's another tip youse oughtta be aware of: the more times
   you attempt a mission an'fail, the worse the area becomes on the map.
   Let's say, for example, you try mission 3 and don't get through it.
   When you go back to look at the city map, the light for mission 3
   oughtta go orange. If you try again an' don't make it, then the area
   aroun' there is gonna look worse. Buildings start to crumble, the map
   looks darker.. before ya know it, the neighborhood looks like a war
   zone. I'm tellin' ya, one look at this city map, an' you can see how
   important it is for the guys to put a stop to Shredder once an' for all.

   When you complete a mission successfully an' that section goes green, a
   new trouble spot will come on da map. Every time you get through one a
   da missions, yer gettin' dat much closa to Shredder an' the foot clan.

   So, did I cover everything?

   1. The map shows the crime locations
   2. The crimes' lights are: red for big trouble, orange for trouble,
      yellow for bad news comin' and green for cool
   3. Move around the map with the joystick or arrow keys

   Yeah, that covers the city map option.

   I like this part. You get some primo fight action goin' on here. Here's
   the scoop - this is a ninja training room the Splinter built for the
   guys so'z they could work on their moves without gettin' pummeled to
   pieces. You use da computer to select a villain to fight against. If
   Splinter has info about the guy, then he gives you a few words of
   wisdom - usualy a tip about the bad dude's weaknesses. Sometimes
   Splinter won't have anything scouted out about the guy ya choose, so
   youse gotta pick a different slimebucket to whoop.

   Don't forget, trainin' takes time. Youse only got 48 hours tops, so use
   yer time wisely, man.

   Here's another point to ponder, if ya know what I mean. If you go into
   the Wreck Room after you've fought in a mission, then you send in the
   same turtle ya had selected before. If you go in at the start, then ya
   gotta pick a turtle. I'll tell youse guys more about choosin' turtles
   later, okay. Stay cool.

   Dis is where ya look at the guys to see what kinda shpae they're in.
   When you start out the guys are gonna be in good shape. They got there
   bar things under their pictures that shows what their stats are for
   STRENGTH, SPEED and ENERGY. The strength bar starts out at the halfway
   point. (For that matter, so do the speed an' energy bars.) See, what
   happens then is dat as you get into some rumbles and finish a few
   missions, then you earn more strength, speed and energy. Get it? You
   know, it's just like anything else in life, you try somethin' and the
   more ya do it the better ya get. So you do some ninja stuff, an you
   become a stronger ninja, plus the exercise makes ya healthier.

   This option gives you a chance to let the boys rest and recuperate.
   They'll restore their energy levels, but lose time on the mission clock.
   Hey, it's your call, dude. If you think you need the rest, then ya
   better take it, otherwise, try to get by, 'cuz Shredder's flunkies work
   24 hours a day.

   What this does is save yer game. It's a good idea to do this now'n'then
   so if somethin' tragic happens (like you runnin' out of time an' losin'
   the game) then you gotta recent version of yer game saved so ya don't
   hafta go through the whole shebang again.

   Here's how you restart the game from a previously saved game. Of course,
   ya can't load a game if ya don't got a game save, y'know what I'm

                            THE MISSION ACTION

   Now that ya got yerself into the meat of the game, ya gotta know how to
   accomplish yer objectives. Yer main objective, as I said before, is to
   keep Shredder from takin' over Manhattan. Cuz' you know as soon as he
   gets his claws on Manhattan, den he's gonna go fer the Bronx, den
   Queens, an' before ya know it he's gonna be in Jersey and then he'll be
   sweeping across da country. See, the point of each mission, an' there's
   about 15 of 'em, is to get through the obstacles and reach the crime
   boss at the end. Then ya gotta stop the boss so you can clean up that
   area of Manhattan, you know what I'm sayin'?

   You have 48 hours. Period. You don't make it - Manhattan bites the big
   apple. You got it? Don't argue, just do it. There's a clock dat you'll
   see durin' the missions soz you know where you stand. That's the mission
   clock I mentioned before.

   It takes years to master the moves of a true ninja. You should be able
   to do it in a few minutes. Ya gotta know how to move a joystick in eight
   directions, and how ta press a few buttons. If youse can do that, then
   you should be able ta take on da foot. Here's the basic layout for the
   joystick moves for the walk and fight modes. Hmmm, maybe I better
   mention somethin' about these modes first. In the mission, you gotta get
   to the boss(s) and beat 'em. You walk around 'til you get to the boss
   (you'll know who it is 'cuz the boss picture appears on the bottom
   right of da screen). You will come across some junior-grade goons along
   the way, and ya gotta switch to the ninja fightin' mode to beat their
   scrawny little.. uh, to defeat them. You don't always have to fight the
   bad guys. You could make a run for it. I won't pass judgement on any
   o'youse wimps that duck out on a fight, honest. If you wanna tuck yer
   tail between yer legs and crawl away, dat's entirely up to youse.

   Occasionally youse may come across an item that could be of use to yer
   turtles during the missions. For example, I know of one spot where
   there's a rope ya gotta have soz you can swing across dis pit to get
   to... well, I don't wanna give it away. But dere is stuff like that dat
   youse can use. To use an item (which, by the way, will show up in the
   item portion of yer mission display screen), press the bottom button of
   yer joystick. You know, like face your turtle toward a post, then press
   the button so you lasso the post an' swing across the pit soz you can..
   whoa, I almost gave it away again.

   Since I didn't metion it before, I might as well tell ya now. Each of
   the guys has some of them throwin' stars those ninja guys are always
   throwing - you know, those really sharp things? I think they call'em
   shurikens. Anyway, they throw'em as explained in the joystick layouts
   earlier. Hold down the top button and move the joystick in the direction
   ya wanna throw the star. They can also pick'em up if they don't hit a
   target or fly off the screen. You'll know how many there are left by the
   number on yer mission display screen. Yeah, I know it was pointed to
   earlier, but I jus' can't help it. I'm such a detail oriented guy, you

   both buttons:   Toggle between walk and fight modes
   ctrl+q:         Quit
   ctrl+p:         Pause
   ctrl+e:         Abort mission
   esc:            (from city map) go back to option menu

   To switch turtles anytime during a mission:
   [f1]:           Player 1 changes turtle
   [f2]:           Player 2 changes turtle
   [f10]:          Turtles option menu ( for sound, misc, controls, casey)
   ctrl+s:         Sound on/off

   * keyboard users: use the arrow keys for direction. The enter key
     replaces the base button, and the spacebar replace the post button.

   This is yer basic peaceful stance. It's also the mode of choice for
   those turtles who wish to get from one location to another

             No Buttons
   | Jump up | Jump up |Jump up|
   | back    |         |Forward|
   | Walk    |  Stand  | Walk  |
   | left    |         | right |
   | Crouch/ | Crouch/ |Crouch/|
   | Pick up | Pick up |Pick up|

            Base Buttons
   |Throw    |Climb up |Throw  |
   |star left|         |right  |
   |Throw    |  Stand  |Throw  |
   |left     |         |right  |
   |Throw    |  Climb  |Throw  |
   |left     |  down   |right  |

          Post Buttons
   |  Use    |  Use    | Use   |
   |  Item   |  Item   | item  |
   |  Use    |  Use    | Use   |
   |  Item   |  Item   | item  |
   |  Use    |  Use    | Use   |
   |  Item   |  Item   | item  |

   Dis, of course, is the mode of choice for kickin' butt. Practice hard
   an' practice often, and youse too shall be wipen' foot off da face o'
   the map in no time.

            No Buttons
   | Jump up | Jump up | Jump  |
   |         |         |Forward|
   | Shuffle |  Stand  |Shuffle|
   | back    |         |forward|
   | Crouch/ | Crouch/ |Crouch/|
   | pick up | pick up |pick up|

           Base Buttons
   |Attk high| Power   |Atk hi |
   |left     | attack  |right  |
   |Attk mid |  Stand  |Atk mid|
   |left     |         |right  |
   |Attk low |Attack   |Atk low|
   |left     |low/kick |right  |

            Post Buttons
   |Block    | Block   |Block     |
   |high left| high    |high right|
   |Block    | Stand   |Block     |
   |mid left |         |mid right |
   |Block    | Block   |Block     |
   |low left | low     |low right |

   Two player mode -- both players on keyboard:

        Left keyboard option
   |   Q     |   W     |   E      |
   |   A     |   S     |   D      |
   |   Z     |   X     |   C      |

   Spacebar = Shift = Post button
   Enter = Alt = Base button

   Hey dudes and dudettes, it's about time to go out there and kick some
   tail. I think I've said all I can about yer mission. Remember to get
   plenty of rest and practice hard. Dat oughtta get ya through the rough
   spots. If ya get into a bad jam, I'll try to be there to help -- hey,
   all ya gotta do is ask!

   You should know what ya need to do to beat Shredder an' da foot goons
   now. I gotta tell youse this again - the fate o' Manhattan is restin' on
   you. Do it for New York. Do it for Splinter. Do it for April.

   Oh, an' speakin' of Ms. O'Neil, do me a big favor, okay? Don't tell her
   about that page of her diary that I copied an' stuck in the front of dis
   manual. She'd kill us if she know me an' Raph got into her personal
   stuff. Even though it was an accident. We didn't mean no harm by it or
   nothin'. We was lookin' for a pair of pliers, y'see, an' we happened to
   come across dis book that we thought, uh, mighta been a log of household
   items dat she put togedder for insurance purposes or somethin'. It was
   all Raph's idea anyways, y'know what I'm sayin'? Just don't say nothin'.
   We only saw one page anyway, so no harm was done. I swear we don't know
   nuthin' about her attraction to Ted Koppel. Oops.

   Okay, I'm outta here for good. Dis section is gonna be written by
   Splinter. Strategy was never my strong suit, y'know what I mean? Take it
   away, your most excellent mousey-ness..

   (Thank you Mr. Jones, but I am a rat and proud of my heritage..)

   Yo, Whatever...

   Greetings future warriors. Welcome, I am Splinter, and I am happy to see
   the faces of those eager to learn. I too was once a novice, studying the
   movements and habits of my master. Through such study, I was able to
   become a master of ninjitsu. Now I have trained my young pupils long and
   hard in the ways of ninjitsu. With diligent practice and more time in
   the training dojo, they will develop into fine warriors. Yet, even as
   they venture into the world above to put their skills to the test, so
   too must they spend time in the classroom to learn the basics for such
   skills. The combination shall make them true ninja warriors.

   SPLINTER SAY "For practice to make perfect, one must learn what to

   My pupils, each creature is unique unto itself. None is so like another
   that one cannot stand on one's own merits. I have often instructed
   Michaelangelo that the lightning quick speed of his nunchaku may not
   always be the best choice in a confrontation. It is often better to keep
   a distance, as young Donatello has learned through the use of his Bo
   staff. And even though Leonardo has made great strides in controlling
   the Yin and Yang of his own spiritual self, I reluctantly admit that the
   strength of Raphael has found its place in the field of battle. Yet, a
   team divided is not so great as the harmony of the whole.. know thy self
   and those who are part of your team.

   SPLINTER SAY "Strength lay not in numbers, but in mathematics"

   Remember, a ninja warrior is not just a fighter. A ninja is a holder of
   high values and principles. The ninja moves like a shadow, but is filled
   with light. Use your head to deal with the situations which arise.
   Perhaps the best answer is the one which is spoken the softest.

   SPLINTER SAY "When answering a riddle, speak with one voice."

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