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Читы для Temujin: The Capricorn Collection

Чит-файл для Temujin: The Capricorn Collection

The Capricorn Collection

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:SouthPeak Interactive
Издатель:SouthPeak Interactive
Жанры:Adventure / Int.Movie

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
As a child, my mother once said "remember, you have no companions but your
shadow." These words drove me to become a leader and fighter. After
defeating all competing tribes, I was proclaimed Genghis Khan, the
"universal or oceanic rule" of the Mongol chieftains. And I ruled ruthlessly
with an iron fist. But I always gave my enemies a choice - they could
surrender and be enslaved, or they could die...

Well, some happy character, old Kahn! And some introduction to this case. As
I drove to the Stevenson Museum, a headache started to punch my skull and it
hasn't gotten any better since. At least you're here, cause I don't feel
like doin' an awful lot today. I've been here before, see. Got a past here,
if you know what I mean. Doesn't make me doin' twirls around here, anyway.
But then again, haven't I brought you along to do all the work for me,
compadre? Ha, serves your right to leave now. Or do you have the nerve to
stay and investigate? No worries, mate, I'm here as your guide, your mentor
and ultimate rescue line. Now, don't stand there! Act!



                     Overature Obscuro - The Easter Egg

         Demo - Tour

   Episode I - Free Spirit

   Episode II - Past Tense

                      Episode III - Machine Impossible

   Episode IV - Flash Back

   Episode V - In Security

   Episode VI - Comic Book

                        Episode VII - Rite Of Passage



Like some adventure games, Tem¦jin has an easter egg, some odditty, a game
within a game. At the bottom of the website of SouthPeak Interactive is a
hidden poem called Overature Obscuro. This is the start of the easter egg.
When you click on the hyperlink, this is what you read:

                       Begin anew, seek naught but fun
                      Where art is new, break only one

                  The lights turn out, where Wah-Jin waits
                       And click the glow above a vase

                    Then to his tomb, where time you take
                       But nothing more, lest he wake

                      Now once again, let steel to fly
                       Another shattered dream goes by

                        A vessel find of deadly mist
                      Thus complete your shopping list

                    Behind locked doors awaits your goal
                     Where music will restore your soul

                      When once inside, close the door
                    Then spray his ear and hear the score

Now how to solve it? Here's the solution line by line. Remember to do things
in the order presented in the poem.

Begin anew, seek naught but fun

Start a completely new game.

Where art is new, break only one

G to the New Artist Gallery and find the toy-like art piece which throws
metal balls. Throw only one!

The lights turn out, where Wah-Jin waits
And click the glow above a vase

Enter the Capricorn Rom. You are in a little alcove about 10 feet square
before you enter the main room. On the wall to your right is a light switch,
which, if pressed from here, just turns out the lights. You must go forward
and stop quickly, just as you enter the main room, to a point where you can
just see a green urn against the wall on either side of the alcove, and
still see the light switch (the cursor will show you that you can still
click on it). There are only about 3 places you can stop in this area, so
you will find it if you keep trying. Once you have found the spot, turn out
the lights and pan over toward where the vase should be. You will see a
light flickering over the vase. Move the cursor to this flickering light and
click. Your cursor will change, indicating you have succeeded. Click again,
and the lights will come back on.

Then to his tomb, where time you take
But nothing more, lest he wake

Open the coffin and take Stevenson's watch.

Now once again, let steel to fly
Another shattered dream goes by

Return to the New Artist Gallery and throw another metal ball.

A vessel find of deadly mist
Thus complete your shopping list

Go to the Supply Room and get the bug spray from the shelves.

Behind locked doors awaits your goal

These locked doors are the ones to the Restoration Studio. Indeed they are
locked. Go to Stevenson's office and page, this will automatically page
Susanna who happens to be in the Restoration Room. Never mind Nick, by the
way. Leave the room and go to the restoration Room by walking through the
corridors clockwise, meaning you pass Macy's office, Cooper's, Nick's, etc.
Only this way will make Susanna come out. Enter the room and go to those two
white working benches to your left.

Where music will restore your soul

Look up and see the stereo.

When once inside, close the door

Click on the cassette holder to close it.

Then spray his ear and hear the score

Get the bug spray and spray it on the ear of the marble statue head. Place
the red label of the bug spray exactly on the ear!

This will make you hear a nice song called Tem¦jin. Won't spoil anything
about that. Hear it yourself!



After the tour in the Stevenson Museum started, you meet Mei. She'll tell
you about the mysterious things around that place. The meaning of this demo
is to find 4 puzzle pieces which will give you entrance to the Capricorn

Note: The Tour a.k.a. The Demo is not part of the game itself! Is was a
seperate distribution. To start the game's walkthrough, go to Chapter I.

The puzzle pieces are hidden in the paintings. You can get to them by
clicking on the painting and then grab the piece. One of the empty puzzle
slots beneath the video screen will be filled up with a shade of red.

These paintings, all in the Great Hall, hide the puzzle pieces:

1. Painting of a women putting flowers in a vase, near the front door.
2. Painting of a writing man, left of painting number 1.
3. Painting of 2 half naked women, left of the fireplace.
4. Painting of men dressed in black in Rembrandt style, on the wall opposite
to paintings 1 and 2.

As soon as you've found all 4 pieces, the puzzle screen will appear. Switch
all pieces (or at least 3 of them) by clicking on them with the right mouse
button. Then put the puzzle together by dragging, turning and dropping the
pieces; it's a fuzzy picture of the Great Hall with a glowing crystal ball
in the middle. Click on 'continue'.

Now go to the crystal ball in the middle of the Great Hall and click on it.
Watch the movie clip of a wall panel sliding away. Go to the fireplace and
click on the circle in the middle. It slides away and you can get the key.
Click again on the key and Mei appears. Listen to her story and follow her
through the door. Keep walking till you hear somebody scream. A woman (her
name's Susanna) leaves a room with a red door; the Capricorn Room. Enter and
the Tour is over.


                   How To Free Mei From The Capricorn Head

The Great Hall

Okay. You start in the Great Hall. Yep, it's a hall and it's kinda big, so
Great Hall is fine. Did you get a map, yet? Got one already? Ah, never mind
that booklet. Get one from the wall behind you, 90ж to your left from the
starting position. Take a look at the guestbook beneath it right away. Walk
to the middle of the room and examine the crystal ball. Also go to the
fireplace and get the poke.
During your stay in this hall, you might run into Laurie. Don't get
distracted by her attitude, it'll explain itself later. Do follow her
outside. Yes, open the door. Ha, scared you didn't I? Don't worry, it's Mei,
a concubine. I'll tell you more about her later. Now leave the hall through
the red door at the right of the end of the hall.

The Corridor

Well, well, who have we got here. It's Susanna. And she looks as if she's
seen a ghost, don't you think. After she ran away, enter the room with the
red door. It's called...

The Capricorn Room

Inside, walk to your left. You can see a lot of ancient Mongol stuff
displayed. If you're interested, take a look. Most important is the black
pedestal with the golden plate telling you this is the concubine's chalice.
What chalice? It's missing!
Walk to the far end of the room and watch the goathead. Rub over the jade on
the forehead and see Mei again, asking again to free her. Believe, you
should but you can't right now. So forget about her for a minute.
You can also play with the catapult in the middle of the room. It's a pretty
easy to use instrument. Put a rock from the bucket into the pouch. With the
levers you can aim and shoot. You can hit quite a few objects in the room.
Also walk to the sarcophagi in the middle of the room. Open the lid. Yeah,
he's dead. That's not so hard to see, my friend! Better examine his hand, he
holds a watch. Examine it carefully and find out it's an old silver one with
an inscription; "To M.A.S., the Genghis Kahn of Wall Street. From your
minions at Fealty Investments". He also holds a piece of paper to put in the
scrap folder.

The Corridor

You might find yourself hesitating in the hall, thinking about which lead to
take. In front of you, Jordan Cooper and Susanna are talking. Well, actually
it's Jordan that does all the talking. Susan just stands there, shivering.
Notice Cooper telling her to react to his two beeps. Strange? Don't think
so. It'll become clearer in an few minutes. Let's beep on to...

The Gift Shop

In the Gift Shop, you can't miss Lorena Carnicero. Perfect collision of
beauty and brains. She reacts on the sound of something breaking and that,
my friend, leaves us time to investigate. First, look at the counter,
there's a brochure, but we've got that one already. Lost it? Get another!
Darn! If you start losing things already, things will get rough... Hum,
well, check the newspaper too. Yeah, the one on the counter. Read the
article on the Museum and Stevenson. Read it? Now get to the display
shelves. There's some puzzles which might contain valuable info. Try them
now. There's four of them; all different amount of pieces and color. In my
humble opinion, you should swap the pieces before solving the puzzles. The
backside of each puzzle has the text piece, which makes it easier to solve
it. Pieces can be swapped and turned. When two pieces match, they'll click.
Some practice will make you solve them.

1. Puzzle Green 250/ Capricorn Head vs. Museum Painting.
"The Capricorn head is the centerpiece of the Stevenson Museum's collection
of treasures from the tomb of Genghis Kahn".
2. Puzzle Orange 300/ Crystal Ball vs. Statue.
"This ball with it's unique golden stand depicting carved goatheads is said
to be a focusing crystal for ancient Mongol magic".
3. Puzzle Blue 440/ Ceremonial Knives vs. Ceremonial Knives.
"These ceremonial knives were used in religious rites during the reign of
Genghis Kahn".
4. Puzzle Brown 550/ Mongol Sword vs. Scorpions.
"This Mongol sword is believed to have been used in Genghis Kahn's burial
ceremony. Blood sacrifice was not a part of the ritual, yet the dark stains
may in fact be human".

Note: A fellow gamer stumbled upon this problem. There might be a software
problem but it also might be one of the odd 'laws' in Tem¦jin that you have
to deal with. How can it hurt to take this at heart, so I quote: ..."It
seems like the 4 original puzzles in the gift shop must be solved in the
exact order that you have written in your walkthrough. Each solved puzzle
gives you one piece for the Black 660 puzzle and if you don't start with the
250 piece puzzle on the lower shelf, it won't count and you'll only get 3
pieces for the black 660 puzzle..."

The Snack Room

Those mindcrackers made you hungry? Let's head for the Snack Room, you'll
find it on the map. Meet old Franklin Macy. Not the talking kind of guy,
hey? Don't let it bother you. When he has left, go to the sink. Get some
plastic eating equipment from the baskets; knife, fork and spoon. Get a
plastic cup, too. Oh, don't forget the sugar cubes. Get the ice from the
freezer, too.

Matthew A. Stevenson's Office

Walk towards the table that's to your left when you've entered the room. On
this table lies the Mongol sword you already know from the demo and the Gift
Shop puzzle. Below it are some blood samples. Use the plastic knife to get a
blood sample from the sword yourself. Might be difficult, but when you
carefully place the knife over the bloody stains on the sword, you should
get a blood sample sooner or later.

Now go to Stevenson's desk. Use the phone. Accidentally (?) you dial 911 and
Nick Costello, security guard, runs in. After a small one-way conversation,
he leaves. Get on with your business. Use the Voice Mail button and hear
that you have six messages. Most important message is the one of dr. Reuben
Banks who has been hired to translate some ancient Mongol goatskin with
glyphs. Also note that there's a diner, the Legacy Diner, to be held which
the U.S. president will attend to.

Check the desk drawer, it contains some papers amongst which is a memo from
Susanna to Stevenson. She confirms the blood on the sword is human.

Last but not least, walk to the mantelpiece and get the missing chalice from
the Capricorn Room. Then go back to the phone and press the page button.
Susanna's reacting, don't answer! Shouldn't be too hard...

The Restoration Studio

Now you've paged Susanna, she'll come to Stevenson's room. Leave there and
go to the Restoration Room. Susan's just leaving. Enter!

When you look around, you can find lots of things. There's a, quite hard to
find, scale kind of thing filled with some blue liquid. Open the closet, for
example, and find a bottle with Flora Chloric Acid gel and a electric
crucible. Get some wooden sticks from the white desk. Get the two empty
bottles. At this desk, it's Reg's, there's a small box too, that contains
some mysterious riddle about bottles. Read it. Look up at the white desk and
read the memo from Macy. It's about three missing artifacts from the
Capricorn collection. Turn 180ж and find the pink box (this is Susanna's
desk), find a letter. It's from Sauvage Gallery telling Susanna her art is
not what they wanted it to be. You might run into Reg Westlake. Get his
empty whiskey bottle.

The Snack Room

Go back to this room and fill the smallest bottle. If you filled another
bottle unnecessarily, empty it in the sink. If you already got Reg's flask,
fill it too. If not, go back to the Restoration Room, get the flask and fill
it. Now go back to...

The Capricorn Room

Now you should free some spirit, my friend. Maybe you remember the riddle
about the bottles? You can use it now. This solution, which is a difficult
one according to some people, is in my opinion the most easy one. Put the
wine bottle (6 ounces) in the foam cup (16 ounces). Pour the water from the
whiskey bottle into the wine bottle: 6 ounces in the bottle and the
remaining five ounces in the cup. Pour the water from the smallest bottle (2
ounces) in the cup too and you've got 7 ounces of water. Just what the
chalice needed! Now pour the water from the cup into the chalice and 'add'
the blood. Wow! Some chemistry! Now pour this over the Capricorn head and
free Mei. End op episode one, so far, so good!


                     How About The Past Of Laurie Wood?

The Great Hall

Now we've freed Mei, her magic can help you against their magic. Example?
Click on the crystal ball and Mei gives you a picture of a room you need to
go to.

Franklin Macy's Office

Macy's over by the candelabra on the wall. He turns it to close the secret
passage behind the bookshelves. He also gives some kind of command to
someone to lock it. When he's finished his speech and has left, go to his
desk. Use his phone, he has three Voice Mail messages. Again the goatskin
with the glyphs is mentioned. Also seems that Susanna insists on getting her
own exhibition.

Go to the bookshelves you saw him close a while ago. Turn the candelabra.
Shake the maraca. Then examine the book on the left side of the top shelf.
It contains some receipt on how to make a certain chemical.

The Garden

Go from Macy's office to the garden. Here you'll meet Nick Costello. He
mumbling and finally screaming. He seems to rehearse some kind of speech.
And he's mad at you. Why? He tells you he's sure there's another presence
there, he hears voices, there's magic, he feels somebody's watching us...
Wow, Fox Mulder, eat your heart out!
When he has left, go to the bench he was sitting on and get the newspaper.
Solve the puzzle. To change letters, click on one and drag it to it right
position. When done right, the words you should get are, Capricorn, Museum,
Treasure and Adventure. The solution needs some drag and drop too, to get
the solution: Discus. So far for Socrates.

The New Artist Gallery

In here, you meet Mei again. She gives you the Memory Book but before you
can take it, it driven away from you by some evil force that locks it up in
the chest. And, of course, that chest is locked! Yep, I know, nothing seems
to be working in your advantage. So what your goal now? Opening this chest!

Before you leave, search this room. There's a toy like art thing with
marbles and a watering- pot. Use the marbles and the camera will tilt. See a
plant and take a leaf from it. There also is an objet d'art with balloons.
Take a colorful balloon from it.

The Gift Shop

Mei left you a magic camera. Pick it up. The magic camera symbol will be
placed left of your screen; button, lens and warning light. When you've take
pictures, press the button to look at the Picture Book.

Take the new puzzle from the shelves; the Black 660. It has four pieces, of
which three can be put together already. A lot of it is missing, but these
pieces will be obtained later in the game. Mention the mystic puzzle symbol
to the right of the playing interface.

Matthew A. Stevenson's Office

Go to this room and pass Jordan Cooper's office on the way. You hear three
people arguing. Seems to be Macy, Cooper and Susanna. There's the sound of
breaking glass after which everyone starts mumbling. Nothing more to hear,
here. Walk on!

In here, Reg is trying to open the drawers of Stevenson's desk. He escapes,
leaving a screwdriver for you. Take it. Mention that he puts a paperclip in
his pocket. As you can't open the drawer with just the screwdriver, you
might as well try to get a paperclip yourself. Leave the room.

Jordan Cooper's Office

On his desk, there are three different sizes op paperclips in glass ups. Get
one from each size. Also get a bundle of paperclips from the middle cup. Get
a match from the desk, too. Surely don't forget to take the piece of mirror!
Besides all that, take the powder compact. Look at the brochures and read
the pink memo that sticks out from under these brochures. Also check his
Voice Mail. Coop seems to have some relationship with Susanna and she's
making him proposals... or is this just another way of her to get that
exhibition? Important too, is the message from the Cayman Banks about
deposited funds... You can also open the file cabinet in this room by using
the screwdriver and the small paperclip. In the upper drawer you'll find a
newspaper article about Coppersmith. In the lower drawer you'll find a
requestform for change of legal name. The request is to change the name
Coppersmith into Cooper...

The New Artist Gallery

Use the screwdriver in the examiner interface. Then use the large paperclip
on the screwdriver. Get screwdriver and use it on the chest. Put things back
in your inventory and open the chest. The book appears and it will also be a
new item on top of your playing interface.

All over the book, scorpions are crawling. Use the piece of mirror. Place
the reflection triangle on one of the creatures and it will be killed by one
of it's mates. Do this till one scorpion is left. Now close the book to
crush the last survivor between the pages. Yuck, bloody mess!

As you leave the room, Mei will explain the Memory Book to you. It's been
given to you to reconstruct the past and it's tenses.

Recovering Some Memories

Now you've freed the memory book Mei gave you, from the locked chest, it's
time to collect some memories and, maybe, get some light in the darkness
about the strange things that are going on in here, my fellow adventurer.
Take a look at the book, it has several pages, two for each person. Every
page can contain four pictures, so there's a lot to be found. As the museum
is quite big and almost every room contains some memory item, as you might
remember, we visit the rooms one by one. Let's start at...

The Great Hall

Go to the statue and grab it's crotch. Yeah, sorry... Only to get the fifth
piece for the mystic puzzle, I swear, nothing else intended!

Memory book:
1. Poke up the fire with the poke, get the piece of paper that comes out. It
tells you about Jordan Cooper for the Memory Book and will be stored in the
Scrap Paper Folder.

The Gift Shop

Get the videotape from the counter. Probably will come in handy later on.

Memory book:
1. Nameplate, on the counter. It tells you something about Lorena. Make sure
the picture is now in the Memory Book.

The Restoration Studio

Meet Lorena again. She's excited about the US President coming to visit the

Memory book:
1. Latex bottle, on the white desk, tells you about Reg.
2. Memo, above the white desk, tells you about Reg.
3. Letter, in the pink box on the white desk, tells you about Susanna.
4. Necklace, in the pink box too, tells you about Susanna.
5. Scalpel, in a box of cutting tools in the back of the room, tells you
about Reg. Might be a bit hard to find, but when you walk towards the room,
you should find some more working desks. Take the knife with you.
6. Ring, on the big white table in the middle of the room, tells you about
Lorena. Small object so look carefully! Take the ring with you.

Note: As a fellow adventurer found out, sadly enough not without spending
tremendous amounts of horrible time sweating in front of the screen, there
should be a huge warning to memory book item number 4, the necklace. He
warned us for this: pick up the necklace after taking a picture of it/
putting it in the picture book, since if you can't or don't, you can't
complete the game. Meaning; get items 3 and 4 in exactly this order, taking
pics first.

The Snack Room

Memory book:
1. Note, written on a napkin, on the diner table, tells you about Macy. At
this point, you'll get the Scrap Paper Folder to put the note in.

The Supply Room

This room is behind the Snack Room, as can be seen on the map. Enter it.
There's a switchboard, which might come in handy later. In the storage
racks, you can find a red/black bug spray, a yellow/black glue stick and a
piece of pipe.

Memory book:
1. Piece of paper, tells you about Laurie. Take the piece of paper with you
in the Scrap Paper Folder.

The Capricorn Room

There's no memory item to be found here. So why are we here then? Mention
the blinking green light of the mystic camera, this means a psychic photo
can be take in this room. Then go to the coffin and place the cursor over
it. The cursor will change in a camera icon. Use it and make a picture of
the corps. The picture will be placed in the Picture Book.

The Security Room

This is Nick Costello's quarters. Get some dart arrows from the wall. Open
the closet with Nick's name on it. There's a picture of Susanna in it and
one of a little girl... Open the closet to the right of Nick's and find a
small medicine bottle with a black microphone in it. Go to the fridge and
open it. There's a yellow magnet on a rope. Also take a look at the MAKA 5
security system.

Note A: If you want to see the videotape from the Gift Shop, you'll have to
do it now because you'll lose it at the end of chapter 2. So here it is!
Look at the monitor. Flip the small line on the panel to vertical then
insert the videotape. Watch the movie about Stevenson and his new
exhibition. Hush now, someone is coming so quickly hide behind the monitor.
Nick will come and take the videotape.

Note B: You can use the magnet to pick up the key inside the left urn in the
Capricorn room. On the key there's a print out name of Dr. Ruben with his
telephone number : 617-555-1322.

Memory book:
1. Magazine, in open chest, tells you about Costello.

Jordan Cooper's Office

Memory book:
1. Brochure of Fealty Investments, on his desk, tells you about Cooper.
2. Book about the Cooper family, on the bookshelves, tells you about Cooper.
3. Piece of mirror, beneath the desk light, tells you about Susanna.
4. Menu of Empress of China restaurant, waste bin near desk, tells you about

The fourth item mentioned above, is the fourth item telling about Susanna in
the Memory Book. Watch the movie clip in which Susanna and Stevenson are
arguing. He's mad at her because she's sleeping with Jordan. She's mad at
him because it's not his business and because she always loved him but
thought he didn't like her. She was wrong. Well, some soap kinda thing.

Franklin Macy's Office

Open the dark brown cabinet with the screwdriver and the middle size
paperclip. You'll find, in the upper drawer a newspaper article and a supply
re-order list for, amongst other things, flora-chloric acid. Mention the
note that it's used to dissolve metals. In the bottom drawer you'll find a

Memory book:
1. Contract, on desk, tells you about Macy.
2. Newspaper article, in cabinet, tells you about Macy.

Stevenson's Office

Open the drawers that are locked with the screwdriver and the middle size
paperclip. Find an empty jewel box, a receiver, some $10 bills, an audio
tape, a picture and a leather box. The leather box contains written cheques.
Two of them seem important;
- Oct. 2nd, 1998. To dr. Reuben Banks, $7500 for Mongol translation.
- Sept. 29th, 1998. To The Legacy Club $15000 as a donation.

Memory book:
1. Bill, in desk drawer, tells you about Cooper.
2. Letter from Laurie's father, in the waste bin (use phone to reach it),
tells you about Laurie.
3. Picture, in desk drawer, tells you something about Lorena.
4. Receiver, in desk drawer, tells you something about Nick Costello. Make
sure you take this one with you!

Laurie Wood's Office

There's a orange colored cabinet of which the upper drawers can be opened.
One contains a note from some Matt. On the desk is a note from Reg. He's
made a copy of some key but glued it accidentally to his desk. Must be the
key to the orange cabinet.

The Restoration Studio

Meet Susanna again. She's mad at Reg because he didn't play by the rules.
When she finally found the scale, she leaves furious. This scale can later
be found in the Supply Room!

Go to the window and on to the work bench. Click on the box with cutting
tools and see the glued key Reg mentioned. Use the acid on the key and it
will vaporize. Now put the crucible in the examiner and use the bundle of
paperclips in it. Pour the melted iron into the mould the glue left after
the key disappeared. Get the new key and go back to...

Laurie Wood's Office

You can now open the orange cabinet by using the key on the lower drawer (no
yellow rim around it this time!). Open it and find a box. Open it; it
contains some bullets and a letter. Both are memory items.

Now you got all four items about Laurie's past; the movie clip appears and
tells you about Laurie and Stevenson having an argument. Seems she's started
some letter campaign against her father because he would have killed her
mother. Stevenson brings out the jewel box with the gun in it, trying to
make a deal with Laurie. He wants to help her investigate her mother's

You can open the desk drawers by using the screwdriver and the small
paperclip. The middle drawer contains scissors, lipstick and perfume. The
right drawer contains some newspaper article. Didn't we see that one before
in the newspaper in the Gift Shop? Anyway, some letters are cut out. Check
the phone. There are 2 messages on it. One from Macy, telling her that
Susanna has gotten her own exhibition and one from her father who seems a
bit desperate to see her. Seems she's avoiding him.

Now check the left drawer. It contains a note and a torn up letter. Read the
letter, make sure you read 'down'. Laurie comes in and tells you to leave
that stuff where it is. After she left, check it again and now it'll be a
memory item to Nick Costello..

The movie clip shows you Stevenson and Costello telling him not wanting to
spy on people anymore. Stevenson insist on doing so, as he suspects
something illegal going on in the museum, some kind of conspiracy. Nick
leaves confused.

Memory book:
1. Bullets in box, orange cabinet, tells you about Laurie Wood.
2. Letter in box, orange cabinet, tells you about Laurie Wood.
3. Torn up letter, left desk drawer, tells you about Nick Costello.

The Great Hall

Go to the hall and meet Nick again. He's having these spooky voices again!
Finally he tells you what you're looking for... you! Well, actually, that's

Note: You might have some trouble 'finding' Nick. If so, try this one: go to
Stevenson's office (don't enter!) and take the door to the garden from
there. Walk straight on and leave the garden at the other side. Then enter
the Great Hall through the door next to the Gift Shop. I know it seems
far-fetched, but it also seems to work for some people.


                      EPISODE III - MACHINE IMPOSSIBLE
                   How To Make A Cup Of Tea With For Macy

The Great Hall

Go to the hall and meet Nick. He tells you Macy wants to see you. Go see
what Macy wants.

Franklin Macy's Office

Macy will give you some good advice. Then he'll help you out with a little
job. Make him a cup of tea with sugar. Get his teacup and leave the room.

Matthew A. Stevenson's Office

So far, you have encountered a lot of items which had no use so far. This is
the time and place to use them. Go to the desk and read the 'Machine
Impossible' magazine. On the last page you'll find a list of required items
to build a machine called "The Englishman's Friend". Unfortunately the
picture is missing. So here's where creativity starts. Before building the
machine you have to do two things; first, use the wooden sticks (toothpicks)
in the examiner and use the glue on them. Second, get a teabag from the bowl
on the left side of the teapot.
Go to the table with the teapot on it. Around this you have to build the
machine. Have a look at the screenshot and the following list of items.
Place the items there where the corresponding numbers in the picture point
them out. By the way, items 1 to 3 are already there.

1. Teapot from Stevenson's wet bar
2. Wooden ship from Stevenson's wet bar
3. Teabag from the jar on Stevenson's wet bar
4. Hot Air Balloon from New Artists Gallery
5. Paperweight/Ball from Jordan's office
6. Wave machine from the Restoration Studio
7. Teacup given to player by Franklin
8. Beam Balance from Supply Room
9. Cardboard tube from Supply Room
10. Toothpick contraption (wooden sticks with glue)
11. Sugar cubes from the Snack Room

Finally, place the teabag in the cup. Then turn the machine on by clicking
the red button beneath the teapot. A cup of tea will be made in an not so
ordinary way!

Note A: When somewhere things went wrong, put al the items back in their
original position and start over again.

Note B: Machine won't work? Make sure the toothpicks are glued together.
They seem to have the habit of breaking so re-glue them again if necessary.

Note C: Still not able to brew a fine cup of tea the right way? Based on my
own experience with this game and thanks to reactions of other gamers, I
found out that the order above might work but in some cases won't.
Therefore, the following alternative order of placing objects might work for
you if the one above doesn't. Place object in this order: 6 - 4 - 8 - 7 - 9
- 11 - 10 - 5. Of course, don't forget the teabag!

Franklin Macy's Office

Go back to Macy and hand over his cup of tea. He likes it, puts the cup back
on his desk and leaves the room. Go to the cup, get it and examine it.
Inside is another piece of the mystic puzzle. Get it and complete the puzzle
a little more.

The Restoration Studio

Meet Susanna. She's having trouble with the tape recorder. No batteries! But
Nick has, if you remember him re-filling his flashlight at the beginning of
this episode.

The Great Hall

Go here and find Nick's flashlight near the guestbook. Examine it and click
on the back end. Get the batteries out and go back to...

The Restoration Studio

When you return, Reg is on the phone with some Brenda (love). He tells her
Stevenson is not longer a problem. They also talk about someone blackmailing
Reg. He warns you this conversation never took place.

Use the batteries on the tape recorder and then put the audio cassette in.
Play it. There are four sound fragments on it:
1. A phone conversation between Stevenson and Susanna - about a past
2. A phone conversation between Stevenson and Reuben Banks about the
translation of the glyphs on the goatskin - Stevenson says he's hidden the
skin in the Restoration Studio... somewhere.
3. Laurie talking to someone - recorded by a placed bug?
4. Agent Kiefer from Secret Service calling Stevenson about The Legacy Club

The Capricorn Room

Go here to take another picture with Mei's camera. This one must be of the
Capricorn head itself.

The Great Hall

Enter the hall through the door next to Stevenson's office. Nick again. He's
reading some comic book which is a distraction from the voices inside his
head. He wants someone to help him. He knows you have help from a 'Chinese
babe' - must be Mei - and he's sure she can help him too. So you need him;
he helps you, you tell Mei to help him.

                   The Art Of Restoring Susanna's Painting

The New Artist Gallery

Meet Nick. He tells you 'cold iron defeats magic'. Another voice in his

The Restoration Studio

Walk to the window and then to the working benches. Susanna is looking at
one of her paintings. She's furious as there a piece somehow removed from
it. She leaves. Take a look at the painting.

The Garden

In the garden, on the bench, you'll find the brush Susanna was pointing at
you. Take a 180ж turn and examine the wall in front of you. There's a gray
brick in the center. Throw two dart arrows at it by placing their tips on
the upper right and lower right corner of this brick. A secret hiding place
opens and you'll find a picture of a man and a boy (Jordan Cooper).

The Capricorn Room

Take a magic picture of the Jebei statue. Go to the map of the Mongol empire
and examine the helmet in front of it. Use the scalpel or scissors to cut
the black hair of the helmet. Get the hair.

Note: Someone mailed me she had trouble using the scissors; it did cut the
hair but there was no way she could take the hair. Therefore, make sure you
have got the hair in you inventory or use the scalpel (which works all the
time, so you might use this one immediately).

Then go to the catapult. At this point of the game somebody really lost
track of logic in adventure gaming, as this is what you have to do: turn the
catapult to make it point at the gongs, put the catapult in the upper shoot
position (upper left vertical lever), put a bullet' in the pouch and shoot.
The ball will hit the lower and smallest gong. Quickly shoot again in the
same way. The second bullet will now ricochet off the little gong and hit
the Horned Helmet. A fragment breaks of which you should take. As no hint or
tip was given in this direction, seems a little bit like an overheated

The Restoration Studio

Go to Susanna's desk (the one with the pink box on it) and use the fragment
of the Horned Helmet in the mortar. Grinded horn will come out. Now go to
the back of the room again, to Susanna's painting. Use the grinded horn on
the white paint bowl next to the bottle. Magic paint is now ready for use.
Use the brush you found in the garden with the magic paint and start
coloring the painting in the painting. To be more specific; on Susanna's
painting there a painting painted (still with me?), which is the square with
a missing puzzle piece. You must paint this whole square with the magic
paint. Do this by clicking your mouse button and moving the brush around.
When you're done, a movie clip will start. If it's not starting, keep on
painting cause you might have forgotten a micro sized pixel. When the movie
clip of the Capricorn head starts, you're done painting!

Don't forget to take the next piece of the magic puzzle from the painting!

Go to the Great Hall through the door next to Stevenson's Room. Mei will
tell you that you know her now and that'll be the end of chapter 4.


                      How To Get In Macy's Secret Room

Mei will talk to you. Just follow her into the hall and then into the
Security Room. Turn towards the MAKA 5 system and she'll explain things to

The Security Room

The system works very simple. Clicking on a yellow square will activate
camera and microphone in that room and will either lock the room (red light
is on) or unlock the room (red light is off). Do things in this order:

1. View New Artist Gallery. Reset the system; Nick wants to override the
2. Unlock the New Artist Gallery to let Nick out.
3. Unlock Macy's office. Macy can go out now.
4. Unlock the Snack Room (or Break Room). Macy will come in but forgot the
5. Unlock Snack Room to let Macy out again.
6. Unlock Macy's office. Nick comes in and takes the key.
7. Unlock Macy's office to let Nick out.
8. Unlock Snack Room. Nick comes in and unlocks the door to the Supply Room.

9. Unlock Snack Room to let Nick out.
10. Unlock Snack Room to let Macy in. He will try to unlock the power box.
11. Unlock Snack Room to let Macy out.
12. Unlock the Restoration Studio. Macy comes in and takes a screwdriver.
13. Unlock Restoration Studio to let Macy out.
14. Unlock Snack Room. Macy will come in and open the power box.
15. Unlock Snack Room to let Macy out.
16. Unlock Great Hall. Lorena will come out.
17. Unlock the Snack Room to let Nick in. He tries to jump the wire.
18. Unlock the Snack Room to let Nick out.
19. Unlock the Snack Room to let Lorena in. Tries to jump the wire too.
20. Unlock New Artist Gallery to let Lorena in. Tries to get a wire.
21. Unlock New Artist Gallery to let Lorena out.
22. Unlock Cooper's room to release Cooper.
23. Unlock Cooper's room to release Susanna.
24. Unlock Laurie's office to let Laurie in and clean a gun.
25. Unlock the Restoration Studio to let Susanna in.
26. Unlock Laurie' office to let Laurie out.
27. Unlock the Capricorn Room to let Laurie in. She gives the gun to Reg.
28. Unlock the Capricorn Room to let Laurie out.
29. Unlock Laurie's office to let Cooper in. He gets the steps for Lorena.
30. Unlock Laurie's office to let Cooper out.
31. Unlock New Artist Gallery to let Cooper in. He puts the steps there.
32. Unlock New Artist Gallery to let Cooper out.
33. Unlock New Artist Gallery to let Lorena in.
34. Unlock New Artist Gallery to let Lorena out.
35. Unlock Snack Room to let Lorena in. She uses the wire.
36. Unlock Snack Room to let Lorena out.
37. Unlock Snack Room to let Laurie in. She fixes the patch.
38. Unlock Snack Room to let Laurie out.
39. Unlock Snack Room to let Nick in. He fixes the power.

Now take the piece of the control panel. Fix the magic puzzle a little more.
Now go to:

Franklin Macy's Office

Open the closet and turn de candelabra; the secret room appears in your
sight. Enter and turn left. There are several memory book items here. These
will complete the whole book:

Memory book:
1. Audio cassette. Tells you about Macy.
2. Saddlebags/ dagger/ bracelet; the missing artifacts. Tells you about Reg.
3. Note. Tells you about Lorena.
4. Blueprints. Tells you about Cooper.

The audio cassette triggers the movie about Macy. Stevenson and Macy are in
the Capricorn Room talking about some conspiracy Stevenson is thinking of.
This goatskin seems important! He's even thinking of an assassination plan
to murder the president! Macy wants to help him and asks who all know about
it. Only Nick knows a little...

The three missing artifacts trigger the movie about Reg. Stevenson confronts
him with the name of Brenda Castle, the one he sold the items to but who
sold Reg to Stevenson. Reg threatens Stevenson with a knife and asks him for
money or else...

Don't forget to take the Mongol dagger from the saddlebags. It looks just
like your down pointing cursor, so don't get confused!

The note is lying under the parchment. It triggers the movie clip about
Lorena. Stevenson gives her the ring back. He also confronts her with the
fact that she is overqualified for the job. And he knows, because her former
professor, Reuben Banks, recognized her. As banks, her specialty is ancient
Mongol language...

The blueprints are on the pedestal at the other end of the room. These will
trigger the movie clip about Cooper. He has been using money to build stuff
for his own good. His father was disinherited and so was he. Stevenson is
not happy with it and sends him out.

Finally, take a magic picture from the far corner of the room; it's one of
Nick's corps... Then leave and overhear a conversation between Lorena and
Macy. Doesn't sound pretty! End of chapter 5.


                    How About The Past Of Nick Costello?

The Security Room

Sit behind Nick's desk and get the puzzle piece. Finish the magic puzzle.

Note: When you found all 9 pieces of the puzzle, you should be able to
complete the puzzle without any problems. If you forgot one, here's a

Pieces 1 to 4 are already on the Black 660 puzzle itself.
Piece 5 can be found on the statue in the Great Hall (see episode II).
Piece 6 can be found in Macy's tea cup (see episode III).
Piece 7 can be found on Susanna's painting in the Restoration Room (see
episode IV).
Piece 8 can be found on the MAKA 5 control panel in the Security Room (see
episode V).
Piece 9 can be found on Nick's desk in the Security Room (see episode V).

After finishing the mystic puzzle, a comic book will appear which you must
read. The title is 'Certain destiny' and it's about Nick's life. Just watch
the story and make choices at the end of one or two pages how to continue.
Choosing is done by moving the green question marks over the page and click.
Either choice will have the same ending, only storyline will differ a
little. If you like the comic book idea, try at least the boy and girl story
line (first choice).

When the comic book has ended you have to solve another two puzzles. Do so
and the comic book will disappear.

The Restoration Studio

Use the audio cassette you found in Macy's secret room in the ghettoblaster.
Macy is trying to make a speech for the upcoming Legacy diner. Doesn't seem
to friendly, though.

Franklin Macy's Office

Go to the secret room and meet young Nick again. When he's shot, get his
keys and the second bug. This is the only one that works! Place this one in
your inventory carefully so you remember which one is the good one. Make
sure you get these items before you turn around.

Nick has a majestic revelation for you; you're Stevenson. And the magic took
away your memory and your voice... This evil Wah-Jin will also influence
world leaders like the US president... by using the Capricorn head's magic!
You have to stop the ritual!

Turn around and meet Mei. And that's the end of episode six.


                        CHAPTER VII - RITE OF PASSAGE
                 How To Destroy The Evil Force In The Museum

Matthew A. Stevenson's Office

Go to the painting with the man in red. Move the painting and see a safe.
Get the receiver from your inventory and click it on (green light will
burn). Put it back in your inventory and get the second and good black bug.
Put this on the safe above the handle. Now open the safe:

The safe code will change every time. So an absolute solution can't be
given. Try this method to get the combination.

1. The safe has three sounds: 1. a bleeping sound (standard sound),
2. a click or click (right number sound) and a
3. buzzing sound (standard sound).
Obviously the clicks are important.
2. First thing to do is figure out which numbers are in the combination.
Start giving the combination 111111, 222222 and so on to 000000. When you've
entered the last number, you'll the bleeps and the buzzer. Listen carefully
how many clicks you hear in between. One click means that this number is one
of the numbers in the combination, two clicks means this number will appear
two times in the combo.
3. Finally you will have heard six clicks. Now you know what numbers are in
the combo. Now you need to know in which order they should be placed
4. The best method is this. Enter one of the six numbers you found at the
first place and fill up the combo with numbers that are not in the combo.
For example, if the numbers in the combo are 123456 then enter a 1 first and
fill it up with 9's. The function of the clicks has now changed from 'right
number' to 'right position'. If you hear a click, this number is at it's
right position. If not, try again with another number. This way, at the
most, you have to try 6 times for the first position. Keep doing this for
the other positions too. At the end, you should hear six clicks and you can
open the safe with the handle. Find the videotape.

Note A: You might wonder what's on the videotape. If you do, go to the
Security Room and check out the video as you did with the Gift Shop tape in
chapter II. It's a recording of Stevenson, made by himself using the
videocamera in his office. I'm not gonna spoil it to you but if you want to
know the background of his earlier outspoken suspicion, you must see it.
Curious about the connection between Xiao, Wah-Jin, China, USA, Lorena, The
Stevenson Museum and the Capricorn Head. Just another reason not to pass by
this 6 minute during videoclip.

Note B: If you want to rush on to the Capricorn Room as you're close to
finishing, don't worry; you can also watch the video afterwards! After
ending the game, put cd 6 in the cd-rom player and start up an MPEG player.
Open the Tem¦jin folder on the cd and click on de mpg-file 'drama'. The
videotape movie clip is from 7.00 till 13.00 minutes.

The Capricorn Room

Make a magic picture of the Capricorn head. As this is the last one, a movie
clip will be started, showing Lorena and Stevenson in this room. Lorena will
explain the experiment to you and you just see yourself dead in the coffin
(if you didn't recognize yourself earlier in the game). See how the goathead
is a secret lock.

Click on the goathead to unlock the door behind the blue tapestry. Then go
to the tapestry, move it and open the door with the Mongol dagger.
Downstairs, look right and find Stevenson's body. Read the letter from
Reuben Banks on his body and memorize the recipe. Move around and walk to
the alcove. The guardian statue will appear. Go upstairs and back to the
Capricorn Room. Inside, move right and use the ceremonial incense burner.
Put the hair, the perfume, the leaf and the match in this order in it. Most
important is that you put the match in it last! The magic will make the
guardian statue disappear.

Note: If you threw the match in too early, you probably burned everything.
When you're done tearing your hair out, you might try these options:

1. Funny enough, things seem to have the ability to burn several times. Get
a new match and return to the burner. Put in everything you didn't put in
already. Put in the match last. Should work out now.

2. If the above doesn't work, get new hair, a new leaf and a new match. Put
these in the burner again and light the stuff again. Works now?

3. You might have done everything right but you can't get it all burned up?
Try clicking the match around in the burner... there must be some point
where this darn thing will light up!?

The Final Challenge

Go downstairs again and the guardian statue will disappear. Go to the door
and walk on by using the poke on the red clouds. Inside, the whole staff is
gathered for some experiment. Lorena starts the magic which consumes all
bodies and souls. Except yours... When Lorena has turned into the evil Xiao,
turn around and get the two amulet pieces and put them together on the door.
Get the amulet and put it in your examiner. Then use the chalice on it to
make it one amulet again and turn around to beat Xiao. When she points at
you, click the amulet on her and she'll be destroyed and Wah-Jin with her...
for ever more.

The End

Mei will tell you the trial is over and a little numb you leave the museum.
There you meet agent Kiefer from secret Service. He asks you if there's
something wrong. You look at him and stumble: "No, not anymore..."


Copyright November 1997 Fugazi - Last update: April 21, 1998

 Questions, suggestions, remarks or additional information? Just want
 to let me know what you think of this walkthrough? Let me know! Mail


I would like to thank all those fellow adventurers who mailed me their
suggestions and extra info, tips and hints. As I received loads of mail
about this game, I'm not able to name them all. Most of you I already
thanked personally, but again, from this point, thank you for your concern!
Happy gaming!

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