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Чит-файл для Terminal Terror

Terminal Terror

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Pie in the Sky Software
Издатель:Expert Software
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
General Tips and Walkthrough

* Don't KILL civilians! becoz you'll be branded a RENEGADE and thrown
  in prison.  You might try a few Ninja Kicks or GOO Gun attacks :):)

* When you pick up ammo that you need, it will go right into the weapon.
  If you pick up ammo and don't need it yet or for a weapon you don't
  have yet, the ammo will go into your inventory.

* Medi-paks work in a similar fashion. If you can't use it when you
  pick it up, it pops into your inventory.  To use it later, you must
  drop it and then pick it up again.

* Grenades must be selected like every other weapon.  Throw the
  grenade by holding down the space bar.
  The longer you hold down the key, the farther the grenade will
  travel. The grenades must be used with care.  They will bounce
  off walls and you are vulnerable to their explosions unless you
  have the Gas Mask in your inventory.

* Bombs are activated by remote control. Place a bomb on the ground
  by selecting the bomb using the 'S' key, moving the cursor to the
  bomb icon and pressing the Enter key.  Back way up because you are
  vulnerable to the explosion.  Now press the 'B' key to detonate the
  bomb.  This is very effective when there are terrorists walking by
  that don't see you.  Run out, plant the bomb, and when they
  walk back...BOOM.

* The Machine Gun uses lots of bullets very quickly so be careful when
  using this weapon. You will see ammo packs throughout the entire game
  but don't count on it.  Make sure you always have at least one extra
  clip in your inventory.

* The Double-Barrel Shotgun is a little tricky. It doesn't fire as fast
  as the Machine Gun and must be cocked after every 2 shots.  This also
  takes a little time and you could be dead by then. The range for the
  shotgun is very limited. Use the shotgun only when you're close to
  your target.  It is also the weapon of choice when you're surrounded
  by lots of bad guys since it has such a wide shot pattern.
  Make sure you also have a least one clip in your inventory.

* The Sticky GOO Gun is the weapon of choice since you lose points
  whenever you use a lethal weapon.  You have an effective range of
  about 50 yards.  The GOO Gun encases the enemy in a sticky substance
  that can't be removed without the anti-agent. So they are completely
  disabled.  You don't get a lot of shots out of a Goo Canister so take
  a couple along with you.  You will also find extra canisters along
  the way.

* Doors can be opened just by bumping against them.  If the door is
  locked, your 'Door Open Type' display will show what key is needed.

* Stairwells, elevators, or sometimes doorways can cause a
  'level-switch'.  You can always go back to a previous level.  Of
  course, there's always a chance that some very unfriendly people
  may be waiting for you.

* The radar will always show your position relative to the area you
  are in. It is extremely helpful when your lost in a dark area or a
  maze.  Use the radar in conjunction with the compass to help you
  navigate.  You activate the radar when you place it in your

* Battle Wounds are displayed in graphic form on the body at the right
  of the screen.  It displays the vital circulatory system and the
  brain.  Whenever you take a 'HIT', a red dot will be displayed on
  the body at the location you took the hit.  Too many hits and you
  die.  Prior to dying, you may lose the use of your right leg if
  it is hit too many times and you will not be able to walk straight.
  If you notice a discernible 'pull to the right', its probably
  because your right leg is all shot up.

* One item that will help keep you healthy is the Flack Jacket.  You
  will find it in the HQ when you first start the game.  Most of the
  important items you will need are found in the HQ.
  Remember, once you leave the HQ, you can't go back.

* A big part of the game is learning to sneak past the enemies.  Your
  profile display shows how vulnerable you are to enemy detection.  The
  higher the number, the harder you are to detect.

* There are many factors which go into your profile.  The profile is
  raised by fast movement and shooting, and it is lowered by stillness
  and non-lethal weapons that don't make a lot of noise.



You start the game in the locker room of DEEP Headquarters.
Exit the locker room to the right and go to the first entrance on the left.
This is the ammo room.  Get some weapons but don't fill up all your
inventory slots.  You still need to pick up some medi-paks, your radar,
flack jacket and gas mask.

Get some medi-paks from the medical room.  Then stop and pickup the gas
mask, flack jacket and radar unit from the computer room.

Then go see the general to get your orders.  When you leave, there will be
a man in the hallway outside the Officer's Club.  Talk to him, then
head back down the hall.  As you approach the brushed-metal doors, they
will open to allow you to travel out to the waiting chopper.

Before you leave the Headquarters,  make sure that you have empty slots in
your inventory.  You will be picking up items, such as:  extra ammo, keys,
notes, medi-paks, fire extinguishers,etc., throughout the airport.


The chopper drops you on the tarmac and takes off.  The terrorists get lucky
and hit the chopper's engine, and it explodes as it hits the
ground, taking out a terrorist.  Four terrorists are coming at you from
behind.  Down them with your weapons.  These terrorists are particularly bad
shots, so they aren't a big threat.

You will notice that the First timer number (Power) is blinking.  This is
the amount of time you have left before there is an aircrash due to
lack of power in the control tower.
Head towards the hangar, and take out the terrorist who is watching
over the mechanics.  Talk to the mechanics and take the Silver key
from the one on your way out of the hangar as you enter the airport
maintenance hub.

Once in the hub, take out the terrorists.  You want to go to the
first corridor on the left.  It leads to the warehouse through the Cargo
Storage door.

In the warehouse, travel around the crates to the left and go
to the corner and turn right until you get to the corner opposite where
you entered the warehouse.  Go in the black "Danger Staff Only" door.

Head down the hallway and enter the basement at the end of the hallway.
In the basement, head to your right and then to your left, and go into the
main hallway.  Take a couple potshots into the darkness with a lethal weapon
to explode the flammable drums at the end of the hall.  That will take out
some of the terrorists who are hiding there.

Go into the passage with the body of the dead janitor, and pick up the
Brown key.

Continue down the hallway and take the first hallway on the left.  Turn
right at the end then keep bearing left to the dumpster.  Pick up the
green key.

Retrace your steps back to the main hallway and turn left.  Proceed till
you get to the metal door.  The janitor's key will open it.  There are
two terrorists waiting for you there, take them out and turn on the main
tower power switch.

Go south a little, and turn at the first right and go up the stairwell.
This will take you to the main hub.

Go around the hub to the left, taking out the terrorists as you go.
You are looking for the doorway on the inside wall of the round hallway.
When you find it, you'll need a fire extinguisher to get through, so
hopefully you have already picked one up.

Take out the terrorists in this room and enter the elevator.  Walk all the
way into the elevator to activate it.  The elevator takes you up to the
control tower.  Quickly dispose of the bad guys and bump into the local power
switch to restore power.  Be careful not to kill any of the air traffic
controllers while fighting the terrorists.

You have just completed your first mission and the first timer (Power) has
stopped and the second timer (Hostage) has started.  The headcontroller will
warn you that people are being executed at the departure
gate area, your second mission.

Head back down the elevator, and go out of the main hub via the narrow tan
brick passage.  This will take you to the gates.  Go behind the
desk and find the fire extinguisher if you don't already have one.  Go
through the hallway next to the desk and enter the airplane.  Look around
and you will find a Blue key to pick up.  Exit the airplane and head to the
northeast corner of the gate area.

Watch out, there's a moving sidewalk here.  You must eliminate
all the terrorist on this level.  You may have to use a lethal weapon or
two on this moving sidewalk.  These guys are tough.  You'll also need to
deal with the fires.  If you don't get all the guys on the moving
sidewalk, you'll have to go back to get them.  Just bump into the switch,
at the end of the sidewalk, to turn off the sidewalk.  Now you can
casually deal with the remaining terrorists.

You have just completed the second mission and the second timer
has stopped.  The third timer (Bomb) has just started.  The guy in the suit
standing near the gate desk is an undercover agent.  When you neutralize
all the bad guys, he waves to you.  He tells you to get out to the fuel depot
to dispose of some bombs, your third mission.  Make sure you pick up the
Gold key by the dead hostage before you leave the gate area.

Go out the southwest stairwell that leads to the main hub.  Turn left at
end of the hallway and go to the second hallway on your left.  Go to
the Fire Exit and eliminate the terrorist and put out the fire.  Go
through the open door and out the second door.

This places you in the underground corridor.  Use the Gold key to open
the gate.  Then make two lefts which takes you to the maintenance hub.
Turn right and go through the door into the hangar.

From the hangar, head west towards the fires in the distance.  Talk to the
guy near the fires, then go through the gates to the fire trucks.  Talk to
the two men waving at you.

Don't go directly toward the fuel tanks.  Go into the passageway
that leads to the maze.  In the maze, find the fuel pump (in the northwest
corner) and shut it off.  Go to the southeast corner of the maze and enter
the sewer to find the Tan key.  The key is due south when you enter the
sewer on a small outcropping on an angled wall.  If you have trouble
swimming directly to the wall, go left around the green pillar and over to
the wall.  Be careful not to get dragged into the wrong sewer tunnel.
Also, watch out for alligators, they're hungry and your weapons don't
work in the sewer.

Once you have the key head east, past the second pillar on your left,
then turn north into the sewer tunnel. This is the entrance to the fuel tank
area so you don't have to go back through the maze.  Grab the three
bombs around the tanks and carry them all back to the safe area between the
palm trees in the west end.  Set all the bombs down in the palm tree area.
Then back off and wait for them to explode safely.  Once they have
exploded, you have saved the airport from destruction and completed your
third mission.

Now that you have the Tan key, and all the fires are out, you can go out
through the gate and rescue all the other hostages.

The cop will congratulate you, and tell you to go see Agent
Cooper in the lobby.

If you are a macho man, you can get to the lobby from the maintenance hub.
Enter the maint. hub from the hangar and take the first corridor on the right.

If you are a normal special forces guy, you will want to get to the lobby
from the main hub.  Enter the maint. hub from the hangar and take the first
open doorway on the left.  Make two rights in the tunnel which takes you
back to the main hub.  The lobby hallway from the main hub is the one
with the book basement shop.

If you selected Joint Mission, Agent Cooper will ask you to go
home.  If you selected either of the other two levels, you will be told to
find Riggs in the basement.  Make sure you get the Red key from Cooper.

Go back to the main hub via the hallway with the snack bar, and take
the first hallway on the left to get to the basement.  In the basement,
go to the room with the crates (the one next to the hall where you found
the dead janitor and the Brown key). Go under the crate and down the
back passage.  Use the Red key to get through the first door, and you
will see that the policemen who were guarding Riggs are dead.  Riggs is
waiting for you.  Talk to him, and he will insult you and then take off.
You need to bring him in alive, don't kill him.

Follow him up the stairs to the outdoor airport area.  Chase him
across the runways to the outdoor buildings area.  Stay as close to
Riggs as you can.  If you let him get away from you, you will lose the game.
Chase him through the alleys and up the stairs to the roof. Follow him
down the dark passageway to the secret entrance to the sewer.  But don't jump
into the sewers.  AT least, not now.

Riggs has escaped into the sewers, but don't worry, you haven't lost the
game...yet.  It is up to you to find his secret headquarters and here's
the best way:

Before you go into the sewers, you will need three keys:  a Blue key, a
Green key and Red keycard.  The Blue key is on the airplane, the Green key
is near the dumpster in the basement and the Red keycard is on the roof of
another building in the level you're currently playing.

To get the Red keycard, retrace your steps back through the dark passageway.
Keep your eye on the radar screen and stand with the blue opening behind you,
Go south, then west, then south again.  Now turn west again you will see the
exit.  Follow the outdoor ledge to the end.  Jump to the roof of the other
building and pick up the keycard.

Now jump down to the ground.  If you have all the keys, find the stairwell
that took you to the rooftop when you were chasing Riggs.  If you don't have
all the keys, go back to the airport and find them.

Once you have all the keys, you will need to get to the rooftop.  Keep your
eye on the radar screen and walk into the dark passageway.  Go east, then
north, then west, then north, then east again.  When you turn north
again, you will see the blue opening.

Walk over to the blue opening and you will drop down to a ledge in the
sewers.  Take a couple steps and you'll be up to your neck in the
sewer.  Let the current take you to the first sewer tunnel on your left.
Follow this tunnel till you enter a large open area.  Stay to your left
along the wall.  There are plenty of alligators waiting to invite you to
dinner, and you're the main course.

Take the second tunnel on the left and then immediately get over to the
right.  The secret entrance to Riggs' headquarters is the first opening you
come to on the right.  If you miss it, you can take the second right which
will start you over from the beginning.

Follow the hallway.  Go through the three doors, and you will be in the
middle of the terrorist's hideout.  Walk around till you find Riggs and
confront him.  He will run away.

Chase him down the stairs to the secret entrance in the warehouse and
across the warehouse to another secret passage which will take you
to the baggage claim area.  Follow Riggs through the baggage conveyor
to the outside area.

At this point, instead of chasing Riggs to the waiting Harrier, run to
the switch on the wall on your right and close the gates.  This will trap
Riggs and he will give up.

Finished... you win... :)...

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