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Читы для Tex Murphy: Overseer

Чит-файл для Tex Murphy: Overseer

Tex Murphy:

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Access Software
Издатель:Access Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 16 сентября 2000 года
Жанры:Adventure / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Pandora Directive, Under a Killing Moon

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для

This FAQ is intended to be a supplement to the README.TXT file found
in your Overseer directory. Please refer to the README.TXT file for
additional trouble-shooting hints.


What's the difference between the DVD and CD-ROM versions of the

The DVD version of the game allows you to play back the "movie" segments
in MPEG2 format, which is much higher quality video. The CD-ROM version
plays back lower quality video, but allows users who do not own an
MPEG2 solution to still enjoy the game. There are no other differences
between the CD-ROM and DVD versions. See the MPEG2/Video Player
section for more info.

Does Overseer support 3D hardware acceleration?

Yes, if your 3D card is an AGP card, provides at least 4MB of AGP
texture memory, and supports Direct3D, we support it. The game does
not support non-AGP 3D accelerator cards in Hardware Renderer Mode,
although the game will still play.


What can I do to maximize the frame rate if I am using the "Software
Rendered" (non 3D-hardware accelerated) version of the game?

Try all or some combination of the following steps:
From the Config/Preferences dialog box:

1. Reduce the "Window Size" setting from 640x480 down to a smaller
size, the smallest being 240x180.
2. From the Config/Preferences/Advanced Preferences dialog box:
Check the "Interlaced" or "Quad" radio button in the "VR Style" setting.
Our testing indicates the interlaced setting provides the fastest
of the three modes.
3. Disable 3D Sound. You will still hear the sound effects, but
you will save expensive 3D sound calculations.
4. Disable Environmental Looping. Some repetitive background sounds
will be disabled.
5. Disable Animated Textures. Things like fires in fireplaces,
video monitors, etc. will no longer animate, but game-play will not
be affected.
6. If your hard-drive is experiencing significant usage while you
are walking around in VR, swapping is affecting your frame rate.
Try moving the "Texture Quality" slider down which will reduce the
size of the textures used in VR. This should eliminate or minimize
swapping problems.
7. In general: Check the Audio section of this FAQ for audio-
related performance improvements.
8. Exit all other applications before launching Overseer, including
as many of the "tray applets" as possible. Tray applets usually appear
as icons on the right side of the Windows taskbar on the desktop
(next to the clock).
9. Poor performance on some machines is directly attributable to
a small L2 memory cache size (i.e. less than 256K of L2 cache). You
should consider increasing your cache size in this case. A larger
cache will improve the performance of ALL your applications, including
Tex Murphy: Overseer.

What can I do to maximize the frame rate if I am using the "Hardware
Rendered" (3D-hardware accelerated) version of the game?

All of the suggestions offered in the previous question (software
rendered) are applicable here, with the exception of part 2 of the
answer, since "Interlaced" and "Quad" VR Styles are not offered in
hardware accelerated mode. Also try the following:

From the Config/Preferences dialog box:

Set the display mode to 640x480 rather than 800x600.

From the Config/Preferences/Advanced Preferences dialog box:

Disable Bilinear Filter.
Disable Trilinear Filter.
Disable MipMap use.


When I'm walking around in VR, the sound effects and voice-overs
suddenly cut out, after which I only hear occasional random popping

Try going to the game's Config screen, Select Preferences and Advanced
Preferences, then take the dot out of the "3D Sound" box.  See the
README.TXT file in the Overseer directory for instructions and more
information about this problem.

Does it matter if I am using versions of Intel's RSX audio drivers
that are not current?

Absolutely! The most recent Intel RSX audio drivers have significant
performance improvements that could dramatically affect the frame
rate you are experiencing in Overseer's VR environments. You can
verify that you have the latest by running the Overseer setup program
again. This will re-install Overseer (no harm done). Allow the install
program to perform the RSX Audio installation portion.

I have a Yamaha OPL3-SA sound card and the game is locking up shortly
after starting a game. Can I resolve this issue?

Yes. In the Overseer directory is a file named TEX.INI. In the section
named [DIGI], change the line RSXDeviceType=wave to read RSXDeviceType=
directsound. Save the file, exit and restart the game.


I have a Software MPEG2 Solution and I cannot get the video clips
to play.  What is wrong?

At present, Software MPEG decoding does not fully support Direct
X.  We are working with Zoran Inc. to solve this problem.  Until
then, the CD-ROM version of the game can be played.

My screen is misproportioned, misaligned, or very small & in the
top left corner of the display.  How do I fix it?

This is a problem resulting from the DVD player itself not having
the correct configuration for different resolution settings. Follow
these steps to fix:

1. From the Display Properties, switch Windows resolution to 640X480.

2. Select 16 million colors in the color pallete.
3. Activate the Creative Labs PC DVD player.
4. There will be a message that the disc does not contain DVD video
data (or something similar to that). Ignore this message.
5. Choose "Video Configuration" from the settings menu on the DVD
video player controls.
6. It should tell you that you haven't run a movie in these settings
before and prompt you to let it autoconfigure. Click OK.
7. When it finishes, click on the "auto" button to have it auto
configure the colors.
8. Click Save.
9. Change Windows back to its original resolution (optional).


I have a Creative Labs Encore and my computer locks up (blue screen)
when I talk to Eve Clements.  What should I do?

You can get the latest drivers for the Encore from Creative Labs'
Website.  Click here to go there now.

When I try to examine an object such as the address book in Linsky's
bedroom, my game freezes.  What is wrong?

You will need to go to the Main Control Panel, click on Config -
Preferences - Advanced Preferences.  Remove the check next to 3D
Sound and click OK.  Return to the game.


I have a video card using a Rendition Verite chipset and my computer
locks up when I enter Tex's office. Is there a solution?

Yes. In the TEX.INI file, change the line RasterMode=1
to force Software Rendering in the game for the non-AGP Rendition
I've entered Greg Call's lab but I haven't solved the Braille puzzle.
Now I'm stuck in the lab. How do I get out?

Download ROOM.LS into your OVERSEER directory (overwrite the previous
file). You will need to restart at a saved point prior to entering
Greg Call's lab, but you will be able to continue the game normally.

I keep getting a Room Load Failure.  How do I prevent this?

Try reducing the game's texture quality.  To do this, go to the game's
Config screen, click on Preferences, and click Advanced Preferences.
Move down the slide control under "Texture Quality".  If this doesn't
help, the disk may be smudged or damaged.  Try wiping it with a soft
cloth.  If a replacement is needed, contact Technical Support.

If you can't find what you're looking for or none of the above answers
seem to solve your problem, contact Tech Support.

Phone:  1 (801) 793-8324
E-mail: info@accesssoftware.com

(c) Access Software Inc.

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