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Читы для Thief 2: The Metal Age

Чит-файл для Thief 2: The Metal Age

Thief 2:
The Metal Age

в России известна как

Thief 2:
Эпоха металла

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Thief 2: Эпоха металла
Разработчик:Looking Glass Studios
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 23 марта 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Action / 3D / 1st Person / Stealth
Похожие игры:Thief: The Dark Project

Даты выхода игры

вышла 24 мая 2007 г.
вышла в марте 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Thief 2: The Metal Age
Mission 1: Running Interferance

The Rundown

In this mission, Garrett takes up a cause that would make any self respecing
thief lose his lunch. His old associate (in Garrett's world, there are no
friends) Basso the Boxman, a master lockpick, has fallen in love and wants to be
married to Lady Rumpford's maid, Gueneviere. So Garrett agrees- after all, you
never know when a favor might be paid back someday. (Hint, hint.)

Your job: break in, steal some stuff, clear the way, steal some more stuff, find
Gueneviere, steal yet more stuff, then summon up Basso to get his love. No
problem- if you're a master thief.

Step by Step

This is Basso. I don't know what Gueneviere sees in him, but a job's a job.
wait there in the shed. Take the easy way in- through the side door into the
butler's room. Inside the butler's room you'll find two doors, one with a key
next to it. Take the key and unlock the door, then carefully make your way down
the hallway.

There's two guards standing behind a grill watching out for any intruders. They
also happen to be standing right in front of a torch, and lazy to boot. (They
there and talk about relighting the torch, then never do.) Take out the torch,
then sneak by them.

When you reach the next door, go inside and take out the lights (and the goods).
Your guard friends are standing at one side- take one of them out, then after
second one turns her back to you, take her out too. 2 down, 6 to go.

The next room over is a storage room with some goods- and a guard who likes to
stand with his back to people. Show him the error of his ways- just make sure
pick his pocket first.

Now here's a problem- a hallway with two guards, one with a light right behind
his back. So take the other option- there's a door leading to a kitchen. Just
watch out for the busy little servant, and you can take the side door and take
out the guard in the hallway. If you're feeling ambitious, you can distract the
other guard at the light by throwing a box in front of him, then wacking him
he comes out to investigate. (If you're keeping track, that's 5 you've taken

Head down the hallway around the wandering guard- there's a note and the end of
the hallway you might want to read, and some nice fat chests. Once you've
out that area, go down the hallway where the wandering guard was. You'll find
door to Gueneviere's room. No need to get Basso just yet. There's more goods to
steal first.

If you keep going to the end of the hallway, you'll find a room with lots of
boxes stacked up. Take down the boxes, and you'll find an interesting, um,
decoration behind them. And a couple of valuable rocks. Check out the tiny room
right behind it- and another rock! Wow, rocks must be valuable. After you take
the rocks, keep going down the hallway to clean out another room. There's a nice
staircase that leads to another door, but you don't have the key yet.

A guard is wandering the hallway. Take him out, then head back downstairs into
the kitchen. You'll find a dumbwaiter. Take it up, where you'll see a guard
pacing in front of some dishes. (You know this is a classy place when the dishes
have their own guards.) And what's that on his waist- no, get your mind out of
the gutter. Take his key, and the dishes he's guarding (he won't notice.

Run back up the stairs and through the door. watch out for this guard take him
out and you've got 8 hits. (Pause a moment, and feel special.) Go up the stairs
behind him, and you'll find a room with a safe over the bed. How to open it? As
part of the latest in security, this family has a plant guarding the switch.
it. (Go ahead- you know you want to.)

Doing good, but by now you should need another 150 or so in goods. Finish
searching the stairs, then go down the empty hallway. You should find a music
room. Go back out to the main room. Wait under the column in front of the next
hallway, and be patient. There's a guard coming who needs your loving touch.
After you give it to him, get his little friend too at the end of the hallway.
(Of course, if you just listen to him, that's pretty funny too.)

If you upstairs again, you'll find enough to finish your monetary goals. Go back
outside and summon Basso (you practically have to stand outside the door. Deaf
pud.) Unite the two lovers, and get the hell out of dodge.

Mission 2: Shipping...and Recieving.
The Rundown

It's rent time for Garrett, and he's a little short, so he's decided to make a
hit on the local shipping docks to find enough goods to hock. While he's at it,
he's going to need some additional items. He'll need to find 5 bags of spice (I
guess Emeril is stopping by), find and place a new shipping label on a box to
redirect the contents to a client of his, and steal 650 worth of goods and gold.
And, as always, don't kill anybody, and don't get caught.


Hey, look at that- crates. No, this isn't Half-Life, so don't try to break them
open. It will make too much noise, and all that's in here are copies of
Trespasser (and we know how much the market value for those are.) To the east
some guards standing in the light. They'll be too much hassle. Better if you
the long way around the building. Go south.

Two guards at the south- take them out, but watch out for the other one walking
along the upper rails who might spot you. As always, pick their pockets first.

At the end of this alley are two folks having a conversation. Listen in for some
clues, then take the two men out. Watch out- there's another guard who likes to
make his rounds out here.

Here's a conviently unlocked door. Let's enter building A.

Guards all over- and lights. Watch your step. At the top of the stairs is
unlocked door. Behind it is the entrance to the main office, and a big fat
in the middle of the room. Darkness never looked so good. Take the door onto the
catwalk. To your right is a door going back into the building, with a guard
behind it. Cautiously open it and take him out.

Make your way through the building, knocking out guards as you find them. Leave
the garbage shute alone for now when you find it. Make your way to the main
office (you don't know where it is? Check your map for pete's sake!) When you
find Rampone's office, introduce him to your friend Jack. Black Jack.

Outside the main office are a series of mailboxes. Read each letter for clues
plot information. On top of the mailboxes is a box of goodies- you can jump up
open it. Inside the main office you'll find two things- a key, and a panel that
controls the doors. The key opens up those sheds outside with a panel inside
them. (Makes your job a little easier.) Good thing you've got a map with the
numbers on it. Nothing like an old babbage machine. Start with 7732.

Make your way to room 7732. And watch out for the guards (I bet you knew that).
There's a guard wandering around and two people gabbing in front of the door.
Take out the whole lot of them, then go into the room. Once you get to 7732,
the shipping label on the desk.

Unlock 7933 and swap labels. There you are- one set of goals done. Take a moment
to feel good about yourself. (Are you done yet?) For now, just case the
going from room to room, stealing whatever you can find. Here's some tips for
some hard to reach places.

Watch out for the catch of the day at Myne's Steaks. Inside the cell with the
giant spider is a pretty rock (hey, it's worth something.) On the upper level is
a nice, fat safe. To open it, you have to go to the freezer and find the key
there (end of the freezer on the ground.) Watch out- the freezer likes to lock
on you, and one of the entrees isn't quite chilled yet.

Killgore will talk to a Hammer, listening to the religious zealot's woes. Once
they go inside, they pretty much vanish. Climb up those boxes in the corner for
secret. In Lord Porter's art gallery, there's a secret if you solve the riddle.
Just read the riddle. Oh, shoot at the crystal in the woman's hand. For Pete's
sake. I'm sure there's a way to get to the upper levels of Porter's gallery, but
I don't know how yet.

Once you think you've got enough, go to the top floor of the building. At the
very top is a hallway with a big, metal head spinning around. And get this-
there's an off switch right before the hallway. Great design concept. Clean out
the rooms it protects, then take the stairs leading to building B. (It's to the

Once you're inside building B, keep your eye on the guard packing around in a
big, long circle. He looks sleepy. Help him get his rest after taking his shiny,
red key. Scour the warehouse, taking out all the guards and everything that
nailed down. Guards from the docked ship are faster and more erratic than your
standard guards. Once you've cleaned the place out, it's time to find your
spices. In the course of your thievery, you should have found one bag, with the
note thate the others are in the "usual spaces"

To get the bags of spice, first go through one of the doors to the catwalk one
the second floor. On each side of the building are 3 skylights- break them, then
jump onto the boxes beneath. Your spices are hidden here. Here's a tip: break
of the glasses, then run back into the building and hide in the shadows. The
guard left on the ship will come in looking for you. Once he grows careless,
his pouch (which holds a bag of spice- this guy must be Emeril) and knock him

Go onto the ship. There's a box with spiders and spice, and if you "use" the
telescope, you'll find another bag of spice down in the captain's room. That
should be all you need. Time to go home and find out the details of your next
mission. It's gonna be a doozy.

Mission 3: Framed!
An offer too good

Garrett's recieved an offer just too good to be true. A mission paying lots of
cash, with plenty of maps and details up front. All he has to do it sneak into
Shoalsgate Station, steal something from Lt. Hagen's office, place it into the
high security vault, take the strongbox from the vault and plant it in Hagan's

Sure. No problem.

To make this mission even harder, you have to get in and out undetected. This
means that you can't go hitting people on the back of the head- that's right, no
knock-outs. So stock up on those water and moss arrows, leave the sword and
blackjack at home, and let's go thieving.


You start out at a nice, secluded corner of Shoalsgate Station. There's a small
building to one side with a door begging to be picked. Pick it, and you'll find
yourself inside the generator room.

Turn down the heat a little, then open up the big valve on the side. It leads
down to a sewer tunnel. Follow it to a main cavern (Kill the spiders!) until you
find two tunnels that end at torch holders. (Check the lakes of water for other
goodies.) The holders open up secret doors leading into the prison and a place
close to the laboratory. For now, take the one close to the laboratory.

Using your map, make your way to the conference room. If you keep an eye on the
guards movements, it shouldn't be too hard. Hey, check it out- Lady Rumpford!
too bad looking of a lady. Even better are those glasses in the room close by.
Once you've got that, go to the front room.

Good thing it's after hours. Keep to the shadows while some guards chat. They
like to walk back and forth around here, so act quickly and carefully. Turn off
the alarm system, set the front gate to open, then trip the switch under the
to open up a hidden cache of cash. Grab those water arrows on top of the filing
cabinet (obviously compenscated from some other thief).

Put out that lamp after the guards walk by- if you do it before, they might
relight it. Follow them out into the hallway, then head up the stairs to the
second floor. There's a guard walking rather quickly back and forth up there.
Sneak by him, and you should be on the second floor, close to Hagan's office.
There are as many as three guards wandering around here at any one time, so use
caution. You can put this torch- the guards up here a little lazier than most.

The big thing you want in Hagan's office is his handkerchief. Go to the other
offices, especially Lt. Mosely's office (hey, wasn't that the guy from the
Gabriel Knight series?) for a key. The key opens the door to the vault and the
records room. Also be certain that you pick the guard's pocket who wanders
between the Vault and the Officer's Lounge. He's got a key you might want.

I know you'd love to go to the vault right now, but we're going to have to stop
by the records room first. There's a good way to get there. If you go into the
Officer's Lounge, you'll find a dumbwaiter. Take it downstairs to the mess hall.
Go east from here.

Go on into the target practice room. If you hit the furthest target, you'll
unlock a secret door. Go into it to pick up some extra arrows and other useful
tools. Then keep heading east. If you want to, you can make a stop at the
laboratory (boring) or the morgue, where you'll find a stiff with his change
purse still on him. Like Garrett says, he won't be needing it anymore.

Stop by the barracks to rob the guards on principle. Now, here's the fun part.
The guard protecting the door to the Records Office won't even notice you
his pocket, or opening the door. That's what you get for hiring ex-convicts. Go
on upstairs.

Upstairs you'll find two things- no guards, and the code that shuts down the
vault security. You can make a note of it on your map pages under "Notes"
you want to write it down in meatspace and hurt a tree). If you go all the way
the end of the Records Office, you'll find a secret door by pulling on a book.
leads back downstairs. You are also close enough to take that dumbwaiter back
upstairs (which I would recommend.)

Time for the vault. Once you get upstairs, you'll see a camera and a guard. The
guard might be almost asleep, but the camera might be a problem. I've heard that
you can take out camera's with a water arrow, but I haven't tried it. Just take
out the light close by, and that'll be good enough. Sneak past him (he's almost
asleep anyway) and get into the vault chamber.

Use the code you wrote down on the console. The mechanical sentries have been
disabled, so feel free to open the door. Now, here's the confusing part for some
people. Once you've grabbed everything inside, you have to use the "drop"
to drop the handkerchief, not the "use" command. (Hey, it even tripped me up for

Sneak your way down to the very end of the Exhibits Room. Guess what, you'll
another secret door the leads back downstairs. And closeby the Lt.'s room, as
well. While you're heading back, stop by Truart's office. You just can't resist,
can you? Well, go on in. Once you've come out, go back to Hagan's office,
and "drop" the strongbox.

Now here's the best part of all. Go back to the main office. Remember how you
turned off the alarms? Well, go "open" the front door, and run out through the
entrance. Home free!

Mission 4: Ambush!

The Rundown

Garrett's used to not having to trust people. But even he is a little surprised
when at an arranged meeting with his fence, he finds bluecoats (you know, the
cops) there waiting for him. He makes his escape with a flash grenade and a dash
to the shadows, but his life has just gone from bad to worse. It seems like the
entire police force is out looking for him.

So here the plan. From the south-east corner of the city, sneak past the police
force that has barred just about every gate it can, all the way to the
section of the city to your room. And as if that isn't bad enough, once that's
done, get to the to north-east corner of the city to get passed the main gate.
Good thing you decided to skip tap dancing tonight.


Get off the stairs and into one of the doorways. Guards are coming, and if the
see you, it's all over. Crouch down, and time their movements. Once you're
quickly move to the west, and get into the shadows. Listen to the two women yak
about you, then take one of them out as they walk by you. (Use your blackjack,

 All right, now you've got a moment to think. Check your map and compass. See
whare you are now? Lower left hand corner. See where you need to get to? That's
right- all the way to the upper right. Keep these bearings in your mind. You
to keep heading west and north. Just keep thinking that to yourself. West and

Break times over. Go to the northwestern corner where those two women were
talking. There's a box there right next to the wall. First put out the torch
above the western wall. Jump on top of the box (and make certain that you land
it - if you land on the concrete, the guards will hear you). From there you can
climb on top of the wall into a small garden. Isn't this cool- these people grow
moss and water arrows. Well, they're yours now.

Take care to keep quiet up here- there's a couple of guards close by. Go to the
south side of the garden, and moss the ground below. Jump down, and use the
darkness to sneak away. Don't try to get the guards - these ones have headgear
the prevent people from knocking them out.

 Go around the corner and you'll see two chatterboxes talking about life. Once
they've finished, the citizen will walk right past you. Take him out just in
case, then go find his guard friend. You can't go west (that way is barred) so
north for now.

The guard around the next corner doesn't have good eyes. Stay far enough back,
and he shouldn't see you as you move across the shadows. Keep going north.
find a manhole cover. Open it, then jump into the sewers.

 Here's the good news. If you stay down in the water, you should be unseen. The
bad news is that you can't shoot arrows in the water, so you'll have to time
movements. Keep heading north. You'll find a large street lamp on a western
corner. If you get right underneath it, the stone path blocks the light. When
guards are out of sight, climb up, past the lampost and right across from the
bridge. That should give you enough dark to plan your next move.

The guard past the bridge you can knock out. Do it, then keep going north. Can't
go down the street- too many lights and too many guards. But here's an idea- run
and jump before that door on the other side of the canal. You can either creep
through the opposite door to give the guard on the bridge a good whack, or you
can leave her alone and go upstairs. Your choice.

Move through the building to the east, and you'll find a bridge. Listen to the
guards for a minute, then get back into the water on the opposite side of the
building. Follor the water. Guards patrol here, but if you stay in the water,
should remain unseen. When you get to Northern Helena Way (check the map!)
know it's time to get out of the water.

A pair of guards patrol the west corridor, right where you want to be. Follow
them west, then hide in the shadows again. When they walk by, pick their
then head off to Hill Street. Keep going west, and move quickly under the alcove
to find some shadows. The guards shouldn't catch you if you move fast enough.
out the torch to the north to give you some breathing room. When the guards move
past you to the east, rush down the street and into a doorway. Crouch down. When
the round the corner going south again, move north.

Open the metal door, and go all the way up. Home sweet home! Well, almost. Your
home is still to the north, and there's three guards at the front door. Your
objectives have just changed. Now you have to get inside your apartment, get
key, then sneak off the Shoalsgate Bridge off to the east. You couldn't just
been a banker, could you have?

All right, check your map again. You'll see how at the back of your building
there's a fire escape. Go down to the bottom floor, taking out the lights before
opening the door. Go west in the darkness (and don't worry about that rat, he
won't hurt you). Get to the back of the building, and fire a rope arrow up the
wooden floor. The best way to do it is to come as close to the platform edge as
you can, then "grab" it so you don't have to jump onto the platform (and make a
ton of noise.)

Take out the torches in the hallway, then the guard as she walks by. You might
find it best to wait until the goes down the stairs, jump up into the fire
(staying crouched to remain unseen) then wack her. Enter your room, and you'll
find another guard inside. Breaking and entering - you'd never do anything
like... Oh. Well, hit him on the back of the head. Go into your closet, and use
the coat hook to open a secret panel. Now that's a nice stash. Grab everything
(especially the key!) and get ready to go.

The best way to go out? Why, the front door, of course. Each of the guards have
their back to you. As long as you move quietly and carefully, you can take out
all three wihtout being seen.

Now make your way south and east. You'll find two guards wandering about. Let
them pass you, then cross the bridge. There's a set of guards behind a large
grate. They won't be a problem. Two other guards are in your way, but they're
half asleep. Take out the torch next to them, and go south into the marketplace.

Listen to the guard almost get lucky (what a pud). When the hooker leaves, whack
him (and her for good measure), then keep heading southeast. You have to take
long way around because so many of the paths are barred.

When you start heading north again, you'll find two guards on patrol. You can
take them both out, then open the sewer grate and move under the city. Once you
come up again, watch out for the wandering guard.

Great- three more guards. I'd just take them out one at a time as they walk by,
and hide their bodies in the shadow. Don't cross the corner going north-east -
there's another guard standing there, and she's got a temper.

Pick the door next to the guard, then move upstairs. You're right over the guard
you need to get past. Moss the ground right behind her, watching out for the
other two wandering guards. Once they move away, jump down behind her and take
her out. Hide the body, then hide in the doorway before taking out the other two

Another two guards past that! How many people does Truart have looking for you?
There's another door you can pick open. Go into the room furthest north, and
the window. Crawl through, and you'll find the gate you need. Unlock it with
key, and escape to freedom.

Mission 5: Eavesdropping

The Rundown

We start this mission in an unusual way. Garrett has a meeting with his old
trainers The Keepers, who take him to hear a really, really pale kid translating
for an old lady. Naturally Garrett wants to go his own way, but he recieves a
piece of information he can't ignore. There's going to be an important meeting
tomorrow night. Oh, this is going to be good.

The mission: Get into the Mechanist Temple, a converted Hammer building, and get
to the room where the meeting is going to take place. Stand outside the door,
listen in. While you're at it, steal 1200 in loot.


Get off those grates! Now make your way forward. As always, never use the front
door. Let's go around towards the back. Keep your eyes on the ramparts- guards
like to patrol up there. Look to the east- there's a door you can pick. Time to
see just how some of the "children" are made. The good news is, the humanoid
can be knocked out just like any other humanoid.

Keep heading east. Keep off the metal! There's a door to the east with some
goodies inside. That should help you towards that 1200 goal. Go south. It leads
to a cemetary. Great. Nothing gets you in the mood like the moanings of the
There's a guard wandering about. Take him out and leave his body amongst the
tombs. That should freak him out. Enter the building through the door to the

To the west is the entrance to the chapel. Listen to the guards, then go east.
Lean against the door to the northwest to listen to the meeting as the clock
strikes 12. Hm...karas and the sheriff. My, my, my... Well, that's one objective
complete. But now you have new objectives. Find they key they were talking
and make a pressing.

The key position randomizes. This walkthrough will focus on if the key is in the
top storeroom. For other places, this walkthrough should provide a good

Go outside the building and head east. What the heck is that... Good news- you
can take it out. Bad news- it takes two water arrows to the back. Ouch! There's
also two human guards running around as well. All right- take out the guards
first, then that metal monstrosity. Just as a clue, don't halt it in the middle
of a corridor. It makes it very difficult to squeeze by. (Not that I would have
done that...)

Since we need money, let's go to the south. There's two doors. Both have money,
but the one to the west has an entrance to the catacombs. I didn't go down
so if you want to, be my guest. (Zombies scare me...) If you're looking for more
cash, go back to the entrance to the cemetary. Go up the small stairs to the
north. keep heading west and you'll find 3 goblets. Go down the stairs and
find a key- "wrong key" as Garrett says. Keep heading west down the barracks-
there's another door back there. Go through this area for more cash. (you should
be at about 300 by now). There's a room at the end of this little hallway with
more goods and another wrong key. Now go back upstairs.

All right, so that get's us some more money. But we still have the problem of
getting to the key. Go back to the front of the building where you came in.
(Watch out for passing guards.) Stand in front of the east tower and take out
torch. Fire a rope arrow onto those wooden beams. Try and get as close as you
can, but don't get so close you can't climb up. Take out the guard up there, and
you're on the second floor. Another guard wanders around the area. Knock him out
as well.

Go down the ladder to grab some goods from the bottom floor, then head back up.
Read the books while you're at it. Then go to the very top and grab stuff up
there. Start heading west. When you reach the west tower, knock out that guard
too. Go up and down the ladders to grab more loot. You should now be at around
600 gold.

Now, go back to the east tower and open the door. There's two guards up here-
who likes to stand about, the other who likes to wander up and down the stairs.
Take out Mr. Standing first, after you've disposed of his body, take out Mr.
Wandering boy.

Check your map again. The shed should be to the southwest of your position.
There's another guard wandering about up here. Moss the ground and you can take
her out. There's your shed. Go on inside and grab everything you need- including
the key. That should put you over the 700 mark. Now you have a new objective:
make your wax image, then return the key back to the shed. Let's get going.

Go back inside the building and head west. There's two bottles of wine beyond
door (putting you at 800 gold), and a piece of parchment. Don't worry about the
room above. Keep going west, and takes the stairs down. See the two guards? Use
some moss arrows and take them out. Now rob the chapel (man, are you in trouble
with God now) and you should be over 1200. Ta-da! Now to make a wax image.

Go back to the cemetary, then go downstairs, and you'll find two mechanists
to get it on. Hide under the stairs (and find a little statue), and when they go
by, sneak into the room.

One of those annoying children is running around. Hit him with a water arrow to
the back, then move past him. You'll find a big slab of wax. Use the key on the
wax, then grab the nearby putty knife and use it on the wax. There's your slab.

Take the key back up the the shed, drop it off (yes, use the drop key), and get
out of there.

Mission 6: First Bank and Trust

The Rundown

The Mechanists have stored the recording of Truart and Kara's conversation in a
safety deposit box of the bank. If Garrett is ever to get the sherriff off his
back, he's going to need this recording as blackmail. So you just have to sneak
into the most secure building in town, guarded with every advancement the
Mechanists have invented, and then escape without getting caught.


You start out in the south-western corner of the bank. Let's take a walk around
and see if we can find any openings. Keep to the dark- there's a trio of guards
who like to wander the front and back of the bank (in fact, I'd take them out as
soon as I could).

You'll come to a little shed with a ladder leading underground. Take the ladder
and follow it to the east. This prevents the guards at the back entrance of the
bank from seeing you. Climb the ladder when you get to the other side.

If you've taken out the three stooges in the back of the bank, then now is the
time to get inside. Here on the east side is a guard all on his lonesome. Throw
him a flash grenade and knock him out when he can't see. Why, how nice of him!
The door is unlocked! Lean into the door before going inside. There's two
mechanist children and a guard wandering around. When everything is quiet, go on
inside, then get to the dark as quickly as you can.

Take a minute to check your map. You are on the far north-eastern side of floor
one. The Hall of Records should be right above your head. You can take out the
two children if you like, of if you're feeling bad, sneak around the corner
west in the dark until you can make it up the stairs. The trick here is that you
have to walk s-l-o-w-l-y on the tile- even at a crouch, if you walk normally
you'll make enough noise for the entire building to hear you. Two tricks to this
are to walk in stutter-step. Half-second walk, half-second pause, over and over
again. If you hug the wall so your standing on the floorboards instead of the
tile, you'll make less noise (as well as be less visible.) Save your moss arrows
for when you need them.

If you've timed it right, you'll be at the top of the stairs while the guard is
away making his rounds. Take out the torch up here, then the guard when he comes
by your position. Make sure you take his key; you'll need it.

Go towards the records hall. In the room right in front of the records office is
a camera. Now, you could use a fire arrow on the camera, but that would make
enough noise to end this mission real quick. Instead take out the torches, then
use the shadows to get up next to the door. Go down the stairs into the records
office while the camera is turned away. The doors are unlocked, so open them,
inside, and close them.

Go up the west ramp and read the parchment there. Write down the number to the
safety deposit box, and leave the records room. That's one objective complete.

You need to head to the east. There's a hallway leading to the Great Hall. Open
the door to the great hall. You'll hear a child talking over and over again, and
a guard walking beneath you. Walk softly to the south door, then pick it. There
are two cameras in this room, and two torches. Put out the lights, then move
west. Pick the lock, and go on through.

At this moment, you have two choices. The first choice is to go to the basement
now, and save yourself quite a bit of pain. The other choice is to do as I did
(and follow this walkthrough exactly) in a bonehead fashion to discover you need
to get to the basement first anyway. Hey, your call. I'm going on to the vault

On the floor beneath you is a mega-child. Since he's down below, he won't notice
you if you stay to the dark. Listen to the two guards complain, then go into the
room on the north side to clean it out. Then go south along the platform. See
that guard to the the opposite rail? He won't see you if you are very careful.
There's a door here you should enter. Go inside, and down the corridor. Pick the
lock on the next door, and stay in the dark. There's a camera in there, and a
guard who likes to wander. Best thing I found to do is wait until just after the
guard leaves, then when the camera's face is turned away, rush towards the
and get right behind it. When it's face turns away from the door to the south,
use the key you picked earlier to open the door.

Go through the door and go to the west, putting out the torch and getting into
the darkness. When the guard who patrols this area walks by, knock him out and
hide him. The door to the west leads to another hallway. Go through it, and when
you open the next door on the north, you'll find yourself looking at the upper
deck, but now on the same side as the standing guard.
Fire a noise arrow past the guards. Everybody will freak out, but get this, the
guard goes right towards you (probably to go downstairs.) Knock him out when he
passes your position, wait for the guards to calm down, then move past where he
was standing and get into the dark.

Pick open the next door you find. There's a well lighted room just past the
and two giant children like to wander through. If you're tired of them too, take
them out as they walk by with two water arrows to the back. Just make sure you
moss the floor first, or else they'll hear you. There. That should shut them up.

Go through the door to the west where the mega-children came through. You could
take the stairs down, but odds are you'd get seen by the camera (but if you
you can do it, go ahead. Skip down for what to do after this.) What I did is go
south, and find yourself on the platform above the Dome room. Moss the floor
before jumping down. Use the shadows and steal everything, then moss the floor
the eastern opening. When the coast is clear, move towards the north to the

Well, there's the vault, and a camera looking right at it. See the pipes from
camera? They go to a room to your west. Use the guard's key to open it up, and
shut the camera down. All right, now for some loot! Except that the vault has a
giant bar acrossed it. You'll have to get into the basement first.

Now you can take the stairs back up. Head toward the Great Hall through the room
that you put out the two giant children. Below you is a bow carrying guard, and
possibly another Giant Child. If you moss the floor, you should remain unheard
you jump down. Take out any available torches, and make your way down the hall
into the Great Hall.

Well, here you are. In the Great Hall. Neat. Move behind the pillars, moss the
floor, and take out the guards as they walk by. Check out the fountain (there's
moss arrow you can take.) Go through the east door in the middle of the Great
Hall. (Don't take the one further to the north. You're sure to get spotted that
way.) Move down the hallway carefully to another door. This door has a window in
it, so don't linger or else you'll get noticed by the guard and camera. The
walks up and down the basement. Once he's downstairs and the camera is looking
away, take out the torch behind it. Move into the room and to the east. There a
door there, and if open it and sit in the doorway, you can't be seen.

Wait for the guard to come up and down again. When the camera looks away, jump
down the stairs, and go right to a dark corner. Wait for the guard to come back,
and give him a love tap.

Now go south and west. The goal is to find the control for the bar lock. Read
note about maintenance machines being active. There are many metal plates here,
so watch your step. There are many children here, too many for you to take out
(unless you've been more stingy with your water arrows than I have.) You might
want to have a speed potion ready. Here's what I did:

Get down the hallway, and hide in the last room to the north side. When the two
children that like to travel together come from the western hallway, rush down
as fast as you can, and hide in the next room in the dark. There's a metal plank
right in front of the next hallway you need to cross to keep going west. Time
your movements, then get into the hallway and into the north. Find the shadows
again, then read the parchment on the wall. Well, so you're not "Authorized
Personel". Whatever.

Go south. There's another giant wandering a little room here, but if you keep to
the dark he shouldn't mind. Sneak to the west. There's another camera, but if
time it right, you can use his blind spot to open the bars next to it (there's a
lever on the wall) and get inside the room. On the eastern side of the vault
system is a little metal plate. Open it up to find some buttons. It's a puzzle,
but a simple one. When all the buttons are down, the light turns green, and the
bar drops.

All right, now go back to the vault, and you can open it up. Good thing nobody
hears that thing creak. Get into the vault, and dive into the shadows. There's
two more cameras. Close the vault door, then use those fire arrows you've been
dying to use. Go ahead- nobody can hear you now. Once they're out of the way, go
the the storage box and open it with your key.

Got the music box? Great. Now get the hell out of there. Just find the nearest
exit, and you've won.

Mission 7:

The Rundown

All right, now it's make or break time. Garrett has the recording that could end
Truart's carreer, and plans to use it to blackmail the "good" sherriff into
finding out who's trying to have Garrett killed. But to use it, he's going to
have to get to Truart first. The plan is to get to Truart, blackmail him, then
get out. And to make up for all the trouble you've been through, steal 1100 in
loot. Oh, and don't kill anyone. (You already knew that, didn't you?

First up, let me save you some cash. That tip you can buy? Here's what it says:

I hear the foundation under the port of Truart estate has a large crack which
should be able to crawl under. Check behind the bushes for it. There must be an
easy way into the mansion under there.
There. Don't say I didn't do anything for ya'.

Now, let's begin. I woundn't go through the front, between the cameras and
walking about. Just a little too busy for my tastes. See that window at the
south? Open it up and get inside. Go down the hallway to the south.

Well, there's one of the sleeping guests. Guess they can't hold their liquer.
Here's what i'd do: sneak up next to him, and knock him out anyway. Hey, he
his beauty sleep (and it's funny to see him stand up before falling over).

All right, go back down the hallway and up the stairs. Once you're in the attic,
close the windows to prevent the cameras from seeing you. Open the south window.
You can jump onto the wall beneath you and go south into the shadows. There's
guard out here. You know what to do. i'll wait right here. Flip the switch, and
you'll shut off the lights for this section. Now get into that little house.
Fight to the north is some snoozing guy at a desk. tap him and steal his stuff.

Now go to the south and up the ladder. Open the next window to the south, and
repeat your jumping manuever. (Now you know why you shut off those lights.)
There's two guards around here, so you'll have to be careful. You will probably
alert the guard by jumping onto the window, so wait until he calms down before
jumping over, then take them out.

Well, this door to this house is barred shut. Fine. Take the back door. The
looks deserted, so just go upstairs. Watch out for the homeless guy in the
northwest room. Steal his candlestick (you are so low). Once you're done
house, you should have about 250 in loot. Go outside and use the two levers to
open the large gate doors. With the power out, the cameras will be nonfunctional
as well. (Funny how the gates still work though, huh?) Anyway, take out the

Want more goodies? I knew you would. Now that you've got the guards out of the
way, flip the lever opening the north door. Yet another two guards. Now go rob
the house. there's a sleeping man upstairs and a chest. You should now be at 350

Now, go all the way to the south. There's three bushes back here. Right behind
them is a crack in the wall you can go through. This leads to a nice and dark
back entrance. There a hole in one of the rocks ahead. It's a tight fit, but you
can squeeze through it. Keep going south and you'll find the a river.

Follow the river north until it reaches a bridge. There's a guard wandering
about. If you go to the east side, you can stay in the dark until the guard
crossed the bridge and you can take him out.

Now go back to the back doors. There's a door to the north you can open with the
key from the bridge guard. It opens up to a bathroom of sorts. Get to the
quick. Two guards wander here, and one of them has a large gear on his belt. I'd
take them both out (and get the gear) before proceeding to the north hallway,
then west. There's a door to the guards barracks (and one sleeping guard). Steal
their stuff before going north some more. You should be at about 450.

To get to Truart, you're going to have to get to the second floor. Keep going
west, then south. You'll reach a door with a gear on it (now you know why you
needed that gear.) Use the gear on the lock, and you'll find yourself along a
long hallway. Follow it around to a set of stairs leading up to the second

Listen to the guards. One of them is going to turn on some lights, while the
other is coming down the stairs at you. No problem- take out the one coming at
you, then pull the light switch next to the stairs to put the lights back out
again. Go upstairs.

As always, get to the dark. you can hear a guard walking around the great hall
the west of you. leave that hallway alone. go north and down the hallway.
two more patrolling guards. you know what to do with them. There's another guard
in a room with a window. He won't cause you trouble if you take out the light
first. One of the guards has a key on her, so make sure you grab it. Keep going
west. (Stop by the bathroom for some water arrows :)

You want to be headed toward the game room. There's a guard and a serving girl-
and a mechanical child. Well, one out of three is easy enough. Get the child,
then listen to benny tale his tale of woe. Good news is they don't go anywhere.
And there's enough shadows that you can sneak around the room and now get
as you take everything. In fact, Benny's so drunk, you can take out the service
girl, them him without too much trouble. Just watch out- he is pretty good with
that sword. Go into the south bedroom off the game room. There's a moss arrow,
and two doors that lead to the balcony. Let's leave those alone for now. By now
you should have about 700 in goods.

Start making your way west again. The pool room has some goodies, but it also
a camera watching (I guess in case the sheriff wants to make some pool
Use the camera's blind side to circle the room and steal the goods. Don't worry
about noise- you can make it. By now you should be at 950. Only 250 to go. While
you're in there, jump into the pool and at the bottom is another gear. You'll
need it.

Keep going west, and you'll find a geer locked door. Next to it is a room with a
lever marked "security power". Well, pull it and turn it off. That should help
clear up the little problem of security systems. Use the silver gear on the door
and go on inside. Follow the halway until you come to a lever on the wall. Leave
it as it is- it flips on some lights. now go down the east hallway- and discover
that all hell is about to break loose.

The sherriff has been murdered. Just great. And who's the #1 suspect? Yeah,
who. That doesn't finish your mission, though. You've still got to get to his
room, but now to find out who killed him. Listen to the guards while hiding in
the shadows. (Good thing you turned off the guards security system or else the
alarms whould be going off like crazy.) When the guards run by, one of them has
bronze gear. Grab it quick, then head upstairs.

Two guards are talking about what killed the sherriff. listen to them, then go
back downstairs to the west. You'll come to a door where you can use that bronze
gear. Use it. That might help you escape later. What you want to do is get to
great hall. There's some entrances next to the game room off those bedrooms.
Since you're headed that way, stop by the weapons room first (check your map!).
Watch out for guards literally running around. The camera in the weapons room
will be off. After casing that room, you'll be up to about 1000. When you get to
the hallway before the great hall, don't go in! Go back to the first floor, then
go south. You'll find yourself before the dining room. There's a guard with her
back to you. Take her out, and after stealing the rooms contents, and you should
closer to your 1100.

Go to the kitchen and listen to the servants complain. Knock out the male
when he comes by. Check that out- he's carrying a new key. Yes! Take out the
woman if you want and grab what's in the kitchen. Now you can get back up to the
third floor and unlock the north doors. (Why, yes, i guess you could have gotten
that key from the servant in the first place. what's your point?)

After robbing what's in this room (and thus reaching 1100), head west. This
should put you in the bedroom suite. There's a connecting hallway to truart's
bedroom. You'll need the balcony key to get in here. Once you're inside, grab
keys. Mosley's key ring... interesting. Now you just have to get out of here. No
problem - just retrace your footsteps. Or if you have enough heals stocked, just
jump off the balconies, and go around the house. (Note: be careful where you

Well,that's over. The problem is, now where do you go now that the sherriff's
dead? It's time for Garrett to play a little Hardy Boys.

Mission 8: Courier

To the Mystery Machine!

Garrett knows that Lt. Mosely is connected to the murders, even if she has a
perfect alibi. So he's been keeping an eye on her, and tonight finds out that
she's going to deliver a letter. He doesn't know to whom, but he's going to
follow her.

Track the letter in Mosely's hand, read it once you have a chance. And since
you're running low on cash, pick six pockets. All in a night's work.

How to do it

The key to this level is track the message, not the messenger. You'll notice
Mosely has two objects in her hands, one is a sword, the other a big letter.
your eye on that letter hand, because she will drop it at some point.

Here's the start. See Mosely? She's the braided red-head with the letter in her
hand heading south. Stick to the shadows and follow.

She turns to the west. Hang out at the dark corner before following. She'll
behind her at the street intersection before moving south again. Stop right
before the wooden deck to keep in the dark. There's another guard who comes from
the south, so keep hidden until he goes by.

She turns to the east, then south again. Keep following. She'll check behind
herself as a citizen walks by. Pick their pocket before following to the west.
She goes west, then north again. Keep following. She goes west into the
marketplace. Get to the end (you can crouch and run here if you need to). When
she checks behind her, take this time to pick the guards pocket. If you're
feeling good, rush after one of the servants and pick their pockets too.

She's now heading south. She makes another pause, and then turns west. Follow
down. She'll pause again, and look around her before going north. She moves past
the bridge, then stops beneath a light to check again before going north. Keep
after her.

She makes another check at the next bridge before heading west. Once she crosses
the bridge she checks again, then goes north. She makes nother check before
turning south as a guard walks by. You have two choices here- wait, or jump into
the river. (jump into the river, trust me.) Get out of the river and move west.
She crosses another bridge and keeps heading west. Another check, and off to the

You might lose her here, so follow, then turn to the east. Wait- she doesn't
her letter! Rush back to the last lamp post. There it is, on the ground. Read
it,then drop it and wait. Somebody's coming by to pick it up. This is a great
place to save your game! Let's tally: you've read it, and (if you're like me)
have 3 pockets picked.

Bingo. Follow! He's going along the east route. Keep after him, but watch out
his frequent turnings. It's almost like he's following mosely now. You can still
see her, but she's no longer your quarry. There's a corner you can hide in while
you wait for the man to pass on. You should now be on Sparrow Street. He's going
to turn to the south. When the guard goes by, pick her pocket and follow (that
should make 4). I was able to pick an arrow from a guard walking by to get 5,
it was risky.

He's going to go east then south. Once he gets as far south as he can, he turns
to the east, then north, then east again, then after a pause (with a guard
up behind) north. He'll keep going north, moving back towards the marketplace!

He's going north over the bridge. I use an invisibility potion at this point,
pick my last pocket, and run after him. He makes another pause before moving
west, then north after a moment. There's a guard here you can pickpocket if you
still need it.

West, north, west- this guys heading right for the cemetary. He finally turns to
the east, and you follow.

Keep back now- he's just gone into the cemetary, and several mechanists pop out
to kill him. What on earth is going on here? amazingly, he lives, and goes off

Listen to the mechanists. They're going to leave him in the cemetary and wait
him. Sounds good to you. Blackjack the remaining guards, and follow. If you need
to pick more pockets, or want the secret, go after them and return later.

Follow the trail of blood through the cemetary. Well, that's great. Some sort of
magical red gate. (I wonder if this leads to Brittania?) Well, take off after

Mission 9: Trail of Blood

Ewww! It's blood!

After taking off through the portal, Garrett finds himself in the woods with the
Blair Witch. No, not quite, but he has no idea where he is. And all he has to
track down his quarry is a trail of blood. The rules here are simple. Follow the
blood to find the man. And no killing anybody.

Over the river and through the woods.

You start off in a forest lighted by little ground mushrooms. Neat. As always,
get right to the shadows. Ah, doesn't that feel better than standing in all that
nasty light?

There's a trail of blood going to the northwest. follow it. It heads off to the
west- and there's a body. Right in front of a green building. What happened out
here? To the north is your answer. Mechanists. Go inside the house and see the
ghosts. Creepy... Take the little girls doll with you. She wouldn't want to be

Next to one of the bodies on the ground is a parchment. Keep out of sight and
grab it. Good. A map. If it does any good, it looks like you're in "Beck o' the
Wills". Whatever. I'd say you need to go to the north-west.

Get across the river, but don't be seen. Forget about the bridge for now. If you
swim up the mouth of the waterfall you'll find a few water arrows. Once you're
over take out the guard who walks about the bridge. He's got a purse that should
be worth something

There's a building to the north. Go inside and see two ghosts, a pagan and a
mechanist woman, talking about something. There's another guard who wanders
behind the house. Take her out before she causes trouble.

From the trail of blood it looks like our quarry went south over the bridge.
Cross on over. From here the trail leads east past a garden (check out the
scarecrow!) Another ghost pops up who talks about "the gathering place".
According your map, that's someplace northeast.

There's a guard past the house on the south side. You'll need to get rid of him.
Look behind the vines back there. There's a ruby rock. Take it, then go inside
the house. Be careful going in - there's a guard inside. You can sneak inside
while his back is turned.

If you go to the go to the east side of the house you'll find a scroll talking
about "the woodsie lord and ruby eyes". Probably wouldn't be a good idea to tell
them you're the one who destroyed their god... Go upstairs for a speed potion
a noisemaker arrow and a speed potion.

Keep going east for now. There's another ghost here talking about "the gathering
place". It seems that some of the pagans escaped. Off to the east is some woman
walking around, looking like the same one who you saw as a ghost. Well, let's
if you can blackjack her. After all, the trail of blood goes that way.

Go over the north bridge. Yup, more blood. This guy bleeds like a stuck pig. Up
in the trees past the bridge are some platforms up in the trees, and a guard
walking back and forth. There's another guard past him you'll have to worry
about. Take out the guards.

Circle west until you're in front of the house there. Look across the river.
What's that red rock? Grab it, and you've got another ruby stone. I wonder if
this is part of that riddle?

Go north, and find a probem. Two guards, and one of them wearing some sort of
head gear. You can't blackjack him. Well, take out the one you can, then sneak
the west. Don't let golden head see you. Put the rubies into the masks "eyes",
then jump into the mouth when it turns red. What fun!

You're in a nice red room. Check the ground - there's still blood going west.
Follow it. It turns south. What's that noise? You'll have to go west a little.

Great. Plant eyes. Well, they don't seem to mind you. Just go on by. Take the
water arrows in the pools. The trail leads south into a pass with rats.

You've heard of pitcher plants? Same idea. Just don't jump inside, and you
be fine. There's something on the other side of the path. don't worry about that
yet - the trail leads west. Keep following the trail up.

When you come to the fork, take the south path. It goes into the rock on the
east. There's a sasquatch down here who needs to be taught a lesson about
about. Follow the trail up and to the south.

It takes off to the east suddenly. Keep going. Listen sharp, there's something
another sasquatch here. The blood goes west.

There the trail goes to the west. There's three of those sasquatch things
around up here - two before an exit, another wandering. take out the wanderer
first. Take out the torches and get by the brutes.

Cross the funky bridge. There's the letter, and more blood. Listen to the
brutes, and say out of the wisps way. Take out the torch and sneak by, keep
south, then west.

You'll find a tree with a staircase inside. Go on up! Just beware the sasquatch.
There's a speed potion in the northern room. Then start going east.

You'll pick up the trail of blood, and hear to sasquatches talking. And they're
right in your way. You want to get towards the south of the tree. At this point,
I'd use a good speed potion. Run through the tree until you get to some icicles.

The trail of blood leads west. Keep after, and you'll find him. Oh, and an old

Mission 10: Life of the Party

Party like it's 1699.

Now that you and Viktoria are working together, Garrett has a new mission.
is throwing a ball at Angelwatch, the Mechanist tower. All that Viktoria can
out is that he's working on something called the Cetus Project. So Garrett gets
to find out what it is, and in the process, make a little money. The goal: find
out about the Cetus Project, read some of the "new scriptures" that Karras is
working on, steal 1550 in gold, and get out in one piece. As always, no deaths.

Now, you'll notice that you could buy two tips. Save your cash, thief. Here's
what it says:

Equipment tip:

Mr. Garrett,
I apologize for my inability to serve your particular needs, but at this time I
simply lack the supplies you require. But I do know where a man of your
particular...skills...might acquire a few useful tools. Castle Carlysle in
Dayport has a well-stocked armory, complete with the finest arrows and
explosives. Getting into the armory may be difficult, though. Rumor has it that
Carslysle has installed a new security door, and the thing is immune to
everything from lockpicking to battering rams. Still, a man of your reputation
should be able to circumvent such challenges, no?

-- Rudyard

Loot tip:

Got some news for ya. A guy named Valencia just entered Dayport, and he's only
there for a couple of days. He's some kinda diamond exporter...deals with rough
stones. Well, while he's in own, he's storing a pouch of uncut diamonds at the
Dayport Trader's Bank. Security there is supposed to be pretty loose -- hell,
place is on the top floor of one of them marble buildings, so they must not
expect any company, if you know what I mean. Should be fairly straightforward,
you take the 'thieves' highway.'


You start off in a belltower. You can't move on the streets, just the roof. If
you check the tips, there's some good stuff in the dayport area. Let's start
heading to the north. Right to the north is an open window. And a sleeping man.
Go on in, steal some stuff, then head east.

There's another open window in the far east building. Just watch out for the
guard down below who will actually come up to this room if he hears you. Get
the room and up the stairs, then out the east window. Check out the two guards
talking about their masters (sounds like somebody's having an affair...) If you
wait long enough, they'll stat killing each other off. Cool. Horribly enough,
survivors go looking for you. Now that's not fair.

Get to the east close to the tower that the guards were fighting at. By your map
you should be at Master Willey's manor. If you get to the guard tower after any
survivors calm down, you should be able to knock them out and remove a source of
irritation. There's a window to your east you can open. Go on ahead. Ah, deep
carpet. Go through the opposite window (after taking that's inside, following
this guide should bring you to 200).

Jump to the east railing on the other building, then you can jump onto the west
building. Below is a guard walking about, so keep quiet. Get up the stairs to
grab what you want. If you look to the east there's another guard. Just watch
for the metal planks.

You should be able to sneak up and take out the guard. Nice dark corner for you.
When you get north, you'll find two guards in the next "castle". Sneak over when
they come by, then knock them out one by one. One of the guards has a key that
you might want. You should find yourself on the Fieldstone Estate. On the
side is a door, and you can hear a guard behind it. Unlock the door, and when he
comes in and out, grab the vase. On the next pass, knock him out. Past him is a
room with some cash. That should bring you to 350.

Amateurs. Check out the two thiefs, gabbing away to everybody can hear them.
Check this out - using one of those frogbeast eggs doesn't could for you killing
people. How convenient. I found I could knock out the closest one, then use the
frog beast on the other. Get inside the room, and take what you can. There's a
chest in there you can't pick. Time your movements, and when you can, take out
the guard and go downstairs.

If you go all the way downstairs and out the east door, you'll find a ladder
leading back up. You'll find yourself close to the necromancer's spire, and an
open window. Go on inside, he won't mind. Go up the floating circle. You could
read the book, but I think it's in Latin or something. Of course, if you do read
it, a couple of zombies appear. I'd leave the book alone.

Go through the east window on the upper necromancer floor to the next building
rail. There's a guard walking about to the north. Take him out, and you'll find
yourself around Sir Cullen's keep. There's another guard inside. Time his
movements, and you can take him out. Beyond him is a room with a baby's crib and
a little pot. Even better, there's an open window you can use.

Below you is a man under a window counting some money. Get to the window at the
northeast corner to get inside. You should find yourself close to the Dayport
Trader's Bank. Get to the northern window, and onto the other railing. There's
another open window on the far side. There's another guard inside. Take his key,
and you'll be inside the Dayport Traders Bank.

Use the guard's key on the supervisor's door to the south. Inside is another key
(useless) and a metal plate you can pick. Behind it is a lever. Pull it. Now
the northern door and you'll see an open safe. Ah, a bag of diamonds. Taking
everything you see should raise your income to over 950.

Now check this out. The guard with his back to you out the east door? The guard
in the next building won't notice you taking him out. Now, go back out the back
window. Remember that guy counting money? There's an open window in the open
building just south of you. Just watch out for the guard right inside. Then go
the western room and get Mr. Moneybags. You should be above 1050. Just 500 to

Use a vine arrow and get back up the building with the skylights. See those
hanging tapestries? Yup. You get to tightrope on them. It's not as hard as it
looks. You should find yourself close to Castle Carlysle, where some goods are.
You should be able to slid down the greenhouse glass. From there you can use a
vine arrow to get into that open window. Just stay out of the guard's way.
There's a door to your south you can't pick open, so go through the same door
guard was using.

In the next room read the parchment. Now, it says that the owners have access to
the armory. Hm. So how is a self-respecting thief to get inside? Looks like you
have to get to somebody called Mollock.

Nothing you can do now. Get back to the bank. Remember the guard looking at you?
Get up on the northern blocks. Go north. There's an open window right to the
north, or the other window to your west. Go up the west window, and you'll find
an interesting note from the keepers. Meddlesome pricks.

Well, you should be inside Lady Louisa's suite. Let's see what's inside. Go
through the window to the north into the artroom. There's two ladies humming.
Quiet them, and take their stuff. You should be at over 1200.

Go through the north window. Well, there it is, Angelwatch Tower. How how to get
in. Get on top of the steamer. There's a drunk guard up ahead to your north, and
behind him is a ladder. You should be able to get rid of the guard. get up the
ladder and head towards the castle. There's another ladder to go down. Man but
that metal angel thing gives me the creeps. There's an opening under the giant
angel. Go on in.

Now that you're inside, you're going to have to find a way to the ball and
Karras's office. Go south, then west into the first fork. There's a ladder. Go
it, and you should find yourself on the third floor. Go north up another ladder
to get onto the fourth floor. There's two guards who walk about up here. You
what to do.

To the south of your position is an elevator. I'd leave it alone. It's just
asking for trouble. Instead I'd case the fourth floor, looking for goods and
guards. To your west is another little entrance, and a guard standing on a
platform. Get rid of him. That should take care of some prying eyes. To the
of the guard is a room with two chests. Lockpicking them should bring you just
under 1300.

 Further to the west is a strange thrumming noise. Generator. Too bad you can't
just turn these things off. If you go north you'll find a ramp leading down. Not
quite the way you want to go, you want to go up. Go west and listen to the folks
talking about their new "servants". Beyond them is a lady in red, and a
staircase. Once they're done talking the woman goes up the stairs. Get inside
room and take out Mr. Rich man, and take his purse. At the door to the south you
can start hearing a metal child walking.

If you open the door, you can make out a woman at the end of the bookshelves.
child appears to be stuck (and I couldn't disable it with a water arrow.) If you
take her out, you'll find a voice machine with a message of Karras, 4/6, and you
get a new objective - play all the voice machines. Looks like karras isn't there
for the party, but he left messages instead. Who is this mysterious Karras?

Go down the stairs to the south and take out the guard. Open the door to the
north. Another two guards, and past them another sound machine. Looks like
there's one on every floor. Here's message 5/6.

Go east. There's another room with a woman in red inside. I'd take her out jut
principle. To the east of her is the elevator. Leave it alone. Go north. There's
another woman in red in the room tiredly waiting, and a chest past her. You know
what I did? I just ran inside and hit her. Seems that regular folks don't have
that sight immunity guards have. Pick the chest's lock, and you're above 1400.

Go north again to another door. Another room, but nothing useful here. Head
Just a bunch of platforms. Go far to the east, then north. There's a child
running around on the floor beneath you. If you keep going north you'll find an
entrance to the third floor. May as well keep going down. There's a nobleman
walking the hall right around the big number 3, so keep out of his way.

You're on the second floor. Listen sharp to the movements of the child. Go west,
and you'll find a series of stone and a giant child. There's also a guard who
gets pissed off at seeing the fallen giant child (if you should take it out).
of the guards down here carries a key. As always, get it. If you go south,
find that some sort of generator. Let's leave it for now.

Keep going south, and you'll find the guards chambers. Hey, there's always good
stuff in here! Well, not this time. It's a useless move. Press on to the east.
There's a church here. The guard stands on the metal plate, so approach
cautiously. Listen to message #3. Check out the picture behind him - Karras?
the candlesticks, and you should be above 1500 gold.

Use a key on the locked door, and you'll find servant parts and an eye. There's
also a metal plate you can pick - that should get you above the 1550 mark. Good

Continue north and east. If you go south, you'll read a note from "Vilnia"
stating that she has the important key to the office. Hm. And that the watchers
have been turned off. That's good. Now to find her.

North is another guard barracks. All the way to the north is a storage room with
some golden cups and bottles. Get back to where you found vilna's note. There's
an access tunnel. Take it, and take it up to the fifth floor.

You can hear a servant talking once you get to the top of the stairs. There's
also a guard who likes to walk through, so keep an eye out. Looks like you're in
the kitchen. Make your way to the south end of the room. Another note from

Past the south door is a woman in red who gets worried when the door opens. Shut
her up, then move south and west. Get rid of the guard, then keep heading west.
Move through the bedrooms. In the room to the southwest is a series of gears,
a metal panel. Pick it open, and check out the book for the new scripture.

Seems that Karas is a little pissed off, and thinks the Builder is helping. Man
needs a trip to Sunnydale. There's also a naked metal kid who's pretty freaky,
but he won't hurt you. Keep moving north down the hallway.

Get back to the kitchen, and move through the north door. Watch out for another
servant and keep going north. A set of double door to the east find another
recording machine. You've found message 4 of 6. Sounds like they go to the
gallery next.

Get out and keep heading north. Read the book for some info on the guard list.
See any familiar names? Ah, well. Anyway, move west. Take out that nobleman, and
keep going west. There's a guard in front of a double door. Leave him alone for

Keep going west. There's a set of stairs going up to the sixth floor to the
north. Well, go on up. Pull the lever before going in to turn down the lights.

Ah, how cute, the child thinks he can play. Put him out. Garrett doesn't like
music. There's another music box on the south end. Fire it up. That's message
six. (Seems that you're missing one.) Hm...

Sneak around the edge and listen to - Vilnia! She's got that key you need.
Hm...so the servants can all be controlled by Karras. Interesting. Well, when
they're done, get after her. I'd take out everybody in the room (it is
then take the elevator down. You need to find a speaking box before you do
anything else.

 Go to the first floor, then get to the shadows. Take out the giant guard, then
listen to the music box. That makes all of them. Good job. All right. Now get up
to the to take out the guard before the office doors. That leaves the place
practically empty for you to go and track down Vilnia. Soon find out.

There's a key in the west room on the fifth floor that might spark your
The Carlyle armory key? I found Vilnia wandering around the stairs on the second
floor. It might take a little while, but you can find her.

Get back to the fifth floor. Open the office, and listen to the next gramophone.
Garrett? He knows I'm here? Great. Just my luck. I'm in trouble. Get to the desk
and push the button, and take what's behind the painting. Now get the hell out.
(I'd get out the same way you got in). The alarm isn't a big problem. Once
outside, head back to the bell tower.

There's a guard waiting, but she's lazy. Use a moss arrow, then take her out.
There's guards all over the place, so exercise caution. Get back to the bell
tower, and it's all over.

Mission 11: Precious Cargo

On the good ship Lollypop.

The good news is, Garrett knows a little more about the Cetus Project thanks to
some blueprints. The bad news is, Viktoria doesn't understand them. But the man
who does, Cavador, is off on an island somewhere. Since Garrett is the master of
thieving, he plans on steal the Mechanist himself.

But first he has to find him on an island, and it seems that Lotus (isn't that a
porn name?), an agent of the Pagans, has gone missing on the same island. The
task: find Lotus, kidnap Cavador, keep Cavador alive, find another scripture
know, here in Salt Lake people are trying to give you scriptures left and right,
so I don't see what Garrett's problem is), find an antique globe for a
then find an ancient pirate treasure. Is that enough for ya'?


This is another very large mission, and you keep having new objectives given to
you. Well, honest work doesn't pay, so let's get going.

Row, row, row your boat. Garrett is all washed up on the shores. There's no time
to look around. Get to the shadows - there's a guard nearby. I found the best
thing to do is run around that drilling machine and get inside. Inside the shed
are some goodies and a book to read. It lets you know that several pirates
buildings were the foundation for new mechanist facilities.

Go north. You'll soon reach a large opening. Go up the vines. There's a little
problem of that camera up there, and the guard next to him. When the camera's
turned away long enough, move up the vine as quickly as possible, grab the gas
arrow, then move back down. Jump onto the western vine (just east of the
When the camera is turned away, move quickly up the vine, then jump onto the
platform on the south, then to the east, then move south up the platforms then
get into the small hole. You'll have to use the vine to get up. If you do this
quickly enough, the camera won't spot you.

Follow the hold into a small tunnel. It leads to a lever that turns off the
camera system. Goody. Now drop down (the ground is soft, so you won't make any
noise) and take out the guard at the control panel.

Move the lever that says "gate to workshop" into the up position. Leave the
elevator alone. Instead get back up to the platform before the little tunnel,
go up the vine there. When you get high enough, you'll see a crossbow woman, and
a wandering guard. Wait until the coat is clear before moving up and into the
shadows. Now you can take them out at your leisure.

Go through the entrance in the east- this leads to the workshop (now you know
you pulled that lever). Go north, and keep an eye out for goodies. Read the note
about the pagan. Hm...

Follow the workshop until you come to the bottom of a well. There's the
lighthouse, a giant child, and guards walking about. Get out of the well and go

There's a cave entrance here. Follow it, and you'll come to a shed with a guard
in front. Don't worry about the torches - if you hug the cliff walls, you can
keep out of site. Get to the north side of the shed, then climb up. Take care of
that aching joint problem the guard is complaining about.

Open the door to the south. Just make sure you're out of the way in case old
pants sees you. When the giant child has his back to you, take him out with a
couple of water arrows.

So far, so good. Now move south. There's a guard on that metal platform over
there. Wait until her back is turned, then go through the door and take out the
torches. If you move next to the lighthouse entrance, and wait long enough, a
guard will come by. Take them out. It might take a little while, so be patient.
If it starts taking too long, go after him. Sometimes he gets caught on the
stairs inside. (Stupid pud). When this happens, try to lure him out by making
some noise, or just reload a saved game.

Move counter-clockwise through the lighthouse until you come to some stairs. Go
on up! Get silent when you get near the top. Go up the ladder, steal the guard's
key, then go back down. (Or take him out if you like).

Leave the lighthouse and go towards the south where you saw that guard up on
their platform. Carefully get behind them (use a gas arrow if necessary) and
them out. Grab their stuff, then go to that interesting looking building to the
east of the platform. Just watch out for the guard who likes to go through the
western lighthouse door.

Unlock the door with the cold storage key. Looks like there's somebody inside.
Let's go talk to them. Objective 1 complete: Find Lotus. Grab this carrot next
him (its really a wheel spoke). He talks about the Cetus Amicus, then begs for
death. Kill him if you want to. Otherwise leave.

All right, we have a "key". But before we can use it, we'll have to find
the "antique navigation globe from the old house". Go north back to the house

There's a room to your east with several water arrows. Grab them. Take out the
torch in the next room. Listen to the guards talk. When they're done, take them

Get to the west end of the hallway. There's a hard to see door in the ceiling.
Fire a vine arrow up. Be careful, there's a guard up there trying to rest. Take
care of him, then go through the eastern door. Read the scroll, then pull the
lever on the floor. This trips a secret, but you have to do this.

Go back to the second floor and into the small room to the east. A panel will be
open. Inside are some goodies and the globe.Objective met.

Now to the next phase. Get to the lighthouse, where Garrett observes that
the "wheel is missing a peg". Insert your peg into the wheel (no dirty minds,
please), then give it a twist. Ah! We're going down!

Good thing nobody noticed. Or will that camera see you? Get to the shadows,

Read the note on the wall about some new mats. Um, whatever. Now stay out of the
cameras way and take out that guard. Pull the lever, and get this new objective:

Board the Cetus Amicus, find and read the captain's log to find more information
about the mechanists' operation.
All righty then. Go through that open window and into the water. Wasn't that
There's a hatch under the submarine on the south end (we all live in a yellow
submarine... oh, nevermind.) Get inside and into the dark.

Don't play with the buttons - they don't do anything useful for you. Move north
through the sub. Open the hatch and read the book. Hm. Interesting stuff. Note
the part about rust gas in cargo locker 3 (if move from main cargo storage).
looks like there's other goodies too.

Odds are the guards have heard you, and are looking around the ship. If they
have, just keep to the dark spot inside this cargo room. To the north are two
more guards talking about the good old days. Whatever. Leave them alone and go
the ladder.

Go south. There's a guard wandering about, so be cautious. When you're between
airlocks, push the button and get inside the hole. When he goes by, take him
(Just don't miss and hit the airlock instead).

Keep going south. There's a useless janitor's closet, then a hallway with three
doors. In the room to the east is a red book - the captain's log (stardate 1699)

There's a note that the key to locker 5 was dropped beneath the flooring in
subaquatic outpost 1. Remember that. Something bout the KD site is mentioned
whatever that is.

Time to go. We know that cavador isn't here, so you'll have to follow your new

When you've done everythig else, stow away in the Cetus Amicus in cargo locker
It's time to hitch a ride and see what Cavador is up to.
Steal a sample of the rust gas to bring back to victoria.
Find the missing key to cargo locker 5.
Oh, is that all? Exit the submarine the way you came in.

Go west. There's a camera and a guard walking about. Swim under the bridge to
past the camera. Get up on the south side and put out the torch. Then go to the
north, get out of the water, and hide in the shadows until the guard comes by.
Now you can take him out.

Now go back to the south and open the door. Go up the stairs and through the
door. Put out the next room's torch, then move north. Take out the guard. Grab
all the keys.

You can head back to the sub if you want, and use the keys to open up the cargo
bins and get supplies. Otherwise, head north. Go under the bridge all the way
north. There's a guard here. Get out of the water behind him and take him out.
And get his key.

Go north into the shed. You'll find a sample of rust gas in here. Go back south
under the water. Go back to the south building and go down the steps. There's a
tunnel going south, and a hole to the water. Go south, but watch out for the
guard around the corner to the east. Sneak past him very carefully, then use a
flash bomb or one of those gas arrows you've been saving on him. Just be careful
his friends don't here you.

All right, now you're in subaquatic post 2. You need to get to 1 to find that
key. Pull the lever to open the door, then take out the next guard.

Watch out for the giant child. Take it out with another two water arrows if you
want. You can't open up the air lock here, so go to the east.

There's a small child in the west tunnel. Ignore him for now. go north and take
out the other guard. Further to the north is the light tower. Go back to the
small child. Take him out, then pull the lever marked 1. Now airlock 1 is open.

Don't go into airlock 1 just yet. To the south of your position is a small
leading into the water. Go down into here. Come up out of the water for some
Go all the way south and come up inside a small shed. There's a book there. Hm.
The pirates cove.

Go back into the water. There's an opening under the large building there you
use to get inside. Go up, get a breath, then go back down.

To the south is a tunnel covered in weeds. Follow it all the way through and
you'll find the remains of a building. Read the note on the skeleton's back.
the double doors and go into the water. Get the treasure, then get out before
pirate ghost gets you.

Somewhere down here is suppose to be that key. Remember where that hole under
station 1 is? Go up, then hide in the shadows. Take out the first guard as he
goes by.

Get past the camera up the stairs. If you move quickly, you can get by and into
the shadows before it trips the alarm. Go east and down the ladder. There's a
guard down here with his back to you. Take him out, and flip the lever to turn
off the camera.

Go down the hallway to the south. There's another guard who patrols around here.
Take him out when he goes by, then west and south into a locker room. Read the
note if you want, then clean out the lockers.

Jump down the hole in the corner of the lockers. There's the key! Objective
complete. That just leaves that book of scripture.

Get to the top of the building. From up here you'll see three guards - two
standing, one wandering. Take out the wanderer from your position. The standers
shouldn't notice.

Get under the water and back into the southern shack. Take out all the torches,
then open the west door. When the guard goes by, knock him out. That should just
leave the two on top. get rid of them, too.

Go west. Jump into the water, and follow the trail south (take a stop in the
western room for a breath). Read the book you find, then get out of there as
quick as you can. Objective complete!

Get back to the sub. Open the other cargo containers with your keys, then open
#5 and get inside.

Mission 12: Kidnap

After the one armed...Er, the mechanist Cavador

You're back in - the Lost City! (For those of you who played Thief I). Your
objective is still the same. Find Cavador, and get him out of the city back to
Viktoria. And while your at it, find another scripture. It might come in handy.
You'll carry anything unused from the last mission. In my case, I had 3 gas
arrows, which made the difference. Here, flash bomes, flash mines, gas mines and
arrows become your best friends. This is the most offensive mission you'll play
(meaning you'll be on the attack, not that Garrett keeps farting.)

Step by Step.

Listen to the talking guards. Cavador is walking about the city, and there's a
scroll that tells where he's going.

New Objective: Since you've been to the Lost City before, you know there's
another route out. Use it to leave.
Fine and dandy, but first you're going to have to find Cavador. There's a scroll
that says where he likes to go. Let's find it. Move north (hug the eastern wall
to prevent being seen by the guards.)

All right, you're inside. Move west down the hallway, but don't make too much
noise. There's a giant child and a couple of guards down this way. Read the note
on the wall, where it says that the "camp steward" has his schedule, and
that "green lights" tell when Cavador has been (or is) somewhere. You don't have
much time- when all the lights are lit, cavador returns to his room, and locks
the door.

Turn to the north and hang in the shadows. Get to the east rooms and start
opening chests. When you've got all the chests, go upstairs. I recommend using
the easternmost stairs first.

There's two guards up here. Take them out one at a time. Go west, then north
the boilers. There's a small child down below. Jump down, open the chest, and
grab the sheet of paper. Then get to a shadow. Sadly, the paper is useless. But
you should now have a noisemaker arrow.

Go east, turning out the lights. Go south and then west. In the western room is
switch above "KD site" flip it, then read the scroll on the table. It's
note. He's going to site 6, then 2, then 3, then 6, then 1, then 4, then 8. Now
you know the schedule, but you don't know what those places mean.

Go back upstairs, and down the eastern hallway. Use the key you found and get
some goodies. There's nothing at the west end, so get back to the entrance.

Go to the western end and get out. Move west and south through the tunnel. Looks
like you're suppose to let the camp steward know you're coming here. Well, tell
him later. Go west and north up the bridge. There's two guards talking about
killing off burricks. Well, that's something you don't have to worry about.
Cavador wears a mask - that means that he's immune to gas arrows. They wander
in search of more burricks.

Got your list? I assumed that I'd make it to site 6 before him. That's to the
west. (Look at the signs...)

Take out the guard around the western corner. There's another guard coming from
the east. Flash grenade him, then hide his body. Move quickly - Cavador is
from the town center. Here's what I did:

I threw a gas mine in their way, then readied a flash grenade. When the gas mine
took out Cavador's lackeys, the grenade made him an easy target. Just be
if cavador takes off running, it's pretty much over (man, he can run!)

Cavador's got a key on him. Take it, them him (mind out of the gutter). Time to
check your map. The exit route is east of your position and to the north. Hide
him in a safe place to scout ahead. East then north.

At this point, i had 3 gas arrows, and 5 flash bombs. Time to use them.

There's a camera to the north. Get up on top of the western building overlooking
the guards. I'm tired of sneaking. Let's blow stuff up. Shoot the cameras with a
fire arrow, then ready a gas arrow. If you stay in the close shadows, you can
away with this. Take out all the guards this way.

There. Now the way is clear. Mostly. There may be other guards who come by. Keep
those flash grenades ready for a little bit.

Get into site 9 with Cavador. Now, here's a cute trick. Pick up the fire arrows
you used on the cameras. Save the game. Restore. Now they work again! (Otherwise
they tend to just make pretty lights.) Take out the camera in area 9. Drop off
Cavador's body here. You need to find some scriptures.

Go back to the main courtyard, then start going toward site 6. Isn't it strange
there's no site 5 on the signs? Well, it's right before 6. Go inside (take out
the camera) then open the double doors behind it with the key Cavador had on
(there's even a sign that says it's Cavadors place).

Another camera. You can't just take this one out because there are guards
If you run past the camera into the next room to the south, then down the
the camera shouldn't put out an alarm. Take out the guard when he walks by.

To the next room to the east is a book of scripture. It talks about servants and
a guiding beacon to bring the servants back to Soulforge. Hm.

Get back to section 9. Grab cavador, and get to the north. You can hear a small
child around here somewhere. There's an exit on the upper north-west side.
Freedom, and victory.

Mission 13: Casing the Joint

Looking it over
You've got Cavador, and with him you have some new pieces of information. It
seems that Karras recently made a purchase of 30 masks, and 30 cultivators,
whatever those are. Viktoria doesn't know what its all for, but needs the masks
so they can form a counter plan. Garrett of course has an idea. There's a
collector of masks named Gervasius who will probably have what they're looking
for who's about to have an exibition. Except that there doesn't seem to be any
way inside, and as Viktoria says, the secret hallway appears to be...secret. So
Garrett's going to look the place over to see what he can find.

The goals: Find and open the secret staircase entrance. Find some correspondence
between Gervasius and the Mechanists (optional). Find seven secrets, and map out
half the mansion (which means go into half of the rooms.) You're not allowed to
knock anybody out, cause any damage to any machines, or leave any trace that you
were there. Get a move on. Time's running out.

Step by Step.

We start out in the garden, close to the courtyard. Remember, nobody can see you
at all, so use high amount of patience here. I've also listed all of the secrets
here (since it is a mission objective) rather than have a separate page.

Go west. There's a guard around the western corner, and since we can't knock
anybody out, leave him alone (unless you feel like picking his pocket.) Instead,
get on top of the low ceiling of the shed and pull the lever. Now you're inside!
(Secret 1)

Past the curtain is a church. Now, if you check your map, you'll see
that "chapel" has been added. So far, so good. Through the west opening is a
small alcove with what looks like a glowing pedistool. They've got to do
something about those radioactive furniture.

You could go through the other two doors, but I have a better idea. Go back
outside. Grab one of those boxes, then sneak around the corner. If you throw it
at the west wall, the guard will head in that direction. Sneak around him to the

There's a guard up on that platform, so keep quiet. There's nothing to the west,
so leave that alone. Keep going north. Here's another guard you have to get
Pick his pocket, then hug the outer wall and keep heading north. Jump on top of
the smal wall next to the building he's behind, then climb up the buildingside.

Check out the window. Looks like a wandering guard with a gold pouch, and a
camera in the middle of the hallway. You can smash the glass without too many
probems. The guard might get a little upset, but won't press the issue. Wait
until he's gone before going inside.

Get inside. You're on the second floor now. You can hide inside those alcoves.
You need to get to that room in front of the camera without tripping it. I'd
for the guard to come back and leave before moving, just to rule out that
potential problem. Once it's clear, run into the little hallway. There's a
around the east doorframe. It opens a small panel on the northern end of the
hallway. Looks like a crawlspace. Secret 2

Take a note that there's a staircase going down to the west before going east
through the wallspace. There's another lever at the south fork, but it doesn't
register as a secret, though it does open two panels, one to the east, then to
the south. Hit the southern one first.

There's a small room here. There's nothing in the closet, but open it up to get
your mapping rating. To the west are some levers. Hm... Let's flip them. The top
two control the cameras. If you bring the bottom two down, it turns on the
turrents, which is a bad idea since the turrents tend to make you dead. So just
turn off the cameras, and leave the turrents as they are.

Let's go back to the southern hallway where you came in. There's a small
staircase with a door behind it. Go on in, then move south behind the railing.
There's a storeroom in there with candlesticks to steal.

Follow the stairs down and take everything you can (don't forget to check behind
the stairs!) Open the door to the north, and you're back on the first floor.
There's a camera to the west. You can run past it, pause, then when it calms
down, rush north into the hallway. To the east is another set of panels. Flip
them. There's another camera off. Go east into the kitchen, then into the
southern closet. On the ceiling is another switch. Secret 3. Another crawlspace
opens up.

I headed north first. At the west end of the crawlspace is another switch. You
can flip it if you like. There's that staircase to the west again if you should
need it.

To the east is another switch leading to a bathroom, but be cautious. There's a
guard who likes to come through here. You can hide inside the bathroom's toilet
to the east if you need to. Just don't make any noise, or the mission is over.

There's not much in the bathroom but some coins, so get back to the wallspace
go east. Use the next switch. This may be the first time you have to use a water
arrow. Take out the torch and keep going east. There may be a guard to the
so keep quiet.

Go to the west. There's a small room with a desk, but not much else. If you
continue to the north, find another door at the end of a hallway. It's just a
small room with two beds listed at the barracks. I didn't find anything

Get back to the place before the wallspace. Go south, and wait for the guard to
walk by before going in (just to be safe). Be cautious here. The first room you
encounter to the west may have guard behind it, and he gets mad if you open the

Go south after you go through the first door to the west down the hallway. On
map, you're west of the ballroom. There's some woman singing. Keep moving south.
If you listen to the door to the south, you can hear to people talking. A
mechanist woman is complaining about misplacing a toolbox with a clock part.
Evidently it's an important clock of some sort.

She'll walk by you. What clock was she talking about? Go through the eastern
door. The guard has his back to you, so you should be safe. By your map, you're
inside the foyer.

Go through the south door. You might want to wait a minute to pace the guards'
timing before you do this. There's 2 that walk through the foyer, north to

Hide the doorframe for a minute before going through that opening to the south.
There's a clock here who's hands you can change. Hm... I wonder if this has
something to do with the mechanist woman.

Keep going west. The first door to the south reveals another control panel. The
next room to the west has a lever on the north wall. Inside the closet is
crawlspace opening. Secret 4

To the south is an "office". Open the door back to the hallway. I'd use another
water arrow, then wait for the guard to come through before walking to the west.

Another hallway, but you've turned off the camera already. Opening the door to
the south opens an unnamed room with a fireplace. For once, there's no secret
inside the fireplce.

Going west takes you back to the chapel. We've already been here. Open the door
to the north next to the camera, and you'll be inside another storage area. Go
back up to the second floor.

It leads back up to the ballroom, but now that mechanist woman is up here. Get
the southern door, and your in a new hallway. There's a camera to your east to
worry about. Get past it, and there's a door on the south side. Open it up, head
into the closet, and pull the lever. Secret 5 By now, I had half the map figured
out, so Objective Complete

If you go through the crawlspace, there's a library at the end. Too bad you
have any holy water with all these ghosts moaning about terible secrets. Then
there's the one that looks like Adolf Hitler throwing scrolls all over the
Watch out for him. Look around the library walls for some books to read. Here's
where I found them. Where the voices are loudest is where the books are:

On the east bookshelf closets to the west wall. It seems to tell the sotry about
Lorna and Giles, two lovers.
On the west wall on the south end (middle bookshelves). It opens a passage
revealing evidence of their death. Secret 6. Once you've opened this, the ghosts
stop won't attack you.
Bookshelf just east to the last.
Right in front of the fireplace.
On the windowill on the first floor.
With that, the ghosts should be mostly silent, excet for a moan above. Get to
second floor, south-east side, and read the notes. One is the note from Karras
Gervasius. Objective complete Now there's a cultivator to get. The second is a
note from Ashton about how the two "ran away", he left for another job. We know
the truth.

We still have to find the secret staircase. Let's go back to the ballroom.
Remember, it's on the first floor. Grab the toolbox that woman is looking for on
the western side. It gets you a- cookoo? Well, whatever. Now get back up to the
second floor.

Go back to the library. Go out the door to the northwest. Use the cookoo on the
clock, then set the time to midnight. You've found the secret door, and Secret

Get back to the first floor close to the foyer. You need to get through the
to get back to the street. Launch a noise arrow to the north to get rid of the
guad. You'll have to pick the lock, so move quick.

If you want the two remaining secrets, here they are. In the tropy room (second
floor), in the closet there's a switch that opens to the dining room. How

At the stairs close to the foyer and servants quarters, there is a green piller
on the north side with a lever. There's a chest inside the base of the stairs.

Mission 14: Masks

Getting the Loot
Now that you're familiar with what you're going to run into, it's time to get
those masks. And this time, you can knock out those pesky guards. So just get
steal three of the Precurser masks, find 2800 in loot, find a cultivator, and
back into the streets.

Step by Step.

You've been here before, so let me just say: Get to the library. If you have a
problem doing this, check out the mission 13 walkthrough. The difference now is,
you can (and should) knock out the guards. Yes!

Since its raining, there aren't so many guards inside. I would still use the
to the second floor by way of hopping on the stone fence" trick. Just remember
wait until the guard goes by before smashing a window. (We lose more glass that

Move through the second floor, going through each room and grabbing what you can
as you head to the library. Since you know the secret entrances, shut down the
cameras and knock out the guards. Going strait from the second floor to the
library I found about 450 in gold.

Turn the clock by the library to 12. Go up the stairs and you'll be on the third
floor. The door is timed, so you can't wait about forever.

Enter the door to the west and go inisde. There's a child in the distance - a
part of the upgraded security, I'm sure. Follow the hallway to the west.

Take out the child, then the guard. Head through the north door when you don't
hear a guard. Looks like some sort of...um, room. There's also a wandering
When he gets close enough, well, you know the drill.

Read the signs on the wall. There's several of these strange devices. Pick the
locks, then turn them off. here's the deal: you can only turn off one light at a
time. Each light correspondes to a different part of the building, and let's you
steal the masks without getting gassed.

There's a servant in the next room. Knock them out, then return to the room you
were just in. When the coast is clear, open the door to the north and then put
out the light. Once again, take out the child, then the guard.

Continue down the hallway. Pick the lock on the northern door. Step to the end
the rug and lean forward. Now you can grab the masks. By now, you've got 655,
those aren't the masks you want.

You can't go to the west. Too many cameras and too little places to hide. Go
to the light and locks room. To the west there are two doors. Pick the one to
north. Grab the fire arrow from the fireplace.

Go up the stairs and grab the glasses and read the red book. Looks like Bafford
was selling fake paintings... Now go back and go through the south door. Get the
tiara on the bed and open the chest. By now I was over 950.

Go back to the light room and to the south. There's a door to the south with
another three masks, but one of these is actually the precursor mask. This
give you over 1050. Now go west, young person, go west!

After struggling, I found a better idea. Go back to the three light room. Look
above you. See the beams? Fire a vine arrow up there and you can move about the
beams, and bypass all the security. Follow the beams north then west. Be
cautious, as the guards might hear you moving about. Going through the northern
rooms gets you 2 of the masks you need and over 1300 in gold.

Now do the same on the south side. Fun, huh? But now, you have all three masks
you need, and over 1550 in gold. All that's left is that cultivator and more

Go back alone the north beam. Get to the western end and drop down (carefully)
after putting out the lamp. Avoid the guard and child to pick the locks on the
double door.

Take out the next guard and the child, then get down and get the cultivator. Now
you just need to get your money and get out. Just run around the place- use the
walkthrough for mission 13, go from room to room, and grab what you need.
Especially check under the stairs - there's a diamond hiding down there. Then
out using the first for foyer exit. Nice job, thief. Now let's get back to
Viktoria. It's time to put an end to Karras.

Mission 15:

The end of Karras
Now Garrett and Viktoria know the plan. (Like you didn't see this coming).
Karras's servants are carrying the rust gas, and can release it on his commands.
Viktoria's plan to have Garrett sneak inside, shut down the process, and get out
sounds too risky to Garrett, and he takes off to find a better way.

Viktoria can't wait, so she goes it alone. In her failure, she provides enough
organic material to kill off everything inside. If Garrett can find out how to
control the servants. If Garrett can get all the servants back to Karras's place
without Karras finding out. If Garrett can stay alive.

Enough with the ifs. Time to kick ass.

Step by Step.

Karras rails against you. Hide in the shadows while he jibber-jabbers. Seems
he's called in the cavalry on you. Just remember: you're not constrained not to
kill this time. Be ready. Move very quickly to the west to the shadows before
cameras spot you.

Go north. Get up the ladder to the platform. Grab the frog egg. Keep heading
north. When you get far enough, along come some children. Hide and let them go
by. Keep going north, then to the east towards the factory plans room.

There's an entrance to the north, and past it, another child. Try not to waste
arrows here. Watch out for the servant guards. Seems that Karras doesn't even
trust his followers unless they've become mechanized. There's a camera to the
west. Not a good thing.

When the giant child goes by, run past to the room on the east and into the
If you're quick, you won't be spotted. Then get to the east wall. The sign reads
storage room 1 here. Pick the lock. Lots of jugs here. I didn't think karras was
a drinking man. He must like his unleaded. Take everything, no matter how

Now get to the north room. Repeat the process. Now comes the first real
challenge. Move north. There's some new little guys to the north, short spider
things. Their fire is harder to put out since you have to get the arrow on top.
Best to try and enter the room on the east side when their back is turned.

Pick open the door marked "plans room". Let's figure out how Karras makes his
stuff. Be cautious, for there's another guard servant in here. I would actually
recommend sneaking to the north to put them out.

On the round desk are three objects. A key, blueprints for how to make a guiding
beacon, and a scroll that talkss about how to use the signal towers. It says you
need to shift over 7 of the signals to B when you make your signal beacon.

Time to make a beacon. You've already grabbed everything from storage room 1 and
2. According to the instructions, you have to get to factory bay C. If you check
your map, you'll find that's to the south. Well, go on back. Make sure our
friends aren't about, then go south.

Get past our old friends the giant child and the camera. So far you haven't had
to use any water arrows. You may spot another guard servant about. Keep making
your way to factory C.

Take the elevator up to factory C. There's a spider child up here. It will take
two water arrows directly on top to take this one out if you need to.

By your notes, you need to find the bellowing machine. It's on the east side.
need to stick in a signal bolt. Just drop it in the hold on top of the machine.
Out comes the piece you need.

Now, you have to go to factory bay A. It's furthest to the south, where you
started at. It's also where there are two giant children running about. I found
the best bet was to get close the wall, and as the east-west child turns his
back, get his back. Then you an get the north-south child. I left the
child alone. He was under enough stress. The rolling machine is on the east
This time, you put the stuff in the top, then place a steel plate into the shoot
on one side, and press a button. When it comes out, you've got your stage 2

The instructions say that you need to go to make a Regulating Round, and those
instructions are on separate blueprints. Except, you don't have them! Well, you
have to get to factory D anyway, so let's go that way.

It does't show up on the map, but factory D is on the other side of the plans
room. You'll have to go back to the south into the room with the two plates on
(the one that says "plans room and factory D). It snakes around to the west and

Here's problem: a giant child who doesn't move. I fired a fire arrow at the
closest one. If you do it while hidden, one is all you need. That brings the
other guy running in. Stay in the dark. When he comes by, fire two water arrows
down its gullet.

I ignored the smaller guys for now. There is another giant child to the
northeast, around the pool. Here's what i did to take him out:

Get up the ramp on the side, get on top of the boiler machine. the little guys
might get pissed, but you want the big guy. When they leave his cave, throw a
mine into it, then get his attention. Once he comes out, he steps on the mine,
and that's it for him. Sometimes just throwing the mine will do it.

Now, you need that regulating round. I never did find the instructions, so I
cheated (bonus points if you find those instructions!) By reading the
Drop a gauge and bantom node into the linking machine.

Look up and to the north. See that rusty grate? Fire a vine arrow against it and
climb up to that platform. Go through (and grab the convienient key) and go
through, then move south. Turn on the linking machine. Out pops a hoop.

Now move to the sealing machine and put in the stage2 piece and the regulating
round. Get back up to the platform and throw the switch. Out comes stage 3

Now to find factory E. It's time to take out that giant child and camera you
walking around. (Wish I had known that in the first place.) Get the giant with
the water arrows, then the camera with a fire arrow. This might cause some
to get pissed off. Otherwise, go through and to the south.

Well, here we are. Factory E. Plenty of little kids and two cameras. The problem
camera is the one on the south. Take it out with your last fire arrow (there
the cavalry). Now run to the west and into the shadows. Read the books there.

Put piece 3 into the left bin, throw the lever - and there you've got it, your
very own guidng beacon. Objective complete. Now it's time to use it.

Now to the signal room. Go back to the plans room area. You're looking for the
place called the N Apse. Go north past the plans room. Watch out for the spider
guys. There's an elevator on the northern hallway on the east side. Go up.

Once you get to the top, take the elevator down and keep moving forward so
you "fall" into the hole. Jump onto the eastern platform. Go up the ladder. Fire
a vine arrow at that rust metal grate. Get up, and to the south platform. Go up
the next ladder and jump onto the platform. Don't go all the way up, or you'll
hit the lamp and fall straight down. (That hurts). Go up and into the small
It leads to another ledge. Jump acros to the east. Put the beacon in slot b.
Objective complete. Flip the switch to raise the gates. Now to the towers.

To the north of the guiding device is a door to the first tower. Open up! Flip
the switch to B. (Tower 1). Get back down the elevator.

Go north within the north apse. There's a pair of double doors to the east.
There's also a giant child. If you can spare the arrows, get rid of him. I left
him alone, instead timing it so that when he was away I was picking the double
doors. It took a couple of runs back and forth, but it is possible.

It's very dark in here. Flip the switch and head west. There's a couple of gas
arrows in the plant. Then turn off the light and head east. Open the toolbox,
then keep moving east.

To the south is another stationary child with next to the entrance. I was able
sneak up close to him by hugging the west wall. Then I took him out with two
water arrows. Go up the elevator, and through the door to the tower. Go up the
elevator and flip the next switch. That's two.

Go back to the room you were just in, and down the stairs in the center of the
room. Go back to the west and go down the stairs. There's two guards, a giant
child, and a small child. There's an elevator on the east side. Get over there
and down. It leads to some sort of experimental lab. Go along the south end and
you'll see a window with a face and a guard. And a sign pointing up to another
antennae. Flip the switch at the end of the hall and then open the box. Ah, nice
and dark. Go to the north hallway. Get past the camera, and down to take out the
servant. Just don't make any noise, or they'll turn back on the lights (the
bastard.) Go west, up the stairs, and then up the elevator. Turn the next tower.
That's three.

Retrace your steps. There's a door to the north with two ladders, one going up,
the other going down. take the down arrow for water arrows (thank you!) follow
the tunnel, where it leads to an underwater cavern. follow it to a large red
switch. I don't know what it does.

Go back up. Follow the northern tunnel to an elevator. Open the box, and go
You've got enough water arrows. Let's take out the giant child, then the
servants. Now go on up and turn the next tower. That's four.

Get back to the dark room you were in. Go east. be careful getting past the
camera. There's two paths, one to the north west, the other to the north east. I
went east.

This is nasty. Three rows, with three giant children, two rooms for a total of
six kids. Don't waste the arrows. Move between the rows, and take out only the
middle children. I'd like to say there's a better way, but there isn't, unless
you figure out how to use the platforms above. I tried, but it just made too
noise. Flip the middle switches, and get through the grate up to the next
antennae. That's five.

Now go to the western entrance. I took out the giant child with frog eggs. Grab
the other frog eggs under the vines. Go north through the spider filled chapel
into the turrent production room.

This is ugly, but it works. Go north through the spider chapel and flip the
switch to the turrent room. When you're in, sprint east into the room there. Now
sprint west over the rails. Grab the fire arrows and mine. Sprint east again on
the south rail. Go down the first ladder, and south through the small hole. When
you get to the end, lean to the right to flip the switch.

Now, get out the way you came, all the way back past the spider chapel to the
three ladders going up pipes. Go up the middle pipe, then north, then east. Look
for a opening back to the turrea room.

Jump down, use a slow fall potion, and get to the elevator. Switch (6), get
I had an invisibility potion left, so i used that to get out. Otherwise frog

Get back to the pipe and ladder room. Pick open the double doors. Ignore golden
boy and go ahead into the shadows.

Two cameras up top. Go up the ladder on the east wall. I had two fire arrows
left, so I just blew up the remaining cameras. Get across and flip the two
switches. A door opens on the north end of the floor. get back down and through
it. There's an invisibility potion in there. You'll probably need it.

Go back to the ladder room and go south. Get past the barracks (and the camera),
then look south. I took out the child with my last two water arrows, then got
guard. Go west and you'll see a room with a camera on top. There's a series of
lights that turn on and off. Time it, and run through.

Move past the giant crushing device. It hurts if you get caught, trust me. Then
get up the small ladder, and time the furnace. Climb up the ladder and down the
slide. Go west around the corner, and up to the antenae. That's 7. Time get out.

You have to get back to bay A. use whatever method you have to, but get there.
Itook out the last child running around, then moved to the doubled doors. Open
them, say one last goodbye to Viktoria, and go. Leave karras to his own end.

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