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Читы для Thief 2: The Metal Age

Чит-файл для Thief 2: The Metal Age

Thief 2:
The Metal Age

в России известна как

Thief 2:
Эпоха металла

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Thief 2: Эпоха металла
Разработчик:Looking Glass Studios
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 23 марта 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Action / 3D / 1st Person / Stealth
Похожие игры:Thief: The Dark Project

Даты выхода игры

вышла 24 мая 2007 г.
вышла в марте 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
Thief II: The Metal Age (v1.18)

            FAQ Companion Guide v1.0 by Taffer (taffer@sprint.ca)

                                 May 19, 2000

"It is not a question about what the Law is, but rather what it is not. The Law
is neither noble, nor an end in itself. It is not for the weak-minded or the
squeamish. The Law is simply a means for those who control it, namely me, to
acquire that which I want. One with your wealth and connections, who is prepared
to sacrifice to have a troubling problem resolved, need only describe to me in
detail the favor you are requesting."
     -- Gorman Truart, correspondence

"The Master Builder came unto us. He built for us a new house, and the house was
like His house. And he gifted us with knowledge, and we learned to use Boiler
and Gear. That unto us would come His Paradise, and there would be no pain."
     -- from Mechanist Rote Texts for Novices

"Twice moons face darks us showed
 Twice thems jackals singsie
 Thrice Him harvest failsy blights
 Thrice we weeps and chillsing..."
     -- Unattributed, Ink on Parchment

"Our focus shifted to those who presented two faces: one manifest yet false, the
other hidden yet true. To interfere directly would bring ruin, still, the glyph
warnings were absolute."
     -- Keepers Annals

"He poured his children's eyes from glass and from steel wrought their hands
that none could escape his judgement."
     -- The New Scripture of the Master Builder

Table of Contents
Section 1: The Latest From Taffer
Section 2: Opening Notes Regarding This Guide
   2.1: Reading This Guide
      2.1.1: What This Guide Contains
      2.1.2: What This Guide Doesn't Contain
   2.2: Contacting the Author
      2.2.1: Contact Through Email
      2.2.2: Contact Through ICQ Unauthorized Adding on ICQ
      2.2.3: Thief II FAQ Mailing Lists Bounced Emails
Section 3: Running Interference (Mission 1)
   3.1: Garrett's Words
   3.2: Conversations
   3.3: Written Material
Section 4: Disclaimer
Section 5: Endnotes and Copyright Notice

Section 1: The Latest From Taffer
You're probably wondering just what the heck this is. Well, it's a sort of
"Companion Guide" to Thief II. Basically what I've done (and will try to
continue to do) is to document here the text of every document, scroll,
parchment, plaque, letter, report, announcement and palimpsest that I have been
able to find in the game. (I'm also attempting to include conversations of note,
but I'm undecided if this will continue or not.)

The idea for this came at a point while I was doing the Thief Gold FAQ, but not
until late in the game (sometime after I had finished "The Lost City"), and
despite my desire to do it there as well, I did not relish the prospect of going
through all those missions again to find everything a third (sometimes fourth or
even fifth!) time, particularly the undead missions.

I may still go back and do it, although it would be a very slow process, since
it would be done while I was also doing the Thief II FAQ. If there is anyone
else who wishes to undertake this monumental task, they are more than welcome to
do so in my stead.

Since I am doing this Companion Guide as I do the FAQ for Thief II, I will
attempt to make the version number for each document identical. I will keep
updating the Thief II FAQ version number as I normally do, and simply copy that
version number here.

Please note that this is a COMPANION GUIDE only. It is not required to either
play the game, nor to use the FAQ I am writing. It's simply just a "bonus

As always, despite my attempts to be as thorough as possible, something is bound
to get by me every now and then. If there's anything missing from this guide
that you know of, please let me know about it, and I'll do my best to see it
gets included.

Please write in and let me know how you like this Companion Guide. If I get
enough of a favourable response, I just may continue doing it! :)

On June 30th, I am getting a cable connection to the Internet, so the email
address I am currently using will not be functioning anymore. I don't have a new
one to give out yet, as some taffer has used my email name on the server I'm
joining. :( While I may not be able to use "taffer", I will try to use something
similar...like taffer_one, or taffer!, or something like that.

Section 2: Opening Notes Regarding This Guide
This guide does not cover the entire game at the moment. It only covers the
first mission, "Running Interference". Other missions will be added every now
and then, at irregular intervals.

This Companion Guide is based on the PC version of the game. Does another
version exist? I don't know.

2.1: Reading This Guide
I have had a few people email me saying that they had trouble reading the Thief
Gold FAQ through certain programs (such as Internet Explorer). They say they
can't read it through their standard viewing programs, as the lines run off the
screen. This has so far only come from people who are on my mailing list.

When I type up the guide, I use the WordPad program which came with Windows 98.
I have the View/Options set to "Wrap to ruler". Then I type merrily away,
without having to worry about hitting the "Enter" key. Unfortunately, when the
document is later viewed in certain other programs, it prints the entire line of
text until the end, sometimes continuing off the screen (as described above).

If you are having this problem viewing the guide, then I suggest you do one of
two things:

1) Use WordPad to view it, with the View/Options set to "Wrap to
2) Go to www.gamefaqs.com and download the guide from there.

Apparently (and I don't know how), when the webmaster puts the guide up on his
site, this problem of lines not wrapping disappears.

I'm afraid that's all I can suggest at this time.

2.1.1: What This Guide Contains:
This guide contains:

1) Conversations between people that are (basically) one-time "trigger events"
(example: the two guards in mission one (Running Interference) when Garrett
extinguishes a nearby torch),
2) Anything "written" found in the game, that you need to "use" in order to
3) Anything Garrett says.

2.1.2: What This Guide Doesn't Contain:
This guide does NOT contain anything said by someone that is a common occurence,
such as things the guards say when they are chasing you, or looking for you. It
also does not contain anything written that you can read without using, such as
(for example) writing on the side of a crate, or the words on a wanted poster.
(I don't know if such things exist in the game...I'm just giving examples of
what won't be included.)

NOTE: If something is relevent to the mission, and not just put in for
atmosphere, then I will probably include it, even if it is something that I
normally wouldn't.

2.2: Contacting the Author
You can contact me either through email, or through ICQ.

2.2.1 Contact Through Email
My email address is: taffer@sprint.ca

Please note...I am going to be getting a cable connection for the Internet. When
I do, the above email address will cease to exist. This is PLANNED to occur on
June 30th. I will try to let you know what the new email address will be before

I do read all your emails, and I try to reply to every one of them. Sometimes I
am unable to reply, simply due to the great number I receive, time constraints,
and any number of other reasons. However, any questions sent to me that are
already answered in this guide will be ignored.

There is a very simply reason why I ignore these emails. I don't read them.
These missions are not included in the guide yet because I have not PLAYED them
yet. And a lot of the emails I used to get like this would say things like "How
do I do X on Mission Y? I've done A, B, C and D, and found that J and K are
hidden here, but X is still eluding me!" Congratulations, you've just ruined
some surprises for me on that mission. Because of this, I now delete a message
as soon as I see it is heading in that direction.

I hate having something ruined for me...I like playing the game and finding
things out for myself. So do not waste your time or mine by sending in questions
for missions not yet covered...they will not even be read.

2.2.2 Contact Through ICQ
If you want to contact me through ICQ (all single ladies welcome! ), my ICQ
number is: 19232955. My handle is "Taffer".

Note that the same rules for email apply to ICQ as well. Also, if you have a
lengthy amount of information to send me, I would appreciate it if you would do
so using email.

Please Note: I do not use the "Chat" mode on ICQ. I only use the messaging
feature. My ICQ settings are currently set up to automatically decline any chat
requests. Unauthorized Adding on ICQ
This refers to people who add me to their contact list using some sort of a hack
or crack program, without receiving my authorization first.

WARNING! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT add me to your contact list WITHOUT receiving
my authorization first! Several people appear to think it's a real laugh to do
this. Well, the first time someone did that to me, they erased my hard drive. So
consider this your first and only warning: Do NOT add me in this
manner...request authorization like everyone else. ANYONE who adds me without
requesting my authorization will IMMEDIATELY get placed on my ignore list. I
will not even bother reading any messages that person may have sent. (This may
seem harsh...but if you had had YOUR hard drive erased, I'm sure you would
understand completely.)

2.2.3: Thief II FAQ Mailing Lists
There are TWO mailing lists for those who wish to be notified of updates: a
"Zipped" list, and a "Notify" list.

Anyone who wishes to be put on a mailing list will have to tell me which one
they wish to be on. One list of people will receive a zipped email attachment of
the FAQ (the "Zipped" list). The other list of people (the "Notify" list) will
only be receiving an email stating that the FAQ has been sent up to
www.gamefaqs.com (and ONLY to www.gamefaqs.com ...anyone else posting the FAQ
does not necessarily have the most up to date version, but I always send the
latest release to the address given above!). Anyone requesting to be put on a
mailing list without stating which one will default to the "Notify" list.

Please note that this does not mean that the FAQ has been POSTED there
yet...only that I have sent it up to BE posted. There may sometimes be a delay
in the posting.

Emails will be sent out AS THE FAQ IS UPDATED AND RELEASED.

Anyone who is on a mailing list that would like to be switched over to the other
list will have to send me an email stating so. Likewise, if you want to be
removed from either mailing list, you'll need to send me an email stating so.

Anyone who is on the "Zipped" list automatically receives, at no extra cost, the
updated Thief II Companion Guide.

Anyone who was put on one of my mailing lists for my Thief Gold FAQ has
automatically been put on a similar mailing list (either "Zipped" or "Notify")
for this FAQ, unless they requested otherwise.

I have no intention, now or ever, of distributing these email addresses to
anyone, nor will they be used by me for advertising or "spamming". It is simply
to get the FAQ out to those who are waiting for it. Bounced Emails
Once when I sent out a FAQ to those on the mailing list, one of the emails
bounced back. Apparently, someone changed their email address and didn't inform
me. This is not good. I have a slow internet connection, and every email that
bounces back I have to download with the attachment. If more than one person
does it, well, that would be a long wait. Fortunately, it was only one person.

What's my point? Oh yes...from this point on, anyone who's email account bounces
back to me will be removed from the mailing list. Seems fair, since they aren't
getting the attachment anyways.

Section 3: Running Interference (Mission 1)

3.1: Garrett's Words
Upon entering the butler's quarters:

"Good thing the butler's out for the night...he left his lights on."


Upon discovering Jenivere's cell door:

"Well, that's her door. Guess Basso can open it...he's not much of a sneak, but
he can sure handle a lock!"

3.2: Conversations
Basso, start of the mission:

"I sprung the lock on the side door for you, Garrett. It's the only good way


Two guards, when Garrett douses a nearby torch:

Female: " Damn torches! Always sputtering out!"
Male: "Well don't just make taff over it! Light it up!"
Female: "I lost my tinderbox. Wh-why don't you do it?"
Male: "I ain't the one that's complaining, am I now?"
Female: "Huh!"


Basso and Jenivere, upon her rescue:

Jenivere: "Basso!"
Basso: "Shhhh! Come with me!"


Basso, upon exiting the manor with Jenivere:

"Shhh! Come with me!"

3.3: Written Material
Basement, servants quarters, scroll on bed:

"Dunya -
Sometimes I think I miss the days when "crime ruled the streets", as the Sheriff
would have it. Either way, we walk in fear -- but before, we lost at most a
purse, while now we may be shut up in irons simply for seeing the wrong thing at
the wrong time. Give me the old days back again, and a pox upon Truart and all
his thugs!"

Section 4: Disclaimer
Most of this section is taken from the Hellfire FAQ written by by Joseph
Christopher , and is used here with permission. While
most of this portion has not proven to be necessary, seeing it in his document
made me think it would be a good idea to include it in mine. (Please note I said
MOST of this portion has not proven to be necessary...parts of it have, which is
why I went looking for information such as this.)

1) I, Adam Gilchrist, the author of this document, am not in any way liable for
any harm that anybody thinks came from reading this document. Examples of this
harm include physical ones, such as getting mauled by someone who lost to you
via a technique found in this document, and emotional ones, such as experiencing
humiliation upon the use or most likely misuse of yet another technique found in
this document.

2) If this document was accessed from a source other than www.gamefaqs.com,
there is a chance that it is not up to date. You must therefore attempt to
access and read the latest version of this document first at the said web site
before sending in any comments, suggestions, and/or corrections. (This includes
telling me that such-and-such a website has an incomplete version. I am not
responsible for the content or any maintenaince on anyone else's website.)

3) This document is not to be profited from---directly, indirectly, or in
whatever other way possible. By directly I mean earning less than, equal to, or
greater than a cent's worth in cash, items, or services in exchange for part of
or all the contents of this document. On the other hand, by indirectly I mean
using a part of or all the contents of this document as a convincing factor for
the purchase of another product thus directly or again indirectly yielding

4) You will not use even a single phrase, sentence, or concept found anywhere in
this document on your own work, even if you expressed it in your own words,
without at the very least giving me, Adam Gilchrist, the author of this
document, full credit for it. If you in any way incorporated even a very minute
part of the strategies found in this document with your own in your work, then
you must at the very least give me partial credit for it.

5) Webmasters, web page contibutors, and all similar personnel wishing to post
this document on any other website, you must read and abide by this disclaimer
as well as the copyright information provided at the end of this document.
Keeping this document as updated as it is at www.gamefaqs.com is preferable,
though not required.

6) Ignorance of the law excuses no one, therefore if ever anything unlawful is
done to this document and/or to me, its author, the appropriate legal actions
will be taken. If at any point you disagree with this or any of the above
statements, delete this document immediately and discard any help it has done
for you.

Section 5: Endnotes and Copyright Notice
Please send all comments, suggestions, praise, love letters, job offers
(ESPECIALLY the job offers...Prima, why haven't you contacted me? ), etc. to:

Feedback is greatly appreciated. In particular, what you liked, disliked, what
could have been done better, alternate ways around problems, spelling errors you
spotted that I didn't, the correct names for items/treasures I may have not
recognized properly, etc. Anything that you feel will make the next version of
the FAQ and/or Companion Guide better and/or more complete and accurate.

This document is copyright May 2000 Adam Gilchrist. Permission is granted to
reproduce and distribute it freely, in whole or in part, provided that:

i) the reproduced portion(s) remain(s) unmodified,
ii) the original author (Adam Gilchrist) is credited,
iii) no profit is made from the usage of the reproduced portion(s) or
     their distribution,
iv) if being reproduced for other than personal use, the information on
    how to contact the original author is included,
v) you read/have read, and agree to abide by, the Disclaimer section
vi) you read/have read, and agree to abide by, this copyright notice,
vii) the Disclaimer section is included in its entirety (permission is
     granted to change the section number of the Disclaimer section, to
     allow continuity for those who are not reproducing the entire
viii) this copyright notice is included in its entirety.

That's all until next time. Ignore what the guards and Hammers tell you, and
keep taffing!

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