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Читы для Three Skulls of the Toltecs

Чит-файл для Three Skulls of the Toltecs

Three Skulls of the Toltecs

в России известна как

3 черепа тольтеков

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:3 черепа тольтеков
Разработчик:Revistronic Industrial Programs
Издатель:Time Warner Interactive
Издатель в России:Руссобит-М
Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла 11 февраля 2005 г.
вышла в 1996 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

"What is this darn game about? In a previous adventure our hero was known as
the Man With No Name but, after realizing the problems of having such a cool
name (getting authentic looking ID, being taken seriously by members of the
opposite sex, getting party invites, etc.), he changed it to Fenimore
Fillmore. He's an average kinda guy from Arizona of 1866...tall, dark,
handsome: well perhaps not so tall, dark or even that good-looking, but he is
charismatic and a good shot (not necessarily in that order though). He's got a
talent for cards and doesn't mind a drink, but above all else he's honest and
well intentioned...well, sort of. We start the adventure on that lonely and
perilous search for personal wealth and excess: there's big money to be made
prospecting for Cubic Zircona, a fabulously rare and valuable jewel that the
rich and shameless of New York pay big bucks for. En route to stake his claim
he heads towards a nearby dust bucket called Big Town, only intent on stopping
to water his horse (and maybe himself too!), when he's alarmed to hear gunfire
coming from a close by canyon. From a vantage point atop the ravine he
realizes that another lone traveler is in big trouble: it's time to lend a
hand and get involved!".....(taken from the manual for the game). Developed
(1996) by Revistronic Industrial Programs and published by Warner Interactive


Please Note!

 Whenever I say TALK to someone do it to the point of exhausting all of the
possible areas of conversation. You never know when something new might show
up in the conversation as a result of something this person says or someone
else has told you earlier. Don't hesitate to go back to that person and talk
to them again after someone else tells you something new.

WARNING: It is very important that when you leave the bank the first time that
you have some money in your inventory. If you do not you will not be able to
finish the game later on.

Also if you RIGHT CLICK (use the right mouse button) on a person you will
begin a conversation with them. If you RIGHT CLICK on an object you will
either look at, or look inside, or look through the object depending on what
that object is. You might even take something when you look inside the object.

Remember to LEFT CLICK on everything that goes into your inventory. You will
be given information about that object that provides clues for its use later
in the game.

I would also recommend that you select the text option (subtitles) so that you
can read all of the dialogues. Certain characters have such distinctive
accents that you just might miss out on some of this game's unique humor if
you don't use them.

One last thing to take note of: you will find a map in the lower right-hand
corner of the screen (within your inventory). If you click on it now you will
find only one area highlighted, The Canyon, because you are there now and you
have not been anywhere else yet. As you visit new areas they will be added to
this map so that, when you wish to go to an area that you have visited before,
all you have to do is click on the map in your inventory and then click on the
area where you wish to go.




Our story begins in Arizona in the year 1866. You, Fenimore Fillmore, have
successfully driven off the bad guys that have shot an old man on a wagon. The
wagon has crashed and, in your haste to help the old man, you give him a
bottle of his poisonous hair tonic instead of a bottle of his elixir. Oh well,
at least he lived long enough to tell you about the "Three Golden Skulls of
the Toltecs" and the great treasures that the skulls can lead you to. Wow! We
could be rich! So you take the Golden Skull and start to ride away when
suddenly a bullet creases your own skull. Leaving you for dead, the bad guys
take your Golden Skull and ride off. You regain consciousness, drag yourself
into the bushes, and overhear Friar Anselmo and Friar Bacon discuss the dead
man and the whereabouts of the Golden Skull that the old man once had. Then
Friar Anselmo rides off.....


  * TALK extensively to Friar Bacon.

  * MOVE Buck, the dead man, into the wagon and out of Friar Bacon's view.

  * TALK to Friar Bacon again. He will suddenly notice that Buck is missing.

  * PICK-UP the pickaxe. You will have to do this twice because you first
    PICK-UP the handle (picket) to the pickaxe and then, the second time, you
    PICK-UP the head of the pickaxe, now referred to (in the inventory) as the

  * USE the picket (handle) with Friar Bacon. You will then see Fenimore use
    the pick handle to knock out Friar Bacon.

  * PICK-UP Friar Bacon's cassock (clothing). Gentle isn't he.

  * USE (or right click on) the donkey. Now click on the arrow pointing to
    the left that says PATH.


  * Talk with the French Soldier extensively until he finally gives you some
    very mild tobacco. CLICK ON the Tobacco Light (in your inventory) - hmmm
    only 0.0000001 milligrams of nicotine and tar. Talk about a weak tobacco.
    Well, we can't smoke regular tobacco anyway because it makes us cough and

  * TALK some more with the French Soldier about the sleeping Mexican
    Revolutionary or Spy.

  * Try to TALK to the Mexican Revolutionary. Can't seem to wake him up, can

  * Return back to the canyon by CLICKING ON the PATH.

  * You will find that the Monastery has now been added to your map in the


Canyon (2nd time)
  * Ah! Friar Bacon has awakened. TALK extensively with Friar Bacon. Man!
    That blow on the head has really confused Friar Bacon. He thinks he is
    General Lardbelly, the leader of the Mexican Revolutionaries. OK, I'll
    amuse him. He says someone stole from him his revolvers, hat and the Star
    of Free Mexico. I guess we should try and find them for him.

  * When you tell him you know where his men are and mention the one
    sleeping by the monastery he says that would be John Nodoffsky. How does
    he know that? Is he really General Lardbelly who was acting as an imposter

  * Ask him how to awaken John Nodoffsky. Ah-Ha! Give him plenty of coffee.
    Of course, what else.

  * That hat is sure silly on the donkey. Gee maybe we could give that hat
    to Friar Bacon er... I mean General Lardbelly. Try to PICK-UP the donkey's
    hat. Hey! I guess the donkey likes that hat very much. Maybe later.

  * USE the donkey again. This time CLICK ON the arrow pointing to the right
    that says Canyon. It will probably take us to Big Town.


Big Town
  * Now that we are in Big Town you will find that Big Town has now been
    added to your map in the inventory.


      * LOOK at the round blue sign (with the P on it) that hangs over the
        door of the stable.

      * GO TO and enter the door of the stable.

      * LOOK into the wooden bucket found on the far left of the stable. You
        will take a screw from it.

      * Then GO TO and climb up the ladder. LOOK out the window.

      * Try to PICK-UP the parking sign (one with the P on it). OK, MOVE the
        parking sign. GO TO and down the ladder. PICK-UP the parking sign.
        LEFT CLICK ON the parking sign in your inventory. Hmmm... a barrel

      * GO TO the door and exit the stable.

      * Now keep going to your left until you find a well.



      * TALK to the well. What? How about that, we are talking with some
        poor guy named Sam who fell into the well. He says he is a piano
        player. How come he doesn't know he's in a well?

      * How can we get Sam, the piano player, out of that well?

      * OK let's GO TO Town (head towards the telephone pole behind you).


    Big Town Station

      * LOOK at the signal light (it's on red). Notice the two levers at the
        base of the signal light.

      * MOVE the levers. That fellow from the station sure moves fast for an
        old guy. Wonder why he doesn't want the levers moved? Let's enter the

      * OPEN (right click) the station door and then ENTER (left click) the

      * TALK to the Telegraphist extensively. You want to know when the next
        train will come and how to get it to come. Hmmm - We need to send a
        telegram as well as move the levers on the signal light. I bet we
        can't do that while he is in here.

      * LOOK at the teleprinter. It says: "We are waiting for your order to

      * Notice the bookshelf on the left. LOOK at the shelves several times.
        LOOK at one book in particular on the top shelf. It is called Learn
        Morse Code in Ten Easy Lessons by Dr. Henglehoffer. Try to PICK-UP
        this book. OK, maybe later.

      * Leave the station.

      * I'm sure you've noticed the Trolley and have wanted to look it over.

      * USE the Trolley. Uh oh, it's broken. Do we have anything to fix it
        with? Sure we do!

      * USE the screw with the Trolley. Let's see if it works now.

      * USE the Trolley. Well I'll be, it works! A map pops up similar to
        the one in our inventory except it shows railroad tracks and more now.
        Notice that you can scroll up and down on the map. New areas have been
        added: Waterfall, Cemetery, Forest, Fort Apache, and an Indian

      * Since we are not ready to leave Big Town yet CLICK ON Big Town and
        we will be back in front of the Big Town Station.

      * Go to your left until you see the General Store.


    General Store

      * OPEN a large box near one of the entrances to the General Store.

      * LOOK into the box and you will take some logs from it. Just for the
        fun of it LOOK into the box again.

      * OPEN the door and then ENTER the General Store and TALK to the
        shopkeeper at length. He introduces himself as Bobby the shopkeeper.

      * LOOK at everything in the store.

      * Hopefully you were able to PICK-UP a free cigar after talking to the
        shopkeeper. He wouldn't let you pick up anything else.

      * OK, lets leave the General Store and GO TO Big Town's Jail (door to
        the right of the Bank's door).



      * OPEN the door to the jail and ENTER it.

      * TALK with Mortimer Pettyboom, the deputy, at length. Get him to tell
        you he was last in his class in high school. Try to help him with his
        inventory problem.

      * LOOK at all the notices on the Board (right of the desk) by RIGHT
        CLICKING on it several times until it begins to repeat itself.

      * GO TO the door to the right of the desk that has the word Jail over
        it. LOOK at everything in this jail cell area.

      * Doesn't seem to be anything we can do here now so let's leave the

      * Now GO TO the Bank that is to the left of the jail.



      * OPEN the door and then ENTER the Bank.

      * TALK to the cashier extensively about everything. Be sure to open an
        account (you'll receive your Ticket in about a week).

      * Ask for credit. Get all the loans you can (a maximum of $40).

      * WARNING: It is very important that when you leave this bank that you
        have the money in your inventory. If you do not you will not be able
        to finish the game later on.

      * GO TO the saloon at your left, but don't try to enter it yet.



      * TALK to the Young Lady on the balcony about a guy called Dickson.
        She will ask you for a description of him. First say he is a mean
        looking hombre, then he sounds like Lee Van Cleef, then he has one eye
        and finally he wears boots. OK, he lives in the apartment next to

      * Now TALK to the Layabout by the name of Swappy Smith.

      * He will not let you into the saloon until you first ask him if he is
        Swappy Smith. Then tell him that you studied with him in school and
        that Mortimer Pettyboom was the "Biggest Dunce" in the whole of Big
        Town School. He should now let you enter the saloon.

      * TALK to the Sheriff and the Thug extensively. Sheriff is waiting for
        Dickson so they can play some poker.

      * Now TALK to the Barman until he finally gives you an empty whiskey
        bottle. He also tells you about the prohibition against serving
        alcohol. Because of "The Anti-Alcoholic League" run by a couple of

      * CLICK ON the empty whiskey bottle in your inventory and you will see
        a map showing the location of the whiskey plant. In the forest, eh.

      * Also be sure to ask the Barman for some coffee. Their coffee pot has
        disappeared. I'll bet that the coffee pot in the jail's inventory is
        what is causing Mortimer so much trouble.

      * There is a bucket sitting on a table. Gee, maybe we could use that
        to raise Sam, the piano player, out of the well. The bucket was
        missing at the well, wasn't it?. Try to PICK-UP the bucket. The Barman
        won't let you take it.

      * TALK to the Barman again and ask for the bucket. He says it's for
        leaks (in the roof I guess). Darn! We need that bucket. Oh well (sorry
        about that). Maybe later.

      * Now go up the stairs and OPEN the door on the right. TALK with the
        Dancer until she tells you where her girlfriend keeps her money.
        Hmmm...In her pillow.

      * Also ask her when she is going to dance. She says when the piano
        player gets back. That must be poor old Sam in the well. He said he
        played the piano, didn't he?

      * Now go LOOK through the keyhole of the door on the left. So that's
        where Dickson is alright (in the room next to the Dancers). Leave the

      * GO TO your left and find the Barber Shop.


    Front of Barber Shop

      * TALK to the Old Lady in the rocking chair until she asks you to go
        and tell her son to fetch her some thread. She says he has a shop near
        by. Must be Bobby, the shopkeeper.

      * GO TO the General Store.


    General Store Again

      * ENTER the general Store and TALK to Bobby, the shopkeeper. Tell him
        that his mother wants to see him. He will then leave.

      * While Bobby is gone maybe you can PICK-UP a few of those expensive
        items you've been needing like sugar, biscuits, coffee, and carrots.

      * GO TO the church. Maybe we should use the confessional after taking
        all that stuff from Bobby's shop.



      * OPEN the door and ENTER the Church.

      * TALK to the Parish Priest as much as possible. Not a very forceful
        speaker is he? Is he afraid of Friar Anselmo?

      * LOOK at the candelabra and the confessional booth.

      * OPEN the door on the right and ENTER the room. Try to LOOK at or
        PICK-UP anything in the room including a Ticket on the table next to
        Friar Anselmo. What is that ticket for? Maybe his bank account that
        contains the Golden Skull?

      * ENTER the room again and try LOOKing at or PICKing-UP something
        else. Boy! Friar Anselmo is a grouch isn't he. Guess we can't do
        anything in here until he leaves the room.

      * Let's leave the church and go to the Jail again.


    Jail Again

      * ENTER the jail.

      * TALK to Mortimer and tell him that you know what item doesn't belong
        in his inventory. Tell him that it is the coffee pot.

      * When he wants to know why tell him that the coffee pot belongs to
        the saloon. Then he will let you PICK-UP the coffee pot.

      * Leave the jail and go to the Big Town Station again.


    Big Town Station Again

      * USE the coffee pot on the water tower. Think he got enough water?

      * Then USE the coffee with the coffee pot. Well, now we have cold
        coffee. We'll have to heat it up somewhere.

      * USE the Trolley. Then when our map comes up CLICK ON the Indian


Indian Village
  * PICK-UP the knife that is stuck in a post in front of you.

  * GO TO and ENTER a RIP in the right side of the tent that is behind you
    and a Witch Doctor.

  * PICK-UP a candle and then PICK-UP one of the strange bottles. CLICK ON
    this bottle in your inventory. It has a Magic Cloud inside that will let
    you produce rain wherever you want to. Hmmm! Try it! USE Magic Cloud. Neat

  * Leave the tent and go TALK to the Apache on the left, leaning on the
    totem pole. Him easily offended.

  * Now go and TALK to the Apache that is in front of a tent on the far left
    side of the village. He is guarding the tent that has an important meeting
    going on inside.

  * He won't let you go into the tent until you bring him something called
    Nyaca Nyaca that is pink; solid; soft; flexible; not much used, chewed, or
    marked; takes any shape; for amusement; and can be inflated. Hmmm...

  * Go back and talk extensively to the Apache by the totem pole again. Ask
    him all about the meeting that is taking place in the other tent. He
    mentions a celebration party (Festival of Peace) if the peace treaty is
    agreed upon. Lots of eating and drinking but no alcohol allowed. Hmmm...
  * Now GO TO and ENTER the tent that is way back in the central area
    between the other two tents and behind the white horse. This is the
    village's Museum of Apache Trophies.

  * TALK extensively to the Security Officer (and Tourist Guide) about all
    of the trophies in the museum.

  * Especially TALK to him about the Golden Skull and the Feast of Peace. He
    tells you that there will be a Feast of Peace when everyone at the meeting
    smokes the pipe. He also tells you that the Golden Skull resides at the
    "Feast of Peace" where the security is not as good. Maybe we could get the
    skull when and if they are all drunk. Darn! I forgot, alcohol is
    forbidden. We'll have to see what we can do about that. All we have to do
    is get them to smoke the pipe and supply some whiskey so they can have a
    great and glorious Feast of Peace.

  * Be sure to RIGHT CLICK ON all the trophies and try to PICK-UP the Golden
    Skull. LOOK into the basket and you will then be able to PICK-UP a
    souvenir box of matches.

  * OK, let's leave the Indian Village. USE the trolley and CLICK ON the


  * PICK-UP the rope hanging in a tree by the entrance.

  * TALK to the Parrot. This Parrot thinks it is quite some sinner.

  * GIVE some biscuits to the Parrot and very quickly while it is busy
    eating PICK-UP the Parrot.

  * RIGHT CLICK ON all the headstones just for laughs.

  * Now on the left side of the cemetery locate the "most fertile" plot of
    land ever seen and then USE the pick on it. This is a bit tricky. First
    you need to reassemble the pick by RIGHT CLICKING ON the Picket and then
    LEFT CLICKING ON the Pick. Now CLICK ON USE (from the menu) the assembled
    Pick with the Plot. If you right or left click on the assembled Pick first
    it will be disassembled (you don't want that).

  * LOOK at the furrows that you dug with the pick. Plant what?

  * Leave the Cemetery and CLICK ON the Forest on your map.


  * Cross the river.

  * LOOK at something up in the tree to the left of the cabin. Fabric of a

  * PICK-UP the fabric hanging in the tree. Now that both you and the fabric
    are on the ground, PICK-UP the fabric again. LOOK at it in your inventory.
    It has a rip in it. Who can fix it for us?

  * USE the knife on the Gum that can be found on the trunk of the tree on
    the right side of the cabin. Say this is pink, soft, takes any shape and
    can be inflated. Is that what the Apache Guard wanted? Chewing Gum! Maybe

  * OPEN the door of the cabin and then ENTER it.

  * PICK-UP the fishing rod.

  * TALK with Tom about the ingredients you will need to make whiskey.
    Hmmm... Barley, water and sugar placed in a sealed barrel.

  * Exit the cabin and then USE the fishing rod on the river in order to
    catch a horn (bugle). What did you expect to catch, a fish?

  * Leave the Forest by CLICKing ON the Path and then CLICK ON Fort Apache
    on your map.


Fort Apache
  * TALK with the Engineer (driver of the train). How does he know when he
    is to take the train to town? He says when the Big Town Station Master
    tells him to. That's what we thought.

  * GO TO the door of the Fort.

  * TALK to the Lieutenant and his men. Uh-Oh! Colonel Leconte doesn't want
    peace with the Indians. I think he wants their Golden Skull.

  * OPEN the kitchen door (left corner of the fort) and ENTER it.

    * RIGHT CLICK ON everything in here to find out as much as you can about
      all the items. Many will be needed later.

    * OPEN the cupboard on the left. PICK-UP the Tabasco Sauce. Try to OPEN
      the Tabasco bottle. Darn! We don't have anything to open it with.

    * Leave the kitchen and notice that there is a triangle hanging over the


  Window to the Colonel's Quarters

    * GO TO the window behind the Lieutenant and his men. LOOK at the

    * That must be Colonel Leconte. TALK to the Colonel. He wants a towel.
      Where are we going to find a towel?


  Roof Walkway

    * After you go up the stairs to the roof walkway go left and locate a
      trap door. Isn't this over the armory?

    * OPEN the trap door and LOOK into the hole of the trap door.

    * USE the fishing rod on the open trap door. Good catch! Where can we
      use some dynamite?

    * LOOK at that Flag. Looks like a big red, white, and blue towel doesn't

    * TALK to the Look-Out about the lowering of the flag. Then you learn
      that he lowers the flag when the thingamabob sounds. He will recognize
      the sound of the thingamabob that is used when he is to lower the flag.

    * Imitate the different instruments until you find the correct one.
      Fenimore sure is talented isn't he? Of course, it's the bugle.

    * USE the Horn (bugle), the soldier will lower the flag, and then you
      can PICK-UP the flag.

    * Go back downstairs.


  Window to the Colonel's Quarters Again

    * GO TO the Colonel's window again and GIVE him the flag. Good, he
      thinks it's a towel. Maybe he'll get dressed now and leave his quarters.
      LOOK at the window again. Good, he is getting dressed!

    * OK, let's leave the fort by CLICKing ON WAY OUT found at the bottom of
      the screen.

    * USE the trolley. CLICK ON The Line arrow pointing to the left and then
      on the Indian Village on your map.


Indian Village (2nd time)
  * GO TO the Apache on the far left guarding the tent where the meeting is
    taking place.

  * GIVE the chewing gum to the Apache and he will let you ENTER the tent.

  * Listen to the conversation, then TALK to the Chief, the Interpreter and
    the Senator.

  * Agree to smoke the Pipe of Peace. If you smoke it with the Chief's
    tobacco you will cough and gag and have to leave the meeting. So guess
    what you have to do? Right!

  * When it is your turn to smoke the pipe quickly USE the pipe with the
    Tobacco Light (Right Click on the pipe in your inventory and quickly left
    click on the arrow until you get to the tobacco light and then left click
    on it....this is a timed event). Now the Senator will smoke the pipe and
    doesn't want to give the pipe back to the Chief. I think he likes it.

  * After the party begins return to the tent where the meeting had been
    taking place and LOOK into the cauldron. You will now have some barley
    seeds. We know where the most fertile plot of land is to grow these in ,
    don't we? Where else but at the Cemetery. We've got to hurry and get the
    whiskey made since the Feast of Peace has begun.

  * Exit the tent and GO TO the Trolley.

  * USE the Trolley and then CLICK ON the Cemetery on your map.


Cemetery (2nd time)
  * USE the barley seeds on the furrows and then USE the magic cloud bottle.

  * PICK-UP the barley.

  * Leave the Cemetery and CLICK ON Fort Apache again on your map.


Fort Apache (2nd time)
  * GO TO the door of the fort and ENTER it.

  * OPEN the door to the Colonel's Quarters and ENTER it.

    Colonel's Quarters

      * MOVE the barrel. Well I'll be, Fenimore throws it through the window
        and all the way out and onto the trolley. I'm impressed.

      * PICK-UP the French uniform and the sponge.

      * Go to your left past the two desks until you find a locked door. USE
        the sponge on the alarm found above and to the right of the door.

      * Leave the Colonel's Quarters and GO TO the Fort's Jail (Grey door in
        the right corner of the fort).


    Fort's Jail

      * OPEN the jail's door and ENTER it.

      * TALK extensively with the exhausted jailer. Learn about his
        comrades: Colonel Leconte (Dickson works for him and he wants to
        attack the Indians), Sergeant (drank a lot until the two women of the
        Anti-Alcoholic League got to him), and the Lieutenant (salutes real

      * Then leave the jail and GO TO the Laundry on the right not too far
        from the jail.


    Chinese Laundry

      * OPEN the door to the Laundry and ENTER it.

      * TALK extensively to the Chinaman, Wun Hung Lo, that runs the
        laundry. GIVE him the French uniform to be cleaned.

      * PICK-UP the bowl of rice.

      * RIGHT CLICK on the Board with the notices on it several times. One
        says that he repairs all fabrics except balloons. Darn! Who else do we
        know that can mend fabrics? Leave the laundry.

      * GO TO the Sergeant's Quarters (door closest to you on the right-hand
        side of the fort).


    Sergeant's Quarters

      * OPEN the door and ENTER the Sergeant's Quarters.

      * TALK at length to both Sergeant Smith and the two Ladies that have
        started the Anti-Alcoholic League. Gee, the sergeant is one of their
        pet projects (and the brother to one of the ladies) and he has only
        been dry for one day. We need to test him, don't we? Darn! All we have
        is an empty bottle.

      * After talking to the two Ladies (be careful what you say: I got
        Fenimore engaged to the skinny one) LOOK at each of the medals on
        display behind the gals.

      * Hey, one of them is the Star of Free Mexico that General Lardbelly
        said was stolen from him. Try to PICK-UP the Star of Free Mexico.
        Well, the ladies won't let us take it.

      * We've got to find a bottle of whiskey for the sergeant. I bet if he
        starts drinking again the two women will get pretty upset with him.

      * Let's leave the Sergeant's Quarters and head back to the laundry.
        Maybe the uniform has been cleaned by now.


    Fort's Laundry Again

      * TALK to the Chinaman and ask for the French uniform.

      * LEFT CLICK on the uniform in your inventory and you will find a key
        in the pocket, then CLICK ON the key in your inventory. Must be for
        the locked door in the Colonel's Quarters.

      * Leave the laundry and GO TO the Colonel's Quarters again.


    Colonel's Quarters Again

      * USE the key from the pocket of the uniform on the Lock to unlock the
        door at the far left of the room. Enter the room with the safe.

      * LOOK at the safe's handle and combination lock. Try doing other
        things with the safe: safecracking is not one of Fenimore's talents,
        so leave the room with the safe. We need some help with this job.

      * Let's leave the Colonel's Quarters and head back to the kitchen.


    Kitchen Again

      * ENTER the kitchen and USE the logs in the oven. Now USE the matches
        on the oven. Ahhh! That fire feels good.

      * USE the coffee pot on the hotplate and when the coffee is done
        PICK-UP the coffee pot. Smells good and strong. This ought to wake up
        our sleeping revolutionary friend.

      * USE the rice in the empty bowl on the other hotplate. Let's leave
        the kitchen.

  * Leave the fort, go to and USE the Trolley. CLICK ON the Line arrow
    pointing to the right and then on Big Town on your map.


Big Town (2nd time)
  * USE the barrel with the water tank, then USE the sugar with the barrel,
    then USE the barley with the barrel and finally USE the round parking sign
    (with P on it) with the barrel. We have just put together all the
    ingredients for a fine whiskey.

  * We better deliver it to Tom, the whiskey maker, in the forest. Wonder
    how long it will take Tom to make it?

  * USE the Trolley and then CLICK ON the Forest on your map.


Forest (2nd time)
  * Tom takes the whiskey barrel and makes the whiskey, samples it and
    passes out, and so you have to deliver it to the Indian Village. We find
    ourselves having such a good old time at the Festival of Peace.


Indian Village (3rd time)
  * What a pitiful sight! All of the partygoers have passed out!

  * USE our empty whiskey bottle on the whiskey barrel. Ah, the bottle is
    full. We can now go and test the Sergeant to see if he still has a
    drinking problem.

  * Now's our chance so go and PICK-UP the Golden Skull. After the action
    scene is over (darn that Colonel) USE the Trolley and then CLICK ON Big
    Town once again.


Big Town (3rd time)
  * GO TO the Barber Shop.

    Front of Barber Shop

      * GIVE the balloon to the Old Lady in the rocker so she can repair it.
        She sure works fast doesn't she?

      * Leave and GO TO the church.



      * Enter the church.

      * USE the candle with candelabra and then USE the matches with the

      * TALK to the Parish Priest. Hmmm... whatever that candle is giving
        off is sure giving the priest a strong sense of confidence.

      * USE the parrot on the confessional box.

      * TALK to the Priest again and ask him to call Friar Anselmo so he can
        hear a confession. The parrot needs confession badly.

      * Then after Friar Anselmo leaves the room we can go and ENTER it.

      * PICK-UP the ticket from the table. LEFT CLICK ON the ticket. Yep, a
        bank deposit ticket for a Gold Skull.

      * OPEN the trunk and LOOK inside. We get some guns and a gun belt.
        Must be the ones General Lardbelly thought were stolen from him.

      * Leave the church and GO TO the bank.



      * ENTER the Bank.

      * USE the cassock and then TALK to the Cashier.

      * If you can impersonate Friar Anselmo, then maybe you can take the
        Golden Skull from his account in the bank.

      * During the conversation you tell the cashier that you want to see
        your Golden Skull and then you give him Friar Anselmo's ticket. You
        are told that the safe is damaged (lock is broken). Say that this is
        the most incompetent bank you have ever known.

      * Tell the cashier that you are going to tell all of the Bank's
        customers to come and withdraw their money.

      * Now you take off the cassock and as Fenimore say to the cashier that
        you want to close your account. Funny, I don't remember depositing any
        money: but that's OK. Any answer seems to work to his asking you why
        you wish to close your account.

      * Eventually the cashier will ask you to take a look at the safe
        inside the vault and see if you can get it unlocked. At the Strong-Box
        (safe) USE dynamite with the Handle and then USE matches with the
        dynamite. KaBOOM! Where did that darn Golden Skull go anyway?

      * After the action scene, exit the door of the vault room and you will
        proceed to leave the Bank. Let's head back to the saloon. I need a
        drink after that.



      * ENTER the saloon. I've got to get Dickson and the dancers out of
        their rooms so I can search them. There is some money in a pillow (and
        who knows what else) in those rooms. We've got to get the piano player
        out of the well.

      * The sheriff is still waiting for Dickson so that they can play
        poker. We just might want to sit in on a hand or two later, right?

      * OK! We need that bucket. Let's go up the stairs and create what
        looks like a leak near the door. USE the Magic Cloud bottle.

      * Let's go back downstairs and see if the Barman moved the bucket.
        Yes! It is now over by the door. We can probably sneak off with it
        from there.

      * PICK-UP the bucket and quickly LEAVE the saloon.

      * Go on over to the Big Town Station and head back to the Stable. From
        there GO TO the well.



      * TALK to the Well (Sam) and ask him if something fell in there with
        him. Tell him it belongs to you.

      * USE the bucket with the Well, then USE the handle. Fenimore lowers
        the bucket. Now USE the handle again. You will help Sam the piano
        player out of the well (sort of anyway). And guess what he has with
        him: a Golden Skull. Wonder where that came from? Maybe the bank?

      * CLICK ON the Golden Skull in your inventory and you will take a
        stethoscope from it. Must have been a doctor in a former life. Sorry
        about that. Now CLICK ON the Stethoscope in your inventory. Wonder
        what Friar Anselmo used the stethoscope for? Hmmm...

      * Now go back to Town. Notice that Sam is playing the piano and the
        Young Lady Dancer is not on the balcony any longer. Good, they must be
        dancing so we can get into their room now. Go to the church.

      * We'll have to jump from the belfry of the church onto the balcony of
        the saloon. Hope we can do it without breaking our neck.


    Church Again

      * Enter the church and climb up to the Belfry, which can be found in
        the upper left-hand corner inside the church. Now Fenimore can be seen
        way up in the Belfry from outside the church. LEFT CLICK ON Fenimore.
        I think he's ready.

      * Now CLICK ON Dickson's Balcony (upper left side of the saloon). Wow!
        What a series of amazing jumps! We're good!


    Saloon Again

      * After Dickson leaves his room and goes downstairs you can enter his

      * OPEN the right drawer of the dresser and then LOOK in the drawer.
        You get a manual from the drawer. LOOK at the manual in your
        inventory. It says to use fake aces with fake money. What's that mean?
        Is Dickson cheating? We can do that too if we can find some fake cards
        and fake money.

      * Now leave Dickson's room and OPEN the door to the dancers room.

      * ENTER the dancers room, PICK-UP the two pillows and then USE the
        knife on each pillow to cut them open. One of them contains a fake
        $100 bill.

      * Leave the saloon and use the map in your inventory to GO TO the


Canyon (3rd time)
  * GIVE the carrots to the donkey and quickly PICK-UP its hat. Got it!

  * GIVE the hat and the gun belt (revolvers) to General Lardbelly.

  * No need to talk to General Lardbelly this time.

  * USING the map GO TO the Monastery.


Monastery (2nd time)
  * GO TO the sleeping revolutionary and USE the coffee pot on him. Where'd
    that funnel come from?

  * TALK to him and tell him that he is an impostor and therefore has no
    idea where the revolutionaries' hideout is located.

  * To prove you wrong he tells you that there is a cave in the Ravine
    (Canyon) above a big rock that leads into their hideout.

  * Let's go back to the canyon using the map.


Canyon (4th time)
  * GO TO the Cave that the revolutionary told you about. It is to the right
    of the wagon and above the big rock.


Revolutionaries' Hideout
  * PICK-UP the cards on the floor in the middle of the rug. LEFT CLICK ON
    the cards in your inventory. Hmmm...a set of Aces.

  * Look around and RIGHT CLICK ON everything in order to learn what you
    can. Notice that there is a basket for a balloon to the far right. How
    about that! We have a balloon.

  * GO TO and climb the Tower. TALK to the provisional Revolutionary Leader
    at the top of the Tower. He says that General Lardbelly, when a carpenter,
    had a cupboard fall on his head and then suddenly he became a general.
    Then he had heard that the general was possibly converted to a Friar? Must
    be that, when you hit him on the head, he suddenly became a general again,
    No? Oh my! He really is General Lardbelly!

  * Let's go to Big Town again by using your map.


Big Town (4th time)
  * GO TO and ENTER the saloon.


      * TALK to the sheriff. Ask him if you can join the poker game. Let him
        know you have some dollars to play with.

      * Then USE the chair to the right of the sheriff.

      * Save your game first and then play a few hands for the fun of it. If
        you still have some money left then the next time the cards are dealt
        just say OK (lower right-hand corner). If you've lost all the money
        then restore the game. After you say OK, then choose the option "Just
        a minute I want to see how much I've...".

      * Quickly USE the fake $100 on your extra aces in your inventory.

      * Uh-Oh, looks like trouble. The Sheriff has the drop on both of us.


    Inside Jail Cell

      * I can't believe it, we have been arrested.

      * PICK-UP the stone lying near your foot and USE it on Mortimer.

      * PICK-UP the dart from Dickson's rear and USE the dart on the ring on
        the ceiling. Yea! We're free! Sort of. You find yourself chained to
        Dickson in the dark alley behind the jail.

      * Go to TOWN and then again on the far left of the screen CLICK ON Go
        to TOWN (found to the left of the water tower). You're heading for the
        Big Town Station.


    Big Town Station At Night

      * GO TO the Big Town Station. We need to get inside and send a
        telegram so that the train will come. Listen to that wind howl. OPEN
        the door a few times and watch the wind slam the door shut.

      * With the wind howling like this, it will slam the door shut when the
        telegraphist runs outside (like he did before) when we change the
        levers. So what we have to do now is to time it so that the door slams
        shut just as he tries to go back inside. If we can do that, the closed
        door will knock him out when he runs into it.

      * OK let's try it. Good luck! Timing here is everything. MOVE the
        levers to the green position. If you timed it right, the station
        master (telegraphist) will run outside, change them back to red, and
        then get knocked out when he slams himself into the closed door. OUCH!
        Now MOVE the levers so that they're on green again.

      * Now you can OPEN the door to the Station and ENTER it.

      * Go to the bookshelf and PICK-UP the book entitled Learning Morse
        Code In Ten Easy Lessons from the top shelf. LOOK at the book so that
        you can learn Morse Code.

      * USE the Equipment (telegraph) to send the telegram.

      * Leave the station and enjoy the action scenes that follow. Poor



      * Next we find Fenimore back in the Big Town Jail gathering up his
        belongings including a new second key. I wonder what it's for?

      * LEFT CLICK ON this new key. Fenimore seems to think this will open
        the Prison Cell door (at the fort). I sure hope he is right.

      * Leave the jail and GO TO the fort by using your map.


Fort Apache - Last Time
  * ENTER the Sergeant's Quarters.

    Sergeant's Quarters

      * Give the Sergeant the full bottle of whiskey. He tells you to leave
        it on the shelf. Doesn't look like he's going to drink while we are

      * Let's leave his quarters for awhile and go talk to that Jailer
        (Warden) we saw outside when we first entered the fort. We know Friar
        Anselmo is in the Fort's Prison Cell. I wonder who else is in there? I
        think I remember that Graduate Bull was arrested at the Indian
        Village, wasn't he?


    Outside Fort's Prison

      * TALK with the Warden (Jailer) about the prisoners' malnutrition and
        he'll tell you that he is also malnourished and could eat something
        but that he can only eat rice. Fancy that! I think we have some.
        Fenimore offers to fix him some rice. The Warden says to ring the
        triangle when it's ready. Maybe we can fix him a rice surprise. I've
        been wanting to use the Tabasco Sauce.

      * I wonder if the Sergeant is still resisting that bottle we gave him.
        Let's go back into the Sergeant's Quarters again.


    Sergeant's Quarters Again

      * Oh, Look at him! As soon as no one was around watching him he
        started drinking again. And after going cold turkey for one whole day!
        It's so sad.

      * Go and TALK to the Ladies and tell them that the Sergeant is
        drinking whiskey again.

      * They quickly leave you and race to the Sergeant. Now is your chance.

      * PICK-UP the Star Of Free Mexico from the board.

      * LEFT CLICK ON the medallion in your inventory and get what looks
        like a cork screw that was attached to it. CLICK ON the cork screw in
        your inventory. Hey! We can use this to open the Tabasco bottle.

      * Let's head over to that kitchen again. EXIT the Sergeant's Quarters
        and GO TO the kitchen.



      * USE the Cork Screw on the Tabasco Bottle and then USE the Tabasco on
        the bowl of rice on the hot plate.

      * Leave the kitchen and USE the triangle just outside the kitchen's
        door. This should call the Warden (Jailer) away from the Fort's

      * Now go and USE the Cell key on the locked Prison door and Enter the


    Inside Prison Cell

      * TALK to Friar Anselmo and then to Bull, the Indian Interpreter. Bull
        says he might be able to open the safe by learning the combination
        with a stethoscope but he doesn't have his stethoscope with him. How
        about that! We just happen to have one for him, and he takes it.

      * Leave the Prison Cell and go into the Courtyard. TALK to the
        soldiers, like Bull wants us to, so that he can sneak past them in
        order to get into the Colonel's Quarters.



      * Now TALK to the Soldiers and watch Bull.

      * Well, Bull is behind a tree so TALK to the Soldiers again if
        necessary. OK, Bull's now in the Colonel's Quarters. He went in
        through the chimney. So end your conversation with the soldiers.

      * Now we can ENTER the Colonel's Quarters.


    Colonel's Quarters Again

      * Go to your left and ENTER the door into the room where hopefully
        Bull is opening the Colonel's safe.

      * After Bull opens the safe enjoy the action scenes.

      * Whoa! What an explosion! We now find ourselves at a Waterfall.


  * You know we need to explore this waterfall anyway. From a distance I
    thought I noticed what appeared to be a very dark area near the top of it.
    Maybe a cave or something.

  * CLICK ON the rocks to climb up on the right-hand side of the Waterfall.

  * USE your rope on the rock (the one in the water) in order to swing into
    that dark area. I hope we don't kill ourselves with this stunt.

  * Well I'll be, it is a cave! What are those things that look like bars
    down further in the cave? Let's go look.

  * CLICK ON the bars. Wow! Another possible way into the Monastery. This
    could come in handy, No? Maybe we should tell General Lardbelly about
    this.Click on Path (at the left of the screen) in order to leave the cave
    and then using your map GO TO the Canyon again.


Canyon (5th time)
  * Now go to General Lardbelly and GIVE him the Star of Free Mexico.

  * TALK to the General and tell him where his men are. They are in the
    hideout. Now the scene changes to the Hideout of the Revolutionaries.


Revolutionaries' Hideout (2nd time)
  * TALK to General Lardbelly and ask him about his plans for attacking the
    Monastery and about getting rid of the French. Ah ha... we need someone on
    the inside that can speak French, someone else to lead a surprise attack
    (from another location) with half of his Revolutionaries, and some way to
    attack from the air.

  * Tell him that we have a French Uniform and that we know of a secret way
    into the Monastery (behind the Waterfall).

  * Tell him we could use a balloon for the attack from the air and that we
    have some fabric that can be used as a balloon.

  * GIVE him the balloon. He throws it down by the basket. When finished
    talking to the General, climb down off the tower. USE the Fabric (balloon)
    and watch Fenimore inflate it and attach it to the basket.

  * Climb back up the tower and again TALK to General Lardbelly. Show him
    the completed balloon.

  * Climb back down the tower and EXIT the cave.

  * Use your map to go back again to Big Town and the Saloon.


Big Town - Last Time
  * GO TO and ENTER the Saloon.


      * TALK to Friar Anselmo and Colonel Leconte. Tell them about the
        General's plan for attack. Tell Friar Anselmo about the hidden cave in
        the waterfall that you found and GIVE the French uniform to Colonel

      * OK, everything is working out perfectly.

      * Using your map, let's head back to the Canyon and the
        Revolutionaries' Hideout to talk to General Lardbelly again.


Canyon - Last Time
  * Go to the cave that leads to the Revolutionaries' Hideout and ENTER it.


Revolutionaries' Hideout - Last Time
  * Climb back up the tower and TALK to General Lardbelly and ask him about
    his plans for attacking the Monastery again.

  * Tell him that we have someone on the inside who speaks French (Colonel
    Leconte) and that we have someone to lead half his men into the Monastery
    from behind the Waterfall (Friar Anselmo).

  * After the action movie we will find ourselves inside the walls of the


Inside Monastery Walls
  * CLICK ON the door of the building on the left.

  * Once inside the building, OPEN the first door on your left and ENTER the
    room. GO TO the Wheel above the bottom jail cell and USE the Wheel.

  * Now GO TO the Skeleton and LOOK at it. Then walk up the two steps behind
    Fenimore that are in front of the Mexican Prisoner (John Nodoffsky) who is
    in the bottom jail cell.

  * LOOK at the ball by the Mexican Prisoner, then PICK-UP the ball. How'd
    he do that? GO TO the door and leave this Prison.

  * GO TO the door of this building and you will go back to the General.

  * GO TO the Cannon on your left. USE the rope on the cannon and then MOVE
    the cannon.

  * USE the ball with the cannon. MOVE the cannon again and then USE the
    rope on the cannon in order to get back down.

  * Again ENTER the left door to the building.

  * Inside keep walking over to the right, go down a small hallway and OPEN
    the most distant door (farthest) and ENTER it.

  * OPEN all 4 drawers on the left and then GO TO the Hose on the top of
    what looks like a cabinet. LOOK at the barrel. Then USE the hose with the
    Tap on the barrel.

  * Go through the Window and USE the Hose with the other Window (the one on
    the right over the main entrance of the building). Fenimore will spray the
    flammable liquid on the books.

  * Go back to the Window again and USE the matches on the Books near the
    Soldiers. After some action scenes, we find Fenimore back outside again.

  * ENTER the door to the Main Entrance on the right. Listen carefully to
    what Anselmo says: the key is inside a Green book.

  * Walk over by the spiral stairway. Hey, there's a Green book behind the
    foot of the spiral staircase! PICK-UP the Green Book. LOOK at the Book.
    How about that, the key to the Oracle's door.

  * Go up the stairway and USE the new Key on the door. After an action
    scene GO TO the Carpet on the far right-hand side of the screen and MOVE
    the Carpet. LOOK at the Drawing.

  * Go to the far left-hand side of the screen and MOVE the Sun Symbol.

  * Now go to the very far right-hand side of the screen and ENTER the cave.
    Enjoy the great ending!




     Visit Mr. Bill's Adventure Game Website for help with other games!

 For comments, corrections or suggestions for this walkthrough, send email to

This document may be freely distributed by any means as long as the context is
        not altered in any way and all reference links remain intact.

   Copyright щ Bill Horton (Mr. Bill) February 2000. All rights reserved.
          Portions Copyright щ 1996 Revistronic Industrial Programs



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