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Читы для Timeline

Чит-файл для Timeline


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Timeline Comp. Entertainment
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 9 ноября 2000 года
Жанры:Adventure / Arcade / 3D / 1st Person / Educational
Похожие игры:Thief: The Dark Project

Даты выхода игры

вышла в октябре 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
(Eidos, 2000)

By Alexander Tait
May 26, 2001

One major problem with this game is that the solution to every situation is
into the gameplay. This is great for novice adventurers but makes it a cakewalk
for a more experienced gamer. All situations have one solution, which is usually
explained in minute detail to you through the earpiece you wear. I must say,
though, that the graphics are exquisite and the game was a lot of fun. Perhaps
a sequel they could offer the opportunity to switch off the assistance. There is
a "god mode" cheat, but consider yourself unfit for gaming if you need it! I
would recommend it to those gamers who feel like eye candy and feel like a
departure from rigorous puzzle solving or fighting. To get value for money, make
sure you take the tour at the end--I learned a lot about medieval castles and

The story involves the hero, Chris (you), who is a member of an archaeology team
based at Castelgard in the Dordogne Valley, France. The head of the team has
disappeared following an excursion back in time to 1357. Now, with two
colleagues, Kate Erickson and Baretto, Chris must travel back in time to rescue
the Professor.


The prologue is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the
and the mission. Practice looking around, jumping, picking up your stun staff,
and using the staff. When complete, a guard arrives to tell you the time machine
is ready. Exit through the chain-link door. Enter the complex by pushing the
button. After an x-ray and body analysis, enter the facility proper. When told
do so, enter the numbers 5, 7, 9, and push LOAD. You must hurry at this time, as
you have limited time to make your way to your pod. The time machine starts, and
you arrive back in the 14th Century!

To Castelgard

Leave the time machine and exit the cave. You have to be careful how you walk--
the road is quite slippery. If you hit a stone, your health is reduced. Your
is automatically saved at each new challenge, and you will be restored to the
point prior to the challenge where you died. The three are attacked by a rider,
and Baretto is killed. The marker (used to summon the time machine) is
A little further on, you must jump a bridge. Continuing the slide, keep left
you come to an obvious divide in the path. You will come to a full stop. Walk
across the tree trunk to some stairs. You will meet Kate, and a cutscene shows
you entering Castelgard.


On entering Castelgard, Kate and Chris are set upon by soldiers. You must use
barrels on the soldiers to slow them down enough to allow Kate to pick the lock
on the door. Go down the stairs to the cellar and exit through the cellar door
into the street. Turn left and follow the street as far as possible. You will
arrive at the entrance to the tournament but are not allowed admission. Return
the lodging you passed earlier. Before you can enter, you need to demonstrate
your skills by use of the bow and arrow. Shoot all targets before the fifth toll
of the bell. You are now allowed to enter the inn.

Your mission is to steal a knight's tunic. Sneak around large room through the
kitchen. Do some training with the dummy in the training room. Continue until
enter the large room again. The guard who was previously protecting the stairs
now gone. Head up the stairs. There are only two rooms open upstairs, and
of them have the knight's shirt you need. However, looking out the window, you
notice a ladder. Jump down into the yard, climb up the ladder, and move along to
another room. Enter the room and take the knight's tunic. Leave quickly, and a
cutscene starts, leading to the tournament.

In the tournament, use the mouse to position your lance. The idea is to try and
hit the chest. It is not difficult to win even by trial and error.

You must hurry before the portcullis prevents you from entering the castle yard.
Your weapons (excepting the stun staff) are taken from you. Walk over to the
crane. Use the crank on the platform to raise it to tower height. Head into the
castle. Use the stun staff to knockout the guard. Head up the stairs and through
the unlocked door. Use the lever to lower a drawbridge to the castle wall.
the castle wall around to another tower (where the platform is). Sail across the
castle yard to the entrance to the manor.

It's quite easy to get caught here. In this section, look through the window for
the guards. When they have their backs turned, go out through the door and jump
to the ledge. Follow the ledge down to the other tower. Again when the guards
have their backs turned, jump the ledge and enter the door. Go through the door
across the hall. A short cutscene plays.

To avoid the guards, duck into the alcove at left. When the guards pass by,
follow them. When you see people enter from the door at the end of the corridor,
quickly return your hiding place. A cutscene of Sir Guy, Lord Olive, and the
professor plays.

Kate ducks ahead around the corner. Follow her. She disappeared. Look behind the
tapestry at left. Follow the secret passage around and listen to Sir Guy and
Olive. They are transferring the professor. Continue along the secret passage to
the professor's cell. He gives you a document and insists that you leave as
quickly as possible. A cutscene plays.

On horseback, you must flee the city before the chime of twelve. The goal is to
keep following the streets downward until you reach the gate. Most of the time,
keeping to the main street or turning right gets you closer to the gate. Duck
jump to avoid peasants, burning logs, and other hurdles. Continue until you find

Fortified Mill

You must get in the mill by swimming under/to the waterwheel. A short cutscene
plays, and your next challenge is presented: you must jump from cog to cog to
reach the hanging ladder to climb up to the gallery where Kate awaits. Get the
sword and go through the door. Go down the stairs and use your stun staff on the
two soldiers. It is possible to knock out both soldiers if you are quick enough.
Otherwise, Kate will engage one in a sword fight. You can then knock him out
behind. Go up the stairs and jump from cog to cog again to reach the stairs at
the far side. It is quite easy to miss the spokes here! Knock out the guard at
the top of the stairs and enter the door. Turn immediately left to use a secret
passage to avoid the many guards in the adjacent room. Jump from platform to
platform to reach the other side.

Duck under the pistons and hammers on the assembly line. Climb up the ladder at
the end of the assembly line. Take the passage over the hammers and pistons.
Shoot the guard with the bow (or run past him--he doesn't follow you!). Continue
along over another assembly line (keep ducking). This will take you to a large
hearth room. You are required to get up to the gantry above. There is a
convenient ladder, but you cannot jump high enough to reach it. Find the alcove
with the coal cars going up and down. Time yourself to jump on the upward
downward moving car, then quickly walk forward into an upward-traveling car.
out when you reach the top, a loft where a conveyor belt leads over to another
loft. Take out the guards with your bow, or let Kate take care of them. When all
clear, walk along the conveyor. It will drop you onto a box high enough to allow
you to jump to the box near the ladder. Climb up the ladder and go through the

Enter the room. There are two doors out--one opens to reveal Marcellus and the
marker. Somewhere in the room is a secret switch to open the other door--the
picture frame. Open the door and run outside to the time machine. You must
to the present to use the time machine as a teleporter. A cutscene through time
is played.


An error occurs in the process. Now you are tiny. You must correct the error by
entering the code 5, 7, 9, and pushing UNLOAD. A transport car arrives. Push
and jump into the car. When the car returns to the pods, you have limited time
return to a pod. Head immediately forward and turn left when you can. Head for
the blue structure--this is the pod. You are transported to the Green Chapel.

Green Chapel

Immediately cross the bridge. Notice the beautiful waterfall and rainbow effect!
Approach the tree trunk that is doing an impersonation of a seesaw. Tilt the
so that the upward end is facing away from the waterfall. Run up the trunk and
jump to the ledge with the open window at left. In the center of the room there
are stairs. Follow them up and pull the lever near the knight. The knight wakes
from his slumber and sets upon you. In addition, a stone wheel begins turning in
a carved ditch. Run! This knight was very creepy, and this part also was
appropriately creepy. The next goal is to crouch on the blocks that have red-
painted crosses on them, while the wheel passes over you. The wheel has a hole
it that allows you to be unharmed. The best way of doing this is to hide in the
area under the stairs (the knight can't get you here) and duck out to the stone
just before the wheel approaches. When you have done this three times, a secret
passage opens, which leads to an underground river that will take you to La
Roque. Avoid the waterfalls and keep to the middle as directed by Kate. Avoid
walls, as they also reduce your health. Eventually, you arrive below La Roque.

La Roque

Go to the stairs. Light the candle. Go up the stairs following the shadow. Click
on the rock at left to open the door. Climb the stairs and find yourself near
top of a structure looking down at Kate (chained up) and the professor (in a
rapidly descending into the depths). Using your bow, take out the guard. Then
jump down to the bottom using the ledges to limit how far you fall. At the
bottom, unlock Kate. Your next mission is to return to the top to get the crank
to raise the professor back to the top of the put.

Hurry, because this is a timed puzzle. Head out through the arch near the
professor. Turn left and go up the ladder. Go up the next ladder. At the top of
this ladder, duck under the rocks to go up the hidden stairs. At the top, you
will find the crank. Return to the professor below by jumping down ledges as
before and use the crank on the professor's contraption. He will be raised up.
When he reaches normal level, click several times on the cage to have Kate pick
the lock.

At this point, the mission is all but over--you have to make your way up to the
roof where the time machine is. As the others take off, you must deal with or
flee from a guard. Then make your way up to one level from the top. At this
point, make your way around to the other side of the building where Kate and the
professor are. Climb up the ladder there. You are set upon by another of Lord
Olive's men. Deal with him and then take the door out. Stairs lead up to a
of rooms that are rapidly burning. Make your way through these areas. The last
room is occupied by Lord Olive, who you must defeat. When this happens, a beam
from above falls, allowing you access to the beams above the burning room. You
must go to broken window at the opposite side of the room and jump out.

Once outside, you see Kate again. Jump across to where she was and climb the
stairs. You will meet the hooded man. Defeat him and make your way to the
drawbridge. Operate it several times to lower it. Cross the bridge. Rush up the
stairs to the time machine. Hurry to your pod. You are returned to your own
At this point, don't hold your breath or you will miss the end--"You were
successful in your mission." It's a disgrace that an experienced author could
have such a disappointing, unrewarding conclusion. The story was a strength of
this game, but it really fell apart at the end.

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