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Читы для ToCA 2: Touring Car Championship 2

Чит-файл для ToCA 2: Touring Car Championship 2

ToCA 2:
Touring Car Championship 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 31 марта 1999 года

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
TOCA 2 Touring Car Challenge FAQ version 1.10
Created: Jan. 9th, 2001
Date last updated: Jan 20th, 2001

Created by Tiger8191


This FAQ is for personal use only. DO NOT post this FAQ on any website for
profit or sell it. DO NOT copy this FAQ and post it on your website as yours
without the expressed written consent of me. If you do I ask that you email me
and ask for permission and an explanation of your site. 99% of the time I will
allow it is not for profit and I get credit on your site for creating the FAQ.
DO NOT make your own FAQ by taking bits and pieces of mine. This is called
plagiarism and it is illegal and I have enough money to take legal action if
necessary, or will I?? But I'm sure we won't have to go that far, right? If you
can't follow these rules then do not bother reading this. I posted this to help
fellow gamers with troubles they might be having, that's all, nothing else. For
permission please email me at tiger8191@yahoo.com

This is my first FAQ written for gamefaqs. Some people might ask why a FAQ for
a racing game. Why not a new action/adventure game or an RPG. Well currently I
don't have time to go into great detail like I would have to with those and
this being my first one I would like to use it as practice and for the
experience. I enjoy playing games and wanted to enhance the my experience by
trying to write an in-depth guide to help me and others play games. My normal
genre of game playing is RPG's but I do love racing games. This particular game
didn't do as well in the US. This game focuses on the TOCA series that is raced
in Great Britain. If you have never watched this series before you can usually
see them on Saturday afternoons on Speedvision. If you do not get Speedvision
in your area, contact your cable provider and tell them you want it!

Well sit back and learn how to get the best out this great racing game. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

i.   Version History
ii.  Controls
iii. Main Menu
iv.  Modes
v.   TOCA Championship (info and how to win)
vi.  cars
vii. tracks

i.Version History

1.0- Started all the beginning mumbo jumbo, controls, modes of play,
Championship mode, gameplay hints to win, and acknowledgements.

1.1-Listed info on cars and began giving info on each track. Found some typos
and screw ups in version 1.0 and cleaned those up.

You can use 3 types of PSX controllers for this game:

Standard Digital PSX Controller

Dual Shock Analog PSX Controller

neGcon controller

Here is the default controller configuration



Triangle---Change View

Square---Brake (reverse with automatic transmission

Start---Pause game

L1---Shift down

R1---Shift up

L2---Look left

R2---Look Right

iii. Main Menu

START RACE:  Takes you to the modes available. See section iv for list of modes

GAME OPTIONS:  Here you can customize the sounds, graphics, and controller
configurations to your liking.

HIGH SCORES: Look at the track records and point totals for each game mode.

INFORMATION: Get information on the tracks and the best way to drive them, info
on the cars and drivers from the 1998 season.

LOAD DATA: Load saved game

SAVE DATA: Save your game


If you have ever played the first TOCA then TOCA2 will be even better. There
are a plethora of new modes on this version.

CHAMPIONSHIP MODE-Get into the driver's seat of one of the most intense racing
series ever and go for the TOCA Championship. The Championship consists of up
to 13 rounds, 26 races. Two races at each track. The first race is a sprint
race where you have 3 laps to get the best position you can. The second race is
a 6-lap race where you have to make one mandatory pit stop before the last lap.
You can also play this mode as a two player. Both players race on the same team
and try to win the constructors championship.

SUPPORT RACE MODE-This is a fun mode, a great addition to the series. In real
TOCA racing, there are races that go on during the weekend that run when the
TOCA cars ore not practicing, qualifying, and racing. These are the support
races. Kind of like an opening band. In this game you get a variety of
different races you can participate in. The cool thing is is that in Support
races everyone's car is exactly the same except for the color of the car.
Unfortunately though you couldn't see that in this game. I will explain this in
depth later in this FAQ.

CHALLENGE MODE: In this mode you try to get as far as you can in the series of
two lap races by reaching checkpoints before your allotted time runs out. At
the start of each race you begin at the back of the grid.

TIME TRIAL MODE-there are three options in this mode.

Standard Time Trial-Here you race on a selected track and get the best possible
time you can. After the first lap a ghost car will appear and through the laps
it will be your fastest previous lap.

Time Trial Challenge-This mode is similar to the Challenge mode. Here you race
against the clock. Try to complete as many laps as possible before time runs
out. After each lap the extra time you get for crossing the finish line

2 PLAYER PURSUIT MODE- Players race against each other on a selected track.
When the first player who crosses a check point, the other player must cross
that checkpoint before the time they are given.
You can alter the time the player has to reach the checkpoint before playing.

TEST TRACK-Another new feature to the series. This is a cool place where you
can drive any car in the TOCA series or any support car that you have unlocked
and test the car out. There are a bunch of areas in this place, some you have
to unlock as you play the other modes. The tracks are:

Medium 2
Dusty Road
Skid Pad

SINGLE RACE- This is a one or two player mode where you select a track, set up
the laps, race with or without computer cars, whether you qualify or not, and
select the weather.

v.TOCA Championship

This is the main mode of the game. Here you take on the best of the best in a
season of TOCA Racing. There are three difficulty levels in this mode. Novice,
Standard, and Expert. In Novice mode you will race the first six rounds (12
races), in Standard you race the first nine rounds (18 races), and in Expert
you race all 13 rounds (26 races). The rounds are as followed:

Rounds 1&2   Thruxton
Rounds 3&4   Silverstone International
Rounds 5&6   Doninghton PArk National
Rounds 7&8   Brands Hatch Indy
Rounds 9&10  Oulton Park
Rounds 11&12 Donington Park National
Rounds 13&14 Croft
Rounds 15&16 Snetterton
Rounds 17&18 Thruxton
Rounds 19&20 Knockhill
Rounds 21&22 Brands Hatch Indy
Rounds 23&24 Oulton Park Fosters
Rounds 25&26 Silverstone International

The only complaint I have with this game and the previous one before it is that
you have to finish each round with a certain number of points or the team fires
you as a driver and your game is over. You need to score 15 points per round.
This is the points system:

Pole position  1pt
1st place      15pts
2nd place      12pts
3rd place      10pts
4th place       8pts
5th place       6pts
6th place       5pts
7th place       4pts
8th place       3pts
9th place       2pts
10th place      1pt

The championship has two races at each round. The first race is the sprint
race. This is a 3-lap race. Hopefully you qualified well or it can be hard at
some tracks to get a win when starting in the back.

The second round is a feature race. This race is 6 laps long and requires you
to make at least one mandatory pit stop or you are disqualified. This brings a
little strategy to the table. Do you pit early or late. If you know the track
well and you qualified in the front 3 rows I suggest you pit late. Try to go 3
or 4 laps to gain a large lead and then make a quick pit stop and hopefully you
come out in the lead or in the top 5 and have enough time to pick them off for
the win.

If you qualified in the last few rows then I suggest you pit the first chance
you get, after one full lap. Get the pit stop over and get out and drive your
heart out. The computer cars tend to pit late so you can gain positions as they
pit. But as most races go, the farther back you qualify the harder it can be to
pull off a win.

As you go through the rounds and collecting enough points to keep your job you
will gain cheat codes. I will list all the cheat codes in a later version.

The racing can get pretty heated out there. Certain drivers have the
personality to try and run you off the course. Try to look for the right places
to pass on each track. The start of the race is the hardest and most important
moment in any of the races. It's best to play this portion of the game with the
view of you car behind and high. When entering the first turn of the race watch
what is going on behind you. They tend to hit your rear end quarter panel and
spin you around and next thing you know you are in 16th position and spending
the rest of the race playing catch-up. If possible get to the inside of the
first turn. If you have to put 2 wheels on the rumble strips or even on the
grass. This will give you a better chance of not getting tagged from behind.

vi. Cars

Her I will list all the cars in the game. As of know all the ones I have
currently unlocked. I took each car out to the test track and tested out top
speed with no downforce (DF) and handling of the cars with default DF and no
DF. I rated the cars overall in a 1-10 rating system, 1 being bad and 10 being

Honda Accord
Top Speed-137

Peugeot 405
FWD  HP-300
Top Speed-137

Audi A4
FWD  HP-296
Top Speed-138

Volvo S40
FWD  HP-290
Top Speed-137

Renault Laguna
FWD  HP=296
Top Speed-137

Ford Mondeo
FWD  HP-295
Top Speed-138

Nissan Primera
FWD HP-297
Top Speed-138

Also in this game there are support races. Here is a rating of the cars I have
currently unlocked

Ford Festiva
Top Speed-128

Van Diemen Formula Ford
Top Speed-132

Lister Storm
Top Speed-173

AC Superblower
Top Speed-149

vii. Tracks

Here I will give a turn by turn description of all the tracks available. There
is a section in the game called Information which will do the same but I don't
necessarily agree with their assesment. This game is a simulation of driving.
You will have to use your brakes and feather the gas through some turns, unlike
other racers that you can bounce off walls and such without problems. If that
is what you are looking for then don't buy or play this game. It will take a
bit of skill. In each description I used a Ford Mondeo as my car in sunny
weather. You will have to adjust due to rain or snow. I also say what kind of
set-up I think is best for each track. To understand my explanation here is a

Example-------Turn 3R This is the third turn, it is a right hander
              Turn 6L This is the sixth turn and it is a left hander

Thruxton-2.36 miles
Default set-up.
Turn 1R This can be taken flat out
Turn 2R BRake before turn lighly, glide through turn
Turn 3L Flat out
Turn 4R Flat out to main backstretch
Turn 5L Flat out tio a long R,back to straight and then quick little R
You will head uphill to a medium R. Brake between the 100 and 50 feet sign. You
enter a chicane. Try to staighten the turn out by going between the turns. Just
feather the throttle and soon you will be on the fronyt staight to complete the

Silverstone-2.26 miles
Default set-up

Turn 1R Just off the throttle before the turn and then power through it.
Turn 2L Flat out
Turn 3R Flat out
Turn 4L Brake a little for this turn then you proceed through a series of S
curves flat out.
Turn 5L quick turn flat out to 6L
Turn 7L Brake hard after 6L to take this tight hairpin.
Turn 8R Flat out
Turn 9L Off the throttle a little and then power through and set up for next
Turn 10L Feather the throttle
Turn 11R Long turn to main straight, try to adjust throttle to go as fast
through this turn without falling off the outside of the track

Knockhill-1.30 miles
Couple extra notches of DF from the default setting.
Turn 1R brake before, narrow turn
Turn 2L Flat out
Turn 3R Brake a little, stay off the gas till exit
Turn 4R Flat out
Turn 5L Quick turn, little touch of the brake
Turn 6R Flat out
Turn 7R Feather the throttle a little
Turn 8R This is a hairpin turn, break hard before turn

Brans Hatch-1.20 miles
A notch or two of extra DF form the default setting.
Turn 1R Feather the throttle
Turn 2R Hard brake before turn
Turn 3L Flat out
Turn 4L Flat out
Turn 5R Flat out
Turn 6R Long turn brake a litte before entering and then power through to the
finish line

Donnington-1.96 miles
Default set-up
Turn 1R little brake before entering
Turn 2L Flat out
Turn 3R Off gas then right back on
Turn 4L Flat out
Turn 5R Off gas a little bit
Turn 6R Brake at the top of hill and turn, this is a blind turn
Turn 7L Full throttle through it, try to exit onto the backsteetch at 110+mph
Turn 8R Brake hard for this tight hairpin


I would like to thank gameFAQs for putting this up. CJAyC is the genius for
coming up with this great site.

Also I would like to thank the following for helping me with my annoying
questions on submitting this FAQ:


Also my lovely girlfriend...we'll call her kitten for proofreading and buying
me a playstation and many many games!

I will be updating as I find the time, (just got a PS2). If you have any
questions, comments, complaints, hatemail, threats, and or suggestions, email
me at tiger8191@yahoo.com. Please add the title of this game.

I am no way affiliated with Codemasters.

(c)2001 Tiger8191 FAQS

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