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Читы для Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft

Чит-файл для Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft

Tomb Raider 3:
Adventures of Lara Croft

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Core Design Limited
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 21 ноября 1998 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в ноябре 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
                   Walkthrough Authored by Milivoje Gencic

- NEW Version 1.1 features PC Cheat Codes.
- Feel free to LINK to this page.
- DO NOT copy this solve to any other site.
- Please do not email me for hints. Everything you need to know is here.
- BEST Viewed at 1024x768x65k
- For optimum viewing - resize your browser width to just fit the top banner.


Welcome to Lara's newest adventure. If you thought her previous adventures
were exciting, wait until you see what she has planned for you this time.
There are 19 massive levels spread out across 5 exotic locations, 59 Secrets,
a Secret Bonus Level, new moves, new enemies and new vehicles to ride.

As always, Sinjin will reveal everything you need to know to win this game and
get a perfect score. All secrets are indexed at the end of this walkthrough
and sorted by level making it very easy to find the one(s) you missed. You
must find all 59 Secrets to unlock the Bonus Level.

Tomb Raider 3 is non-linear and so is this solve. You can play the middle
three levels in any order you wish so this Online Walkthrough is organized
differently from previous solves. To navigate the various levels in this
walkthrough all you have to do is pick the Location you need help with from
the choices in the top window. This will open a side menu along the left which
has each area within that location. Clicking on any of these menu items will
take you to the text which describes that area.

There are a few hidden shortcuts. If you click on the Tomb Raider III logo in
the top-left you will instantly go to the top of the entire solve. If you
click on the picture of Lara at the top, you will return to the main menu in
the left window.

The Secret Area Index offers links back to the main text which describe the
location of all 59 secrets in Tomb Raider 3. You won't want to miss a single
secret if you want to unlock the Secret Bonus Level.

New Moves

Lara adds a few new moves to her physical abilities. Now she can Sprint,
Crawl, and Monkey Swing. Naturally, there will be plenty of opportunities (and
puzzles) which require these new abilities to complete successfully.

New Vehicles

Lara gets to drive/ride five new vehicles in her third adventure. These
include a boat, Kayak, Mine Cart, Quad Bike (ATV), and an Underwater
Propulsion Unit (UPU).

Combat Tips

Combat hasn't changed much. One of the key things to remember when fighting
multiple targets is to LET OFF the fire key after you drop an enemy. This way
you can acquire a new target and not waste ammo on a corpse. Lara can aim very
accurately while jumping around, so try to keep moving to minimize enemy

Hardware List

Lara still has her trusty stopwatch. This allows you to check your level
completion time and find out if you've missed any secrets. It also makes it
impossible for me to use directions like N,S,E, & W in this solve.

You can't do any damage with these handy items, but they will be invaluable as
they illuminate your surrounding area, revealing traps, switches and Core's
new dynamic lighting engine. There are LOTS more dark areas in this adventure
so make sure to keep a good reserve of flares handy and don't waste them.
Remember, the muzzle flash of your pistols will also light up a dark area -
just not as long.

These are Lara's trusty sidearms she brought with her from the first game. Use
them "John Woo-style" to take out your basic baddies. They will auto-aim each
time you press the fire button.

This old favorite is back. Use it on groups of enemies for wide spread damage
or when at close range to inflict serious damage on a single opponent.

Desert Eagle
More powerful than the pistols; this powerful handgun is Tomb Raider 3's
equivalent of the Magnums from the earlier games. These are great for
close-range combat where you need heavy firepower while you dodge.

Harpoon Gun
The reload time on this weapon makes it good for usually a single shot. Use it
to stall your enemy so you can swim to the safety of dry land. Ammo is also
hard to find so conserve every harpoon you find until you absolutely need it.

Another favorite from the first two games; this weapon is very powerful and
should be saved for the bigger enemies and later levels.

Grenade Launcher
This weapon provides some serious destruction. Grenades will explode only
after they are armed and they must travel about 50 feet before they arm. This
makes this weapon a long-range weapon which is good because you don't want to
get caught in your own blast. Do not fire then run forward until after the
explosion and resulting deaths.

Rocket Launcher
What more can I say. This weapon will wreck destruction on whatever it hits.
Use wisely as ammo is VERY limited.

Lara trades in her M-16 from the last game for this new military issue
Automatic Assault Rifle. This weapon is ideal for long-range sniping. You
cannot be running or jumping while firing this weapon.

Weapons and Ammunition
Ammo is scattered all over the various levels. It is always a good policy to
save your bigger and better weapons for the bigger and badder enemies.
Sometimes I will give you a recommendation for which weapons to use, but feel
free to use your weapons of choice. There will also be times when I might say
"you will find a certain weapon in a certain location" and all you find is
ammo for that weapon. This is not a bug or error in my solve, but rather part
of the game design. Weapons appear in certain locations, but if you ALREADY
have that weapon from an earlier "pick-up point" then you will find ammo for
the weapon that would otherwise be there.

Once again you can explore Lara's mansion before starting the REAL game. There
are lots of new things to learn and do. She has expanded the gym and there is
a shooting range where you even get to take shots at that pesky butler. Don't
miss the Race Key that unlocks the Quad Bike so you can race around the

We join our adventure, already in progress. Lara is currently in India,
searching for the legendary Infada artifact. So if we are finished with all
the preliminary info; let's get on with the game....

LARA'S HOME - Learning the Ropes

I didn't cover any of the details of Lara's Mansion in the last solve because
there just wasn't that much to do. This time however, her mansion is almost a
mini-level in itself with lots to do and many small puzzles to solve. The
house has been remodeled a bit so some areas will look different than before.
Lara has also modified her indoor and outdoor assault courses to include her
new abilities.

You start off in the bedroom and the weapons closet is unlocked this time.
Open it up and grab the box of Flares then head to the main stairs. At the far
corner of the landing is another door that leads to the attic (same as last
game). Go into the dark attic and light a flare to find a box which you can
push twice. Now go back down to the library - the room just off the room with
the piano and TV.

As you enter the library, turn right and find the book sticking out from the
shelf. Push it to turn off the fireplace making it safe to get inside and
climb up. At the top, move the boxes and get more Flares. You should now see a
hall. Flip the switch to open a door on a very SHORT timer.

The door you opened is downstairs in the hall leading to the indoor training
room. You will have to use all the shortcuts and fast moves you can find to
get there in time. Here is my fastest route:

After flipping the switch, run down the hall back to the attic and down the
stairs to the 2nd floor landing. As you exit the attic door, jump over the
banister and continue running down the stairs and angle right to clear the
railing. Roll and start running toward the gym using the sprint to gain extra
speed. Enter the door just before it closes.

As long as you use the sprint move (only when running in a straight line) you
should have no trouble making it down to the basement. You should find a
moveable box that you can move under the hole in the ceiling and pull up into
the hall above. Follow the passage to the Aquarium. Take a swim with your fish
to find and get the coveted RACETRACK KEY! This key opens the hedge maze which
has since been converted into a racetrack for Lara's Quad Bike. Time to set a
new record!

Before leaving the house you may want to visit the other secret room. Go to
the swimming pool and press the button on the back of the diving platform.
This opens a door back in the main foyer revealing a switch. Pulling this
switch opens a door directly behind you for a very SHORT time. You will need
to sprint and do the diving roll maneuver to get under the door before it
shuts. Nice trophy over the fireplace!

Outside, there are a few new things to do. The assault course has been
modified to include training for Lara's new abilities. There is a target range
that features Jeeves running around in a Kevlar vest, combat helmet and tea
tray. You can put him down, but you can't kill him.

That's about it (or at least as much as I found to do). Explore the mansion
and grounds as much as you want and when you are ready to play the REAL game,
go to the main gate and hit the button and exit.

INDIA - The Jungle

Before you start to slide down the first hill, jump over the slope to your
right and slide down to the flat ledge. Jump over to the yellow rock and
crouch to find Secret #1; the Shotgun. Now start sliding down the long ramp
and jump up to grab the log. Kill the monkey then jump down so you slide onto
a flat section between the spikes. Now angle left and jump and slide down to
the flat ledge with the Medkit. You may or may not trigger a rolling boulder
trap at this point. If you hear a rumbling, jump or step back to avoid the

Jump to the area behind the tree to get the Save Gem and Secret #2; Shells.
Finish your slide to the bottom and head through the arch to the left. Collect
another Save Gem then climb up the pillar just past the gem.

Grab the ammo on the left then return to the wall for Secret #3. Shell are in
the opening to the left of the waterfall and some more ammo is in the third
opening. Now head to the right through the arch into the large area. A small
monkey is off to the left. He isn't much of a threat, but kill him just the
same. You should be able to find a small bush with a passage behind it that
leads to a switch. Flip the switch and head back to the gate that you just

Go through the gate and drop down to the dark hall. A switch is on your right
and a deadly spike trap is on your left. Flip the switch then quickly climb
into the alcove to avoid the moving wall of death. When it has passed you can
go to the other end of the hall and climb up to the opening. Go through and
find the cable-slide and ride it down to the base of a square block. Climb
onto this block then doing a short running jump into the passage and drop into
the next area. If you fall in the river, do not fight the current. Just let it
take you to a tunnel which leads to a small pool where you can exit. Watch out
for Piranha!

A beautiful but deadly tiger will attack as you enter so warm up those
pistols. Find the hollow tree and flip the switch inside to open a gate and
also send a boulder rolling your way. Dodge the deadly rock then follow its
path of origin to another switch which opens a gate around the corner. Head
into this next room and kill the attacking tiger. Head to the right through
some thick plants and find the Shells on a small ledge to the left.

Continue into the next area where another tiger will offer itself for target
practice. Keep going until you see some mist rising out of a dark patch in the
middle of the room. This is a deadly spiked pit so stay away from it. Circle
around to the right and claim the ammo in the trees then crawl under the
fallen tree and kill another tiger before collecting the Save Gem.

Standing at the end of the tree, you should be able to jump and grab and climb
into the tree. This area is Secret #4, but the real trick is getting back
out....alive! Hang and drop into a spiked pit with slopes that you can jump
back and forth. Keep moving to one side and you will soon escape the spikes.
Grab the ammo near the rocks then drop into the tunnel and walk through the
spikes. Pull yourself out of this area and return to the end of the tree where
you started all this.

Follow the hallway to a spiked ledge and kill the monkey before walking
through the spikes. Do a running jump and grab to the outside corner of the
hall then jump to the slope above the hall and slide down. Grab the edge as
you fall and shimmy to the right until you can pull up and get the Save Gem.

Climb up and shimmy over to the dark passage, and use a flare to spot and kill
the monkey and locate the switch at the other end which opens a gate down
below. It also triggers a boulder trap, so do a roll and run back out of the
passage. When the threat is over, go back inside and find the hidden ledge
above the switch. Jump and climb up to find Secret #5; ammo then do a safety
drop off the ledge to the area below.

Back down in the jungle you should spot a monkey who will lead you into a
boulder trap. As you run across this area, several boulders will start to roll
down at you. After the third and final boulder has come to a stop you can head
up the slope toward the bushes. Keep to the right as you climb the hill and
you should soon discover a hole behind the bushes. Grab the Medkit then drop
into the pit, quickly grabbing the next ledge to avoid the spikes below. Pull
up and enter the passage to find Secret #6; some Flares and a Save Gem.

Turn and jump across to the next ledge then reverse and do another jump and
grab to climb out of the pit. Return to the area with the three boulders and
go past them until you reach a river. Dive in and swim to the right to find
some ammo on the shore. Jump to the small island then jump and pull up to the
ledge above where you will find a switch to pull that opens a door off in the

Do a running jump and grab from the island to the ledge just next to the
pillar then ride the cable-slide to the bottom and take the hall to the left.
A Save Gem is accessible from the top of the pillar and you can also kill a
pair of tigers from the safety of this high perch.

Your next objective is getting inside that opening to the right of the
waterfall. To do this you must flood this chamber so head to the left into the
dark passage. Cross the pool and get some valuable Flares from the middle
ledge before heading right until you reach a dead end. Pull the block until
the nearby gate opens then enter and flip the switch there to open another
gate in the floor behind the stone you just pulled. Jump in and return to the
previous room and climb out onto the narrow bridge where you can flip the
switches at either end to open yet another gate in the other room.

Head back to that room and enter this gate to find an flip another switch
which floods an upcoming room. One more swim takes you back to the previous
room where you can go through the door between the torches and into the room
you just flooded only moments ago. Swim over to the far waterfall and get out
of the water. Find the passage behind the falls and follow it to the ladder
and climb up. Walk through the waterfall and climb up the other waterfall
before doing a running jump back to the previous waterfall. You should find a
switch at the top of the falls that opens an underwater gate.

Jump (or dive) into the water below and look for some green stone steps. Exit
and climb onto the high ledge then do a running leap to the next ledge where
you can claim a Save Gem. Jump back into the water and go through that gate
you just opened. After a short swim you will reach the next room which has
ammo and Shells all being guarded by a tiger. When you have taken the objects
and killed the striped menace, climb that ladder.

Go around the corner and kill the monkey who just ran off with the Indra Key.
Get the key then look down and spot the tiger lurking below. Kill him from
your safe location then drop down. Make sure to avoid the pulsating brown
quicksand as you make your way to the ledge where you can use the Indra Key to
open the gate. More ammo is in a small niche to the left of the door. Enter
the gate and exit the level.

INDIA - Temple Ruins

Head up the path past the tree and kill the snakes. If you get bit by a snake
you MUST use a medkit otherwise the poison will slowly drain your health until
you die. You may want to wait until all snakes in an area are dead before
healing yourself, otherwise you could waste valuable medkits if you keep
getting bit.

A switch over by one of the snakes opens a gate in the floor nearby. Drop
through the gate and light a flare so you can explore this passage. Get the
Medkit and kill the snake that guards it before exiting the passage. This next
area has some water infested with deadly piranha, and you might find some
things of interest over by the stairs.

It may sound crazy but dive into the water and swim QUICKLY to the ledge which
is covered by a few inches of water. Get out of the water while you still have
some meat on your bones and head up the path and flip the switch to open an
underwater gate between a pair of submerged ledges. Dive back into the water
and swim through the gate. Exit on the other side with piranha nipping at your

A huge mound of dirt lies ahead. As you approach you should be able to just
make out a flat ledge in the pile which is within jumping distance. Make this
jump then walk around to the ledge on the left then jump over to the stone
ledge. Walk around this ledge until you reach an opening by the second
waterfall. Enter and collect the Save Gem then do a running leap out onto the

Explore the branches for ammo and Flares then head back to the main branch and
do another running jump to the left to grab and pull up onto the ledge.
Another running leap takes you to the waterfall where you can make your way up
to the second waterfall. Here you can drop and shimmy to the right to find
some Shells hidden in a niche. Keep crawling until you are able to stand then
do a safety drop to the next area.

Over to the left is a ledge you need to jump, grab and pull up onto. Now crawl
into the cave and watch out for a pair of snakes who block your exit down the
ramp. The next area has an impressive statue and a stone block to the right
that you can pull out. Some Shells are behind it, so get them then enter the
opening behind the block. As you exit, another statue comes to life, so run to
safety. The mound of dirt takes you to a stone ledge with a Save Gem on it.
Keep circling the room and use your Shotgun to take out this giant menace.

After the battle is over, look for a hole in the floor and drop in, where you
will find a switch that opens a gate. Finally, move the block by the switch
and enter the next area. The air is alive with poison darts, but this is Tomb
Raider 3 and Lara can CRAWL in this game. Quickly drop into the nearby hole to
get Secret #1; another Medkit, then get out fast before the rolling boulder
crushes you.

Keep crawling past the flying darts and collect the Shells, Medkit and Flares
before returning to the statue room. Enter the gate then carefully make your
way across the sludge. Always keep moving so you don't sink. Head up the slope
on the other side then do a running leap to grab the next ledge. Go down the
passage to find and flip a switch which opens the nearby gate.

Enter into the next room and quickly jump the swinging blade then sprint to
avoid the spikes moving in for the kill. Up the stairs you will find a cage
with a switch next to it that opens a gate above. DON'T FLIP THE SWITCH YET!
First pull out the block from the wall then push it over to the left then
climb onto it and jump, grab and pull up onto the ledge. Around the corner is
a ladder. Jump and climb up the ladder to find Secret #2; a room full of
assorted items. Flip the switch then climb back down to the main floor.

Now you can flip that switch by the cage then push the block over so you can
climb onto it and jump over to the ledge. Go through the gate and dive into
the water. Pull the lever to open the next gate and swim through. Above you is
a closed gate so keep swimming until you reach a pair of levers. Pull both of
them to open the gate in the ceiling the swim up to get some much needed air.

Jump into the pool and pull the pair of levers that are opposite each other to
activate the statues that will breath fire. The remaining lever opens a timed
door where you can claim several items also known as Secret #3. if you look
closely you will notice hidden platforms that are floating above. The fire
should make them visible enough to jump and grab onto the first, then over to
the next and finally to the ledge where you can flip the switch. Drop down and
get the Save Gem before running through the door on the left. The gate is on a
timer so be fast or you will have to repeat the last part.

This long hall has cages at each end and the one right next to you has spikes.
Flip the nearby switch to open the cage at the far end of the hall and start
the cage next to you moving towards you. Sprint down the hall past the open
cage and grab the Key of Ganesha. Go through the gate and wait for the spikes
to go past. When it is safe, return to the hall and get the ammo and Medkit by
the switch.

Head back to the previous room with the pool which is now replaced with
sludge. Climb the sludge and enter the passage on the right. You should find
some Flares nearby which you really will be needing. Climb the stairs then
retreat when the boulder comes rolling at you and duck into the alcove to the
left. Start back up the stairs until you reach a pair of gates and a hole in
the floor. The path branches right and left at this point. We will explore
both but since the left has an immediate trap, we'll explore the right first.

Going right trips the boulder trap on the left passage, so flip the switch and
enter the gate. Ignore the temptation of exploring that hole in the wall
unless you have saved recently and want to see a cool death. Head up the
passage until you reach a large room with statues, a Save Gem, and floor
grates. Continue down the hall and kill that pesky monkey who is running off
with your Medkit. Finally, drop off and hang, then climb down the wall to the
floor below.

You should now find yourself back in the room with the dead statue from
earlier in the level. Head up the mound and over to the ledge where you should
find a pair of switches which will open a gate below. Return to the floor and
go through the gate into the next room. Go past the pit and into the next door
where you will need to swim across to flip the switch. Avoid the deadly fire
of the statues and if you get torched, just jump into the water to put out the
flames. When you finally flip the switch you will open a gate underwater which
you can swim through while making sure to avoid the poison darts which shoot
from the far wall.

Grab the Medkit from the shore then head to the other grassy ledge where you
will find a ladder that leads up to a ledge behind you. When you get above the
ledge, do a backward flip onto it. Then do a running leap to the next ledge in
front of you. Jump to the next ledge then turn and climb the wall. Turn again
and jump onto the next ledge then turn to see a ledge with a snake ready to
strike. Kill the snake from your current position then jump over to his ledge.
Another jump will put you in a room with a rolling boulder. Dodge it by
heading up the left past the poison dart traps. Crawl under the darts and
other assorted traps and get the Medkit on the left before doing a running
leap and grab to claim the Save Gem in the alcove.

Return to the pit and jump down onto any of the corners. Walk through the
blades and then crouch and crawl through the tunnel to reach a small room with
Secret #4; some ammo guarded by a snake. Drop to the water below and make your
way back to the area where you got the last Save Gem. A moveable block in the
corner can be pushed to reveal a second block which can be pushed several
times. You should soon discover a hidden switch that will flood the pit with
water. Keep going into the next room.

A pair of boulders will start rolling towards you as you enter. Sprint out of
harms way and head off to the left where you will have to jump across a pit
full of spikes. Look down into the hole and note the spikes on one side and
water on the other. Naturally you will want to drop into the water and swim
into the next room with more statues breathing fire at you. You should now be
at the pit you just flooded so dive in and flip the switch to open the gate.
Swim down the passage to get the second Key of Ganesha, then return to the
surface and exit this area.

The next room has a pair of locked gates with a pair of keyhole and you happen
to have a pair of keys. Enter the now-open gates and note the spiked ceiling
dropping towards you. Run to the wall and climb up the ladder where you will
find your next Save Gem. The block over in the right corner is moveable and
needs to be pulled out so you can climb on and do a running jump to the ledge
and the switch above. Turn and do a running leap to the next ledge to find and
flip a second switch which opens the gates. It also causes a pair of boulders
to come rolling into the room which you can easily avoid by jumping to either

Through the gates is a room with two paths, each guarded by flaming statues.
You can dodge the flames with careful timing and use of the sprint run. Wait
for the flames to start to die out then sprint towards them and turn at the
last minute before they flare up again. You should now be in the next room
with another statue who comes to life as you enter. Kill this one just like
the last and when he is dead, take his sword.

Climb onto the ledge with a multi-armed statue and the second statue will come
to life below. Kill him and take his sword then return to the other statue and
put the pair of swords in his empty hands. This opens the exit from this room.
Enter the next room and take your pick of holes to crawl through. In the next
room, drop to the floor and go through this room to the next where another
statue will come to life as your approach the center platform.

When he is dead you can get the Key of Ganesha from the middle of the room
then head over to the gate which will open for you. Light up the place with a
flare and sprint into the room and flip the switch at the other end. The
spiked ceiling will start to descend, so quickly flip the second switch to
open the floor grate and drop in. Below is the second Key of Ganesha and a
gate which will open as soon as you take the key. You can now return to the
room where you got the first key.

Head into the next room with the Save Gem floating in the air and the pit
filled with water. A very strong current will try to pull you into some spikes
on either side of this room, so quickly swim to the left or right and flip the
switch next to the spikes. Swim back to the front of this room then over to
the other switch and flip it to deactivate the strong currents in this area.
You can now pick up the third Key of Ganesha before swim up and climb out of
the pit.

Now you can head over to the wall with the three locks and use your
hard-earned keys to open the gate at the top of the stairs. Climb the stairs
and go through the gate to end this challenging level.

INDIA - Ganges River

That Quad Bike tempts you right away as you begin this new level, but don't
get on it quite yet. Go up to the ramp and drop off the side and hang, then
climb down the ladders which take you to the left. Next is a difficult series
of running jumps. Watch your timing as you make the jump as well as your
headroom throughout the arc of the leap. Backflip from the low area after the
small gap then do one more running jump to access Secret #1.

Once you are in the secret room, face the first slope and jump to it, then
jump 3 more time and grab the edge to reach the flat area and some Shells. Now
you get to make your way all the way back to the Quad Bike. Get up to full
speed and make the jump over the ramp and keep going along the wall and give
the ATV extra gas when you get near a drop-off.

When you reach a small pit you should be able to find a ladder nearby. It
leads down to Secret #2. Get back on your ATV and circle around to the ledge
to make a big jump. Back up against the wall for extra speed and to make sure
you are lined up squarely for the jump. After the jump you will arrive at a
gold door and will be forced to leave your bike behind for now.

Take a look at the wall near the ramp you just jumped then run and jump into
the passage. Crawl along the passage until you can stand, then kill the two
snakes hiding in the shadows as you continue through the passage. You should
come to a hole which you can jump across before arriving at a switch guarded
by some monkeys. Flip the switch to open the gold door then make your way back
to the ATV. Drive until you reach the Save Gem.

At this point you need to stay on the main path. You could take the path to
the right which is a major shortcut to the end of the level, but in doing so
you would miss several secrets and ruin any chance of playing the Secret Bonus
Level. If you insist on taking the shortcut; here is a quick narrative of what
to expect.

SHORTCUT: Take the ATV down a bumpy slope and jump over the river. You'll end
up in a tunnel where a monkey will soon arrive with a Medkit. Kill the monkey
and any of his friends then continue down the passage until you reach a green
cliff with two openings. Explore both areas and watch out for the snake who is
waiting to attack.

The upper entrance leads to a small room that you can crawl to and get the
first Gate Key. Follow the crawlspace along the green passage that leads to
hallway with more monkeys and the Gate Key Locks. You need to jump and grab
the ledge at the end of the hall to get outside where you can spot the gate
and some deadly quicksand nearby. Take the Save Gem then find the steep slope
and do a backflip onto it. Grab on as you start to slide.

Jump off the slope to reach the pillar which you can grab onto and pull up.
Jump over to the branches and into the opening in the wall where you will find
branches and a ledge. Kill any monkeys that get in your way then jump a few
times to the left to get some ammo from another ledge. Over to the right is a
building with the second Gate Key and more monkeys. Keep an eye on that
flaming statue as you head downstairs then flip the switch to open the gate
outside. More monkeys will arrive on the scene, but they shouldn't be too much
of a problem.

Return to the hall with the ledge and the Gate Key Locks and open the gate.
Return to the ATV and ride it up and make a daring jump over the quicksand. Go
around the building where you obtained the second key and head into the jungle
by the river. You will make one final jump across the river to get back on the
main path; a little bit faster but lacking several secrets.

Head along the right side of the slope and make a huge jump. Force your ATV
into the wall to slow it down after you land or you will probably have a fatal
accident. Continue up the slope and then turn right. You should now be in a
large room with a large hole in the floor. Head around the hole and up the
ramp outside. Stay to the right and stop when you reach the top and exit your
bike. Walk out onto the ramp and you should be able to spot the next secret.

You should be able to find some ammo on the ledge, then jump and pull up to
the crawlspace for Secret #3; Harpoons and a Save Gem. Return to your bike and
follow the ramp until you reach the hall that splits off in two directions.
Both passage lead to the same open area with a Save Gem high above and another
ramp to jump your ATV across. You will have to follow the ramp up as it twists
around several sharp corners until you reach the actual jump. Naturally there
is a big hole in the middle of the ramp, but you should be able to get over it
with lots of speed.

Ditch the bike and get the Save Gem then get ready to go for the next secret.
Climb down the nearby ladder and from the top of the cliff you should see the
Secret along the ledge on the left. Follow the top ledge and do a running leap
across the chasm to the next ledge. You may need to take care of a vulture
about now. Do a running jump to the next slope followed by another jump and a
grab so you can pull yourself up and crawl in to claim Secret #4. To exit,
simply jump back to the slope and jump once more to get back across.

From the ledge above the falls you should be able to see a small ledge below
and to the right. Jump down to the ledge and quickly turn to kill the three
vultures who attack. Some ammo is on the ledge and you should also spot a
crack which leads to Secret #5. Do a running leap and a grab to cling to the
ledge and shimmy right. Continue to the water and walk through the falls and
climb the rocks to exit this level.

INDIA - Caves of Kaliya

This level is basically just a big maze so I will try to be specific with my
directions. There are lots more passages available to explore than I am
mentioning in this solve. I am only outlining the areas useful in completing
this level.
At the first intersection, head left to get the Flares. The next intersection
has a crawlspace to the left and a pair of dead ends to the right. A hall
continues on to the left of the crawlspace, so follow it around until you
reach a hole in the floor. Drop into the hole to get some more Flares then
climb out and return to the beginning of the level and take the right path.

After a short crawl you will be running down a ramp being chased by a boulder.
You will probably have to sprint to keep ahead of the boulder but be ready to
make a sharp turn at the bottom of the ramp to get out of the rock's way. Now
head off to the left and explore the passage. You will notice a small alcove
to the right which you are about to use. You may want to light this area with
a flare before you proceed. Continue down the hall and when you hear the
boulder coming at you; roll and run back to the alcove to avoid the boulder.

Now continue down the hall and jump and grab onto the ledge and crawl into the
next series of passages. Watch out for snakes as you explore the area around
the left corner. Return to the crawlspace and continue down the right passage
as it winds around to the left ending in a dead end with some Shells. Return
to the 3-way intersection and take the path opposite the crawlspace (or turn
right). Follow the hall until you notice a raised section of floor. Looking
left you should notice a block that you can push out past the raised floor
revealing a passage to the right. Continue down that hall and turn right at
the next intersection. Make a left at the next intersection and finally
another right and you should work your way around to a dead end with a hole in
the floor.

Drop into the hole and follow this new hall that leads to another crawlspace.
Go through to arrive at another intersection. Head down the hall until you
reach a room with Flares, a hole and a Save Gem. Jump over the hole to get the
gem then do a safety drop into the hole.

YIKES! Surrounded by no less than four snakes. You will be safe as long as you
are standing on the plant in the center of the room. More snakes are waiting
by the pair of ramps at the other end of the room and a rolling boulder adds
to the excitement. It's best to dodge the boulder then kill the snakes. If you
try to do both at once you will certainly get bit. When you have killed the
remaining six snakes, follow the hall where the boulder rolled into and get
the Medkit and the Save Gem.

Slide down the ramp and meet the BOSS. Head to the left of the landing and get
ready to do lots of jumping and firing. Keep your back against the wall and
always keep moving and jumping to avoid his homing missiles. When he is dead
you can collect the Grenade Launcher and grenades from the ledges. Don't
bother getting these first. I learned the hard way that this guy is immune to
grenades. Finally move to the center platform and take the Infada Artifact to
end your adventures in India.

LONDON - Thames Wharf

As you begin your adventures in London, check out the slope wall to the right
where you will find the first secret. Do a running jump over the wall and get
the ammo and Save Gem before using the box to get over the wall. Drop down and
jump to the crane then drop to the counterweight and finally jump and grab
onto the ladder. Avoid the barbwire and make your way down the sloped roof.
Finally walk through the remaining barbwire and kill the rats and claim Secret

Return to the crane then make your way back to the beginning of the level. Now
hang from the walkway until you can spot a ramp and a switch below you. Drop
onto the slope then jump and grab the ledge and pull up to flip the switch. Do
a running jump and grab to the next ledge and get the Medkit then slide down
to the green door that opened when you flipped that last switch.

The second part of the platform in this dark area will collapse as you walk
onto it so do a sprint/roll to get across it and onto the next stable section.
Do a running leap and grab from this section and pull up onto the next ledge
and kill the guy so you can take his Flue Room Key. Return to the ledge and
drop and grab the ledge below. Push the button to open the exit then shimmy
right to leave.

Return to the green trapdoor and flip the switch to the right before doing a
safety drop to the level below. You should spot a ledge above the green door
about the same time you are attacked by a crow. When the threat is eliminated,
shimmy along the ledge and find a pair of crawlspaces. The second space is
Secret #2. Now return to the ledge with the green door and climb into the dark
crawlspace and continue to the right.

Push the next button and return through the crawlspace to find another button
that moves the scaffold. Go to the end of the ledge and do a safety drop to
the slope below and make your way to the ground floor. Kill the sniper before
getting more Flares and a Save Gem then climb the stack of boxes to return to
the upper ledges. Find and use the ladders to return to the beginning of this

Flip the switch then jump back over the ledge above the green door. Shimmy
along the crack to the right and follow the path until the paths split. Take
the lower passage and you should spot the scaffold down below. To the right is
the button you saw earlier. Push the button to raise the scaffold so you can
access the Flue Room door. Do a running jump to the scaffold and grab in
midair so you don't hit your head on the awning. A crow will show up about
now, so when he is dead you can enter the Flue Room.

Grab the Save Gem and push the button that will cause flame jets to shoot into
the room. Time your run through the flames to exit. Do a safety drop from the
scaffold to get back to the main path, then return to the split and take the
upper passage this time. You should spot a hole that is now open thanks to
that button you pressed back in the Flue Room.

Before you drop into the hole, get some ammo that is on the ledge above. Jump
and grab and pull up to get it then look to the left. Slide down the slope and
drop to the ledge. Drop down to get Secret #3; a Rocket, before climbing back
up and dropping into the hole.

Follow the passage and do a jump and grab to pull up to the ledge with the
Save Gem then continue down the sloping passage. Grab the Medkit before
sliding down and dropping into the next room where a guard requires your swift
attention. You are now in the Water Control Room (in case you were wondering)
and there is a pretty good puzzle to solve.

There are two tanks in this room; one is full and the other is empty. There is
also a hallway to the left that you can't get to just quite yet. Flip the
switch to flood the empty tank then jump in and swim down to get some items
and flip a second switch that opens a door in the full tank. Return topside
and flip the switch again to lower the water level in the tank with the door
you just opened. Dive in and swim past the dangerous blades which should slow
down as you get near allowing you to pass. Continue along the passage past the
fans and look for a crawlspace when the main hall comes to a dead end. Drop
down to the passage below and enter the dark room.

Pull the mesh box out then push it along the walkway so the generator smashes
the wall panel. Be careful and always back away after each movement of the box
just in case... You should also find a Save Gem over by the light switch.
After you have shorted out the appropriate systems, the glass panel back in
the Water Control Room will have lifted and you can access the button.

You should now have access to the glowing red hall to the left. Follow the
hall and swim over to kill another guard and press the button to raise the
second glass shield. Return to Water Control Room and use the monkey swing to
get across the now-dry tank. After you press the second button, return to the
tank you just did the monkey swing on and swim down following the underwater
tunnel where you can find some Harpoons. When you come to the open area, grab
the items and exit into the hallway.

Follow this passage through some barbwire and jump to the crane platform and
do another jump to the wall. Watch out for a sniper in the cathedral dome who
is protecting this levels final two secretes. Find and push the moveable block
so you can use it to climb to the ledge above. You should get a Medkit; Secret
#4, and a running jump over to the far slope will get you the Cathedral Key
(which is used in the Secret Bonus Level).

Before leaving, check out the fence to the left and notice the break. Climb
down the ladder and follow the path down to Secret #5; a Medkit before climb
up and exiting the dome and this level.

LONDON - Aldwych

As the level begins grab onto the ledge and get the Shotgun Shells, before you
drop into the subway. Blast open the grating in the first hall and climb into
the upper area where you can find several items. Kill anything sneaking up on
you - rats are abundant in this level. Walk around and pull out the box with
the climbable surface then drop into the ticket booth area. Kill some more
rats then climb up the opening above the ticket booth where you will find the
Maintenance Room Key. Leave through the door and take the escalator on the
right. Jump the pit then head through the door.

A button in the room turns on the lights which should let you spot an Old
Penny lying next to the tracks. Drop down onto the lower tracks then sprint
and dodge to the right to avoid the oncoming train. You should now be in a red
room which you will see many more times during this level. Get all the items
then climb up the ladder and backflip to the ledge. Monkey swing across the
ceiling then turn right and drop at the wall.

Do a safety drop into the drill room the jump sideways to the left as the
floor falls out beneath you. Slide then jump and grab to hang onto the ledge
and shimmy right as a blade comes down. When you get to the right, drop and
grab the edge of the slope and pull up and do a backflip with a twist to face
and grab the opposite ledge. One more safety drop to the next ledge gets you
Secret #1.

Back in the upper chamber, climb to the ledges and sidestep to the right then
get on the block when the flames die down. Climb up and flip the switch to
open a door back in the red room and activate another trap. Climb up into the
chamber above the train platform and kill some rodents and gather up the items
before dropping down to the platform. Return to the red room using the lower
tracks and climb up to the trap door.

In this room you will need to kill a guy then find the area to drop down and
pull out the box so you can enter the next hall. Continue down this hall until
you reach a green colored area with a pair of buttons. Press the left button
then sprint to the middle and far right rooms to get the first Solomon Key. On
your return trip through the red room do the monkey swing into the drill room
to get the second Solomon Key in the hall above the drill.

Head back to the ticket booth and use that Penny to buy a Ticket. Investigate
the other escalator and kill anything that gets in your way. When you spot the
mudslide you should also see a grating you can blast open. Drop inside to find
Secret #2, then head down the tracks and shoot the guard on the right. Shoot
him fast otherwise he will escape and have you run over by a train.

In the small room, find and push the button to enter the next puzzle room. A
small alcove should also open back on the track allowing you to get a Save Gem
which you should get (and use) before tackling this next puzzle. This next
room is tough. Press the button on the right just inside the hall then head
down the long hall around a left turn to press the next button. A room should
open, so enter and press the button on the left, then return to the hall and
go around the turn to find a button on the right. Push it, then head back to
the very first button and push it before heading all the way back down the
long hall and pressing that button again. You should now have access to the
Mason's room. If not - then be glad you saved your game.

The first thing you want from the Mason's room, besides that Save Gem, are the
Uzi's. There are some nasty floor panels that will collapse so watch out for
those. The Ornate Star is behind the curtain. You can run to get it but you
will have to jump back as the floor will have collapse behind you. Use that
pair of Solomon Keys to get the Masonic Mallet. Watch out for attack dogs when
you take this item.

You should find a second door in the Mason's room where you can swim to a new
area. Run, jump and grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right. Jump to the
ceiling panel and then drop down to the crawlspace and continue until you
reach the barrier. That Ticket will come in handy about now and so will you
guns against the attacking rats. Use the Ornate Star in front of the door to
trigger Secret #3. Get ready for some fast combat action before following the
upper hall to the escalator.

Continue until you reach the locked door then use the Masonic Mallet to open
the door and follow the hall until you arrive at the train. Kill the guard
then explore the darkness for more useful items and Secret #4. Enter the train
and press the button then follow the passages leading to the end of this level
but don't leave just yet.

You should spot a guy with a torch running off down a hall. Follow him, but
DON'T SHOOT. He is your ticket to the final secret in the game. As you go
around the corner you will get attacked by two guys. Kill them both then press
both of the switches in the small room to open the final secret back in the
red room. Retrace your path back through the train and across an overpass and
through a trapdoor. Back in the red room you should now see a new open door
with lots of items and even some target practice to the left of the
intersection. This is Secret #5, and once you have it you can exit the level
via either ramp back by the room with the two buttons that opened this secret.

LONDON - Lud's Gate

The important thing to remember now is that the Immortals are now "friends",
much like the Monks from Tomb Raider 2. As long as you leave them alone, they
will leave you alone.

Take a left at the room with two pools and slide down to the room below. Pull
up onto the right ledge then drop down to the crack then finally the ground
where you can walk through some barbwire. Pull up where the crack widens to
find a dark area also known as Secret #1. Exit via the hole in the ceiling
then jump around the corner to grab the edge of the slope to get back up above
the barbwire.

Press the button to open the trapdoor then climb to the passage and get the
Medkit before jumping and climbing up the mesh. When you get above the green
gate do a backwards jump with a twist to land on the ledge behind you.
Backflip and twist to reach the ladder behind you and climb up and drop then
grab so you are hanging from the ledge. Now pull up onto the ledge to trigger
Secret #2.

Climb the mesh and crawl to the end of the passage where some ammo is stashed.
Then crawl back until you can stand and drop down to the room where you can
find a moveable block. Kill the guard then move the block to the other side of
the track so you can enter the next area.

You should now be in an Egyptian area and a ladder is nearby. Climb up and go
through the opening. Follow the passage and move the box so you can climb up
to put you within jumping and grabbing reach of the exit. Now use the pillar
to reach the upper ledge to the left. Slide down the red sloped hall to the
room with the block and move it over to the middle then return to the Egyptian
room. Climb the pillar and find the switch on the wall to the left of the
ladder. Do a running jump and grab to lower your arc and land on the ledge.
Flip the switch to close the ladder door.

Use the monkey swing to access a pair of alcoves where you can claim a Save
Gem and find a switch that opens the a door above you. Climb to the top of
this room using the ladder and various ledges on the left. You should find
some items along the way. At the top of the slope you will want to slide and
jump then grab the walkway. Slide again and jump as the floor gives way
beneath you. You should now be able to get the Embalming Fluid before going

Kill the guard up ahead then enter the crawlspace leading to the next room. As
you exit into this next room you will be taking hits already from a gunman.
Stand and kill him quickly then get the Rocket from behind the door before
heading to the Sphinx room. Monkey swing across to the ledge and get the Save
Gem then drop to the head of the Sphinx.

Head to the left-rear corner and do a standing jump to a small ledge with a
Medkit. Jump to the nearby pillar then do a running jump and grab the edge of
the slope. Pull up and slide then jump to the ledge where you can see another
Save Gem and register Secret #3.

Once you reach the bottom, kill any enemies then move the boxes around. Stand
on the first ledge and climb one of the boxes to access the upper passage
where Secret #4 will chime. Jump and grab and then drop from the blue ledge to
get back down. Move the other box to return to the beginning of this level
where you can use the Embalming Fluid at the ceremonial altar to open the next

Dive in and locate the UPV. Head to the right to find the opening and enter
the hole beneath the box as a croc closes in. Once inside, spin around and
shoot the croc as he swims toward you. Collect all the items from the
surrounding area and don't forget to catch your breath every now and then. A
strong current will suck you into a new area over to the right. Follow this
passage and spot the next secret through the window. Pull the lever to the
right and push the button above to open the next passage further down this

Continue along the passage and head to the right when you enter the large
area. Air is above around a second right turn and down below is a room with a
switch. Down next to this room is a small alcove in the wall with some items
that make up Secret #5.

Return to the large underwater area and head down the narrow hall. Climb out
on the ledge to the right and stay low. Your final Secret #6 is underwater and
to the right, but you must kill the frogman quickly or he will close it off
and you won't be able to get it (without restoring your game). Take the
underwater tunnel to the large area where there are lots of items to collect,
switches to flip and doors to explore. Air is available in the upper-left
corner and you will need to breath before each dive.

When you flip the final switch the exit will open back to the left of the air
pocket. A small army of frogmen will also swarm the area. Get out of this area
as quickly as possible. Once you make it to the water passage, drop down
beneath the flaming ledges and pull the lever to turn off the fire. Dodge the
pistons and use the monkey swing to get to the opening in the waterfall. Use
the Boiler Room Key to open the door back through the underwater chamber.

Follow the machinery to the left and kill some guards. The trail should come
to a dead end but a crawlspace is nearby which leads to the next area. Do a
running jump and grab onto the ledge. When you reach the purple ledge it's
time for the next level and the next BOSS!

LONDON - The City

This entire level is pretty much one big fight with Sophia. Try to keep under
cover except for those brief moments when she has to recharge her deadly
energy bolts.

You start in the office and the battle begins when you near the end of the
hall. Run for the ramp then pull up and turn. Ignore the monkey swing and just
do a running jump and grab to clear the gap. Pull up onto the pillar then pull
up above the monkey swing.

If you look away from Sophia you should spot a metal box and if you look over
the edge you should spot this level's only secret. Back off and hang from the
wall then drop and grab onto the next ledge and pull up into the alcove to
claim the items and register Secret #1. When you are ready to get back into
battle, hang and drop off to the floor below.

Climb back to the ledge with the metal box and find the catwalk leading away
from the secret area. Follow it to a button and press it. Do a roll and run
back quickly to avoid incoming fire from above. You should now find an open
door to the ledge above. Pull yourself up to the ledge and head along the
catwalk to the ladder. Wait at the bottom of the ladder for the sound of
Sophia recharging her energy before trying to climb the ladder. At the top,
climb into the space to the right and get the Medkit if it's safe. Crawl out
then get on top of the crawlspace.

Run along this upper catwalk and do a running jump to grab the far ledge.
Climb up and move forward to the fuse box on the wall. Put a few bullets into
the box to finish off Sophia once and for all. One of the four relics is
visible across the way, but your immediate path is pulsing with electricity.
Return across the upper catwalk to the crawlspace and make the small jump
across the street. Watch out for electrified areas and pull up onto the tall
wooden box then over to the next box. Climb over the box to the right of the
relic to find the main power switch. Push it to kill the power then safely
claim your artifact. That's it - I hope you enjoyed your stay in London.

NEVADA - Nevada Desert

Vultures above and snakes below will be your main threats in the desert. A
snake to the right of your starting location guards a Rocket. Wade across the
water and enter the passage to find a block you can push. Grab the ammo and
head up the trail. A pair of running jumps should land you on the middle ledge
where you can do a safety drop to the area below. Snakes guard Secret #1.
Don't let them back you into the barbwire behind you before you kill them and
get the items.

To exit this area you need to push that block you moved earlier then jump down
to the platform below and do a running jump and grab to get off this ledge.
Continue until you see a metal chute then head right and jump up to the ledge
nearby. Kill the snake hiding in the bushes then run and jump to the next
ledge. Run right off the end of this ledge to drop to the next one below and
continue along until you can drop down and get a Medkit.

Climb back up and continue to the rocks where you can run, jump and grab to
reach the rocks where you can deal with another snake as you make your way to
the top of the chute. Drop into the chute and fall into the water. Swim until
you can surface for air and climb out. Look around and find the trail leading
away from the waterfalls.

Head down the path and defend yourself against the vulture attack. You will be
taking this same path two more times so get used to the jumping and climbing
you are doing this first trip. Continue until you reach the high ledge at the
same level as the cool rock formation.

Do a running jump across the canyon and climb down to locate the next secret.
Climb down the ladder and stay to the right. Drop from the ladder and grab
right away to cling to the crack and shimmy right until you can climb onto the
ledge and get Secret #2. Jump into the water below and get all the items that
are stashed underwater as well as several alcoves near the waterfall.

Exit the water by climbing up the red rock near the falls. At the top, do a
running jump to the slope across from you then head down that path again for
your second of three trips along this trail. Take the upper route this time
and kill another snake hiding in the bushes. Jump past the rock and avoid the
hole on the ledge. Do a drop and a grab to the crack below and shimmy left
until you can climb up to the ledge. Jump and cling to the rock face above and
monkey swing to the face of the cliff, then climb up the cliff to the left.

Take the Save Gem then find the Flares and TNT on the ledge below. Looks like
you need a Detonator Key, so move on for now. Head to the waterfall and jump
over to the slop and grab on as you slide off. Climb down to the ledge below
and continue along the cliff until you can jump over to the rocky surface and
climb to the top. Do a daring backflip over to the flat rock then jump and
grab the slope between the pair of waterfalls. As you pull up you will start
to slide toward the ledge which you will need to jump and grab to reach. Grab
the ammo before jumping to the crack and shimmy right. When you get the wide
angle camera view, drop and jump to do another backflip across the water.

Keep jumping along the platforms as you make your way upstream. You should
come across a large cave with a waterwheel. A boulder on the left shore is the
hiding place of another snake. Crawl under the opposite rock and go up the
ladder to get Secret #3. Climb to the left and drop down to the floor and kill
the snake. Return to the shore and investigate further.

To the left of the waterwheel is a small room with an elevator. Here you will
find the Detonator Key and a guy guarding it. Kill him then climb up the
waterwheel and follow the channel to an open area. Watch out for more vultures
at this point. Dive into the water and swim down to the right where you will
find a switch that open a door leading to a room with some ammo. Flip the next
switch to open the underwater passage and enter to find another switch hidden
along the dark wall above. Pull it then swim back through the passage pulling
another switch as you make your way back to the hall above.

Find the final switch and pull it to start the waterwheel. Head back that
direction and get the items from dry river bed as you do. Use the upper ledge
then jump down to the river bed. You should find a block down here that will
let you get behind the falls. After you have gotten everything you want,
return to the elevator by the waterwheel.

Kill the guard and take the Detonator he was protecting then make the long
trip back to the ledge with the TNT. You have the necessary items to do a
little blasting but watch out for that boulder that's just waiting to crush
you. Jump to the left to avoid getting crushed after you blast the TNT.
Explore the demolished area and climb up the new ledges to reach the next

Head around the fence to the left and climb into the dark passage. Continue
until the path splits and pull up to the upper ledge. Jump into the water and
swim around to find a pair of switches hidden in the tunnel and behind the
pillar. Flip them both then return to the outside area by the fence. Head down
the large cave and kill the snakes before flipping the next switch inside the

Make another trip down that dark passage and this time take the low path. Kill
some guards, then jump across the fence to the box and put some distance
between you and the hum of the electric fence as more guard move in for
combat. Explore the nearby building to find some guards watching over a Quad
Bike and a lock. A few bullets should get you the necessary permission to take
the bike for a spin.

Use the box and the grating to climb onto the roof of the next building to get
the Generator Access Pass. You could also ride and jump the ATV onto the roof.
but it is quite dangerous and you will probably die a few times in the
attempt. Return to the lock with the Access Pass and open the door. Do an
immediate backflip and kill the power to the electric fence. Push the button
next to the main gate and get on your ATV and ride out of this area. Head down
the cave and jump the fence to exit the desert.

NEVADA - High Security Compound

You start this level relieved of all your possessions (except for Save Gems).
You have more allies in this level as long as you don't mess with the
prisoners. They will help you dispatch the numerous guards on this level, so
just bait the guards and lead them back to the inmates who will properly
thrash them.

Jump into the window to get the attention of the nearby guard. When he gets
close, sprint past him and jump the railing outside. When he comes after you,
run back upstairs toward your cell and flip the switch nearby to release your
"neighbor" who will fight the guard for you. Now it's time to start a prison
riot, so open all the remaining doors to release the rest of the inmates. Make
a careful note of the cell door that was already open and head there after the
prisoners are free.

This room has a box which is the beginning of a complicated sequence of events
to get the first secret. Push this box to find a crawlspace. Crawl in and push
the next box which let you push the previous box back down the passage so you
can now see the crawlspace to your right. Pull the second box two times then
crawl back through to get the Medkit which is also Secret #1.

Take the passage out of this cell and jump and grab onto the walkway above. Do
a running leap over the barbwire and keep going. You will need to walk through
some barbwire to reach the next switch then use the ledge nearby to reach the
trapdoor. You should spot a ledge about halfway down to the left. Head down
the dark passage and jump over the first trapdoor then enter a small room and
drop through the trapdoor to enter the Control Center. Press the button here
and watch a small inmate vs. guard battle which will get you a Security Pass
when it's all over.

Find the dining room and take the door to the left to find some large boxes.
Find and push the moveable box under the hole in the ceiling then climb up and
jump over the pipe to find and flip the switch. You can now swim into the room
with the boxes and swim into another hole in the ceiling to arrive at the
kitchen. Make your way to the room with the red floor and continue down the
walkway avoiding the barbwire pits until you reach a pair of doors.

The yellow room has a switch to turn off the fire in the kitchen. Return and
drop into the kitchen and open the door at the other end. Go around the corner
and open the door on the right then sprint back to the kitchen and head right
then left into the hall. Run all the way back to where the prisoners are so
they can take care of the guard chasing you. When all is safe; return to the
door where the guard came from and explore that room.

You should find a switch that opens the vent above the grill. Jump to the
crack so you can shimmy left and jump from the slope to the ledge across the
pit. Pull up into the crawlspace. Follow the corridor until you spot an inmate
in the hall. Continue on to the green passage and let the guard go by. When he
moves to the left you can sprint to the right and get out of sight before he
turns. Head right and dodge the next guard as you cross the open area and make
your way to the lower prison area.

Open the cell to free another prisoner and he will take off down the hall.
Follow him as he proceeds to beat on a guard allowing you to get a Security
Pass which opens the nearby door. Continue down the large passage and when the
guard spots you, lead him on a chase down the left hall. Open the cell in the
passage and get the key after the beating is over. This key is a perfect match
for the lock back in the open area.

When you come across the guard below you need to duck and enter the crawlspace
and head toward the switch. Wait for the guard to go left then flip the switch
and jump over the red laser to get into the hall before the guard shoots you.
Continue down this hall to the next room. From the walkway, do a safety drop
from the lowest support beam to the ground. Go climb the ladder to enter the
corridor with the guard on duty. He is guarding the level's final secret so
you will have to return when you have some weapons.

Sneak past the guard and return to the red passage and use the Security Pass
in the lock and climb up the ladder. Push the button to open the small door.
There is also a switch nearby that will close this door. Under NO circumstance
should you press this switch, otherwise you will never get that final secret.
Instead, just dive in the water and get the Save Gem.

Swim through the long passage until you can climb out and jump the lasers to
reach the ledge. You should now be in the cargo area where you can climb some
boxes to the left to find your Pistols and Desert Eagle in a small room. Watch
out for a very deadly gun turret as you leave this room. Hang a right and
sprint to safety until the gun shuts down. Then you can climb up the boxes and
make your way to the final secret.

Head through that door you hopefully left open and make your way to the main
floor by the big dish. Then go to the hall with the guard you sneaked by
earlier and finish him off. Take his Security Pass and open the door at the
end of the hall. The short passage beyond is home to Secret #2; a Grenade

Return to the cargo room and this time go up the slope and take out the guards
with your favorite weapon. When the passage is clear, climb the ladder to find
a button to the right. Pushing the left button will bring in more guards which
probably isn't a good thing since you are trying to save ammo. Climb onto the
box so you can reach the upper ledge in the cargo area then monkey swing
across to the next ledge. Kill the next guard and take his Security Pass to
open the locked gate. Kill the small army of guards and finally climb into the
truck to leave this level and head for Area 51.

NEVADA - Area 51

The key to this level is to kill your enemy fast. They will usually not attack
you, but rather make a dash for the nearest alarm switch to call in for
reinforcements. Use your Desert Eagle and you should be able to kill these
guys quickly and accurately from a distance.

When you arrive, get out of the truck and get the items from the nearby
crates. Chase down the guard and kill him before he hits the alarm switch. Get
the MP5 and use the button (not the alarm switch) to open the grate which lets
you crawl in to get a Medkit.

The next area has laser traps (get used to them as they are everywhere). Enter
the crawlspace and crawl to the left to get another Medkit. Go back to the
tunnel as the lasers move away. Wait until they move above you then run to the
ledge and grab and pull up get out of the path of the returning lasers. When
the guard moves off to the right, crawl out of the passage and quickly kill
the guard before he hits the alarm.

You will soon arrive at a laser-trigger turret which can easily be avoided by
simply crawling through the hole in the wall. Continue along the passage and
kill another guard and continue until you find the switch above the trapdoor.
Flip the switch and fall below, turning left and heading to the right of the
pillar when you land. A guard is already running for an alarm to your left.
Kill him fast or lose access to the first secret.

Gather up the Grenades then drop to the mesh floor and flip the switch to open
the trapdoor which drops you down once again. Kill the next guard and go
through the open gate leading to the crawlspace which is also considered
Secret #1. Collect the ammo and drop through the trapdoor to the hall below.
Another guard needs your swift attention before you move off to explore around
the corner.

Flip the switch to open a cell releasing a prisoner. He will move off to fight
a guard while you can duck inside to get the Medkit. Back in the long passage
you will need to use the crawlspace to avoid the numerous laser traps and get
another Medkit and Shotgun in the process. Kill the guard next to the buttons
which monitor the upcoming trap.

As you approach the door, guards will move in from both sides. When they are
dead you can find a switch in one of their hiding places that opens the
crawlspace in the other. Continue up the corridor and trip the green laser to
activate the alarm and kill the guard who arrives on the scene. When you have
to choose your next path, head to the right and use the wall for protection
from the sniper over by the missile. Once he is dead, get the Code Clearance
Disk and head back down the hall and take the left passage.

Jump over the lasers to reach the console and use the disk to get that missile
out of the way. Now you can get the ammo from the ledge and prepare to get the
next secret.

Do a running jump to the ladder between the missiles and climb up. Backflip
from the top and kill the sniper lurking in the corner. Jump over to his
location through the gap in the beams and get the Hangar Access Key. At the
other end of his ledge is a platform you can drop onto. A weird grating on the
wall can be blasted and you can crawl into the tunnel to claim Secret #2; a
much needed Save Gem. Return to the missile bay and find the passage on the
ground floor.

Avoid the hole in the floor that leads to the launch control area. Use the
Hangar Key when you find the lock and enter. Kill the guard on the train
platform before dropping down near the deadly electric rail. Climb up the mesh
and push the button to call the train. Jump from the ledge to the train then
jump to the hall above to monkey swing over the gratings that open up as you
pass by. Keep an eye on the lasers and wait for them to move away before
dropping down just as they reverse and come back at you.

Another guard is running off for help. Kill him before he gets it then
continue up the hall into the next area. Go around the UFO and watch out for
those green electic eyes that will activate those deadly gun turrets. When you
reach the boxes, climb up to the opposite passage and kill the guard up ahead.
He is headed for an alarm down the hall to the left and you better not let him
reach it.

The room with the pair of buttons is tricky and dangerous. A guard will arrive
when you press the buttons the first time. When they are dead you can finish
the puzzle in comfort. Push the left button then quickly press the button on
the right by jumping right and rolling then use the white top of the console
to get to the other walkway and drop to the floor and run out the door.

Kill the next guard and study all those switches. Flip the two switches on the
right then the second switch from the left to access the UFO. Return to the
UFO and push the button before climbing the ladder. Backflip from the ladder
to the rafters then do a running jump across the rafters until you reach the
catwalk above the UFO. Get the Launch Code and return to that hole in the
floor I mentioned earlier that leads to Launch Control.

Use the code to access the button and as soon as you push it, jump to the left
and roll and keep running. Use the sprint for extra speed to escape the
fireball. Return back to the area where the missile used to be and kill the
guard who arrived to check out all the noise. Open the passage and enter as
the door seals behind you - gulp! Continue past the laser trap and kill the
sniper and anybody else who gets in your way. Get the key to the UFO and
finally flip the switch below to open the trapdoor.

Return to the area with the UFO and gather up the items lying about before
climbing back into the rafters. Head past the walkway leading to the UFO and
do a running jump and grab to the open door leading to the aquarium. Inside is
Secret #3; another Save Gem.

Finally the moment you've been waiting for; use the UFO Key to get inside the
ship where more guards are waiting to give you a hard time. There's no going
back as the door seals shut behind you. When everyone is dead (except for you
hopefully), get the relic from the upper area and you can leave Nevada.


This level features two unique paths to get to the village and each path
shares a common pair of secrets while having it's own unique third secret. If
you know the secret path you can also claim the third unique secret from the
other path and actually get four out of a possible three secrets for this
level. I'll tell you how to do it if you want to make the trip. You will get
no extra prizes or bonuses; only the admiration of Lara and myself for being
so diligent. On a final note - you don't get to find or fire that cool gun in
the following picture. I just included it because it looked cool and it was in
a jungle setting. Sorry if you got all excited...

Begin the level by heading right and swim into the lagoon. Below is a block
and a Smuggler's Key (crucial for finding that forth secret). Swim out onto
the beach and get the Medkit then investigate those cliffs. Do a running jump
over to the slope and grab on to shimmy right until you can get up on the flat
surface. Jump over the next flat area then do a running leap to grab and pull
up onto the ledge with Secret #1; MP5 ammo.

Now the paths diverge. One route leads down behind the yellow colored slope.
The other starts inside the hut where you can use the Smugglers Key to open
the trapdoor. This route is the ONLY way to get all four secrets on the
island. Since the trapdoor route requires some backtracking along the OTHER
route I will explain it first. If you choose the trapdoor route I will tell
you when it's time to backtrack.

Slide down the slope behind the yellow ridge. You cannot get back up this
slope so the trapdoor (and forth secret) is forever out of reach unless you
restore. Head into the thick bushes where a native is hiding. Do a running
jump and grab to the ledge above the swamp. You will trigger a dart trap but
as long as you don't move they won't hit you. Run and jump out of here when
the darts have past.

You will pass under a rope bridge and continue to the opening where more
natives await. Climb up the roots of the large tree then pull up onto the
ledge. Some Shells are a few ledges (and jumps) away in the opposite direction
of the swamp. Find and follow the branch that runs along the rope bridge. Do a
running jump to grab the branch and take it to the other side where you can
find Serpent Stone #1. A concealed ledge is above you and has Secret #2; ammo
on it. Slide down to the ground and head over to the waterfall.

Drop down and get the Save Gem then follow the path until you can jump behind
the waterfall into a dark area. You should find Serpent Stone #2 in this room.
Now return to the exit and jump to the slope and walk down it so you don't
fall off. Make your way to the platform in the middle of the falls and climb
the ladder. Follow the passage and keep climbing to reach the upper level.
Kill the native waiting on the ledge then do a running leap and grab to the
next ledge.

>From this ledge you should be able to jump to the next ledge near the final
stone. Jump around the corner next to the torch and get Serpent Stone #3. You
now can just slide down from the ledge and find the passage with the slots for
the three stones. Put each stone in its resting place and the entrance to the
village will open.

Enter the village and kill the native on the ledge above. More natives move in
from the left. You should get a Medkit and a Rocket is in one of the huts.
Another native over to the left is shooting poison darts. Dodge them and kill
him quickly. Follow the path to the left and kill another native on the ledge
before turning the wheel which opens the path back to the right. Return to the
village and kill more attacking natives who try to stop you. Head into the new
open area along the right path.

Natives are waiting between the huts to surprise you. There are also some
Shells on the ledge nearby. Between the huts is a dark path. If you light a
flare you should spot a secret cave. Keep an eye out for attacking natives as
you get Secret #3 from inside the cave.

Now head to the treehouse and climb the ledge to search the huts above. Watch
out for more native snipers with dart shooters. Remember that poison will
slowly eat away at your health, even after the initial hit. Turn the wheel in
the hut to open a door below the treehouse. This will also summon a native who
needs to learn about the proper use of gun powder.

Jump out of the window in the treehouse and over to the sloped roof. Jump
again as soon as you land then grab to cling to the ledge. Climb into the
passage and kill the guy in there before proceeding down the hall. Watch out
for the hole in the floor as you make your way to the top of the hut where you
can reach the vines above. Grab them and monkey swing to the other end, then
turn to the right and head to the intersection and keep left.

In the next hut you will find a button which raises a grating allowing you to
get by the deadly fire. This trap is quite deadly so do it fast and do it
right. After you push the first button, turn and kill the native, then sprint
past the spinning blades and turn the wheel. Now slide backwards and hang
before dropping to the slope below.

A giant crocodile is lurking about the water in this area so you may want to
get to the safety of shore quickly so you have the advantage. Follow the
tunnel to the end of this level.

ALTERNATE ROUTE: Go through the trapdoor in the hut and the run and jump from
the upper section to dodge the trap. Climb up to the torch in the next cave
and kill the native shooting darts at you. Do a monkey swing from the nearby
ledge until you can drop down and climb to the green rocks to the right. Climb
up to the corner above the entrance then monkey swing over towards the gem.
Watch out for the crocs in the water below.

Jump onto the slope and slide down, then jump the gap at the bottom to reach
the opposite ledge. Another sniper is lurking in the tall grass above. Do a
running jump and grab the ladder and climb up to the Medkit. Hang onto the
ledge and shimmy left to get the Save Gem before running off this ledge toward
the big wall.

You should now be on the rope bridge (the one that would be above you if you
took the other route). Continue to the large room but stay out of the light.
Find and flip the switch to turn off the dart trap and allow access to the
chute leading to the village. Claim Secret #4.

If you don't plan on backtracking, and choose instead to take the chute to the
village, then the last secret will be #2 and the secret in the village with be

Now that you have the extra secret from the Smuggler's Key Route you can now
decide if you want to take the chute directly to the village or return to the
bridge and collect the 3 Serpent Stones and finish the level the original way.
If you choose the chute you will end up in the village and can proceed from

If you choose to get the 3 Serpent Stones and all 4 secrets in this level then
return to the rope bridge and jump out to the pillar on the right then over to
the ledge with Serpent Stone #1 and pull up onto the concealed ledge with the
ammo and the next secret. Continue your adventure from this point.


You will need to use the map to get across the swamp alive. Make sure to do
running jumps to clear all the danger zones. Just before you make the final
jump out of the swamp, turn left and jump and pull up into the small area to
get Secret #1. Do a running jump from the lower corner to get back to the
previous area where you can make that final running jump out of the swamp.
Make sure to grab or you will come up short.

The fog up ahead hides some rocks and a deadly raptor. Kill the raptor before
climbing the rocks to the next area where another raptor attacks from the
left. When he is dead, take the right path until you reach the large tree. A
dark passage is behind the tree and leads to more raptors and quite a few
items. Flip the pair of switches to open the door and exit.

The next open area is infested with more raptors. Take the passage to the
right of the waterfall and follow it around to the right. Climb the ladder and
backflip to the slope then jump to the branch and whip out those guns and
shoot the raptor which falls into the water below - a tasty treat for the
piranha. Jump up and grab the high branch and carefully walk out onto the limb
to get Secret #2. Now you can jump into the water below and flip the switch.
Don't worry about the piranha - they are still eating that raptor you fed them

Raptors are everywhere in the next passage. Kill them all as you make your way
to the dark room with the box and many switches in it. Each time you flip the
switch, raptors will rush into the room. Climb the box to kill them (or chase
them off) from safety before flipping the next switch. After you have flipped
all three switches, jump from the box to the upper ledge where you can get Lt.
Tuckerman's Key and kill more raptors waiting to ambush you.

Take the path back near the plane crash. Any raptors you didn't kill earlier
will now be attacking. Use grenades to kill multiple raptors if you can get
them bunched up in the hall. Find the small corridor by the plane and follow
it to a lookout over an open area. Some ammo is nearby so get it then head
toward the soldier. Soldiers are friendly UNLESS you fire on them first, so
don't make any more enemies than you already have.

As you near the soldier, a pair of raptors attack, so make your way back to
the ledge. Both the raptors and the soldier will assist you in the upcoming
battle with the T-Rex (if you let them live). Plan your strategy then drop
down and head for the T-Rex nest. Taking Commander Bishop's Key from the nest
will trigger the arrival of momma T-Rex.

You can try to fight this monster if you want or let the raptors and the
soldier distract her while you get those doors open. Either way, sprint
towards the torch at the other end of this area and flip the switch to get you
access to the second switch. Run over and flip that switch to open the exit
which lets you leave and also lets any surviving raptors from the first part
of this level IN! This isn't a bad thing since they will more than likely
attack the T-Rex instead of you. Even if you killed everything prior to this
area, one more raptor will join the fight.

Before leaving this battle zone, find the branch and jump and grab onto it
from the ledge below. Pull up and get Secret #3; Medkit, then jump over to the
tree and jump to the landing to get some Flares before heading all the way
back to the plane wreck.

Locate the pillar in the dark area and jump and grab to the top of it where
you can then climb up the tree and monkey swing over to the trunk. Keep on
swinging out onto the long limb and drop off when the camera moves out for the
big picture. Climb down the wall and shimmy to the left and pull up into the

Now climb down the rock face into the small alcove then monkey swing to the
door that overlooks the large room. A ledge below has a switch you need to
flip to access the second switch. Climb around and drop and grab and climb
some more until you can pull up onto the ledge with the second switch. Flip
it, then return to the first switch and flip that one again to access the
third and final switch.

Now you need to monkey swing over to the wall near the dead end. Turn around
and climb down the wall to the bottom so Lara is hanging only by her hands.
Then climb up her feet get on the ladder then backflip to the hidden ledge
where the third switch is. Flip the switch then jump back to the ladder and
climb up to the ledge on the right. Do a running jump to the slope near the
middle of the large room and grab the edge as you slide and shimmy right until
you can backflip to the central column. Then jump up to the monkey swing and
exit into the new area with the plane.

Do a running jump to grab onto the limb then another running leap will put you
on the plane. Go inside and kill the raptor and use the keys in the cockpit to
turn on the power. Now head further down into the plane and flip the switch to
extend the big gun and fire on the raptors who are doing battle with soldiers
outside the plane. The gun will also blast holes into the walls in the
building across the river. When everything is safe, you can exit this level
through the hole in the wall.


Get ready to "shoot the rapids" in this exciting (and dangerous) level.
Paddling the Kayak isn't too difficult once you figure out the moves. Make
sure to practice in the calm water before hitting the rapids. Also remember
that your back-paddle is much more effective than any other move while in the
boat. It will slow you down and help your turn sharper.

First check out the starting location and clean up the resident bats and the
dragon living in the tree. Another dragon is under the ledge in the gorge, so
don't let him surprise you. Climb down the pillars then jump over to the large
block in the center. You can now jump over to the rocks and grab on. Shimmy
over to the right and flip the switch to open a door back at the beginning of
this level. You can now shimmy to the left and continue, or if you want to get
some extra ammo, do a daring backflip from the slope back to the block in the
middle of the river and return to the start.

If you returned to the start, then look under the overhang and get the ammo.
Ignore the Kayak or you will miss out on the level's first pair of secrets.
Return to the middle rock and jump back to the cliff and shimmy left. Hang and
drop and grab on to the lower ledge. The monkey swing above will take you to
the other side of the gorge, but you need to be following the trail along the
shore. Jump over the sloped area and land on the flat ledge near the opening
in the rocks.

Head past the sealed door and do a safety drop to the ledge. Jump and do a
backflip over the razor grass and crawl into the dark crawlspace. A dragon
attacks with his poison breath as you continue to claim the Save Gem from the
end of the passage. Watch for another spitting dragon on your way out.

Head to the stair and take care of any resistance you encounter. Push the
button to open that sealed door then go check out the passage beyond the door
to find a waterfall to the left. Behind the falls you will find some ammo and
trigger Secret #1. A monkey swing provides access to the ledge above the

Slide down the slope then jump and grab the pillar. Then run and jump to the
middle pillar and get the Save Gem before continuing in that same direction.
Leave this area and do a running leap and grab onto the face of the cliff.
Hang on and climb to the top and head right.

Backflip from the ledge to the slope and grab the edge as you fall off. Shimmy
to the right and drop down to the platform to search the shack for Secret #2.
Do a running jump from the platform back to the main path. Grab while in
midair so you duck and won't hit your pretty head on the rocks. Return to the
trail you were on before you went after this last secret.

You should arrive at another Kayak behind a closed gate. The switch to open
the gate is under the water along with some nasty crocodiles. Kill the crocs
then dive in and flip the switch to open the gate then climb aboard for some
whitewater Kayaking!

Head through the gate after you have practiced all your moves. Back-paddle to
slow yourself through the first stretch of whitewater and steer toward the
pool to the right. This small lagoon has a strong current of its own, but you
should be able to fight it long enough to steer into the alcove and get the
Save Gem.

Back on the river, head over the first falls and keep to the right to miss a
big rock and a trip line. Continue around the bend and start back-paddling
when the current pulls you to the right. Trip the line to turn off the deadly
blades then cruise over the next waterfall. Watch the big rock to the left and
back-paddle to keep your speed from getting out of control.

Keep back-paddling as you steer towards the dark cave and follow it around to
the right. Avoid the trip lines and keep back-paddling to steer and monitor
your speed. When you cross the final line, back-paddle and turn to make a
sharp turn around the corner. Now paddle forward and head through the narrow
gap. Dodge the patches of razor grass keeping to the left as you start the
final run, then let the current take you. You should end up in a large cavern.

Head to the cavern with a white waterfall and paddle behind the falls to find
a Save Gem and some other items on the shore you can get later. You should
have also just triggered Secret #3 so you don't have to worry about any more
secrets on this level. You can also get the Secret Chime by jumping over the
falls to get those items on shore later, but I assumed you wanted the Save

Now paddle down the green passage and put some distance between you and the
hungry crocodile so you can exit the Kayak and get to shore before he bites
you in half. Kill him from the safety of dry land then swing out over the
cavern. Time your monkey swing so you don't get torched by those flaming faces
then jump to the ledge and get the Rocket Launcher.

Go up the rock and follow the passage back to the cavern with the white
waterfall. Do a running jump over the falls to get the ammo, then head back
down the shore and climb up onto the left ledge. Jump and grab onto the monkey
swing and climb out to the middle until you hear some bats. Turn left and drop
down at the wall and get the ammo from the shore on the left. Monkey swing
back across the stream and jump around the corner to the slope. Jump to the
ledge then jump back and grab the wall and climb up.

When you get outside, look to the right for a tunnel and enter. Dodge the
rolling boulder by ducking and letting them roll overhead. When you enter the
room with the walkway, walk out a short distance then back off the walkway and
shimmy over the fire and pull up at the opposite end to avoid triggering the
boulder. Jump over the flames in the hall and avoid the boulder that drops
down rather quickly.

Back at the river you can run and jump to the ledge on the right and climb
into the crawlspace. Once you are through this tight squeeze you can stand and
jump over to the middle platform and do a running jump to the far ledge. Find
and ride the cable-slide down to the lower ledge and jump off to land on the
ledge without taking any damage.

Climb the textured wall surface and watch for a dragon to attack from the
right as you reach the top. Enter the hallway and flip the switch to pull the
plug and light a torch which also summons another dragon. Return all the way
back to your Kayak and head down the whirlpool. Try to stay to the edges,
otherwise you will drop to the bottom and probably die.

When you finally reach the lower area you will find an underwater switch that
opens the exit and dumps a pair of angry crocs into the water with you. Get
out of the water fast and kill them if you wish before leaving this level.


Our visit to the South Pacific Isles concludes with a small adventure into the
Temple of Puna. You will start this level already under attack by hostile
natives. Kill them quickly to avoid their poison darts. If you do get hit, try
to kill as many other natives as you can before using that medkit. Head to the
lower area and check out the gate that leads to the final boss. Ignore it for
now and make your way into the larger room with the boulder on the ramp.

More natives attack as you make your way up the stairs. Kill them all then
when you reach the top, duck down and crawl into the next deadly room. Rolling
blades cross the room making things rather difficult. Jump from the upper
ledge and sprint as the blades go by over to the right corner. Turn so your
back is to the corner and you are looking out into the room. When the blades
go by, move over to hit the switch and return to the safety of your corner
before the blades return.

Now you need to make a mad dash for the opposite end of the room. Line up with
the axle on the blades and jump the gap between a set of blades and then
sprint to the next corner. Repeat this process to flip all four switches. You
may find it easier to backflip out of the corner so you are already facing the
switch. This will save your precious seconds in lining up your approach to the
switch and getting back to the safety of the corner.

The door will open after the forth button is pressed. Head to the safety of
the door and then time your run back into the room to get the Save Gem as the
blades roll off to the left. Roll as soon as your grab it and sprint back to
the door.

Slide down the slope and into the next room where a spiked ceiling threatens
our heroine. Three switches will stop the ceiling if you flip them fast
enough, but pulling out the box will do the same thing and with a lot less to
panic about. Now that the ceilng is stopped, flip the switches at your leisure
to open the door. Do a safety drop down the hole and into the large chamber
with the boulder trap.

Flip the switch to turn on the lights and seal the door. Sprint down the
passage as the boulder is released and rumbles toward you. Sprint through the
door and turn right making your way toward the Save Gem. Keep to the center
otherwise the floor will collapse and you should finally reach safety between
the two ramps. If you missed the Save Gem you can crawl back and get it now.

Back in the hall you will be attacked by a native on the right and two more on
the left. Start up the stairs and when it reverses direction you should be
able to spot an opening high above in the darkness. Jump from the steps over
to the wall and shimmy to the left and into the opening to get Secret #1.

Finally, go through the gate and slide down the slope to enter the boss's
chamber. Puna will turn as you approach. When combat begins, KEEP MOVING. He
can only hit you if you are standing still. One hit and you are dead, so just
keep jumping around and you will be fine. Puna never gets out of his chair,
making him an easy target. Every so often he will summon some of his friends
to assist him. Always kill them first before worrying about the boss. He will
leave you alone as long as his help is still fighting for him. When Puna is no
more, grab the Medkit from the ledge and get the relic.

If you have been playing the game in the same order as I wrote this solve then
you should have all four relics at this time. Pack your bags and get ready for
a trip to Antarctica. Brrrrrrrr........

ANTARCTICA - Antarctica

A brisk swim starts off the final part of your adventure. Don't stay in the
water for long periods of time or hypothermia will set in. A new meter will
show you how long you can stay in the icy water. Ammo is nearby if you want to
take a dive to get it. Exit onto the shore and follow the coast past the
locked hut. The level's final secret is in that hut, but you will need to get
a key first.

Jump over the water near the ship then take a quick swim and pull up to the
icy ledge. Another swim puts you back on land near the front of the ship where
you can climb the cliff to find the monkey swing above. Cross over then drop
to the ledge and look for a hole in the ship's deck to get inside. Once inside
you will have to battle some angry sailors as you make your way to the
mechanical room.

A switch on the wall to the left of the machine will open a trapdoor. Drop
through and continue down the corridors killing the attacking sailors. When
you reach the next junction you should spot a hole in the ceiling to the left
which leads out of the ship. Remember it, but continue toward the orange pipe
and kill another sailor before dropping through the trapdoor. Continue
fighting off all these sailors as you head to the window where you should be
able to spot a Zodiac (small motorboat) outside. Push the button to drop it
into the water.

Now return to the hole in the ceiling and climb up and head to the rear of the
ship. Head right when you reach the deck and follow the cliff. You should spot
an opening in the cliff you can jump into to get Secret #1. Then make your way
to the rear of the ship and jump into the Zodiac. This boat is even nicer than
your speedboat from Venice. Maneuver the craft around the ship, past the cliff
and down the channel past the hut then get out when you reach the ledge inside
the tunnel.

Light a flare and then slide, jump and grab onto the ledge to check out the
crawlspace. Head to the right to get Secret #2; a Medkit then follow the
crawlspace back and drop into the water. While you are wet you may as well get
the ammo beneath you before climbing back into the boat.

Pilot the Zodiac deeper into the tunnel until it opens up and you arrive at a
gate. Exit to the short and take care of the resistance you encounter. Monkey
swing across the bars and head right at the junction before dropping down when
the path ends. Continue down the passage killing the guards and guard dogs
until you reach a building with an opening in the side. Press the button on
the wall before moving off to the left and circle around the building.

Around the corner is a hole that you need to drop down into. Swim to the left
and get out quickly near the fuel valves. Wade through the water (you won't
take damage) over to the ladder and climb up to the generator room. The room
is locked up so head outside and follow the path around to the left. Continue
past the kennels and follow the path where you will meet a small army of goons
and some annoying pit traps. Grab the ammo under the bridge by climbing down
and exchanging a bit of gunfire. Then head back to the hole you originally
dropped down to reach the fuel valves.

Enter the nearby cave and kill more guards as you make your way to the doors
which will slam shut and try to kill you. Do a quick roll to get through the
doors and continue killing the bad buys as you head upstairs to get the
Crowbar. Return to the area with the hole leading to the valves and backtrack
down the dark passage. Climb up into the raised building and flip the switch
then pry open the door with the crowbar. Drop down and check out the map which
shows which valves need to be adjusted to continue.

Return to the Generator Room and flip the switch to start the machines, then
return to the kennels and take care of the dogs before entering the building.
Press all three buttons and get the Gate Key from the desk then return all the
way back to the monkey swing where you parked the Zodiac. Go to the building
you opened with the crowbar and use the Gate Key and press the button. More
guards will arrive as you leave the building, so be ready for them.

Get back in the boat and continue down the passage. You should spot a landing
to the left. Park the boat and look for a hidden alcove below and to the right
that contains the Hut Key. Hop back in the Zodiac and retrace your route all
the way back to the beginning of the level where the hut is. Use the key to
get Secret #3; Flares and a Save Gem.

Now head all the way back through the waterway, through the gate, and exit to
shore when you spot the cabin. Fight the guards as you make your way to the
top. When you reach the cabin door you will exit this level.


Proceed down the hall and go right running through each of the gates until you
hear a second clicking noise. Turn around to find an open passage and head out
to meet your first flamethrower guy. They aren't openly hostile unless you
attack first, so don't fire on them unless they fire on you FIRST.

Head to the first room where three mine carts and turn on the lights in the
control room. Kill the mutant and watch out for their poison even after their
death. Climb to the top of the control room and drop off the back to shimmy
over to the ladder. Climb down the ladder so your feet are on the bottom rung
and backflip with a twist to grab on behind you. Enter the small room to get
Secret #1.

Head back to the previous room and get in the middle mine cart and take your
first spin around the tracks. Try to keep your speed up for the approaching
jump by leaning into the turns and keeping off the brake. Hit the track switch
as you go by and exit the cart when it finally stops.

Crawl under the drills and search the crack over in the left wall then head
out and around to the left. Kill a new species of mutant then drop down to the
walkway before doing another safety drop to the next lower ledge. Shimmy along
each of the cracks as far as you can go before dropping to the next one and
reversing direction. When you reach the left side of the lowest crack you can
pull up into a passage and move forward. More enemies await in the passage to
be careful as you make your way to the large open area.

A new Crowbar rests on the metal ledge and more mutants are lurking about this
area. Find the crawlspace in the wall near the mutants and investigate. Go to
the rocks on the right, then jump over to the cliff and shimmy over to the
crawlspace and flip the switch inside. This opens up the door to the next
secret that you can get in a few minutes.

Now proceed up the snowy slopes, finding all the flat areas so you can make
your way out of this area. Enter the passage and duck to avoid the obstacles
and machines, then head up the slope and kill the mutant waiting for you at
the top. Return to the mine cart and flip the track switch so you can return
to the main room with the other carts. Use the crowbar to open the stuck door
and get the Lead Acid Battery.

Make a quick side-trip back to the area where you got the first secret. A new
door is now open in that same area and leads to Secret #2. Return to the main
room and get ready for your next ride.

Get on the lower mine cart and head left building up lots of speed for the big
jump coming up. Make sure duck under the various obstacles that threaten to
decapitate our heroine. When the cart comes to a halt, you can hop out and
head down the passage to the lower hall. Kill all the attacking mutants before
continuing and make sure to search the crawlspace under the walkway with the
steam. Crawl through and kill the mutant and search the pool by the crane. The
Winch Starter is on the bottom and you need to swim fast to survive the
freezing water.

Return to the central mine cart room and take the final ride on the top mine
cart. When the ride is over you should be at a crane that is holding a
mini-sub. Stick the battery in the appropriate slot and use the Winch Starter
on the controls to lower the sub into the water. Dive in and get into the sub.
You need to reach the surface of the next safe area and continue down between
the lights and around to the right. Use Medkits when needed as your health
will certainly be affected before you reach dry land.

Do not attack the flamethrower guy. Ignore him and drop to the ledge below the
bridge and watch for mutants who are sneaking up behind you. In the chasm,
keep jumping back between the ledges until you reach the corner of the lower
ledge which also triggers Secret #3. Retrace your steps back to the bridge and
jump up and grab and pull up to enter the small building and end this level.

ANTARCTICA - Lost City of Tinnos

Explore the Lost City when you first arrive then head to the upper level via
the nearby ladder. Flip the switch to open the door below then jump to the
central column to get the Save Gem. Drop down and enter the door and get the
Uli key from the niche off the short hall. Use this key near the black grate
in the courtyard to open the next area.

The ledge near the first switch you flipped has a second switch. Flip it then
climb up and back into the building and cross over to the sloped hall and head
down to find and flip another switch. You should now have access to a row of
five switches (Midas Flashback!) so hit the proper combo (1-2-5) to access the
next area near the broken bridge. Another Save Gem awaits as well as giant

Climb the ledges by the Save Gem then jump over to the bridge and find the
invisible ledges that lead to the wasps' nest. Do a running jump to get inside
the nest and claim Secret #1 while trying not to fall in the hole. Return to
the bridge and jump over the break and follow the passage out and to the
right. Don't forget to grab that medkit on the left as you leave.

Enter the green passage and kill everything that moves before arriving at the
next tricky sequence. Swinging pots of fiery coals sway back and forth. Run
past them making sure not to get burned. Enter the next area and head over to
the ledge on the left to kill more wasps then continue in that direction.
Further down the hall is another switch which summons three new monsters. When
they are dead, proceed down to the next switch which opens a crawlspace
outside. Use the pillar to access this new area while dodging a few traps
along the way.

This next area has a multitude of switches that raise and lower various
platforms, plus one of the switches is timed and leads to the next secret.
Drop to the walkway and find the switch on the left wall. This is the switch
to access the secret AFTER you get the door open.

Flip the switch on the ground floor then climb to the ledge that raises up.
Flip that switch and move on to the next ledge until you can spot the platform
under the walkway near the entrance. Make your way to this platform then jump
up and monkey swing using the bottom of the walkway. Head over and flip the
switch here to open the exit. Now return to the walkway and flip the secret

Immediately after flipping this switch, run back down the hall and drop off
the walkway to the ledge on the left. Do a safety drop to the floor then move
down the hall to flip the next switch (which starts a timed door leading to
the next secret). Run towards the column of light and head up the stairs to
the right of the bright light and follow the passage down and to the left.
Return past those swinging coals and head across the bridge. Jump off to the
right and slide down the cliff to the bottom and get inside the door before it
shuts. Inside is Secret #2; a Save Gem. Flip the switch a couple times to get
back out, then return to the room with the column of light.

The light marks the center to the next four rooms. Each room contains a puzzle
dealing with one of the four elements and when solved, will reward you with a
mask. Get all four masks and use them on the statues below to open the way to
the boss. The Earth room is the easiest of the four and contains this level's
final secret so we'll do that one first.

Keep to the right as you enter the Earth room which is full of quicksand. Get
out onto solid ground after you pass the markings on the right wall. Take the
first Oceanic Mask and watch as the ceiling starts to crumble. Getting back is
a bit more difficult as the floor isn't as easy to navigate. Hop along the
ledges on the wall and flip the switch to access the final secret (after you
leave) then make one more leap around the corner to the sloped ledge and exit
this room.

Return to the hall with the swinging coals and you should now see a block you
can run and climb onto to get the FINAL SECRET in Tomb Raider 3; Secret #3.
Now return to the column of light and finish the remaining three rooms.

Let's do the Water room next. Start swimming and try to swim past the blades
in the direction they are moving to minimize the damage. Swim down through the
first of the blades to reach the clock and head to the left alcove to catch
your breath and flip a switch. Head back to the clock and go through the hole
to the right and up into a new area. Get more air and flip the next switch to
open another door revealing the Oceanic Mask for this area. Get the mask and
flip the next switch before returning to the clock. Fill up your lungs once
more in the left alcove before going through the hole at the bottom of the
clock. The current will pull you along into a shallow tunnel of water and
eventually the exit.

The Wind room is just an annoying maze. Take the first right then go left,
then right and take the next left to the intersection. Head down the angled
passage to the right but take the first left until you reach the crystal on
the right. Take a left at the crystal and follow the hall to the next junction
and turn right into the wider hall. Head up the ramp to the left and start
jumping back and forth between the ledges to trigger the log trap. Make your
way to the other end to claim the Oceanic Mask for this area.

The Fire room will bring back nightmares from the Midas level of the original
Tomb Raider game, but never fear - this puzzle is much easier. Check out the
map above your head which shows you the layout of this place then get ready to
hop some blocks. There are also some invisible ledges which are made partially
visible with the flaming dragon heads. Your goal is the ledge with the switch
which will allow you to obtain the final Oceanic Mask (assuming you did the
rooms in their written order). If things get too hot, remember you can hang
from the ledges to regain your composure, but getting up and onto the next
ledge in time is very difficult.

Return to the lower room and place the four masks on the statues then claim
the final Uli Key from the pool room and use it to open the nearby hall which
leads to the Meteorite Cavern.

ANTARCTICA - Meteorite Cavern

Fighting the final boss isn't too bad when you know his secret. His most
powerful weapon is his Death Ray which will "Kill You - No Questions Asked -
Immediately!". He also never misses, so the trick is to never let him fire it,
and he won't as long as you keep the meteor between you and him. So keep your
distance and circle to stay on the opposite side as the spidery boss and keep

To kill this monster you will have to collect the four meteor fragments from
around this room. You will have to stun the Spider-monster long enough to take
each piece. Do this by firing on him until he freezes then get a piece and
repeat. Always go for the nearest piece and one that is in a direction AWAY
from the boss, AND opposite the meteor. This means you may have to do some
preliminary maneuvering to get him in the proper location before you stun him.

The boss moves in a counter-clockwise direction around this room (usually), so
after you retrieve a fragment, make sure to head right when exiting the
alcoves. When you have all four pieces the meteor will drop into the pool and
you can now actually do DAMAGE to the boss. Finish him off!

Now that things are a bit more quiet, climb the ladder to the top. Go past the
carved face then drop down and backflip to the hand of the statue. Jump over
to the middle ledge and follow the passage to the left. You arrive high above
the cavern and can monkey swing over to the next ledge. From there, jump to
the rocky ledge and climb up and outside. Slide down the snowy slope and turn

Kill any resistance that is still hanging around before pushing the button on
the wall. Head through the gate to spot an approaching helicopter. Approach
the helicopter to end the level and Lara's main adventure in Tomb Raider 3.

BONUS LEVEL - All Hallows

It all boils down to this - the BONUS LEVEL - accessible only if you got all
59 secrets (or used the Cheat Code). Save your game after the final level then
load up this final test of your endurance. Keep in mind - you start this level
with no inventory and you MUST be at FULL HEALTH later on in the level, so be

Start by climbing the metal ledges and make your way to the center structure.
Do a running jump to the slope and get the Flares then jump to the center
platform and monkey swing out over the cathedral ceiling and drop. CRASH! I
told you you needed to be 100% healthy. Limp over to the Medkit on the landing
and fix yourself up. Get the next batch of Flares from the purple platform
then move to the walkway above the bookshelf.

A switch is in the alcove above the bookcase. Flip it then drop down to the
floor and climb up and jump to the central structure then do a running jump
and grab to the ledge and shimmy left to flip the next switch in the upper
alcove. A hall should now be open back on the floor level.

Head down this hall and run across the floor as it falls out beneath/behind
you and flip the switch at the end. Return to the main room via the monkey
swing which takes you over the spikes below. Return to the bookcase and get on
the ledge so you can monkey swing to the left. Drop and immediately grab so
you can pull up to the small area at the other end of the monkey swing and
climb above the cable-slide.

Get the Vault Key then take a ride down the slide. Make sure to drop off just
as you slide into the light to land safely. Pull up onto the area above the
pillar then drop and hang off the other side to spot an open door. Take the
monkey swing across as you catch on fire then drop into the water ahead to put
out the flames. Swim past the piston and push the button then grab the Medkit
from the ledge to the right.

Above the ladder, do a quick roll and grab the edge to trigger (but not fall
through) the trap door. Jump across the hole and head to the vault. Use the
key to open it up and shoot out the grates before dropping into the water.
When you finally surface you will find a guard dog and his master. Kill them
and explore the final area. Head towards the items to end this secret level.

Here are some links to the text above which will assist you in locating those
Secret Items. Unlike the past Tomb Raider games, finding ALL the secrets in
Tomb Raider 3 is rewarded with a BONUS LEVEL. This level is very cool, so I
highly recommend trying to get all the secrets while you are playing the game.
Some are tricky to find and even harder to get, but in the end it will be
worth the effor.



The Jungle
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4
Secret 5
Secret 6

Temple Ruins
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4

Ganges River
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4
Secret 5

Caves of Kaliya
No Secrets


Thames Wharf
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4
Secret 5

Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4
Secret 5

Lud's Gate
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4
Secret 5
Secret 6

The City
Secret 1


Nevada Desert
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3

High Security Compound
Secret 1
Secret 2

Area 51
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3


Coastal Village
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4 (BONUS)

Crash Site
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3

Madubu Gorge
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3

Temple of Puna
Secret 1


Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3

RX-Tech Mines
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3

Lost City of Tinnos
Secret 1
Secret 2
Secret 3

Meteorite Cavern
No Secrets

Here are some Cheats and Codes to help you if you get stuck, forget to save,
or simply want to cheat. These codes are for the Sony Playstation ONLY. I will
provide PC cheats as I find them.

All codes must be entered while playing the game. You cannot be in a menu or
inventory screen. You must also press the buttons pretty fast to successfully
get the code to work.


ALL Weapons
L2 R2 R2 L2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 R2 R2 L2 R2 R2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 R2
Lara will scream

ALL Secrets (Unlocks Bonus Level)
L2 L2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 R2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2
Lara will sigh

Level Skip
L2 R2 L2 L2 R2 L2 R2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 R2 R2 R2 R2 L2
Lara will sigh

Full Health
R2 R2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 L2 L2
Lara will sigh

Get Race Key
R2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2 L2 L2 L2 R2 L2 L2
No Sound

The RACE KEY is normally located in the house and when you find it you will
get access to a Quad Bike. There is a race track with a timer, so you can go
for the best time while you practice your driving.

PC CODES - Compliments of Ro Laren and Sandy Rass

The ALL WEAPONS Code and the SKIP LEVEL Code both start with the same 5

- Draw Pistols
- Small Step Back
- Small Step Forward
- Crouch then Stand
- Spin around in 3 complete circles


- JUMP Forward to SKIP to the next level


- JUMP Backward to get all items, weapons, and ammo

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