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Читы для Toy Story 2

Чит-файл для Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2

в России известна как

История игрушек 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:История игрушек 2
Разработчик:Disney Interactive
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 11 ноября 1999 года
Жанры:Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person / For Kids

Даты выхода игры

вышла 21 ноября 2003 г.
вышла в 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
                              Written by The Ruzz

Table of Contents
3.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
5.Basic Moves/Items
-Andy's House
-Andy's Neighborhood
-Bombs Away
-Construction Yard
-Alleys and Gullies
-Slime Time
-Al's Toy Barn
-Al's Space Land
-Toy Barn Encounter
-Elevator Hop
-Al's Penthouse
-The Evil Emperor Zurg
-Airport Infiltration
-Tarmac Trouble
-Prospector Showdown



Greetings!  It is Ruzz here doing a FAQ on Toy Story 2 as Game FAQS
requested.  If you want any of my information in your FAQ or on you're
website E-Mail me and let me know.  Remember, you can't use this FAQ
for commercials, magazines, etc.  Don't forget to give credit!

This FAQ can be found at:

I found the fifth Tyke!  And what would you know it was somewhere I
usually go!  (Must be losing my vision.)  Anyway, also added the rest
of the levels, fixed a minor mistake and changed the storyline into a
_real_ story.

I added something to the Pizza Planet Token.  I received an E-Mail
saying I didn't explain how to exit the levels.  I can't believe he/she
didn't notice that!

Added some Gameshark Codes.  And if you're wondering why I'm doing
this, I just want my FAQ to be as detailed as possible.  Oh yeah,
thanks for the appreciation E-Mail Chris!

Put an easier way to defeat R.C. in Andy's Neighborhood.  Thanks
MacGamers Ledge!

I put a huge update thanks to MacGamers Ledge!

Added a Frequently Asked Questions section.  I'm tired of receiving the
same E-Mail on how to defeat the baddie with the shield.  Oh, I finally
added some stuff for the walkthrough!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do you defeat the guy with the Z on his shield?

A: Spin attack him or use the Disc launcher

Q: I can't jump from pole to pole on different occasions.  What do I

A: Keep holding forward.  It works for me.  Or you if you can't reach a
pole, try an extended jump


All the toys are together in Andy's room, Buzz and Rex are playing the
Buzz Lightyear video game.  Woody excitedly prepares for his annual
trip to Cowboy Camp with Andy, but when Woody's arm is accidentally
torn, he has to stay home.  While Andy is away, Woody is accidentally
placed outside at a garage sale.  Even though Andy's mother insists
that Woody is not for sale, a greedy toy collector steals Woody when
she's not looking.  Buzz desperately tries to save Woody from this
stranger, but he's too late.  Luckily, a personalized license plate on
the toy collector's cat gives Buzz a clue how to get Woody back safely
by the time Andy gets home from camp.  Buzz has enlisted the help of
all the toys in the family to bring Woody back and save him from this
unpleasant man.  They ate all in store for an amazing adventure as Buzz
must get out of Andy's house, through the neighborhood, and into the
thieving collector's toy store.  When Buzz reaches the toy store, he
realizes that Woody is still nowhere to be found!  Buzz must hitch a
ride to the toy collector's house to find Woody and rescue him.  While
Buzz is trying to reach his pal to bring him home, Woody is falling
under a spell of a wise old toy.  The Prospector doesn't want Woody to
go back to Andy because Woody is the final missing piece to create toy
fame for the old Prospector.  The Prospector convinces Woody that he is
old and is going to grow tired of him.  When Buzz finally makes it to
the toy collector's house to rescue Woody, he doesn't want to go!  Buzz
must remind Woody about their toy family and their best friend, Andy.

Basic Moves/Items

Basic Moves

B: This is Buzz's laser.  Now don't think it's just a blinking light.
It's an actual laser!  If you hold B your laser meter will fill,
charging up you're laser.  This is way stronger then the actual laser.

A: Use this to jump.  You can do an extended jump by pressing A then
press it again to jump a second time.

C Down: This is you're spin attack.  Buzz sticks out his wings and
spins his upper body.  To do a Super Spin Attack, hold C Down so your
spin meter will fill.  Then let go and Buzz will start spinning around
and around many times.  But when you stop spinning you get dizzy
allowing you to stall for a few seconds.

C Left/C Right: This makes Buzz turn left or right.

R: Press this and you'll go into first person view with an aimer.  This
is useful because you can lock on to enemies by pressing Z, then
shooting your laser.  You can't do a Spin Attack though

A, C Down: This makes Buzz do a stomp.

Z: This shows Buzz's status.  It shows you how many coins you have, how
many lives, and how much life you have.


Pizza Planet Token: This is an important item in the game.  You need to
collect as many as you can to progress.  There are five tokens in each
level and you can only get them by helping people and find one lying
around.  When you collect one of these you will have a choice if you
want to leave or keep playing.

Coins: If you collect fifty in each level and go see Hamm you'll get
something good.

1-Ups: 1-Ups look like a picture of Buzz.  Collect this to get an extra

Cosmetic Shield: It's an orb that surrounds you so you won't get hurt
when you walk on some poisonous green stuff.  The problem is you can
only jump about in inch.

Rocket Boots: This makes Buzz Move really fast for a short time.  This
is useful when you're racing someone.

Disc Launcher: This is a powerful weapon that Buzz shoots out.  It's
also kind of like a homing missile!

Grappling Gun: Use B to shoot and hook on to high places and transport
there.  This is like the Hookshot from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
Time.  But it can't be used for a weapon.  Dang it!

Hover Boots: This beats Link's hover boots any day!  Hold A to go
higher and let go to go lower.  It only lasts for a limited time.


Buzz Lightyear
This is your main character and the person you play as.  His job in
this game is to save Woody from Al the toy collector.

Rex is, to me, the most helpful toy in the game.  He gives you hints
about the level you're in and tells you where you can find the mini-

He's a piggy bank that only gives you Pizza Planet Tokens if you return
to him with fifty coins.  He is in every level.

Mr. Potato Head
Every time you meet him he always has a lost part.  Is he clumsy or
something?  Anyway, each time you return to him with his lost part he
will unlock very useful items.


There are missions that you do in every level.  So I'm just going to
tell you the different missions and how to accomplish them.  And about
the tokens from Hamm, just explore the place and kill bad guys.  It'll
be ridiculous if I told you where to find coins.

                            Andy's House

Bo Peep's Lost Sheeps
Sheep #1

You start out in Andy's room.  Go out dodging the bad guys and go
right.  Climb the plant and jump on the table, then jump to the rope
that is sticking out of the ceiling.  You will now be in the attic.  Go
forward and push the block along the lines.  After that you should've
put the block next to box.  Jump on the box, then on the block and on
the seesaw shelf.  Go forward and jump to the pole and climb up.  You
should see a pole sticking out of the wall.  Jump and grab on to swing
yourself on the wood planks near the ceiling.  Walk along the planks
and eventually you will run into the sheep.

Sheep #2
Go downstairs in the living room and go on the chair.  Do a stomp then
you'll bounce high and onto a high shelf.  Go forward and go to the
other shelf with the sheep.

Sheep #3
Go into the kitchen and push the pail next to the highchair.  Then jump
on the pail to the highchair and onto the counter.  Go forward and
dodge the hazards.  Then you'll come across the refrigerator.  Do a
double jump on top of the refrigerator and go on top of the cabinets.
Keep going and push the food weight off the cabinet.  Then stomp on it
and jump high onto the shelf with the "you know what."

Sheep #4
Go down into the basement and go right dodging the poisonous green
stuff.  You will see a little wooden table on the right.  But the floor
is covered with the green stuff!  You need the Cosmetic Shield, and
I'll get to that later.  After you cross it go right and jump on the
cardboard boxes, go right and jump across on the shelf.  Then jump on
the other shelf that's on front of you.  Then turn around and jump on
the last shelf.  Jump and grab on the slanting pole and slide to the

Sheep #5/Last sheep
Go into the garage.  If you don't know where it is it's the door next
to stairs and through the doggy hole.  Go left and jump on the box and
on the shelf.  Go forward dodging the hazards.  Then you'll reach a
hanging hoe.  Grab on to it and it should fall.  Now if you fall off,
you can get back up quickly!  Now jump to the trashcan and on the car.
Go to the top and jump on top of the lights and onto the shelf.  Follow
the path and there's your sheep.

Basement Pizza Token
Go to the basement and do what you did when you were getting the lost
sheep.  Now when you get to the pole shelf turn around and there will
be another shelf.  Jump there and there will be some poles.  Jump from
pole to pole and jump on the top of the box stack.  Turn left and there
will be some other poles.  Do the same thing and there will be three
boxes.  Push them along the lines as far as they go.  Push the other
box off the shelf and push as far as it can go.  Now jump from box to
box and on the shelf with your prize.

Mr. Potato Head's Lost Ear
Go to the living room and go to the chair.  Now stomp it and you'll go
to that high shelf.  Now when you walk to where the sheep was turn
around and there it is.  Return it to him and you can use the Cosmetic

Racing R.C.
Go in the garage and go the far side of the car.  R.C. will be there
and challenge you to a race.  This is simple.  Just keep going at a
steady pace and you'll win.

Tin Man Boss
He is found in the attic.  When the fight starts he'll charge at you.
Charge up your laser and keep dodging him until he stops to wind up his
pedal.  Now is your chance to hit him with your laser.  Repeat the

                            Andy's Neighborhood

Sarge's Lost Soldiers

Soldier #1
You are in Andy's backyard with a lawnmower out of control!  There are
also molehills where the first soldier is hiding.  When he pops out of
a molehill stomp it.  Smoke should come out after.  Do the same thing
With the other holes and he'll finally surrender.  Get him.

Soldier #2
Go out of the backyard and go right where the swing set is.  Climb the
first swing and on the other is the 2'nd soldier.

Soldier #3
Climb the tree using the swing set.  Then once you reach the first
branch make your way up and you should run into the soldier.
Soldier #4
Go on the left of Andy's house and you will see a crack in the fence.
Go through it and you will be in another backyard with a swimming pool.
Jump on the chair next to you and use it to jump to the plant nearest
to you.  Climb the tree and jump to the bird pool, then on another
plant.  Again, climb the tree and on a statue.  Then push the wooden
plank down to make a ramp onto the next plant.  There should be
flagpoles on front of you.  Use them to swing to the last plant with
the soldier.

Soldier #5
Go across from Andy's house and find another crack leading into another
backyard.  You will see a car with no wheels.  Go to the two jacks and
stomp them.  That will make the car fall down.  Jump on the brick next
to the car and on the hood.  Go on the trunk and stomp it.  You'll go
flying across the yard on a washing machine.  Push the wooden plank in
front of you and walk up to the clotheslines.  Use them to slide
across.  Be careful!  There will be clothes blocking the way.  If you
run into them you'll fall down.  So you'll have to switch clotheslines.
At the end there will be a basket with the last soldier.

Racing R.C.
Talk about fast.  You can win by using the Rocket Boots.  But you have
to help Mr. Potato on another level.  Or, if you can pull it off, try
to stay on front of R.C. and watch for the cement and mud.  (If you
stay in front of R.C. and he hits you, he will stall for a little bit,
giving you an advantage.)

Swimming Pool Pizza Token
Go to the backyard with the swimming pool.  Go to the side and there
should be a pump with a flat rubber ducky.  Pump it by stomping the
pump and when fully pumped it will jump in the pool.  Stomp the duck so
it will jump.  Now you jump to get the token.

Zurg Kite
This boss is found at the top of the tree.  To defeat him shoot him so
he'll start spinning.  Dodge that and repeat the process.

                               Bombs Away

The first boss is a toy plane that swoops down and shoots you.  When it
does that try to shoot.  If you do it will lose a little bit of control
then regain it.  Repeat the process.

                           Construction Yard

Lost Tykes

Tyke #1
Go to the wheelbarrow where Hamm is.  Push the box next to the
wheelbarrow so you can get on top with the Tyke.

Tyke #2
Go into the trailer and dodge the green stuff.  Climb the chair and on
the desk.  Climb the pole and jump on the wooden shelf and jump on the
file cabinet.  Then jump from drawer to drawer to get to the Tyke.  Be
careful, because the drawers open and close.

Tyke #3
Go to the bulldozer and climb the steps.  When you reach the top go
forward a little bit and you should see the Tyke.

Tyke #4
Go on top of the bulldozer and stomp the switch.  That will make the
scooper go down.  Go on top of the scooper and wait until it goes up.
Now jump on the girders and make your way to the top.  You should run
into the Tyke.

Tyke #5
Go to the top of the girders, (where the boss is.)  After you go up the
wooden thing stay near the edge until you see a yellow part.  Walk
along and collect the Tyke.

Slinky Dog Challenge
Talk to Slinky Dog and he'll tell you to find five wrenches.  They're
mostly in the cement area so you should have no problem.  If you find
all five talk to Slink and he'll give you a Pizza Token.

Paint Match Puzzle
Go into the trailer and go on top of the desk.  Look on the wall and
there should be a picture of paint with colors purple, orange and
green.  On the other side is some paint.  Your job is to move the
bucket under the paint and stomp the button to make the paint come out.
Mix the colors to the corresponding colors in the picture.  If you
match all three you get a Pizza Token.

Mr. Potato Head's Lost Eye
It is found somewhere near the top of the girders.  Return it and you
get to use the Disc Launcher.

Jackhammer Boss
He is found at the top of the girders.  All you have to do is keep
shooting Disc Launchers at him.  Defeat him and get the token.

                            Alleys and Gullies

Mother Duck's Lost Babies

Duck #1
Go to the market place and go right so you fall in some water.  The
duckling will be right in front of you.

Duck #2
It's in the market place again.  Go on the watermelon stand and on the
second moving shelf.  Look right and jump on the umbrella over Hamm.
Turn left and jump on the other umbrella where the duck is.

Duck #3
You'll need the Grappling Gun for this.  Go to the big trashcan nearest
to where Rex is.  Use your Grappling Gun on the red target and you'll
transport on the trashcan.  Then turn around and use your Grappling Gun
on the other target to reach a patio.  Then climb the ladder next to
you and on the rail to slide down the wire onto the next patio.  Watch
out for the electricity!  Keep doing that and you should run into the
duckling, which is behind a pair of bars.

Duck #4
Make your way to the top of the building until you reach a drain with
water that runs through the whole building.  To the left is the

Duck # 5
Go to the little island where Slink is.  Jump on one of the floating
debris to lead you to the final duckling.

Slinky Dog Challenge
You'll start out in an alley with a stream running.  Follow the stream
until you reach a fence with Rex near it.  Jump on the box and push the
wooden plank down so you can move the box near the fence allowing you
to jump through the crack.  Now the place will be flooded with planks
and boxes floating.  Jump from item to item to reach the little island
with Slink on it.  Talk to him and he'll give you a challenge.  Collect
the five bones to get a token.  An easy way to get the bones is to jump
for it and when you get it do an extended jump back on the island.

Market Place Pizza Token
Go to the other side of the alley and go to the market place.  Go right
and you will see a box.  Push it as far as it can go and jump on the
stool with a Disc Launcher.  Then jump on the watermelon stand next to
you.  Run to the top of it and jump on the moving shelf then on the
other.  On the other shelf is a bad guy who uses a shield to protect
him from lasers.  Just shoot you Disc Launcher and he's dead.  Now jump
on that shelf to the last shelf with a button.  Stomp it and it will
activate the helium gas tank to start pumping balloons.  Destroy the
enemies in front of you first.  Now when a balloon goes up jump on the
string and it will lead you to the token.

Hop Top Clown
He is found at the top of the building.  When you get to the top you
should run into that drain where you found the duckling.  Look around
and find a hole leading to the boss.  All he does is try to hit you by
spinning.  He has trouble turning so that should give you an advantage.
Keep shooting it and get the token.  Spin-Attacking him should do extra

                                Slime Time

It took me a while to figure out how to beat this boss.  It's a slime
monster in a trashcan!  Keep shooting it with your laser.  That will
cause it to go in the trashcan and grow bigger!  But it does lose life.
Repeat the process to defeat that scum!

                             Al's Toy Barn

Mr. Potato Head's Lost Arm
Go forward until you reach two paths.  Take the right one and go
forward until you reach a trampoline.  Stomp it so you'll go flying on
top of a toy stand.  Go forward a little bit and jump on the toys on
the left.  Jump on the pole and slide down to a chicken egg.  Turn
around and you should see Mr. Potato Head's arm.  Jump for the counter,
you should be able to reach it.  Get the arm, return it, and have
access to use the Rocket Boots.

Rooster Challenge
Go to the room near the trampoline and find the rooster.  He is in
overalls and holding a rake, (I think).  Talk to him and he'll tell you
to go to that chicken egg under a limited time to get a chick.  After
you've done that, talk to him again and he'll tell you that there will
be a token this time but the time being shorter!  Go to the egg as fast
as you can to get your prize.

Office Pizza Token
Go in the room next to the rooster.  It is filled with that green stuff
again!  Why is that stuff in the unusual places?  Oh well.  Climb the
chair and shoot all the locks on the file cabinet.  After that the
drawers will be opening and closing.  Make your way to the top to get
the token.

Dinosaur Boss
Go in the room where the rooster is and this time; go in the room to
the left.  Jump to where Rex is and go left into a vent.  Jump down to
start the fight.  All he does is blow fire at you.  Just shoot him.
Why are _most_ of these bosses so easy?

                          Al's Space Land
Claw Machine Token
When you start go left to enter the arcade zone.  Go to the claw
machine, (Rex is standing next to it) and jump on the prize slot.  Then
jump on the chair next to you and on the machine.  Stomp the button to
get the claw moving.  Watch the shadow move under the token and stomp
the button again.  Now it will move vertically.  Watch the shadow and
stomp the button.  If your timing is right the claw will grab the token
and drop it through the slot and on the floor next to Rex.

Buzz Lightyear Buggy
This boss is the toughest mini-boss.  It'll charge at you, shoot lasers
and homing missiles at the same time!  Try your best and keep shooting
your lasers.  You might risk some lives, but you'll get it.

                         Toy Barn Encounter

You've seen those bad guys with one eye that flies and shoots a green
laser at you.  Well, you are fighting one, except it is HUGE!  It also
has capsules connected to it.  Shoot the eye so it will let go of a
capsule and a bad guy pops out.  Destroy it and shoot the eye again so
it will release another capsule.  Each time a capsule is released more
baddies come out of it.  Destroy all the toys and keep shooting the

                             Elevator Hop

Mother Mouse's Lost Babies

Mouse # 1

You'll start in an elevator shaft, I think.  Turn around and go into
the control room.  The place will be slightly flooded.  Use the wires
to swing from one to one until you get on top of a control wall with
Hamm on it.  Now turn right and jump on the shelf to another shelf.
You'll reach a wire for you to slide to the other side.  Now do what
you did before and you'll see the mouse.

Mouse #2
You'll need the Grappling Gun.  Go forward so you'll get to
ventilation.  Use the Grappling Gun in the targets to reach the top.
Follow the path until you reach an opening on the left side.  Rex
should be there with the mouse on the side.

After you solve the puzzle to operate the elevators go through the
opening and jump on the right elevator.  Turn around and the mouse
should be in front of you.

Mr. Potato Head's Lost Foot
Do the same thing when you were getting the first mouse.  His foot
should be right next to it.  Return it and you can use the Grappling

Elevator Puzzle
Go to the ventilation and make your way up dodging the hazards.  When
you reach the top there will be some controls with three buttons.
Stomp the one nearest to you and the middle one.  The elevators will
start working and the door will open revealing the token.

Father Mouse Challenge
After you get the elevators working wait at the opening until the left
elevator goes down and stops.  Jump on one of the platforms and wait
until it goes up.  As the other one goes down and stops jump on that
one.  When it goes up you will see the ventilation with Father Mouse in
it.  He'll tell you to race a Pizza Token to the bottom.  When the race
starts you'll go down a ramp.  Be careful though.  There are holes in
the vent, and if you fall down the race will end but you don't get the

Spider Gunro Boss
Do the same thing when you got to Father Mouse.  Except when you reach
the top go to the other vent.  Follow the path and you'll drop down on
the arena.  When the fight starts the spider will shoot fire from the
gun on his back.  After that he'll spit web balls.  Try to dodge all
that and keep shooting it until it's done for.

                          Al's Penthouse

Jessie's Lost Critters

Critter #1
You start in front of the front door of Al's apartment.  Go forward and
left.  You will see Rex next to an opening, which leads to the kitchen.
Go to the refrigerator and destroy the lock so it opens.  Go on the
first shelf then on the second.  Now jump out of the fridge going
towards the counter and then do a double jump.  You should land on the
counter.  It may take some practice.  Now follow the path until you
reach a food weight.  Do a stomp and you'll go forward onto the shelf
with the critter.

Critter #2
Go into the living room and near the fireplace there will be a locked
door.  Destroy the lock so the door opens leading to the bathroom.  Go
in the bathtub and near the faucet is a switch.  Stomp it and that will
make the room flood.  Now use the sponges to get on the counter with
another switch.  Stomp it and it will make the room flood even more.
Backtrack to the two sponges and use them to get on top of the shower.
Now stomp the last switch so the room will be fully flood.  Go back to
the counter and use the other sponge to get to the critter on top of
the cabinets.

Critter #3
Go into the hallway and push the box into the train room.  Push the box
along the line until it's next to the train.  Jump on the box then on
the train and the critter should be on front of you.

Bullseye Challenge
Bullseye is found at the beginning of the level.  Talk to him and he'll
tell you to find five horseshoes.  One is found near Rex, another near
the fireplace, one on the sofa, one on the desk and one near the
hallway.  Return to him and receive your prize.

Train Pizza Token
Go to the train room and get on the train.  After that, jump on the
railroad track.  There will be a train running back and forth.  Your
job here is to make the train stop at the dead end.  You can switch the
tracks for help by stomping the three switches.  After you've done that
go around and push the box around the track next to the train.  Go on
the train and receive your token.

Gunslinger Boss
Push the box in the hallway in the other room which I the trophy room.
Push it next to the desk and go on it.  Now push the tin can towards
the end.  Jump on it and jump on the desk.  Now turn right and follow
the path to a TV.  Turn right and go forward to a toy set.  Jump in and
go to the end to meet the Gunslinger.  He does shoot quite fast.
Again, shoot him repeatedly and audios amigo!

                      The Evil Emperor Zurg

Once again it's another easy boss.  Keep spin attacking him, and watch
out for his green bullets.  They do follow you, so spin-attack them

                        Airport Infiltration
Passenger Tyke's Lost Passengers

Passenger #1
When you start keep going forward and turn when you have to and you'll
reach a blue suitcase.  Stomp it so you'll jump on the conveyor belt.
Wait for luggage so you can jump on.  When the belt moves to the end
jump to the pole next to you and swing across to the other belt.  Do
the same thing as before to go to the other belt!  This time blue
luggage will come out.  When it reaches the door stomp it so you go on
the shelf where Hamm is.  Turn around and there will be poles.  Jump
from pole to pole and jump on the X-Ray stands to get the passenger.

Mr. Potato Head's Lost Mouth
The weird thing is that when you talk to Mr. Potato Head he still
talks!  Enough about that and let's find his mouth.  Go in the room
where the broken airplane is.  Go right and push the tire near the
plane and push it near the moving silver thing.  Now jump on the end so
the other side will go up.  Now run to the end quickly and jump on the
other silver thing.  This time run to the other side and put you're
weight on that side.  Now run to the top and jump on the pole next to
you.  Climb all the way to the top and jump on the propeller.  Turn
left and jump where the mouth is.  Return the mouth and use the Hover

Prospector Boss
In the room where Mr. Potato Head and Rex are, go somewhere on the top
of the stack of luggage to get the Hover Boots.  Now use them to get to
the actual top of the luggage.  From there jump on the broken conveyor
belt to meet the boss.  He attacks by slamming his stick on the ground
to make a thing follow you, which hurts.  The attack is, as you
guessed, is the Spin-Attack.

                          Tarmac Trouble
Luggage Tyke Lost Luggage

Luggage #1
Go to the central pole, (its smack dab in the middle of the level), and
climb the rope next to it.  Once you get to the top wait for the
plane's wing to get near you.  Then jump on it and try to get on top of
the plane.  The luggage will be waiting for you.

Luggage #2
Go back on the plane and wait until you get to zone 8.  The luggage
will be on the building.

Slinky Dog Challenge
Go to the central pole and Slink will be waiting for you.  Talk to him
and he will tell you if you can follow the path you are in without
touching the green stuff or jumping.  If you make it to the end your
token will be waiting for you.

Helicopter Token
Now this is kind of confusing but I'll try my best.  Go on the plane
and jump on zone 1.  A helicopter will be there with some lights and
buttons.  Your object is to signal the helicopter to drop the token.
To do that, whatever lights are on you got to stomp on the switch with
the color of that specific light.  For example: When the red, blue and
green lights are on stomp on the switch that has the color red, blue
and yellow.  Do that for a LONG time and the helicopter will drop the

Blacksmith Boss
He is found on the building of zone 7.  He attacks pretty much like the
Prospector does, except that little wave follows you and does hell-o
damage!  It took me about three or four tries to beat him.  Oh yeah,
keep Spin-Attacking him and voila!

                       Prospector Showdown

Wow.  Talk about a showdown.  You're in a train and you see Woody and
Jessie on a suitcase.  (Woody doesn't look right.  He keeps waving his
hands in the air like a retard!)  Then the suitcase busts open and the
Prospector jumps out, with the Gunslinger and the Blacksmith!  Three on
one match is your last challenge.    An easy way to beat them is to
lure the Gunslinger and the Prospector to the back since the Blacksmith
doesn't move.  Now just beat them.  It's pretty hard but you'll get it.
After they're done go beat the Blacksmith and end the game.  Don't
bother watching the ending.  Okay?

Gameshark Codes

Maximum Coins                            810BB10E0063
Infinite Lives                           810BB10A0005
Infinite Health                          810BB106000D
Unlimited Double Jumps                   810BB0FC0002

If you know any other codes, please E-Mail me!


I hope my information helped you!  The updates will come soon and
remember, if you want any of my information in your FAQ or website E-
Mail me and let me know.

Copyright 12/11/99

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