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Читы для Transylvania

Чит-файл для Transylvania


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Part One

Ah, good old Transylvania! A nice place to visit, but would you want to
live there? Probably not! In any case, your mission (which you just decided
to accept), is to rescue the fair Sabrina before she dies at dawn. This is
really easier than you might think!

However, a few words before you start off. Although, as you go through the
game, it may seem that there are roads and rooms galore, this isn't the
case. The area you're in is really quite small, and many of the roads lead
back to places you've already been. So, you might want to boot up the game
and just wander around, making a map for reference (it's always better to
have one).

Actually, having a map is a good idea, since there are a few random events
in the game one of which is a giant eagle who appears from time to time,
picks you up, and deposits you somewhere else in the forest. When that
happens, it helps to have a map so you know where you are!

Now we've got that out of the way, let's get started. You begin at a tree
stump, with some writing on it that you can't read....yet! The main
objective at the moment is to get a weapon to rid yourself of a pesky
werewolf who will soon make an appearance, so there's no time to lose.

Head along North (ignore the blocked cave; it's a red herring), then West
(read the note in passing if you like), North (we'll come back to the cabin
later), and North once more to the wagon. Along the way, if you should see
the werewolf, don't panic; as long as you keep moving he won't get you.

Now, enter the wagon and open the coffin. Yuck! A rotting corpse is inside,
along with a silver bullet and some starving mice. Grab the mice first, then
get the bullet. Get down out of the wagon.
It's time to get a gun for the bullet, so move East past the castle, East
again into the Foreboding forest, North into the Dismal forest (such a
cheery place, Transylvania!), and then East. Whew! There's the house! Go in,
and then up the stairs (ignore the bread, you don't need it). In the attic
you'll find a flintlock pitol. Take and load that. Now, when the werewolf
appears, you can shoot him, and then drop the gun, which you won't need

Ok, head back down the stairs and East out the door. Now go West, South,
South and you'll be at a clay hut. Go inside, and you'll see a black cat
sitting on a chair, as well as a table with a bottle of acid on it, and a
broom leaning against the wall. You have to get rid of the cat, so just drop
the mice, and the cat will take off after them. Get the bottle and leave the

Transylvania Part Two

Ok, now it's time to meet the vampire, but first, a little protection. Go
West out of the hut, then North, North, and West again. Spooky place, huh?
No matter, get the wooden cross (we'll investigate the gravestone later),
and move on South and East.

You're back at the castle again. Go North until you come to the entry hall.
This is another of the random parts of the game. Sometimes the vampire
appears as soon as you enter, sometimes it take awhile for him to show up.
If he's not there when you go in, try going into the room to the West. If
that doesn't work, just keep moving back and forth until he arrives, since
you can't do much here until you get rid of him. While moving around, make
sure you pick up the flypaper in the room to the East.

As soon as your fangy friend appears, show the cross, which will blast him
to dust motes. Then drop the cross, and make your way to the entry hall (if
you aren't there already), and then North to the Vast Chamber. Go Down past
the cellar (ignore the door), Down again into the dungeon, and Down once
more into the Treasure Room. Open the coffer (which was impossible while the
vampire was alive), and get the ring. Then make your way back up the stairs
again, and then South to the road.

Ok, we're making progress here! Let's go see what's in that log cabin! Trot
on West and South, and enter the cabin. Hmmm, not much here except a deer
head on the wall. Wonder what would happen if you pull the horns? By golly,
the wall swings around, taking you into a secret room! Here you see a
wizard's cloak. Look at it first; there's a lockpick in it, which you'll be
needing in a little while. Get the lockpick and the cloak, then pull the
horns again, and go West to leave the cabin. You can ignore the shack; the
only thing in it is some garlic, which you don't need.

Now you can go back to the stump, so move on South, East, South. Pour the
acid, and now you can read the writing! Do what it says, and you'll be under
the stump. Lovely place, with all those flies buzzing around. You need them,
so catch a few (handy, that flypaper), then pick the lock on the door and
drop the lockpick. Go through the door, and you'll be in a chamber with a
crystal ball.

You can't get the ball, but that's not necessary. Just look at it, and make
very careful note of what you see in there; it's most important! After the
show is over, go back through the door and read the book (without touching
it!!). Remember what the book tells you; that's important too. Ok, now it's
time to leave, so try getting the book, and an angry wizard will kick you
out, right back to the stump again.

Transylvania Part Three

All right, there's just a few more things to do, and then you can rescue
Sabrina. So, from the stump, go North, West, South and your by a lake. Here
you see a large bullfrog and a sailboat. The boat is for later; right now,
it's "Be Kind to Amphibians Week", so give the flies to the frog. After
enjoying the snack, he will tell you a word to say to the goblin. Remember
that word (by the way, you can drop the flypaper now).

Ok, time for some strange doings, so hike on East, West, North, and you'll
find yourself in a clearing with a weird statue. Here's where you have to
remember what the crystal ball showed you. So, do that. Wow! What a blast!
You have freed an alien being from inside the statue (what's an alien doing
in Transylvania, anyway?).

After the razzle-dazzle is over, move along East, North, South, East. Now
you're in a sandy field, and a cute (?) little goblin is swinging a key.
Since he's up to no good, and doesn't want to hand over his property, say
the word the frog told you. Whoosh, the goblin sure left in a hurry! Good
thing he dropped the key before he took off!

Get the key, and walk North, North, West, and you're back in the graveyard
again. Take a look at that gravestone. I bet you could move it if you tried
hard. Sure enough, and behind it is a locked grating. That's no problem,
since you have the key. Unlock the grating and go into it. Aha! A magic
elixir! Grab that, and go back up again.

Now, we have a little time to spare. The alien will be coming back, but not
right away. So, just walk around a little bit, until you see a shooting
star. As soon as that happens, head directly to the clearing, where you'll
find, of all things, a flying saucer! Try to get in, and odd things will
happen. When it's over, and the saucer is gone, you will be holding a
mysterious black box.

Ok, you have everthing you need, so it's time to rescue the princess! From
the clearing, run along South, East, East and your back at the castle. From
there, go North until you come to the vast chamber again. This time, go up,
and you'll come to a ladder. Climb the ladder, and you'll be in a dark
chamber with moonlight streaming in through the window, and a mess of vines.

Get the vines. Looky there! A sarcophagus was under the vines! You can't
open the thing by yourself, but your trusty black box will help. Press the
button, and the box will blow off the top of the sarcophagus. And, of
course, you know who's inside. Now's the time to use the elixir. Follow the
directions from the book, and Sabrina will revive.

You're almost done now. Get Sabrina, then go down and back out of the
castle. From there, head West, then due South till you come to the lake. Get
into the sailboat, and sail off into the sunset (or is that moonset?). Ta-
da! You have rescued the princess!

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