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Читы для True Love

Чит-файл для True Love

True Love

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Otaku Publishing
Издатель:Jast USA
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Adventure (I-Fiction) / For Adults
Похожие игры:Season of Sakura

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
True Love Walkthrough

by Vendetta.

Well, some people were working on one, but noone ever actually made a complete
walkthrough for True Love yet. I decided since someone would create one
eventually, it might as well be me. And so, on the 27th of June 1999, I did.

This is the most complete walkthrough I could think of: I’ll be telling you
exactly which activities you should plan for every day and the answers to every
question you are asked in the game. If you follow this walkthrough to the
you should be able to see each and every H-scene and get each girl’s ending in
the same game. ...Well, all except Mikae that is. You see, she and Remi are
mutually exclusive. But she’s so easy to get that I’m sure noone will mind:
Simply start a new game and don’t study so often and Remi won’t ask you out on a
date. Then if you do everything else in this walkthrough you’ll be able to get
Mikae but not Remi in the end.

After completing the game, you may notice you’re still missing a picture in
Mayumi’s and Arisa’s CG area. To get the last picture for Mayumi, go with Mikae
on July 14, when it’s raining. To get the last picture for Arisa, choose “I’m
coming” instead of “I can hold it” on August 27.

I’ll put the activities for each day in this format: Morning/Evening/Night.

Remember, some events seem to happen at random. So be sure to SAVE OFTEN. That
way, if an event which is listed in this walkthrough doesn’t happen at the date
at which I said it would occur, you can simply load the game and do exactly the
same thing again. You’ll often find that (maybe after a few more tries) it does
happen the next time. Also, I’ve left a couple of events out. Generally, these
are relatively unimportant events which seem to always occur no matter what you
do and don’t impact the game in any way.

Finally, a little tip for all you impatient people who don’t want to see every
scene they’ve already seen again: I’ve found that by keeping the ENTER key
pressed you’ll quickly skip all dialogue until you a) to make an important
choice, b) hear a sound effect, or c) you reach the end of the day.

Okay, now... on to the walkthrough!

First of all, start a new game (duh;) and enter your name.The first important
choice comes right now, before even actually starting the game. The type of
person you select can influence the way you need to play the game a lot. I’ve
found that for me, Playboy worked best, so if you’re going to follow this
walkthrough, you should pick that type of personality when asked to.

July 1: Schedule – College/Break/Break

In front of college, you’ll meet Mikae. When she asks what you think about her,
it doesn’t matter what you answer. You see, this girl already loves you with all
her heart, so you don’t really have to make an effort to be nice to her all the
When Kuzuhiko asks you for 3000 Yen, you’ll end up lending him the money, no
matter what you say.
When Chiemi shows up and asks what you were doing, tell the truth and say you
were peeking on the girls. She’ll be impressed with your honesty.

July 2, 3, 4 and 5: Schedule – College/Break/Break

Sure, some stuff happens during these days (like exams), but there are no
important choices to be made and no places to go, so just slack off these days
taking a break at every opportunity. At the end of July 5, you should be visited
by the God of Pleasure, who will be very pleased to see you haven’t been doing
jack all these days. He’ll give you a massive boost of 40 to all your abilities,
including Passion, and remove all your fatigue. Although I doubt you’ll be tired
after doing nothing for so many days...

July 6: Schedule – Fashion/Work/Fashion

At some point during this day you should run into Mayumi again, in the same way
as you ran into her at July 2. (i.e. bumping in to eachother and you ending up
staring at her knickers ;)
Of course, she’ll get her knickers in a twist again (pun intended, duh ;) and
off, but it’s important to meet her at this point nonetheless. If she didn’t
up today... well, I hope you took my advise and saved the game, so you can load
it and try again. The same goes for all other events which I say should happen
a particular day, so I won’t mention it again.

July 7: Schedule – College/Fashion/Fashion

Your exam results will be posted up, and remarkably enough you should notice
(thanks to the God of Pleasure raising your scholarship probably) you didn’t do
all that bad. Okay, so it’s not very good either... Anyway, your teacher Miss
Yumi will show up and ask if it’s her fault your grades suck. Say that it’s your
own fault. She’ll then give you some counseling which should raise your
scholarship level a little, and (though not intended by Miss Yumi, I’m sure)
Passion will also go up, hehe.

July 8: Schedule – College/Fashion/Fashion

Thanks to the boost given to you by the God of Pleasure, your artwork should now
be sufficiently impressive to draw Miyuki’s attention. (yep, that was another
right there! ;)
If you don’t see Miyuki at any point during this day, load the game. You did
regularly, didn’t you? Oh, oops, that’s right, I wasn’t going to mention that

July 9: Schedule – College/Fashion/Fashion

When you meet Mikae again, choose to go home together with her. It’s not a
necessary thing to do, but it doesn’t interfere with any of the other
relationships you’re trying to build up, so you might as well.

July 10: Schedule – College/Fashion/Fashion

At the end of this day, the God of Beauty should raise your Appearance by 30 and
remove all your fatigue.

July 11: Schedule – College/Sports/Sports

When you finally get a chance to talk to Remi, it doesn’t matter what you say to
her, the end result will be the same.

July 12: Schedule – College/Sports/Sports

Nothing much going on today, just go with the flow.

July 13: Schedule – Sports/Sports/Sports

You should meet Chiemi in the park today, in her school uniform. When asked, say
that the uniform doesn’t suit her.

July 14: Schedule – College/Sports/Sports

Chiemi should talk to you again at school today, making a remark about how buff
you’re getting lately. Not surprising, since you’ve been concentrating on Sports
these past few days.
Later, you’ll be caught outside without an umbrella! Oh no! (I don’t see a
problem with that myself actually... can’t believe this guy’s afraid of a little
rain. Oh well.)
Mikae will come to the rescue with an umbrella. However, you shouldn’t go with
her. After she leaves, Mayumi will show up and you walk with her instead. Mikae
won’t like it, but like I said before, she already loves you so much it won’t
matter in the end. And since you still have to win Mayumi over, this is the best

July 15: Schedule – College/Sports/Sports

At the end of this day, the God of Strength should pay you a visit and give you
an increase of 20 to your Physical Strength, and remove all your fatigue.

July 16: Schedule – College/Study/Study

You should meet Chiemi again, who asks if she can walk home with you. Naturally,
you should accept.

July 17: Schedule – College/Pleasure/Study

At school, Mikae and Mayumi will be arguing. You never find out what it was
about, but it seems pretty obvious to me.
While in town, you should run into Mayumi again. You’ll agree to have lunch
together. You should have just enough money, so offer to treat her. She’ll have
voucher so you can eat for free, but the offer just might affect her reaction in
the end. When she asks if you think she should be all prim and proper, say you
don’t think so.

July 18: Schedule – College/Study/Pleasure

At night, you should meet the attractive woman you saw in the park before.
learn that her name in Misako. Say that’s a nice name. When she leaves, Miss
will also show up and speak to you.

July 19: Schedule – College/Study/Study

Nothing special today.

July 20: Schedule – Study/Study/Study

Again, nothing special.

July 21: Schedule – College/Study/Art

You’ll see Remi again today. Don’t hesitate to accept when she asks if you want
to walk home together.
The God of Education should raise your Scholarship by 20 and remove all your
fatigue at the end of this day.

July 22: Schedule – College/Art/Art

Another slow day...

July 23: Schedule – College/Sports/Pleasure

This may take some trying (read: saving/loading), but you should meet Misako
again at night. She’ll invite you into a bar and say her boyfriend dumped her.
Say you can’t believe he dumped her. You’ll get drunk and she’ll take you to a
love hotel, where you’ll have an H-scene with Misako. Afterwards, say you don’t
regret it.

July 24: Schedule – College/Sports/Study

Nothing much going on today.

July 25: Schedule – Sports/Study/Study

Again, a pretty quiet day.

July 26: Schedule – Sports/Art/Shopping

Today, before you get to set up the schedule, you’ll wake up to find your father
standing beside your bed. You won’t be overly pleased with him, but I’m sure
you’ll like the 10000 Yen he gives you! After another brief meeting with Mikae,
you can set the schedule as noted above.
When shopping, go to the shop in the back streets and buy the Wings of an Angel
and a Rabbit Pendant. If the fortune teller shows up, don’t waste your money by
having your fortune told. After all, you’ll get all the advice you need right
here in this walkthrough.

July 27:

Today is a swimming contest in which you’ll participate, so the schedule doesn’t
apply for today. At the beach, when you see Chiemi, tell her she has a great
body. If Miyuki noticed your artwork before (she should have if you followed the
walkthrough to the letter), she’ll also be on the beach.
In the sea, when you think you hear someone, you’ll end up looking for the
of the sounds no matter what option you choose. To revive Arisa, massage her
chest 4 times and give her mouth-to-mouth 4 times.

July 28: Schedule – Sports/Fashion/Study

You should see Arisa again on the beach.

July 29: Schedule – Art/Art/Pleasure

Miyuki will notice you working on your artistic skills. When she asks if she
a burden of herself when she collapsed at the beach, say of course not.
Also, at night, you should see Mayumi at the clothes shop.
That’s two random events at one day, so it may take some saving/loading in order
to get both to happen.

July 30: Schedule – Sports/Art/Fashion

Not much to say about this day.

July 31: Schedule – Sports/Sports/Fashion

You’ll meet Chiemi while jogging. When she says she’s already jogged for 10 km,
say you’re impressed.

August 1: Schedule – Sports/Pleasure/Fashion

The first day of the month is a busy one. And one which may take some time. Be
sure to save before starting today’s activities, ‘cause there are no less than
three random events which should take place today. If any of the three following
events does not take place, load the game and try again. It’s important that
Passion is at 99 at this point, but I doubt you’ll have any problems in that
First, you should meet Chiemi again in the park. Tell her she’s feminine.
Second, you should find an envelope from the God of Luck containing 10000 Yen,
and meet Arisa right after. Choose to hang out with her for a while. When she
asks, say you don’t have a girlfriend yet. You should also walk home with her.
And third, in the evening you should find a kitten seeking shelter from the
Take pity on the kitty (oh, that sounds nice ;) and take it home with you.

August 2: Schedule – Study/Study/Study

Miss Yumi should come to your house today. Say she’s working hard, and that
you’ve been studying.

August 3: Schedule – Art/Sports/Study

You should have your first encounter with a bearded man, and meet a
mysterious “special guest”, Akane, who will “take away all your worries and
pains”, bringing your fatigue back down to 0.
Also, either today or tomorrow, you should seet Mikae at some point. Say you
forgive her for her reaction at the beach.

August 4: Schedule – Study/Sports/Study

If you saw Mikae already the previous day, there won’t be much happening this

August 5: Schedule – Art/Art/Art

The God of Art should come by, raising your art by 30 and bringing your fatigue
down to 0.

August 6: Schedule – Work/Work/Shopping

Note that by now, your stats should be either around 120 (Scholarship and Art)
way past that number (Physical Strength and Appearance).
You may see Remi’s father and/or Toshio while working, but that’s not important.
Besides, you only care about the girls anyway, right? ;)
When you go shopping, buy an Accessory and some Flowers. It speaks for itself
that, if given the option, you shouldn’t waste your money on the Fortune Teller.

August 7: Schedule – Sports/Sports/Study

Your Physical Strength should be close to being maxed out now.

August 8: Schedule – Fashion/Fashion/Study

Nothing much to talk about...

August 9: Schedule – Sports/Fashion/Study

Before you can choose your schedule, Kazuhiko will come by to lend you the video
game he bought. He’ll also give you back the 3000 Yen he borrowed from you. Now
save the game, and load it right away. Kazuhiko will come by again and give you
another 3000 Yen! Repeat this a couple of times so you’ll have enough money for
the rest of the game without having to work for it. About 20000 Yen should be

August 10: Schedule – Study/Study/Fashion

Arisa will come to your house to play the video game. When you notice her
say she looks better with a smile.
Later that night, you’re just feeding the kitten when suddenly... she turns into
a half-cat,
half-woman. The woman, called Anze, claims to be an angel, and that she’s
for a particular artifact. Say “Could this be it?” and you’ll return the Wings
an Angel to her. She says she needs more love to change back to her original
form... well, you can guess what happens next. Afterwards, she’ll wipe your
memory of the event. (This will only happen if your passion level is high
but it should have been at its maximum quite some time ago if you followed this

August 11: Schedule – Art/Art/Study

Also, you should see Remi again today. When she asks about it, give the rabbit
pendant to her, and make a date for Sunday.

August 12: Schedule – Pleasure/Art/Art

While in town, you should notice a crowd, among which Kazuhiko and the bearded
man you saw earlier. When the bearded man asks what you think about Sonoko, say
you like her.

August 13: Schedule – Sports/Study/Pleasure

Meet Yumi in town, say you came to see her.

August 14: Schedule – Study/Study/Study

All work and no play makes for a very boring day.

August 15: Schedule – Promise(you promised to call Mikae)/Sports/Art

The movie Mikae wants to see is called ‘At the End of Youth and Love’.
You don’t have any important choices to make during the date, so just sit back
and enjoy it.

August 16: Schedule – Art/Sports/Study

At the beach, Kazuhiko will actually be coming on to you! When Chiemi shows up,
say you were not at all excited by it.

August 17: Schedule – Promise(date with Remi)/Sports/Art

When Remi’s late, say you’ve only just arrived too. When you finish the lunch
made, say it was delicious. (Okay, it seems obvious... I mean you don’t tell a
girl who made lunch for you that it sucked, even if it did... but I guess I
mention these things anyway, just for the sake of making this a complete
walkthrough. Oh dear, I started rambling again. Sorry about that.) When she asks
where you want to go next time, it doesn’t matter what you say. (You’ll make an
ass of yourself no matter what you choose.;)
You should also meet Chiemi again. Say that she’s very attractive.

August 18: Schedule – Art/Art/Art

In the park, you’ll meet Miyuki. When she asks if your offer to model for her
still stands say you don’t tell lies. You’ll agree to meet at her place next

August 19: Schedule – Sports/Sports/Study

At the beach, you’ll have a swimming competition with Chiemi. When you reach the
island, say that you love her, and you’ll have an H-scene with her. Of course,
you say that you don’t regret it. (Why do the women in this game keep asking
that? Do they actually expect you to say yes?)

August 20: Schedule – Art/Art/Study

It’s the familiar slow day again...

August 21: Schedule – Study/Study/Study

Before you can set up today’s schedule, Kazuhiko will come by to pick uo his
video game and to tell you he feels he can trust you with Arisa.
Later you should see Mikae talking with Toshio.

August 22: Schedule – Fashion/Study/Study

Around this day, your Physical Strength, Appearance, Scholarship and Art should
be around 150, and your Passion (still) at 99. Now you can be sure that every
random event which requires one or more of your stats to be at a certain level
will take place.
You should see Mayumi near the clothes shop today, and in her surprise she’ll
drop a bag with her underwear in it, which you pick up. You’ll also spot
in the area.

August 23: Schedule – Study/Pleasure/Pleasure

You should see Mikasaki at the Clothes Shop again.

August 24: Schedule – Promise(date with Miyuki)/Art/Study

At the date, you’ll end up doing nothing but buy swimwear.

August 25: Schedule – Sports/Study/Art

Before you can decide on today’s schedule, you’ll see Miyuki again. You’ll
to have another date next Sunday. Say it would be most convenient during the

August 26:

Today you won’t need to make a schedule: You’ll only have to do an ability exam.
If everything went well, you should be no. 13. When Toshio wants to take Mikae
home, stop them and take Mikae home yourself.

August 27: Schedule – Pleasure/Sports/Study

At the Train Station, you should meet Arisa when it starts to rain. You’ll take
her to your place to dry her clothes. When you catch her reading the adult
magazine, choose to hold her and an H-scene will follow. Choose ‘I can hold it’
for an additional scene.

August 28: Schedule – Sports/Art/Fashion

Prepare for another slow day...

August 29: Schedule – Fashion/Study/Art

...and another...

August 30: Schedule – Sports/Art/Study

...and yet another!

August 31: Schedule – Promise(date with Miyuki)/Sports/Fashion

When Miyuki shows up for the date, and asks what’s in the closet, say Miyuki’s
Photo’s. Eventually the events will lead to an H-scene with Miyuki. Say you
regret it afterwards... el duh.
Later, Mayumi will swing by. When she says she never sold any of her clothes,
you believe her. When she asks if she can have her underwear, give them back. 
doesn’t seem to matter much whether you say yes or no when she asks if you
at them. You’ll also set a date for a date with her. (hmmm, that last sentence
sounded kinda wierd...)

September 1: Schedule – College/Study/Art

Other than the fact that school starts again, and you’ll meet Ryoko for the
time, nothing much happens today.

September 2: Schedule – College/Sports/Study

You will find out Mikisuki has tied up Mayumi in the counseling room. When Miss
Yumi comes along, ask her to open the door.

September 3: Schedule – College/Fashion/Art

When you see Ryoko, agree to be her friend, and say you love girls with glasses.
Also, Kazuhiko will tell you to go meet the new nurse, who turns out to be
Miss Yumi will inform you Mikisuki is leaving college.

September 4: Schedule – College/Sports/Study

When Remi asks you to help with the festival preparations, agree to help. A
will fall on your foot, and you’ll end up in the nurse’s office, alone with
Misako. When asked if you’ve become a great guy, say you’re used to it. Say that
you’re not seeing anyone. Then choose to woo her and you’ll have another H-scene
with Misako.
September 5: Schedule – College/Art/Fashion

Well, can’t have a party every day...

September 6: Schedule – College/Sports/Study

At the school festival, you should win the game at the PC club, but don’t worry
if you don’t. By now, you shouldn’t need the +10 bonus to all stats you get at
the end of the day if you do anymore.
When Kameo asks you if Mikae is your girlfriend say that’s right. (or not, it
doesn’t seem to matter in the end)

September 7: Schedule – Fashion/Promise(date with Mayumi)/Art

At the date, pay for both you and Mayumi. Say you feel like you’re lovers. Agree
to go to a love hotel with her. After the H-scene, of course say that it was

September 8: Schedule – College/Study/Sports

This is another day which may take some saving/loading, since there are multiple
random events which should take place today.
At school, you should see Mayumi, and Miss Yuki after that.
Now Kazuhiko should show up and show you the Sonoko album again. You’ll
her as Ryoko.
Finally, in the evening you should bump into Ryoko at the bus stop.

September 9: Schedule – College/Sports/Art

You should run into Ryoko and Mikae at school. When Mikae asks if you want to go
home with her say no and listen to Ryoko’s story instead. When she asks if you’d
change your attitude towards her if she were Sonoko say you won’t change. When
she asks what you think of her say you like her.

September 10: Schedule – College/Art/Study

You may meet Mikae in the park today. Whether or not you do won’t impact
anything, though.

September 11: Schedule – College/Sports/Study

No important events today...

September 12: Schedule – College/Fashion/Art

...or today for that matter.

September 13: Schedule – College/Sports/Pleasure

You should meet Miss Yuki in town today. She’s been drinking, but she still has
enough strength to save you from a drunk. When she brings you to her house and
says she thinks she wasn’t very teacher-like say you don’t think so. Choose to
hug her when give the option. At first she’ll push you away, but eventually
things will lead to an H-scene with her. Say it was great afterwards.

September 14: Schedule – Fashion/Art/Study

Nothing much to worry about today...

September 15: Schedule – Fashion/Study/Sports

...nor today.

September 16: Schedule – College/Art/Sports

Make a date with Mikae. Her birthday’s on the 28th of September.

September 17: Schedule – College/Fashion/Study

Meet the bearded man again in the park.
At school, you’ll run into Ryoko. When asked if you were offended the other day,
say that’s okay.

September 18: Schedule – College/Art/Sports

You should see the bearded man and Ryoko talking in the park. When Ryoko
approaches you, don’t kiss her; take her home instead.

September 19: Schedule – College/Sports/Art

You’ll notice Ryoko isn’t at school today.

September 20: Schedule – College/Fashion/Sports

No important decisions to be made this day.

September 21: Schedule – Study/Art/Sports

At night, you should see Ryoko standing outside your house. Tell her you love
her, and ask het to come to your room. This will lead to an H-scene.

September 22: Schedule – College/Sports/Study

Much to everyone’s surprise, you should notice that your results of the exams
were better than anyone else. When Mikae asks if you remember when the date is,
say it’s the 28th. (it speaks for itself really... the only other option is the
21th, which was yesterday! Shame on you if ever made that mistake.;)
When Remi asks you what you think of her say you love her. (it doesn’t seem to
matter if you say you want to have sex instead, but it’s more polite this way,
don’t you agree? ;) You won’t be able to refuse her offer to have a date. Set
date for the 27th. (If you choose the 28th, there will be an embarrassing event
since Mikae will also come over that day... doh!)

September 23: Schedule – Study/Art/Fashion

A day for relaxation and recreation as nothing requires your intervention.

September 24: Schedule – College/Break/Sports

Save before today’s activities. If by this day you have not seen Ryoko at school
yet, you should see her today. If you don’t, you’d do best to load the game
you do.

September 25: Schedule – College/Fashion/Art

What a completely boring day...

September 26: Schedule – College/Study/Sports

...and this is another.

September 27: Schedule – College/Fashion/Promise(date with Remi)

When you show up for the date, you’ll see Kameo and Toshio instead, who will
you Remi’s been kidnapped. Those two won’t be much help to you, so it’s up to
to save Remi. When choosing in which direction you will go, take the left road.
Risking your life (well, sort of), you’ll save Remi. When she asks, choose to
make love to her and there will be an
H-scene. Say it was very good afterwards.

September 28: Schedule – Fashion/Promise/Art

When Mikae shows up for the date, give her the Accessory for her birthday. Now,
you can say that you love her and all, but when she asks if Remi is just a
friend, you’ll have a problem. If you had the date with Remi, she’ll think you
made love to her (even if you didn’t!) and leave (even if you denied it). So
Mikae will be out of your reach.
Like I said before starting the walkthrough: To get Mikae you’ll have to do
another game. Follow the walkthrough again, but this time just never study. Remi
won’t ask you out on a date, and you’ll be able to tell Mikae Remi’s just a
friend. Then you’ll have an H-scene with Mikae instead. Be sure to tell her it
was great afterwards.

September 29: Schedule - College/Sports/Study

A slow day, just before a very important day... the calm before the storm, if
September 30:

When you’re about to plan today’s activities, you’ll be asked if you want to
the game. Do so. Try planning today’s activities again, and you’ll think about
how much you’d like a steady girlfriend. While you’re thinking, Kazuhiko will
call you and meet you outside your place. He’ll confess he’s actually in love
with you. If you say you love him too that’s the end of the game, since you’re
obviously not really interested in any of the girls then. So tell him you’d
rather just be friends instead.
After that, you can decide who you want to be your girlfriend. If you followed
this walkthrough, you should be able to pick anyone (but, like I said, except
Mikae) to see her ending.

And that’s it! You have successfully completed True Love! Hope you enjoyed the
game as much as I did.
Feedback on my walkthrough is always welcome. Please send it to:

*bows* Sayonara!

\/endetta the Unseen.

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