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Читы для True Love

Чит-файл для True Love

True Love

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Otaku Publishing
Издатель:Jast USA
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Adventure (I-Fiction) / For Adults
Похожие игры:Season of Sakura

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Once the main program (T_LOVE95.EXE) starts, you have no normal
Windows controls unless you use keyboard commands, e.g. Alt-Tab. The
mouse does all the work in the game. Right- or left-click while text
is slowly printing out to finish it.

The Photoshop shows up as the "CG ROOM" option on the main menu. It
starts out with 11 entries all at 0%. Click on a girl's name, and then
you get the pictures in the photoshop for her, one at a time. Each one
is shown with two options: the bottom one exits back to the main menu,
the top one goes on to the next picture. When you get to the last
picture, it goes back to the CG menu. You will get sick and tired of
that "venetian blind" transition effect here, and while playing the

The Music player has 15 selections. To switch to a different
selection, press the ">>" or "<<" buttons. Note that #10 has no
description until you get to 100% with Anze. Press the eject
(triangle above horizontal bar) button to leave the Music player

Up to 6 saved games are allowed.

The English translation could be better. Notice that Mikae mentions
on July 1 that it might snow!? Amazing how September 1 is both the
first and last day of the term/semester...

Your first choice in the game is what to say to Mikae - love / hate /
"want to have sex" (which she basically ignores).
Next, if you'll loan 3,000 Yen to Kazuhiko - yes / no. If you do,
you'll open up a sequence involving seeing Chiemi and getting the
"Final Oxymoron VII" game cartridge that helps you see Kazuhiko's
sister Arisa.
Things get complicated after that...
There's some randomness in what happens, you can reload a game and
get different results! Especially for the events that occur as you
walk from place to place - one time I found Mayumi's panties, but
when I reloaded 5 times the best I got was being chased away by


Anze (the Angel):
1. buy "angel feather" item at wierd shop for 10,000 yen
2. take in cat
3. several days later, the cat will turn into Anze
4. "could this be it?" will lead to sex with Anze, she turns back
   into a full-fledged (heh) angel
5. she'll be back at the very end of the game, choose her
Her CG can't be selected even when it's 90% - you have to get to 100%
with her to see any of them. She's the first hidden character in the
game, and the most obvious.

Mikae: Call her on the 15th? (of July or August?)
Wants to see "At the end of youth and love" at the movies, you'll need
2600 or 1300 yen to pay for tickets.
Birthday September 28th. She WILL know if you've fucked Remi or even
gone on the kidnapping/date with her, so you might as well not even
bother meeting her after doing Remi.
If your statistics aren't acceptable at the end of the game, Mikae
says you should be kinder.

Remi: need to have high Scholarship - 160 will get you #1 of 194,
and a date with Remi except that she's kidnapped! go "left" to save
time. choice of "make love to Remi" or "resist her" - duh! By the
way, you have a choice of meeting her for the date/kidnapping/possible
sex on the 27th or 28th.
Does something special happen if you give Remi the rabbit pendant from
the wierd shop? May have to do this before the library date?
Does it matter which of the 3 places (library, college, love hotel)
you propose for your next date?
Although the weird guy who calls himself the Meiai defence force says
he wants 3000 yen to open the locked boot (car trunk), the game won't
take any of your money.
Do NOT ask Remi for a date on the 28th, or somehow she and Mikae will
meet and both will leave.

Arisa: Katzuhiko's sister who looks much younger than the 18 she's
supposed to be. At the swimming race on 7/27, go after the drowning
person to save her and first meet Arisa. Not sure what you need to
do after that...
Your chance to go further with Arisa is when Kazuhiko gives you the
"Final Oxymoron VII" cartridge - she'll come over to your flat to
play it.

Will meet you for lunch, and comes up for a voucher to pay even if you
have the money.
Will drop a pair of panties in front of the "used clothes" store, and
you keep them. Mikisaki will tell you to leave the area, or you can
get an event where you don't get the panties and he tells you to go
away anyway.
You can give Mayumi's panties back to her, 9/07 evening to go to an
amusement park. 2000 yen each for park, 4000 or 7000 yen for love
There's a scene where she's molested by Mikisaki, but you and Yumi
find out and bust him.

Yumi: after the "pile of papers" breast fondling, and the panty
viewing when she visits your flat, you have to find Yumi out on the
street at night when she's drunk sometime after Mikisaki left (see
Mayumi). There's a wierd guy, probably a mugger...

Miyuki: probably need to have high Appearance and/or Physical
Strength and/or Art, but she'll ask you to model for her. Buy shorts
for 3000 or 4000 yen. Her place next Sunday lunch/afternoon.
If your statistics are unacceptable at the end of the game, she says
you should "reflect on yourself more."

Ryoko: first shows up on September 1, then you can meet her on the
roof of the college to first get the idea that she looks like somebody
else without those glasses...
Kazuhiko will mention Sonoko Takahashi, and you'll finally figure it
out. That skinny guy with the beard is her brother/agent.

Misako: meet her at the train station the first time.
She eventually becomes the substitute school nurse.

Akane: shows up around August 08 when you see the guy with a beard
looking for girls (Ryoko's brother). says she'll be back, haven't seen
her yet...
may not be a real character...

Kazuhiko: can be your gay boyfriend!?
Lend him 3000 yen on the first day to see Chiemi (or at least some
girls) in the changing room, allows him to buy the "Final Oxymoron
VII" game cassette that he gives to you later.
Arisa will come to your flat to play the game.

maximum Passion is 99
maximum Appearance is 160 (150 +10 for wiseman's jeans)
maximum Scholarship is 160 (150 +10 for wiseman's jeans)
maximum Physical Strength is 160 (150 +10 for wiseman's jeans)
Fatigue is set to 0 if a god visits you (do a lot of one activity,
   gets you a +20 bonus in it too) or you have an encounter/date with
   any girl.
If you "Pleasure" a lot, a god will visit and give you a special
   power - what?
If you get the high score at Kazuhiko's game on August 6th, the god
   of games give you +10 or so in all the good statistics. I'm not
   sure what you need to get the high score, but I had over 100 in
   everything at the time, including a rabbit pendant and wiseman's

Shopping items:
energy drink      -  3000 yen - +20 Physical Strength, -(>=15) Fatigue
study book        -  3000 yen - +10 Scholarship
art book          -  3000 yen - +10 Art
adult magazine    -  3000 yen - +? Passion, -20 Fatigue
accessory         -  6000 yen - for a girl
cuddly toy        -  6000 yen - for a girl
flowers           -  9000 yen - for a girl (they last?)
rabbit pendant    -   500 yen -  +5 Appearance
Misanga of Passion - 3000 yen - ?
red bracelet      - 10000 yen - ?great fortune?
wiseman's jeans   - 12000 yen - +10 to all except Fatigue
golden frog       - 20000 yen - "cleans men of all sins, brings
   happiness", cursed?
lottery ticket    -  1000 yen - drawing on 20th of month
Blackjack game    -   500 yen - may win

Can only buy one each of energy drink, study book, art book per
   shopping trip.
There's a random event where you find 10,000 yen in an envelope.
Your father will give you 10,000 yen when he visits one day in August.
Apparently the Anze sequence is supposed to involve you seeing a
   fortune teller during play, but I didn't see him until the end.
The fortune teller, if you meet him, should charge you 300, 500, or
   1000 yen to give you some hints. Some of these hints are:
   You may find luck if you get bad test results on purpose.
   You may get something good if you keep your grades up.
   You may meet a young-looking girl at the beach (probably refers to
   Arisa and the swimming contest).
   I see ears and a tail... (gives $ back) Keep your Passion high!
   (probably refers to Anze)
   (500 yen) I see a girl, a man & a woman in the student counsel room.
   You will meet Miss Yumi when drunk.
   (300 yen) Watch your promises to 2 girls, do you like cats?
The game text is in the DATE file (DATG for German). A lot of what is
   mentioned above is from there, so don't be surprised if I got a few
   things wrong, or they can never happen in the game.
The boss at the part-time job (WORK) is Remi's father.
Work always pays 3000 yen, raises Physical Strength and Fatigue, but
   lowers Appearance and possibly Scholarship & Art.

When you get to September 30, the game will give you an opportunity
to save, then let you pick a girl to propose to. You'll probably have
only a few of the total that may say yes, some you may have seen only
once in this particular play of the game. Pick one, then you find out
if she likes you too - if she does, you get one more picture (several
more for Anze) and then the credits; if she doesn't, you get a speech
and the credits. Either way, the credits are really annoying after
the first time you see them... I couldn't find any way to speed them
up! They do mention there may be a sequel.
My first time playing, I managed to get all the statistics up to
maximum at least once (except Fatigue), and be able to choose between
Mikae, Remi and Anze by backing up to 9/27 and either doing or
skipping the date with Remi. So you shouldn't have any trouble getting
the highest statistic values if you concentrate on them, I think you
can get some up to maximum even faster if you work and spend money on
the shop items.

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