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Читы для Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Чит-файл для Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Turok 2:
Seeds of Evil

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Iguana Entertainment
Издатель:Acclaim Entertainment
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 3 февраля 1999 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Multiplayer:(16) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для
Welcome to Randy Murtha's

   ___________                       _|_              /|    ,+^#   #\#
  /          //| _.-|--__,-''|    _-  |  -_    ---  /  |  _#       #@
/___     __/ / ||   ||  --   /   |         |   |  | |  |        $,+$
    |   |   |  ||   ||  |/ /  __|__       __|__|  |/  /        #^
    |   |   |  ||   ||   _ --,  |           |  |   _ --,    @_^
    |   |   |  ||   ||  | |  |   |_       _|   |  | |  |   #%
    |   |   |___,,__||__| |_ |     - _|_ -     |__| |  | #_^
    |_.-'                   \|        |               \# #

FAQ and Walkthrough *Title art by Brother Reed
This document is Copyrighted 2001 by Randy Murtha and may not be
reproduced in part or in full with out the written consent of the


1) Version History
2) Introduction to FAQ/Walkthrough
3) The Story for Turok 2
4) Controls
5) Items
6) The Talisman
7) Warp Portals
8) Weapons
9) Enemies
10) Hints and Strategies
11) Game Walkthrough
12) Boss Stratagies
13) Weird Glitches
14) Cheats
15) Master Turok 2 Gamers
16) Credits, Thank you, E-mail specs. and legal things


1) Version History

Version 1.0
January 28, 2001
   This is the first version of my FAQ/Walkthrough.  I plan on making
plenty of revisions to this so make sure you are reading my latest


2) Introduction to FAQ and Walkthrough

   Welcome to my very in-depth and extensive walkthrough for Turok 2:
Seeds of Evil for the Nintendo 64.  This is my first attempt at a
FAQ/Walkthrough so e-mail to let me know what you think of it, I can
take criticism.  This walkthrough will list almost every enemy you will
encounter as you get to them on the first few levels, almost every
lifeforce piece, weapon and the items you will come across in the game.
Remember that I said "almost every."  And I don't bother counting
enemies when I am defending Energy Totems, I just get them over with and
concentrate on my aiming skills.
---I just want to say that I beat the game and found every Primagen  Key
without the help of anyone or anything or using one cheat code.  Laugh
all you want, but I did.  I am not one to look up the way to go if I get
stuck in a game or use a cheat code to become invinceable or never run
out of ammo.  They take the fun and challenge out of a game.  Practice
makes perfect.  Once I beat a game, then I will look up secrets and
items I haven't yet found. I could care less about cheat codes.  I have
been playing video games since the Atari 5200.  Once I defeated this
game, I did have to look up the enemy list, cheat codes and VERY FEW
secrets that I surfed across or the proud members of our Turok 2 Masters
club let me in on.  Master Gamer RaptorF22 is the founder. Drop us a
line on the gamefaqs.com Turok 2 message board.  We will be glad to
assist you in any way we can.  I will give the proper credit where it is
do.  This game took me longer to figure out than Zelda: Ocarina of Time
and that took me forever (or so it seemed). If I told you I found all
the Skulltulas and Heart Pieces, you know I'd be lying to you.  I had no
clue you could bomb the ground.  I cannot stand a vibrating controller,
how distarcting.  It took me 6 months with just over 43 hours of
gameplay to conquer this game.  Seriously.  Zelda, 4 months with ??
total gameplay time.  Why is there no quest history for this one?  As
compared to Zelda, this game is way, way harder to beat.  Primagen will
put Gannon/dorf to shame I tell you.  Just wait and see.  Gannon IS a
joke.  I would've expected a battle considering the size of him.  This
game is best played on high resoultion in my opinion, I love all that
fog, SPOOKY! If you don't own an expansion pack, ignore what I just
   I think that this is the best first person shooter game ever made.
It is my second favorite N64 game, the first being Star Wars: Rogue
Squadron.  There's just something about air to air combat that does
something to this kid.  The sound effects are stunning, the graphics are
amazing and the enemies you will encounter are the feircest, fastest
most fascinating beasts on any platform.  Give a big round of applause
for the games Enemy Designers.  They did a terrific job, don't you
agree?  The monsters will jump out at you and literally make you jump
out of your seat and will make your heart pound in your chest, I love
it.  This game is never, ever boring.  It will always keep you on the
edge of your seat and never lets down on the action.  Be sure to play it
with the lights off.  If you have an itchy video game trigger finger,
then this game is definitely for you.
   Since I listed almost every enemy on the first few levels in the
game, only refer to my walkthrough section if you are stuck so you can
expeirience the scare factor I mentioned above.  It is one of the games
best features and I don't want to TOTALLY spoil it for you.  You will be
robbing yourself from the best video game expeirence you ever had if you
   You will not find any swearing in my FAQ.  I am a decent man who took
into consideration that young adults will be reading this.  As for my
references for taking enemies out during the walkthrough, just deal with
them. I could have made them a lot worse because if you're under 17, you
shouldn't be playing this MA rated game anyways.  There is only one
swear word that really isn't a swear word in my legal section.
   This insanely long document was typed and edited without the use of
spell check.  I tried to use this once and my paragraphs got all jumbled
up and it took me a while to fix them all so I will never use it again
in this or any of my future FAQs.  If you happen to notice any mispelled
words or typos, please e-mail me so I can correct them, I will be most
appreciative.  My e-mail adress is randym43@juno.com.  If anybody
wonders what the 43 stands for, it's my lucky number, I don't want a
thousand e-mails asking me what the 43 stands for.


3) The Story

   I have never read, or in fact, I have never even heard of the Turok
comic series before this game came out.  I haven't even played the first
one yet, so I had to sum up the story from the *instruction manual and
the opening movie:
   After Turok defeated Campaigner and the Chronoscepter, he unleashed a
new threat.  This one even greater than the one he had just defeated.
When time began, Primagen (the beast your after) challenged the Makers
of Creation and wanted contol of the Universe.  The Lazarus
Correspondence realized Primagen meant busisness and fealt the threat he
posed, and built 5 Energy Totems where they thought Primagen was
vulnerable.  You will defend these Energy Totems at the end of the first
five levels.  Awakened by the death of the Chronoscepter, Primagen
summoned his minions to seek out and destroy the Energy Totems.  You
must stop his minions from doing so and destroy Primagen before he can
take over the Universe.  It is going to be long, long, dangerous journey
so let's get ready to rumble.
   * see credits


4) Controls

Expert configuration:

-Control Stick: To look up, down and all around and to aim your weapon.
-C button up: Move forwards
-C button down: Move backwards
-C button left: Strafe left
-C button right: Strafe right
-C button up +  C button right or left: Strafe diagonal.  Also works
while moving  backwards.
-A and B buttons: Change weapons. I recommend you use the "quick select"
setting, it's way faster.  While using quick select, press A or B and
move the control stick towards the highlighted weapon you desire.
-Z button: Fire your weapon/slash.  Fire Dino Cannon.
-R button: To jump.  Hold down longer to jump higher/further.  Fires the
Rocket Launcher on the Dinosaur in level 2.  Press and hold while
zooming in/out while in sniper mode.
-L button: To bring up the overhead map.  DO NOT FORGET YOU HAVE THIS!!!
-D pad up: Change ammo types.  Works only with shells, arrows or darts.
-D pad down: To duck
-D pad right: Go into sniper mode.  You can only snipe with the Tek-Bow
or the Plasma rifle.  While in sniper mode, hold the R button and press
the up/down C button to zoom in/out.  I think this is the games best
-D pad left: Toggle to upgraded weapons (i.e: Pistol to Mag .60).
-Start button: brings up subscreen for a bunch of options, cheats and
-C buttons: To move around.
-R button: To raise to the surface
-Z button: Use weapon
  While riding the Dino:
-C buttons: To move around
-Z button: Fire Dino cannon
-R button: Fire Dino rockets

   I am not going to bother with the arcade control type.  Most people
probably play with expert configuration.  If you don't use this config.
I'm quite sure you can figure it out on your own.  If you cannot, then
don't even bother trying to beat this game, you are way out of your
league.  Stick to your Pokemon and Mario games and rapidly boil Turok 2
in a two quart saucepan because you won't ever be beating this game any
time soon, this isn't Zelda kids.


5) Items

Yellow Life Force:  Yellow diamonds which add 1 to your life force total
Red Life Force:  Red diamonds which add 10 to your life force total.
Collect 100 life force for an extra life, 9 lives maximum.
Silver Health:  Adds 2 to your health.
Blue Health:  Adds 10 to your health.
Red Health:  Full health, recovers your health up to 100 max.
Yellow Health:  Ultra Health, adds 100 to your health, 200 is the
maximum health you can receive.  If you go below 100 health after
collecting an ultra health, you can only recover 100 health max.  What a
Ammo: Self explanitory.
Level Keys:  There are three on each level except level one which has
six; level 6 has no keys.
Primagen Keys:  Each level has a Primagen Key, all six have to be found
if you want to fight Primagen.
Sacred Eagle Feathers:  You must find five of these and take them to the
Talisman Chamber on that level to receive a special ability (see next
Satchel Charges:  Used to blow mission objectives up with.
And most importantly:  Your Map, use it often.


6) The Talisman

   While lurking around, you will venture upon tiles in the floor with
symbols floating above them.  These are Talisman tiles which enable your
special abilities.  All of the Primagen Keys are only accessible by
these tiles. Your special abilities are:
   Level 2:  The Leap of Faith Talisman allows you to make great leaps.
Literally jump across entire rooms.
   Level 3:  The Breath of Life Talisman allows you to swim in poisonous
   Level 4:  The Heart of Fire Talisman allows you to walk in lava.
   Level 5:  The Whispers Talisman allows you to be lifted to
unaccessible ledges.
   Level 6:  The Eye of Truth Talisman allows you to see hidden paths
otherwise invisible.
   To receive your special ability on the levels, find the feather and
offer it to the Talisman in his chamber (see next section).


7) Warp Portals

   Throughout the game you will use tons and tons of warp portals.  Warp
portals take you the next part of the level you are currently on, save
your game, collect parts for the NUKE weapon or offer a feather to the
   Your standard warp portals that transport you to different areas are
round with white light and bluish-white rings inside.
   Your save portal is a pyramid looking thing-a-majiggy with purplre/
pink rings inside.  Once inside a save portal, you can save your game
(which requires a memory pack) or restore your health and ammo.  Note
that you can only refill your health and ammo once on any given level.
So if you restored your ammo on level one, beat the level and came back
at a later time to get the Primagen Key, you will not be able to refill
your ammo. Since I will list most respawning health and ammo depots, do
not worry about this too much.  Also when you come back to the level and
you took all of the ammo/health/lifeforce previously, and can't find a
depot, your screwed, that's all I can tell you on that one.
   Your Oblivion, at least that's what I call them, portals look like
save portals but are locked and you must find a switch to unlock it.
Inside are Oblivion creatures.  If you've played Turok 3, then you
should be familiar with them.  If you defeat all the enemies inside one
of these portals, your reward is a piece of the NUKE weapon, there are
six NUKE parts in all.
   Your Talisman chambers look exactly like Oblivion portals and have to
be unlocked.  Inside these portals you receive a special ability (see


8) Weapons

   This game has a really great selection of weapons.  There are 24 in
all. Here they are:
1) Flare Gun:  Not a weapon but a tool.  Use it to see in  dark corners,
down dark corridors, etc.  Unlimited use, you just have to let it
recharge before you can fire another flare.
2) Talon:  A twin bladed dino claw replica slashing weapon.  Works great
on Compys and Mites, can be used underwater.
3) War Blade:  A Talon upgrade. It has two big survival looking knives
with serated edges.  I gurantee once you get this, it's bye-bye Talon,
can be used underwater.
4) Razor Wind:  A really awesome circular saw blade that acts like a
boomerang.  It slices clean through the enemy like a hot knife through
butter.  If your standing still while using this and aiming straight at
an enemy, it will cut clean through the enemy and then again on the way
back to you.  Works quite well for being just a blade.
5) Harpoon Gun:  Shoots harpoons, one of my favorite weapons.  Can only
be used underwater, 12 spear max.
6) Torpedoe Launcher:  Launches torpedoes, can only be used underwater.
Can be used as a water jet to, 10 Torpedoe's max.
7) Bow:  A cheesy wooden Bow, 20 arrows max.
8) Tek Bow:  A compound Bow with sniping capabilities and is equipped
with exploding arrowheads.  20 regular arrows max and 10 Tek arrow
(which are a huge disappointment) max.
9)Pistol:  A .9mm Pistol, 50 rounds max.
10) Mag .60:  A pistol upgrade, shoots three round bursts. WATCH YOUR
AMMO, 50 rounds max.
11) Shotgun:  A double barelled Shotgun that uses only 1 round?  Can use
exploding shells with this.  20 shell max and 10 exploding shell max.
12) Shredder:  A Shotgun upgrade.  It fires shells kind of like a Rail
Gun that ricochets rounds like a super balls on crack, can also fire
exploding shells.  20 shell max and 10 exploding shell max.  I think
this is the games most effective weapon on ALL of the enemies.  One shot
to the throat area will drop any one of them like a fly, excluding the
bosses of course, even a Lord of the Flesh.  Wow!  Now that's power.
13) Tranquilizer Gun:  Can put enemies to sleep.  May take several
rounds to knock a big fella out.  It also has a scope but you can't
snipe with it?  15 dart max.
14) Charge Dart Rifle:  Fires an electric burst that stuns the enemy,
hold down the trigger for a few seconds for a more powerful charge.  The
most effective "stunning" weapon in your arsenal.  I don't use the
stunning weapons unless I'm in a real hairy situation.  In this game
it's kill or be killed but the enemy is so helpless you can just
casually walk up to them and SPLAT!.  30 charge max, 1-3 rounds per use.
15) Plasma Rifle:  A rifle that fires an awsome plasma round at an
enemy.  You can go into sniper mode with this weapon.  150 rounds max,
each shot requires 5 rounds.
16) Firestorm Cannon:  A plasma Chain Gun that fires a rapid burst of
plasma rounds at the enemy, WATCH YOUR AMMO.  Rips enemies apart like
tissue paper.  150 rounds max, an awesome weapon!
17) Flame Thrower:  Try to use this weapon in short bursts rather than
holding the fire button down to conserve fuel for you can burn a fuel
tank up in seconds by doing so, 50 gallons max.
18) Sunfire Pods:  Round, smooth, lava rock Grenades.  Use on Blind Ones
to clear out a bunch of them at once.  They only kill Blind Ones and
stun all other enemies, 6 pods max.
19) Grenade Launcher:  Launches grenades.  Aim kind of high while using
this, real high. 10 grenades max.
20) Proximity Fragmentation Mine Layer:  Lets you fire a mine that will
detonate in about 5 seconds, works great on a room full of Mites and
Workers. 10 mine max.
21) Scorpion Missle Launcher:  My number one choice.  Fires 3 missles at
the enemy to totally rock'em.  12 (36) missle max.  KABLOOIE!
22) Cerebral Bore:  The most origional weapon I have ever seen in a
video game.  It fires a brain wave seeking bore that follows the enemy
around like a heat seeking missle.  Once it finds its target, the bore
drills through the enemy's head and then explodes to take it clean off.
Love that sound, 10 bore max.
23) NUKE Weapon:  Shoot this bad boy off for some really awesome effects
and to annihalate a whole room of baddies.  YESIR!  You must find 6 NUKE
parts in order to obtain this weapon which are in the Oblivion Portals
on each level.  5 War Heads max.
24) Dino Cannon:  This is only available when you are riding the
Dinosaur.  Use the Z button to fire it and aim super high, Unlimited
25) Dino Rocket Launcher:  This too is only available while atop the
Dino.  I'm not really sure if they're rockets but that's what I call
them, use the R button to fire them.  Unlimited ammo.


9) Enemies

   During your adventure you will encounter and destroy a very unique
list of enemies.  These enemies are the best set of enemies I ever had
to face.  There is not one human enemy in the entire game, they all
consist of monsters.  I had to go on-line to get all of their names.
Here they are and some ways to deal with them (I listed them in order of
their level apperance):

^^1) Raptoid:  The first 2 levels are infested with these yellow Dino's.
They are harmless from a distance and are not that deadly at close
range.  They hobble along and are very skilled at dodging your gun fire.
Try to take them out from a distance.  As one hobbles towards you, time
their "hops" and shoot them with a couple of Pistol rounds as soon as
they stand up.  You'd be surprised at what your War Blade can do to one.
2) Endtrails:  These BIG, green, mean looking Dino's will prove to be
quite the menace for you.  I hate, but at the same time, love them, a
very well designed enemy.  They shoot purple balls at you that will
deflate your health at a very astounding rate.  STAY AWAY from these
guys.  There are more Endtrails to worry about than Raptoids. Listen for
them walking around and growling.  If you hear one around the corner,
almost every time they will come to you so get ready to take advantage
of it and blast him as soon as he turns corner.  They are EXTREMELY
deadly at close range.  Try to memorize their locations and take them
out in sniper mode with a normal Arrow which will kill them instantly.
If you use a Tek Arrow, the Endtrail may get a few rounds off your way
before you can move to safety, I find it difficult to move around while
in sniper mode.  Explosive shells are highly effective against them.  I
absolutely love it when they Self-destuct.  Some of them turn invisible
so cover your bootys!  Watch out for the grenades these bozos toss at
3) Compys:  These small, knee-highed Dinos will annoy you at most.  It
takes a couple of bites from one just to take 1 health away.  They
circle you and then begin to jump and nip away at you.  Use your Talon
or War Blade to hack them up.
4)Veloca-Raptor:  I think everyone knows what one of these are.  I am
disappointed that they didn't make more appearances throughout the game.
Very fast and agile, one of the fastest enemies in the game.  They will
run back and forth and all over the place.  If you want to improve your
aiming skills, then go for these guys.  They are difficult to hit with
anything since they are so fast.  I think the best way to kill them is
to let them charge you and as soon as one lunges at you, literally blow
his head off with the Shotgun and watch him walk around headless before
he drops, I also love that gurgling sound they make when you kill one.
The Raptor is my favorite enemy in the whole game, including the bosses.
Can you say exploding shells?  That's a hint for all of you who are slow
on the uptake.
5) Sentinals:  You will find these guys in the Oblivion Portals.  Big,
fast, ugly demonic creatures armed with a big sword, they also hurl
grenades at you.  Use explosive shells on them to see half their skull
and spinal cord, aim for the chest region.  They make good target
practice and are about as fast as a Raptor so be on guard when you see
them near.
6) Death Guard:  They are also inside Oblivion Portals.  These guys are
BIG with a heavy set of blue armor, look at the size of that gun, Holy
Macarel!  Don't get wasted by it and definitley do not get close to
them, OUCH!  Use anything heavy you have in your arsenal to take them
out.  These guys are faster than a Raptor so get ready, they even roll
out of the way when you try to shoot one.  Their gun fire is about 1 and
a half times faster and more powerful than an Endtrails.  Isn't that
7) Lords of the Flesh:  The fiercest enemy in an Oblivion Portal.  They
are big and have huge, spiked, red shoulderpads. They have faster than
Raptor speed and shoot at you in a never ending reign of Endtrail like
gunfire with trails which are twice the speed, ditto on the damage.  How
lovely.  Again, use anything heavy to deal with them.  The Cerebral Bore
is a good choice when you get it, same for the Scorpion Missle Launcher,
KABLOOIE!  The Firestorm Cannon is an excellent choice for the baddies
in an Oblivion Portal.
8) Small Cannon:  These are small, silver, rectangular Cannons.  Blow
them up with your Dino cannon or an explosive shell.
9) Large cannon:  Alot bigger than a small one obviously, they pack
quite a wallop.  Use the Dino cannon to destroy them.
10) Howitzer's:  They hide up on high ledges and rooftops.  Aim very
high with your Dino Cannon to blow them up.  Takes some practice to
master these guys.  Listen for the whistling the incoming shells make
just before they hit.  I'd tell you to move out of the way, but that
Dinosaur is way too slow.
11) Spiders:  The Flame Thrower is your best defense here.  If you do
not have one, use the War Blade.  They are quite a bit more powerful
than Compys.
12) Deadmen:  These grotesque, skinless zombies hurl blood balls at you
so strafe all over the place to avoid them.  A Shotgun blast to the face
should take care of them.  Sometimes their half-bodies seriously crawl
after you, very cool.  They are pretty fast when blown in half, real
fast compared to what they were before.
13) Lords of the Dead:  Big 10 foot tall Deadmen that shoot a pretty
heafty health deflating fire ball your way.  Again, a Shotgun blast to
the face or two, or three, or four, or five should drop them.
14) Sisters of Despair:  A devil woman torso floating about shooting a
really cool Gauntlet like skull at you.  Rapid fire these 3 female dogs
with the Mag.60.
15) Soulgate:  A green Stargate looking portal with Demon souls trying
to escape that look really awesome.  Just keep blasting it with your
Shotgun right up underneath it.  The Mag .60 is not that effective on
the gate.  Roughly 13 shotgun blasts should blow this thing wide open if
aimed directly in the middle of the portal.
16) Leapers:  Freaky, amphibious creatures that can jump incredible
distances.  The War Blade rips them up quite nicely.  Nail one with the
Harpoon Gun while underwater and watch him wriggle to death, Cool!  My
favorite death scene for an enemy.  They are absolutley the freakiest
freaks of all the freaks in the entire game.
17) Cave Worm:  A big worm that hides in the mud.  They whack you with
their tongue and are pretty tough to kill.  I just keep jumping away
from them.  Thwack, thwack, thwack, how annoying, thwack, thwack,
thwack.  A waste of ammo trying to kill one.  They don't take much
health away unless your just standing there in la-la land.
18) Swamp Wasps:  They are always in hives.  First, shoot the hive with
an exploding shell, then the wasps that fall out with another one.  They
can be highly annoying if they get close to you so blow them up from a
19) War Club:  Big Purr-linn that smash you with their fists or throw
boulders at you.  Even though they are so slow, do not get upclose to
these things.  Watch out when they punch the ground or shoot a green
magic ball at you. OUCH!  Shredder round to the throat, problem solved.
YESIR!  Look at him hold it and gurgle as he drops.
20) Gunners:  Purr-linn with a box of ammo on their backs.  They shoot a
rapid fire rock chain-gun at you, at least I think they are rocks. Aim
just below the top of the box for a head shot.  Aim kind of low period,
or your rounds will fly right over his head.  These guys will seriously
piss you off.  Ugliest dudes on level 3. Except for you that is. I AM
ONLY KIDDING!  I'm sure you are very handsome or beautiful in your own
way.  I don't think chics play games like this, or at least I don't know
of any.
21) Juggernauts:  The largest of the Purr-linn.  They are armed with a
HUMONGEOUS sword so try not to get thwacked upside the head by it or
shot by the green balls coming out of them.  These guys are pretty fast
and are EXTREMLEY deadly, especially when they charge and jump on you
slamming their sword through your head.  Again, a Shredder round to the
chest will dispose of them properly, don't hit his face mask with a
round or it will bounce off of it.  Excellent target practice.  For a
real challenge, try to bounce an explosive Shredder round under his face
mask to blow it off.
22) Fireborn:  They look like Endtrails except they are black, yellow
and orange, don't shoot at you and are faster than Ends.  Do not get
upclose to these guys unless you want to see yourself floating in the
Hub, watch those grenades.  The Mag .60 works good on them.
23) Giant Spider:  Stay away, they shoot venom balls at you that REALLY
hurt. Flame Throw them, exploding shells are also a good choice.  I love
when they bounce after exploding one.
24) Flesh Worms:  Little Leeches, use the War Blade on them.  Guardians
toss them at you.
25) Guardian:  These fat, pistacchio pudding colored Blind Ones toss
grenades and peg you with arrows and flesh worms.  Exploding Shredder
rounds work well but nothing beats a Sun Fire Pod on a Blind One.  One
can take out a whole bunch of them if thrown right in the middle of the
room.  Creepy cave dwelling freaks!
26) Blind One Sentinels:  Same as the sword weilding idiots found in an
Oblivion Portal except green and I think a little faster.  Shred them or
pod them, these guys seem to come out of nowhere.
27) Goblins:  I have no idea what the true name is to these funny little
creatures.  They are short, green drunken goblins with no arms that hop
about as they spew acid on you.  Try not to laugh at these things too
long or they will mess you up.  Blast them to bits with an exploding
Shredder round.
28) The Big Eye: The level 4 boss.  I will go in-depth on how to kill
bosses as we get up to them during the walkthrough.
29) Mites:  Small, brown bugs that level 5 is totally infested with.
PFM layer, Flamethrower and the Talon (yes, the Talon) are all good
weapons to use here.  The noise they make send chills down my spine.
30) Workers:  Quite a bit larger than a mite.  They are tan/blue
crawling insects and are super fast.  A short burst from your
flamethrower works best on these creepy crawlers.
31) Drones:  Tall, skinny Preying-mantis looking bugs equipped with jet
packs and are super fast.  Supremely skilled at dodging your fire and
send a reign of return fire your way. In narrow passages use the
Shredder for its ricocheting capabilities and in open areas use the
Firestorm Cannon to watch the bugs go SPLAT!  Like when your riding
along the thruway and one does on your windshield.
32) Ceiling Guns:  Big guns that drop from the ceiling that can kill you
REALLY fast.  Take them out in sniper mode with the Plasma Rifle to
watch them bleed sparks.
33) Soldiers:  Big Cock-a-roach looking bugs armed with a gun on either
arm and cannons on its back so strafe left and right to avoid their
fire.  The Firestorm Cannon is your best defense when up against these
freak-a-zoids.  What do you think, about 12 foot tall?
34) The Queen Mantid:  A HUGE very impressive spider, the level 5 boss.
35) Laser Guns:  They drop down on Primagen's light ship and pelt you
with lasers, they are weak and almost anything you got will blow one up.
36) Bio-Bot:  Metal robotic monsters who get around on a single wheel.
Watch their gunfire and claws.  An exploding Shredder round will stop
one dead in his tracks, or watch the Razor Wind slice right through one.
37) Trooper:  A Predator with a moustache looking beast armed with 2
guns.  The Firestorm Cannon is quite effective here.
38) Elites:  A super trooper with a bunch of armor that can turn
invisible, the fiercest enemy on level 6 (excluding the boss of course).
NUKE baby!!!!  Now that's what I'm talking about, the Scorpion Missle
Launcher is also quite effective on them.
39) That Big Pregnant Thing (Mother):  The level 6 boss.  The ugliest
thing I have ever seen.  Imagine waking up to THAT after a night of
40) Last but CERTAINTLY not least, the toughest boss in the world:
   All the weapons I listed to take enemies out with are the ones I
prefer.  Experiment and use whatever ones you wish.
   ^^see credits


10) Hints and Stratagies

   I want this section to live off of reader feedback so please e-mail
me your stratagies so I can add them here.  I will happily credit you
for any information I use of yours.  My e-mail address is
randym43@juno.com.  - means the strategies and hints I found to work for
me and #$%^/, examples of a submitted hint or strategy.  Simple enough
for you?
--- Try to beat this game without using any cheat codes.  Just use my
walkthrough and you can do it.  It is a pretty good feeling when you
tell all of your buddies that you beat the game without codes.  They
probably won't beleive you but who cares, YOU know you did and that's
all that should matter.
  - Take your time while exploring.  If you turn the corner to fast, you
can run right into a bunt-load of enemies, get killed and make you want
to quit and restart your game.  I do that all the time with all of my
games, I should've learned my lesson a long time ago but I like to see
how much damage I can do or try not to take.  Instead of them charging
you, run around the corner and charge them, it's fun.  It will improve
you overall skill.  Pick whichever strategy that best suits your needs
(probably the first one).
  - When in doubt, whip your War Blade out and embark upon a slice-n-
dice extravaganza.
  - For beginners, I suggest that you play with the blood turned off.
You can tell if your bullets are hitting the enemy better than you can
with the blood turned on.  I think it's pretty cool to jam a quest with
the blood off, I like the way the rounds look when they hit their
  - While destroying the Soulgates and the Sisters of Despair on level
2, turn the blood off if you have it on so the Deadmen can't throw blood
balls your way.  I discovered this little secret on my second quest
through the game, my first one with the blood on.  I do not like this
secret because it is less challenging.  If I am playing with the blood
off, I will turn it on when I get to these guys, I love a challenge.  I
also think that this is pointless considering that every Sister of
Despair hide out has a respawning health and ammo depot, a red health
and respawning ammo for the Soulgates.
  - Let the enemies kill each other to conserve your ammo.  It doesn't
happen much but it's pretty cool when it does.  I once saw a Raptor tear
an Endtrail all up because he shot it while trying to kill me.
  - Turn the auto aim off while in sniper mode.  I would seem to think
that the auto aim function would improve your sniping abilities but it
does not, why Iguana?  I noticed this after I became a good shot and
started to play with the auto aim off.  While you are in sniper mode,
and you KNOW your dead-on, sometimes you'll miss.  This holds more true
to the Plasma Rifle than the Tek-Bow.  This never happens if you turn
the auto aim off, just don't forget to put it back on after exiting
sniper mode because if you're not a good shot, you'll be floating in the
  - Strafe all over the place to dodge enemies, and don't forget that
you can strafe diagonal.  Straving diagonally is highly effective
dodging numerous enemies gunfire.  Especially them never ending reign of
purple-pink balls from Endtrails hiding on high ledges.
  - Look for thin cracks in the walls, these often indicate hidden
  - Try to hit an Endtrail in his buttocks with an exploding shell to
watch and laugh yours off as he will jump about 20 feet it the air,
slamming down and snapping his neck on the concrete.  I saw one actually
get up after doing this to him, I was shocked and then he was headless.
  - Absolutely, positively turn the auto aim off when up against a boss.
They have certain body parts you have to blow off and if you have the
auto aim on, your rounds will go towards their chest and you'll die
  - While venturing, yellow trails of life force lead you in the right
direction and trails of red life force usually take you to a weapon,
respawning health and ammo depot, or something interesting. Save the
yellow trails until you have explored the entire area before the trail,
this way is alot less confusing and you may find lots of goodies.
  - Take cover behind anything you can find when fired upon.
  - Try the 1 shot, 1 kill method, very challenging. After your good at
that, HARD without cheating and no "Grandma Function," (that's the auto
aim); using no health or ammo depots.  E-mail me if you have so you can
make my "MASTER TUROK 2 GAMERS" section.  I will then ask you a question
to see if you are lying to me.  Trust me, I'LL KNOW if you are, for I
know something that you do not, so don't try to lie and false e-mail me
that you beat in on HARD without all that crap.  I'll make you feel like
a real jack-ass if you do.
  - Look around while in sniper mode for hidden paths, ammo, etc.
  - Explore every nook and cranny on every level.  You would be
surprised at all the stuff laying all over the place just waiting to be
found.  You may even stumble upon a switch, Primagen Key or a Sacred
Eagle Feather.  You will never know if you don't explore the realms.
  - Every so often, you will come across respawning health and ammo
depots.  They make a weird sound like a popping-waa-waak sound. You will
know it when you hear it, I will list them in my walkthrough section as
we get up to them.
  - Save life force pieces when you have the maximum of nine lives.
Trust me, you will need every one you can get for the last two bosses.
Extremely tough ones I must say.
  - Try to save all of the health until you need it, ESPECIALLY the
Ultra Healths.  Try to save them until you are ready to defend the
Energy Totem.  There are more than 2 on any given level, so memorize
their locations and backtrack to them when you find the exit.  I know
it's a pain, but it will help out BIG when you start the next level.
Instead of 17 health for the next level, you'll have 117 health so it is
well worth the backtracking.  Also, try to be at 100 health when
collecting an Ultra Health.
  - When possible, jump in the water and stay below the surface to avoid
being hit by enemy gunfire.
  - Use your overhead map often, it will come in very handy if you are
lost, trust me.  The map was the most useful item in the whole game for
  - This next strategy works well in all first person shooter games.
While straving near an enemy you can circle him buy straving left or
right while keeping you sights locked on him as you strafe left or
right.  This is a highly effective move when an Endtrail hides behind a
crate.  If it's not working for you, while in mid-strafe quickly change
directions to catch the Endtrail off guard as he runs around the crate.
It takes some practice to master but once you do, use it on all your
friends in multi-player, they'll hate you for it!  Note that while
playing some other games, to pull this move off hold the R button down
as you strafe around an enemy (i.e: Quake 2).
  - Back into swiches.
  - When returning to a previously explored area via a warp portal,
some, not all, enemies reappear.  If you collected ammo and health or
life force, it will not reappear so keep this in mind.
   Here's a whole bunch from fellow Turok 2 Master MI4 REAL (thanks)
  * Shoot a Wasp Hive with a Tek arrow to blow it up and then the wasps
will kill each other.
  * Lots and lots of Charge Darts.  Use them on all of the games
enemies, especially the Oblivion ones.
  * Launch Grenades around a corner to kill enemies without the return
  * Unlike me, MI4 REAL seems to like Tek arrows.  Shoot the enemy in
the back of the head when they are not looking, there's no escape for
the enemy, SPLAT!
  - And most importantly, don't ever give up (unless you can't figure
out the ARCADE controls) and beleive in yourself.  By doing so you can
master this (or any) game in no time.


11) Game Walkthrough

                        "LET'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE"

                            Level 1: The Port of Adia

Enemies you will encounter:

50 Raptoids
8 Raptors
15 Compys
82 Endtrails
2 Sentinels
2 Death Guards
  ** Remember that enemy counts are approximations.  This walkthrough
was written while playing on the NORMAL setting.**

   The opening movie summed up your objectives you must complete in
order to advance to level 2 or 3, as will the beginning of every level.
Overall it is the easiest level in my opinion, as is the case of all the
first levels of games.  As soon as you start off, you will see a ship
explode in front of you.  Go into the water to the bottom, do you see
those two ship halves?  Go inside each one of them for life force. This
may take a few attempts, raise up a little bit to enter them.  Now
surface and look for an arching beam and a crane, see those 5 alcoves?
There is red life force at the bottom of each one.  Now go to where you
began this level and go up the incline towards the explosion and look
for an upside down wagon and go to the right of it.  Up on the two sets
of crates to the left of it are life force and arrows.  Blow up the
barrel revealing a whole in the wall and a ladder.  Take caution when
blowing up barrels for the shrapnel can REALLY hurt you, I'm talking 20+
health when upclose.  Use your Bow (hold the Z button down for a few
seconds before firing your Bow, this makes the arrow shoot further).
Climb the ladder and follow the life force to a power cell.  Now turn
around and go back to the upside down wagon and look to your left for a
hole in the wall, this is the first Distress Beacon.  Walk up to it and
the power cell will automatically be placed in it to activate it.  1
down, 2 to go.  Now go back up the ladder to another one, climbing up it
to a warp portal.  As soon as your up the ladder, make a right and jump
onto the broken one and climb it for the pistol.  Now head through the
   Each new paragraph represents a warp portal just to give you an idea
how far you have to travel to the next one.  Anyways, go up the ladder
for some life force.  You should have gotten an extra life if you
collected all the life force thus far. Go through the passage, killing
the Raptoid with your pistol and grab the level 2 key.  There is nothing
in the room to your right so continue on.  Blow up the barrel in the
next room after killing the 2 Raptoids and climb the ladder for some
life force. Now go up the tunnel of blue healths.  Memorize this
location for there's quite a bit of healing power here that you will
probably wind up using.  Now run into the next room and jump in the
water, go to the bottom to avoid the Endtrail fire coming down from
above.  Follow the passage towards the silver healths and a box of
bullets. Once at the end, jump out of the water and hit the switch on
the wall (just walk up to it and it will automatically unlock a door).
Turn 180 degrees to kill the Raptoid that drops down from above and
climb the ladder and follow the tunnel and SLOWLY drop down to the thin
walkway at the end of the tunnel.  If you fall off of the walkway, just
make your way back up here.  Without moving turn 90 degrees to your
right and kill the Endtrail (who doesn't even see you).  Hit the switch
he was guarding and contine on to climb a ladder.  Grab the flashlight
and follow the trail of silver healths and drop down to hit a switch.
To the left is a tunnel with a red life force.  Go through the now open
door way until you see a cage with the first child in it.  Creep up to
the doorway towards her and STOP.  Hear that Endtrails echoing footsteps
and growling?  Wait for him to come to you and waste him.  Now enter the
room and go into the doorway on the other side of the room and go right
or left and kill the Endtrail at the top.  Now go and back into the
switch up there and kill the Raptoid that lunges at you, there is a box
of bullets from where he came from.  Now make your way back down to the
child and rescue her.  1 down 3 to go.  Now make your way back to the
thin walkway you shot the Endtrail on and drop down and kill the
Endtrail lurking around down there.  Go through the doorway and kill the
2 Raptoids you will meet on your way through it and collect the box of
bullets then continue to the warp and jump through it.
   As soon as you warp, strafe slightly left and look for an Endtrail
above the fallen pillar in front of you, 1 shot, 1 kill.  Make your way
around the rubble and kill that Endtrail hiding in the corner by the
locked steel door and go right, bust out your Talon and hack up the
little group of Compys.  Hit the switch near them and go through the now
open steel door following a trail of life force to a room where an
Endtrail will duck behind a crate.  Now is the perfect time to use that
strategy I listed in my Hints and Stratagies section.  It's not as easy
as it sounds is it?  Just keep practicing to master this wonderful
technique.  Once you do, Enemies beware!  Now that that's that, climb
the ladder and hit the switch on top.  Strafe into the next room and
immediatley blast away at the two Raptors coming at you and be quick or
be dead. Try to kill ALL Raptors from a distance.  If you don't, you'll
be one sorry mug, let me assure you.  Can you say exploding shells?
Don't you wish you had some right about now.  Now climb the ladder where
the Raptors were and hit that switch, drop down and go through the door
to your right and cross the bridge as a Raptoid scares the living
daylights out of you. This made me actually flinch and jump out of my
seat, the scare factor for this game is tremendous.  After killing the
Raptoid continue on to a ledge with red life force and look to your
left, do you see that yellow health spinning around?  That is an Ultra
Health. Grab it if you wish but I suggest that you save it until you
come back to this level for the Primagen Key, you will probably be
needing it by then.  I KNOW you'll be needing it by then, but you
probably won't listen to me.  Here's a little hint: The level 6 boss is
just about as tough as Primagen himself, save it at all costs.  That is
assuming you beat all the levels before you seek out the Primagen Keys
but you know what they say about the word assume.  I recommend doing it
this way so you can literally rip them Entrails a new butt with your
Firestorm Cannon, now that's what I'm talking about.  Try nailing one
with the Scorpion.  WOW, LOOK AT HIM BLOW, SPLAT!  Mature audiences need
only play this gut tosser.  I like the green blood better for it is more
reptilian.  Now let's get back to buisness.  Go back to where you found
the Raptors and make a right, obliterating a Raptoid and continue on
until you see a rock with a Pistol and 2 clips.  Watch that Endtrail
waiting for you behind the steel door, he'll piss on your parade.
Actually, any Endtrail can, especially one that can turn invisible.
What?  What did you just say?  Invisible Endtrails, Oh no! Just wait for
these bad boys.  I love how they wave at you just before they enable
their invisibility function.  Now climb the broken ladder collecting
some silver healths.  Drop down and go through the door that Mr. Endo
popped through and follow the corridor to a door that will automatically
open.  Do you see that tower in front of you?  Shoot the barrel on top
for some health and ammo, being wary of a Raptoid lurking near.  Turn
right of the platform and pop that Raptoid in the head.  Time their hops
and go for a head shot when they stand up, it works quite well.  Now go
up the ladder to the right for silver health and a respawning ammo
depot.  Listen for that sound it makes when making rounds appear.  The
worst thing about these depots is that the computer only pops up the
ammo you need so you can fill up every weapon (except sunfire pods), so
listen for these sounds all over the place and seek out the source.  Hop
off the ledge and go slightly right through the opening, killing the
Raptoid on the left.  After killing the Raptoid, go right and hop up on
the barrel for some life force.  Now go to where the Raptoid jumped out
at you and hug the right wall.  Now creep up to the corner and nail that
Endtrail who is tossing grenades at you.  Once he's dead, shoot the
barrel to his right to reveal the next power cell.  Grab it, turn around
and head back to the left and jump on the crates in the corner, climbing
them up to the Distress Beacon. You know what to do, 2 down, 1 to go.
Now head back to that door the Endtrail was guarding and go through the
warp finding 3 red life force along the way.  Look for them, they are
not hard to find.
   Are you OK thus far, feeling discouraged yet?  Well have no fear
'cause Randy is here.  I will lead you in the right direction, okay.  If
you think this game is difficult now, just wait a few paragraphs.  Or
better yet, a few levels.  Then start your whining session, "WAAAH, THE
SAVE PORTALS ARE TOO FAR APART, WAAAH."  Feel free, 'cause the kid did a
ton of it while playing this crazy play for 6 hours before you can find
a damn save portal game.  IT'S CRAZY!!  People have lives they want to
live Acclaim.
   OK, enough jargon.  Let's get moving for there is a crapload of
typing I have yet to do and your probably sick of me rambling on.  Well,
your going to have to get used to this because I do a ton of it for this
is my 15 minutes of fame.  I still have two and a half 100 page filled
notebooks to type and I am starting to feel discouraged, Uh oh. Anyways,
as soon as you exit the warp wait for an Endtrail to walk by the door
and bum rush him and get right up in his face so you can blow it off.
See ya later Alligator, he kind of looks like one beefed up on Steroids
don't you think?  Turn around scanning behind the warp portal and then
head out and make a right to an area with 2 ships this time. Make a left
and kill the Raptoid.  Now go and look for another Endtrail on top of a
ramp, kill him and climb up the ships for silver healths. Do you see
those crates hanging in the nets?  Shoot the hook on top to make these
drop for health and ammo.  I discovered this with my Razor Wind while I
was trying to shoot all the birds on this level, 100 percent dumb luck,
I had no clue.  Now go and back into the switch the Endtrail was
guarding to see a door in the distance open.  Creep forwards just a
little bit until you can just see the outline of this doorway.  Now
judge where an Endtrails head might be in that doorway (he is standing
directly in the middle) and start blasting away at it. You'll hear him
croak, now it's safe to drop down and grab that last power cell on your
left.  After collecting it, head to the crates on the wall to the left.
Behind them is the last Distress Beacon, mission Complete.  Now let's go
get them last three children so we can blow out of this joint.  Sound
good to you?  It sure does to me.  Now go and hit the switch the second
Endtrail was guarding and go through the new door and blow them barrels
up and then the Raptoid that comes out of the hole in the wall.  Now
grab them clips and head down the hallway, charging up the ramp killing
2 Raptoids and an Endtrail.  Go down the alleyway and bust out your
Talon and hack up that little group of Compys.  By the way, I hope that
Raptor by the switch  5 or 10 kills back didn't scare you too much.
Continue along and a bridge will lower revealing a Shotgun.  FINALLY,
another weapon.  Now stop and shoot the barrel in front of that Endtrail
straight ahead of you to blow him up, or perhaps maybe in the head,
right between his eyes with a bullet.  Look at that baby blow!  Go
straight into a save portal.  Save your game, no crap right?  If you
don't have a memory card, turn the game off, there's no way your going
beat this any time soon.  Your N64 would blow up first, seriously.
Continue if you want but it's POINTLESS.
   After exiting the save portal, hit the switch and go back on the
bridge and look right to kill that Endtrail shooting at you.  You will
always have an advantage from an elevated posistion.  A little something
I learned in the ARMY.  If you ever happen to join the ARMY, ignore
those BS Drill Seargents when they tell you to aim for the torso on the
500 meter target during BRM, aim for the head.  Otherwise, your 5.56 mm
round will hit the dirt every time.  You'll never have a shot at expert
if you go for the torso, a bit of advice.  Jump down and kill the
Raptoid opposite from where the Endo was.  Now go through that tunnel,
BOO!  Kill the freak and grab some health.  I hope you didn't refill
your health in the save portal because this is a respawning health
depot.  Now continue through the tunnel and turn left. BOO!  Wow, two
scares in a row, how thrilling is this game for you so far?  Behind you
are 2 pistol clips. Go up the ladder to a switch.  Peeing your pants
yet?  Turn left and jump the water way and stop at the end.  Look down
and try to jump on top of the second childs cage.  Turn 90 degrees to
your left and use an exploding shell (if you went back to that sissy
depot, you should have some) on that Endtrail, then the one opposite of
him.  Jump down, hit the switch and rescue her, 2 down, 2 to go.  Go
back and save your game for it will be a while before we see another
save portal.  Then make your way around the other side of the passage
that brought you to her and head on through the warp.
   Climb the ladder and blast away at the Raptoid guarding the level 2
key.  Go to the end of the tunnel and try to hit that Endtrail down
below in his buttocks with one of those red shells (you know the
exploding ones if your slow on the uptake).  Wasn't that cool?  He
must've flew 20 feet into the air.  Now turn left and blow up that
Endtrail in the doorway.  SLOWLY drop onto the walkway.  If you fall
off, I feel sorry for you.  I did the first time I played and I was so
pissed off!  Now go through the warp, through the door that Endo came
out of.
   You will see a building in front of you with red life force and an
Ultra Health on top of it.  Go left into the large room with a waterfall
and a couple of other buildings.  Explore this area for ammo and life
force, in the pool around the waterfall are 6 explosive shells.  Go get
them and follow the trail of life force.  Do you see that door on top of
that ladder on your right?  The only way to make this door open is to
kill all of the Seagulls on this level (I thank  http://sages.ign.com
for that little secret).  Your reward?  The Ultra Health and the red
life force (enough for one extra life) on top of that building,
Whoopty-doo!  If you try this, you will agree that it should of been for
the Primagen Key on this level.  What a pain in the butt getting up
there has been.  I suggest you wait for a full arsenal before you even
think about attempting this little stunt.  Do you have any idea what a
MIGRAINE HEADACHE this little bastadge is to get?  I used my Razor Wind
to conserve my ammo because I don't use those "sissy depots."  The
downfall to this though, was that I had to time my throws perfectly and
it took a while, a looong while.  A half of a rainy Sunday afternoon to
be exact.  Break out the Excederin before you try this one folks, trust
me, DEFINITELY not worth the hassle.  Also look for the seagulls
dropping lifeforce all over (Thanks a million for that one MI4 REAL, I
would have never guessed).  Continuing down the path, make a quick half
left and start firing away.  Continue up the incline to meet another
Endtrail walking around the Talisman Chamber, kill him and unlock the
chamber.  All Talisman and Oblivion portals have to be unloked by a
switch that looks like this one.  Hop inside for a description of the
Talisman Chambers, walk around if you want to, there is nothing
interesting in here.  Once you leave, wait before you exit and pop that
Endtrail in the head as he walks by with your .9.  Now head towards
those 3 shells and head up the incline.  Once at the top kill the
Raptoid in front of you, then make a left, then a right to waste 2 more.
Climb the ladder to the top of this building collecting some lifeforce
and health.  Now drop down and hit the switch to unlock a door and
follow it to collect the Tek-Bow and kiss that wooden one goodbye.
Sniper mode, here we come.  Now strafe left and blast away at that
Endtrail around the corner.  Pleased with your decorative artwork on the
wall behind him, creep up along the right one.  VERY CAREFULLY peek
around the corner and look up, that is the Primagen Key for this level.
The tower behind it has an Endtrail up top, so go into sniper mode and
zoom right up in his face to take him out like a NAVY SEAL.  That is the
game's best feature right there, it is the coolest thing I have ever
seen in any video game.  Now exit sniper mode, turn around and switch to
some exploding shells because your going to need them for that Endtrail
on the ledge.  Hope you have some 'cause you aren't going to snipe this
one.  If you try, you will be greeted by a big purple ball in your face,
OUCH!  After shooting him in the buttocks again, (or the groin area,
SUPER OUCH, they do the same thing) and go up the inclining hallway to a
doorway.  Creep up to it and look left and up to introduce the next
Endtrail to Mr. Teki.  Turn 180 degrees and do the same thing.  You
cannot get the key yet so don't get all excited on me.  Now exit this
area and go right.  Kill the Raptoid after you grab the 3 lifeforce and
go behind the building for some more.  Now continue towards a hallway
with pillars turning left just before it and jump into that cubby hole
with the switch and hit it.  Now drop down and blow up that Endtrail
behind the waterfall for a level 3 key.  Now charge down the hallway of
pillars and kill that chicken before he can duck behind that crate.
Wussy!  Now go warp.
   Go forwads and blow that barrel up in front of you.  Now strafe left
and kill 2 hobling, wobling idiots.  Into sniper mode once more to kill
an Endtrail with a Tek arrow directly in front of him without letting
him see by the new hole in the wall.  See what happened?  If you use a
normal arrow this won't happen to you.  Tek arrows suck, they really do.
That Endtrail would have dropped instantly if you shot him in the head
with a normal one, not being able to get one round off your way, use a
Tek arrow on this one though just to see what happens.  Don't worry
about the damage because in the hole you blew in the wall is a
respawning health and ammo depot.  Now climb the fallen pillar the
Endtrail was on and jump across the ladder and climb it.  No crap.  Back
into it, drop down and go through the door you watch open with silver
healths and a flashlight.  Drop down and grab the Shotgun and the draw
bridges to your left and right will drop.  After taking care of
buisness, hit the switch, kill 2 more, find the switch, hit the switch,
kill 2 more, find the switch, hit the switch and finally kill 2 more,
Daaamn!  I'm glad these guys weren't Endtrails.  Now go to your extreme
left on the other side of where your facing across the bridge in the
MIDDLE.  Now hit the switch facing it and turn 90 degrees to your right.
Get them explosive rounds out and strafe right blowing up that Endtrail
you will see and charge into the room and kill the other Endtrail in
there.  Go right to find another flashlight and some health (at least I
need it) and hit that switch and turn around.  Wow, it's the third child
in case you haven't figured it out yet, go and rescue her.  I hope you
didn't fall into the bottomless pit when I told you to charge into here.
Lol, if you did.  I'm lol some more if you did it twice.  Three times?
You must be pretty stupid and read the only paragraph in my controls
section for this pertains to you also.  I'm going to pee my pants I'm
laughing so hard right now, I can hardly type.  (After a few minutes of
laughter), get out of here and go into the huge room with two golden
Dragon statues and find and hit two switches 90 degrees from each other.
In between the statues in the pool are 40 life force so jump on in there
and go get them.  Now go through the warp inside of the waterfall.
   Enter the building to hit a switch and then follow the trail of life
force and waste that Raptoid.  Continue on down the path to the next
large building and go up the stairs.  There are some shells in the far
room and you can jump out of the window for a box of bullets.  Now go
into the room at the bottom of the stairs to hit a switch and kill the
Endtrail that is now sniffing you out.  Shoot all the barrels for lots
of goodies.  Now go up the ramp and follow the yellow brick road to
cross a bribge and waste the Endo, now hop on through the warp (I hate
that sound).
   Go down the ramp and kill the Raptoid that busts through the wall and
go inside for some goodies.  Now go to the right of the ramp and kill
those 2 Endtrails you can hear.  Now climb up them crates to hit the
switch and drop down.  Directly under the switch is a secret door behind
the crates.  Ah ha, finally, the last child to rescue.  It looks
confusing but it's not if you do it this way.  Drop down and search for
a hallway and contiue up it until you reach two raised draw bridges.
Now go through the hall and turn at your first right to watch the draw
bridges lower and climb up the ladder and go left and continue up the
hallway for a surprise.  Now just jump onto the cage from the ledge and
rescue the last child, mission complete.  Don't jump up and down yet
because you still have a WAYS to go before you can defend the Energy
Totem, I popped your balloon pretty quick with that one, huh?  Drop down
to warp where you dropped off.
   Return to the top of the ramp and jump ontop of the roof.  Now look
for a switch, hit it and jump back onto the roof.  Bust out an exploding
shell and kill that Raptor down there.  Go through the door, hit the
switch on your right and then the one on the left, inside that door in
front of you is respawning ammo and health depot. Now go back towards
the crates and through the door and literally blow them 3 Raptoids in
half.  Cool or what?  Look at their legs wiggle.  Chaotic sudden nerve
damage I always say.  Mature audiences need only watch. Tell your young
toddler to play in his toy room or turn the blood off like I do when I
play this game in front of my son.  They don't need to see stuff like
that.  I wonder what kind of cool system they'll have out when my 2 year
old is a teenager?  I can't wait to find out.  I'll give him some good
competition in NFL 2010.  I'll be 75 in a wheel chair and I will still
be playing video games even though I wouldn't know what in the hell I
was doing, my third favorite pastime.  Now continuing down the
slaughtered gauntlet, go down the hallway until you run into another,
yeah, you know it buy now, Endtrail.  Too many Endtrails, so little
Raptors, why Iguana?  I am getting sooo sick of typing in that word.
There's a crapload more along the way to. isn't that the best news
you've heard so far?  Or was it when I told you about the invisible
ones?  Go and hit that switch and kill the two Raptoids and go up the
ramp and hit the switch and turn around and kill that Raptoid and go
down the hallway he came from to a warp.
   I hope you didn't get pegged in the head by an Endtrail ball on the
way to the warp.  Go to the door and wait for it to open and blow that
Endtrails head off as soon as it opens or you'll get Endo face burn.
Hit that switch and go up the ladder and follow the tunnel to the end,
at least I need the ammo in here. lol.  Go to the switch and kill the 2
Raptoids the leap at you, try to waste them before the one hits the
grond jummping off the rock.  Practice people, practice. See that key?
We're going to get it.  Go into the backside of the building and hit the
switch in the dark corner.  Return to where you saw the key and run into
the room and hit the switch behind the bookcase to make the ladder drop
and go get the level 2 key and hit another switch.  After that, drop
down and find the newly open door and warp.
   Go into this room and hit the switch on top of the crates, this opens
up a respawning ammo depot and another door.  Head through the other
door and go left then right and kill that Endtrail, turn right and kill
the Raptoid and save your game.  I hope them Raptors didn't tear you up
too much or all of them Endtrails, or the exploding wall.  OUCH!  Did
you read my hints and stratagies section?  Return and kill the returning
Raptoid and go down the hallway and go left for some health. On the way
back, stop at the first right and look down and to the left and use an
exploding shell on that Endtrail down there, KABLOOIE!  Did he jump for
you?  I love it when they do that.  Exploding rounds can surprisingly
travel very far, don't even try it with a normal round. Keep this in
mind.  For a real challenge, snipe him with a Tek arrow. Your too far
away for him to see you so don't worry about the returning rounds of
purple-pink balls.  Jump when you get that single lifeorce and follow
the ledge and make a right at the door and go down the hall to kill 1
bully and 2 geeks.  Now continue down the hall and go up the ladder and
stop.  Wait for the 2 Raptoids to come around the corner by the pistol
and take them out Al Capone style with a shotgun blast point blank range
in their faces, SPLAT!  I love when they just fall right off the ledge
backwards and of course, headless.  Follow the path and go up 2 more
ladders and stop.  Cool, an Ultra Health.  Now keep following the path
until you finally get to some Tek arrows, kill the Endtrail down below
and stay on the ledge.  Now drop that sniping eyepiece down and take out
that Endtrail in front of the Oblivion Portal like an ARMY RANGER this
time, HOOA!  Drop down and turn around.  That path leads back to the
ammo depot.  Go up the ladder where you dropped off on your left and hit
the switch.  There is a secret door as soon as you drop down.  Go up the
ladder for a level 3 key and a health and ammo depot.  Go up the other
ladder, kill 2 Raptoids and slice-n-dice some annoying Compys, I hate
those shrills when you splatter one.  Go hit the switch and up the
ladder opposite of, across a bridge blowing wide open 2 Raptoids Al
Capone style once more.  Charge right on up to them and aim a little
low.  Don't that Shotgun sound so real?  So does the .9 mm, excellent
sound effects Iguana.  Wait until the Bore drilling through somethings
head. Talk about nasty!  It's a very disgusting sound, just wait and
see.  A freaky and disturbing sound to be honest.  I would LOVE to be a
game tester for N64. Talk about a dream job come true.  Being the first
one to hear and play the newest games.  Hell yes!  Now continue along
until you get to a spinning Tek-Bow and a circle of lifeforce on your
right and a path under 2 bridges.  Charge ahead and kill the two wussies
before they can take cover.  At the end is a full health, LEAVE IT BE.
That is the exit to the Energy Totem and if you have a shred of brain
cells left, SAVE THIS!  Yes, you are almost done with this piece of cake
level. Go up the ladder, cross the bridges and kill the 2 Endtrails in
each tower.  For a real challenge, take them out in sniper mode on the
other side of the bridge, don't get kissed by the pink balls.  In the
pool is lifeforce.  Go up either side of the ramps in between the
Shotgun and figure this thing out to make the locked steel door on the
other side of the bridges open, collecting the last level 3 key in the
process.  After that hairy situation, make your way up to the Oblivion
Portal and get ready for the most awesome cut scene in the whole game
and get that first NUKE piece, the switch for it is right below from
where you sniped that Endtrail up here.  Go on through for the CHAOS TO
COMMENSE...The Oblivion Spawn......Whaaa,haaa,haaaa!  Wasn't that an
awesome, scary cut scene?  Evil looking dudes or what?  How was their
speed for you?  Pretty darn quick, aren't they?  After doing what you
had to do to get this first NUKE piece, go and find the exit to this
level. Grab that full health and go get that Ultra Health. You know
which one, by all them Endtrails along the catle wall I failed to
mention, remember?  You are about to fight about 15 pissed off more than
usual Endtrails so if you had a half of a brain cell left, you would of
saved it because level 2 starts off real hairy.  I know a huge short cut
to get it but I'm sure you can figure it out.  If you didn't save it,
re-read the stratagies, your fault, not mine!  The point is that if you
don't use atratagies, you'll never beat this game.  Like I said, this
isn't Zelda.  Go and defend the Energy Totem at all costs to finally
reach the Hub.
   Aaahhh The Hub, victory!  This is where you access all of the levels
at.  Primagen is wussin' out in the round door in the middle.  You need
all six of his keys to meet him.  He's one ugly bastdage, let me tell
you.  His minions hid the keys pretty damn good except the one you just
saw, so look everywhere for them.  Wait until you complete the 6 levels
first before you try to find them, I highly recommend it. Levels 1, 2,
and 3 are so much fun with that Missle Launcher and the Firestrom.  Tear
a Juggernaut up like tissue paper they will I tell you! Or better yet,
NUKE 'EM ALL! YESIR!  Even though you have a choice of which level to go
to, you better get you butt to 2 because if your new at this game,
you'll probably have to restart your quest.  Seriously, more powerful
than Endtrail enemies lurk around in the Death Marshes, them Purr-linn
aren't messing around.  Go to the River of Souls and get some game
expierence, you'll be sorry if you don't.



                    Level 2: The River of Souls

Enemies you will encounter:

3 Small Cannons
10 Large Cannons
6 Howitzers
48 Compys
36 Spiders
? Deadmen.  The amount of them varies depending on how long you take to
destroy your mission objectives.
19 Lords of the Dead
8 Leapers
10 Raptors
54 Raptoids
93 Endtrails.  93 Endtrails, Holy Macarel Batman!  And the best part is
that about a third of them turn invisible, have fun!
4 Sentinels
2 Death Guards
1 Lord of the Flesh
  **Remember that enemy counts are approximations.  You may have noticed
by now that I don't list all of them.  This was to heighten the scare
factor in case your being a wuss and I assure you that the counts are
pretty much acurate; I know I'm off a few here and there.  I excluded
the reappearing, Energy Totem and Primagen Key hunt enemies.  This
walkthrough was written while playing on the NORMAL setting.**

   This level will prove to be a lot more challenging than the previous
one.  It's layout is like a giant maze and you can easily get lost in
all the seemingly endless twists and turns.  You may have heard of
people whining about how long this level is and how it's one of the
worst ones in the whole game, NOT!  If you do the level this way, you
can run it in 45 minutes no problemo once your used to it, I think it is
shorter than level one.
   As soon as you start out, you will see a big Dinosaur with 2 huge
Cannons sticking out on either side of him.  Turn around, that portal
will take you back to the Hub if you have completed all of your
objectives.  You can either hop on the Dino now, or you can do this
first few minutes on foot.  I find it less health depleting to venture
on foot first.  Go right of the portal and kill the Raptoid hopping
around.  Now enter the opening with 4 buildings and kill the next one.
Once that's over with, find the Shotgun shells and strafe all the way to
the right and blow up that small Cannon with some exploding shells, 2
should do the trick.  Now continue down the path until you kill 4
Endtrails and come up to a locked gate.  Now turn around and go get that
Dino.  When you get to the 4 buildings, look up and to the left and blow
up that tower.  You'll know if it's the right one by the
crumbling/cracking sound it makes.  Between the tunnel and the path to
the locked gate is a full health.  Isn't that Dino so cool?  This is the
only level you get his assistance on which is a real bummer.  Blast away
because you have unlimited ammo!  Yep, that's right, unlimitted!  Blow
up the entire village!  Pillage the village, trash the scene, Endtrails
you better not take things out on me, bad guys wear black, coming for
you I'm the Dino from Hell!  I always jam that tune when I play this
next part, it's by PANTERA for all you Yuppies, "Cowboys from Hell."
Just go to town and blow absoultely everything up!  YAHOOOOO!!!!!  I'm
going to be a dick to you and make you figure this out on your own.
Besides that 1 full health there's 2 more and an Ultra Health at the end
and a whole bunch of blue health and ammo along the way.  To get the
Ultra, you have to destroy three more of them cracking/crumbling towers
(Thanks MI4 REAL for that secret, it was driving me nuts).  The screen
will say "Door Open" once you blew them all down.  Run over the endless
amounts of Endos and Raptoids rather than blowing them up and watch for
the incoming Howitzer rounds.  Once at the end, put the Dino back, grab
your Ultra Health and extra guy if you want and climb the ladder to save
your game.
   Oh come on now, it wasn't that bad, only 10 minutes or so.  Doesn't
that Dino Cannon kind of suck?  I just flatten all the freaks.  I think
it's hiliarious when they see you on that huge Dino and jet away from it
flailing their arms like little girls running away from June Bugs,
Pansies.  Go straight and kill the 2 Endtrails that will be firing down
at you from above.  Do you see those switches across the gap on either
side of the bridge?  Shoot them to make the bridge raise and then blow
up that barrel and climb the ladder.  Look across to the other side and
blow up the other barrel to reveal a hidden ladder.  Huge explosion or
what?  Climb it to receive the mighty War Blade and kiss that Talon
goodbye.  I didn't even know about that until I wrote this, it was a
pretty nice discovery for me.  I was blowing up that Endtrail up there
with an exploding shell and the wall just blew out at me and I was
shocked.  Look everywhere for stuff people!  Continue down the tunnel
and kill the little group of Compys feeding on a dead Horse.  Go left of
them and kill some more.  Explore for ammo and silver health and climb
that ladder for some life force.  Drop down and continue past the dead
Horse (do you feel like kicking it?) to kill a Raptor and another little
group of Compys.  Did you see that dude hanging on the wall with a spear
stuck through him?  Continue on to find a Pistol and 2 clips for it and
go to the bridge.  This part is weird, sometimes the bridge is up,
sometimes it's down.  I guess it depends on what mood your N64 is in
that day.  If it's up, shoot the switch to the upper left.  Climb the 2
ladders near by for a Shotgun, life force and silver health and go cross
the bridge killing some Raptoids and warping.
   Go to the left and kill the 2 Raptoids around the corner and follow
the inclining path to a trail of life force going left.  Take it up and
kill that Endtrail at the end.  Turn around and keep going until you
collect a level 4 key and continue down to the next trail of life force
and kill the next Endtrail at the end of that corridor.  You can jump
down where the Endtrail was now since you have to anyways, or you can go
explore for items and then drop down.  Once you drop down, cross the
bridge and kill a Raptoid and an Endtrail on your left.  Continue down
the declining path and hit a switch that will come up on your right.  Go
look for a barrel and shoot it, go inside to shoot 3 more for a pistol
clip in each.  Now run back to where you came into this room and run up
the inclining hallway, with your Shotgun ready, and blow that Endtrails
head off at the top as soon as you see him.  Cross the bridge killing
another Endtrail and shoot the switch and turn around and head back down
to where you hit the switch.  Now head across that bridge and head
through the next warp.
   To your right is a save portal, this is the only one for a while so
you better save.  Exit and kill the returning Endtrail while being weary
of an invisible one and kill that Raptoid while your at it.  Go up
either side of the ramp and kill the Endtrail by the ladder and climb up
it and kill that Raptor on the stairs.  Go to either side of the stairs
and kill the 2 Raptors and collect some life force.  Go up the stairs
and turn left and follow the ledge to kill an Endtrail and hit the
switch he was guarding.  Go down to the left side of the stairs if your
going down them and kill the Endtrail and follow the dark hallway up to
an Oblivion Portal killing an Endtrail and hitting a switch.  Go back
down the hallway and look by the cubby holes you found life force in and
collect the two gate keys.  Go up and insert the keys into the diamond
shaped key holes and the golden gate at the top of the stairs will open,
releasing two angry Endtrails.  Enter the room and hit the switch on the
left to make the door open and activate the Oblivion Portal and go get
that second NUKE piece.  After you exit, go out the door and collect the
red health.  Now go back up the stairs and jump into the well and swim
very fast to the bottom to hit a switch, then make it back to the
surface.  Once at the top, kill the Endtrail and go warp.
   Kill the Endtrails to your left and right.  Then head right and kill
that Endtrail hiding up above around the first left and continue down to
kill 2 more.  Head right and kill another one and hit the switch and
blast the next one behind the door that opens up.  I hope you didn't
fall into the lava in the Oblivion Portal.  Continue up the hallway to a
room with some Compys for you to hack up.  Continue on to spot a trail
of life force going right, keep straight and cross a series of bridges
killing 3 Endtrails and 2 Raptoids and grab the Mag .60 at the end.
This is a very powerful weapon, watch your ammo.  Go all the way back
down to the bottom of this hallway where the pool is, and kill a couple
of Endtrails and blow up a barrel to reveal a hole in the wall.  Go up
the hallway to a raised bridge and shoot the switch to lower it.
Continue up the next hallway, hit the switch, go through the now open
door to kill 2 Raptoids and go right, cross the bridge and hit the
switch.  Turn around and kill that Endtrail inside the building and hit
the switch inside, being weary of the 2 Raptoids that will sneak up
behind you.  Return to where you entered this area and go up the ramp
and down the declining hallway to destroy the first Soul Gate.  To the
left and right of where you enter is respawning ammo and a room in the
back left corner will open with life force and a full health after you
destroy the Soul Gate.  Now go back up the hallway and go in the first
door on your right to find a warp.
   Head either way and kill the Raptor and enter the pit to kill another
one.  In the Gazeebo is a full health, save it.  Now head to the top of
the ramp leading into the pit and jump on the ledge to your left and
follow it to a hallway and then a switch.  Return to the pit and enter
the canal and follow it allll the way to the end and head up the stairs
into a room with a set of stairs in each corner.  Shoot the 2 switches
to make a warp portal appear and go back and get that full health.  It
might be wise to save your game again, your not that far from the save
portal.  Go and warp into the next area.
   Go up the ladder in front of you and go right, down the corridor
killing an Endtrail at the bottom and jump into the well.  Now swim as
fast as you can and go left at the intersection and surface and kill
that Endtrail.  Hop out of the water and go into that door and it will
slam shut.  Shoot the switch and grab that Ultra Health and kill 2
Leapers and some spiders.  Exit this room and go up the corridor the
Endtrail is blocking and head right.  There is nothing but life force on
top of the ladder to your left, so if your low on lives go up there and
grab them, then drop back down and follow the hallway to water and go
swimming to a room with a warp.
   This is the first Sister of Despair hide out.  Grab the flash light
and go into a room with a bunch of tombs and kill a few Deadmen to make
the gate open.  Follow the path and take that Lord of the Deads face off
with an exploding shell and watch him drop like a ten ton brick.  Now
climb the ladder and jump into the area of tombs with red life force on
them.  Kill the 2 Lords of the Dead to release the Sister of Despair and
take her out with your Mag .60.  Watch out for that Gauntlet but blue
skull she casts at you.  Once you dispose of this freakity freak, head
back to the warp and look for respawning ammo and health along the way.
   Were you a wimp and turn the blood off?  Now head back into the water
tunnel and take the trail of life force to the next area, grabbing the
War Blade if you haven't grabbed the last one.  Now hop onto the
platform in the middle of the water, kill the 2 Raptoids across the way
and push in those 4 squares to drop the 2 ladders the Raptoids were
guarding.  They weren't too much of a problem for you, were they?  Climb
the ladder, cross the 2 bridges and follow the hallway to another warp.
   You will see a ladder going down and some arching life force.  Jump
and collect the life force and kill the Raptor and follow the connecting
tunnel and go up either ramp, then down the decending hallway to kill an
Endtrail and boogy on through killing some more and up the hallway and
charge into the next room to kill 3 more Endtrails.  Blow up a barrel to
reveal a secret passage but ignore it for now.  Continue up the hall and
go left of the trail of life force.  If you want to pull this next stunt
off then you have to creep up slowly behind the Endtrail, bust out you
.9 and shoot him in the back of the head gangsta style  (I AM NOT A
you, shooting him in the back like that?  You coward.  Turn around and
follow the trail of life force and hack up the Leaper.  After watching
the guts fly, enter the room with 4 pools and find the one you can swim
into.  Surface and get that level 4 key.  To either side of the key is a
whole bunch of red life force on the ledge below the blue healths.  Go
and grab them if you need a couple of lives and warp back up to where
you dropped down, being weary of the returning Endtrail.  Return to
where you blew a hole in the wall with a barrel and follow the hallway
to the top, killing some Raptoids and shoot the square switch directly
in front of you.  I am an idiot because the first time I played this
level, I thought that switch was a door way and it took me 2 days to
finally realize this, Dahhhh!  Now drop down and go through the raised
green prison bars and go right and kill the Leaper that jumps out at you
and hit the switch.  Turn around and look for the next one to hack, and
then return up the inclining hallway with life force and go through the
warp on top.  This is the next Sister of Despair hide out.  Just kill
all the Lords of the Dead to make the tombs open; then hit the switches
inside of the tombs for the gates open and release the next ugly,
floating Sister.  On the way back to the warp there is a health and ammo
   Now return to where you hacked up the Leaper by the 4 pools and go up
the next hallway to the left and kill the Endtrail to your left when you
go through the door, then hit the switch to the right of the door way
and go back down the hall, taking your first right and kill the Endtrail
at the end.  Go through the door that will open up and put on your War
Blade to embark upon your next slice-n-dice extravaganza.  Go down the
ladder by the Leap of Faith tile for the Tranquilizer gun and then go
   Straight ahead of you is a locked Talisman Chamber.  You didn't fall
off the ledge by that last switch did you?  If you did, I didn't tell
you to do it, you have a long walk back up here.  Kill the Endtrail by
the chamber and blow up all the barrels for some well needed ammo and
health.  Swim along the bottom of the canal for even more goodies.  In
the dry part of the canal is a Shotgun and health.  Continue across the
bridge and go through the door and waste the 2 Endtrails to unlock the
Talisman Chamber.  Go up the corridor slashing 2 Leapers in Freddy
Krueger fashion and kill the Endtrail at the end and remember this
location, it is where you will find the exit.  Now head back and go
halfway across the bridge and turn right.  Oh my, can that actually be a
save portal?  Trust me folks, they get alot further apart.  Now drop
down that hole at the end of a bridge and continue through the door
decapatating an Endtrail by Shotgun and grab that well needed Pistol
clip.  Don't let those green pineapples fall on your head.  Go and kill
a couple more Endtrails to finally collect the first Sacred Eagle
Feather.  Head into the warp at the top of the ramp.
   This is the final Sister of Despair hide out.  Kill the Lords of the
Dead (flamers) to make the first gate open.  Then enter the next area
and wipe them grins off of those flamers' faces and open the next gate.
Check out them zombies crawling out of the ground.  They remind me of
that chic in Hellraiser.  That was pretty gross when that dude was
making out with her.  Just for fun, whip out your War Blade and watch
the blood go flying, there's respawning health, why not.  Just don't
like it too much, I wouldn't want to be held responsible if you got
commited to Bellevue.  To either side of the opening are some tombs.
Blow the other eye out on the flamers and use your brain to figure out
how to open them.  Enter the water way and hit the switches on the left
and right, spotting 2 more diamond shaped key holes and enter the 2
large buildings to collect the 2 bridge keys.  Now insert them and cross
the bridge and kill the last Sister of Despair.  Follow the trail of
life force for a full health, yeah, like you need it.  Now get out of
   Jump down and collect your Leap of Faith.  Now go back to that tile
and jump back and forth while holding the joy stick up the whole time.
Isn't that so cool?  Now return to where that Endtrail bum rushed you
and and go right to kill that dude blocking the door.  Make a left at
the next choice and go kill 3 more Endtrails and collect the final level
4 key.  Now head up a ramp to reach the last Soul Gate.  It wasn't a
real challenge for you, was it?  Now go to where I told you to remember
and jump onto the area below to hit a switch.  Blow up that barrel in
the wall to find an Ultra Health. PSYCHE!  Go and jump into the water
and find the exit and defend the Energy Totem at all costs against some
more Endtrails.

   To get the Primagen key for this level, return to where I psyched you
out and step on the Breath of Life tile and go up the ladder.  Jump a
couple of platforms and look for the Ultra Health down below.  See, I
really wasn't lying to you.  Climb up the ladder and grab the key then
find the exit.


                     "THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM"

                      Level 3: The Death Marshes

Enemies you will encounter:

4 Raptoids
12 Endtrails, there's bigger and badder enemies to deal with now.
6 Raptors
4 Wasp Hives
A few Giant Worms
18 Gunners
23 War Clubs
16 Juggernauts
2 Sentinels
5 Death Guards
1 Lord of the Flesh
  **Remember that enemy counts are approximations.  This walkthrough was
written while playing on the NORMAL setting.**

   This level is way less confusing than the last one.  It is pretty
much wide open as you head through the canyons and cross large fields.
This level is so awesome and I wish it would have been a lot longer.
It's pitch black everywhere you look and you can't see the enemy firing
off rounds at you.  It's a pretty short level so have no fear, the
shortest one in the game.  The next three levels are extremely long so I
guess Acclaim gave us a break on this one since the last 2 levels were
pretty good sized.  As soon as you start, go straight and kill a War
Club that will bust through the bridge, to your right is silver health
and Tek arrows.  Hop down and jump onto the platforms and turn around on
the third one and kill that Gunner behind you.  Go into sniper mode and
take out the other one hiding in the shadows.  Now jump across and kill
the Raptoid that jumps at you and head down the log bridge.  To your
right is some health and you can climb the ladder for a Mag .60,
straight of the log bridge is a broken bridge that you must jump across.
Go kill the War Club and then blow up the Wasp Hive and jump across for
a respawning ammo depot.  Follow the trail of life force and kill the
next War Club and jump across the water using the logs, they sink when
you walk on them so don't dilly dally.  Kill the Gunner and cross the
next log and go left to collect a level 4 key.  Now head towards the
campfire and kill that War Club that jumps out at you.  Continue across
the bridge into the mud and just try to avoid that Giant Worm thwacking
you with his tongue.  Continue towards two buildings and blow up the
barrels inside of them for some goodies.  Look for a bridge and then
cross it to rescue the first prisoner, just shoot the lock to open the
cage.  Now go behind the building the Endtrail was in, by the warp, and
hop into the mud and look for a Satchel Charge.  Once you have it, go on
the bridge that led you to the prisoner and jump to the life force and
then onto the ledge and climb the ladder to the locked shed.  Once
unlocked, step into the warp.  This is the first ammunition storage
shed.  Make your way to the room with large crates and place the charge
and then high tail your butt out of there because if your caught up in
the explosion, you'll die.  Once you warp out, go back in to find a full
health and then go warp to the next area.
   Now jump across some more logs and come up to a stone bridge going
through the mud.  Take out that Juggernaut in the tower and make the
first left.  Go up the inclining path of silver health and ignore the
save portal (what?).  Kill the Gunner and go left to blow another Wasp
Hive up and follow the trail of life force to another level 5 key.  Go
back to find another trail of life force and follow it to the end and
jump onto the Shredder.  Now that you have the most powerful weapon, put
it to use.  Now go save your game.  Continue across the bridge through
the mud and kill that Juggernaut that busts through the wall.  Pretty
big dude, huh?  Don't let him jump on you and put his sword through your
head.  To the right of the building is a red health.  Go inside the
building to warp.
   Kill the rock shooting geek and cross the bridge and if you walk on
top of the wall to your right, you will find a box of shells.  Continue
on down the path and kill another Juggernaut that scares the crap out of
you.  These guys are really tough, shoot them in the chest with a
Shredder round and he should drop like a fly.  Kill that Gunner in the
tower and go through the building opposite the tower and blow up the
barrels for some ammo.  Follow the life force around the building to
save your game.  Wow, what a short venture this has been, don't get used
to it.  Follow the bridge to a War Club that will bust through, don't
let the one behind you punch you in the back of the head.  Continue on
and make a right at the end and kill the 2 Gunners and activate the
Oblivion Portal, there is a respawning ammo depot by the switch.  Now go
back and climb the tower and jump onto a building with a full health
and follow the life force to the end and drop down and go get your third
NUKE part.  Once that's done and over with, go to the warp you saw by
the switch to activate the Oblivion Portal.
   Kill the War Club and go cross the bridge and kill that Gunner and
grab the full health you will see in a hole.  Now climb up the tower and
jump over the fence to grab the Satchel Charge.   Go and climb the tower
by the warp to reach the ammo shed.  Go do what you got to do and
continue on past the tower you got the Satchel Charge from and cross the
bridge, jump across some more floating logs to cross another bridge and
kill that hulking beast looming over you.  Bounce an exploding Shredder
round under his face mask.  Climb the tower and jump to the other side
of the wall and warp.
   Cross the long bridge and kill all the Juggernauts, kill 'em all I
say.  Jump onto the building for the Plasma Rifle.  Test out the sniper
mode on this bad boy and kill the Gunner and go up the hill for a save
and a warp.
   Kill the War Club that will bust out of the ground and go cross the
bridge killing 3 Raptoids, 2 Gunners, 3 War Clubs and 3 Juggernauts.
Snipe them all and return by the tower with the Gunner for some Plasma
rounds.  At the end of the bridge, go right and drop down to rescue the
2nd prisoner and grab that Grenade Launcher while your at it.  Now go
through the warp where the 2 Juggernauts were up in the towers.
   To your right is a thin passage way, take it to rescue 2 more
prisoners.  Is that a respawning health depot I hear?  Seek the source
to find it along with a box of grenades.  Follow the river bank to a
ladder and obviously climb it and head left to get the last prisoner.
Climb the ladder by the warp for a respawning ammo depot.  Turn around
and follow the wall and look for a ledge with red life force and grab
that Ultra Health on top of the prisoners cage.  Go back and follow the
wall to a Sacred Eagle Feather and take it to the Talisman Chamber.  If
you can't find the switch to unlock it, then just give up while you
still can.  Now go and warp by the ladder.
   Go up the hill taking out some Juggernauts on the way up and climb
the ladder for the last ammo shed.  I hope you found that last Satchel
Charge, it was right in front of your face dude.  After doing what you
had to do, enter a room for the last level 5 key and kill all the
Raptors and a few Juggernauts to reach the exit.  Go and defend the
Energy Totem against a bunch of Gunners.  What, no Endtrails?  This
board was kind of easy, don't you think?

   To get the Primagen key,  go to the second warp and go into the water
by the Breath of Life tile and go under and search for a tunnel.
Surface, grab the key and then go find the exit.  Good luck getting out
of here if you don't have a certain something.



                     Level 4: The Lair of the Blind Ones

Enemies you will encounter:

16 Raptoids
16 Endtrails
30 Leapers
6 Giant Worms
15 Giant Spiders
Way too many small spiders to even try to count.
25 Goblins
37 Guardians
35 Blind One Sentinels
11 Fireborns
4 Sentinels
4 Death Guards
1 Lord of the Flesh
Boss: Golden Eye (looks red to me)
  **Remember that enemy counts are approximations.  This walkthrough was
written while playing on the NORMAL setting.**

   This level is going to be a nightmare for you.  It is, in my opinion,
the absolute worst level in the entire game, it is extremely long and
frustrating.  Be glad that you have me walking you through it because it
would probably take you a very long time to do this insane level by
yourself.  There are only 2 save portals on this entire board!  I would
rather be on level 5 or 6 any day over this one.  If you thought level 2
was confusing, you haven't seen nothing yet.  Almost the whole board is
in a narrow tunnel so I hope your not claustrophobic.  This level took
me the longest to figure out.
   Go straight ahead and collect some exploding shells, you can climb
that log ahead of you for a full health.  Go through the opening, past
the Plasma Rifle and go all the way to the left to spot a Whispers tile.
Turn around and go down the path and kill the 2 Leapers.  Shoot all the
barrels for some goodies and then drop down the pit with water falls.
The tunnel with the Raptoid takes you back to where you killed the
Leapers.  Continue down the tunnel with life force and drop down the
chute.  Follow the path, put on your colors and kill the Endtrail
gangsta style once more.  And once again, I am not a gangster or in any
way affiliated with any.  Drop into the water and grab the Harpoon Gun
and spear that Leaper swimming towards you.  Wasn't that a really cool
death for that little freak?  Surface for a full health and go back
under and swim into the tunnel to unlock the Talisman Chamber and head
up the tunnel you will see on your way out.  Don't worry, if your fast
you'll make it to air with plenty of time to spare.  Go down the path
and kill some Endtrails and climb the pegs on the wall, then follow the
root filled tunnel and drop down the chute.  Follow this tunnel to a
room filled with spider nests and climb the pegs to have your first
encounter with a Blind One.  Is that Sentinel fast or what?  I think
they are a little faster than the ones you fight when you search for the
NUKE parts.  This board is infested with them so watch out.  Their
brothers will annoy you even more when you get rapid fired by a few
arrows upside your head.  Go through the opening and up the pegs to your
right for a full health.  Boogy on along and kill a Raptoid, then follow
the thin bridge to the Talisman Chamber.  Turn around and jump into the
water and then jump out to hit a wooden switch on the wall and climb the
pegs to drop down another chute.  In case you haven't noticed, the warps
take you back up to the level you just dropped down the chute from,
behind a couple of them are respawning health and ammo so keep your ears
   Since there's not many warps, I'll just start a new paragraph after
every couple of chutes.  Go into the next room and the doors will slam
shut and you have to kill the Giant Spiders to make them open up again.
Go down the tunnel with the health and turn the corner to get
continuosly pelted by Endtrail rounds.  Explosive Shredder rounds for
these hemmerhoids, SPLAT!  Go in and kill all the spiders see, there's
way too many to count.  After you kill them all, hit the skull switch by
the health and ammo depot, then go down both tunnels to shoot a skull
switch at the end of each one and the under water gate will now be open.
Go down there to collect the Charge Dart Rifle and a cave key.  Test
that new toy out on that Sentinel, hold down the trigger for a more
powerful burst.  Now go and insert the cave key and run as fast as you
can across the bridges and keep going and going and killing and going
until you come across the Flame Thrower and a Giant Spider.  Barbeque
anyone?  Sure, I'll take some Spider Spare Ribs to go please.  Now boogy
on along and grab the level 5 key and kill all the little creeps that
flood the room.  Funny looking, aren't they?  Kill them fast or they
will mess your booty all up.  Continue along and roast another Giant
Spider and save your game.  So how is this level for you so far?  I hate
it and I dread it every time I play a new quest.  If you have Soccer
practice in an hour, you better not do the next part for it will be a
LOOONG time before you come across the next save point.  You didn't fall
off the path on the way here did you?
   Snipe the 3 Blind Ones and then head up the tunnel crossing bridges
and shooting switches to make the gates open; then finally drop down the
next chute, weeeee.  Follow the path to a room with a water fall and
floating platforms and jump across them.  Jump onto the water fall and
go through the tunnel to eventually drop down on the Sacred Eagle
Feather.  Now jump into the pit where the first platforms were to a
respawning health and ammo depot.  Go under water and go through the
warp and follow them back up to the Talisman Chamber to collect the
Heart of Fire.  I know a huge shortcut but, as usual, I'm sure you can
figure it out on your own.  Save your game again on the way back to this
health and ammo depot.  I told you this level was going to be a
nightmare for you.  Hey, I'm not going to be a total game spoiler on
you, there's got to be a few things for you figure out on your own.
There is a ton of stuff in the lava later on in this level so I advise
you to go get it.  When you get back to the depot, swim on top of the
water and look for a switch to shoot and go in the murky under water
tunnel and follow the wooden bridges killing 2 Endtrails.  Cross the
room and go down the tunnel with the Tek-Bow.  Not so fast, you have to
fry some more spider legs first.  Follow the tunnel killing the Guardian
tossing leeches at you and a bridge will lower in front of you and the
gate will open.  Go cross the bridge and take your first right and jump
onto the cave key.  Turn around and climb the pegs back up and continue
down the tunnel and kill some more Goblins, exploding Shredder rounds
work great on these things.  Continue to collect a Satchel Charge and
turn around on the next bridge and climb the pegs and jump down the
   You are about to finally seal a Thermal Vent.  Place the cave key in
its place and run as fast as you can up the tunnel on your right, put
the charge on the stalagite and run your butt off to the warp, the
amount of enemies vary depending on how long you take to seal the vent.
Now continue across the bridge that led you here and drop down the chute
at the end of the tunnel.  Go through the tunnel and drop into the under
ground lake.  You better go into your medicine cabinet and bust out a
few Excederin because this next part is very, very frustrating.  Go into
the tunnel, turn your map on and head towards the square on your map.
Surface and jump onto the rocks, then the spinning platform to hit a
skull switch.  Jump back into the water and collect the Torpedoe
Launcher.  This is the "certain something" I was talking about for the
Primagen Key on the previous level.  It also acts like a water jet, so
save at least one torpedoe or you will not be able to use it for a water
jet.  In these under ground, under water caves you must find 2 cave keys
and a Satchel Charge.  Dead ends on you map mean AIR, keep it on
constantly or I guarantee you'll get lost and drown.  Once you have
collected them, head into the warp with blue health and a box of shells
around it.  Do you have a migraine yet?  You don't like me anymore, do
you?  Feel like burning this FAQ up do you?
   Place the cave key in place and go seal that second vent the same way
you did the first one.  Now head to the other warp with barrels all
around it.  How long did it take you to figure out the under ground,
under water system?  All I remember is that the first time I did it, I
amost threw my controller into the TV I was so pissed off.  Continue
down the path to an ammo depot behind a tree.  Drop down the next ledge
and follow the life force killing a Guardian and a Sentinel and kill the
Giant Spider to release a Fireborn.  Kill him, the Mag .60 is very
effective on them, and go through the tunnel he came out of and kill a
few more and collect all the life force in the lava and continue on down
the tunnel.  You don't have to touch the tile before you walk through
lava or swim in poisionous water, just so you know.  Follow the tunnel
into a large room and blow up the barrels to your left to activate the
Oblivion Portal.  Now follow the path to the pegs and climb them to
collect some Sun Fire Pods, they only kill Blind Ones, and go collect
the fourth NUKE weapon part.
   Drop down behind the portal and find those wooden planks by the red
life force.  Jump on them and they will twirl you up and follow the
tunnel at the top killing a few Blind Ones along the way and drop down
the chute.  Follow the life force to a lava pit and kill a few more
Fireborns and shoot the switch and kill a few more things to make the
exit open up.  Down in the lava is an Ultra Health and a whole bunch of
weapons and stuff so feel free to wander around down there.  Continue
down yet another tunnel, cross a bridge, through a tunnel, up a bridge,
down the tunnel and follow the life force and drop down the chute.  Kill
all the Giant Worms in this room to make the exit open up.  Follow the
tunnel and head up the path of blue healths all the way to the top for
finally, a save portal.  Now return to go down the path to the left of
where you climbed the path to save, then kill the Guardian to make the
gate open.  Go into the room and climb the pegs, kill some more Giant
Spiders, then climb up the next set of pegs and follow the stone bridge
to some Sun Fire Pods wasting Blind Ones every where.  Continue down the
tunnel with the Shredder and go left along the thin ledge until you see
a full health and some life force and jump to it.  Go down the tunnel
killing some more Goblins and go get the awesome brain sucking Cerebral
Bore, test it out on that Guardian below you.  Nasty sounding thing or
what?  You have to be kind of close to an enemy when you use this or the
bore will blow up before it can drill through ones head.  Drop down and
go right and look for a line of blue health and drop down to them.  Kill
all the Giant Spiders and go down the tunnel to receive the level 5 key.
After the bloody mayhem, continue on and kill the Guardian to open the
gate.  Cross the bridge until you come across 3 bores and jump to the
other side for the last Satchel Charge and get jumped by a group of
thugs and then drop down the chute.  Go into the next two rooms and
collect the 2 cave keys and go put them in place.
   After completing your objective, Run allll the way back to where you
found the Cerebral Bore and drop onto the cave key.  Go and kill the
final Endtrail (yes) and jump across the spinning platforms and follow
the tunnel to light up another spider camp fire.  Shoot the barrel and
go collect the last level 5 key, grab the Ultra Health and exit to
defend the Energy Totem.  I hope you saved some pods, because all the
enemies are Blind Ones.
   Uh oh, what's going on man?  Jump onto the platform in the green ooze
and get ready to FINALLY fight a boss, Golden Eye!  Kill all the maggots
and shoot the 4 tentacles to make more maggots appear.  Kill them all
again and shoot the 4 puss sockets dropping acid on you.  Kill the next
set of maggots and shoot the claws on the end of the next set of
tentacles.  Then shoot him right in the eye and this f#=*%$#up level is
finally over.  By the way, the Shredder is the best weapon to use on
Golden Eye.

  To get the Primagen Key on this level, go to the Whispers tile at the
beginning of the level, go up to the ledge and go step on another tile.
Jump the chasm and drop down the hole and look for a cave key.  After
you grab it, put it in its place and go get the Ultra Health, jump in
the warp and grab the key.  Get out of here and go get the next Primagen



                      Level 5: The Hive of the Mantids

Enemies you will encounter:

130 Drones
58 Workers
30 Soldiers
More Mites than small spiders on the last level.
A bunch of Ceiling Guns
4 Sentinels
5 Death Guards
7 Lords of the Flesh
What, no Endtrails?
Boss: Queen Mantid
  **Remember that enemy counts are approximations.  This walkthrough was
written while playing on the NORMAL setting.**

   This is going to be another thrilling level for you.  The enemies are
incredibly tough and they can kill you so fast your head will spin.  Be
constantly on guard, for there are bugs EVERYWHERE.  Don't even take
your finger off the Z button through the entire level, seriously.  I
hope that you are a decent shot by now.  Play this level with the auto
aim off or you will waste all of your ammo, the Drones actually move
their head out of the way when you shoot at them.  This is another super
long frustrating level so get ready to call your Shrink for some Xanax.
   As soon as you start, you will see the warp to the next area blocked
by a force field.  Blow the 4 guns up and kill all the Drones to make
the force field drop and then head on through the warp.
   Blow up that blue thing in front of you, this is a force field
generator.  Those Drones are pretty tough little buggers, aren't they?
Go to the room with a second force field generator and go through the
door for some life force and health.  Drop down and continue to the next
hallway, with silver health, to a platform that will raise you up to the
cat walk.  Follow the walk into a room with a Drone and shoot the walls
for some ammo.  Follow the corridor into a room with a large platform
with a key on top of it.  Go up the hallway on your right, hit the
switch and jump onto the platforms to grab the level 6 key.  I am going
to stop listing a whole bunch of enemies so be ready to exterminate
every bug you see, I wouldn't want to spoil all of your fun.  I'm also
only listing one ammo depot so keep your ears open as well.  Head down
the corridor with a full health and warp.
   Continue to the 4 way split, go straight, through the door, then left
to to life force and snipe those 2 Drones and jump onto the platform
below.  Jump the next two, taking out some Mites with your Talon, and
follow the life force, make the door open and kill the Workers in the
next room.  Take a left to destroy a force field generator and ride the
elevator up to the next corridor.  Go into the next room and kill that
12 foot freak-a-zoid.  Continue down the tunnel he was guarding and blow
out the walls in the next room for a nice surprise.  What's the matter,
don't you trust me?  Go into the next room and activate the green
switch, they all look like this on this level, except of course, the
triangular Talisman and Oblivion switches.  Continue on to hit another
switch and ride the platform to the above passage way.  Follow the
hallway to the almighty Firestorm Cannon.  Those Drones shouldn't be a
problem for you any more with this awesome new weapon.  Now head down
the tunnel with red life force to an Ultra Health and test your new toy
out.  Does that weapon kick serious ass or what?  Now head down the
hallway to a warp.
   Head through the door, grab the silver health and go down the only
hallway to a large room and activate all of the switches and hop on the
platform to be raised up once again.  Don't these hallways look so cool
with all of them lights?  Follow the long corridor to save your game.
So what do you think of this level so far?  Are them Drones pissing on
your parade yet?  I love this level, the next one is even more
impressive.  Even though them Drones are a serious pain in the Scrotum,
this hive kicks booty.  Take a left when you exit and head through the
   Follow the hallway and jump to the platform below and enter a large
room and go through the door to destroy another force field generator.
Head left from here and go up the next elevator.  Go straight to receive
a full health then drop down and follow the corridor to the PFM Layer,
test it out on the Mites below.  I know, it's not all that.  Drop down
and collect the level 6 key and blow out the walls to activate the
Oblivion Portal.  Go straigt, not the hallway with blue health, and go
back down to where you just destroyed the force field generator and look
for the Oblivion Portal.  This one is going to be well worth the NUKE
piece, let me tell you, I hope you have a couple of lives.  Make your
way back up to where you activated this portal and follow the tunnel of
blue health and warp.
   Follow the hallway, jump the chasm and kill the Soldier on your left
and activate the platform.  See that door on your left that is blocked
by a force field?  Remember that because you have to go down it in a few
minutes.  Hop on the platform and raise up to the cross roads.  Go
straight and activate the switch and kill all the Mites that will fill
the room.  Go back up to the cross roads and head to the left and enter
the room, shoot the wall the life force is pointing at and kill that
Soldier and disengage the force field generator.  Go and find a switch
and roast all the Workers that come in the room.  Return and go straight
killing the Drone and go take a ride down to the next hallway and blow
up the left wall of the Cerebral Bore and hop onto the elevator.  Follow
the hallway past the red health and kill that Soldier and jump onto the
platform, jump the next 2 small ones and go through the door to activate
the Talisman Chamber.  Now keep jumping down the platforms and collect
the Sacred Eagle Feather.  Follow the corridor and go back to that door
that was blocked by the force field that I told you to remember.  Go
down the hallway and receive the Whispers from the Tally Man.  Now
return and go right of where you blew the wall out by the bore and go
through the warp.
   Enter the room and kill everything then enter the door at the other
end of this huge room.  Go into the next large room and kill all the
pests and jump into the water.  Look for the under water tunnel and
surface to take out yet another force field generator.  After destroying
it, return to the room where the Mites were and go through the door on
the right to follow the long corridor and destroy the Master Force
Field.  After the destruction, go up the platform and collect my
absolute favorite weapon, the Scorpion Missle Launcher.  Test this baby
out on a Soldier, KABLOOIE!  Head across the water and cross the 3
platforms and head right to grab the last level 6 key.  Now go and find
the warp to the next area.
   Wasn't that tunnel so freakin cool man?  Trippin dude!  That's my
favorite part in the entire game.  Continue on to an egg infested tunnel
and climb up the wall the Drone is on and go left for a full health and
then continue through the tunnel, climb another wall and warp.
   Run through the Mite (these things are never ending) infested area
and look for a tunnel blocked by a bunch of egg sacks.  These are the
only thing your Tek arrows are good for, shoot the tallest egg, the one
in the back, with one and it will clear out the entire row of eggs.
Save your Flame Thrower for the Queen Embryo you are about to destroy.
You are now in a circular chamber surrounded by eggs and those annoying
Drones shooting at you all over the place.  Find the hallway going into
the middle room in the chamber and take out the next row of eggs.  Now
change to your Flame Thrower and quickly charge forwards and douse the
embryo until Adon tells you it's destroyed, it isn't dead when it falls
out of the cacoon.  That is the safest and fastest way to take care of
the 3 embryos.  If you use another weapon, never ending Drones keep
warping in and they will tear your ass all up.  After you kill the
embryo, grab the full health and run your little butt off to the warp or
I promise you'll be floating in the Hub.
   Drop down into another Mite infested area and use a missle on that
Soldier and go right on the bridge to save your game.  Continue straight
across the bridge to warp and destroy the Queen Embryo exactly the same
way you did the last one and boogie your butt on out to the warp again.
Don't tell me you didn't find fuel a minute ago.  Go to the only room
left on the bridge and jump into the water and go up the tunnel.  Jump
down in the area below and find the 4 Satchel Charges necessary to
destroy the Master Computer, you must find a warp to reach one of them.
After you find all of them, cross the bridge to a warp and go through
the door into a lava pit and jump all the platforms (there's weapons and
stuff in the lava) and climb some walls and hit the switch at the end.
Turn around and ride the platform up and hit 2 more switches and go
through the door in the middle and drop down into the mud pit and climb
the other side and fry the last Queen Embryo.
   Now lets go blow up that damn Master Computer and blow this joint.
Return to where you found the charges, exit and climb the wall by the
blue health and finally take out the Master Computer before the Drones
take over our world.  Come on, you can't figure this thing out?  Now go
save your game and make your way up to the Leap of Faith tile (you can
climb the wall by the Breath of Life tile to reach it), and grab the
Ultra Health and head back to the room of Satchel's, cross the bridge
and go through the Stargate portal and defend the Energy Totem against a
bunch of Drones.  Use your Charge Dart Rifle, I don't know if you
figured that one out by now.
   Daaaan, daaan ,dannnn!!!  Oh no, your about to fight the Queen of all
Mantids, so you better get ready to run all over the room to dodge this
freak.  Bust out your Grenade Launcher and take off her her fore arms.
Then huge Mites will be all up in your face.  Kill them all and then
shoot that big, round puss sack sticking out of her butt and then kill
some more giant Mites.  Now you must blow her arms off to make her drop
and then bust a Shredder round in her head and say SEE YA!

   To get the Primagen Key on this level, run all the way to the end
(yes, the end) of the board and go into that under water tunnel and
warp.  Jump onto the bridge, go up it and go through the door on your
left blocked by eggs.  Follow the hall to another warp and then cross
the bridges you will see from your Eye of Truth, grab that Ultra Health
and the key and then get your butt in Primagens lair and obliviate him!



                  Level 6: Primagens Lightship

Enemies you will encounter:

65 Laser Guns
44 Bio Bots
38 Troopers
25 Elites
10 Sentinels
10 Death Guards
10 Lords of the flesh, have fun!
Boss: Mother

   This is probably going to be your worst level and you all know which
one mine is, this is my favorite level in the whole game.  The graphics
are so cool and every hallway looks just the last one you went down,
this is the most confusing level of them all.  The enemies are also the
toughest ones you will come up against and I am not going to list a
single one except the boss.  Oh quit you whining, I babied you on the
first few levels, take this board like a man and don't even look at this
walkthrough.  Yeah right, imagine that.  I will not list a single health
or ammo depot either.  The best advice I can give you is to hit every
single button you see.
   Follow the hallway to a round room with the Primagen Key blocked by a
force field.  Go to the passage on your left, follow it and take a left
then a right to hit the red button to drop the green warp and step on
   Turn right and follow the hallway all the way to the end to a large
room.  Jump on the fan and press the up C and the R button to reach the
platform above.  Once you do, turn around and jump onto the Ion
Capacitor.  You must find a total of 16 of these, 4 of them are required
to purify the River of Souls from four toxic polluting totems.  Left of
the enterance is some health and ammo.  Head to the right of the
enterance and go left, following the blue health into a large room and
head up the stairs in the back and grab the next two Ion Capacitors.  Go
up the elevator and hit the button to open the door.  At the
intersection, continue straight to a save portal.  Now head back to
where you killed that Trooper and head left and then enter the next room
and go down the stairs.  Step on the next two Whispers tiles and hit the
button at the end of the corridor.  Return to the room that brought you
up here and jump the lasers into a tunnel of blue health and activate
the button to receive the fourth Ion Capacitor.  Turn around and then
take a left and replace the green capacitors in the toxic totem with
your Ion Capacitors.  Boogy on along and go through the next warp.
   Don't go through the door that will open up, continue straight and
grab that Ultra Health, go right ahead, there are 4 of them on this
level.  Now drop down and look for a newly open passage way and hit the
button at the end to warp.  Follow the hallway into a room with a fan
and use it to get to the ledge above you.  Jump onto the bridge to hit
yet another button.  Now get back up to the moving platform and take it
to the other side and hit the next button.  Now use the fans in the next
room to collect an Ion Capacitor.  Get off of these platforms and head
through the newly open door.  Go down the hallway and make a right and
go to the top of the ventilation shaft for a save point.  How is this
final level for you so far, are those Laser Cannons getting to you yet?
Now head back to the bottom of the ventilation shaft, hold the joy stick
up and just press the up C button.  Follow the hallway and jump onto the
ledge and hit the button to make a platform lower behind you.  Take it
up and jump into the ventiliation conduits and go left to grab an Ion
Capacitor.  Make your way through the nightmarish shafts and finally
step into a hallway.  The air didn't push you out of the vent when you
grabbed the capacitor, did it?  Go and collect the Razor Wind and test
it out on some Bio Bots.  Go through the door and wander around and
remember where that Eye of Truth tile is, go and warp into the next
   Find the button in this circular tunnel, hit it and run through the
door on the other side before it locks up again.  Ride the elevator up
and take either path and enter a room with 2 locked doors, both with an
Ion Capacitor in front of them, and a large computer with a button.  Go
and hit the button and hurry up to get the capacitors before the doors
relock.  In the next room is a full health, make your way to the totem,
half purify the river and then find the warp to the next area.
   Go and hit the button and grab the Ultra Health if you wish.  Drop
down and go down the next hallway to the warp.  Head right and wander
into a big room and drop onto the platform below you and jump off to hit
another button to activate the next platform that goes across the room.
While riding it, jump off to collect the Ion Capacitor and then return
to take it to the other side of this room.  Hit all the buttons to get
the next Ion Capacitor, go back to the normal door and find another save
point.  I love how this level doesn't make you wander around for 6 hours
before you can save.  Head back into some more ventilation shafts and
find the hallway at the other end and go left to the warp.
   Take a right and jump waaaay across the chasm and then take a super
leap back and go into the next room and up the stairs to hit another
button.  Run through the left door of the enterance and grab the Ion
Capacitor.  Now repeat the process for the door on the other side of the
room.  Now the room at the bottom of the stairs is open, go through it
and purify the next totem.  Head through the warp to the next area.
Head up the stairs and then drop down and go down the next tunnel.  Wow!
This area of the space ship looks nothing like the rest of it, head on
through the warp.
   Go through the room to a door to another room and grab the Ion
Capacitor.  Now go find the warp.  Hang a left and then head through the
door and continue straight to an elevator.  Jump off and check out all
of them Troopers in the Amniotic tanks.  Go up the stairs and go across
the bridge and get that Ion Capacitor.  Take the elevator back up and go
and blast the box with the pistons up.  Your first assembly plant just
got disabled.  Activate the Talisman Chamber and go to the next warp.
Head on down the hall and go through the door and find the pink computer
and blow it up.  Now grab the feather and take it to the Tally Man.  Now
head back to the door going down the stairs and take the two blue
cylinders in the pillars and then head on to the warp.
   Keep going straight until you come up to a wall of red lasers and
replace the red ones for your blue inside the pillars.  Head left, not
yet through the lasers, and take the blue ones for your red and blow the
last assembly line.  Now head through the blue lasers and take the Ion
Capacitor and hit the Oblivion switch and purify the River of Souls.  Go
and finally collect the last piece to the NUKE, the portal is to the
right of where you warped in to this area.  Cool man, you finally have
the NUKE, could they spare the ammo?  That was one intense battle wasn't
it?  Them Oblivion freaks went all out trying to stop you, damn.  How
many lives did you lose?  Now return through the blue lasers and hang a
right to find a warp.
   Go and Grab the last Ultra Health if you want and drop down.  If you
look at the Primagen Key, you will notice that only one light remains to
disable the force field.  If there is more than one lit, you didn't hit
all the buttons dude, you have to go back and find them, I led you right
to them all.  To get the key, return to the Eye of Truth tile and follow
the bridges to hit a button and then go and grab the key and go save
your game in the portal of your choice.
   I hope you saved at least one Ultra Health for Mother, this chic
isn't screwing around.  She is a step way above the previous 2 and you
will probably quit and restart a whole bunch of times.  I think she is
just a tad weaker than Primagen but sometimes you can just get real
lucky and happen to be standing in the right spot where she can't take
that much health away.  First you have to take off her tentacle arms and
then she'll stand there with blood squirting out all over the place.
Take the little critters out with whatever.  Then she will grow some
more and attach them to the ceiling and she will swing back and forth
whacking you with her ball sack and jumping up and down.  Take her new
arms off and then she will charge after you shooting purple balls that
take off like 20 health.  Keep blasting her in the head until she cowars
back into her hole.  Congratulations on that victory, pat yourself on
the back for that one.

   Now continue your quest for the other 5 Primagen Keys and go kick his
ass!  I wonder how many times I used the word now, does anybody want to
count them for me?
   When you finally have all of the Primagen Keys, put them in place and
prepare for the toughest boss I've seen on the N64 to date.  I've beaten
quite a few games and Primagen rules!  This guy is so fast you'll puke
trying to kill him.  You can just forget about the NUKE for this dude,
it is only good for the little mech flyers when he goes back to his hide
away.  When the battle begins, stay away from the center of the arena
until he comes out to play.  Shoot the tentacles growing on the back of
his neck and shoulders.  When he stops and puts his arms out, he's
trying to regain his health.  Continously blast him in the head so that
he doesn't regain a damn thing.  He will then go back to his hide away
and a bunch of little mech flyers will be all over the place and bombs
will be dropping in the middle of the arena again.  When he comes back
out, shoot the left claw arm off and then kill the next group of flyers
and then finally just blast away at his head with whatever you got left
and watch a really cool ending for this game.  CONGRATULATIONS!  So how
was he and how many times did you restart your game?  Now go try Turok 3
and laugh at how easy it is compared to this one, some finale?  Try the
game on HARD, without cheating and e-mail me if you do so you can make
my Turok 2 Master Gamers section.  I have a whole bunch of challenges
for you in there, check it out.


12) Boss Stratagies

   I also want this section to live off of reader feed back so please
e-mail me any stratagies you have found to work for you.  I will credit
you for any information I use of yours.
   When you fight a boss, the part you have to shoot on it will flash.
If you didn't see the body part flashing, it will flash red when you
shhot at it.

Level 4: Golden Eye, this is how I kill it:
   I just shoot all the Maggots with my Mag .60.  I strafe all over the
place.  Then I blast away at his tentacles and puss/acid sacks with
Shredder rounds until he's done.    Don't forget to strafe all over the
place to avoid his swinging tentacles and the acid he drops on you.  I
then blow up his eye wit an exploding Shredder round.  This thing is
really easy to beat and I wouldn't be worried about this guy too much if
I were you.

This seems to work for MI4 REAL:
Maggots: Plasma rounds, Tek arrows, Mag .60
First and second set of tentacles: Explosive Shredder rounds, Mag .60,
Plasma rounds.
Puss/acid sacks: Shotgun blast, explosive and regular Shredder rounds.

Level 5: Queen Mantid, this is how I kill her:
   I use the Grenade Launcher to blow off her forearms, sometimes it
will only take 1 grenade to do the job, if you launch it just right.  I
use the Flame Thrower on the giant Mites.  I then shoot the thing on her
butt with Shredder rounds.  I then use the Firestorm Cannon on her arms
and then I use an explosive Shredder round for the finale.  Strafe all
over the place and run into and away from her to shoot of her arms off.
This chic can be a real pain in the rear, she's alot tougher than Golden

This is how MI4 REAL takes her out:
Forearms: Exploding Shredder rounds, like a grenade, it can only take 1
shot if your good.
Giant Mites: War Blade
Butt thing: Shotgun blsats, explosive Shredder rounds.
Gun arm: Explosive and regular Shredder rounds, Shotgun blasts, Mag .60.
Head: Shotgun blast or Flame Thrower if your feeling a little devilish.

Level 6: Mother, this is how I waste her:
  I use Shredder rounds on her first set of tentacles and just stand in
front of her and don't move, just continually blasting away at them.  I
use the Flame Thrower or NUKE on those little critters.  When she
attaches her arms to the ceiling, I take them off with the Firestorm
Cannon and stand in the far end of the room, on the grates, and take
them off.  When she drops her spider legs and chases me, I run backwards
and use whatever I have left to take her head off.  The Razor Wind works
very well in this phase.  This thing is really tough to beat, almost as
tough as Primagen so be prepared for one heck of a battle when you
finally fight her.

This is how MI4 REAL wastes her:
Tentacles (1st set and 2nd):  Explosive Shredder, Firestorm, Mag .60.
Critters: Plasma rounds, War Blade, Mag .60, Shredder rounds.
Head: Flame Thrower.

Primagen, this is how I kill him:
   I use my NUKE on the mech flyers.  I use regular and exploding
Shredder rouds on his tentacles and then I blow his arm off with the
Firestorm.  I shoot his head with whatever I feel like or have left in
my arsenal, try to blow it off with the Scorpion.  When he is in his
hide away, stay away from the center of the arena, unless you want a
bomb dropped on your head.  When you are fighting him in the final
phase, stay in the middle of the arena or you will be pushed off the

Another one from MI4 REAL:
Tentacles: Run back and use explosive shredder rounds.
Arm: Same thing.
Head: Same thing, you might want to try the Flame Thrower or something


13) Weird Glitches

   Here are some glitches that my fellow Turok 2 Masters posted for me
on the message board or e-mailed me:

  * This first one no one seems to know where it origionated from so I
can't credit someone for it, I sure as hell wouldn't have thought of it.
Anyways, the blue flame in a Talisman Chamber can hurt you if you stand
in it, who would want to?

Here are some that MI4 REAL let me in on:
  * You can get stuck in the third assembly plant in Primagens
Lightship, don't hug the corners.
  * The level 2 Talisman fire pedestal bleeds when shot with a bullet.
  * If you have the invincibility cheat on, you can't swim, the game
will freeze up if you die in the armory explosion, and you will get
stuck in the fan blades on Primagens Lightship and turning the cheat off
won't help.
  * Shoot the Mag .60 next to the fire pedestal and the feather inside
will be in its origional form from the flash of the muzzle.
  * Late in Primagens Lightship, the compartments that look like
Troopers and they bust out, well they bleed when shot.
  * When you fight Mother and she's on the final phase, use your Tek Bow
with regular arrows to kill her.  When the cinema rolls, Joshua will be
completely covered in arrows, a Turok shish-ka-bob!

Here's one from Raptor F22:
  * When you kill the mech flyers, use a Scorpion Missle and it will
create a star pattern trying to catch one, it eventually will so don't

   If you happen to find any glitches, please e-mail me so I can add
them here, I will of course credit you.


14) Cheats

  Here are the cheats and modes you earn fair and square:

Beat level 1: Fruity stripes mode
Beat level 2: Pen and ink mode
Beat level 3: Gouraud mode
Beat level 4: Big hands and feet mode
Defeat Golden Eye: Big head cheat
Beat level 5: All map cheat
Defeat the Queen Mantid: Tiny enemies mode
Beat level 6: All weapons cheat
Defeat Mother: Infinite ammo cheat
Defeat Primagen: All special items cheat
Twice: Invincibility cheat
On HARD: Infinite lives cheat
   I'll have to get back to you on the rest of them.

   Here's cheat codes for wimps (from www.n64.com's code bank):

FROOTSTRIPE: Fruity stripes mode
IGOTABFA: Pen and ink mode
HOLASTICKBOY: Skinny enemies mode
PIPSQUEAK: Tiny enemies mode
STOMPEM: Big hands and feet mode
UBERNOODLE: Big head cheat
ONLYTHEBEST: View credits cheat
LIGHTSOUT: Blackout mode
AAHGOO: Zach attack, a baby face will be on the healths
HEEERESJUAN: Juans cheat, I haven't the slightest clue

  Here's some cool things I found at http://sages.ign.com:

Extra multi-player levels and co-operative mode:
   You must have 2 controllers plugged in to enable the MULTI option and
enter the master cheat.  Now go in to multi and start the game on any
level.  When the game begins, go to the cheat menu and select WARP TO
and select the level you want to play.

Easy invincibility cheat:
   When you are in a warp portal and an enemy is near, get his attention
and let him attack you until your health reaches zero.  You must be in
the center of the warp the whole time for this to work.  If done
correctly, you will be invincible until you pick up a health.

Warped introduction:
   Enable the gouraud, pen and ink or the fruity stipes mode and pause
the game and quit with the code on.  Start the same game you were
playing saved on your memory pack and watch the begining.  Cool man!

Warp in Sneaks and Ladders (multi-player):
   Go into frag tag and select the stage Sneaks and Ladders.  Climb the
highest ladder and go to the hole.  Slowly walk towards it until you
fall, you should now be suspended in thin air.  Jump off and you will
warp to the bottom level.

Unlimited Tek Arrows cheat:
   When you shoot an enemy with one, run up to him and take it back
before it explodes, the enemy will still blow up.

Switch sniper scopes:
   You must have QUICK SELECT on for this to work.  If you want to
change the scopes for both, select one and turn the scope on.  Then
switch to the other weapon with the scope and QUICKLY press the D pad
right which will mix up the scopes.  This can be done from the Tek Bow
to the Plasma Rifle and vice versa.

Play as the monkey in single:
   To become the monkey from multi-player, start a new frag tag game.
Choose a character and become the monkey.  Go to the cheats menu and
start a new 1 player game and you will be a monkey.

One shot kills cheat:
   It helps to use the NORMAL weapon setting.  Highlight the Shotgun and
press A to scroll forwards through the weapons.  When you get to the Tek
Bow stop, cylcle backwards (B) until you get to the Tek Bow again.  Now
pull it out and shoot an enemy as fast as you can and they should jump
up like an Endtrail does if you shoot him in the ass with an exploding
shell.  This trick is supposed to work on the bosses and in multi-player
as well.

Fix the locking spring:
   In this game, your crosshairs move back to the default posistion if
you move, even with the spring off and this tends to irritate alot of
players.  To fix this, hold down the joy stick a little bit when you
turn the game on, this will trick your system into thinking that is the
default posistion and your locking spring will not go back to the
default posistion.

   If your a super wuss and use a game shark, there are 160 codes for
this game and I'm not typing them all down for you.  Here's the web site
you can get them at: www.cmgsccc.com/n64/turok2/

   If you know some more cheats, please e-mail me so I can add them
here.  You will be credited for any information I use of yours.


15) Master Turok 2 Gamers

   Read my hints and stratagies to see the first challenge and e-mail me
if you have so you can be added here.

1) Me

  Try it on tiny mode:
1) Not yet, just because they are small, they still deal out the same

  Try it in the dark:
1) Me

  Try skinny enemies:
1) Me


16) Credits, Thank You, E-Mail specs., Legal Things

Brother Reed for the title art
Raptor F22

  Thank you:
   I would like to thank the following people for making this FAQ
   My wife for patiently letting me hog the computer for a while and
helping me edit this insanely looong document.
   Brother Reed for his really sharp title art.  Thank you so much, I
just can't get the hang of it, a real pain!
   MI4 REAL for his many attributes, thanks dude.
   Everyone else in the credits.

  E-Mail rules:
   DO NOT SOLICATE!  I don't give a crap what you are offering, I don't
want it so don't bother me.
   No chain letters, I will not send it on and if I die because I don't,
oh well.  I'm not a superstitious fool.
   No fan club stuff.
   If the answer is in the FAQ, I guarantee you will not get a response
from me.
   I don't care what kind of language you use, just don't swear at me or
I'll send you a virus.
   If I don't trust you, I will not open any attachments, so don't
bother.  I know I pissed alot of people off at some point and your not
sending this kid a virus.

  Legal Things:
   This document is Copyrighted by Randy Murtha 2001 and may not be
produced in part or in full without the written consent of the author.

   I heard from alot of people that there are alot of shady webmasters
who steal FAQs.  If you try to take mine or post it on your site without
my permission, I will sue the living shit out of you and it will be my
name as the webmaster for your site, can ya dig?  I will be surfing the
web frequently to see what's up so don't try it CHUMP!  I'll kick your
ass while I'm at it to.

   Well people, this has been an up and down expeirence.  I enjoyed it
but hated all the damn typing.  I plan on writing some more but I don't
know what game I should do it for.  Maybe Daikatana, that game is sweet.
Until next time, Peace!

******Copyrighted 2001, Randy Murtha

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