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Читы для Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar

Чит-файл для Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar

Ultima 4:
Quest of the Avatar

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Origin Systems
Издатель:Origin Systems

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1985 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
                (Information compiled by John R. Barnsley)

There is a way to determine your character's class. When the Gypsy asks you
to  choose  one  of  the  virtues  -  Honesty, Compassion, Valour, Justice,
Sacrifice, Honour, Spirituality or Humility over another, the higher virtue
appears  on  the  LEFT  as   choice  'A'.  The  eight classes - Mage, Bard,
Fighter,  Druid,  Tinker,  Paladin,  Ranger  or  Shepherd correspond to the
virtues  in  this  manner: If you choose all 'A' answers, you'll be a Mage;
Seven 'A' answers and then a 'B' will make you a Bard, and so on. The Bard,
with  his  sling,  and  the  Mage,  with  spell-casting ability, begin with
distinct advantages. The size of monster parties on the surface is based on
the  size  of  your group, so unless you enjoy lots of large-scale battles,
don't enlist any party members (except maybe a Mage) until you've become an

Half  the  game  is  devoted  to  developing  the virtues. (see the DUNGEON
section for the secret to building strength and other traits). Hawkwind, in
Lord  British's Castle, will inform you of your progress. The numbers match
the  order  of  the virtues previously listed and 99 means you're ready for
elevation.  Talk  to  everyone  you  meet.  Actions are also important, and
improper actions will cost you points. To earn Honesty points, never steal,
pay  less  than  a shop's quoted price or lie. The trick question is: "Have
you  never  lied?",  whose correct answer is "No". For Compassion, give one
piece  of  gold  to  beggars.  Valour is attained by victorious combat, but
don't  attack  non-evil creatures or you'll lose Justice and Honour points.
And  if you attack them while they're fleeing you'll lose Honour! It's O.K.
to  fight  them  if  they  attack.  Never flee from combat unless in mortal
danger,  or you'll lose Valour. Honour is attained by not cheating in shops
and  by  finding the runes, stone, bell, book and candle. Give blood when a
Healer  asks  for  donations  to  earn  Sacrifice  points.  You  gain a few
Spirituality  points  each  time you talk to Hawkwind. For Humility, always
say  "No"  when  asked  if  you're proud of something or best at anything -
unless asked if you are the MOST HUMBLE.

                              THE MOON GATES

Each gate has THREE phases, which can be determined by the three-part cycle
of  the  moons.  The first number below refers to the gate as you enter it,
the last three to your destination.

Gate  Vicinity    Activation        Lat.  Long.    1st     2nd   3rd
1     Moonglow    New Moon          I'F"  O'A"     1       2     3
2     Britain     Crescent Waxing   G'G"  G'A"     4       5     6
3     Jhelom      1st Quarter       O'A"  C'G"     7       8     1
4     Yew         Gibbous Waxing    C'F"  D'C"     2       3     4
5     Minoc       Full Moon         B'D"  K'G"     shrine  6     7
6     Trinsic     Gibbous Waning    M'C"  G'I"     8       1     2
7     Skara Brae  Last Quarter      H'O"  B'H"     3       4     5
8     Magincia    Crescent Waning   K'H"  L'L"     6       7     8

Prepare  lots of spells and carry some extra reagents. Missile weapons like
slings  are  especially  valuable.  If  you  step back instead of advancing
towards  monsters in the combat arena, they will often move into the firing
line.  You  can  outrun  them on a horse. One effective combat tactic is to
line your crew into two columns. See the Virtues section on Valour, Justice
and  Honour  for  other  combat  tips.  Some  spells aren't revealed in the
manual: Gate Travel (a f h), Undead (a c), Resurrect (a b c d e h).

The first stage of this solution is from the viewpoint of a Mage. To follow
it  with  another  class,  use the Moon Gates to reach Moonglow. Search the
chest  next to Mariah for the Rune of Honesty. Don't buy any magic herbs if
just  starting  out. Instead, visit the Lycaeum on the Northwest coast. Ask
the  Baron about the word and he'll say: "VER" which is part of the Word Of
Passage. Enter the Moon Gate, West of Moonglow during a New moon and search
for  the  Stone  of  Humility.  Enter  during  the  next New moon and go to

Go  East  in  the Castle, open the door and find the WHITE DOT on the North
wall.  These  mark  secret doors. Go North to the dot leading East; outside
you'll find Joshua and a riddle. Re-enter the passage and go North into the
Northeast  Castle  Rampart.  Go  West to meet Shawn for tips on Humility. A
ladder  in  this rampart leads to the second level and the Prison; a secret
door  leads West to behind the Castle and a ladder to the Dungeon Hythloth.
A  Healer  is  due  South of the first secret door. On the West side of the
Castle  you'll  find Hawkwind through the first door AFTER moving South. Go
North  and  East  through  the door just South of the ladder. Search in the
LOWER RIGHT CORNER for the Rune of Spirituality. Head upstairs to meet Lord
British,  who  will  heal you if asked about Health and you say "No". He'll
also promote you to higher levels when you've earned it.

Buy  a  Sling. At the end of the long hall North of the Inn, search for the
Rune  of  Compassion. Enter the secret door in the Healer's and Julio about
nature  for Honesty points. Keep the sea in sight while moving South. Cross
the  two  bridges  going  East  and  enter  Paws. Buy a horse. South of the
Stables,  just  below  the Stablehand, search for the Rune of Humility. The
Herb Shoppe is behind a secret door in the Armoury.

You need 900 gold for your next major purchase, so kill lots of monsters on
the  way  to Lord British's Castle. Get healed and head East from Moon Gate
2,  crossing  the  bridge  and  moving  East until you see mountains to the
North.  Go  North,  passing  the  eastern  bridge,  and  circle  Lock Lake.
Southeast  of  the  lake you'll spy a pass through the foothills that leads
East  and  exits  into the Bloody Plains to the Northeast. To find Mandrake
Root,  stand on the SINGLE SQUARE OF SWAMP and search during a New Moon. Go
due  East  through  a  small mountain pass that leads North and you'll find
Vesperon the South coast.

Don't  enter  without  900 gold. Then visit the Guild and ask about ITEM D.
Use  it  to get your bearings; most of the sites listed in the charts used,
employ  these co-ordinates. You can also pick up Humility points in Vesper,
whose walls are lined with secret doors.

Head  back  to  Lord  British,  yelling  at  the  horse  to hurry if you're
seriously  wounded.  After  checking  with him and Hawkwind you're ready to
travel  the  land  and build up your character by earning 99 points in each
virtue  and  acquiring  the  runes and mantras needed to enter the shrines.
Complete  this for all virtues and you'll have attained Partial Avatarhood.
First  go  to  Paws  and  stock up on ginseng and garlic, then use the Moon
Gates  and  the  sextant to reach the following locations for the necessary
items  or  information.  Later  you  can  raise lots of gold by finding the
Mystic  Armour and weapons; sell them and return for more, and repeat until
rich.  Ships won't appear until later in the game, and Jhelom or Skara Brae
are good places to find one.

                        VILLAGES, TOWNS AND CASTLES

Name           Lat.   Long.             Items Of Interest

Lycaeum        G'L"   N'K"      Book of truth; First Syllable
Empath Abbey   D'C"   B'M"      Mystic Armour; Second Syllable
Serpent's Hold P'B"   J'C"      Mystic Weapons; Third Syllable
Skara Brae     I'A"   B'G"      Cheap Food; Tips on Shrines and stones
Magincia       K'J"   L'L"      Hints on Humility
Cove           F'K"   I'I"      Candle of Love
Vesper         D'L"   M'J"      Thieve's Guild
Den            J'O"   I'I"      Thieve's Guild; Magic Weapons
Britannia      G'L"   F'G"      Rune of Spirituality
Moonglow       I'H"   O'I"      Rune of Honesty
Britain        G'K"   F'C"      Rune of Compassion
Jhelom         N'O"   C'E"      Rune of Valour; Magic Armour
Yew            C'L"   D'K"      Rune of Justice
Minoc          B'E"   J'P"      Rune of Sacrifice; Magic Weapons
Trinsic        L'I"   G'K"      Rune of Honour
Paws           J'B"   G'C"      Rune of Humility; Horses

Other runes are found in:
                         Minoc - Sacrifice
                         Britannia - Spirituality
                         Paws - Humility.
                 (People will tell you where to find them)

The  only tricky one is Valour; at Lord Robert in Jhelom, go South and West
through secret doors and search in the SOUTHEAST RAMPART.

                                THE SHRINES

Shrine            Lat.      Long.      Mantra     Axiom

Honesty           E'C"      O'J"       ahm          i
Compassion        F'M"      I'A"       mu           n
Valour            O'F"      C'E"       ra           f
Justice           A'L"      E'J"       beh          i
Sacrifice         C'N"      M'N"       bah          n
Honour            M'P"      F'B"       summ         i
Spirituality      B'D"      K'G"       om           t
Humility          N'I"      O'H"       lum          y

You  need  a boat to reach Honesty, Valour and Humility; the Silver Horn is
needed for the latter, which s approached from M'A", O'H" by boat.

Now  use  the Moon Gates and sextant to find things listed in the following
table  in any order you choose. You need a ship to reach Serpent's Hold and
the Stygian Abyss.

                        ITEMS FOUND ON THE SURFACE

Item                   Lat.   Long.         Effect/Location/Condition
Bell of Courage        N'A"   L'A"          Use to enter Abyss
Book Of Truth ***      A'G"   A'G"          Use to enter Abyss
Candle Of Love ****    A'B"   B'G"          Use to enter Abyss
Mondain's Skull        P'F"   M'F"          Use to enter Abyss
Balloon                P'C"   O'J"          Exit of Hythloth Dungeon
Wheel                  N'H"   G'A"          Strengthens ship's hull
Silver Horn            K'N"   C'N"          Banishes daemons at
                                            Humility Shrine
Black Stone **         I'F"   O'A"          Search Moonglow Gate
White Stone            F'A"   E'A"          Fly to Serpent Spine on
Mystic Armour *        A'E"   B'G"          Oak Grove of Empath Abbey
Mystic Weapons *       A'P"   A'I"          Academy at Serpent's Hold
Nightshade **          J'F"   C'O"          Reagent
Mandrake Root **       D'G"   L'G"          Reagent

*      =      Must be a partial Avatar
**     =      Search during New Moon
***    =      In Library, West of Rob and Beth in Lycaeum
****   =      Behind fire in Cove's Temple

Enter the Hythloth Dungeon behind Britannia, exit immediately and enter the
Balloon.  Climb  and  descend  to fly it, and use wind spells to steer. Fly
West and North to the Serpent's Spine mountain range and land at the Avatar
Symbol  for  the White Stone. You can also fly to Cove on the East shore of
Lock Lake, otherwise accessed by entering a whirlpool while on a ship.

When  you  have  all  eight  runes and mantras and are ready for elevation,
meditate at each shrine for three minutes. After acquiring the items listed
previously  and  talking to everyone for clues, buy the best weapons: three
Magic Wands, three Magic Bows, one Crossbow, one Sling, and Armour for each
character.  Stock  up  on Reagents and food, then say "Join" to everyone in
the  eight  major towns to recruit your party. The only tricky ones are the
Shepherd  (enter  Magincia,  exit the gate and go South along the wall) and
Geoffrey,  the  Fighter in Jhelom who won't join until your party reaches a
high enough level. Now head for the Dungeons.

Two  goals  await:  Finding  the Stones at the Altars and using them in the
Altar  Rooms to get the 3-part Key. The Dungeons are connected by the Altar
Rooms, but all three Altars can be found in Hythloth - so you can save time
by  visiting  it  after  acquiring all eight stones instead of going to the
Altar  Rooms  in  the  other  Dungeons.  The  Stones are also necessary for
getting   through   the   Stygian  Abyss.  You  can  raise  your  Strength,
Intelligence  and Dexterity by touching Magical Balls in the Dungeons. This
will  cost the character some hit points, which can be restored with a Heal
Spell.  The  sections  on  each  Dungeon  tell how to find these balls, the
Stones  and  the  Altars.  Peer  at a gem when you first enter a Maze, then
check it again and compare with the directions if you get disorientated.

You  can  do  them  in  any  order;  this path leads through the ones whose
Magical  Balls  do  the  LEAST  damage,  to  avoid depleting hit points too
quickly.  You'll have to decide which characters should touch a Ball, since
they  only  work  once. When told to go UP or DOWN, in these sections, this
refers  to  using  ladders,  NOT  casting  those  spells.  The Dungeons are
connected  by  the  Altar  Rooms, so always leave by the door you entered -
especially  in  Dungeons  accessible  only by boat. Otherwise you'll emerge
outside a faraway Dungeon when you cast an X-it Spell.

                               THE DUNGEONS

Name       Lat.   Long.   Stone     Level     Altars     Attribute

Deceit     E'J"   P'A"    Blue        7         t       Intelligence
Despise    E'D"   F'L"    Yellow      5         l       Strength
Destard    K'I"   E'I"    Red         7         c       Dexterity
Wrong      B'E"   H'O"    Green       8         t,l     Int./Str.
Covetous   B'L"   J'M"    Orange      7         l,c     Str./Dex.
Shame      G'G"   D'K"    Purple      2         t,c     Int./Dex
Hythloth   P'A"   O'P"    (none)      -         t,l,c   All

The 't', 'l' and 'c' stand for the Altar Rooms of Truth, Love and Courage.

Magical Balls increase Intelligence 5 points and cost 200 hit points.

Level 1: Go EAST 2, NORTH 2, WEST 6, North 2 and DOWN.

Level  2:  Follow hall SOUTH and go WEST through the door. SOUTH 2, then go
through  both  doors  leading WEST. Follow hall SOUTH and enter room to the
EAST. Continue EAST through two rooms and DOWN.

Level  3:  SOUTH  2  to the three doors. Go WEST to Magical Ball. Return to
three doors and go SOUTH to wall, then EAST and DOWN.

Level 4: DOWN.

Level  5:  EAST 4 to Magical Ball. Go WEST through the door. Follow hall to
Healing Fountain. Return to junction, go NORTH and DOWN.

Level  6:  Follow hall EAST through door and into room, exit EAST and climb
UP  ladder  to  Level  5.  Go  EAST through room (you'll need lots of AWAKE
spells!) and DOWN to Level 6. Follow hall NORTH to wall, EAST 2 and SOUTH 1
to  Magical  Ball. NORTH 1, then follow hall EAST through falling rocks and

Level  7: WEST 1 (lights out), SOUTH 6, WEST 2 (dispelling energy fields as
you  go).  Search  Altar for Blue Stone, then EAST and NORTH to UP ladder -
but  DON'T  take it! EAST 1, NORTH through two doors and exit EAST from the
room. Continue EAST to ladder and DOWN.

Level  8:  Go  SOUTH,  then  EAST through a door into a room. Exit EAST and
follow  hall NORTH and EAST, going NORTH through dor. Continue NORTH out of
the  room  and  follow  hall  NORTH and WEST to the wall. Go SOUTH into the
Altar Room of Truth. Exit Dungeon.

Magical Balls increase Dexterity 5 points ad cost 200 hit points.

Level  1: EAST through door and follow hall to ladder. DOWN. (If your party
is wounded, go EAST 1 from the entrance and SOUTH to the wall. Bear WEST to
the Fountain).

Level 2: WEST into room and exit NORTH. Follow hall into next room and exit
WEST. Continue WEST to ladder. DOWN.

Level 3: SOUTH, dispelling field, to ladder. DOWN.

Level 4: SOUTH into room. Step on floor section in alcove in centre of east
wall  to  open  and take secret exit going EAST. Continue EAST and NORTH to
Magical Ball. Follow hall back SOUTH and EAST to ladder and DOWN.

Level  5:  NORTH  through secret door five steps - DON'T relight torch yet.
Dispel field and go NORTH 1. Relight torch and dispel field to the EAST. Go
EAST  and SOUTH through the door; continue SOUTH to the wall and turn east.
Move  forward  two  steps  and  enter  NORTH  door (the centre one of three
doors).  Move one character into the secret door on the Northeast corner of
the  Fountain  (the door that's set into the NORTH wall). Then move another
into the secret door in a wall in the Southwest corner of the room (NOT the
entrance  halls).  This  opens  an exit to the North, where you'll find the
Yellow  Stone.  Go SOUTH 2, back to the hall, then WEST and NORTH until you
are  able  to  turn SOUTH into the hall from which you entered. Go SOUTH to
ladder and DOWN.

Level 6: Follow hall NORTH to Healing Fountain. CAST DOWN SPELL.

Level 7: Bear WEST to ladder then DOWN.

Level  8:  Go  NORTH  through  both  rooms to Magical Ball, then back SOUTH
through both rooms and exit WEST from the second one. Follow hall into room
with Reapers and exit NORTH to Magical Ball. Exit Dungeon.

Magical Balls increase Strength 5 points and eat up 200 hit points.

Level 1: SOUTH 2, EAST through the wall and DOWN.

Level 2: NORTH 2, WEST through the room and DOWN.

Level  3:  EAST  into room and exit SOUTH. Follow hall SOUTH and into first
door  WEST, then NORTH 1 to Ball. Return to room with 4 exits and go NORTH,
follow hall NORTH to the wall; go WEST 2 and SOUTH 1 to Ball. Return to the
4 exits room, go EAST and DOWN.

Level  4:  Follow  hall  into room and exit WEST. Follow hall to ladder and

Level 5: NORTH 4, WEST 6, NORTH 2, WEST to ladder and DOWN.

Level  6:  WEST  2  (lights go out) and NORTH 2 to Ball. SOUTH 4, EAST 4 to
Ball.  WEST 2, NORTH 2 and UP to Level 5. EAST 4, NORTH 4, DOWN to Level 6.
WEST to ladder and DOWN.

Level  7:  SOUTH  into door, WEST 2 into next door for Red Stone. Return to
ladder  and  climb  to  Level 6. EAST 4 and DOWN. Follow hall to ladder and

Level 8: WEST 2, NORTH 4, EAST through secret door and follow hall SOUTH to
Altar Room of Courage.

Magical Balls increase Intelligence and Dexterity 5 points and cost 400 hit

Level  1:  NORTH  2,  turn  EAST.  Follow hall to wall and turn NORTH. Walk
through secret door and DOWN.

Level  2:  NORTH through room and DOWN. (If you need healing, first go EAST
to wall and NORTH through door to Fountain).

Level 3: SOUTH through secret door and follow hall to Ball. Go back through
secret  door and follow EAST hall PAST the first ladder down. Take the NEXT
one DOWN.

Level 4: WEST to Southern door. SOUTH through room and DOWN.

Level  5:  EAST 4 (lights go out; don't relight until Level 6), SOUTH 4 and

Level 6: WEST 2, then SOUTH through secret door and the room beyond. Dispel
fields  to the South, cure poisoned characters and continue to Fountain. Go
through Fountain to Ball, then NORTH into Main Hall and go WEST 2 and SOUTH
through  secret door. Repeat actions with Fountain and Ball here and return
to  Main  Hall.  Go WEST 2, then SOUTH through secret door. Continue SOUTH,
dispelling fields, to ladder and go DOWN.

Level  7:  EAST  into room, then exit NORTH. Follow hall through both doors
and  take  WEST hall to Magic Ball. Return to room and go to the SOUTH end.
Put  a  character on the square Northeast of the Southernmost square of the
room to open secret exit to the EAST. Exit EAST and DOWN.

Level  8:  NORTH  2, WEST through 3 rooms. Follow hall and enter next room.
Dispel fields in Northwest corner and stand on corner square to open secret
exit to West. Go WEST and get Green Stone. (You can reach the Altar Room of
Truth by going South). Exit Dungeon.

Magical  Balls  increase  Strength  and Dexterity 5 points and cost 400 hit

Level  1:  EAST  2,  SOUTH 1, EAST 2 and NORTH into room. Step on square in
Southwest corner to open secret exit to NORTH. Exit NORTH and DOWN.

Level 2: Follow hall to ladder and DOWN.

Level  3:  Go  WEST  through  three  rooms. In the third, step on square in
Northeast  corner  to open secret exit West. Go WEST to Magical Ball. Go to
middle  room  and  step  on  square in Southeast corner to open secret exit
North.  Go  NORTH  through  room  after it and exit WEST from the next one.
Follow  West  hall  to  door,  go through it and take NORTH hall to ladder.

Level  4:  SOUTH 2, WEST 3 into room. Step on square in Northeast corner of
room  to  reveal  similar  square  in centre of West side. Dispel fields to
reach it, then go WEST and DOWN.

Level 5: DOWN. (Lots of gold on this level if you need it!).

Level  6: NORTH 2 to Magical Ball. SOUTH 4, WEST 4 to another Ball. EAST 2,
SOUTH 2 to a third one. NORTH 4, EAST 2 and DOWN.

Level  7: WEST to Down ladder (but don't take it). NORTH 2 and EAST through
secret door for Orange Stone. Exit Dungeon.

(Note:  Although  not  necessary for this solution, you can go West through
two  secret  doors and continue West through two rooms to ladder. Then Down
to  Level  8 and East and North to Altar Room of Love, or West and South to
Altar Room of Courage).

Sail  down  the  river  from  H'F" C'A" to this one. Magical Balls increase
Intelligence and Strength 5 points and cost 400 hit points.

Level 1: DOWN to Level 7 and cast Z to Level 8.

Level  8:  Follow the west hall into room. Through secret doors in Southern
walls,  go  SOUTH in this and the next room. In the third room, go WEST via
secret  door  to Healing Fountain. Walk through it to Magical Ball. Advance
to  next  Ball,  then  EAST back into room. Now go NORTH through two rooms,
using  secret  doors  in top middle wall of the second one. (If you want to
visit  the Altar Rooms from here: go NORTH through third room and take WEST
hall  to  Altar  of  Truth; go NORTH instead and you'll reach Altar Room of
Courage). Step on square in centre of room to open secret exit WEST. Follow
hall to ladder. UP.

Level 7: WEST 3 and UP ladder.

Level 6: EAST 2 and UP ladder.

Level 5: Follow hall and go NORTH through door, then UP ladder.

Level  4: Follow hall into room and go EAST through three rooms. Advance to
the  Magical Ball. Return to the door and go NORTH to another Magical Ball,
then  on  to  the  Healing  Fountain. (The other Fountain, beyond the first
Ball, also heals). Cast Y to go UP.

Level  3:  WEST  to  four-way junction, take North door through room and UP

Level  2:  SOUTH to a wall, then EAST to a wall. Follow hall SOUTH to Altar
for  Purple  Stone.  Follow hall back NORTH to the first place you can turn
left  into  a  new hall (not just turn left in the same one!). WEST 2, turn
NORTH and dispel field. Advance to UP ladder.

Level  1:  Follow NORTH hall into room and put a character on the square in
the  small alcove of the Northeast corner to open the secret Northern exit.
Go NORTH and put someone on the square directly over the lower right of the
three  white  circles  to open a secret Northern exit. Follow hall NORTH to
Magical Ball, then exit Dungeon.

Magical  Balls  increase  all  traits  5 points and cost 800 hit points, so
you'll  need some resurrection spells. All three Altar Rooms are accessible
from  Level  8,  but  you  need all eight stones to reach and use the Altar
Rooms.  By  using  'stones' when a character is atop an Altar, you obtain a
piece  of  the  3-part  key at each one. For Truth: Blue, Green, Purple and
White; For Love: Yellow, Green, Orange and White; For Courage: Red, Orange,
Purple and White.

Level 1: Jimmy lock behind Castle Britannia and descend to Level 8.

Level  8:  Peer  at a gem and you'll see Truth in the far Northwest corner,
Love  in  the  short  hall going North and Courage far to the Northeast. To
reach  Courage, follow hall NORTH (dispelling field) to the wall, go EAST 1
and  NORTH  into  room.  Put a man on the square in the Northwest corner to
open secret exit EAST. Go EAST into the next room and exit NORTH. Take door
to  the  NORTH  to  enter Altar Room of Courage. Exit SOUTH and enter SOUTH
door,  then  walk  through secret door in West wall. Exit SOUTH in the next
room,  then  go SOUTH and dispel field to your West. Follow the hall to the
ladder  by  which you entered, turn WEST and dispel the first field. Follow
the  hall NORTH to enter the Altar Room of Love. Exit SOUTH, go SOUTH 1 and
dispel  the field. Turn WEST and dispel the next two fields and follow this
hall  to the Altar Room of Truth. Exit SOUTH and follow hall to the ladder,
dispelling fields as you go.

(If  you  don't  want  to go to the Altar Rooms or have already done so, go
South and dispel the field, then follow hall beyond the ladder and climb).

Level 7: WEST 2, SOUTH 2, then UP ladder.

Level 6: Cast Up Spell.

Level 5: Follow hall SOUTH and WEST to Magical Ball. Go back EAST and NORTH
to  ladder,  then  WEST to another Magical Ball. Go EAST past first ladder,
follow hall to second ladder and climb.

Level 4: EAST 2, DOWN ladder to Level 5, EAST and climb UP to Level 4. WEST
into  room,  then  exit  NORTH.  Follow  hall into next room, exit WEST and

Level  3:  NORTH 6, WEST 2 to Magical Ball. Go EAST into next room and exit
NORTH.  Follow  hall  to Healing Fountain. Return to previous room and exit
SOUTH. Continue SOUTH through next room and go EAST to ladder and UP.

Level 2: EAST to the wall, SOUTH through door. Follow either hall to ladder
and UP.

Level 1: SOUTH and EAST to Magical Ball. WEST 2, NORTH to ladder and UP.

Sail  East  from  Serpent's  Hold into the Pirate's Bay. After each combat,
exit  ship  and  move  onto  the next one to reach the East shore. (Use the
wheel  to  strengthen  your ship if damaged severely). Go EAST and SOUTH to
O'J"  O'J", the entrance. Use the Skull, Bell, Book and Candle to enter the

Level  1:  Follow hall EAST through three rooms, then SOUTH to a large room
with  several  walls  on  the left. Go EAST 2, NORTH 2 and use stone at the
Altar. (Answers: HONESTY & BLUE). DOWN.

Level 2: Go SOUTH through two rooms and EAST through two. After exiting the
the  second one into a hall, go EAST 1, NORTH 4, then EAST through a secret
door.  Continue  EAST  (dispelling  fields)  and  use  stone  at the Altar.

Level  3: SOUTH 2 and exit room WEST. Continue WEST through one room to the
Altar. Use Stone. (Answers: VALOR & RED).

Level  4: EAST 3, then EAST through secret door. Go through secret doors in
north  wall  of  next  rooms until you face an Orange wall, then EAST 4 and
dispel  the  field.  Continue EAST into the room and exit NORTH. Exit NORTH
from the next room. Use stone. (Answers: JUSTICE & GREEN).

Level  5:  SOUTH to the wall and EAST through the door into a room. Step on
square  in  corner of Northeast alcove, behind fields, to open secret exit.
SOUTH  into  next room and step on square in lower Southeast corner to open
secret  exit SOUTH into next room. There you must step on fire square below
three  mountains  to  open  secret  exit East. Go EAST to Altar. Use Stone.

Level  6: SOUTH 2, WEST 2, SOUTH 1 and EAST through door. Go EAST again and
exit SOUTH from the next room. Exit the next room West, the next South, the
next  East,  the  next  North,  and  the next East. Dispel field caging the
Balron  in  Northeast  corner  and  step on square he occupied, which opens
secret  exit  South.  Go  SOUTH  and step on square in centre alcove behind
fields,  in Northeast corner of room. Dispel field at South end and step on
Southeast  square  to  open  bridge. Cross bridge and exit South. Exit next
room  East, and go SOUTH from the next one. Go EAST to Altar and Use Stone.
(Answers: HONOR & PURPLE).

Level  7:  WEST  1, NORTH into room. Exit NORTH and go WEST into next room.
Exit  NORTH  and go WEST. Step on square in wall of the Southeast corner to
open partitioned area, then stand in the crook of the backwards "L" to open
secret  exit  North.  Go NORTH and enter West door. Send your 8th character
two  SOUTH  and  one WEST to open secret exit North. After leaving room, go
NORTH and WEST to Altar and Use Stone. (Answers: SPIRITUALITY & WHITE).

Level 8: Go SOUTH and EAST through the door into a room and exit EAST. Step
on  square  in Northeast corner to move bricks from square in the Southwest
corner,  which opens a secret exit to the North. Follow hall into next room
and  exit  it SOUTH. Step on square in wall of Southeast corner to activate
similar  square below Balron. Slay Balron and step on square he occupied to
activate  square  at  top  of cage. Step on that square to open secret exit
South. Use Stone at Altar. (Answers: HUMILITY & BLACK).

                         THE CHAMBER OF THE CODEX


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