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Читы для Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

Чит-файл для Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

Ultima 5:
Warriors of Destiny

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Origin Systems
Издатель:Origin Systems

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1988 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Ultima V walkthrough by Palador, the Avatar.

I. History and Version number.
II. General Walkthrough for the game.
III. Coming Soon.
I. Version 1.0-Added a General Walkthrough for the game.  Also made the history
and version number.

Before going to the walkthrough, I thought I might go through on why I wrote
FAQ/Walkthrough.  Simply put, Ultima V is a very hard game.  Especially after
getting used to playing Ultima IV.  So, in trying to complete Ultima V, I was
rather surprised by the lack of resources for this game.  The only FAQ that I
of was one written that appears not just on this site, but any site that claims
walkthrough.  To make matters worse, this FAQ is very sketchy, doesn't quite
all the information one needs to complete the game, and well, is based off of
old Apple IIe.  Since Ultima V is now available on both Ultima Collection, and
Ultima IX Dragon edition, I felt it was far past time to write up a FAQ for
people who still play Ultima V and need help.
II.General Walkthrough-

Before making the walkthrough, here are some general tips in playing this game.

1)Avoid Death.  Unlike Ultima IV, in Ultima V, if you die, you lose experience
points.  This is true even if your entire party isn't killed.  Avoid death at

2)Save now, Save often, Save always.  Nothing is so annoying than to get to the
last room with all the Daemons in the dungeon of Doom, only to get wiped out,
experience, possibly a level or three, and end up back in Castle Brittania.

3)Avoid fights if you can.  There is no dishonor in running away.  You will not
lose Karma, or anything else for that matter, if you flee from a fight.  Just a
note on the dungeons, however.  If you fail to clear a room of monsters, the
monsters that you did kill will respawn, and it will be as if you were never
there.  Sometimes Valor has its advantages.

4)9 out of 10 times, treasure chests that you find will be trapped.  Especially
true if the treasure chest is from a fallen Dragon or Daemon.  The only sure way
to avoid damage from a trapped chest is to Jimmy the lock before opening the
chest, or cast An Sanct.

Now, on to the walkthrough:

A)Before beginning- This section of the walkthrough deals with character
creation/character importation.  When you start the game, you probably noticed
that you couldn't just simply transfer your Avatar from Ultima IV to Ultima V.
Despite rumors to the contrary, it is possible to transfer your character from
Ultima IV to Ultima V.  Here's how to do it.

Step 1- Take a blank 3.5 inch floppy disk and put it into your disk drive.
Step 2-Go to your Ultima IV directory and copy the Party.sav and Party.dat files
to the floppy disk.
Step 3-With the disk still in the drive, Start Ultima V.
Step 4-Select Transfer Character.

The game will then read the floppy drive, and find your saved game from Ultima
This will allow you to transfer your character.  Just a friendly warning,
When transfering your avatar, you will only keep a tenth of your experience from
Ultima IV, and about a third of all of your stats.

In case you choose not to do the above, you must create a new character before
starting the game.  There is no overall secret in selecting which character you
become, as there are only four classes in the game.  While I am not going to go
into specifics, just keep in mind about the Eight Virtues, and the Three
Principles.  Honesty is Intelligence, Love is Dexerity, and Courage is Strength.
When selecting your character, I would suggest that you go for purity of one of
these three, or if you would like a balance, Spirituality.  If you want a real
challenge, however, choose Humility, as it is outside of the three principles.

B) Starting out- When you actually start the game, you'll begin in Iolo's hut,
with Shamino and Iolo in your party.  Your first step is to take Iolo's torches,
and heads towards the vincinity of Lord British's castle.  Once you get there,
what you do is really up to you.

However, your first action should be getting the magic carpet.  Wonder into the
castle, and go to the roof of the castle.  Watch out for the guard there, as he
will arrest you if he catches you.  When the guard is clear out of the way, push
the cannon towards the door, and fire.  The way to Lord British's inner chamber
there.  There are two things to do here.  First pick up the carpet.  This is a
magic carpet, and it's a very, very valuable tool.  It will allow you to fly
shallow waters, rivers, cross marshes without getting poisoned, and cross hills
without the movement penalty.  Secondly, go to the harpsicord and play the
following keys-678 987 8767653- This will cause a panel to open up on the floor,
revealing a box.  Get the box, as you will need it at the end of the game.

What you do next is really up to you.  If you want, you can exit Lord British's
castle, and go up to Minoc up to the Northeast, and visit the healer there.  The
healer is free, and you can use it to bring Shamino up to full health.  Also
are Skull keys, which you will need in the game.  Up in the Northwest corner of
town, there is a single tree.  Search the tree sometime after noon, and you will
get 5 Skull keys.  What these keys will do is unlock any door that has a blue
around them.  They refresh daily, so you can get as many as you want.  And it
doesn't hurt your Karma.

What you really need right now in order to survive those evil monster attacks
really good weapons.  And those really good weapons are Magic Axes.  They never
run out, you can shoot them anywhere, and they are just plain powerful.  There
two ways you can get the Magic Axes.  The first way is to go to Lord British's
castle, go to the basement, and, using the Skull keys, go into the treasury and
take as much as you want.  If you want more, exit out of the castle, come back
and return to the treasury.  The treasury does refresh.  HOWEVER, if you should
this, this will cause your Karma to drop.  But, unlike Ultima IV, you don't have
to give  blood, sweat, and tears to bring it back up.  To bring Karma up, all
need to do is finish Shrine Quests, free jailed prisioners, or just simply give
gold to beggers, such as the ones in Cove and Minoc.  Just think of it this way,
for the low, low, price of 500 gold, your karma will go back up to 99.  ^_~

The second way is harder, but you can earn gold the old fashioned way.  Fight
monster after monster after monster.  And since you DO need experience, this way
is a good way also.

You can buy Magic Axes in the City of Yew.

A note about the cities.  There are three Shadow Lords roaming the countrysiide.
While you don't see them on the overhead map, you do see them in the towns.  How
do you know if a Shadow Lord is in a town?  If, when you enter a town, you see
following message- "An air of Cowardice/Falsehood/Hatred surrounds thee" That
means a Shadow Lord is in that town.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you do NOT
go into a town with a Shadow Lord inside it, as they will fight you, and it is
a fight you can win.  Don't worry, you'll give the Shadow Lords their just dues.
Shadow Lords do not visit villages or castles, just cities.

Now, having said that, you can buy Magic Axes are your best weapons at this
of the game.  Get them anyway you can, as they will make this game easier.

C)Going around Brittania, doing good.

Hopefully by this point, you should have a ship or three.  If not, visit Britian
and get one.  Your first action of order should be visiting the shrines,
meditating using the mantras, going to the Codex, returning to the shrines, and
use the mantras again, and complete the quest.  At this point of the game, now
the time to worry about the Karma level.  If it's too low, you will not finish
game.  Basically, when it comes down to Karma, there are two basic rules.  Thou
shalt not touch another's locker or chest, and thou shalt not kill a person.
Everything else you learned about what not to do from Ultima IV, you can just
simply forget.  Yes, that does include running from enemies.  You can check on
your karma level by pressing Ctrl-K.

Visiting Shrines, giving gold to the beggers, and freeing the prisioners all
Karma levels.  Also, finishing Shrine Quests will also raise your stats.  If you
finish all 8 Shrine Quests, all of your stats will rise by 4 points.

Now, once you finish all of the Shrine Quests, continue on with the second part
the quest which is obtaining the Crown of Lord British.  South of the Isle of
Avatar, where the Codex lies, is a little island.  On this island is a keep
Windemere.  Look for a lady called Elisteria.  Talk to her and ask her about the
Oppresion.  If she asks for a password, the password is Imperia.  She will give
you the Black Badge, which is essential in Castle Blackthorn.  You can also get
the Jewelled Sword and Jewelled Armor here, but they won't do you any good at
point in the game.  They really are worthless, and your time is best spent

Now that you've gotten the Black Badge, Proceed to Blackthorne's Palace, which
to the west of the Isle of the Avatar.  Make sure you use the Black Badge before
going into the Blackthorne palace.  Otherwise, you'll be stopped by the guards,
interrogated by Lord Blackthorne, and lose one of your party
members...permanently.  Also use the Magic Carpet, so that you can avoid the
multitude of traps that litter the palace.  The Crown is located on the roof, in
Lord Blackthrone's room.  Just walk over, get the crown, and get out.  You
shouldn't have any problems getting to the Crown, provided you used the Black
Badge before going in.  Should you face the daemons on your way out, just use
crown, and they shouldn't give you too much trouble.

Now, the next thing you need is the grapple.  Go to Empath Abbey, and talk to
Robert there.  Ask him about the Grapple, and he'll give you one.

D)Dungeon crawling fun!

At this point, once you have the Crown, Grapple, and the Magic Carpet, you're
ready for some dungeon crawling.  Before going down a dungeon, however, I would
suggest you pick up a few items and spells.  Below is a list of items and spells
suggest having before dungeon crawling.

1)Torches-Do you really expect to crawl through the dungeon in the dark? 
a torch, you will not be able to find secret doors.  I suggest that you have
15 to 20 of these.

2)Gems-Not really necessary for dungeon crawling, but when you get to the
Underworld, they are very helpful in finding where you are, and where you need
be.  This is considered a necessity in the Underworld.

3)An Nox- I can not underemphasis the value of this spell.  To put it lightly,
without this spell, you are toast.

4)Vas Lor- The Underworld is simply the Overworld, but in a constant state of
night.  While torches help, Vas Lor is alot better, and longer lasting too.

5)In Por- While this isn't as useful as I originally thought, it is still a
necessity to get the Shard of Cowardice.

6)Des Por and Uus Por- The up and down spells are really handy in case you get
stuck on a floor in a dungeon.

7)An Grav- Considering you don't have the Scepter yet, you will need this spell
get rid of those nasty fields that block your way in the dungeon.  Carry plenty

8)Mani or Vas Mani- Healing Spell.  Need I say more?  :)

9)And of course, the Grapple, Magic Carpet, and the Crown, which I already

Once you have these items, you're ready to go into the dungeons.  Now, a few
pointers while in the dungeons.

-Dungeons are prime places to raise experience points, as they are crawling with
Daemons and Dragons.  Since getting Level 8 is about the only way to survive,
you can do is keep killing these Daemons and Dragons until you get the
points you need.  However, before you go out and Daemon hunting, see next point.

-Once you clear a room of enemies in a dungeon, it stays cleared permanently.
the rest of the game.  How do you know if a room is cleared?  Well, after
defeating the final monster, you see the words, "VICTORY!", the room is cleared.
Use this knowledge to your advantage in both crawling through, and experience

-If you have ever looked at a map, you probably had the same question I had.
Where is ladder down to the next level?!?  The answer is simple.  It's in a
If you need dungeon maps, email me and I'll give you a few sites that have them.

-Beware of chests.  9 out of 10 chests found in dungeons are trapped, with half
those with poison traps.  Always Jimmy the locks before opening a chest.  Or use
An Sanct.

-Don't be afraid to Rest and Heal in a middle of a dungeon.  Resting will heal
every other time, so if you don't heal after the first rest, rest again.
Lord British does not appear in the dungeons, so you will need to go to the
surface to get Lord British to visit you.

-When in Dungeons, always make sure that the crown is active.  If you Rest and
heal in the dungeon, Use the Crown to make it active.  The crown makes fighting
Wisps, Daemons and Dragons alot easier.

Now, you are wondering why any Avatar in his right mind would crawl into
besides the experience.  The answer is that the only way to get to the
is through the dungeons.  And in the Underworld are the three Shards, the
and the Mystic Swords and Mystic Armors.

E) Finding the Three Shards and meeting the end of the Shadow Lords.

First is the Shard of Hatred.  Go through the dungeon of Covetous.  From the
of the dungeon, the shard is directly north.  You can see the Shard, but it is
surrounded by high mountains.  However, if you walk around so that you are to
north of the shard, you can climb to the south to get the Shard of Hatred.  Go
the way you came in, and you've done it.

Second is the Shard of Falsehood.  Go through the dungeon of Deceit.  From the
dungeon, go on a magic carpet ride to the north, and then go west.  You should
a stream and follow that stream to a large body of water.  Towards the southern
end of the lake, there is an island.  On that island is the Shard of Cowardice.
Go out the way you came.

Third is the Shard of Cowardice.  Go through the dungeon of Hythloth.  The
weapons are to the north in the middle of a lava field.  Search the middle of
lava field, pick up the Mystic Sword/Armor, and search again till you have 6 of
both.  If you need to rest and heal, do so.  To get this shard, you need lots of
In Por spells and gems.  The Shard is to the North and West of Hythloth.  The
shard is on the piece of land the is diagonal from the North-west to the South
East.  Don't be afraid to Klimb the mountains to get a better view.  Exit out of
the way you came in.

Now that you have the three Shards, here is how to get rid of the Shadow Lords
good.  Go to Empath Abbey/Lycaeum/Serpent's Hold and find the blue flame.  Stand
below the flame and yell out  Astaroth/Faulinei/Nosfentor, and watch as the
Lord appears.  Pass a turn so that the Shadow Lord goes into the flame, and then
use the Shard of Hatred/Falsehood/Cowardice, and watch the doom of the Shadow
Lords.  Congradulations, you have finished one half of the game. Failure to do
will mean certain death.

F)Finding the items of Lord British.

First, get the sceptre.  from Stonegate.  Stonegate is in the middle of the
mountains south of Minoc.  Just walk around until you see the keep.  Use a Skull
key to open the door, and a single Daemon will come out.  He'll ask you a
question, and no matter what you answer him, even if it is the correct
answer(Well), he'll attack you.  At this point, a single Daemon doesn't pose
of a threat.  Make sure you are on the Magic Carpet, and fly over to the center
Stonekeep, and get the sceptre.

Finally, you will need the Amulet.  Go down either through a waterfall, or
the dungeon of Destard.  Go through the maze to the West, and then go South.
You'll see a huge marsh field.  Of course, making sure that you are using the
Magic Carpet, go East till you see the Amulet.  Get the Amulet, and then go out.
This case might be a good idea to simply die, and end up in Lord British's
but either way, go up back to the surface.

G) Facing your Doom.

If you've been following this FAQ, you should have all 4 items of Lord British.
You are now ready to face the Dungeon of Doom.  But, before you go through the
Dungeon of Doom, you really need to be prepared.  Make sure that everyone in
party is level 8.  It's not easy, but doing so will certainly helps to making
you survive the dungeon of Doom.  Make sure you have plenty of An Nox, Vas Mani,
In Mani Corp, and perhaps An Sanct spells.  Make sure you have plenty of gems,
torches, and keys.  If you have all of these, and your characters are level 8,
are ready to go.

First go through the dungeon of Shame.  I will not write a walkthrough on this
dungeon, but I will give this tip.  The first room in the dungeon looks like a
deadend, but if you Klimb over the rocks, and push the wall to the South.  An
should appear, and you can continue through.  Go through the dungeon until you
come to the Underworld.

The entrance to the Dungeon of Doom is to the East and South of the the Dungeon
exit.  Make sure you use the Amulet before going into the darkness, and go South
through the darkness till you come to the entrance.  Rest, heal, and Save before
going into the dungeon.

A walkthrough will be made for the dungeon, but for now, here are some general
tips.  Don't be afraid to go down or up pits.  Rest, Heal, and Save before every
room.  Clear every room before leaving it.  Failing to do so will cause the
monsters to respawn.

Get to the bottom of Doom, and you'll find a room with no monsters, but a mirror
with British in it.  Go through the mirror, and....fight a giant Daemon boss
eight parts, and a million HP!!!!

Just kidding.  This is the end of the game.  Watch the ending, and pat yourself
the back, for you have finished a most difficult game indeed.
III. Coming Soon.
A walkthrough on how to get through the Dungeon of Doom.  Doom is a very hard
dungeon to get through, and a walkthrough would be very very helpful.

If you have any Kudos, Suggestions, Compliments, Flames, or Contributions, feel
free to e-mail me at w.douglas@eudoramail.com

Thanks to Origin for making a wonderful game.

Copyright 2000 by William Douglas

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