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Читы для Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

Чит-файл для Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

Ultima 5:
Warriors of Destiny

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Origin Systems
Издатель:Origin Systems

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1988 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
 By: Ashen Shugar
 8o Column Conversion By: Hotblack Desiato

    Well, I must say that every sysop is vain to a certain extent.  Anyway, the

 users of my system had to suffer greatly on behalf of the Ultima 5 cause,
 which I must thank them for their great patience.  Now, past the bullshit,
 let's get down to business.
.  I solved the game of Ultima 5 yesterday, today, being April 6, 1988.  After
 calling Origin Systems, I have found out that I am the first person in the
 country to win the goddamn game, for which we have all so diligently waited
 for 1 fucking year.  Pardoname la lengua.  So, they also said I can expect a
 call from Lord British himself.  Wow!  I am so honored!  I will have to get
 his # so I can distribute it around the country.  So, everyone who is reading
 this is probably stuck on some point or another, so I am going to help you,
 being the nice bastard that I am.  Let's get down to business.  Oh yeah. Don
 forget to call my board if you don't think I am too big of an asshole.....

Ok.  To start off, you need to build up your character.  This may be done one
 of two ways:ш
1)  You can fight monsters, and kick their asses in

2)  You can sector edit your character, of which I am confident you already
 know the locations.

Next, you have to make sure your characters stay on the path of the Avatar.
 This means, no stealing of shit, and be nice.  I know, I know.  It is tempting

 to kill everyone and rape all of those nice bitches, but we will have to forgo

 that in order to win the game.

You can have up to 6 members of your party, but you can choose out of 20
 different people.  I recommend yourself, Dupre, Katrina, Shamino, Iolo, and

I'm sure you understand the rest of the basics, so let's move on.

The Items that you have to aquire start out with:

1)  The H.M.S Cape plans, which you can get in one of the Britanny suburbs, in
 a file cabinet.  Makes your Frigate faster.  Not essential, but nice.

2)  The 3 shards, of falsehood, cowardice, and hatred.  You need these to
 destroy the shadowlords:  Shadowlord of Falsehood, Name is Faulinei; you get
 shard of falsehood below below dungeon deceit:  Go southwest across
 Mountainous caverns:Northwest at Intersection, branch Northeast:Turns west:
Rocky hills southwest that turn northwest over lake and great falls, and into
 bigger lake on isle, is shard of falsehood.  I Recommend that you use magic
 carpet which you get in lord britishes room to get this shard.

The Shadowlord of Hatred's name is Astaroth:  The Shard of Hatred is located
 below Dungeon Wrong:  Location of Shard is I'A I'A:  Use a sextant that you
 get in the lighthouse south of trinsic.  You can get the Sextant by talking to

 one of the guys and ask him about the sextant, and he'll give it to you.

The Shadowlord of Cowardice's name is Nosfentor:  The Shard of Cowardice is
 located below dungeon hythloth, and is a challange to find.  You need In Por
 Spells to blink yourself north, where the shard lies.  I little bit of time
 is required to find this shard.

To kill the shadowlords, you must go to a keep.  For example, to kill the
 Shadowlord of Hate, I would go to Empath Abbey, stand directly in front of the

 Flame of Love, Yell Astaroth, and when that shadowlord is on the flame, type
 (U) for Use, and use the shard of Hatred.  This will kill him.  Do the same
 for the other shadowlords.

One more thing on shadowlords:   You need mountain climbing equipment to get to

 the shard of hatred, so go to Lord Michael of Empath Abbey, and ask him about
 Mountain Climbing, and he will give you the shit.

Ok.  Next, you need the Crown, Scepter, and the Amulet.  You get the crown on
 top of Blackthorn
s Castle, which you need skull keys from a tree in Minoc toш open the door of t
hat room.  The Amulet is located in the underworld, and to
 get to it, you need to go over the falls in spiritwood, which is southwest of
 castle britain.  The Amulet is in a graveyard, which you can see by viewing a
 gem.  The Scepter is located in the Shadowlord's stronghold, which is in the
 mountains northeast of Cove.  You need your Magic Carpet to get the scepter,
 or you will die.

The Magic carpet and the Wooden box are next.  To get the Wooden box, go up
 into lord british
s room at about 12:45, and sit at his harphsicord.  Play the
 following:678 987 8767653:  A secret room will open up, and you get the wooden

 box.  The magic carpet is also in this room.

Oh yeah.  The password for the resistance is Dawn:  The Password for the
 Oppression is Impera.

To get the Black pass, which you use to walk around in Blackthorn's castle, go
 to the Island East of Minoc, and there will be a keep.  Talk to Elistaria, and

 tell her the password.  She will give you the Pass.  She will also tell you
 how to get the jeweled weapons.

Try some of these word's of power to open up dungeons:
Vilis:Dungeon Despise

I forgot the last one, so you might be fucked unless you figure it out.

Ok.  Next thing you need to do it go to all of the shrines, and they will tell
 you to go to the codex.  Opps, you need mantras.  Ok.


Ok.  So, if  you are on the path, and you finish all 8 quests by the shrines,
the codex will give you a message which reads as follows:


Whey you are ready to win the fucking game, go into dungeon shame, with about
 1000 food, a shitload of spells, and oh yeah, the Mystic weapons, which youш g
et below Dungeon Hythloth in a lava pit.  Real easy to find.  Once you get to
 the bottom of Shame on your magic carpet, head east.  view a gem, and you will

 see black to the east.  Go south a little bit, then cast an In Por spell to
 the east, that will bring you to the place of darkness.  Use the Amulet to
 walk thru the darkness, and you will arrive at Dungeon Doom!  Yell Veramocor,
 and you are in.  Use the Scepter to dispell the walls of the room you end up
 in.  Ok.  From here on in, the game is a bitch. On the first level, you can go

 down any ladder you choose.  Once you get to the second level, view a gem.
 Then go down any ladder in the corner.  Don't go down into the Ladder that
 goes up down.  Once you are on the third level, view a gem.  There will be 2
 secret doors.  That is where you go next.  I haven't mapped out the next
 levels, but I'll try and help. On level 5, climb up a pit and you will end up
 on level 4 again.  Here is the hardest part.  View a gem, and it will look
 like a cross.  Go to the center, and climb down that pit.  View a gem, and it
 will look fucked up.  You then want to go straight until you hit an
 intersection, and hang a right.  Then climb up, and view a gem.  It should
 look like 2 Letter I
s connected.  Try a few pits until you get down to a part
 of level 5 that has a ladder going down to level 6.  Get to this ladder, and
 climb down to level 6.  View again, and you will see a ladder going down to
 level 7.  You want that one.  Go down to leve 7, and view.  You will see a
 room in the view.  Go in this room, and kill all of the sandtraps, daemons,
 and wisps behind the walls.  One sandtrap covers a ladder down to level 8. Go
 down, and there will be a shitload of dragons.  Kill them.  After you kill the

 shit in that room, fire a magic axe to a part on the wall by the 2 waterfalls
 on the top of the room.  A bridge will appear.

 From here on out, you are on your own.  The maze isn
t hard, but make sure you
 have good weapons and a lot of kill spells, Xen Corp.  If I have left out
 anything important, call my board, and bitch me out.  Well, It is 1:00 Am, so
 I want to go to sleep.
 Later, and have fun,

Ashen Shugar
The Last Valheru
Ruler of Eagles Reaches

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