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Читы для Ultima 7: The Black Gate

Чит-файл для Ultima 7: The Black Gate

Ultima 7:
The Black Gate

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Origin Systems
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:RPG / Top-down

Даты выхода игры

вышла 16 апреля 1992 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Come here to find craftsmen and women. Julia the tinker should be able to build
just about anything. There are also blacksmiths for shoeing horses and a
glassblower (Gladstone) who can also sculpt. Watch out for the pirate called
Hook. It's worth visiting the gypsies and even getting your fourtune told by
Margareta. Take a good look in the mines.

Rankin is in charge of the Fellowship here. Talk to Balayna about the notes she
takes at the meetings. Talk to Cubolt (Tolemac's brother) he strongly
disapproves of the Fellowship. Visit the house to the northern tip of the island
to awaken Penumbra. Spend some time chatting to travellers in the pub. Talk to
Brion in the observatory.
New Magincia:
Go to Brois and Magenta's tavern as soon as you can and talk to them. Talk to
Henry and see if you can help him with Constance. Try getting a few flowers from
Sam for him. Visit Alagner who is considered to be the wisest man in Britannia.

Mofin the butcher seems to do rather well for himself. Worth having a chat. Talk
to Camille and her son Tobia - they believe in the Avatar. Garrit - Feridwyn's
son might be getting a bit out of order.

Serpent's Hold:
The best warriors in Britannia are trained here inside the Hold. Menion has a
forge and produces excellent sword blades. Also in the hold are Lady Leigh (a
healer) Jehanne (a trader) Sir Pendaran and Sir Horffe the captain of the guard.
The keys to the armoury have been locked in chests and cast into two different
grottos. Denton is one of the most capable warriors. Protect Lady Tory's son
from the harpies.

Skara Brae:
Talk to the old woman in the cemetery. Find something in the smithy that can be
used to awake Rowena and in turn help Trent.

Be careful when walking near anything that belongs to Martingo - he has a
tendency to be extremely possessive.

This is populated solely by Gargoyles. You should go to the library to learn and
also to improve your physical abilities. Inmanilem is a healer and Inforlem is a
trainer. Betra and Sarpling provide supplies. Betra has general equipment while
Sarpling concentrates on Gargoyle items - particulary jewellery.

The usual trainers traders healers and armourers. Be polite to Caroline who is
trying to recruit new members for the Fellowship.

Talk to Yongi at the Gilded Lizard about the Gargoyles and Catherine. Talk to
Eldroth and Auston but don't waste time on Blorn.

Yew and Empath Abbey:
Sample the wine. Talk to Taylor and the ask Aimi for some flowers. Ask what
happened to Brother Wayne. The monkey creatures in the eastern half of the
forest like sweet things - particularly honey.

Go to the Royal Mint in Britannia and kill the woman there. Search the body to
find three keys one of which should open the armoured door to the Mint. Go
inside and lock the door the stop the guards following your party.
Progress through the rooms killing the guards that you encounter and using the
keys to open any door that blocks your path. When you come to a room that
contains lots of baskets search them all collecting the gold nuggets bars and
coins. You may have to discard some of your items so that you can carry the loot
but don't worry they should be there when you return.
It's time to do a runner. Guards are waiting for you and your party to appear
but you can avoid them. Instruct your party to make an orderly retreat and
unlock the back door to the Mint. Run for it - the guards chase you but they
give up after a bit. When the guards stop chasing return to the Mint. Pick up
the corpse of the woman you slaughtered and take her to Lord British to have her
resurrected. Go to one of the beds in the castle and sleep for 24 hours and when
you wake up go back to the Mint. Trade in the gold bars for coins and pick up
any items that you had to leave there. You should now be loaded. This only works
once however so spend that money wisely!

It's quite possible that you could find your way blocked by a loacked wooden
door. Don't worry as here is how to get through them: You should be able to
find a cannon at the castle and make one of your party pick it up - the
character then won't be able to carry any other items. Take some cannon balls
and gun powder with you and then go find a wooden door which you won't be
able to get through. Put the cannon in front of the door with the gunpowder
and a ball next to it. Now double click on the cannon and then once on the
You can use this trick to get into Mack's shed (to the left of Britain on the
path to Cove) where you find the Hoe of Destruction the most powerful
non-magical weapon in the game.

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