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Читы для Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99

Чит-файл для Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99

Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Impressions Games
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 января 1999 года
Жанры:Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Turn-based) / Sport (Soccer)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в январе 1999 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Money, Money, Money...
On the subject of finances, you really need to start off right. Use the two
weeks of friendlies to make stadium improvements (thereby not losing attendence
when you would have had capacity crowds) while still getting some gate
receiptes in to pay the players their wages. However, keep ticket prices fairly
low to entice some punters in for the friendlies. Don't forget to raise ticket
prices for cup games and matches against clubs in a higher division, since you
can fleece their away supporters for more than your own fans.
In the first weeks get ground improvements under way. In later seasons
inflation will have pushed up building costs - increases you could well do
without. You'll want the biggest, plushest merchandising and food outlets you
can afford because theseфll bring in much more money. Put them evenly around
the ground, avoiding low capacity stands. Putting the best outlets near high
capacity stands really helps. Also, try building yourself a 1oooo seater stand
to help attendences.
If the folks still aren't coming through the gates (i.e. your team can't win a
game for love or money) then you might want to give away 6ooo tickets. These
don't bring you any porfit in themselves, but empty seats don't buy merchandise
or food, which supporters do. Crafty, eh?
In the longer term, try to ensure that you have an all-seater stadium by the
time you leave the second division. This is important since the FA has a nasty
habit of condemning terraces when teams get promoted to the first. Stay in the
cups for as long as you can to increase the gate from these lucrative matches.
Increase your ticket prices and merchandise cost once a year or more, hiking
them by about 1o%. And watever you do, don't let the assistant manager deal
with advertising revenue. He's a dozey so-and-so when it comes to add deals, so
you're far better off doing it for yourself.

Can You Manage?
With the money side sewn up, it's now only necessary to win the games. The
important thing here is to keep the chairman happy, since he's the bloke who'll
sack you if your approval rating falls below 1o%. You'll also be out on your
ear if your job security falls below 2o% (job security is the average of the
chairman, players, fans and bank opinions of you).
The assistant manager is a useful fellow when it comes to team formation and
selection, so take his advice. Meanwhile, keep training the squad, keep the
coaches happy(by paying them lots), and get the best staff you can - a superb
coach is three times as efficient as an average one. The other bunch of people
to keep up with is the youth team. Keep them training, and they'll improve to
be good players far faster than the A-team squad.
Early on, go to the bank and get an overdraft to buy the best goalie and
strikers you can lay your hands on. If players from higher divisions refuse to
come down to your level, then buy guys over 33 years old who're more likely to
say Yes. However, rotate the squad to give everybody experience and good
morale. Leaving guys on the bench is a bad deal, even if they're not you star
If the opposition fields a particulary good striker then you might want to
double team a pair of defenders onto him, to get him out of of the game. Check
the opponent's formation and adjust yours before each game to compensate. Also,
don't go for the "Instant Results" option. By watching what's going on you can
give orders to players as the game develops, making best use of the whole team.
That Grobbelaar Fealing
So it's not enough that you read my hints and became a managing genius
overnight. The opposition are still doing better and you're short of the
readies. What do you do= Start plaing dirty, of coz... no, not by fouling more
(although that might well help), but by using underhand management techniques.
Naturally, the key is not getting caught and becoming the next tabloid headline
like so many before you. If you have the game-rigging options on, then bear the
following in mind and you could advance a lot quicker than is otherwise normal:
The computer sets up one in five of the clubs in the game as currubtible right
from the start, and these never change. That means the odds high, with 8o%
never accepting an offer of cash to rig a game or a transfer market bung.
However, you get a couple of chances to get away with your sneaky manoeuvres.
Whenever you make an unsuccessful corrupt offer or bet against your own team
there's only a 5o/5o chance of being spotted. That means that half the time
you'll get away Scott free evenif you picked the wrong team to try it on with.
Not that corruptable teams will automatically accept your offers - a formula is
used to decide whether or not they'll be intrested, taking into account all
sorts of things from the size of the club, their League position, the value of
the offer, and a random variable.
If you are caught, then... nothing happens. That's right, corruption is so rife
in the game of football that nobody even blinks an eye when you get sussed the
first time. The second time, however, the papers pick up on you disgraceful
behaviour and print a report of your underhand activities in their Sunday
editions. Assuming that eventually you get caught again, like the rotten to the
core individual you are, then you can fully expect a formal warning against and
your scandelous actions. Finally, after being spotted for a fourth time, you
get the sack and can kiss your career goodbye. This may sound harsh, but then
again you have had three warnings after all.
In fact, there's also a 5% chance of your first little indescretion being
totally forgotten for each week that passes, a fact that should help in the
long term. Speaking of which, in the long term you may notice the value of your
palm-greasing antics going down. This is because of inflation, which affects

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